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Review #1, by ChildOfDarknessEclipse of the Sky: The Companion of Grief

31st August 2006:
your story is amazing. honestly. i've been following it since i first found it on quizilla a couple years ago . . . i love this story, it's got the right amounts of everything. although i would suggest doing a spelling and grammer check once in a while (i noticed that a couple of times you have used "it's" instead of "its" and "your" instead of "you're") but other than that, it's wonderful. keep up the good work (and i know that sometimes it's difficult - i'm an author on here as well, and am familiar with writer's block and other such issues) and i can't wait until you update again!

oh, and one request. if you can find the time, would you check out my fanfic Vampire's Kiss and tell me what you think? and of course, read any of the others i have posted, if you would like. thanks much and good luck!

Author's Response: Hey there child of darkness! I am so glad that you are enjoying this! And thank you for the suggestion about the editing, I really do need to do that one of these days. I tend to just write chapters without re-reading or editing them, and I get so excited about them that I post them up straight away. I type rather fast so my biggest mistakes are the smaller words where one can type "its" instead of "it's" when your on a roll. lol And I will definitely check out your story sometime this weekend! :) (It's 12-15 now, and I am so sorry that it took me so long to respond to your review. I was caught up in finals! lol) The name of the fanfic sounds quite good though. :)

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Review #2, by ChildOfDarknessShadow of Fear: Ten Feet to Freedom

20th May 2006:
this is amazing.

Author's Response: Hey I'm so glad you think so! I'm trying to re-work the other chapters for it now. I think I may just post them all together since it's been so long since I've updated!

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Review #3, by ChildOfDarknessOnce Upon A December: Once Upon A December

13th May 2006:
this was beautiful. yes, that's the way to describe it. beautiful.

Author's Response: thank you so much!!!!

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Review #4, by ChildOfDarknessReign O'er Me: Chapter 35 - Eyesight to the Blind

9th May 2006:
Please continue writing!! you haven't posted since february and it's killing me! i want to konw what happens next! this story is amazing and i've been reading it for some time now. all i can really say is that it's a wonderful bit of writing and that you should keep it up. also, good luck, because every author needs luck when writing anything.

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Review #5, by ChildOfDarknessWelcome to My Litter Box: I'm a Ferret. Aren't I?

8th May 2006:
This is an interesting story. very amusing. please keep writing, i would very much like to know if malfoy ever gets out of his little ferret cage. . . or is he stuck there forever?

Author's Response: Hehehe Well....lets just say that you'll find the answer to that question very soon. ^^

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Review #6, by ChildOfDarknessRich Boy, Poor Boy: Harry's Surprise

7th May 2006:
why did you abandon the story? that's no fun for us readers.

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Review #7, by ChildOfDarknessCross-lovers: Prologue

6th May 2006:
it would be nice if there was a next chapter to continue reading . . . this looks promising. please keep writing.

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Review #8, by ChildOfDarknessKarma: Hospital Wing

6th May 2006:
you should write more of this fic soon. it's intriguing

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Review #9, by ChildOfDarknessReflections (or No More Than A Memory): Bittersweet endings

30th April 2006:
You horrible person!! j/k. the story was wonderful. beautifully crafted. compliments on the way you managed to convince us that Draco had actually died. also compliments on the three demensions idea. also, it was a nice length, although it could have been longer, with a few more details. but that's just me; i like details.

Author's Response: You know, if Hogwarts was real and I ended up there, I'd be half afraid that I'd end up in Slytherin. I haven't heard anyone tell me that they saw Draco's return comming (though a few hoped), and a certain amount of unpredictability is something I did try to put in my writing. I'm glad that you liked it. :)

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Review #10, by ChildOfDarknessAfterwards: Released

29th April 2006:
my only comment is that Thanksgiving is an American holiday and as far as i am aware, is not celebrated in Great Britain.

Author's Response: True thanks I will change that.

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Review #11, by ChildOfDarknessA Fine Line Between Love and Hate: Interesting Lunch

5th March 2006:
ok, first, you should post another chapter. second, to all of you people who are posting reviews (and reading them), go the the contact author button (i'm sure you all konw where that is) and write the author a comment about this story to remind her that we're here and waiting for her to update. maybe if enough people send her comments, then she'll come back and update. yeah. so, author: come back and update this damn story coz we've all been waiting forever for you to update!!

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Review #12, by ChildOfDarknessEclipse of the Sky: The Black Pool

2nd March 2006:
this is an amazing story, please keep writing. i would like to find out what happens next . . . no rush, of course. : P

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much for the patience ChildofDarkness! :) That's so kind of you!!! :) The next chapter has to have a good chunk of it re-written but I hope to have it up sometime between mid-March and late March. :) I am going to be out of town for nearly a week otherwise it would be up sooner.

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Review #13, by ChildOfDarknessInsert Hilarious and Witty Title Here: Part 5: Attack of the huge broomstick

17th January 2006:
wonderful story, please keep writing though!!

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Review #14, by ChildOfDarknessHarry Potter and The Lost City of Canidae: Finale battle

25th August 2005:
is there going to be any more? i hope so, this is very good!!!

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Review #15, by ChildOfDarknessInsert Hilarious and Witty Title Here: Part 5: Attack of the huge broomstick

8th August 2005:
funny funny! please write more!! please?!?!?!?

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Review #16, by ChildOfDarknessHarry Potter and The Lost City of Canidae: New Diagon Alley

28th June 2005:
good story so far, keep up the good work!!

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Review #17, by ChildOfDarknessBorn A Mistake: Chapter One: The Ways of Being Dead

24th June 2005:
ohh! please write both a prequel and a sequel! i want to find out what happens next! very good fanfic! ~ali

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Review #18, by ChildOfDarknessTo Just Disappear: To Just Disappear

23rd June 2005:
wow, that's good

Author's Response: thankies!!!!! thanks for your review!!!

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Review #19, by ChildOfDarknessHarry Potter and The Lost City of Canidae: Canidaen Guard

23rd June 2005:
this is a wonderful story! keep writing!!

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Review #20, by ChildOfDarknessA Fine Line Between Love and Hate: Interesting Lunch

18th June 2005:
please post another soon!! i can't stand the suspense!!! honestly!! continue posting please!!!

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Review #21, by ChildOfDarknessGuardian Angel: Reacquainted

13th June 2005:
oh man!! don't end it there!! this is a really interesting story, please continue writing!!!!

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Review #22, by ChildOfDarknessFlight of the Phoenix: Admire

9th May 2005:
ooh. . . intriguing .. . . wonder what happens next?

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Review #23, by ChildOfDarknessEclipse of the Sky: Coiled Springs

9th May 2005:
wow, this fanfic is really well written, i can't wait to find out what happens next!! ~ali

Author's Response: lol You sure about that. ;) *laughs evilly*

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Review #24, by ChildOfDarknessInsert Hilarious and Witty Title Here: Part 5: Attack of the huge broomstick

8th May 2005:
AHHH! where's the rest of it?! update!!!!

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Review #25, by ChildOfDarknessWHEN IT'S ALL OVER: The dust settles...

22nd April 2005:
this is really good! i hope you continue with it. . .

Author's Response: Thankyou. I think I will, as soon as exams are over. Give me a fortnight.

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