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Review #1, by Lady of LuciusHarry Potter and a Puff of Smoke: In an Instant

27th April 2007:
Ah, I definately like this 7ns, a fantastic start to what promises to be a brilliant story, Keep up the good work and keep the chapters coming, I'm hooked!

Author's Response: Thx for the support:) it's going to be great!!! Hope you enjoy it.

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Review #2, by Lady of LuciusDecimated Dreams: Little Love Notes, Sexual Desires

15th January 2007:
And here i am as promised!

"He need a haircut." Ha ha, oh my word, that was just so..Luna! You captured her character brilliantly!

This is certainly an interesting pairing, haven't seen it done before.

Ah, shame, I felt sorry for Pansy though. All her pent up frustration and her thoughts and dreams.. you really excellently portrayed what she was going through, very well written. Your writing's fantastically desriptive, one can really picture what the characters feel. Different but great!

Ha ha, and Luna not knowing who the note was from...ah well! Great stuff, really.

Very well writen, lovely characterization, and Write more!

Author's Response: Aw, bless you Lady of Lucius!

Thanks so much for your much appreciated, valued contribution! Phew. I'm so glad i captured Luna's character. I was afraid I hadn't, so cheers!!

Interestng? Nah, pretty goddam freaky!! lol.

Oh, I did? Fantastic. I'm so pleased. My writing is 'fantastically descriptive?' Really, truly? I'm sooo happy!!

I shall certainly write more. In fact, I'm on chapter ten as I type!

Hee hee. Oh yes, this one's gonna be a novel.

Thanks so much for your review, and happy writing!!!

x :) x

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Review #3, by Lady of LuciusThe Last Battle: Into the Labyrinth

19th December 2006:
Ah fabulous story if I may say so this is really promising to be a fantazmagorical fic, cousin, and I am greatly looking forward to many updates!

Author's Response: wow, thank u! I'm alreay writing when the last battle happens, hopefully it'll be updated very soon!

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Review #4, by Lady of LuciusThe Last Battle: In the ruins

19th December 2006:
J'adore This story! Seriously I love your discrition, lovely really.

Author's Response: Thanks, keep reading!

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Review #5, by Lady of LuciusGlittering Moments: Anyone for an ice cream?

7th September 2006:
Ha ha, Oh cousin you amke me laugh, Ooh, lovely lovely, keep up the good work! :D

Author's Response: thanks cousie. Thanks 4 getting that horrible review deleted. Cant wait till the 16th of sep! YAY MY PARTY!! WHOOO HOOOO

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Review #6, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Constricting Times

20th July 2006:
Next one better? this was pretty darn good if you ask me, it was really cute! :D

Author's Response: Aww, tnx! I wanted this chappy to be a bit of a breather from all my other hard pieces of writing and I'm glad you liked it:)

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Review #7, by Lady of LuciusMy Sista from Outta Mangolia: Time to Turn over the Mattress

6th May 2006:
Lovely my chicken Just Keep writing, It's very nice!

Author's Response: Thanks my potatoe....

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Review #8, by Lady of LuciusTime to Grow: Time to say Goodbye

6th May 2006:
Aaaah! Redhill? Redhill! you don't understand how I laughed when I read that! Very good cus, very good indeed I'm really liking it alot its got so many twist it's just fabulous, hurry up and write more soon ok?

Author's Response: HEE HEE!!!!!!! Thanks i will write more when i've finished studying for a history test on thursday.

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Review #9, by Lady of LuciusTime to Grow: Merry Christmas, it may just be your last

6th May 2006:
Oooooooooh! This is soo fabaulous and intriguing! the sickness is voldemort spelled backwards isn't it!? Loving it cus. really really!

Author's Response: Tks cus thanks!! C ya on Saturday. Sorry i've been away in zim so i didnt c u at gym. BYE

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Review #10, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: The Misery of Conversation

6th May 2006:
Ooooooh the glowing green cut! It's more of that Creepy powder stuff isn't it?! Very very intriguing. Can't wait for the next update.

Author's Response: Lol, I'm working on the next chappy now. It sure seems like the green powder, right? maybe it is...but what if it's not?

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Review #11, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Mars in the Window

5th May 2006:
AW thats so sad! poor robyn. and her mother is so evil ah! very nice as usual. :)

Author's Response: Ooo, ty! I was beginning to think that you forgot about this, lol:)

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Review #12, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: The Dream Unleashed

20th February 2006:
Oh no dear lord, Poor girls! And That Crowe watched her dad die, oh shame poor kids! Lovely chapter by the way.

Author's Response: tnx...

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Review #13, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

17th February 2006:
Oh Please give me the link to chapter Nine! I can't stand waiting till it's validated. and it's not normally in my nature to beg. : )

Author's Response: Oh just because i love you so much... Tell me if it works and try to leave a pretty long review; look at kerry's.

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Review #14, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: The Parcel

31st January 2006:
Ooh scary green powder... very interesting and the owl, seemed strange too... update soon please! : )

Author's Response: Well I and my family are going to Mexoco from the 1st to the 8th, so I'll scramble to add another chapter. Ohh, the owl...nobody's seemed to really take an interesti n him so far but you...

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Review #15, by Lady of LuciusTime to Grow: Feuds and Friendships

12th January 2006:
Hey cousin, brillient start to your story, especially as it's your first one ever! WEll done and keep them coming, I'm really looking forward to seeing how you get on with this story! Well done!!! : )

Author's Response: Hey Cousin Thanks can't wait to read all of your stories!!! Thanks again.

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Review #16, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

6th January 2006:
Darn, oh well... Is Snape related to her at all? Can't wait for the next chapter btw, it is really interesting! You did post the challenge in the forums called 'malfoy' right? Cause I took it up. : )

Author's Response: OMG I cnt say any more, yes, it was me who posted the malfoy challenge.

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Review #17, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: A New Day

5th January 2006:
Lovely chapter again! really, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! He he he! And this is really interesting. So her dads name is Martin and he had a brother in Slytherin, Crowe's description is alot like Snape's, sooo... is her uncle Snape? Cause then It would make sense that Hagrid and McGonagall get all touchy around her, because neither of them would like anyone that reminded them of Snape... am I even close?

Author's Response: Well you are close, but....your still not quite there. Sorry to burst your buble but no, Snape is not her uncle. Nice try, keep guessing:)

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Review #18, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

1st January 2006:
I'd Just Like you to Know that I Put you on my favourites list a little while after reading the first chapter even If I never told you that! And Happy New year. I hope you have a chapter ready to post when submissions open again, cause I know I do! : ) I was also wondering who Anthony's mum is and Crowe's dad were of course... But I'll try to be patient!

Author's Response: Don't worry, I have a pretty long chapter next that I've been working on:) Oh and all of you reviews are getting so close do important plkot factors, it's annoying

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Review #19, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Discoveries

23rd December 2005:
Yippy! Am i the first one to review this chapter? It was great, Really! Just a few spelling mistakes in the first four paragraphs. How do you manage to turn them (chapters) out at such a rate? he he he, Crowe is much more patient with nancy than I would have been, i would have asked he to shut up then run very far away. OR I would have used double sided tape to stick her lips together. I shudder even thinking about people constantly shrieking in my ear! Man, nice job again he he he, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! (don't you find it rather amusing how people say that, it's got to be the overused expression of the century) But seriously, really brillient job! : )

Author's Response: I think you are, infact, the first one to review this chappy. Sorry about the spelling mistakes, I was in a hurry. Well all the chaps are in my head, it's pretty easy to make new chaps quickly! Crowe is usually a very patient person, yah, but shrieking in the ear? I would have already throttled her for doing that:)

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Review #20, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Lost and Found

23rd December 2005:
Yes the Link worked and I have to say its a wonderful chapter! ha ha ha so funny, a gold fish! he he he! yay! Nice work, keep it up and... next chapter! : )

Author's Response: I'll give you the link for the next chapter, I've already posted it. Haha, goldfish. It's the way you think when you're like defeated, ya know?

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Review #21, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

22nd December 2005:
Sooo... is it possible for me to get that link or do I have to wait like all the other patient people?

Author's Response: well I'll try to give it to you might not waork. does that work?

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Review #22, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

22nd December 2005:
Wait this is really wierd, I saw that some other people hvae already reviewed chapter five but I cant find it when i go into your story! : ( that cant be normal...

Author's Response: haha, I'm sorry for tht. the ppl who reviewed chap 5 r ppl I give the view page link to

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Review #23, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

14th December 2005:
He he! : ) ok! hurry hurry hurry hurry!!! : ) (Not half demanding am I?)

Author's Response: The next chap? Well you're gonna have to wait a few days, I'm planning to type it up on Saturday. I've already written it and it's nice and long.

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Review #24, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

12th December 2005:
Hmm... Close you say..hmm i'll have to think more she has green eyes and black hair but the only person i can think of who has both those things is Harry Potter but if Keith's in her year... but they would be different mothers, Ag i don't know! I'll have to wait and see i guess! sorry about calling anthony Gale *hides face* i'm just so used to calling the Malfoy heir that... i did mean Anthony, so does he think she's Pretty? maybe like her a wee bit?

Author's Response: Hha! You're wrong again, Harry Potter is not the mother. Crowes' green eyes are not the same shade of green. You'll see about Anthony liking Crowe!

Author's Response: Haha omg I ment he's not the FATHER!

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Review #25, by Lady of LuciusCrowes Flight: The Sorting

11th December 2005:
Ooo! yay! Brillient brillient i tell you! Ooo, Ooooh i think i know who her dady is...*leans in and whispers* is it Snape? but then the green eyes get me a bit... Really nice going Next chapter please! and i saw your banner, it is really stirring, probably much better then mine for this story! : )

Author's Response: Haha! Your close. No, her dads not Snape but you noticed the similaritys9sp)! I'm glad you like my banner, i agree. it has this really strong feeling about it. My friend lil_witch321 made it.

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