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Review #1, by music_rox_my_soxIn one Summer: muggle to not

27th June 2005:
ooh i love it! continue please

Author's Response: I will continue

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Review #2, by music_rox_my_soxBattle of the Heart: Change of Attitude

13th May 2005:
dun dun dun..cant wait for another chappy! this story is good ::chomps on cookie:: cant wait for more

Author's Response: A cookie? Mmm - anyway, back to the review. I'm glad you liked it and I will be updating really soon. -Chii

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Review #3, by music_rox_my_soxEyes Tell No Secrets': Who Has Etched His Name In Your Heart?

12th May 2005:
ooh nice way to keep us hanging...

Author's Response: thanks..thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by music_rox_my_soxClairvoyant: The Burrow

9th May 2005:
oooh i love it!! continue PLEASE!!

Author's Response: thanks! No worries it will continue! lol.

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Review #5, by music_rox_my_soxReckless: Complexity And Dismay

9th May 2005:
i love it. i can totally relate coz im a huge punk/rocker type person. rather be in jeans converse and a band tee any day

Author's Response: Thankies! I wear converses and a band tee nearly everyday! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by music_rox_my_soxWritten from the Heart: Alot on her mind

8th May 2005:
are you gunna post more soon?? i love this story!

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Review #7, by music_rox_my_soxEngaged to a Stranger: Not so Strange anymore

2nd May 2005:
i loved the chapter! cant wait for more

Author's Response: Thank you i'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #8, by music_rox_my_soxWanderer: XXII: Keep No Secrets. Tell No Lies.

30th April 2005:
oohhh i want more!! please pmsp

Author's Response: lol ill try! thanks for reviewing x Ax2

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Review #9, by music_rox_my_soxHold On To Me: I Haven't Changed........Much

26th April 2005:
cmon i want more!! please! i just spent a few days reading all the stories and now i want more...please?

Author's Response: lol, glad you liked it! and the other stories. the next chapter is in limbo. grrr.....taking forever ~CeeCee~

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Review #10, by music_rox_my_soxSince You've Been Gone: The Letter

25th April 2005:
i think your 5!! lol. i dunno maybe 14 to 16 somewhere in that range...probly 14. anywho onto the next disclaimer character!

Author's Response: lol, how'd you guess!!! hey, but my age is in my authors page so check it out! ~CeeCee~

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Review #11, by music_rox_my_soxThe Girl Next Door: I Am And Forever Will Be......The Girl Next Door

25th April 2005:
oooh i loved it. *going on to the sequel with my OWN bunny(which is NOT evil and is very cute)*

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you like it!!! oh, you have your own bunny! ~CeeCee~

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