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Review #1, by animagus girlHogwarts Sanitarium: Father, Meet My Dogfather

12th January 2007:
I totally missed reading this... I haven't read this fic in sooo long.
Anyways I loved it!

So I guess we're gonna have to wait till we get to see James' further reaction to Sirius?

I take it James won't get that Sirius called him Prongs or is that a nickname of his in the real world and not just Harry's made up world?

please update soon!

Your very faithful reader,


Author's Response: Yay! Ani! Glad to see you back! James won't understand, no. Hah, but that makes it all the more funnier!

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Review #2, by animagus girlHarry Potter and the Witches Nine: The Complexity of Atterbies

3rd August 2006:
*sighs with disinterest* so I'm the dirty one eh??
nice job!
but I thought it would be another year or 2 before u updated again *rolls eyes*

Author's Response: Ha ha, yeah... Well, everyone's dirty, you just don't care. ^^ Anyway, glad you enjoyed it! I'm hoping on working on the next one soon!

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Review #3, by animagus girlAmong the Lost and Forgotten: Sirius Jacob Black

14th April 2006:
Great! I liked the mental note about the wood stool, very creative.
Sirius is not like the others in his family, that's for sure. The only thing I would have changed in this is actually having the hat sort throught some more memories and think about them. Perhaps you two should write a little more about what Godric tought the hat and relate that to what the students know as they enter. Great Job, I look forward to reading more,

Author's Response: Thanks, We're glad you liked it! We'll be sure to keep those ideas in mind. Maybe we could do that idea with what Godric taught the hat towards the end, it really wouldn't fit too well with what we're planning at the moment. Thanks for the review and sorry it took so long to answer!

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Review #4, by animagus girlHogwarts Sanitarium: Siriusly Surprised

10th April 2006:
great job!! actually, it doesn't sound that bad after all, Harry seems to be fitting in. Padfoot is great as is James!

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Review #5, by animagus girlHogwarts Sanitarium: The Gentle Grim

12th March 2006:
can't wait for more. The new nurses could spare eachother more than just a glance, since it may be a little shocking for them to see a boy slapping his mother's hand away. I'm just suggesting that u add something like a sigh and then have one of them say to the other "we've got a lot of work to do" or something to that affect, not just leave it at the glance, although that is perfectly fine if u decide to do so. ummm I love the dog, padfoot, he was nice to see again, and brought a little comic relief to the already seriousness of the chapter. all around great job, but I wish u could have updated sooner, it almost killed me to wait that long. lolz... a few grammar mistakes, but not enough to have to go over the whole story and edit it, just some minor ones is all. I can't believe u gave custody to that freak... anyways here ends my rambling...lmao ~*~ one of your most faithful readers Ani

Author's Response: Marcela and Jeremy are moreso afraid of Rita and are slightly.... let's just say distracted. Yes, the chapter did need a comic relief from the siriusness. I'll try to update quicker! It had to be done, AG, it had to be done! Thanks for being so faithful!

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Review #6, by animagus girlHogwarts Sanitarium: Interrogations

30th January 2006:
ummm good. A little more dialogue than I would hope for but it made it fun. this was very intense and I can't wait to see what happens next. Now we know more about why Rita was seen as a bug in Harry's made up world. I know a while ago I asked this, but is Pansy still going to be in it or not? anyways great job and I look forward to reading the next. o and sorry it took so long, I've been sick and not been able to get on my computer for a while ~*~ ani

Author's Response: Thanks. Pansy, I think I was going to add her later. Son't worry, I was absent too!

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Review #7, by animagus girlHarry Potter and the Witches Nine: The First of September

27th November 2005:
now that I have met a few of u ur all weird. o and amber I didn't know where to post it but somewhere u were asking about french accent marks and putting them into ur fic on the computer well here is a list of them and how to get them, if u still want and or need it................................. À = Alt + 0192 Â = Alt + 0194 â = ALT + 131 à = ALT + 133 ä = ALT + 132 æ = ALT + 145 Æ = ALT + 146 á = ALT + 160 Ç = ALT + 128 ç = ALT + 135 É = ALT + 144 é = ALT + 130 ê = ALT + 136 è = ALT + 138 ë = ALT + 137 î = ALT + 140 ï = ALT + 139 ì = ALT + 141 ô = ALT + 147 ò = ALT + 149 ö = ALT + 148 û = ALT + 150 ù = ALT + 151 ü = ALT + 129

Author's Response: Woah... thanks!

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Review #8, by animagus girlHogwarts Sanitarium: Bring in the Clowns

1st November 2005:
lol nice chapter, and a good way to end it. A few gramatical errors but I will let it slide. I think this chapter could have gone alot smoother to say the least. I am sorry it took so long for me to read this, I gave up hope of u updating anytime this year.

Author's Response: Thanks! I know, It's getting a Betaed, I hope. I'm thinking of having 2 betas. One I have already who's helped me a lot, and another one I'm going to ask. Lol, I have a new goal. New chapter every other Sunday at LEAST. I hope to, anyway. :P Thanks for your reviews!

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Review #9, by animagus girlSilenced Whispers: Prologue

12th October 2005:
bravo *claps* weeeee... post more! I gotta say this would make an exelent entry for the writers duel, to bad u didn't enter it before u posted the fact that it was up. UPDATE SOON OR ELSE * gets ready to sic dogs on amber if she doesn't post more* mwah ha ha

Author's Response: Hee hee, why 'sank you. ^_^ I was rather depressed when I found out what the writer's duel was, I must say, because that means that my idea won't be unique. Ah well. Theoretically, everything should be completed around Halloween. (I'll do Nick's last, though.) Bloody Baron is complete, and Grey Lady is nearly so. Glad you like it.

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Review #10, by animagus girlThe Quidditch Match: Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin

10th October 2005:
lol I like this alot. I just wonder why this story isn't that popular yet.. *ponders* well anyways good job.

Author's Response: Thank you, animagus girl! I'm very glad that you enjoyed it and I'm delighted to see that my work merited a place on your favorites list. :) Thanks!

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Review #11, by animagus girlA Maid in the Malfoy Manor: Falling

2nd October 2005:
not good at all, and no this is not a flame. it could be alot better, it is a little rushed and confuzzling. I know u can write better then this Amber.

Author's Response: Love you too. ^_~

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Review #12, by animagus girlNewlyweds: May Life Always Be So Sweet

28th September 2005:
bleh so much romance, I dont know if I can take it lol XD none the less great job.

Author's Response: AMEN!

I know I found it nauseating!

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Review #13, by animagus girlMurder on the Hogwarts Express: The Final Evidence

24th September 2005:
wow that was one action packed chapter. I am so glad u added one more chapter. great job, and I hope to be reading a sequal or prequal in the future :)

Author's Response: Thanks, animagus girl. It's been great to have you reviewing each chapter as the story went along. =) Hope to see you for the next story!

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Review #14, by animagus girlDemise: Demise

23rd September 2005:
yesh it was a result of a very violent mood swing but I like it when u have that mood swing *smiles maliciously* mwah ha ha... great job!! ~*~ Ani

Author's Response: Ha ha, yes, well... thanks... ^_~

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Review #15, by animagus girlHogwarts Sanitarium: The Third Guardian

23rd September 2005:
wow finally updated... w00t... great chappie, I am sorry for bugging u about updating its just been so long and I love this story. I love James' character, and Rita, and Petunia. One thing I would have expected more of was Ron and Lilly's reaction to all thats happening. great job, UPDATE SOON...

Author's Response: Thanks, it's okay. I'll try to be faster this time.

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Review #16, by animagus girlDemise: Demise

16th September 2005:
I finally had the time to review this allthough I read it when it first came out. u really were in the mood to kill someone ehhh?? *mannical laughter* ..... *chants: one of us, one of us, one of us over and over again* *smirks* I love the way u describe Remus as a wolf, as well as everything else... in other words this is so <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censoreding good...

Author's Response: Lol, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed something that was a result of one of my more violent mood swings. ^_^

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Review #17, by animagus girlMy Brother...Harry Potter?: More Than You Could Ever Know

16th September 2005:
wow... as amber said, u should think about making this into a full length story. great job!!!

Author's Response: thanks! I'm almost done with the second chapter so it'll be updated soon.

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Review #18, by animagus girlWelcome to My Litter Box: Escape Pod

15th September 2005:
I loved it *sobs* and sry it took a while for me to review fore I have a life unlike someone *cough cough Draco cough* poor mr ferret...poor squishy. I love the The Ferret Owner's Commandments! they rock.

Author's Response: Ah! Squishy!? You've been watching Finding Nemo haven't you!? *looks around for own ferrets to squish*

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Review #19, by animagus girlA Maid in the Malfoy Manor: A Question of Trust

14th September 2005:
*sigh* ugg- it was okay. glad u updated, its been so long since u have. Jacqueline doesn't deserve this treatment. NO MATTER WHAT FRENCH ROX

Author's Response: I know. Definitely not my favourite either. *sigh* Unfortunately, it'll probably take a while to get the others out, even though I've already written quite a few of them. I don't like them at all, only the ideas behind them. Anyway... no, she doesn't. That's why it's so hard to write. You know... it's rather amusing, actually, if you remember what the old Jacqueline Humblot used to be on Quizilla. Totally Mary-Sue, eh? It sickens me... And yes! French! *hops about*

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Review #20, by animagus girlAutumn & Ashes: Autumn & Ashes

2nd September 2005:
*sob* this is the best fic I have ever read on hpff ^_^ it was filled with angst as well as sorrow. I was so moved by it. *sobs some more* I feel stupid for crying but I get really emotional when I read these kinds of fics. poor Harry, Ron, Hermione and especially Ginny. the authors note is brilliant, that also brought me to tears. great job, I love the title too. this is going on my favorites for sure...

Author's Response: First I want to say thank you for taking the time to read this story and leaving me a review…it means a lot to mean even though I’ve chosen not to respond to each review individually. I didn’t want to detract from the point of this story by rambling on (which I’m famous for) and instead just want to appeal to you that if there’s anything you can do to help those affected, please contact your local chapter of the American Red Cross. As trivial as it may sound, every one is a hero…it only matters that you care enough to do something.

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Review #21, by animagus girlA Maid in the Malfoy Manor: Firelight

2nd September 2005:
ambi ambi ambi *clicks tongue pittiously* ..... okay... not the best one uve written but good.... *stares blankly at u screaming for help* weeeeeeeeeeeee..... sry hyperness kicking in... too much candy...

Author's Response: I know. And they're getting worse, too.

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Review #22, by animagus girlA Maid in the Malfoy Manor: Firelight

2nd September 2005:
yeah u better be sorry it took u so long to update *pouts*...........

Author's Response: Oi...

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Review #23, by animagus girlClairvoyant: Clairvoyant

1st September 2005:
yay great job...I knew this was going to be a good fic from the moment Taryn became a slytherin... lovely story. this is going on my favorites asap...w00t

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! I hope you like the rest of it. I'm so glad it's going into your favorites!

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Review #24, by animagus girlHogwarts Sanitarium: A Mother's Love

30th August 2005:
hurry up with the next chappie.. before I kill *stares blanky at u knife in hand about to strike healer* UPDATE...

Author's Response: Umm... thanks?

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Review #25, by animagus girlA Maid in the Malfoy Manor: Touched By an Angel

29th August 2005:
hurry up and update allready.... u said u had 4 chapters written u just need to post them... POST BEFORE I KILL SOMEONE *with knife in hand approaches little kid about to stab*

Author's Response: Urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.... I don't feel like typing at all... and I started writing chapter ten. *sigh*

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