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Review #1, by WazooRaspberry Pink: Ginny's S.O.S.

19th May 2005:
Cute story so far. You do have tons of different ways you could swing this story. Looking forward to more chapters!

Author's Response: thanks. that's my problem though, I don't have the whole thing mapped out so i'm having trouble writing the next chapter... lol thanks for the review

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Review #2, by WazooFirst Impressions: Bonding

17th April 2005:
Interesting taste in music, not my style, but whatever floats your boat. They really seem to be getting along. When does James start to get on Lily's nerves? #2

Author's Response: sorry u dont like the music....and yeah they'll all get along...and they mite seem kinda outta character for 11 year olds but'll get better....james will start getting on lily's nerves about mid or end of 5th for the review..lyl lyl

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Review #3, by WazooFirst Impressions: Meeting Sirius!

17th April 2005:
Hi, this #2. I like this story so far. You've given the characters slightly more 'mature' attitudes then they should have at eleven. I mean, concentrating on boyfriends and what not. Doesn't matter, though, because this is really good.

Author's Response: yeah i realize they r "slightly" more mature but it kinda goes with the story is not gonna start getting annoyed at him till like their 5th year...haha....this is a little au...but i tried to keep it as much as i could with the book...if u want something dat goes with the book u should read my other story: a new year, a new for ur reivew...lyl lyl

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Review #4, by WazooStoryville: In The Begining

2nd April 2005:
You're too serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: .................... Not really, wait till you read the other chapters, or meet me in person..... lol

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Review #5, by WazooThe Insanely Awesome Story That Has No Need For a Name!: The Insanely Awesome Story That Has No Need For a Name!

31st March 2005:
Ahh, someone who can handle humor. That was so funny! I encourage everyone to write at least one story like this, where humor is the main aim. Check out the stories soon to be under Wazoo's name. They tend to make fun of excessive romance, but all in good fun. I'm SURE you'll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed your story!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I think EVERYONE should write a completely random/humor/cliche-filled fic. There'd be so many more to chose from, then. . . I look forward to reading those!

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