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Review #1, by ScoroseOTPCatastrophe Waiting To Happen: Three: May

13th September 2015:
Hiya Soph!

Now, I always have high hopes for Scorpius, but he really is shaping up to the be quite a, well, an idiotic, annoying bloke, for want of some better words. Living up to the names I didn't want to call him when he hurt Rosie so much! (Oh dear, my poor ScoRose side jumping out of me there!).

Got to love a random trip to the coffee shop, an insight to this girl's mind. I like it.

Oooh! I do like a little visit to the family! Especially Al, I think I may have mentioned, I've missed that boy!
And the boy has a point, she needs to go and talk to her Mum! She needs to stop ignoring her family. She's obviously not entirely happy or she wouldn't feel the need to stay away and hide! My heart goes out to her, it really does.
James! Well, he's just saying what everyone else is thinking...

You're just dropping all the names, my dear! All the cousins are being mentioned (don't stop- I love it! So subtle, exactly what I want though!)

No! No! No! I am not happy with this. Dom, is not happy with this! Mess is not okay. Goodness me, I'm sorry for this little outburst.

That's just one day, if it's just one day in seven months, then this isn't going to work.
That's it.
Enough said.

*Big Hugs*
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Emz!

Oh Scorpius indeed, he does have his moments of being a fool. Poor ScoRose indeed, I mean at this point they just seem doomed. An like you said before at the moment all Dom and Scorp have is physical.

Coffee is very much needed, haha!!

How could I not leave them out, I mean they are family after all! Lol even if it was only James and Al. She really does need to see her family and stop hiding from them, an she especially needs to talk to Fleur! James, he'll always say it straight no matter what he's thinking, he an Dom have a good relationship even if it wasn't shown in UP or this.

Hehe, name dropping I love the hints and teasing :p

Dom bless her, she's tried she really has but alas things aren't meant to be. Exactly, if that's one day, imagine the whole seven months!! But they do have their moments even if they argue.

Thanks again Emz m'dear. Also given that I'm replying to this with only 6 days to Christmas, have a Merry Christmas too!!

Much love,
Sophie xx

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Review #2, by ScoroseOTPCatastrophe Waiting To Happen: Two: April

24th July 2015:
Hey Soph!

So, we're onto chapter two!

See, do you get what I mean? Something just isn't right. She's much happier being alone, which is FOR SURE, not what it's meant to be like! It's sounds very physical, their relationship, nothing real though.

FLICK, oh how I have missed her!
I love her, I really do! The poor thing, stuck with the twins at the cheeky age of two and being pregnant! I'd feel even more like a whale if I had two two year olds to worry about at the same time!!

Vic's pregnant?! That's exciting!! Very exciting!!
Feels a bit strange that she didn't tell her own sister, or that Dom had to find out from a magazine!!
She couldn't possibly be that busy! She could have got an owl! Or an invite of sorts to make sure she went and visited family! Family is so important!!

Frankie is a strange little character. They're relationship is strange also, not really sure how that's working out for either of them!

Flick!! There is is all huge!! Raspberry ripple always makes me feel good too. It's got to be one of favourites. It's really sad for me to think they don't see each other very often anymore... It's making me feel genuinely quite sad! I can't believe they're all so grown up and doing things with their lives! Al's all busy! That's sad, I miss him too.
(Mental note- must go and read Rose's story when finished here)
Aw! Flick works in WWW?! That's so incredibly brilliant! I'm proper happy to hear that!

Ummm... Why does she go to cousenlling exactly?

Poor Flick! I'd be exhausted if I was her too though! Bless!
The twins! No! Stay for the twins! I love them!! They'll be back, right?!

*Big hugs*
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Emz hey!!

Super sorry for the late reply, life is stupidly busy.

Their relationships is for sure mostly physical but of course since they were friends for so long, there are still aspects of that there.

Flick! I couldn't not write this without her and the twins and Al, of course, lol. She'll forever be stuck with me. Poor Flick indeed, two year old twins and being pregnant, I'm mean to her :p

Squee, yep Vic is pregnant too and I'm excited for future things which relate to Vic an Flick both being pregnant! :) Family is so important, I definitely think that's one of the themes from UP, especially with Flick an even to Dom. But with things the way they currently are, there's a slight divide in the Weasley clan so Dom's sticking well away from there. In my head, Vic does actually owl Dom but the letter gets misplaced in her flat.

Aww Frankie bless him, he's always had a crush on Dom an they've even had a cheeky kiss or three. He's a tad jealous of Scorpius at the moment bless him.

Growing really does suck, especially when you go from seeing your besties practically every day to a few times a month (if that). Dom and Flick will always be close though, no matter what!! Yep Al's busy at the moment, and not just with Quidditch, he's getting ready for a 3rd baby and to him he's going all out since he missed stuff with the twins.

Yep, I think if she didn't have the job to get her out the house, Flick would be going crazy. I know I would be, lol!

Dom goes because of sixth year, with her never telling anyone until she told Flick, she had bottled up all her feelings. Dom goes mostly for depression as she's never really gotten over it, an it helps her say things she probably wouldn't say to anyone else. She talks about things worrying her and whats going on. There's a bit more about it in chapter 4.

Oh yes, Flick and the twins will be back, I most certainly cannot leave them out!!!

Massive hugs and thank you once again my dear for reading and reviewing, they always make me smile. Also given that I'm replying to this with only 6 days to Christmas, have a Merry Christmas too!!

- Sophie xx

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Review #3, by ScoroseOTPCatastrophe Waiting To Happen: One: January

23rd July 2015:
Hey Soph!

I'm so incredibly sorry it's been such a long time since I last read any of your work. I don't think I've read anything since LAST YEAR! So, let me apologise again, I'm sorry I haven't read this yet. I saw your post on tumblr and while I'm currently on holiday and my hotel has wifi, I thought I'd read it! Plus, now I feel bad because your post brought back Flick's world into my life and got me excited, which wouldn't have needed to happen if I'd already read this!

Onto the story!
Now, as you know, I'm much more of a ScoRose girl, so, I must say, I'm kind of hoping this ends in catastrophe. But, I do love your characters, so, not too much pain? Okay?

So... I'm interested in hearing this from Dom's view because even after reading very little of the chapter, I know, this girl is conflicted. Which she kind of should be.

I'm not sure I like the tone of this, I mean, for Dom's sake, she just doesn't seem happy. About anything! Which is awful! She's clearly not a big fan of her job, or where she lives, and even Scor isn't putting her in the best mood. It just doesn't seem... Right.

Her friends sounds fun! Interesting to say the very least!

Ahh! Al and Flick! I'm so glad you've popped in there that they're good! That makes me a very happy bunny!

Well, I suppose that makes her happier which is good. But something still doesn't feel right to me!

I'm sorry again that it's been so long.
*Big hugs*
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Emz hey!!

Aww no worries, I've been MIA for ages too. I thought it was you, but I wasn't sure, I think you had a different ur before. For whatever reason something sparked me to write this, fingers crossed I get that again for the sequel or another one-shot.

Scorose *loves* Haha, wait and see, it's in the title for a reason.

Aww Dom, I love her but I'm super mean to her, haha. There is definitely something weird about their situation no doubt about it. But will it work, who knows.

There's definitely gonna be some more of them, well Meghan hopefully.

Of course, how could I not add them in :p

*hugs* have a good holiday and thanks again Em!!

-Sophie :D

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Review #4, by ScoroseOTPThe Worst: Decisions and Discoveries

28th June 2015:
I am back once more, I couldn't stay away,
House Cup 2015, for Hufflepuff!

Wow. Again. (This is becoming somewhat of a thing- I can't help it!) I hope that's a compliment. It's a first reactions sort of thing for you!

My heart is just in pain now, I'm upset because she's upset. I still can't comprehend what Dom has just gone through. She's just lost her ability to have kids, for sure. And now I just want to squish her again and tell her it's going to be okay. (But it's fine, because Teddy does that!- I love their love!)

I like the way you've presented her parents by the way. I know I get stressed out trying to portray important characters like FLeur and Bill that we know so well from the books, but you did really well! I can imagine those words coming out of their mouths so effortlessly. It's a credit to your fanfic writing!

I also like the chief werewolf. He seems... I want to say fun... but that's not the right word... I can't think of it. There's just something about him that I like!

Oh, no! Really?! Like, really?! Her editor?! WHAT KIND OF SICK JOKE IS THAT?! I'm am so unimpressed by this woman it's unreal... I agree with Teddy, I hate her! A LOT!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind review! I'm sorry for the late response!

Wow - this is my reaction to all your reviews. You flatter me so much! Thank you!

Aw I'm sorry you're upset. Dom indeed has gone through a lot, and I'm glad you feel for her. I'm also happy you like Teddy's love for her.

I definitely get stressed out writing canon characters too so it's a relief to know you liked my writing of them!

I'd say the chief werewolf is very frivolous in a way, or pompous xP

I hate her too, haha.

Thank you so much for all your lovely reviews. You're awesome!

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Review #5, by ScoroseOTPThe Worst: More Bad News

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015, Hufflepuff here!

No! Not disappointed! That is literally the worst thing anyone can be at you. I can deal with angry, sad, everything but disappointed. It stabs me right in the heart every time someone feels disappointed in me. I can relate completely to Dom!

I just want to hug and squish Dom with every ounce of me! Her and Teddy are making my heart melt slightly. I love them. The connection they have is so strong, they know each other so well and that is making me feel all fuzzy!

Oh. Oh. So, I may or may not be experiencing a few tears in my eyes... I'm a bit sad about that. I've only known this Dom for four chapters but that news is hitting me in the heart. I cannot imagine being told I couldn't have kids. It would crush me! I love kids! And she does too, so I want to hug and squish her forever. The sister feels here are a bit too much for me to bear too, my little sister is my best friend and she'd be the first person I'd want to hold me after news like that, just like Dom.
So, I'm feeling all the feels, good job! Aim achieved!!

I'm afraid to know about the decision... I'm not sure I can handle it!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey again!

Aww yeah being disappointed is the worst yeah.

And I want to hug you on behalf of Dom and Teddy, and also for all your kind words.

I am glad you like the connection between Teddy/Dom.

Aww *hugs* I am sorry I caused you a few tears, but also strangely pleased xP Dom is indeed going through a lot and I'm glad you feel for her. And sister feels xx

Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by ScoroseOTPThe Worst: Reflecting and Brooding

28th June 2015:
Back again,
For the House Cup 2015, for Hufflepuff!

(I'm really enjoying myself though- just to let you know!)

Aww, normally I don't ship Teddy and Dom, but you're kind of winning me over. It was so sweet! I believed every twinkling word Vic said and I let go of Vic and Teddy being together just as Dom did. I don't mind going with the flow sometimes, it's good! It seems he cares so much, which is exactly what we want!

I'm feeling a very large amount of empathy for Dom here. I understand things are changing in society for werewolves. But this isn't just about that, this is her life changing so dramatically it's difficult to comprehend! Everything has to change, even if everyone promises it won't, it will. It's just a simple fact at this point!

Her boss, while, she was interesting, I didn't like her very much though. It's a delicate situation she's dealing with. Ms. Jones should care less about being sued and more about Dom! She shouldn't panic the poor girl! That's hardly fair at all!

Her connection to Teddy is beautiful. I feel that's all I need to say about that. I liked it!
Not so much him not smiling though... that doesn't inspire confidence...

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Thank you once again!

I am super happy you were enjoying yourself!

Yay! I am glad I am sorta winning you over with Teddy/Dom. I do love them. Going with the flow is the way to go sometimes, yes!

It's good to see that you feel for Dom especially with all her life changes.

and the boss, as we come to know later, isn't a very good character but I am pleased you got the vibe from her ;)

Teddy/Dom are my OTP so lovely to see you acknowledge their connection!

Thanks a ton!

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Review #7, by ScoroseOTPThe Worst: The Worst Had Happened

28th June 2015:
Back again for the House Cup 2015 for Hufflepuff!

First off, I love how the chapter starts with the italics, it sets the mood for the rest of the chapter so well. Oh my stars there is so much tension coming on here my heart is beating faster! The effect you have here is fantastic!

If I have learned anything from studying Classical Literature, it is that fire is bad. Anything to do with the stuff is awful and you have used that powerful imagery very effectively here!

Wow. Again. I'm kind of lost for words. I mean, I guessed that something must of happened, something bad, she was bitten by a werewolf for crying out loud but the thought that we would be one didn't even cross my mind!

Her family's reactions seem perfect. I mean, these are Weasleys we are talking about, this people love more love than they could possibly posess. They know good and bad. They, before anyone on this planet would understand be right there to help. So, I understand the tears from Fleur and the comforting words from Vic and Teddy. They would all try there best no matter what!

Dom's reaction... I also understand. When something bad happens, I'm the same, it's a horrible trait to have but it is so easy to look at the negatives! She just turned into a werewolf finding the positives there, has got to be hard! And pushing people away, it would be easier than facing the facts at that moment, because everyone had just changed for her, way more than anyone else!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Thank you once again for your kind words!

I am glad you enjoyed the chapter and liked the beginning.

Fire is bad haha xD

I am so happy I rendered you speechless (of sorts).

It's a relief that her family's reactions are perfect for you, thank you.

And that you understand Dom's reaction too. Your reviews make me so happy! Thanks!

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Review #8, by ScoroseOTPThe Worst: Dreading The Worst

28th June 2015:
Here for the House Cup 2015 as a Hufflepuff!

Wow. Let me just start with that.
It's such an interesting topic. Werewolves!

I love that you chose Dom, I really do. She's such a good pick.

because I've seen so many variations of this girl, it's always interesting which one a writer will choose and where they will go with it. I like her as a Ravenclaw, and I personally love the idea that she's a journalist, it follows on from Ravenclaw very well.

because she has so many potential ways to be connected to werewolves! That you have quite rightly reminded us in the first chapter. She has her Dad and Teddy, both with connections to the fearful creatures.

Quick note- I cannot help but feel so happy that you've mentioned Hermione and here help towards werewolves and their position to society. I LOVE THAT.

I love the ambiguity of saying "one of the kinder werewolves". I just figured they were all good now old Voldy was gone! But I guess, there is bad in all of us, it is possible that bad werewolves still exist! As much as I wish they didn't!

The end of this chapter is so effective! The yellow eyes have me hooked and her screams, the way she is no powerless really brings an understanding of the character to the audience. She has every right to be afraid!!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey! Omg you have no idea how happy your review makes me!

I am glad you think Dom is a good pick and that you love her as a Ravenclaw plus a journalist. Her base personality kind of stems from my own so I am happy you're liking her!

And yes she does have many connections to werewolves. Of course i had to weave in Hermione somewhere here xD She makes an appearance later too!

Indeed, Voldemort was not the only bad wizard, there're always grey characters around, so i am glad you picked up on that.

I am happy the ending was effective too. thanks a ton!

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Review #9, by ScoroseOTPFive of a Kind: Chapter One - Buying the Pot

28th June 2015:
Back for the House Cup 2015

So, it was Cormac McLaggen! Good to know!

It was ROSE Weasley... I'm a tad astonished! I really like how you're showing a completely different Rose to any I've read before. This isn't how I have ever imagined her but in a strange way I like it!! It's kind of refreshing but I really don't like her. As a person, I am not her biggest fan, she seems stuck up and just not the girl I hoped Ron and Hermione to bring up at all. I'm kind of happy she's still quite intelligent and a goodie two- shoes though, I think that's a characteristic you just can't ignore.

Freddie Weasley... Not so astonished by him at all! He is more like what I would expect Freddie to be, a Quidditch star and knows it. More of a prankster too. He's more on track to the kind I write about, but different in some ways, I like that though.

Scorpius, he's different too! I really do like seeing the way you've presented these characters. And it all makes sense! He would be rich and would know all the stories of Draco's past, why wouldn't he act this way. Why wouldn't he just give up and stop caring? He's Dad and Grandad were Death Eaters, that's gotta be hard to comprehend and deal with! ( I'm sure he is a lot of fun to write!)

Lorcan, is a girl? Never really saw that coming, but why couldn't she be? We don't know really! It's an interesting take to say the very least and I'm interested where you go with it!
(By the way- Lysander and Rose kind of makes sense to me too, I quite like the idea of the two of them actually! That makes sense too)

Then Albus, poor little Albus, who did you get mixed up in all this?! I'm dying to know! It just doesn't seem right.
I'm also slightly upset that the Weasley- Potter clan aren't so close! :( I mean, I get it because these characters are heavily flawed and just don't seem very nice at all, but still!

Ooh! This whole story is so intriguing!!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Yep, it was Rose. I know. I'm glad you like that she's been characterized completely different from her usual stereotype. I'm very intrigued by her as well. But I think there is more depth to her than she lets on. Freddie, likes to be a prankster, but has goals that keep him from wanting to get in trouble, especially when he's already in detention to begin with. And he's very dedicated to his Quidditch team.

Scorpius is different! They are all so different. They were all put in different stereotypes than I originally wanted but I like the way it's turned out so far, I think it makes the story a lot more interesting that the characters aren't what most people probably expect. That's an interesting thought process to why Scorpius doesn't care though. I hadn't really thought that bit through and I'm still trying to work out why he is the way he is, but your idea is interesting and I may have to keep it in mind when I finally delve into his the inner-workings of his brain.

Lorcan IS a girl. I saw someone else do this in another story and I thought it was a neat concept, Luna having girl/boy identical twins. All the twins showcased in canon so far have been same sex twins so I thought this would be different. Plus, I could easily see the name Lorcan working for either a boy or a girl.

Yes, poor Albus. I have a general idea, but I am still working on that. Plus, it won't be explained until a later chapter anyway, but I will get to it eventually.

This was such a great review! I'm so happy you like the characterization and are intrigued by the story in general. I do hope you continue reading when I finally continue writing and updating this story.


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Review #10, by ScoroseOTPFive of a Kind: Introduction - Dealer's Choice

28th June 2015:
I'm here for the House Cup 2015!

Is that Cormac? As in slimy Cormac McLaggen? A teacher,mat Hogwarts?! I never thought I'd see the day!! That's rather interesting but it makes sense, you want the character to be annoyed at having to do detention. And how better than him? I can imagine him getting very irritated!

Is the deputy headmistress still McGonagall? Who got the job as Head if she's didn't?! That's a different take of things for sure, I just expected her to get the job!

Scorpius! I just can't imagine him being THAT bad! But I guess it's in his family... But still!
"A couple of Weasleys" < now that made thus girl smile! Like its so typical for them to have detention!! Surely they shouldn't get caught! :P
Are we talking Albus? I feel as if we might be, because he and Scorpius are meant to be close in age.
But what did he do? I can't think of anything that would require detention and counselling- that's a bit of an odd combination! I'm looking forward to finding out though!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi!

Yes it is Cormac. Super slimy Cormac. He does fit the role I created very well, I think. He wasn't part of the initial plan, but when I decided to go canon and not use an OC, he was my first thought.

Maybe it's just me, but I just assumed McGonagall would have retired by now, i.e. 26/27 years later. But I haven't given the deputy headmistress a name yet and I'm not sure if I will. If she's mentioned again, it probably won't be til the end so I suppose I have time to ponder on that.

I don't think Scorpius is as bad as he's maybe played up to be in this. But he's definitely a trip, and Cormac is not very fond of him. Haha, she does say "A couple of Weasleys" in a very run of the mill type of way, like it always happens, but that's not totally the case with these particular Weasleys as you will see. But there's so many of them, I'm sure some of them did get into trouble quite often.

The question about Albus, I am sure you already know the answer to by now. But what he did I can't tell you just yet. It will come in due time.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reviewing!


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Review #11, by ScoroseOTPOur Brand of Normal : Chapter One

20th June 2015:
Hey there Erica!
Hufflepuff House Cup 2015!

First of all, I'm intrigued by the title, because I think everyone has their Own Brand of Normal! It's different for everyone and the first paragraph of this chapter quite rightly points this out. You're just so right! I really hate using the word 'normal' as well, I don't think it's something we should label people with because it's different for everyone!!

What happens to people who join the newsletter team? This sounds like the start of some horror story! Something has definitely happened though and my suspicions say it's more than one thing, especially if they all know, perhaps, too much about each other! What happened with Al and Charlotte? Who's Charlotte? I'm certainly intrigued. I am also going to have to put this in my reading list!


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Review #12, by ScoroseOTPWaltz: Waltz

20th June 2015:
Hey there Tanya!
I'm here for the Hufflepuff House Cup 2015.

So, I can see why this one-shot won so many things! It deserves too!
I love it!
As if you couldn't already tell, I'm a big ScoRose fan, so this was perfect. I loved your take on Rose, it was so refreshing to have her portrayed as something other than a know-it-all. Her dependence of the threes were clear and consistent. I felt bad for her, I felt all her pain. She was frustrated and worried, so I was too. It was strange, but I really loved it!

Okay, one thing though, it makes me smile SO much that it's glitter that everyone fears! I know so many people who literally hate glitter with a passion. So, the idea of glitter that doesn't come off for 30+ hours, that's hilarious to me!

It's overall a beautiful little story! The Waltz is so simply popped into this one-shot but is so incredibly effective!

Emz xxx

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Review #13, by ScoroseOTPExpecting: Chapter 44: Chaos & Shenanigans

25th January 2015:
Hey Sarita,
I cannot believe this is the last chapter. I literally cannot believe it. I've been putting off reading this chapter for ages but I realised I've got to do it some day, so why not today! As much as I am for reading this chapter though there is a strong sense of me being against it. To a very high level. I've loved every minute of reading this story, you've managed to capture my heart with it so I really do not want to let it go.

Rose's humour never fails to make me smile. I really do love her! I would say things like I'm such a hoot, so she reminds me of myself a bit, which is great!
An obsessed fan? That is scary stuff!

This really is the end, isn't it?
Becky and Dom are going to France?!
James is going to be some amazing Quidditch star!
Al is working in the Department of Mysteries!
Sarah is going to work in Rome?!

They are all so grown up. I do not like it! They cannot be separated and have lives! WHAT?! They have to stay together forever and have wonderful times all the time!

I need answers for these questions!

You mentioned me! You didn't have to do that!
I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say, We love you too!
We wouldn't have kept reading if we didn't think it was worth it, so I hope you know that.

Right, before I go though, I guess I wanted to show you how much I loved this… so… yeah...

You've done such an amazing job in creating J.K. Rowling’s next generation. I've loved it SO much! Rose, Scorpius, James, Al, Lily… EVERYONE is exactly how I imagined them to be. You've done such an outstanding job!

I've loved your characters, to the point I really REALLY want Sarah to be real because she's my ideal best friend and I love her to pieces.
(I've just loved Sarah, I really have, she's just AHHH, amazing!)
I've loved your strong females, to the point that you probably won’t believe because everyone NEEDS to present strong women and you did it beautifully.
I've loved the relationships you made, to the point I don't think I'll ever see anyone for fit for James than Sarah.
I've loved your friendships, to the point that I will always treasure the little moments with my friends because one day they might mean the world and make a beautiful pointless friendship moment.
I've loved the places you've created, to the point I'm rather convinced that there is a cabin in the Forbidden Forest.
I've loved your descriptions, to the point I, myself am trying to make those little connections from the past into a current chapter and I have always been so deeply involved and transported into your story.
I've loved basically everything! Thank you so so much for such a fantastic story!


Emz xxx

Author's Response: I would never ask you to let go of this story or my version of the characters - you keep loving it til the end my friend, and this is not the end!

I really can't believe that this is the last review of this particular stage in Rose's life that I will read! But don't be disheartened about them seemingly growing up and growing apart.We know them all well enough by now to know that they'll always be together!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you've said in this review, and every other one to date, I truly mean it when I say that it motivated me to keep on writing!

I'm so so glad you liked my strong females - one of the reasons I loved the original series is the amazing range of strong women and girls and I wanted to continue writing about the equally strong next generation :)

I'm glad you loved the friendship - it was so important to continue JK's original themes of love and sacrifice and friendship.

In all honesty I actually am with you on the James/Sarah thing - I cannot read any next gens any more because I can't imagine him not being with her! I ruined my own enjoyment of reading other stories !!

I am so glad the story has meant this much to you, and remember that Rose, Scorpius, James, Sarah, Albus, Becky and Dom will always welcome you back into their lives whenever you decide to join them :)


-Sarita xxx

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Review #14, by ScoroseOTPStress Relieving 101: Using Muggle Techniques

12th January 2015:
Hey you two!

I really liked this. It's interesting to look at muggle things in the way of a wizard. Really strange! But it was good!

I love how Teddy's in charge of it all but the Teddy in my head would be louder than that! I just believe he'd be more excitable and such! But that's only a little picky moment of mine. It doesn't really matter.

Good job!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey, good to see you.

Yeah, we wanted to make it humorous while still sincere.

Our Teddy is more the big brother with good advice, rather than an energetic type of person, though I could easily see him both ways.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Review #15, by ScoroseOTPof monsters: Tap, tap, tap.

12th January 2015:
Hey Emmi!
I'm super sorry this is late, but I'm here for your Hot Seat!

The repetition of tap, tap, tap was really affected, I mean, I assume this is what you wanted to happen. But it really is. That break between text is so interesting and works so well!

You really got into Tom Riddle's mind didn't you? That's so fascinating. I truly feel as if I've been transported into the mind of this awful, awful boy.

I love the bit about a pet. That's not what a pet is but it's extraordinary to think, no, know that that is the sort of thing that would go through his head.

I love this so much. It's amazing! I feel completely transported!

I'm afraid I like to leave longer reviews than this but I can't find the words to comprehend how I'm feeling.
I just think you've done the most amazing job!
Well done!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi Emz!

The repetition of the taps was really meant to be effective and I'm really glad you think it works!

I'm also glad you were transported into Tom's head! It was not easy writing about him, aside from his arrogance, so your words make me so happy! And yes, I really think he would consider the basilisk to be his pet! Nothing ordinary is good enough for him. ;)

Thank you so much for your review and your compliments! I really enjoyed reading your review!

- Emmi

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Review #16, by ScoroseOTPThe Proposal : The Proposal

12th January 2015:
Hey Dee!
I'm so so sorry it's so so late but I'm here for your Hot Seat Review! Yay!

I was really rather intrigued to find this one! It looks really interesting, so lets see!

First thing I thought, oh god, why isn't she speaking? Why isn't she speaking?! But then, there you have it! It's Harry!
I love that!
That's a beautiful friendship right there! But that makes so much sense too. Ron's bound to be nervous! This is Hermione for gods sake!

That ring sounds so gorgeous I would NOT mind being proposed to with that ring! It would be most wonderful to say the least!
I love how Harry's had to help him constantly with all this, it really has put a smile on my face!

Ginny and hormones. Just going put that there. I love it.

He's so worried and that just makes this all the more perfect! The way you're going into depth about his worries is just perfect!

That's all I can say!
So true and accurate and I can imiagone him saying that, or if not that something similar!
I just love it!

Well done! It's outstanding!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi Emz! Please accept my sincere apologies for how late my response is to such a lovely review! I am so rubbish.

This was one of the earlier stories that I wrote not long after I joined the archives so I know it needs a little TLC (I'll get around to it one day) but I am proud of the premise of it and I'm really pleased you enjoyed it so much.

Thank you for this lovely review ♥

Dee :)

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Review #17, by ScoroseOTPExpecting: 43: Her

1st January 2015:
Hey Sarita!
In response to your last review response. I’m pretty good, bit busy with real life… that’s why I haven’t been around for Expecting as much (sorry!). Hope you’re also good!

You have a Chapter image?! Very nice! I literally love babies! So so cute!

Right, so Rose they’re sorting out Rose, I literally have my fingers crossed so hard, hoping this goes well!
“I’m hoping for a human, but I think we’re all wondering by this point” < This is is amazing! I love it!
Sarah is just the perfect best friend. She’s got control over herself and there is no way she’s moving now! And James, well, they’re a package deal.
But Rose getting angry at Sarah, well I reckon she has every right to! That’s an brilliant friendship right there. Sarah taking plenty of abuse and just brushing it off, saying I love you too!”
“That’s my little fox” Oh my stars, my heart just broke a little bit! That’s so adorable! I love it. A lot!

Can you hear that? It’s the sound of my heartbreaking at how much Rose depends on James, it’s so beautiful! I just want to give them both a hug. I think James could have stayed, I’m pretty sure he could have.


Rose, that is just such a wonderful way to put it, laughing and crying like Dom when she’s drunk! I love it!
I think anyone would stop quickly after being confronted with Hermione alone, let alone her, Draco, Sarah and James!
There is way too much cuteness for me to bare. Everyone is making me go ahh.

SHE HAD A GIRL. A BEAUTIFUL. BLUE EYED. BABY GIRL! I’m literally so so happy right now! She’s as beautiful as Sarah and that’s just perfect.
That is all.

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz,
Yes, all's well this end, thank you!

Yep, Rose is being sorted out, Sarah and James are fronting the 'Protect Rose' protest group, as usual.

I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER, AND I WAS WRITING IT, I COULDN'T BELIEVE SHE WAS ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH! But she has the dream team there as you said, including her little guardian James, who fooled you into thinking he was going to wait patiently outside - HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING EMZ? :P
I am so glad you thought it was perfection, I hope you like the next and final chapter just as much :)
-Sarita xxx

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Review #18, by ScoroseOTPKeeping Skeletons: Keeping Skeletons

1st January 2015:
Hey Becca,

First off, I'm seriously sorry about the lateness of this. I was late altogether but I was sure I'd already reviewed this one (alas obviously I haven't).

The difference between the two challenges you chose to combine here is really interesting! I didn't really think it would work but it so does!

The quote, well the quote works so perfectly. I'm so so glad I waited for you to submit this because it's beautiful and would have been a shame for me to miss out on reading this! The way the quote is so simply dropped in is wonderful! I'm so glad it fits so well!

The overall story is very interesting, I was kind of sad McGonagall had died, she's one of my favourites but I rarely read any Fanfics of her so this was really interesting for me. To obviously she what she had done and the consequences of that!

I really love the way your title ties in as well... it really is wonderful! That's probably not what I'm meant to comment on but it really works! It's also really quite eerie which I assume is the desired effect for the Saint or Sinner Challenge!

Well done! This was really great! Thank you so much for entering and submitting for my challenge! It was wonderful to read this! The results are up on the forums in the Hall of Fame and on my blog, so you should check it out!
I really did like this! So well done again! I'd encourage you to read all of the other entries as they are all amazing!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hiya Emz!

Don't worry about it, Christmas is one busy season. I totally understand! :)

I was aprehensive at first, it's also why I needed a more obscure quote - as one that could be twisted round into something darker was so much easier than the happy quotes from Dr Seuss. And thank you! I'm always worried about whether something works with the rest of the story, so to read that really made me happy!

It was the most troublesome story I've had to write as of yet, because McGonagall is a character that I admire throughout the series so to write a darker side of her was very difficult. Hopefully I did it okay. And thanks, titles are always hard for me to come up with so I'm pleased that it tied in with the overall story.

Thank you, I very much enjoyed your challenge. The winners were all worthy, I'll try and read all the entries if I can!


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Review #19, by ScoroseOTPLittle Guys Can Do Big Things Too: Godfather and Godson

31st December 2014:
Hey Freda and Georgina!

First off, thank you so much for entering my challenge and I'm SUPER DUPER sorry it's taken me so long to review this and put up any results. (I've been a lot busier than expected).

Anyhow, due to me being so late. I will not be reviewing every single chapter of this wonderful little collection right now, although a promise I will. I also promise that I have read every single one of them! (My favourites were Bill and Fleur + Ron and Hermione)

But, this chapter, I shall review,
I love how you fit the quote in, it works really well with the story and the representation of Harry and Ginny's relationship.

Speaking of their relationship. This is my favourite way of representing Ginny, more like book Ginny than movie Ginny. She's fun and outgoing and isn't afraid to tease Harry which is great. Totally how I see their relationship being.

Harry by the way, not having a clue what to do with Teddy is hilarious. I mean, he has to be clueless, when has he ever been in contact with another baby? Never. I don't blame him for not having any idea, but I do find it really rather funny!

Well done on this wonderful fic! It really is great! Thanks again for entering and submitting for my challenge. Keep an eye out for the results in the hall of fame. I may even make a blog... but all links will be in my authors page on the forums!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey ScoroseOTP!

Thank you for making this challenge that we could use to take this collection to the next level. We understand the wait.

Alright, we promise we will take and love any review you give us. It's good to hear you like the last one; we haven't heard much feedback on that one and it seems as though Bill and Fleur is a favorite.

Since the story was written before this challenge, I (Georgina) at least was nervous
it wouldn't quite fit. Points to Freda for finding and placing the quote.

Thank goodness! Writing someone as iconic as Ginny was a little daunting, but it's nice to hear we pulled off her personality.

Clueless boys are funny, clueless people with babies are funny, bring them together and you've got comedy. Good thing you thought it was realistic.

We are writing this having already seen your blog post; excellent judging and thank you for the honorable mention.

See you around the forums!

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Review #20, by ScoroseOTPLosing You: Losing You

27th December 2014:
Hey Wolfgirl!

First off, thank you so much for entering and submitting in my challenge! I'm really sorry it's taken so long for me to review and get round to all of this!

So, the fic, you were right. My feels? Well, they're just all over the place! You took that quote and made actually tears come to my eyes!

It is not fair to have this from Remus' POV! Not fair at all! I am not in the right state to review at the moment but I'm going to continue anyway!

Remus is one of my all time favourites. He's just AHHH! I can't even explain but somehow I think you know what I mean!

The way he was explaining everything just got to me, Harry and his struggle! Ah! I cannot do this.

It was beautiful. Well done on a wonderful One-Shot!

Thanks again for submitting! Watch out on the Hall of Fame for the results. I may even create a blog! I'll put any links in my authors page on the forums! It shouldn't be too long away!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Thanks Emz,

I'm glad you liked it and sorry I got you right in the feels. It just came pouring out when I was writing and this was the result. I'd already been thinking about writing it, and then when you gave me my quote it just fit so perfectly!

Thanks so much for creating this challenge, it was really cool!


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Review #21, by ScoroseOTPMistletoe, Thorns and Sunday Morns: Chapter One

27th December 2014:
Hey PhoenixQuill!

First off, thank you so much for entering and submitting my challenge!

So, firstly, this is a little different for me, I've never read a James/Scorpius fic. I'm more of a ScoRose kind of girl!

I really thought this was cute!
You need a really good job of this!

Al being uncomfortable was hilarious to me, I literally love that, he's one of my favourites and I do this he would act like that!

This is such a different way to present James but I really enjoyed it. He's normally such a lady's girl! The way his sensitive side is there is exactly him. He just needs to show it more. The same with Scorpius! Love it!

You did such a good job! Well done! Thanks so much again for submitting! Check out the Hall of Fame soon for the results! I may even create a blog! Watch out on my authors page on the forums for links!

Emz xxx

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the review and for the opportunity to enter the challenge!
Yeah, I used to be ScoRose, and I still am a bit, but I wanted to try out new ships. It's sort of a crackship, but it was fun to write. I'm glad to hear it was cute!
Yeah, Al would be the one to see his brother in a couple and just go 'oh my god James please no'. Same for Lily, also regardless of whatever gender each of them hooked up with.
James is usually seen as the charmer, the lady's man, but once again, I'm branching out and trying to match new aspects to people, and I liked this aspect with James for some reason.
I'll be sure to keep an eye on the Hall of Fame, and thank you so much!
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D

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Review #22, by ScoroseOTPFairy Tales and Vanilla Fudge: Fairy Tales and Vanilla Fudge

27th December 2014:

First off, I'm sorry it's taken so long for me to review! I've been a LOT more busy than I thought!
However, I'd really love to thank you very much for taking the time to write this and enter my challenge!

So! You immediately had my attention with the character list! ScoRose is obviously my OTP, so you've got me good there. But I love Hermione a lot and I totally believe she would have chilled out slightly with such a chaotic life!

For me, you've got Hermione, right there. She's a loving Mum who still has her teenage know-it-all- because-she-does attitude almost. You know what I mean? She still knows everything! But then most Mum's have those powers!

I really love how you've depicted Rose, she's young and naive! She doesn't really know what she's doing just yet with boys and everything which is really sweet! I Love her relationship with Hugo too, I mostly read fics where the two get on well but I really love the way you portrayed them! The typical brother-sister hate is wonderful!

Ron though! I can totally see him being absolutely useless at cooking although he's got to have some sort skill considering Molly is amazing at it! The way he has NO IDEA what to do with Rose as well makes me smile, a lot, because that is how he would be! I see it in no other way!!!

I wouldn't worry about the whole Hermione's parents thing, it fits perfectly to have them still in Australia even though it's pretty heartbreaking.

I really loved this! Well done! It's great!

Thanks again for the submission! Watch out in the Hall of Fame topic for the results! I may even start a blog about it, so watch out. I'll have links on my author's page!

Emz xxx

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Review #23, by ScoroseOTPAll of Me: Love is irrational

17th December 2014:
Hiya Chazzie!
First off, thank you for you're entry! It's great! Honest!

As you already know, I don't read a lot of slash, especially with such different characters. But! I like this one!

I love the song you chose and think it fits really rather well with the story you have chosen to do!

I really love their relationship though and everything it represents. Defying social norms and practicalities of relationships they're supposed to have for love is beautiful. Love should always be important and should overrule everything else in the end.
That's what JK Rowling taught us with Lily and Harry- Love is more powerful than anything, even magic.
I love the fact that you've taken Lily's powerful love and installed it in her the same, just in a different way to a different person.

It's a beautiful story so you should be proud! Well done on that!

Watch out for the results, I hope them to be on the hall of fame before Christmas (she says with her fingers crossed!), I may even put it in a blog if I can figure out how?! But yeah, I will try to get the results up asap!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hey Emz!

Haha, I'm really pleased you liked this! It was a little unorthodox I guess, but it was fun to write. I love John Legend, his songs are simply amazing. They can mould to almost any circumstance and are really rather inspiring.

Gah, you are too sweet Emz *blush* I thank you for your lovely compliments, and I'm looking forwards to reading the other entries when I have the time.

Ooh blogs are fun. If you'd like a hand setting one up, I can help out as much as is possible over the internet!


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Review #24, by ScoroseOTPBound by Love: Things Least Expected

16th December 2014:
I'm here for the Hufflepuff Hot Seat review!

I really really love this already! I know it's a bit quick to say but I don't do this very often and I'm in the mood for some Neville feels!

It was a really sweet beginning, you can just imagine him getting all ready for his first day at work, at Hogwarts of all places! He has to have some worries and you chose well!

I love that he's ready to have kids! He would be the best awkward, Dad dancer type of a Dad which to me is obviously the best kind!

I like the idea that Neville's Gran has a heart and I'm really happy you've put this through! I mean, it's a bit harsh she didn't trust him sooner to look after the scrapbook but still, SHE'S PROUD! YAY!

I simply love the idea of the scrapbook. So, so much! I mean, if I didn't have a challenge to judge I would totally be here reading the rest of this! (But I will go on and place it in my reading list- so I will get round to it!) I cannot wait to see what you come up with to put in there! There are so many ways you could go with this!!!

The gum wrappers! Slightly breaking my heart here! You just had to through that on in there, didn't you?

Well done. I really loved this!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Emz! Hello there and thank you for dropping by! :-)

Thank you so much! Choosing him to for that particular setting seemed the most appropriate as well as SO him! I can picture him being a wonderful teacher more than anything else.

YES! You are SO right--I think Neville would (will) make an awesome DAD! (the images that came to mind when I first read this made me giggle and 'aw' several times).

Well Augusta (from what I've read and researched) comes across as a very upfront, honest, and straightforward kind of lady that doesn't pull no punches and is straight to the point regardless of the matter at hand. That is still her grandson and loves him dearly, even if she showed him 'tough love' most of the time growing up, I honestly think that her heart was in the right place.

Thank you! I have SO many ideas circulating about as far as what sorts of memories will be include (like their wedding obviously for instance). I think I am going to 'wing it' as I go along and see what I get (but I am DEFINATELY looking forward to writing that wedding *gushes*).

But of COURSE I had to include the wrappers--it wouldn't be a Frank/Alice story without them right? ;-) :-P

Thank you so much for the read and review, and I am happy that you enjoyed it! And I'm honored that you put it on your reading list--it is my hope that you will continue to enjoy it and that I hope I can create a good story for you and all to enjoy!

Karen xoxo

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Review #25, by ScoroseOTPSmile for me: Smile

15th December 2014:
Hey KO,

First off, thank you so much for entering my challenge and submitting such a wonderful piece of writing!

Next, my emotions in this were simply all over the place. Poor Luna! I just want to give her a big hug!

It truly is beautiful! It isn't long but it doesn't need to be, the simplicity of it is, I think what makes this so good.

Luna's Mum here seems really lovely, a bit more normal than I'd expect but to be fair, on death's door are you really going to be all happy and giddy? No, I don't think so really. I much appreciate that, so maybe this is the woman I imagined her to be. (Sorry. That probably doesn't make much sense. I'm writing what's going through my head... it's not always incredibly clear up there!).

Death is a really difficult issue to deal with but I feel you've done it really well. You've focused on the love between Luna and her Mum, which, I admit, broke my heart a bit, but was much better than death altogether.

Well done! I really enjoyed this!

Thanks again! I really enjoyed reading this! Watch out for results on the Hall of Fame topic! I may even create a blog! But definitely check the Hall of Fame!

Emz xxx

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