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Review #1, by lightthecandleRisking It All: Clash

24th October 2014:
Review 6/7! :)

I like the idea of Dom being quite mischievous with James, and helping him with pranks. As I don't think she'd be like Victoire who was a model student and whatnot.

Oh my God, I really feel for Dom is this chapter. Teddy is really talking down to her which isn't fair and she's so stuck on how to answer him without giving anything away, it does make her look childish in Teddy's eyes but if he would just realise that Dom was madly in love with him then he would understand!!

And I felt like hitting Vic, she was being so unnecessarily rude to Dom. Imagine living with that? It's so stupid and aggravating.

Loving this story so far!
~Aimee xxx

P.S. you have one review left but I'll save that for when you post a new chapter or another one-shot :D

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Review #2, by lightthecandleRisking It All: Impulse

24th October 2014:
Review 5/7!

Oh boy, poor Dom! She has to carry on with her life normally whilst seeing Teddy and Victoire being so loved up! I bet it's really heartbreaking for her but she's not fully accepted it yet.

And I know they aren't doing it intentionally but I'm really not liking how they are always showing their affection. It's not fair on Dom's feelings.

And I totally understand Dom's random outburst at seeing them outright display it in front of everyone at the Welcome Back Feast. I would do exactly the same thing. And I like her friends, although I could probably sense that there will be some problems regarding how intuitive Juliette is.

~Aimee xxx

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Review #3, by lightthecandleRisking It All: Reality

24th October 2014:
So I totally didn't read all three chapters before realising that I was meant to leave a review on each one! Woops...

Anyways! Review 4/7! I'm finally getting back to doing them, yay!

I really love the beginning of this story, it's intriguing and everything is perfectly in canon (except the ages but I actually like this a lot more than them having an large age gap). Especially Louis shooting off because he was too embarrassed to be seen with his family, I could imagine him doing that!

And the relationship between Dom and Teddy is so cute and adorable! And it's quite obvious that Teddy is a lovely guy and it's no surprise that Dom ended up falling madly in love with him. It's just a shame that he noticed Victoire in a different way and wanted to be with her. But at the same time, if she'd have told Teddy herself instead of keeping them to herself then maybe that could have been her.

But then again, we wouldn't have this story now, would we? It's really interesting and now I'm gonna go and review the other two!

Great start!
~Aimee xxx

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Review #4, by lightthecandleThe Protector: The Protector

29th September 2014:
Review 3/7! Iím on a roll tonight!

First things first, (Iím the realest, jks) but honestly, Iíd never gone out of my way to read any fics consisting of Percy because Iíd never really been able to forgive him for abandoning his family in favour for his ambition (I kept thinking he should have been in Slytherin whilst reading the books) but this was kind of like an apology one-shot. It very clearly showed that Percy really was sorry about what he did and now he realises that he wasnít happy and that he was with his family.


As Iíve already explained in my other review, I really am not over Fredís death (may he rest in peace) so this is quite a struggle to relive. And in Percyís POV because he actually was there when it happened. Ugh, the feels! IíM TEARING UP!

Percyís reaction over Fredís body just shows how much he actually cared about his brother and even though they were completely the opposite, they truly did love each other. And the fact it wasnít George who was immediately over Fredís body just makes me want to curl up into a ball and sob uncontrollably for hours.

This one-shot has completely changed my view on Percy so thank you very much! Like I said before, your writing is amazing and I seriously love your one-shots. They are well thought out and insightful, they are honestly a joy to read!

~Aimee xxx

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Review #5, by lightthecandleThorns of Time: Thorns of Time

29th September 2014:
Here again! Review 2/7 :D

One thing Iíve noticed in your one-shots particularly is that your descriptive language is impeccable. Honestly, I wouldnít mind getting lessons from you because the words you use are amazing. (Like how do you do that? I have to go on an online dictionary)

Itís so interesting to read about Penelope Clearwater wanting to shake off the Ďperfectí image that everyone else views her as. And this definitely something relatable, especially to me as I want to go travelling (itís a shame that dragon taming and wandlore arenít real, boo!). Oh God, I am pretty sure that Penelope is going to be shocked if you go the canon way and Percy is with Audrey because I wouldnít be able to handle Penelopeís heartbreak.

I like how, even though she wanted to be adventurous and shake this image off of her, she still learned a lot during her travels. Like learning about wandlore in China and the background of the Disarming Charm in Madagascar, itís exactly what Iíd imagine Penelope would do if she ever did go travelling.

I also like how youíve (maybe unintentionally?) split her personality. Like she wanted to be this spontaneous girl, who wasnít at all prepared and organised but couldnít bring Penelope Clearwater to be that because thatís not what she saw herself as. So she invented an alter-ego and for her, itís like she thinks that she was that person and that somehow, because sheís created Delaney Smith, she can now be seen as the person she so suddenly wanted to be seen as. Maybe Iím reading into this way too much or maybe not? But itís an interesting idea and I donít know whether youíve done that on purpose or whether it was completely coincidentalÖ nonetheless, it was really interesting to read.

Although I kind of feel bad for Penelope, maybe thatís the way it was supposed to be. And maybe sheíd be able to find her ĎPercyí whilst on her travels (what can I say? Iím an optimist).

Again, a lovely story even though itís a bit more serious and sadder than Make Do but I still love it anyway. Youíre a talented writer, you definitely need to keep it up. At least as a hobby because youíre writing is too good to discard!

~Aimee xxx

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Review #6, by lightthecandleMake Do: Long Way Home

29th September 2014:
Hey there! I'm finally getting round to prize reviews! Woo, go me (even though it's been weeks, woops!)

I love the line about how Molly had always wished for peace and quiet but now that she had it, she didnít want it anymore. It shows the powerfulness of the scene and how melancholy it is. Such a wonderfully happy yet sad take on Molly reflecting on her life.

Each trait of the Weasley family was depicted so well. I could almost see Molly sat in her chair, talking to Bill, listening to Charlieís tales and hearing all about Percyís wishes. Itís so relatable and youíve made sure that all the Weasley children stay in canon which is brilliant (Iím a bit of a canon-OCD)!

OMG, I nearly cried when Arthur said heíd be waiting with Fred! Iím seriously still not over his death, itís a sensitive issue :( And I totally believe that Molly is completely justified to feel tired, as explained before, she has had a fair few tragedyís but also some heart-warming moments. Itís just sad to know where sheíd be going soon, but I guess that she seems content with where she is at the moment.

Just referring to Harry and Hermione as Ďher childrení is just so heart-melting and it just makes you realise how loving Molly really was. She was such a wonderful mother, she honestly couldnít have done any better.

I really enjoyed this story so much, Iím glad that I had the chance to review it! Iím going to favourite it now because it makes me feel a myriad of emotions, happy then sad and then reflective! Perfect mix! Especially considering there is more description than speech but it balances out so well seen as she is reflecting rather than speaking about her time so itíll be inward thoughts.

~Aimee xxx

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Review #7, by lightthecandleI Hope She's In Hufflepuff: I Hope She's In Hufflepuff

9th September 2014:
Hello there! :)

I really adored this one-shot, it was super cute and I really like the way you portrayed his nervousness. You could tell he was nervous about something and I had an idea in my head what it was but wasn't proven right until when he said he was checking if the ring was definitely still there. Then when he did propose, I felt like I was intruding on a special moment it was so adorable the way he just blurted it out and felt angry afterwards that he didn't get to say the speech he'd been working on.
I also loved Damien's inner thoughts, especially when Maria was explaining about being pregnant! I could actually picture his face being so confused and dumbfounded before she told him. Then being more shocked about the muggle way of finding out whether she was pregnant or not! I let out a loud laugh after that.
Such a lovely story and I really enjoyed this!

~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Hey there dear! First off, I'm sorry it has taken me such a ridiculous amount of time to respond to this review!

Thank you SO much for this! And aw, I'm glad you felt the moment was adorable, and that you think I portrayed the nervousness well! This entire one-shot was written in less than 24-hours, if I remember correctly (I was rushing to meet the deadline), so I'm glad that I was still able to convey the emotions well!

Haha! I actually really enjoyed writing Damien's inner thoughts, and I'm glad you thought it was funny!

Thank you so much for this amazing review! *hugs*

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Review #8, by lightthecandleBecause She Stays: 1.

4th August 2014:
Hey! Here for the challenge review!
I just love the beginning, describing her love for books just made it seem really realistic and not obsessive at all :) It was kind of sad and beautiful the way you wrote it!
I am literally left speechless, it's such a lovely, sweet story for Storge and I love the way that she's taken such a bad situation (in the beginning) and turned it out. And she eventually did get her romance in the end, it's perfect and adorable!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Yeah, her obsession with books is one of my favorite characteristics about her :P Yay, I'm so glad you liked it. I just love the ending too. It just puts a little smile on your face, you know ^.^
Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by lightthecandleShelter: Shelter

4th August 2014:
Hey! lightthecandle here for your review! This entry for Storge is so great! I loved it! And also, the relationship between Ron and Hermione is so cute that despite the situation, a huge smile was on my face at the interactions between the two :)
The beginning part about Hermione's experience with Bellatrix was so believable, especially the descriptions. You can really feel the pain she's going through and understand the doubts running through her mind at the time.
OMG, I loved the part where Hermione was blushing and having Ron stay is just so cute and Romione is like one of my many Canon OTPs! I loved this so much, it's really good!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Hi Aimee! Thank YOU for opening up this amazing challenge, I really liked writing this. Ron/Hermione just seemed to be perfect for Storge, anyway :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed this, as well! Thanks for the read/review, I really appreciate it!

- Jackie

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Review #10, by lightthecandleEmpty Promises: A Lone Figure and a Dark Street

30th July 2014:
Oh wow... like wow...
I swear I have never read anything that perfect for Agape before! It was beyond amazing!
At first I thought it was in Rose's POV so when I read the part about the parents being killed I was like 'HERMIONE! RON! NO!' but then I realised it was Scorpius and sighed in relief. Then I realised that Draco and Astoria were killed and my blood pressure shot straight back up again!
I also love the interesting take on how the roles have reversed after the Second Wizarding War. I always imagined that there would be some prejudice to purebloods after Voldemort was defeated and this is just a brilliant extension of that!
You also managed to change my opinion on Scorose as well! I never really took an interest in them, don't get me wrong, I still liked them as a couple but they were never my OTP :) But my God, you have changed my opinion on the two of them together, they're just perfectly cute together it hurts. Especially in the funny moments near the beginning, it made it seem like it was a normal couple who weren't living in such a horrible environment like they were.
Although, I nearly had a heart attack when Rose told Scorp that it was James who killed his parents! My heart broke for Scorp but also for James because he's like my favourite (but it's okay, I still love him!).
The ending just captured Agape perfectly as well. That he knew the only way for Rose to be happy was to break her heart just showed how much Scorp loves her and cares for her happiness. He's just so perfect for her and it's such a pity that it ended the way it did! But it wouldn't be selfess, unconditional love otherwise! :D
Such a brilliant entry for Agape! Good luck :)
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Haha, no. Even I'm not mean enough to kill off Ron or Hermione ;) Yeah, I mean I don't think it would have ever really been taken this far, but, for an AU, I just wanted to kind of explore if it did get this bad. Yes, I totally know how you feel :P Scorose I liked, but never was a ship that I sought out to read. However, after writing this, I kind of love them now ^.^ Hehe, yes, James is da bomb .com. I don't think he would ever do anything like that out of this AU (mainly because I love him to much to make him a murderer ;)). When I read your challenge, I just knew this story was perfect for it. He loves her so much he gives away his happiness for her. Thank you so much for this wonderful review!!

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Review #11, by lightthecandlePeace: I am all alone

30th July 2014:
Hey, I'm finally here for the review!
Okay, wow... I've read a lot of grief-based stories before and none them seem to portray such an accurate description of losing someone you loved. That was amazing! And the fact it's exactly like an all-consuming love, which is part of what Mania is, it's just well written.
The ratio between description and speech was perfect, I think adding anymore speech would have ruined the aesthetic but you put in the right amount without disturbing the story plot too much :)
I just love this story for Mania so much, it's a brilliant entry because you can tell how much Teddy's love meant to Victoire and the mystery of his death is just reeling me in... I just want to know more about it! And you did an amazingly weird job of making me think I was Victoire whilst reading but also feel like I was watching the scene.
Just fantastic! And well done!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you thought I portrayed everything well. It's such a hard yet important topic to go into and I really wanted to do it justice. Yes, their love was definitely all consuming. She loved him with all her heart and when she lost him, she just couldn't find a way to move past it. And yes, his death is a bit of a mystery. I thought about putting in how he died, but in the end, it doesn't really matter how, you know. I didn't want to take away from Victore and her story. Yay! Thank you so much for this wonderful review! :P

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Review #12, by lightthecandleThe Last Snowy Feather: Biding Her A Silent Farewell

22nd July 2014:
Hey there! I'm finally getting round to reviewing your story for the challenge! :)

Can I just say that I wholeheartedly agree that Hedwig was Harry's first friend when he discovered that he was a wizard because I always got the vibe that the bond between Hagrid and Harry only occurred later on in the Philosopher's Stone! And I thoroughly enjoyed this one-shot from beginning to end!

Hedwig was the only thing that reminded Harry of his magical side during the horrendous summers at the Dursley's and obviously that's so important to him that it seems a bit disappointing that this wasn't actually in the story. Because it deserves to be! It captures the relationship between Harry/Hedwig perfectly and it's a brilliant variation on Philia. Rather it being between two humans, a man and his pet. It's brilliantly genius!

Another thing is that description of him finally letting the feather go was just so beautiful to read and I completely understand that he would be unwilling at first to let go of the one thing he had left of his best friend. And the portrayal of Hermione/Harry's relationship is really good too! I like how Harry assumed she'd be irritated or exasperated like she usually would be because that's just how their relationship is when it's not serious, like this.

Such a lovely and sentimental ending to this one-shot! I genuinely and honestly enjoyed this story so much, and it describes Philia so aptly! Well done!

Good luck in the challenge!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Hi!

Yay! I'm happy to know that! Yeah, you're right! Hagrid and Harry's friendship occurred later. :D I'm also glad to know that you really enjoyed this as I really put my all into that fic!

I fear of going out of character and that I'm weak in the description area, but it's great to hear from you saying otherwise!

Thank you so much for the challenge, for reading this, and for reviewing! And thank you!

- Asphodel

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Review #13, by lightthecandleLily Evans' Tale: Tea Time

15th July 2014:
Okay, review #2! This one was for Ludus, yes? I keep getting confused! I hope it is for Ludus otherwise I'm getting it all muddled up haha :))

OMG, the beginning with Petunia and Lily was hilarious. Petunia's reactions were just perfect generally in this chapter, you could sense the jealousness of the fact Lily is magic and she isn't. Poor Petunia!

James and Lily's interactions were funny too, especially the ending! OMG, Jily is like my OTP and the amount of Jily-ness in this chapter was too much! It literally had me squealing like a pig from happiness and mush. Such a good entry for Ludus too, you could feel the playfulness between James and Lily and also between Lily and Petunia which works for this type of love perfectly!

Really enjoyed reading this chapter and I might go and read the first one now!

Good luck!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Yes, it's Ludus. :) {I keep almost typing Lumos, because that's obviously the closest REAL word. ;) }

Heehee some of the dialogue still makes me smile! :) I'm really glad you liked it and James/Lily so much!

That's so exciting that you liked it enough to read the other chapter! :D Just a note, since it's in the middle of OWLS it's a bit more on the Drama side and a bit less on the Humor side.

We had a blast writing this chapter. Thanks for the lovely review!


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Review #14, by lightthecandleThe Un-Date: Valentine's Day

15th July 2014:
Hey! It's me, finally getting round to reviewing your stories for the challenge! Sorry it took a while! :)

First off, can I just say how cute Dylan and Dominique's relationship is? I think it's even better that there isn't any obvious romance between the two and it's just platonic friendship! And what Dylan does for Dom, knowing she hates Valentine's is just awesome and he really is a good friend :)

Dominique's reaction to having Veela blood is exactly how I'd picture it to be, she wasn't overly ecstatic with it because of all the attention she receives! And I think it would be more of a Victoire thing to show off the fact they are part Veela :) It's just brilliant!

All throughout this story I was held in suspense of what this surprise would be and I honestly expected Dylan to have set up a surprise date between the two but then again, it wouldn't be Philia would it? And this surprise was so much better in my opinion! And the fact he had organised it ages ago just made it better and shows how thoughtful Dylan is.

You really have a talent for writing conversation because each one flows really well, there's no sudden changes and it felt like I was witnessing a real conversation in front of me. So congrats for that! And you handled the time changes really well too, most of the time when people skip time periods in one chapter it doesn't read very well but this is just amazing!

Anyway, enough of my rambling... this is a really well-written entry and I'm sorry for such a lengthy review, just had to say everythin that I loved about this one-shot! Such a good entry for Philia!

~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Pfft. You took only a couple days, that's nothing. Don't worry about it. :) First off, your review absolutely made my day! :D I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the challenge. Well, when they aren't typing. ;)

Aww! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah, Victoire and Louis never struggled with their veela heritage like Dominique does. Mainly because Victiore had Teddy, and Louis was always dating one girl or another.
That's why it's called an UN-Date! ;) And yup, we really like writing these two. We have another story called Chasing Beauty on these two, that when paired with this story it would make a nice Storge story, but alas it's 3 chapters. Yes I freely self-advertise in review responses. ;)

Thank you so much! Daw, that's fantastic to hear! :D I'm so glad you enjoyed it! No worries about the review length, it's lovely. :)


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Review #15, by lightthecandleFluorescent Adolescent : unbroken and wild

19th May 2014:
I was so happy when I saw The Naked and Famous lyrics on the description-y bit! I love that song!! And I loved this chapter, I've been reading this from the beginning and just haven't thought to review (unless I have and I've forgotten) until but I really loved Effy in this one, she's such a relatable character and the moment between James and her was super cute! Please update soon! I'm in love with this story!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: they're one of my favourite bands! thank you so much for reviewing, it means so much! im so glad you find effy relatable, that was so important to me hahaha- thanks again! xx

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Review #16, by lightthecandleJust Fly With It : Problem #3

8th April 2014:
Oh wow, this chapter made me nearly wet myself from laughing! The food fight was hilarious! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Aw thank you! haha I'm glad you enjoyed it! xx

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Review #17, by lightthecandleA Not So Normal Life (After All): A Night Spent Playing Hookey

8th April 2014:
EK!! I have literally been checking everyday whether you had updated yet or not and when I saw you had, I nearly wee'd myself in excitement! O... M... G! They nearly kissed!! Holy hell! So good, I actually love this story, it's so different! Please keep writing more! I need more James/G!
~Aimee xxx

Author's Response: Your reviews always make my day! I am so glad you liked the chapter! Sorry about it taking so much time to update, I started working on some other stories as well as life getting extremely busy. Hopefully the next chapter will come much sooner :)

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Review #18, by lightthecandleJust Fly With It : Problem #2

28th March 2014:
I just love this story! Please keep writing, I had a smile over my face as I read the whole chapter :) I just love Addie's banter with James!
~Aimee xox

Author's Response: Ah, I'm glad you like it!
I'm really glad you're liking Addie and expect more and more banter!

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Review #19, by lightthecandleDirty Diana: Dirty Diana

1st March 2014:
I don't know whether you still log in or not? But I'm going to write this anyway because holy hell... I just... wow, is the only word coming to my mind right now. The James in this is absolutely amazing, I love how you made it clear that he hated what he was doing but couldn't stop. You made it sound like a genuine addiction and that's amazing! You are a talented writer! :D

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Review #20, by lightthecandleA Not So Normal Life (After All): A Boy

20th February 2014:
I'm hyperventilating! I nearly had a heart attack when I saw that another chapter had been added! This was just so good and I was screaming at G to realise that it was James?! I will be forever (im)patiently waiting for the next chapter! Something better happen between the two of them, I don't care if it's too early, I just want something to happen to them :D

Author's Response: Haha! Thank you so much! This review has made my day :). And I know, I know, I just wish that G would figure it out too, but I feel like I should make it at least a little believable (or at least as believable as a fantasy story written by a non professional writer can be). And as to the next update, I unfortunately cannot make any promises as to when it will be out since I haven't even planned it out as well as the fact that school is about to bombard me with work :(. But I will try my hardest to get it out in a reasonable amount of time :). Thank you again for this wonderful review!

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Review #21, by lightthecandleThe Father who Died: 31 October, 1981

18th February 2014:
OMG! You don't understand the shivers that ran down my spine when Voldemort turned up at the house and this moment,
"All the blood drained from James face as the figure withdrew a wand, glancing about once more before turning and opening the small iron front gate that lead straight to the house." that just... I'm literally speechless. So many people have done fluffy romantic stories about Lily and James and they are absolutely lovely to read because it takes your mind off the reality of what happens to them. But... stories like this, I love and hate them at the same time. You put so much emotion in this story and I love how you portrayed James whilst still showing him to be quite immature. I started crying at the end of this and I feel so sorry for James. They really didn't do James justice in the films in my opinion and this makes up for that.
Brilliant, just brilliant!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness! I'm sorry/happy that you cried?! Lol. This has made my day, thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it so much. +]

This is the first time James has been a main character of mine, and I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out too.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review!

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Review #22, by lightthecandleA Not So Normal Life (After All): A Surprise

3rd February 2014:
I just... I just love, love, love this story! It's so interesting and I can't wait to hear what happens! Please, please update soon! :D

Author's Response: Why thank you so much!! Haven't even started writing the next chapter but I know what will happen. Hopefully it will be out by next week :) Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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