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Review #26, by GubraithianFireAnd Capers Ensue: Destination Downhill

2nd January 2012:
ALL THE FEELS, Gina. All the feels. Just that entire last exchange with Scorpius and Bea makes my heart fuzzy and my head dizzy from their sheer perfection. I could write an entire shippy fandom tumblr-y essay on how perfect they are. You know the kind, with the 'read more' button and let it be tagged with lots of keyboard-mashy tags that are ridiculous and meant to show how very invested I am in this ship. Which I am. Very, very, very invested.

Just saying, I have never been more concerned about myself than right then. I resent being the fandom-y one writing about ships BUT I COULD WELL BE THAT PERSON and I will not complain that much about it.

All the love eee~

Author's Response: This review gives me all the feels ♥ I cannae contain myself knowing that you describe this feeling via tumblr shipper essays. That is the greatest metaphoric honor I can imagine receiving for the time being. I'm imagining all the Scorbeaus shipper gifs next to your reblogs of Russian architecture and Abed/Annie stuff. This is headcanon now. Yes, I have a headcanon of your tumblr.


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Review #27, by GubraithianFireThe Satellite Heart: 3.

2nd December 2011:
This is so much better than military history, I can't even tell you.

I don't know what this says about me, but I prefer the canonworld to dreamworld. You pull them both off spectacularly, and dream!Drarry is the only Drarry I will ever want to read about, but there's something about the joy and confusion of dreamworld that serves to highlight the grey, dim misery (if it is misery, which might be too harsh a word) of canonworld. Canonworld seems more, weirdly, vivid, in a harsh, gritty way -- like a thriller with a really dark color palette to indicate how very gritty it is, except not in a pretentious or eye-straining way. 'Gritty' is supposed to indicate 'more realistic' in terms of cinematography (at least I think so cough this metaphor is going way too far), and the dreamworld, in its brightness, is almost garish in comparison. Almost. The balance is very delicate between the two, even though there's such a pronounced difference between them, because the fic could easily have veered into a 'well-I-just-want-to-write-mind-games-and-then-throw-in-a-special-twist' sort of thing, but this is not heavy-handed at all, and it's pulled off so well already (and throughout the rest of the fic, which I know and loff).

I'm not going to reread that massive paragraph because I will facepalm like whoa at myself so I'll continue and hope that made sense.

Basically I really loved this chapter in particular because of the dream!Draco vs. canon!Draco difference. I'm so glad it's there. The two divergent paths and all, and Harry's conflicted feelings about it. Actually all of the scenes in this were grouped very well, tied together with the complete and utter weirdness of the dreamworld, the attempt to make it stop and the failure of those attempts. Harry's petulance throughout strikes me when I read the fic this way; it's like he hasn't really grown up and he's still the bratty OotP-era kid from before. Harry hasn't really had a childhood, and thus maybe he can't even have a real adulthood either (which calls to mind the tagline, which makes me lol but then depresses me because poor Harry).

... I won't reread that either. Nope.

I'll stop now. I'm so sorry for this horrid review (/reread) but I love you and this and all the things~

Author's Response: -hoards Gubby reviews forever-

I love when you talk writing because you always catch a hundred different things that I always hoped came across but then you just say them and everything is all wonderful and I just love you.

The colors thing, Gubby, you got EXACTLY, /EXACTLY/ what i was going for. There is so much joy and contentment in the dreamworld, even though there are also difficult things too, that the canonworld is just... gritty. It's like it's been desaturated. Everything is metallics and grey and hard black edges of reality, while the dreamworld is almost /over/ saturated, with the brightest colors, like, in my mind, when I see it, Harry can almost taste the colors. Red as cherry, green as mint, orange as citrus, all so tangible, but somehow soft-edged, cushioned. Somehow, as he starts to feel more at home, he becomes more and more like that world and people begin to notice, idk. This is probably all just drivel, and I'm kind of word vomiting, but this is why I love this review so much. Because it makes me try and explain this stuff I don't know exactly how to put into words.

To hear you say that this wasn't heavy-handed is like a;ldfhg;kdfghj omg, because I was terrified that this would come off as like, I WANT TO WRITE A DRARRY, with nothing else going for it, so thank you.

Yes, I think it was definitely important for Harry to meet Draco as he would be in both places. In the end, which of course, we haven't reached yet in the story, but you've already read, seeing the two versions of Draco kind of serves less as a point of confusion and more as an indicator that the choices we make can make us completely different people.

I think what you said about Harry never having a real childhood is really accurate, and in the canonworld, he suffers for it but no one knows how to help him or sees that that is the real issue, while in the dreamworld, Draco accepts him as he is and is willing to deal with these things. It also helps that there was no war and other trauma on his part in that reality, but it is certainly much easier to be with someone who never had a proper childhood if you are willing to be a bit of a child yourself :3 But yes, poor poor Harry.

This is the most insightful review I've ever received and I just hope that I didn't babble too much in this response. Thank you so much Gubby.


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Review #28, by GubraithianFireChristmas in Prison: Christmas in Prison

16th November 2011:
Julia ;_; my soul. My soul. Whimper whimper silent cry in the corner, tears prickling, heart heavy. My soul, Julia. There are no smilies that can properly explain the sad state of my soul. Or my sad. Taste my sad.

You know, whenever I'm busy (like now, sadface), I tend to not miss fic and all that comes with it so much. I convince myself that I don't need to be here, really, that it's about time I move on and do whatever it is I want to do with my life. But then when I give myself a minute to troll the interwebs and I find something wonderful, I remember why I still am here. That's what this fic did for me, so thank you.

But seriously my souuul. And I completely didn't see that it was a dream so I was all like DRACO YOU WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL BOY and then the end and my soul :( To quote Gina, complete and utter headcanon, and it makes me sad because it's so sad and perfect and my headcanon for Merlin's sake do not mess with my headcanon. Or my soul. ;_;

Thank you again for this.

Author's Response: Gubby, your soul! Quick, siphon it into a beaker before it's lost forever lolwut this response should not be cracky I'll stop now.

I...I think I might decline a taste of your sad. All your creys, then. All your creys.

D'awww. You're too nice. And...even though I've been writing this fic for something like three years ago and I've tried it as a novella, as a tiny one-shot, as drabble, and as this - the ending is the one thing that has never changed. Of course he'd never have set her free. It's the one feature of the story that's been present from the very beginning. You know me, I like my angst.

Consider soul messed with ;~;

Thank you so much for such a lovely review! ♥

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Review #29, by GubraithianFireBathing in Roses: Denouement

21st October 2011:

I ship Priscilla/Desmond forever and ever. Their banter makes my banter-hungry heart sing. They are so cute and mismatched and my shipper kaleidoscope is exploding with the happiness and perfection of that ship.

And I usually am not a fan of Quidditch scenes, because there's only so much one can usually do with those (there's a game in the background and people talking in the foreground, la la la la) but I like the way you pulled it off here. Henry, jsyk, makes my skin crawl. He's so pathetic and I do not like him at all. No pity for him, nope. Skin. Crawling. Any sweetness of his crush on June is mitigated by how he makes my skin crawl. (Don't worry, this is not a bad thing! I just don't like him. I don't like him with June.)

JUNEBUS FOREVER AND EVER, almost as much as Priscilla/Desmond. (Prismond? Desilla? DESZILLA, like Godzilla, with an extra 'z' to make the parallel more obvious). Albus, you sneaky horrid person, you! I c wut you're doing there -cobbsquint through massive shipper kaleidoscope- FOREVERRR, I SAY. SHIP FOREVER.

If I'm not 200th I will cry.

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Review #30, by GubraithianFireDesperate Times, Desperate Measures: Penelope's Chip On Her Shoulder

2nd October 2011:
I was going to just tell Julia to tell you that I adooore this but despite the crazy case of sniffles I am currently afflicted with, I'm going to review anyway, I hope you don't mind.

... okay I don't have much to say because, again, of crazy sniffles, but here goes~

So Hogwartsy! With a big cast and bookish heroine and Shakespeare, I c whut u did thar. Penelope makes a wonderful Shrew and she's too BA to care about stupid Dumblydorr's speech obvi and too bookish and TOO MUCH HATE FOR OLIVER WOOD IT'S ALMOST LIKE THEY'RE MEANT FOR EACH OTHER OR SOMETHING AMIRITE -adjusts shipper goggles with shipper kaleidoscope attachment which was completely not inspired by Julia's shipper periscope nope not at all- Penny is so jealous it is adorbz: he's hot and athletic and smart too. CAN I MARRY HIM NAO PLZ. And kill Roger while I'm at it jsyk, he's a smarmy git and does not deserve anything least of all perfect Audrey I have lost track of this review I'm so embarrassed SOZ HANNAH

Anyway, now that is sorted THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REVIEWING SO FAST. And I hope you gets better soon so that we can squee some more in private h3h3h3
I know, right, it's like they just HAVE to get together. But, well, Hogwarts being Hogwarts and's likely he's going to end up with Mrs Norris. Damn. I wasn't meant to give that away so fast. I'M SORRY

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Review #31, by GubraithianFireLegend: Epilogue

13th September 2011:

Lee Anne, I just -- I can't even. I am without words. I wish I could say more, but here's what I can say: I read through this entire fic tonight and I have been squeaking and OMG-ing and aeorisdhguk-ing at the end of every section, let alone chapter, like a maniac and esjidfghkd. I can't even begin to tell you how eye-opening this fic has been for me, I can't begin to say how much in awe I am of it, and therefore of you. It is brilliant and eye-opening and awe/envy-inspiring and I'm kicking myself because I didn't read this sooner (although the apparently agonizing wait period makes me glad that I did wait so long). But... GAH. I can't even. I am... iweprithf HOW DO YOU DO THIS. You are a goddess and I am so jealous and so inspired and I can't even. I'm so sorry this review is so awful and consists mostly of keyboard-mashing, but behind the random groupings of letters is the very sincere feeling of being flabbergasted and shocked by, in awe and a little terrified of, and totally in love with a story. Thank you for writing this, and please never stop writing. ♥

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Review #32, by GubraithianFireStarving Artists: Emotional Wronski Feint

6th September 2011:




♥ ♥ ♥ x ∞

^ that is supposed to be an infinity sign.

Author's Response: on a side note, gubby, your penname always reminds me of lord of the rings for no reason. like the bit in two towers (is it two towers?) where they light the fires all along the ridge to send a message - I totally picture aragorn being like WE WATCH FOR THE /GUBRATHIAN FIRE/ in a deep man voice. idek why I think that, seeing as it's a hp reference. but still.


scorpius /is/ a vegetarian. scorpius is /romantic and not clumsy and makes tea/. well done, gubby, you've got the gist of this chapter. clapclapclap.

my ♥ for you is ∞ž (C WUT I DID THAR)

ta for another review of beauty ♥

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Review #33, by GubraithianFireStarving Artists: Sunny with a Chance of Showers

2nd September 2011:
I am reviewing SOLELY for this paragraph: He could even stay in the best friends subdivision and have a bit of a Venn diagram to himself. He could be the anomaly in my mental filing system. I mean, how romantic does that sound? Ooh, Scorpius, youre the anomaly in my mental filing system.

And for this line: I hurriedly thumbed it away, sort of wishing he would go here, let me just snog that chocolate off your face for you but, ah well, beggars cant be choosers. .

And I will stop now before I copy and paste all 4500 whatever words of this chapter and all how many thousands of words of this story and everything you have ever said and BEST -- THREE HOURS -- EVER (like in Tangled, how Rapunzel says it and is spinning around the tree. THAT IS HOW GIDDY I AM GOD WHY CAN'T THEY JUST GO TO GRETNA GREEN ALREADY I WANT AN ELOPEMENT.)

Author's Response: ooh, gubby, you're the anomaly in the skypeland subdivision of my mental filing system. Go rave with some puffins in the office of internet affairs.

Heh. This review ♥ YOU ♥ ♥

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Review #34, by GubraithianFireReminders : Reminders

21st August 2011:
And then there was the scar, pink and jagged, risen from her skin like the Braille of warfare, floating in a body of milky-white.

I really shouldn't have to explain why I adore this fic (and you, by extension) after quoting the above. BRAILLE OF WARFARE. I mean, really. Descriptions and I tend not to like each other too much because I have a habit of using the same comparisons and metaphors across the board. But then something like that line comes up and I just die because it's so beautiful, and it hits its mark so well, and it's succinct but stunning and blargh, Nisha, how do people even write like this. I am not worthy I am not worthy I am not worthy~

And even though I'm not worthy, I'm still going to ramble because that's just how I do. Anyway. You've been around a long time, so I'm sure you know that these sort of romantic vignettes aren't rare. So when I see those types of things, it's not the emotions that I'm paying attention to, it's the way they are conveyed. I think the general vibe this particular ficlet gives off isn't anything groundbreaking, but it's just done so delicately and so beautifully and braille of warfare that I can't help but fall in love a little with Seamus and Lavender. It's not necessarily their love, it's the way you described their love that made me fall in love with this. Of course, giving this treatment to Seamus and Lavender also makes me happy, since they're such unappreciated characters in fanon, but really, this was done so impeccably that it almost doesn't matter who it's about. And I love finding things that make me feel that way.


Author's Response: I need a minute to compose myself, as you are THE Gubby. You're an actual legend.

K, minute over. I'm glad you all like that bit so much, for me it was just one of those things that just came out. And please, I'm the one that's not worthy.

Still, super honored about everything you said here. Like, I-think-I-may-have-reached-my-peak honored. Thank you so much loffly ♥ ♥

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Review #35, by GubraithianFireetc. etc. (and life goes on): Marginally Better Than a Broom Closet

19th August 2011:
-dreamy sigh with just a little bit of frustration (not at all of the fantasizing-about-a-fictional-character type) at an awful person who splits up chapters when a chapter is as hot as this one, ugh, you evil little... word that isn't appropriate for reviews... ugh-

That is all.

Author's Response: ♥ loff you, you airplane exploding hoot.

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Review #36, by GubraithianFireSome Kind of Beauty: part i

10th August 2011:
I really don't have that much to say, you know, because there are some fics where it really takes a long time to gather your thoughts enough to review. And I didn't want to leave a really unintelligible review, which might have happened if I reviewed the second I finished this first part, so I've waited and here we go~

Actually, in the end, it all boils down to this: any expectations I might have had have already been blown out of the water. What are expectations when there is something like this? Any worries you had, or still have, knowing you, are immaterial. In the end, you put your work out there for yourself, and the feedback (which you deserve) or the acclaim (which you without a doubt deserve) are but secondary. That said, you should stop worrying so much. This was going to impress me, and any sane reader, no matter what you did with it. But since you did what you did, it's kind of awe-and-jealousy-inspiring, and I'm beyond happy that this is up at last.

See, you're only a quarter of the way through and already I am seething at you in awe/jealousy♥

Author's Response: So you kinda know that I love you, right?

I mean, if it wasn't for the shameless ranting, the shameless angsting, the shameless I'M-ALMOST-THEREing, then this shameless story wouldn't have gotten off the ground.

EEEK is all I can think every time you give me feedback because you're kind of legendary and you don't need me telling you that, of all people. :P

So, the point of this review is ILY and thank you for the support and encouragement! :D

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Review #37, by GubraithianFireSoul Breaker: Soulbreaker

10th August 2011:
Kate. KAAATE! You did it! I'd almost forgotten about this crazy gem and then Gina told me it was up and I was like EEE NO WAY WHAT WHEN HOW EEE. It is surprisingly long, too, which is wonderful, because it's more crackfic to sink my teeth into, and I like nothing more than sinking my teeth into crackfic. But the most incredible part of this fic is how legit it looks. I mean, yeah, Voldemort controls people through his music (I imagine him as Elvis but even more dangerous and sexy), and Dumbledore is in a band called The Order, but it doesn't seem all that... ridiculous. It's ridiculousness grounded in reality! Which is something I've actually always wanted to do, but it never works, and the ridiculousness is more obvious than the reality of it. So actually, I'm not even sure that this is crackfic in the first place, which is something I definitely didn't expect. Of course that only added to how much I adored this fic, and Tom, who is so hot I can't even, and Minerva, whose dialogue made me giggle a little, and Dumbledore. And THE BATTLE OF THE BANDS, homg, it's so legit and cracky and of course. And I'm really glad you did write this after all, no matter how long it took. ♥

Author's Response: GUBBY!!! i know right? i took ages to get this done! it was actually really difficult cause this is not the easiest thing for me to write!

tom is totally elvis, lol, with the hair and the hips and the groupies. he is totally hot, lol. and i had so much fun writing minerva's dialogue and the battle of the bands!!

thanks darling! glad you enjoyed it!!

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Review #38, by GubraithianFireFive Sugars: Five Sugars

31st July 2011:

I feel like the robot who watches over reviews wouldn't like it if I kept the review to that, but EEE. EEE. EEE. EEE. EEE.

(There are five of them each time, do you see? -proud happy smile that :D cannot properly express-)

I actually just read a one-shot of Sarah's, Faded, which is also Lucius/Narcissa. But, hers is angsty. And full of pain. And beauty. But it was the pain of people who have known happiness and are clinging to it in the midst of chaos. But this is so cute, so... I don't know, Narcissa's voice is so adorable and sweet and the tiniest bit arrogant, but that's to be expected. I love your characterization of her, and I love that it's you you're basing off. I'm always extremely wary of self-inserts because, you know, people, especially fanfic writers, aren't that interesting to read about. But your Narcissa (or you? hehe) is a real treat. Not a china doll, not an evil rebel, but she's real, she's believable, and she's lovely.

And she plays the piano(forte). (any wub emoticon you care to imagine can go here) I love whenever you write about music, because it's clear that you care. This was very different from Nocturne (I squeed a little bit when I saw the word here) and it was so sweet -- I want to say wholesome, but I can't in any light see Lucius as wholesome. But you came pretty darn close to that here, and his fascination with Narcissa is so sweet/kind of sensual (is that just me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) and it makes me root for them. Which I have, to some degree or other, since DH, but this made me believe in them, and believe in this adorable budding romance.

And the interlude with Bellatrix and Andromeda and Narcissa's anxiety -- goodness, such quickly-drawn characterizations, and such good ones too. Andromeda being a bit hysterical about Bellatrix's iron fist coming down on her. They're still recognizable as the people we meet in canon, which I consider paramount in any fic using these very easy-to-screw-up characters, but they fit with a political-treatise-reading Narcissa (that, besides the music, was what got to me the most) and they interacted very well. Lucius' reaction once they were gone made me a bit queasy, of course, but underneath the blas-ness/disgust, I think he had a soft spot for her. And it makes me hope that despite all the murders and tortures and lying and the terror of their future, that they can keep this spirit alive in their relationship.



I know what you mean about self-inserts. They're usually hammed-up versions of the author; far prettier, far clever, far more curves in the right places. Here, I hammed myself up for Narcissa (I'm not /that/ good at piano and /no/ boy will want to talk to me), but I tried to keep in some of the uglier elements too, you know, so she wasn't just a mary-sue. You already know that I base sa!scorpius off of myself - I have a bit of a tendency for self-parody. So, well, I'm glad she's real and believable - she's not wholly based on me, but little bits of me. I think I'd find it impossible to write a perfect characterisation of myself and I'm rambling.

Music ♥ It's been a part of my life for so long that, well, I just love writing about it, haha. I don't practise piano so much anymore (woe, but I was really going nowhere) but I still consider myself a bit of a musical elitist. And yes, different from Nocturne indeed, haha! Lucius isn't wholesome, no, but I've always maintained that, aside from their casual fixation with the dark arts and all things pureblood, they were a happily married couple who clearly loved each other (and their son) very much. I don't believe in it being a loveless or forced marriage at all. I also ship them quite a bit.

Ah, Bella and Andy and Cissy. I do see Bellatrix was quite 'together' when she was at school, in the early days before she went off fancying dark lords and such - and I also see Andromeda as slightly on edge, aware of her ties to her family but her need to break out of it at the same time. I think all three sisters would be a bit on edge, a bit anxious - Bella needing to keep control, as eldest, Andromeda wanting to break free (like that song...) and Narcissa aware of everything that's expected of her. So they're all kind of...anxious. They're anxious folk. I'm a really anxious person, far more than I should be. Lucius' reaction as written here is a reaction I've had a couple of times in RL; people just don't know what to do, but they know it's an issue. And yes, I believe Lucius really does have a soft spot for Narcissa - he really does love her, after all blah blah blah etc etc troo shipper stuff.

That was long and rambly. But I hope it made sense.

Thank you so, so, much for reviewing ♥ a thousand raving puffins of thanks.

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Review #39, by GubraithianFireSailing Ship: Sailing Ship

31st July 2011:
Junebug James, you're my hero. And I want to be you. Can I be you, Junie B. James? (Geddit, geddit, like Junie B. Jones. Which admittedly I never read. They were too pedestrian. And mainstream. -gubby hipsterism-). Her cleverness astounds me! It rocks me to my core! And not to mention Sirius and Remus, the tortured lovers we all knew they were! Scandal indeed! So much scandal I am tempted to spell it with dollar signs! But I am not that craycray yet, contrary to popular belief/evidence gathered from recent reviews. I will hold off on the dollar signs.

For nao.

Note that all of my love is going to JUNE. I've given whoever this author is enough love. ♥♥♥ (See? MULTIPLE HEARTS FOR JUNIE B. JAMES, MY HERO. NO ONE ELSE.)

Author's Response: snerk snerk snerk, I see what you did there. Oh, you little elitist child. I bet you preferred watching Sesame Street in Russian. SCANDAL~ I pronounce this in Le Scorp's voice, so big and booming and magnificent it is!

I GIVE YOU LOFFF, I WANT EXTRA LOFFF but fine, whatevsss

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Review #40, by GubraithianFireShe's Sitting Down Now: Waiting

31st July 2011:
Mel. MEL. How am I supposed to enjoy something this sad? (cry) (cry) (cry) (You're free to imagine whatever version of a crying smiley you wish! Democracy!)

SAD. Did you know that when our queen JKR was writing the fifth book, she was originally going to kill Arthur? Of course then the whole veil thing happened and Sirius died instead (moar creys), but the important thing was that Arthur was safe. Arthur was safe, and alive, and survived countless attacks and war. Which means he isn't supposed to die, dammit. Can you imagine the deluge of crazy Arthur Weasley fan mail she would have gotten if she killed Arthur? Can you imagine the rants and the tears and the begging please rewrite that scene KILL HARRY INSTEAD JUST GIVE ME ARTHUR NAO letters?

Yeah, well, imagine them directed at you.


Brb, going to find something happy because now I'm depressed (although the smallest bit cheered by the happy life we got a peek into).

Ooh, maybe a heart will help! ♥

(... Okay, that did kind of help. BUT NOT MUCH.)

Author's Response: Gubby. Gubbeh. Democracy.

I did know that. Molly and Arthur are like my mould for a happy couple and family. Writing this made me so sad imagining it, that I hope it came through in my writing. I'm sorry I depressed you, love. But I really appreciate the review. And here's a heart for you. ♥

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Review #41, by GubraithianFireFor Clouds were Crying...: Susan.

31st July 2011:
Oh my... Ash. This is odd. I think you know that. But it's... it's an affecting sort of odd. It would be endearing if you hadn't said that the first part was Susan's last recollections before death (I don't remember her dying in canon but that's okay for -- you guessed it -- nao). I feel weird saying I enjoyed it, because that would be... weird. And morbid. And disturbing. Because the way you wrote it made it seem like Susan regressed in that moment, when her life was threatened, into a little girl, and I can't consciously enjoy reading about the death of what may as well be a little girl. The fact that I am so disturbed means, though, that this is good. Perhaps a teensy eensy bit too vague for my taste (this, despite my love of all things ambiguous), but it was such a... morbidly lovely piece? The diction was purely pretty and more than a little macabre. And macabre is one of my favorite words, and I don't get to use it often enough in reviews, so yay for me? Maybe?

And the fact that just by saying yay for me I feel guilty, as if I were laughing at a graveyard, speaks volumes.

♥(omg I'm even second-guessing putting my customary heart here NAO I AM SUPER SAD)

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Review #42, by GubraithianFireHelp Wanted: Liar, Liar, Table on Fire

31st July 2011:

I knew this already. I did. But, you know, now it's here and now I can review and help you beat me even more badly. And I don't think I've reviewed you before? Have I? Well anyway, now you can have one more from the infamous GUBBEHHH.

Except this review is a bit of a crappy one because all I'm going to say is AAAH SQUEEE FRANKIE YOU EEDJIT AND OMG MR. CONNORS CAN I MARRY YOU? I can't. I just can't. Hardly. Nothing I havent seen before anyway. I was gay once. For a while. Everyone except Davids mum stared at him and Mr. Connors had shrugged. What? I went to uni just like anyone else. I'll be your straight beard, Mr. Connors! I'll be your lover, Mr. Connors!

OR I can just be David's lover. I would like that as well. Who wouldn't like that? Certainly Frankie would like that hehehe. And OOH THE PLOT THICKENS~ Now she's broke! But can she stand to be in love with a man who thinks she's a man? I DUNNO BUT I GUESS WE'LL SEE.

Also, now that I'm Clemence and Gina is Lettie I can't stop seeing us just sitting there, bouncing and snarking forever, with you regaling us with stories about Czech drunks (which you haven't done yet but I assume you will soon because I think you're home today SO YAY).

Suitable blackmail material, no?♥



I will never, ever let the fact that she lit the table on fire go. I will use that joke until it is so dead and no one but me thinks it's funny anymore. Because i think it's hilarious.

EEDJIT IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE IS. A LOVABLE EEDJIT YES. Mr. Connors. hahaha, I was in such a dilemma about him, if you remember, about what he should be like. I'm really happy with how he turned out though :D

YESSS. Finally some plot! Poor Frankie, losing her job :(

haha, did we ever talk about those stories? I really don't remember and oh my god that shows how old this review is, I am ashamed of myself.

Thanks Gubby!


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Review #43, by GubraithianFireFaded: Magic

31st July 2011:
Harrumph, harrumph, if you're going to beat me, at least I can catch up using your own stuff. Now, I'm always iffy with songfics, even ones that only using the song as a jumping-off point, as you seem to have. But the few times it's done well, it's done well, and you, obviously, are no exception. I still remember the ridiculous crackiness of 12fsw, but then I remember things like Silhouettes, and now this, and I remember that your talent is all-encompassing. And versatility is kind of rare in fanfic so I'm extremely glad that I've found you and can marvel at you with all of my (few) squeeing powers.

I don't know why, but I've always had a hard time believing in love, precisely, between Lucius and Narcissa. Love doesn't seem to be able to exist in that world. But that's just my bias, and my years thinking of how they come together and relate to each other, because you established this interpretation of them so beautifully. Painfully. But there's pain in beauty and beauty in pain (omg that's so emo -- omg and emo look startlingly alike if you don't look at the little swirly bit on the 'g'), and it's exquisite and pretty. Lucius is deftly characterized, and surprisingly kind and sweet for Narcissa; surprising only because it doesn't align with my view, but of course, the brilliance is that I believed it for the space of the fic. And that's all we can really do, you know? Make you believe in something, even something as seemingly odd as love in this world, in these circumstances, and what we can hope is that we'll keep thinking about it afterwards.

Which, considering who wrote this, I def will♥

Author's Response: Every now and then, I receive a review that I don't know how to respond to. So rather than ramble endlessly and try to use big words that I don't even know how to pronounce, I will present you with a poem.


The king said to his knave
I want a bowl of peas!
But if your name is Dave
I shan't allow you to sneeze.
That tutu in the window is on sale.

And by the mighty power of this poem, you are hereby convinced of the deep and infinite love between Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy, and any and all romantic escapades they may experience when going back in time and chilling with Marie Antoinette, having scones and looking around at the peasants like, "Sup, peasants. What are you gonna do? Nothing. You're peasants. Imma eat this sandwich while ya'lls starve."

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Review #44, by GubraithianFireSkyline: what is love and love is what?

31st July 2011:
Whyyy did I never review this D: Oh, well, now it can be my 400th ever review. That's special, isn't it? That's worth it, right? At the very least, it's special to me, and I'm here because I wanted this special number to be for you, and this fic, which I think was one of those fics which rob you of breath. I wasn't jealous or awed or anything. It just became a fact to me: This is what Celeste writes and no one can outdo her. Remember that pitiful one-shot I did in your style? It was, in case my opinion of it isn't clear, pitiful. It was good for me, but definitely not worthy of you, the original. This is something of a short review, for which I also profusely apologize, but I feel like anything I ever wanted to say about this fic, I already have. If there's one thing I'd like to say, it's this: You are brilliant. You clearly always have been (or at least, have been for awhile), and you're innovative and you do what you do so well. I know you'll probably look back on this fic and its ilk and cringe a little, but here's something else I can say, after having left 399 reviews (while logged in, and before The Great Review Crash of three years or so ago): when you go back to a fic you once really loved and you are still blown away, you know it means something worthwhile.

♥to all that is to come from you

Author's Response: Gubby, I think I might've tried responding to this review at some point, but all that came out were some bizarre glugging noises.

Getting reviews from you still excites me as much as it did the very first time I saw you favorited TSOS and I leaped out of my seat and started squeeing.

So, much love to you, to your review, and to whatever possessed you to actually like this weird story. :3

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Review #45, by GubraithianFirea restless eternity: close your eyes & take a deep breath

31st July 2011:
Well, looky here. ;) (I stand by what I just said: typing winks is awkward. Very awkward.) Anyway because I am such a good friend and a fangirl of yours, I am here and ready to review!

I have also said this before, but I love how Lucy is in the process of becoming the next Weasley It Girl. She's never really gone that mainstream, as far as I know, but it's always nice to discover something before it gets popular (hipsterism of the day) and I think you've given Lucy a very real, very painful edge. (You kiiind of like torturing Lucy, don't you? Sadface for her, but happyface for me because you do it so well.) Lucy/Scorpius in particular is close to my heart, because of SA, so seeing this was sort of like my fanfic axis being realigned. Lucy and Scorpius in a self-destructive relationship? No! It cannot be!!!1!!~ (This is said in my best Maleficent voice, complete with the metamorphosis into a dragon). But it is, and it is so painful and sad and Scorpius. And second-person! I LOVE SECOND-PERSON, and it's not done enough. But Lucy. The poor thing.

ALSO THE ENDING. I said this when I first read it, but that ending killed me. Just -- inserteloquentkeyboardmash here. I can't. I can't even. That was the happy stroke of genius. Well, extraordinarily depressing stroke of genius. But genius is to be appreciated, and this was such a triumphant return.

Can't wait from more from you (because it will come. IT WILL.) ♥

Author's Response: Words cannot express the honor that I feel at having a review by /the/ GUBBEH. ;) AWKWARD WINK.

Ahah, hipsterism of the day (h). Forrealz, though, I'm glad Lucy's getting more attention, too. And I mean, I don't /mean/ to be constantly messing with Lucy in my stories. I just /do/. (Also, am now reminded that I need to finish reading SA.) DRAGON METAMORPHOSIS, ROAR. I love second person, too! And it's fun to write. And yes, poor Lucy. Erica is a sadist.

Hehe, am feeling immense pride at having gotten this sort of reaction. I'm so pleased that you liked this, Gubby. I'm glad I've returned to writing and such. I missed it. And ofc I'm a genius. I'm Ericandela.


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Review #46, by GubraithianFireWe Are All Sinners: The Fall

31st July 2011:
Oh, Steph. As is the case with everything I've read lately, it was on the screen of my phone while I was hiding from relatives (what a way to spend vacation, hehe), but now I'm home and there's been an update and I am all sunshine and smiles. Because 1. You're back. 2. You're back with Sirius/Lily/James, one of my favorite love triangles containing two of my favorite ships. I've missed you so much in this world, and you've come back with something that is very subtle, but very lovely.

I don't remember who, but in the reviews for this fic someone remarked on how perfect it was for Sirius to have said the "We are all sinners" line in the prologue, and I can't help but agree. I feel like he was a lot more... melancholy, I guess?... than most fic writers usually acknowledge, and that he said that seems to work very nicely with the vision of him we have in canon.

Also, I adore that you've referenced the fact that most people's characterizations of James have him put Lily on a pedestal, loving her so totally and so blindly that she can't actually be human. That paragraph, beginning with "James would never admit it to himself," really sealed the deal for me; it made the hey, this is pretty amazing lightbulb go off in my head and the gush of adoration, er, gush forth.

Gubby waits, and waits, and sends all her love♥

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for this late reply, Gubby, but I've just been stunned by your incredible review. Anyway, I'm here now :3

Being away from writing for as long as I've been, well, I guess it simply made me doubt somewhat my ability to even form a grammatically correct sentence, more or less - so I was really worried about this piece since I hadn't written in so long but also because it's really different from anything else I've tried to tackle. But then, reading your review, it just made me really, really happy, and relieved, to be honest.

I'm so glad you're liking this so far; and I'm so glad you're liking the way I'm writing James and Lily's relationship, especially. They're one of my favorite canon ships, but I do very much like the idea that maybe it was an unhealthy type of love - James worshipping her, and Lily somehow having to live up to this image he's created of her for so long. And I'm usually a sucker for these types of love-triangles; the white knight type of character, the leading lady with doubts and the best friend. So yeah, it was time to explore it.

Ugh, ranting, aren't I? Anyway, thank you so, so much for dropping by. I've missed being here a lot and I've missed you too, loads! I hope the coming chapters won't come as a disappointment, since I'm all over the place with an outline for this story. Makes it all the more fun, though :3

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Review #47, by GubraithianFireVenom: A Tragedy: Act One

31st July 2011:
I have been mentally drooling over this ever since I first read it on my teeny little phone's screen, unable to review properly but wanting desperately to do so. Now that I have time (killing it while waiting for Pottermore to open, more specifically), I thought I'd stop by and finally gush about how much I love this. I squeed when you had that note on your author's page about working on a Rose/Scorpius. Susan! Scorose! What is not to love about this?


Seriously. I have been keeping up with pretty much everything you do (painfully behind on WTA -- congrats on completing it at last!) and this fic. This fic. I feel so inadequate and ineloquent lately, but I literally cannot begin to say how much jealousy I have towards this fic, for being brilliant, and towards you, for being even more brilliant. And I feel like I say that a lot (with you, at least, no surprise there) but I do think this is my favorite of yours right now. I mean, Shakespeare. Bronte. SUSAN. Just... just... -flails wildly-

I AM UNWORTHY. And you know what line just absolutely slew me? That was the moment when Rose Weasley fell in love. Just. I can't. I CAN'T. It's so fatalistic and beautiful and tragic and foreboding and lovely and lots of other happy/nerve-wracking adjectives that I can't think of now.

You astound me, you really do. Every time, but especially now. ♥

Author's Response: *wipes away drool* Gubby! I can't believe this! I really didn't expect such a review - it's floored me and I'll just babble on until hopefully a coherent response spills out.

Okay, so you like this story? O_O That's super amazing and now I feel like there's a lot to live up to for the rest of this story. But why should you be jealous of this story?! You've written better, and it was you and Kate's dark stories that inspired me to write dark again. It's been so long, especially with WTA taking up most of my time, and there's something delicious about writing horror - there are only hints of it in this and the second parts, the real dark stuff doesn't happen until the end, but I love building up to it with the imagery and other little clues. So it is thanks to you that I wrote this (which makes it a million times more flail-worthy when you come and leave a review LIKE THIS).

It's fantastic to be playing around with Shakespeare's story in different ways - not the "oh most romantic story ever," but rather the "you know they die at the end, right?" and all the hatred and violence that occur in the play. It's sickening to see the story brutally misread - and it's the same with Wuthering Heights, which is also not romantic (creepy is the better word, extremely and terrifyingly creepy). But people call it a love story all the same. So I'm messing with them both here because they very oddly suit my warped view of Scorose. :P Draw them in with the R&J and then give them something to chill their bones. *is cruel*

Thank you SO MUCH for reading this story at all - the review is a fantastic bonus, a wonderful present that will inspire me to write more. To have you like this story means an incredible amount. ^_^

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Review #48, by GubraithianFireRite of Passage: A Necessary Ordeal

31st July 2011:
HAAAI. You might not remember me, but I remember you and while I was stalking Gina's reviews earlier this month (... yup, lack of life presents itself) I found your name and I was like eee, because you're back and writing again. Eee! I love that this was inspired by Capers -- it's a worthy addition to that little universe. It's vaguely cracky and genuinely adorbz, which are two of my favorite things. It just makes me happy, especially because this is a first-year who isn't dumbed down because the author doesn't remember what it was like being eleven (even though usually the authors had only just left behind that adorable/awkward age). Mortimer is so cute, I want to squish his cheeks and threaten to eat him up as if he were a particularly chubby baby. And so deftly characterized in such a relatively short space, too! You don't see Slytherins like this essentially ever, so that made me happy too. Just -- all-around happiness. And Grendel is just a stroke of brilliant naming. I can't even express how much I liked that little aside.

Pure love, lots of crack-tinted happiness, and much joy to see you back again ♥

Author's Response: GUBBY. GUBBY. GUBSTER. (don't mind me, just over here flailing at Gubby (!!!) leaving me a review.) Of course I remember you!

Aaahh, flailing still. I love Capers and I'm so very happy that you think it's worthy. And that it makes you happy! Making people happy is lovely. I love it to bits. And I'm secretly eleven (seventeenth birthday? two months ago? nahhh), so writing eleven-year-olds is my favourite.

Even though he's not a git, I can still clearly see him as a Slytherin. And you're right, you never see Slytherins like this and that makes me sad, so I wrote one.

And Grendel is my favourite.

Much joy to see you! I was afraid you'd left the HPFF-world, but then I return and you're still here and ee! Thank you for the review, Gub. Made me day. ♥

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Review #49, by GubraithianFireLe Scorp!: This is the second chapter!

31st July 2011:
I am reviewing something! This is an unforeseen sequins of events!

-still dying-

IHOW. I CAN'THOW DO YOU DO THIS. This is unnatural. This is brilliant. This is 'ferocious cat with string.'

I worry about you sometimes.

Author's Response: I tell you what's 'how' and 'brilliant' - putting things all slanty and italicized in reviews. IT IS AN ENIGMA. I am marveling at the italics-ness and wondering how you achieved it. I shall send off Scorpius on a white stallion to solve this mystery.

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Review #50, by GubraithianFirePlay: Next Stop, Summer

1st July 2011:
Just out of revenge, I am not going to flail at all in this review. Or elsewhere.

Not over Rona/Oliver being obnoxiously couple-y, or Edie and Hannah being smugly adorbz, Penny being control-freak-y for the last time, Jezza (the nickname is catchy, Julia) being himself and bromancing with Oliver (which I would have proclaimed my favorite ship ever if I had sworn not to flail), or Jason (who could have been my other favorite, if I had sworn not to flail). I don't even have a smile on my face, although otherwise this might have been smile-inducing, because I am reviewing out of revenge.

Nothing you can do can make me flail. Except maybe Claude. Claude would break me out of my revenge rut.

I only bestow upon you a heart because it's my new way of signing off, and you know how much I hate breaking pattern, which I refuse to do when I'm reviewing out of revenge: ♥. But, you know, whatever, I usually love you, sooo yeah.

Author's Response: And just out of spite, I'm going to hearts all over this response.

I couldn't wait to write obnoxious established relationship. Fluffy like a toy Pomeranian ♥♥♥. Oh man, everything is so nice and simple in rom-com land -squish ♥- that is the only thing I miss. That and free reign crack, without the need for extensive plot and characterizing to get mixed up in it, because you know -- (irrelevant ♥)-- that already all happened. Oh, sequels.

The OJ ship awaits your boarding, Miss Gubbyfire ♥

If chapter 2, begins how I want to begin, ♥ Claude ♥ shows up in like, the second paragraph. I will retrieve your flail then.

Also, you and revenge lately ♥


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