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Review #1, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: A Letter and a Quarrel

18th June 2014:
Oooh! This does not bode well for out heroes . . . to tell the truth, I never really imagined Albus as the protagonist in this kind of story, and I really like the way you do his character; it makes a lot of sense. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: I wouldn't exactly call Albus the protagonist. Though I suppose he is the one that goes through the most character growth in this fic. And I have several more chapters finished and they're going up as soon as I can get them approved if you're still interested in reading more.

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Review #2, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: The Waiting

8th June 2014:
Oooh! A letter from Hermione! I wonder what she has to say? One thing from the chapter that does seem a little implausible to me is a fifth-year casting, or starting to cast an Unforgivable on someone else. For one, I'm not sure he'd have the magical power to be able to do it. Two, those are the kind of thing that earns you a life sentence in Azkaban, so I'm not sure that a fifteen- or sixteen-year-old would be willing to risk something like that. Third, who would have taught him that? I'm sure that whatever purists there are at Hogwarts at this time, none of them would teach an Unforgivable to a fifth year . . . but then again, he could have gotten it out of a book. I'd find it more plausible if Sirius was inflicting pain, or maybe humiliation, on a fifth year level, like what James did to Snape. Maybe a spell that inflicts the pain of a punch, or something that leaves him hanging on the ceiling upside down for a long time?

Author's Response: True, but who's to say he didn't learn it at home? And Harry almost casting an unforgivable in fifth year, he just didn't want to kill someone bad enough. Despite what he thought. And Tom killed his family with avada kadavra after his fifth year.

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Review #3, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: The Sorting

8th June 2014:
ALTERNATE UNIVERSE BEGINNING! I am totally enamored with the pooosibilitiiess. Okay, sorry about that. Overreaction, but as I said before, I happen to love AU fics. The implications of this are fascinating, and probably in Harry's own time now Grindelwald and Dumbledore's regime is being taken down by Tom Riddle . . . or something like that. I'd love to see a glimpse of the time where they came from after all these alterations in history.

Author's Response: See, time travel led to Harry doing his saving thing and starting a new universe. Go Harry! lol

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Review #4, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: Returning to Hogwarts

8th June 2014:
I think Illyria is a relative of Luna or Xenophilious (I think I spelled that right): they have a penchant for bluntness, 'garishly colored clothes' and odd names. I wonder if Hermione is in the future, witnessing the effect of Harry and Neville in the timestream? Maybe she'll fall for Tom Riddle or something.

Author's Response: You really want to see Tom Riddle, don't you? LOL And I like that theory. She would fit right in, wouldn't she?

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Review #5, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: Down the Path

8th June 2014:
Hmm . . . changes in time! I wonder if Arianna will grow up to be a dark wizard . . . possibilities, possibilities. I'm still wondering what's happened to Hermione, though.

Author's Response: Anything is possible. But does that really seem to fit her personality?

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Review #6, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: Letters to Someone

8th June 2014:
I was right! Now, I wonder what happened to Hermione? I'm guessing she's in some kind of danger. I'm assuming she'd be able to fight of Muggle criminals if she had her wand, but I don't know what kind of particularly evil wizards there were back then . . . is there a Grindelwald or Voldemort figure? Hmmm . . .
I'm really interested to see where the plot goes-I hope there's a few interesting subplots, because there are a lot of time-travel stories only focused on getting home. Also, I'm interested in what kind of pairings there will be (I don't remember what was in the list). Will Harry fall in love with someone? Maybe Hermione and Ron will finally get together . . . but since there isn't any girlfriend/boyfriends yet, the stage is pretty much open!
I wonder if Harry might go to school if he turns eleven soon . . . or maybe he should start jumping forward in time! I'd love to see Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Tom Riddle react. Maybe if that happens they'll change history too . . ?
Just realized I've been rambling on about nutty speculation . . . sorry about that. I've recently discovered just how much fun it is to try and predict what happens in books or stories.

Author's Response: There's no Ron in the past, so him and Hermione getting together is a little difficult. And it's fine, predictions are fun. Sorry I'm so late (over a year!) to respond and update. Life's been a little insane the last few years.

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Review #7, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: Harry's Landing

8th June 2014:
I'm going to guess that it was . . . Arianna Dumbledore, maybe? It seems to fit the situation, but something could've slipped past me. But the summary said that it was an alternate universe, not time travel, so I'm a bit puzzled. (Which is a good thing, because authors should always keep their readers guessing.)

Author's Response: Alternate universe fits better than time travel, though time travel is what causes the alternate universe...

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Review #8, by theblacksistersTimes of Trouble: A Cabinet Breaks

8th June 2014:
This is great! I loved 'The Real Memory'--you do seem to be fond of alternate universes, don't you? They're some of my favorite kind: it's fascinating to image what could have happened if . . . changed. My personal favorite AUs are the apocalyptic scenarios-Voldemort won the war.
I'm definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the story!

Author's Response: Yes, I rather like AUs, mainly because I actually like the way the canon story ended, I don't want to change it. If you like the apocalyptic scenarios check out Reign of the Serpent on ff. Not one of mine, I'm currently reading it and it's amazing.

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Review #9, by theblacksistersAshes, Ashes: Coming To Terms

2nd June 2014:
*insert loud screeching noise of excitement and surprise*
Wow! You've finally started updating again! I'm definitely loving this installment of the story-I was very surprised, if excited, to see it on the recently updated list. Keep writing!
And don't you DARE take that long to update again, okay? OKAY?
please? *insert puppy-dog eyes*

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad someone's still reading. :) Believe me, I didn't mean for it to be so long between updates. RL kinda hit me fast and hard.

I JUST got a summer job, so my free time's gonna be cut into pretty soon, but I think I know where I want the plot to go and I'm working on chapter 5, so I will do my best to not make you wait another 18 months for an update. ^_^

Thanks for the review! Glad to know you're enjoying the story so far!

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Review #10, by theblacksistersSuperhero: A Paper Person

25th April 2014:
The ending that started one or two chapters before this has really surprised me - I honestly didn't expect the story to get so dark. (Don't take that wrong. I happen to really like dark stuff.) This last chapter nearly brought tears to my eyes. Maybe that had something to do, though, with the fact that this story has ended. :(. It's been a really good story that I've enjoyed a lot. It doesn't seem that there's much room for a sequel, but if you could dream up a way to make one happen, by all means write it down - though I still think this is just fine on its own. It's a fantastic story that I've had a lot of fun reading, and as I've already said, one that I'll miss. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I do like surprises at the end of stories. And yeah, I'm pretty dark, so that's inevitable with me... but I'm glad you liked it anyway.
I'm sorry for nearly making you cry, whatever the reason, but I'm glad it was worth your time :) I don't really have any sequel ideas. It's sort of tied itself up in my head; I think I've finished it. Which is both nice and sad. Thank you so much for all of your reviews and encouragement and time- I'll really miss it xxx

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Review #11, by theblacksistersContradiction: Sight, Sound, Sorrow

20th April 2014:
Ack! I'm so sorry for leaving a review this late. My only excuse: I was away for a while and didn't realize another chapter was up! (silly me).
Anyway, this chapter was really sad. Draco talking to the supposedly dead Harry was so sad. :'(. The idea of Ginny blocking out memories from her mind was an interesting one - if I had that kind of memory, I'd definitely not want to remember it.
I did notice a couple of minor mistakes in the conventions - I believe you misspelled 'Legilimency' when Remus was talking about it to Ginny. Also, '" . . . agree to do it." he answered immediately.' it seems you accidently put a period instead of a comma directly after 'it.' Finally, 'purple' was capitalized at the end of the chapter, when it was describing Albus Dumbledore.
I can't wait for the next chapter! I'm really looking forward to hearing what happened to Tom Riddle now that he isn't Voldemort, and even more interested after you brought him onto the scene a few chapters ago. Keep writing and have the next chapter up soon!

Author's Response: Hi there, TBS

Don't even worry about reviewing late, I've also been away for a while, so I didn't even notice, I was just so happy to have another review from you.

The chapter was really sad to write - I caught myself tearing up at least three times - and I knew what was going to happen!! (Silly me!)

I'll get straight to fixing these mistakes as soon as I'm done with the story - at most one more chapter and then an epilogue, in which I plan to fully explain Tom Riddle and all he entailed in the universe that is Contradiction.

My next chapter is in the queue, so it should be up real soon.

As always, I value your opinion greatly and really appreciate your amazing reviews!

Hope to hear from you soon,

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Review #12, by theblacksistersHarry Potter & the Second Chance: Chapter 11

10th April 2014:
I think this review is going to be for all eleven chapters. First of all, I'd like to say that I love the plotline. I've always had a weakness for alternate universes, and I really like this one. I'd really like to meet the Ron and Hermione of this world.
I do notice a good deal of grammar mistakes that are really easy to make (homophones switched out for each other, the occasional sentence fragment, etc.), and, though not to the point to make the story hard to read, are quite distracting. Another suggestion I would have is to use either italics or bold exclusively, though this is probably just me.
Any errors in conventions, however, do not negate my appreciation of the story drastically. I will be looking forward to the next installment, so do write it soon!

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Review #13, by theblacksistersThe Boy in Slytherin: Prologue

10th April 2014:
I love how you were able to refer to what we already knew happened in just a few paragraphs without having it be an overly long or overly short monologue. Harry's personality does seemed to have changed a little bit, but he also has a great deal in common with the original so it's quite believable. Also, in all truthfulness, your writing is very, very good. I'm really looking forward to reading the next chapter, so please get it up soon!

Author's Response: thank you so much! what a kind and motivating review. thanks for taking the time out to leave it! c:

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Review #14, by theblacksistersSuperhero: In a Name

29th March 2014:
I definitely did not see that coming, so please avoid puffing up. (If you did, it would probably be a bit harder for you to write any more chapters to this story, which I wouldn't like at all, because I like to read this.)
I think it would make the interview at the beginning of the chapter a bit easier to understand and look more like what they put in the newspaper if you replaced the 'Question' with the name of whoever was writing the article and made only the questions bold or the person speaking's name bold. (I hope that was understandable.)
Again, that particular revelation was quite surprising: I wasn't expecting it at all. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: *does a happy dance* puffing up avoided! :D yeah, yeah that does make sense actually... hmm. Gonna have to think up a name now! The next one is going up now-ish, so it should only be a couple of days unless something goes wrong. :) Thank you for reviewing again!

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Review #15, by theblacksistersThe Stories History Never Told: My Enemy, My Friend

2nd March 2014:
Sorry. I had to do that. This is just . . . well, I'm still digesting the idea right now. It's a fascinating idea that seems like it'll be fun to read if you decide to continue it. I mean, if all of them are just as imaginitive as this chapter . . . I'll definitely be coming back for more. Keep writing, especially another chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I think this is the first review I've ever gotten for this story, so I thought it had crashed and burned. I appreciate you taking the time to comment. It's a series of one-shots, and I can post more soon.

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Review #16, by theblacksistersBroken: Prologue

2nd March 2014:
Gah! It's beautiful. Seriously. There is a couple of minor mistakes ('death eaters' is capitalized), but the writing was seriously awesome!
One thing I don't understand is why Lucius Malfoy is not happy that Voldemort is dead. I mean, the Dark Lord would've probably eventually killed him and his family, so I'm kind of confused here. Did I miss something?
And why is there not a second chapter to this? It's a totally fantastic start to what looks like will be something good. It's a shame to abandon it like this.
Keep writing! :)

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Review #17, by theblacksistersThe Problem is Him: The Problem is Him

2nd March 2014:
Okay, so here I am for the Gryffindor vs. Slytherin blackout battle, and all the stories I'm reviewing are Draco/Ginny. (so far)
But anyways. To the actual review. I like the story. It does seem to me, though, that you characterize Lucius Malfoy as not being on Draco's 'side' in the war; being all for Voldemort. (Feel free to correct me if I perceived it wrong.) Why did you make him that way, just out of curiosity?
Quite an enjoyable one shot. Keep writing! :)

Author's Response: Hello.
Well, I basically wiev Lucius Malfoy as being plain evil. I see him as expecting certain things of his son - like Draco joining the Death Eaters, marrying an approved pureblooded witch(which is not a Weasley, although they are pureblood, they are not rich and love muggles too much, and are in his eyes bloodtraitors.) I must admit, I started writing this story in 2004 (yeah, it took me a couple of years to finish and upload it) - before the release of both The Halfblood Prince and The Deathly Hallows, and back then Lucius didn't really show any signs of not being all for Voldemort. I just interpreted him the way I characterized him this way, when I read the books.

I'll defínitely keep writing fanfic's. It is one of my passions. I might upload another one shot later in the summer, but for now I'm tied up in exams at university.


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Review #18, by theblacksistersSee Me Use You: Chapter 1

2nd March 2014:
There needs to be a second chapter to this. I like how the first scene is written: it really got across the desperation of the situation. (Apparently, like me, Ginny curses a lot when she's wound up.) It's interesting how she's wondering about Harry and what she meant to him when he left; that seems like it's going to get a bit more angsty later on and pave the road for other romance.
And you do well, as far as I'm concerned, with the characterization of both Draco and Ginny so far. Keep writing, because I'd love to read the next chapter!

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Review #19, by theblacksistersContradiction: The beginning of the End

18th February 2014:
So glad you got the next chapter up! I've been waiting forever . . . and now you have the nerve to leave me on a cliffhanger! You'd better update soon, you know that, right? :)
I've decided I like Warren and Lillian together. I really like how you're bringing in an antagonist: having a werewolf after Harry is a good idea. And where did you get the name Skorponok? Is that his first name or his sirname? (if you mentioned this before in the story then I'm an awful reader and you don't have to answer the question).
I did notice a one slight mistake in the conventions,
"Because you are way out of your league," Came Hermione's voice . . . (the 'C' should be lowercase)
but that's all. I like your similies (is that metaphor that I mean? Is the word even spelled right? I mean comparing one thing to something else) like when you compare Dean Thomas's expression to one of a child eating a bad flavored bean. Speaking of Dean Thomas, I like your characterization of him a lot. I never really imagined him as such a jerk-ish person, but then again, I don't usually read fics featuring Dean.
I think you should be on the forums more. I left something on your MTA page. :)
I hope your writer's blocks stays far, far away for a very long time because as I said before, the cliffhanger is already killing me. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Yikes! I know, cliffhangers drive me nuts! The chapter was initially MUCH longer, but I had to find a place stop, otherwise the next one would be SUPER short! (So I'm sorry! HAHA LOL)

(*EXCLUSIVE INFO*) Skorponok is a character I created as a right-hand (or paw...?) to Greyback. Though his first name is unknown in Contradiction, the authorities know that he was brought to Britain by Fenrir from Siberia. I didn't mention it earlier, so I'm sorry for any confusion!

WOW... I'll fix that as soon as the next chapter is published, thank you!

Ah yes, Dean. He was a very subdued character in the original story, but I needed a kind of antagonist in the beginning! Therefore I created the scenario of his father leaving, and thereby his reaction to Ginny leaving him.

I'll get the next one up as soon as I'm able!

Thank you so much for the awesome review!


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Review #20, by theblacksistersJust Give Her the Stinkin' Rose! ~ Speed Dating Entry: Enough Power to Power a Shake Weight

16th February 2014:
This one made me laugh. :) I'm usually more of a fan of Bellatrix/Voldemort.
I'm fairly sure in the books (at least the US version), it's spelled 'Rodolphus', but I may be wrong. Enjoyed reading!

Author's Response: Oh Lordy. I'm silly! I've been reading it completely wrong for years! I've gone back and changed it, LOL!

Thank you so much for this review and for the tip, haha!


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Review #21, by theblacksistersThe Ever Amazing Harry Potter: My First Diary Entry

15th February 2014:
Are you sure Lockhart hasn't recovered his memories and is impersonating Harry Potter? Or was there a personality switch? :D
Greatly awful story! (or whatever. I've been reading the stories from this challenge for the last half hour. I think it's rubbing off on me. I'm getting kind of crazy. Ugh. I just realized I'M the one starting to sound like Lockhart. Aren't I awesome?!)
-my sincere apologies for this ridiculous review. I think I need more sleep and less sugar and caffeine. And your story is good in an awful way. Which is to say I enjoyed it-

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Review #22, by theblacksistersSuperhero: So-Called 'Superhero'

12th February 2014:
Cheri refers to the superhero as 'this girl' - wouldn't she assume it male?
Keep writing!! :)

Author's Response: You're absolutely right, I did- whoops! I've corrected it now :)
I am! Thank you for all your reviews, by the way.

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Review #23, by theblacksistersEvil Will Prevail: Phase One Complete

10th February 2014:
I'm liking this story a lot more than I expected, so get the next chapter up soon! :)

Author's Response: Oh yay! *does a little dance*
I surely will!

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Review #24, by theblacksistersEvil Will Prevail: Camouflaged Red

7th February 2014:
Enjoying this a lot. :) Is this going to be Draco/Ginny? I hope so . . . but it doesn't seem like a romance. Anyway, keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing again! I'm glad you decided to read on. :) No there isn't going to be a Draco/Ginny, sorry!


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Review #25, by theblacksistersSuperhero: Wait for the Flames

6th February 2014:
Ah, the plot thickens! Get the next chapter up soon. :)

Author's Response: It does indeed! I will do :)

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