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Review #1, by marauderslover15The Mysterious Diary: Chapter 21

23rd July 2014:
AWESOME! I loved this so much! This was just---AH wonderful! Favoriting as we speak! 110/10

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Review #2, by marauderslover15Married By Mistake: Too many ‘girl’ friends

23rd July 2014:
Hi, so this is my second time reading this. But I have to say I give up. I love your idea. I think Draco & Noel are such sweethearts and I thoroughly enjoy the two, but my patience with Hermione thinned out. She is very OOC and not in a good way either. She is outright mean & has an unbearable attitude. Also very shallow and look-oriented. She is not the Hermione we grew up with in the books and that we came to love. I am sure there is a reason behind her change. But I have little patience for her. Maybe when I regain patience, I can continue to read & I really hope that I can b/c I am sure things do get better.

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Review #3, by marauderslover15Simply Irresistible: Finding Out

18th July 2014:
Ha, I hope Draco becomes jealous of Blaise. BUT I want to know how Ron will react. GREAT CHAPTER AGAIN!

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Review #4, by marauderslover15Simply Irresistible: Who's that Girl

18th July 2014:
I LOVE IT ! *sings iconic pop chorus* Yes, shove it RON! HAHA great chapter. Although I am surprised Ron was still alive, I thought Molly would have killed him. lol

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Review #5, by marauderslover15Simply Irresistible: Gustav

18th July 2014:
They are both too funny & clever. YES PLEASE DYE IT GREEN THAT WITCH or another word that rhymes with that. LOL Love this chapter.

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Review #6, by marauderslover15Simply Irresistible: Shopping with Draco Malfoy... Oh the Joy

18th July 2014:
Oh my MERLIN! Is that Draco getting jealous and I LOLed with Gustav changed his accent.Even I was like WAH lol GREAT CHAPTER!

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Review #7, by marauderslover15Simply Irresistible: Cheaters

18th July 2014:
I love Draco. Very canon. And hot! HAHA great chapter. Enjoyed it very much. On to the next =)

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Review #8, by marauderslover15Simply Irresistible: The Begining

18th July 2014:
RON! YOU ARE MEAN! Oh, well, your LOST! Because Hermione is going to end up with Draco. HMPH! Then, you're sorry butt will come crawling back and then you will be shot down. HA!

Sorry for the little rant. >_< Great chapter and I look forward to reading more. XOXO

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Review #9, by marauderslover15Control: “Are you telling me to leave? You’re the one who followed me. Would someone go to a friend’s house, and at the end of the day tell them to leave? You leave!&quot; -James Potter

18th July 2014:
Here again with your requested review! =D

Every chapter I find Gwen funnier and funnier. She is such an ah-mazing character. Also I see you improved with the dialogue as we got to hear stories and thoughts from Gwen which by the way I loved (espeically about Dom). I honestly really like the flashback to show us readers how they have a history. That it has ALWAYS been like that. Very lovely & you improved as well =D

Please, re-request. I like to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'll re-request soon. (:

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Review #10, by marauderslover15secret tides: The deep blue sea

17th July 2014:
Another great chapter! I was SO happy to see alot of the Hogwarts students there. Like a little mini-reunion! And Draco so full of himself, just like him. LOL Keep up the good work =D!!!

Author's Response: thanks again and yeah I love them all so much, i'm hoping they sound like there character. Draco is going to become more arrogant then he must soften down to granger.
thank you, hope you read the rest

Papilio xox

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Review #11, by marauderslover15secret tides: life never the same with death

17th July 2014:
This is off to a great start. I have some anxiety for Hermione & the group since they are constantly moving. It really shows the impact of war! And I for one DO NOT trust this David gentleman. I am on to the next chapter! I am very curious to see what happens next =D

Btw- there are few grammatical errors, but it's okay. It happens to the best of us (especially me =P)

Author's Response: yay! thanks for reviewing it. yeah Hermione a little scared for her friends. You will see about David ahha.

ik im rubbish at English, I just like writing stories, thank you for ur review I means so much.

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Review #12, by marauderslover15Wake up, Rose.: It's Kind of a Funny Story.

16th July 2014:
Hi, again love! =D

GREAT START! I was thinking to myself, like “Oh, she’s in Malfoy’s bed” THEN in reality she is in the hospital. Very surprise and it traps your readers to continue reading! AND MIND BLOWN! No wonder she was so keen on Malfoy so suddenly. LOVE POTION! DARN (although I would like to use a naughtier word here) ALBUS! YOU TRICKED US ALL! LOL And Scorp is so cute, ah I want him. Anyway, I don’t have much to say because everything was absolutely great this chapter. I really look forward to reading more so please re-request!

Author's Response: Hey Dez!

I'm so happy you liked the little reveals I sprinkled throughout this chapter. That love potion the ripple effect that jump starts everything else that is going to happen. Thank you for the review and all of the compliments, I will definitely re-request!

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Review #13, by marauderslover15The Push: The Push

16th July 2014:
Hi there!
Dez here with your requested review =D

I thoroughly enjoyed your Original Characters! Each has unique personality traits that make them distinctive (for example Helga o.o lol) And Draco was hit spot on the nose with his character. It was very canon of you to have him a) treat his friends like crap and b) insult Lucianna ESPECIALLY when you said, "more than a bark than a bite") although you should change this to barker and biter which in my opinion sounds more grammatical correct.

I am happy to hear you chose Goyle rather than Draco. He is an underrated character so I was glad to see him and you stuck with his canon character.

I also love how you incorporate canon events into this fic. It makes the fic and original character more realistically as they lived through the same thing.
And another correction I think you meant, DADA (defense against the dark arts) =) honest mistake though.

I was though a little lost at the end. I would have liked to see a scene in which he actually asked her out. There is flow was interrupted. BUT I LOVED THE ENDING WITH SNAPE. Like I would high-five Snape. HAHA and I am surprised she liked him back. AW ^__^

Anyway, it was a great read and hope to read more from you. =)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, I am so happy you enjoyed the story. I feel it's not a HP fanfic if there's no cannon event or character in the story, and I would consider it my own work at that point.

Most what you pointed out has been already mentioned, I have been just too lazy to fix, lol. So I am pretty glad that you didn't find anything wrong that no one else did, yay me! :)

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Review #14, by marauderslover15The Rightest of all Wrongs: Recuperating

15th July 2014:
I love YOUR Draco and there isn't much more I can say.

AND I LOVEEE GINNY! YAY FOR GINNY for being a great friend =D

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Review #15, by marauderslover15The Rightest of all Wrongs: The Hog's Head

15th July 2014:
Really interesting. Aw, Draco caring, but still acting hot. Love this so far!

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Review #16, by marauderslover15The Rightest of all Wrongs: Gone with the wind ...

15th July 2014:
HI again!

I love Ginny's support once again!

And oh, DRACO! Why you stopped? I need to see what HE was thinking. GREAT CHAPTER!!

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Review #17, by marauderslover15The Rightest of all Wrongs: Veritaserum

15th July 2014:
Bleh, I didn't think it was realistic Hermione getting jealous and also thought having a crush on someone after one incident then I realized its just a crush (to begin with) and sometimes people have crushes on others who don't feel speak to and just find them attractive. So, I understand now and now think of it as realistic (although I cannot personally see Hermione jealous).

AND THANKKK YOOUUU I am so happy to see Ginny supportive. I'm not a fan of fics that have her get all mad at Hermione. They are friend even Harry & Ron! Although Harry & Draco would still be feuding and I am sooo sure Ron would be angry, but not Ginny !

And it is forbidden to use Veritaserum on a student, but also feel like its JUST LIKE SNAPE to do something like that to embarrass his students so I think it fit REALLY well =)

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Review #18, by marauderslover15The Rightest of all Wrongs: The bet

15th July 2014:
I am like cheering right now haha b/c I am REALLY content with this first chapter. Both characters act in canon and honestly along with everyone else. And this type of Draco is always so attractive to me. I REALLY like this and look forward to reading more =D

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Review #19, by marauderslover15Control: “Stella I was twelve years old at the time. That’s the age where you just want a boyfriend so you feel like a teenager.”-Gwen Larson

14th July 2014:
Dez here again!

I really, really love Gwen. She is too much for me, but I love her all the same. I would want to be friends with her. This was filler-y, yet still enjoyable! I wonder what James wanted...hmm I hope to see more interaction b/t the two.

Anyway, the only problems I see are the same from before, but I won't sound too repetitive especially since you haven't had the opportunity to maybe edit whatever you wanted to edit.

Other than that, good story. Thanks for requesting a review. And hopefully you will rerequest =D!

Author's Response: I'm really glad you like Gwen! I submitted chapter four a few days ago and I definitely think I improved on the dialogue, so I'll be sure to re-request when that's validated. Thank you so much for your reviews and I'm glad you liked the story!

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Review #20, by marauderslover15Control: “So, which team were you on, Larson? The Drunken Pygmy Puffs or the Beards of Time?” -James Sirius Potter

14th July 2014:

Dez again here to review.

Okay so I really like Gwen and hope to see more Gwen/James interaction. They are a unique pair those too!

Again, the same problem in the 1st chapter are seen in this one as well. Transactions also seem a little choppy and it seems solely dialogue. But it's not too hard to go in and rework the chapters by just adding to it.

Other than that, good story you got here!

Author's Response: Thank you (:. This story is thoroughly focused on the characters(those two in particular) so I'm glad that's been working out. I'm definitely going to go in and fix the amount of dialogue and the transactions pretty soon after the story gets going a little more.

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Review #21, by marauderslover15Control: "I'm dreadful at potions and I have a hatred for James Sirius Potter." -Gwen Larson

14th July 2014:
HI! Dez here with your requested review!

I like how to jump right into their relationship. You establish that from the very beginning so readers know what they are expecting.

I also really like Gwen. Especially when you introduce her mid way, sounding that it was an obligation to do so and understood the cliche behind always introducing a character. You did it in a humorous sarcastic sort of way which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Overall, the story is heavy on dialogue. This is not to say to cut back though. I find dialogue the most interesting. But details need to be incorporated. Whether its the setting or the internal feelings of Gwen or a short paragraph here and there about her perceptions on certain things, will make a great difference.

Good story =)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! The dialogue thing is probably what I'm most having problems with but hopefully that will be solved in the near future (:

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Review #22, by marauderslover15Rose-Coloured Glasses: Real beaches have sand

13th July 2014:

Dez aka marauderslover15 with your requested review! =D

First off, I love how you incorporate the French culture into your character. I think most people forget that the Bill's Weasley children that they are British AND French. I like Jeanette, she is much different than her sisters. You single her out and made her the main character (obviously). But because her personality traits being so different from her sisters, she is standing out.

So, I think because of you, I think I realized I do like a little bit of mystery because I am too curious to know why she left, why she thinks they are better off without her and what’s with the ash & blood.

AND CHEATING? I am curious if Teddy will cheat or Jeanette will do that to her sister! Oh, this is already heart-breaking to me. MY HEART IS TWISTING.

I beg of you please re-request a review. I usually don’t follow WIP b/c I’m also afraid if it takes YEARS to finish (I don’t have time to wait on a story like that). SO, please let me know when the next chappie is up.


Author's Response: Aahhh!!! Thank you Dez for the awesome review!! :')

I loved incorporating all the French bits, it's so much fun to compare different cultures through the eyes of a sincerely sardonic character ;)

I'm glad you like the mystery of this story so far and aren't totally turned off by the infidelity!!! I'm planning something very bombshell-ish for Jean and Teddy ;)

Don't worry, I've already written like 12 chapters of this story and I'm just editing and re-editing them before posting them, so the gaps between updating chapters (SHOULD) be quite constant (I hope I didn't just jinx it by saying that ...)

I will most definitely re-request and let you know when another chapter is up :D

Thanks again for the awesome review!!


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Review #23, by marauderslover15Sweet Madness: Peter's Sorrow and Filch's Glee

10th July 2014:
I love your portray of Peter. It aligns with what Professor McGonagall was saying about him. He was a timid boy, thinking nothing better of himself. Peter thoughts show this. I have to say this is very relatable to canon.
I like the letter a lot. Adds a nice touch to Peter, a background, a life before the Death Eaters and Lord Voldy that readers only know of. Many writers of the marauders forget Peter, don’t give him any substance, but you do. It is a wonderful touch. And by the letter you could tell a little about his mother. I think it’s wrong for her to side with “Jason” and for her son to get a room somewhere else and what not. Her son should be number one. But yet she tells him she loves him. She is like a fake mother or the mother that you see in movies or TV that set their son up for evilness. And I think Peter sees this.
Okay, never in my life I ever thought of saying this, BUT I feel bad for Peter. You make it make sense when he turns bad. VERY GOOD JOB! LIKE WOW! But you also allow readers to have sympathy for Peter.
And I am glad Snape is bad. I STILL HAVE NO idea what he is up to. I am interested to know! So, plleasssee I beg of you to re-request reviews. I look forward to reading more. It was really enjoyable so far =D

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Review #24, by marauderslover15Sweet Madness: Looking for Lily Evans (and Peter)

10th July 2014:
Here again for the requested review.

I am so sorry, it been taking me forever. I been VERY busy, but as promise I will review EVERY chapter =)

Since you mentioned that Sirius is the main character in this fic, I can finally truly see it since the beginning starts off with him. We as readers get to plummet into his thoughts and automatically we know that Sirius is jealous! (although he would never admit it lol) BUT honestly this fic is seeming more like a Marauder fic in total rather focused on one which is okay because I love every single one of them (except Peter).

I have to say I love the mention of a map of Hogwarts being nonexistent and Remus' thoughts about the mapping of the school. It sets it up for the invention of the Marauders' Map. MY FAV!!

Anyway, another beautifully done chapter with the Marauders. I enjoy it.

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Review #25, by marauderslover15For Love And Money: Tears and Torture

3rd July 2014:
Well, Draco is a big ol' jerk. I wonder how could he ever bounce back from not catching her. I know we all as readers wanted him to catch her, but realistically, he's a Slytherin and you made him act more canon and realistic. Anyway, great chapter again. =)

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