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Review #1, by The Dark Lord NedvedHarry Potter and the Summer After the War: The Yule Ball

30th May 2014:

I've read the entire story within the past week. It was well written, and very canon-esque. The quality of the story was good, and the pace was moderate and easy to follow.

I have a few points to mention. This story has been labeled a romance, and i agree it was romantic, but it is also a fantasy story. I know things are back to normal, but in my opinion, there was no sort of obstacle to overcome, no tension to relieve. It was , to put it mildly, not a fantasy, but a sequence of events that culminated in the proposal. No excitement, humour, or other blends of story writing to break up the day to day pace of Harry's summer. In fact, Harry himself seems to be quite noble and straight as an arrow, without exception.

I was hoping for some sort of quickening of the pace or an incident to happen, but it never did. I will continue with the 'Winters' story, which you say will follow Harry through auror training.

Thanks for the read, good work overall. 7/10


Author's Response: Dear Dark Lord,

Thanks for your review and your pointers. Harry Potter is part of the 'fantasy' genera of fictional writing. That may be obvious to those who read it, but that was my thinking when categorizing my story in that way.

I'm pleased there were qualities in my story you enjoyed. Thanks for reading my work.


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Review #2, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Mystery at Malfoy Manor

7th May 2012:
Good chapter. I liked the Goodwitch scene. keep em coming. 8/10

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Review #3, by The Dark Lord NedvedBrighter Morning: Sweep the Cobwebs Off of the Sky

24th February 2012:
Exactly. Make him the reluctant protagonist. tried and tested plot device. It also puts in the difficult transition phases of relocation, different culture and methods, and a legendary name to live up to. Also he can find out who cursed his dad and add in some twist why his mom died.

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Review #4, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Twentieth

14th December 2011:
I read over the chapter. Suze has some serious swagger to throw that invite out in front of Indigo, Tonks, Tara, Elizabeth... and Ginny (sorta). But hear this, she's still a school girl and relatively innocent compared to ther others, and Harry, who is the hardest, battle-scarred, pyschologically incapacitated, wolfsbane personified, curse squelcher and cruciatus stauncher, dark wizard destroying war veteran (of a few dimensions to boot). If it works in Suze favour, she's in for a teensy weensie bit of baggage that comes along with it. Got to love this story, keep em coming!! 9/10

nb1. By reading it over it sunk in that both Aaron and Severus sees the competition and did comment. Harry seems to play it off well, I admit. The gryffindor guys clip (Ron neville etc) should bet on this situation (lol).

nb2. I finished reading over the first two and I realised that I like your notion of the aurors being under staffed, and everything is so hectic, but would the ministry really have so few law enforcement officers to man the whole country? (but i like your version because we get a lot of in depth characterisations so don't take it as negative criticism, just curios why you did it like that)


Author's Response: They are understaffed primarily because there are already too many characters. :D But my longer excuse is in reality I think Magical Law Enforcement is Magical Reversal. I need to write a blog post about this, you are reminding me.

Basically for any given Public Magical Event the Ministry is called out on, job #1 and possibly #s 2-10 is keeping Muggles unaware. Catching the blokes responsible is maybe #11. I mean, long term yeah, it will save you loads of hassle getting them put away or discouraged from further mischief to reduce the number of future events. But really, keeping a lid on things is so primary that I envision that Magical Reversal is the Beat Cop of the Ministry and there are probably several scores of them given that they have to be staffed sufficient to handle squashing a Quidditch Festival Sunday sized Muggle realization event. Aurors are like the FBI or MI-6 or Scotland Yard or NSA or whathaveyou.

Not that I've done my job and made this clear in the story. Possibly because I only really thought about it about 20 chapters ago and I'm just staying internally consistent at this point.

Suze! She will be in the next chapter. We'll see if she's worthy. :D

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Review #5, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Slumbering Shadows

12th September 2009:
Lol he really does have a lot of time on his hands. Good chapter, not too sure where the story is going, but it always a great read. ciao. 9/10

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Review #6, by The Dark Lord NedvedHogwarts Revisited: Out of Place

5th September 2009:
Not to be to critical of Rowlings last book, but that few months 'war' wasn't much of a war. Hermione won't have a hundred yard stare just like that.

Author's Response: Just my personal opinion, but I would have had a hundred year stare if I had seen only one of my friends die...and Hermione had seen MANY friends die during those 'few months'. It doesn't matter how long the war was--war is war. It's a horrible thing to go through, especially when you're only 17 years old, and I have seen people come back from Vietnam, from Kuwait, and from Iraq, sometimes after only a few months and have had that same hundred year stare. The time doesn't matter; the experience does.

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Review #7, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: On Guard

27th May 2009:
Good chapter. Question, harry is trying to infiltrate a crime ring to do what..exactly? he's tough, yeah, lots of skills yeah, but what is he really trying to do? I dont think this is the path to becoming a dark lord .. up the ranks a la Scarface, but nevertheless... he's still a kid. Twenty years old hardened warrior, without something to do ..kinda sad but interesting. What do wizards do when they try to change jobs actually? u know JKR never really explained how people really get around these stuff, but if you're an auror/trainee..where do you go from there? Army? Security? or just maybe a vigilante type..I dont know..just rambling ..

but okay chap 8/10.

I think harry should just try a different vein on things. He's hard now. Doesnt' need to gain trust in durulmuna. Just wipe out who he needs to and call that george. Or fred. Anyway, i liked it before when he was the underdog. Now he's just...wandering...strong, but nothign to do. he needs a secure girlfriend thats what he needs. Tonks is someone he visits *ahem*. he needs to move out. Live life a bit. Get back into what he likes to do. Have someone look out for him, (not snape) in a way that makes him take them on seriously.

Or just get brutal and ruthless and become Dark.


Maybe the classifieds?

Author's Response: Idle hands and all that ;-)

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Review #8, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Out with the Old

18th April 2009:
Nice. I like this story. It feels more like a... ongoing drama instead of a fiction, which is refreshing. We follow their lives thoroughly, which makes the conversation intriging. Most stories in fandom try to keep events rolling, which may come out unoriginal because random events don't make a plot, neither do they flesh out characters, well no where as good as you do. I look forward to reading this story every month so keep em coming. Only piece of criticism is that the story is so deep that to find the true spine of the frame enhousing all the subplots is getting to be more of a challenge than it should be. Harry's hoping a lead will turn up without true purpose slows down the intesnity of that hunt. Otherwise, I love what you're doing these characters. 9/10

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Review #9, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Precipitous Plots

6th February 2009:
Ah now this is back to the brilliance i've come to expect. Love this renegade style harry has now.

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Review #10, by The Dark Lord NedvedDelicate: Prologue: The Test

29th January 2009:
hahahah hilarious! Lol

Ahem, my apologies. The Dark Lord Nedved does not, I repeat, does not chuckle or grin broadly. That was a slip in concentration.

*fades away into the shadows*

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Review #11, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Free Bird

21st November 2008:
Excellent as usual. Can't wait to see how Harry fully reacts to the ministry having him imprisoned and the strain it's going to put on the "hero of the light" and his relationship with the law. GHA HAH HAH HAH! Ahem.

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Review #12, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Guilty Conscience

8th October 2008:
I admit the build up to how snape plotted this out was brilliant. I love how u set it up. Only a true death eater could be so manipulative. Excellent.10/10

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Review #13, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Tangled Threads

27th May 2008:
Tangled threads is right. These alternates are getting the highlight of the story these days. whats up with that?

Author's Response: Um, they are the story. I'm telling (or attempting to) the story of fanfiction and fandom itself. Can you say, reaching? Yeah, well.

I must say though, 27 and 28 have been so easy to weasel metaphor into, at many levels, I'm pretty happy with how it's going. You aren't the only one with this complaint... such is life.

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Review #14, by The Dark Lord NedvedHarry Potter and the Oroborus Light: Phoenicreo

14th May 2008:
Whoa! She doesn't stick. Brutal.


Fatality. Hermione Wins!

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Review #15, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Ensnared by a Ruse

23rd April 2008:
Whoa! Did another Snape come into harry's real world? All very confusing!

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Review #16, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: A Surfeit of Fathers

4th January 2008:
huh? Was doing the age halving thing again necessary for the overall plot? feels a bit like filler, no offense.

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Review #17, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Secrets Small and Large

22nd December 2007:
The pace is slowing. But i will faithfully follow your path, this story runs this shiznit.

Author's Response: Yeah, unfortunately I changed the order of events at the last minute (because I wanted the motivation one of them would cause for a future event) and left this chapter with no action. Now I am faced with waaay to much happening in the next. Maybe I'll make the next chapter really short so as to cut things up.

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Review #18, by The Dark Lord NedvedVeiled: Veiled

14th October 2007:
WOW. This was a piece of art. Excellent imagination and imagery. Kinda freaky and surreal in a sense that wizards have a completely different aspect on the afterlife which sort of fits with their lack of religious affinities but hey...this works...mind boggling yet simple all the same. Another superb show, and i guess that is the standard i should expect from you. Cheers.

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Review #19, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Guard Duty

21st September 2007:
As usual, veryintriguing and well written chapter. I love reading about the 'doubtfulness of being a young adult and seeing prospective romantic interests make life diffuclt, especially for or main protagonists. I think tonks kinda uses him in a sense when she should be encouraging him to hold his own instead of going with the ministry's view on things. Harry Potter could take on alot without the babying he's getting and basically, is a tough nut to crack. The ministry should be utilising hiim more in my opnion

Great chapter and i check every day after a week passes for updates. Excellent read...can't get enuff. currently re-reading resonance for the fun of it, and thats saying alot since i don't evenmake time for my own fanfiction. Kudos!

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Review #20, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Adopted Destiny

30th July 2007:
Wow. This story is so cool and an original work of art that i felt excited seeing this battle play out as it did. Obviously there's some cheek in it, but basically it was a rout. Loved it. The comment where he threatens Fudge to clean up the ministry of he'll be back was corking fun. Arnold, eat your heart out. this one definitely gets a 10 out of bleeding 10!

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Review #21, by The Dark Lord NedvedResolution: Crux of Evil

29th July 2007:
I don't review much, and that's not totally cool, but just to let you know that you have the BEST fiction on this site. I am a very, very, satisified reader and a HUGE fan. Respect.

Author's Response: Oh, it's all right. One sees all those "hits" and a few feedbacks. Typically a 1-3% response rate is all one can expect. I'm also a terrible reviewer myself, so I _really_ can't complain. But thanks for digging deep and pulling out a nice review anyway. ;-)

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Review #22, by The Dark Lord NedvedThe Bottom of the Lake: Epilogue

20th July 2007:
Boom! A fun, and well executed story! I must admit the fact that Harry cleaned house within a month wasn't the same vibe as a JKR, but it was refreshing because it wasn't drawn out and boring. In fact, my first story took the same time frame, but thats beside the point. Excellent show. If you wanted an opinion between the two fics, i preferred SS, but thsi was still top notch. IF you're not going to write anymore, i recommned you read Greengecko's Resonance series, and Aspen in the Sunlight's A year Like No Other . To me, these fiction are the best i've read. Happy Reading for book 7. I'm sure Rowling is goign to deliver; she alwasy does.

Author's Response: Obviously I wanted to do something different than in Serpent, which was a year-long plus story. So this one was compressed into just about a month, except for the last chapter. I think it works, but I think I preferred the Serpent time frame more. A little more weight to it, if you know what I mean.

I appreciate you reading both stories, and I have valued your comments. I'm hoping for the best from JKR. G.

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Review #23, by The Dark Lord NedvedThe Bottom of the Lake: Come Meet Your Brothers

20th July 2007:
As with the dawning of time, there can only be one true avator. With the passage of fate, the title must be relinquished from one to the other. The Laws of Nature is unbrekabale: the Strong shall live, and the weak shall die. The end of Voldemort's reign is nigh and another will take his place. Long live the Dark Lord Potter!

Author's Response: Well said except for the Dark Lord Potter bit. That's in Nedved's world, not Gabilian's. G.

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Review #24, by The Dark Lord NedvedThe Bottom of the Lake: No Buyer's Remorse

20th July 2007:
Looks like this story is going to be a rout on the bad guys. Harry's entourage are kicking ass and forgetting names! Voldemort needs to be more cocky though, aren't all bad guys cocky? In my humble opinion, he doesn't seem scary at all.

Author's Response: My Voldemort is not as cocky as he used to be. Lots of bad stuff has happened to him over the years, and it's all starting to add up. Anybody can write a super powerful bad guy. I tried for something more subtle. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. G.

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Review #25, by The Dark Lord NedvedThe Bottom of the Lake: Ron Saw Us

17th July 2007:
I liked the interchange at the end, very cute. Voldemort running away doesn't sound all dark lordish to me, but i guess he's a smart dude, and self preservation is a trait that smart dudes have. They should have chased him down and got to him if possible. Anyways, this was a good chapter and i'm expecting something extraordinary for the real battle. 9/10

Author's Response: Voldemort ran away from Dumbledore in the Ministry, which I thought justified his running away here. I have always had less fear of him than others, perhaps, given that Harry clearly is more powerful than he (throwing off imperius curse, the brother wands meeting, etc.). Anyway, I put a lot of time into this chapter, and I could have put a lot more, but I finally got it to the point where I was satisfied. G.

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