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Review #1, by ScoroseOTPHarry Potter and the Sorting Hat Again: Harry Potter and the Sorting Hat Again

6th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review.

I simply love how familiar the whole story sounds. You really have captured the essences of what these people are about.
The Burrow- loud and joyful despite the horrors that have happened to those inside.
Grimmauld Place- Sirius' room perfect and as it always has been (exactly as I thought it would/should be)- Sirius' Mother hating everything still put a smile on my face as she really hasn't changed and has no right to be any less bitter.
I also loved how familiar the whole going to Hogwarts experience was- how he hadn't packed any earlier and the happiness that Harry has always felt when going to Hogwarts. All still there.
I frowned slightly when you mentioned the Thestrals because I guessed I'd never thought about it like that before, but you're very right, I assume that would have been the reactions of the poor people who witnessed that event.
I'm glad you choose not to move Harry or anyone else significant. Although saying that, I am pleased that you moved Cho and Hannah as I really do support that! They both deserve it and Hannah and Neville being in the same house makes a lot of sense (and let's face it, we are NOT going to be moving Neville anywhere!)
Did make me smile though that Draco was having to deal with Luna! That was a good way to finish it off as well.

Your writing style is truly impression might I add. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one-shot!

Emz xxx

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Review #2, by ScoroseOTPExpecting: Chapter 33: Making a Statement

28th June 2014:
Glad we're having some Rose POV. I'm not sure the party is a good idea.
AWWW, those two! James and Sarah having their little hear to heart. I understand where James is coming from, they both caused serious hurt to each other and Sarah's insecurity is seriously breaking my heart too. It shouldn't be like that at all and I'm sorry it did. I'm glad their talking it out again and they both now know everything about each other now, I mean they knew everything else, they just didn't realise how much they hurt each other.
That really is an idea! Those outfits should horrible. I really love the way you add simple scenes like that one to show their friendships. It's so so cute!
Sarah is quite literally wicked. I feel slightly sad for Amy though, she seems quite insecure as well. Which is basically what Sarah is, which makes me feel bad for hating her. But not too bad.
Al is so cute! He's looking a Becky differently! YAY! THAT'S GREAT!
I take it back Al is an idiot. He obviously didn't think through those words when talking to Rose. That poor girl didn't know what hit her! And she's all hormonal so her tears would flow quicker than ever!
Poor Rose I repeat! She's a mess but I'm so glad Scorpius is now there to help! So glad that they're going to sort things out because that's what's going to happen right?
Everything's going to be okay! So glad!

Well done on another fantastic chapter!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: James & Sarah's 'clearing the air' scene was one that I wrote a long time ago and tweaked to keep up with the story - it was that important to me to make to clear that James is no angel, but he does try and that Sarah is imperfect despite common belief. She needed very much to be relatable. It was so important to me.
Hahaha I LOVE your conflicted feelings over Amy - she divides opinion like that in everyone which is perfect. She's not a bad person really, she's just a bit thick, easily led and angry at the world because she's insecure.
I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVE IT! This story has a lot of themes, and I would hope that girl power is a big one!
Yes, Al is an idiot *But he means well!* But he's still an idiot. Becky has been in front of him the whole time, sharing his interests and supporting him, and all the time he was watching other girls and even his brother's girlfriend! Naughty, naughty. And to top it off, offending his beloved cousin... silly boy!
It acts as a catalyst for Scorpius. He seems to only know what to do with Rose when she's emotional. Then it all kicks in and he remembers how much he cares. EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OKAY! :D
Thanks as ever!
-Sarita xxx

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Review #3, by ScoroseOTPExpecting: Chapter 32: Kissing the Messenger

28th June 2014:
So, Rose is always right. We know that. Glad that was put as a reminder at the start!
That kind of broke my heart a bit. I mean, I know he had to tell her about it all and it was really cute that he got her the jewelry and everything but it broke my heart. That poor girl not thinking she's good enough.
Then she can't sleep and is just thinking about it all. She's so strong though. I love Sarah. I really love her and applaud her, she wants pay back on people who hurt her and I think she should get it!
She always loved JAMES! That is just great! I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH! YAY! YAY! YAY!
So happy if you haven't already guessed, huge grin on this person's face right here!
Al's really cute. Bless him trying to help and having to deal with Scorpius and James! Still at bit strange he likes Sarah so much... but I'm electing to ignore it.
Just as a side note. As I read this I can't help but feel a bit weird how quickly James says Amy was always dead to him. I mean, I HATE her as much as the next person but it just doesn't sit right with me. I think I just hold James as a slightly nicer person than that. But then again, I understand why he feels this way, so maybe it's not an issue.
SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY after this chapter though. It's really great to see everything coming together with James and Sarah! THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!
That's literally all I wanted from them!
Well done on this chapter!

Sorry it's been a while. I've been super busy but I'm back now!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Good old Rose, ever knowing!
I'm glad Sarah's reaction touched you. I wanted to negate her good looks by making it clear that she's just a normal girl who falls for the wrong person and gets her heart broken. I guess one way or another we can all relate to that.
OF COURSE she always loved James - I can't imagine anyone ever falling out of love with him! haha :P
I'm so glad you're grinning, I am too!
Al's feelings for Sarah are fading fast - he has intense crushes but gets over them quickly, bless him.
I'm happy that it doesn't sit right with you that James is so easy to brush off Amy. It is only right and fitting in with his character that he realises his poor treatment of her. That will come.
It's good to have you back, Emz!
-Sarita xxx

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Review #4, by ScoroseOTPUnexpected Parenthood: Chapter Forty-Six

28th June 2014:
Hey Soph!
Loved the chapter (as always)!
I STILL DO NOT LIKE HER MUM. I think Flick's reaction was spot on and I'm she's decided to take it the way she has. It's fair enough that her Mum's all happy with her life and her bloke and everything but it is on no level fair to think that her kids will happily accept everything and want her back as their Mum. After what she did she has no right to do that, you can't just abandon your family like that! (sorry... that stressed me out a bit. Calming down to continue)
Poor poor Scorpius! I hate what he did to Rose but there is a special place in my heart for that boy, espeially because he knows what he did was wrong. I love that Flick and Al feel the same way though, they still care for him.
I was a tad surprised that she had the confidence to come to the Potters. I mean, Harry Potter and Ginny Potter live there. I mean, would you really want to mess with them? No. I didn't think so. I LOVE the fact you had Ginny end the argument though! That was great! I don't reckon she'll get to them. I hope not anyway.
I still love the whole Al being a fab Dad and James being a great Uncle by the way, so so cute!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: HI Emz,

Aww thanks *blushs* Her mum, man she likes to create trouble, turning up at inappropriate times and then dropping huge bombshells on the family.

Is it anyone Flick reacted the way she did. Why should her mum come swaning back into their lives with a new man wanting to play happy families with someone else. She hasn't got the right and in Flick's eyes she gave it up when she chose to leave. Is it any wonder why Flick is so protective over the twins.

Scorpius indeed, he's been a bad boy so now he's paying the price. I do love him because ScoRose! is my OTP! But he was very, very stupid. Flick and Al are on the fence, it's her best friend and two friends whilst it's Albus best friend and two cousins. There is no way to pick sides at all.

Hattie is just blergh. But she does have some guts to go there shouting her mouth off. Ginny is badass as always.

Al's still adjusting but he's getting there and James is just James (I love him :p) but he's great too!

Thank you m'dear for reading and reviewing as always!


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Review #5, by ScoroseOTPSeventh Years and Extreme Pranksters: Return of the Extreme Pranksters

4th June 2014:
Yeah... School is irritating... Everyone (including me) is all caught up with it!
When are they getting together then??? I can't wait! They need to be together, like together, together!
I like Dom's bluntness of this chapter... Addie needs to know, I love how she blushed when Dom told her about them when they were younger!
Also love how you put in Ron and Hermione! It's great!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: thank you! your reviews mean a lot!

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Review #6, by ScoroseOTPUnexpected Parenthood: Chapter Forty-Five

3rd June 2014:
Hey Soph!
No! You couldn't have cut this chapter! I liked it!
I do think The Burrow seemed real. You can almost feel the chaos! Everyone's every where, it's great! You really shouldn't be worried! You are an amazing writer and you have to believe me because it can't be the first time I've said it!
If you were worried about Fleur, the accent was fine! I always get in a flap about her as well, but you did good.
Bless the twins! I love them so much! Aubri being all shy and the Bentley deciding he wants to do the same thing! They are WAY too cute for me the handle!
I really hope Rose and Dom make up soon! (How's Scorpius doing... As much as I dislike what he's done... I kind of miss him... is that really bad?)
I really loved how accepting the whole family was! I always thought the Weasley's would be and I'm so so glad you lived up to my expectations! I don't like Audrey (that's exactly what I expected from her too... Good job again)
Al's also doing an amazing job as Dad. I'm really proud of him! I also love James and Ria, they're really cute, I didn't really like them together before because I felt Ria was just giving into his charm but I like them now!
Thank you and well done on another fantastic chapter!

Emz xxx
(One happy customer!)

Author's Response: hi!

I know it had to be in but the amount of trouble I had with it, I was going crazy :p

With that many cousins, aunts and uncles it's bound to be crazy, I know the feeling in that way when we all used to gather at my grandparents house. Everywhere you look there's another relative! Aww thank you hun, you're too kind. Fleur's accent is a pain so thank you!

The twins, I mean could they be any cuter? Ha I love writing them in this, it's so much fun :)

They don't make up properly their just about on speaking terms. As for Scorpius, it's not bad, I miss him a little too. Good news though he's back in the next chapter as Flick goes to see him.

The Weaasley's are big and crazy and loving and there's so much to do with them. For whatever reason I always hate Audrey in my stories, I see her as a muggle who married for the fame and money so maybe that's why :p

Since he first found out Al has matured a lot, I mean it's one thing having siblings and cousins younger than you who you can babysit/play with having your own kids to look after is a huge step. They are cute as well, I just love the banter they have between them. Ria wasn't giving into his charm, lol, she just managed to get over things that happened and well they became friends first.

Thanks you so much hun!!!

Soph x
(One happy author, haha :D)

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Review #7, by ScoroseOTPThe Wreckage: The Sortings

3rd June 2014:
Sorry... I just got really excited there... This is amazing though!
I love it! A collection of short stories of them before and during bulldozer is great! Make sure you do one with Al and Scorpius' relationship! I'm still incredibly intrigued with that! And Lily!
I can't wait! AHHH!
Thanks for coming back! I only just noticed but I will now check more often now!

Emz xxx

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Review #8, by ScoroseOTPUnexpected Parenthood: Chapter Forty-Four

30th April 2014:
Hey Soph!
I think that the plan was pretty good actually, although I don't blame Al for having a few trust issues because to be honest I'd feel as if I'd just been knocked out after all the information at once! That'd probably stress me out good and proper, I would defiantly have to go home and at least lie down for a bit!
The memories were well sweet! And they all made sense, her ability to tell us about what she was seeing I think worked really well (much better than going through them both individually). They were all really cute but I did feel bad for her to start with and how distraught she was but as we all know there was a happy ending and she really didn't need to panic that much! So, that was nice the change in her as well as Aubri and Bentley.
I think, although it would have caused trauma for him, it was a great idea. He would have wanted to see all of those things but all at once would have been an overload for him. However, I do believe it was needed, he probably felt really bad that he wasn't there for her throughout that, the guilt that wasn't needed probably kicked in for the poor kid.
I love that Rose and Flick both got each other to talk to the important people. Should be really interesting!
I love Rose and Dom, so I don't want them to fall out or doing something stupid, I just want them to be happy! Saying that, I also love Scorpius... so, I want him to be happy too.
I can't wait for the Weasley's to get hold of the twins either though! That'd be great!
Thoroughly looking forward to the next chapter!
Really enjoyed this one! Good job (again)!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm glad you think it was, I wasn't a hundred per cent sure about it but it worked in the end. Of course he's going to have issues, I mean Flick did lie to him for nearly two years. I knew if I put everyone in detail then this chapter would be sooo long and rather than have it as a flash back I prfered writing it the way I did.

Flick was defintely distraught at the very start, it took her a while to accept the fact but she got there in the end.

Rather than Al wonder what or how their first word was or seeing them walk for the first time, I thought showing him was the best way. It was going to be home video's before of Bentley and Aubri but I changed my mind, thinking that Flick's memories would be much better. It was an overload for him, that's why he left Flick at the end to go over to the park to think. He does feel bad/guilty that he never noticed (even though she hid it) she was pregnant or that he wasn't around to help. And on top of that, that he got with Hattie.

Flick and Rose talking to important people, is important! Flick talks to the three of them (Rose, Scor and Dom) to get them to see sense. For now Rose and Dom still aren't speaking, I love them both dearly and I don't want them to do anything stupid but it happens. There may be happiness for them eventually!

It is definitely going to crazy!

Thank you my dear, for a lovely review!

Soph x

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Review #9, by ScoroseOTPExpecting: Chapter 31: Revenge & Revelations

22nd April 2014:

Amy and Danny!
NO NO NO NO! We cannot do that to Sarah, not even a little bit (I mean she'll get over it but still.) Wait. Woah. Wait. DOES THIS MEAN WE HAVE A CHANCE FOR SARAH AND JAMES?! YAY!
I take it back. Yay! I liked (past tense. Not any more Cheater McCheater) Danny and everything but Sarah and James are some what mean to be.
I'm glad Rose's scan went well, and I simply love Astoria, I do, she's such a sweetheart!
I'm not sure how Rose actually fit under the bed but that was rather entertaining and James did deserve that!
Can we have some more about Rose and Scorpius please?! I feel deprived of them! And then I'd like to here more about everyone else as well please!
A very Sarah and James chapter there! (I'm not complaining though... love them to bits)
Simply fantastic!

Emz xxx

Author's Response: Mixed emotions coming through about Sarah/Danny/James ;)
Astoria seems to be really popular, which is great! I love how much she is loved!
There isn't much Sco/Rose action in the next chapter, (although another character comes to the rescue!) but the ones after that will more than make up for it, I promise.

Thanks soo much as ever for your review!!!

-Sarita xxx

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Review #10, by ScoroseOTPTorn : Prologue

21st April 2014:
The chapter was good!
You have nothing to worry about! I must say, make sure you take in the fact that your chapters need to be validated before everyone can see it.
Personally I tend to read Next Gen fanfics but this one was really great, you're descriptions were really good and were detailed very well.
Well done!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I tend to read next gen fanfics too and I've written a lot, but yeah this is a change. Thank you for the review - it means a lot xxx

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Review #11, by ScoroseOTPRules of the Game: A Home From Home

20th April 2014:
First off- I'm impressed!
Your style of writing is really good.
I don't normally write much a review for the first chapter but I couldn't resit with this one!
It truly is great!
I love how you found a way to put in everyone's (or the important people- in my mind anyway) back story. I loved their backgrounds by the way, really sweet.
All of the characters mentioned I already think are wonderful. I can't wait to find out more about them! Your descriptions of them were really fantastic.
The connection between Ivy and Al is really interesting, I'm intrigued!
Emz xxx

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Review #12, by ScoroseOTPActions Speak Louder than Words: Bitter: Scorpius POV

19th April 2014:
Loved this so much (still), the duel between Al and Harry was spectuacluar!
Al and his anger towards Harry for pushing him so hard was understandable and then Harry's reasoning of why made my heart melt a little! Well cute!
Scorpius' ability to break them up and sense when it was time to give up was great and I thought really quite brave to get in the middle of that father-son duo!
Also loved how with a smirk Al did that to Scorpius, such a good way to carry onto the next chapter!
Back to the beginning of the chapter though, I love the reason behind the duel taking place! The fact Al was trying to get a rise out if him, making him confess to everyone, including her, how he feels! That's great and shows true and real friendships right there!
ANOTHER amazing chapter!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi Emz,

You are the best! Thank you so much for all of your reviews. I wanted to give Al a chance to have a chapter and I always thought that he would be torn between wanting to be just like his dad, but having to live in his shadow at the same time.

Scorp and Al - those two are the best of friends and they need to push each other from time to time, huh?

I also felt like Harry would be crazy proud of Al because he loves his kids so much, but wouldn't want anyone to think that he was playing favorites. Thanks so much for noticing all of that.

Next chapter is in the queue!


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Review #13, by ScoroseOTPActions Speak Louder than Words: Besotted: Rose POV

16th April 2014:
Hey Beth!
Rose! I just want to give her a hug!
The poor girl.
It's unnerving me that something's different though. I can't quite shake that, I mean, she seems fine. She even looks at herself, her scars (which make me want to go sit in a dark corner for a while- makes me feel really bad. And the fact she had to fix herself? Don't get me started)
If I wasn't stopping myself, I may have let out a small whimper when he said "Mum"
It quite simply crushed me! Not good.
But also the impact that had on Rose, that made me feel even worse!
But as he continued to speak and talk about his Mum I wanted to put some duck tape over his mouth and just hug him until he was sober and knew what he was saying. (Because, that broke my heart a little more when he was speaking so badly about his Dad... I get that it's part of the story and it's Scorpius view because he was a Mummy's boy. But I will always have a soft spot for Draco Malfoy and it pains me slightly that he was so horrible, or at least appears to be in Scorpius memory)
Then you have him spill everything!
That made me feel a lot better, he hasn't been with anyone else!
He cares about Rose deeply and she feels the same about him!
Very pleased with the end result of this chapter!
A great chapter!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi Emz,

Your reviews put a smile on my face every single time! You always seem to get what I'm trying to say and that makes me feel so good about my writing - so thanks! You are spot on about Draco - he really wasn't all that bad, but to a fifteen year old Scorpius, it certainly seemed that way.

I'm glad you liked the end of the chapter. It's about time they get together don't you think? Those two just need each other!


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Review #14, by ScoroseOTPActions Speak Louder than Words: Bereft: Scorpius POV

15th April 2014:
Hey Beth!
So this chapters still very cute.
I still feel immense sympathy for old Scorpo (I just want to give him a hug)
It also breaks my heart that we a strong, in control Rose who is nothin but there for him. It makes me sad that she isn't like that in the current time.
I love how you present Harry and Ginny for being so understanding, as well as Daphene and Phill.
But I do love how angry Ron was... Doesn't surprise me at all!
Great Chapter!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi Emz!

Thanks again for another great review. I'm much happier at having Scorpius's dream as two separate chapters, it also sets the tone for some stuff that will happen later on. I know it is sad about Rose - but we can have hope that she will once again, be the strong person (no hints)!

I'm so excited that you notice every detail about the characters. I knew Harry and Ginny would be understanding because Harry grew up without his parents and he isn't the type of person to condemn Scorpius because of Draco's actions. On the other hand, Ron is different. In my mind - he will never forgive Draco. Also, he still doesn't know how to deal with girls - especially his own teenage daugher. I had a lot of fun writing his rant!

Again, thanks for the review!


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Review #15, by ScoroseOTPActions Speak Louder than Words: Blown Away: Scorpius POV

12th April 2014:
Hey Beth!
First off, of course I'd be coming back and reading this, I got so caught up in the story last time! I was defiantly going to!
I just want to give him a hug!
I mean that would be horrifying!
No one should go through that. Ever. But alas it still happens. A sad truth.
Being 15 doesn't mean he had any lighter either, although at least he knew what he was doing.
He argued with them as well, which just makes me more sad and feel so much pathos for him, so much sympathy and sadness.
Loved the chapter though!
You're so amazing at writing, it's quite unbelievable!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Hi Emz,

I am so sorry that I haven't responded to all your wonderful reviews. I got caught up in some of the exciting events happening on the forums - and I've been on vacation, so I was really busy for the past week or so. But I really want you to know how much I appreciate every single review that you leave for me. It really lets me know how much people enjoy my story.

I think it is important to understand how broken Scorpius is so that you know how much he needs Rose just like she needs him.

Thanks again - you're the best.


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Review #16, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Screaming, Cliches and a Bit More Screaming

12th April 2014:
It's been an amazing story!
I'd personally love a sequel to be honest. More about their relationship (GO ALSY!) and how their life goes. But also about Zach, Scor and Rose. (Maybe more about Al and Scor's relationship as well? I'm intrigued with them) That'd be great!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR REVIEWS AND PLAIN AWESOMENESS! I was actually thinking of doing a series of oneshots just to fill gaps (like the making of Lily, and Al + Scorp's relationship if you want) I'll have to think of the plot for the sequel first. SUPER GLAD YOU ENJOYED IT ALL! HAVE A BILLION HUGS! :)

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Review #17, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Make It or Break It

12th April 2014:
AW! Literally one word to describe this whole chapter!
I love this so much!
They're back together!
He's her bulldozer!
Life is good again!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: I just realised that you were literally killing this in one day (don't know how I didn't get it after replying to 7 reviews) HAPPINESS!

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Review #18, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Lost and Found

12th April 2014:
Remembering the little things! That's great!
Not so great that she ran away though.
I'm so glad that he found her though.
Here's hoping everything will turn fantastic really soon!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Super super soon!

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Review #19, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Temper, Temper

12th April 2014:
Rather interesting that was.
Wasn't expecting that so much, took me a while to realise what was happening but I got it.
That was quite sad though.
Just sort of what to give her a hug really.
Emz xxx

Author's Response: It's just meant to give a bit of backstory to Kasy, as that event is basically what shaped the relationships between her family. Sorry for the sadness (and for it being a bit confusing)

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Review #20, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Head Teachers and Wrong Choices

12th April 2014:
Poor Kasy! Parents getting divorced is very difficult for anyone. It's got to have been made worse though through having such an awful Mum. (although maybe she is depressed, therefore I feel bad for her)
I'd hate to be suddenly told that what I had always thought of doing, may not be something I could do.
Al! Everything was going to be okay! And he knows that, because she's alive and well. Even if he doesn't know whether everything's going to be okay for the two of them!
THE SORTING HAT! I love him! He's so wise and cares so much about everything... Plus, I guess he has a lot of time to think things over.
I'm glad of the result though!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Nah, her mum's just awful, and if you're ever in need of mystical advice, a 1,000 yr old hat should definitely do the job ;)

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Review #21, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Bludgers and Bulldozers

12th April 2014:
I actually had to stop myself from shouting slightly right there.
Very stressful!
Then... I wanted to almost cry at how cute Al is. I feel so god damn sad for him! I just want to give him a hug. Actually, I want to give them all a hug.
His description of everyone was really well done. The fact that he and Rose aren't close makes me really sad, especially considering she's pregnant!
The fact that Scor is still friends with him makes my heart swell a little bit!
I love the fact that he misses her and is jealous of his brother because he's supposed to be there for Kasy. Not the one causing her the pain. He's meant to fix it! Please tell me that happens!
Kasy is so amazing, she's just concerned whether they won! That's fab!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Sorry for the stress, but hopefully all the adorableness makes up for it :)

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Review #22, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Macaroni Cheese and Normalness (Ish)

12th April 2014:
He's such an amazing human being! He's right there for everyone, especially Kasy and it puts an actual smile on my face! He's very right, she does need to live a bit more!
And the haircut is a great idea! That's fantastic, I can just imagine it looking beautiful on the pair of them!
I'm sadden though to be reminded that we need to replace Rose on the team though... not so happy about that.
I hope it's someone interesting though!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Aidan is epic- he's like the dream best friend. Good to know you love him too! :)

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Review #23, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: First Snow's and Apartments

12th April 2014:
I LOVE SNOW! And I'm so glad it's something they're excited about that too!
I'm glad Laura's okay! And Sal's happier!
It's a shame Rose's can't go and play in the snow but I suppose it's better for the baby!
Kasy seems so happy about her Dad, and I'm glad he's so good for her.
I TOLD YOU! It was Professor Harmony but I'm so so glad that that isn't a bad thing!
That's really awkward though... that whole situation with the Potters!
I like the fact that Ginny thinks its great to see Kasy, I can just imagine her being a big shipper of Alsy! (Leave it to Ron to ruin everything, or at least make it less awkward)
I LOVE the relationship Kasy has with James though! And the fact that James went to check on her!
Lily got a tattoo! That's fab! I love it!
I must admit it was a tad odd that they started to dance... but was still rather cute!
Emz xxx

Author's Response: Yeah, basically everyone ships Alsy (except for Kasy at this moment in time) James is like a big brother to everyone, so I had them dancing because he was trying to cheer her up and since there was no quidditch field nearby, dancing had to do :) Glad you liked it all!

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Review #24, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: Impossible Theories and Not-Too-Late

11th April 2014:
OH MY GOSH! We must be! (I'm just the same... very easily amused!) (Is it bad to plug my own story at this point? But if you'd like, check out my stories...)
Ooooh! Alchemy has started! I think it could be a reason... being French... a poor one but a reason nonetheless.
Emz xxx

Author's Response: I know that you've talked about Laura and Sal in your reviews before, so I hope it isn't a bad 'why-the-heck-would-you-do-that' insane. And I'll definitely check out your stories ;)

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Review #25, by ScoroseOTPBulldozer: My Bulldozer

11th April 2014:
I hope things do get better but I also hope it happens soon!
She feels numb. Not going to lie, the whole description on this at the start was very, incredibly, amazingly, well written and without even realising I understand completely what she means. I'm so touched and feel so sorry for her. I simply want to give her a huge hug.
Sorry, I know I normally comment on pretty much everything but I can't... the end was just too much for me to bare and the fact is, she's right.
Kasy is completely and utterly right to say those things. He deserves all of that.
But it breaks my heart that she is right, because I said before, I love Al and Alsy so much!
And the fact he's so broken and believes he is a bulldozer... which he kind of is... but still.
I hope we learn more about Oliver Wood when it gets to Christmas. That sounds like fun.
Emz xxx

Author's Response: OHMYGOD WE'RE READING STUFF AT THE SAME TIME! Sorry I get easily amused. Thanks for the compliment on the start description, and I know it's all crappy now, but Christmas gets more fun. Spoiler- Oliver Wood likes the colour orange. A lot.

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