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Review #1, by fierysoulNot so Famous: Not so Famous

17th August 2005:
soooooooooooooooooooooo you're still gunna write it?? right? right?? righty, right, right?? RIGHT?! *gives sunny_day the eye* *is now involved in a staring contest* MUST. NOT. BLINK!

Author's Response: Eep! no need for a staring contest... i'm useless at them... you'll be happy to know that i am indeed continueing the story AND *drum roll* THE NEXT CHAPTER HAS BEEN POSTED

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Review #2, by fierysoulLa Figlia Dei Morti: Regalo Del James - James's Gift

5th August 2005:
wow, that was totally different. it's really cool hope you keep writing

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Review #3, by fierysoulAdara Means Virgin: Room 518

5th August 2005:
OMGG SO SAD>< i actually teared up for a moment there...gahh so sad...YAY sequel though

Author's Response: Yes I know *sobs* Yes there shall be a sequel and it shall be filled with yet more funniness! Not as much as in this one but some nevertheless!

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Review #4, by fierysoulNot so Famous: Not so Famous

27th July 2005:
YOU'RE THINKING OF WHAT?! YOU BETTER NOT MISSY! IF YOU DO..THEN...SO HELP ME GOD...i've got nothing...DON'T YOU DARE HAND IT OVER TO SOMEONE ELSE!! JUST CONTINUE!! OR MAKE IT IN THE SEVENTH YEAR! I DONT KNOW JUST DON'T DO ANYTHING TO MAKE SOMETHING BADD! GAHH i don't make any sense. and ah..the itching..the senseless itching...stupid bugs...*walks away swearing that when she rules the word bugs would be hunted down...* p.s DON'T DO ANYTHING BADD!!!

Author's Response: well its not exactely bad... you would still get all you chapters (regularly) and .... yeah. soooo...... anyone out there want to continue my story?

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Review #5, by fierysoulMy Reflection: Graduation

2nd July 2005:
=T that was a wonderful ending=) it made me want to cry haha. but i'm not. have to be strong..for them! LMAO kidding but yess it was a wonderful story and i'm glad you wrote it. hope you're going to post the sequel cuz it would be sooo awesome if you did. good luck with that by the way=) -tooooodles

Author's Response: Thank you .... It means a lot. Sequel will ... well.... we'll see!

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Review #6, by fierysoulAdara Means Virgin: My Life Sucks

27th June 2005:
i LOVE this story=) now that i've read this story i've realized how not idiotic i am right now=DD HAHA KIDDING but yes! story: AWESOME me: just plain me=) WHEE! you: awesomer=) even if that's not a word, but one day i'll make it a word=) SO YES! UPDATE! GOOD! BYE!

Author's Response: Hehe! Awesomer aye? That's cool! You SHOULD make that a word! Then in the definitition it could say :cassie921belle hehe! Just kidding.

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Review #7, by fierysoulMy Reflection: The Meeting

25th June 2005:
good chapter=) YOU BETTER GET THEM TOGETHERRR..GRR LMAO! HEHE well have fun typing your soul out missy=)

Author's Response: *hides behind my hands* Got the point! *but not going to listen* Just kidding :) The chapters are written, so heh... just be patient!

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Review #8, by fierysoulNot so Famous: Note to self: do NOT make harry mad...

21st June 2005:
HOLY SHMOCKS! that was......HAHA ron sounds sooo evil in this story>< ahh mann almost every story i've read someone's the evil one in the story, and it's usually the characters i like too! haha! but yeah good chapter! toooooooodles!

Author's Response: lol yeah that is so true. but dont worry, ron isnt going to be evil for long.... keep smiling ~*~Jasmyn~*~

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Review #9, by fierysoulHermione's game: Change in the tides

15th June 2005:
awesome=) couldn't have put it better myself

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Review #10, by fierysoulMy Little Girl: The Infamous Potter

14th June 2005:
ahh so suspenseful! GRR YOU! Man i'm getting peeved off at a certain character. Just won't say who. i dont know you're style of writing just makes me hate that character>< HAHA keep writing though! it's very awesome!

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Review #11, by fierysoulMy Reflection: Transformation

13th June 2005:
...YESSSS! LOL IN YOUR FACE BRYN=) HAHAH! sorry.. couldn't help it. you just bring out the worst in that guy. just wanna punch him in his really fake face! YARSS! KEEP WRITING=)

Author's Response: I will ! Bryn is finally revealed... it feels so damn good!

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Review #12, by fierysoulNot so Famous: A TALKING CAT! um right

31st May 2005:
HAHA THIS IS HIGHLARIOUS=) sorry it's so funny when people get confused. which i happen to always do. so yeah. brainfreeze is the term for mee=) hehe

Author's Response: lol glad u liked it :D. keep smiling! ~*~Jasmyn~*~

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Review #13, by fierysoulNot so Famous: W.H.I.P.L.A.S.H

31st May 2005:
holy CRAP! a talking cat! LOL that rhymed! HAHA that very funny.

Author's Response: hehe lol.ive neva been much of a poet... lol. ~*~Jasmyn~*~

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Review #14, by fierysoulLiving in This Perfect Hell: a New Name, New friends?

28th May 2005:
i have read all the chapters. i happened to finish all of them. now i'm just gunna twiddle my thumb and wait until you UPDATE THIS STORY! YARS! lol HURRRY=) this story's still awesome. BE PROUD! anywhooooooo i'm outty. till then! toodles

Author's Response: thanks, I promise to update as fast as I can, which unfortunately doesn't say to much... But I do pretty much have the idea of what I want to happen in the next chapter. Thanks again for you reviews! ~Jessica

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Review #15, by fierysoulLiving in This Perfect Hell: a New Name, New friends?

26th May 2005:

Author's Response: have you read all the chapters? If you haven't I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for your praise! ~Jessica

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Review #16, by fierysoulTo Be Loved Again: How it all began

23rd May 2005:
ahhhhhh my god it's so friggen funny! i couldn't help but laugh my arse off! keep writing. i like how the story is set to normal mode, instead of wizard mode. haha it's awesome=) hehe man so funny..

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