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Review #1, by RumpelstiltskinSpirited Away: First Contact

17th November 2015:
I love Spirited Away. You and your Snagall ;).

Talk about your mixed up universes! Severus Snape being nice, and Head of Slytherin, while McGonagall seems to have swapped personalities (and houses) with him! This is fantastic! Furthermore, I absolutely adore Hermione's characterization-switch! This is really just too cool! I mean it's totally messing with canon and my head canon, but it's meant to, so that's okay :D.

I really am attempting to appreciate the ship -- I'm sure it will grow on me. I love Hermione's reaction (erm, you know, the typical universe Hermione) when she sees Severus and McGonagall ;).

“With her hair in this state, I can't just bring her to the Hospital Wing now, can I?” -- Oh my Godric, that line was pure genius! I'm dying, really... can't stop laughing!

And despite how brilliantly humorous this all is, I can't help feel bad for Hermione (our Hermione)!

Between the change in everyone's personalities and the utter confusion, I'm absolutely enthralled!

Fantastic job, Gee!


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Review #2, by RumpelstiltskinThe Worst: Decisions and Discoveries

17th November 2015:
It's been quite a while since I've read this story :).

Oh I just feel so bad for Dominique! She must be absolutely beside herself between having to live with becoming a werewolf and having to choose to give up her right to bear a child, someday. What's more is that even if she were to choose to *have* a child, she has no way of knowing what will happen to the babe :(. She's very lucky to have her family to support her, but I just can't imagine the grief she must be going through.

It's no secret that Dom and Teddy's relationship has been a little rocky, but I'm glad that they are trying to work things out. They're so great together ♥ and Teddy truly does have a fantastic heart in this!

I love how the plot thickens, with the potential that somebody was targeting her out -- that somebody meant to have her attacked. It's a terrifying thought for Dominique, but it adds the extra suspense to the plot and I'm just loving it!

Who is this mysterious woman who set Dom up to be bitten?

Great chapter, and fantastic cliffhanger!


Author's Response: Rumpel, thank you for the lovely review! I'm glad you could come back to this story. I am pleased you felt for Dominique here. Her grief is definitely very big.

Teddy is amazing, isn't he?

I'm happy you liked the plot twist (of sorts) as well as the cliffy. Thanks for the kind review!

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Review #3, by RumpelstiltskinBeautiful: Alone

17th November 2015:
Heya, Angie :)!

I have to say that there's so much packed into this little 500 word one-shot that I'm pretty blown away, to be honest!

First of all, I love the second person POV, and I think you've done a good job with it. It really draws the reader in to empathise, or in the very least sympathize, with Dominique in her suffering. You're delivering a feeling of restlessness, as Dominique awaits her change with the moon.

Her bitterness toward her situation is not only understandable, but very real. "So young, and yet so old," and having the ten years cursed with lycanthropy feel like a thousand stuck out to me quite a bit. Suffering always seems to feel longer, and no doubt has a dramatic ageing effect. I love the connection to canon with Remus, who ages before his time as well.

Lastly, I really enjoyed the way you used the word beautiful in describing who she was. Furthermore, the ending was brilliant, tying into the idea of beauty with the line, " a beautiful chained monster".

You've done a lovely job with this! ♥


Author's Response: Aw Rumpel. Thank you so much for the lovely review. It made my day! I am glad you liked this, from the POV to the emotions to the descriptions. Thanks a lot!

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Review #4, by Rumpelstiltskinturn to dust. : five.

12th November 2015:

This was awesome, and tragic.

Section I. (James)

Their illusion ideal life as husband and wife, also as mother and father, has been shattered by the war. I think you captured this brilliantly

Section II. (Sirius)

Not to mention, wolfstar? :D I love this section. The pain that Sirius is experiencing is raw and real, as is his love.

Section III. (Uhm...)

I want to say Remus with the sick mother portion, but I'm also drawn to Peter. I want to lean on Peter a little more with this, feeling neglected between the Jily and the Wolfstar happening. They're blind with love, and Peter is feeling overwhelmingly alone.

Section IV: (Voldemort)

His voice comes through the most clear over the others, most probably because he's the big bad guy. His hatred for love is immutable.

Section V: (Dumbledore)

I find it extremely difficult to write Dumbledore, but I think you've done a fantastic job with him. My favorite lines are in this section, "But alas, now there is nothing left. Nothing to cast our hearts towards"

I love the way you've written this. Each section has its own distinct voice, and I think that is very clever. Fantastic job, this absolutely blew me away!


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Review #5, by RumpelstiltskinWhen the Wind Blows...: Cradle and all

29th October 2015:

Wow! What a unique concept. I'm totally in love with this idea!

Narcissa being upset that she'd birthed a girl makes logical sense (you know, in the Pureblood mindset, not for normal, sane people ;) ). Lucius, of course, would want a boy to carry on the Malfoy name -- without a son he'd have no heir, and the Malfoy lineage may very well die out.

That fact that Narcissa went to such extreme lengths -- swapping her daughter for the Abbott's baby -- to put right what she thought was wrong was monumentally wicked of her. I love the light you've portrayed her in, because I don't typically get to see that side of her in fanfiction, and I love it when people break my head canon with a sound argument!

Fantastic one-shot. I'd like to add it to my November Story Recs on my Profile Page on the Forums, if you don't mind!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!

I have started and stopped writing my response to this email several times because I just don't know how to say thank you enough for such a wonderful review!

I am very happy that you enjoyed this and that I was able to make this believable. I really wanted to show Narcissa in a different way and I am excited to know that it worked and payed off.

Darkness seems to know no bounds even in those that are already wicked.

I would be more than honored for it to be one of your November Story Recs! :)

Thank you again a million + 1 times for such a lovely review!!! It truly means the world to me!


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Review #6, by RumpelstiltskinTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Two Tribes

29th October 2015:
Back again!

I always love the stories within the story -- it makes things so much fun! I think it was clever that the Tengu's transformation was painful, because it shares the likeness to transformation associated with lycanthropy.

Also, Shota's been put in quite a position, with Saki being the daughter of the Kouga Ninja. I wonder if he'll ever remember their betrothal. I hope that Scorpius' clue will be enough to help Draco find the eggs before the “Dark Lord’s famulus” causes harm. What do they want with them, anyway? What are they up to...?

Yes, luckily Draco does have the monetary means to help him (and Neville's connection might come through)!

"He flinched at her stare, as if she could discover his secrets just by looking at him." -- I like this concept a lot, and I think that it applies well to McGonagall's personality!

Draco's so hard on himself, with the nostalgia about being unable to save Snape and not being fit to teach his students :(. Poor Draco.

O.O Scorpius and Albus really were having at it! Luckily Neville intervened! I wonder what Harry will say if Albus tries to talk to him about Draco...

Another fun chapter!


Author's Response: Hi, Rumpel.

Your review always makes me notice what I've not realized. Lycanthropy and painful transformation! I didn't notice that. I just tried to make Tengu's transformation very magical one, so I'm glad you caught it in your way. :)

Yes, their relationship is very complicated and hard for Shota and Saki. As you noticed, Scorpius will try to help his father with help from his friends.

Neville is also a key person in this story. His role will be big till the end.

It's about time for McGonagall to retire but I didn't want to let her leave from Hogwarts so I set her to watch Draco.

I feel sympathy for Draco from the book 6 so the feeling is reflected in my stories. As you expect, Albus and Harry will enter more often.

Thank you again for wonderful review!


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Review #7, by RumpelstiltskinTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Broken Heart

29th October 2015:
Hello, Kenny :)!

Information on kappa breeding habits is difficult to find, apparently! I hope that Rose and Albus will be able to find the information for their essays. I think it's clever to have Rose write a very factual essay (and it reminds me of her mother) and to have Albus write his story-like essay.

Wow, that's a great plot twist! I didn't expect Draco to be under threats to find kappa eggs -- and, as a teacher, it was a great idea to assign it to his class in hopes that they might be able to obtain some information that he can't. He's really been put in a difficult position!

Oh, and Scorpius found the threatening letter! Poor Scorp, he has to live in the shadow of his family's wrongdoings :(. I feel bad for him. OH! So, *that's* why he was so short with Albus and Rose in the library -- he just didn't want them to see him crying!

Great chapter -- I'll take my tea, thank you :).


Author's Response: Hi, Rumpel!
I always happy to hear your thoughts. As I read your mystery, I am glad you seem to feel interesting about Kappa's mystery. I am planning to have the new trio solve the problem, so your feedback is really helpful.

I also try to portray the relationship between Draco and Scorpius, so please follow me to the end of the story. I'm working on the way how the three of them will be the new trio.


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Review #8, by Rumpelstiltskin(Sometimes) Love: Just Ain't Enough

28th October 2015:
I didn't know where to start -- this seemed particularly heart shattering.


I don't want Remus to go either -- I know how this ends :(. Between the post-partum hormones, the war, and her husband going off to war, I can't blame her for putting up a fight about him leaving, and leaving her behind as well.

"You’re ditching us for Harry and the battle,” a moment of cold silence fell before she finished with, “just like you’ve ditched me at every other opportunity, Lupin.” --Ouch. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ROSE! How could you even write this, did you die a little inside? I'm dying a whole lot inside :(. I mean, yes, there's evidence that he *did* try to skip out when he thought she was pregnant, and the whole not wanting a relationship bit but -- WHY must you break my heart!?

“There’s so much I have to make up to you and we have the rest of our lives for that but…” --GOOD GOD, ROSE! Stahp! *closes eyes* SO it was because he *didn't* choose her that he died, and it was because she chose him that she died. :( Yeah, that makes sense, but stop making heart ache logical! You're such a Ravenclaw.

:( It's awful that they fought right before the battle. I am glad that she did go after him, at least then her last words to him wouldn't have been not to come home. And then Andromeda with Teddy -- and I'm like NO, NOT POOR TEDDY :(. There'll never be enough milk.

And this is where I need to take a break so I don't hyperventilate.

Dawlish. My favorite. ;) Breaks over. I can do this now (I think). It would drive me crazy waiting like that, which is why the other girls left, too.

THEN WITH THE RUNNING AND THE HOPE AND THE GREEN FLASHES :(. Yup, there it goes. There goes my heart, splintering, shattering, :(. WHY ROSE?! Why do you do these things to me! :(

I mean, yeah, I loved it. But I also hated it, because my heart!


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Review #9, by RumpelstiltskinThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Chocolate Of Forgiveness

27th October 2015:
I'm so running behind this month! (But I made it *cheers*)!

Yeah, hiding is something I would do if that happened to me -- I still feel so bad for her! She does have a point, though. James COULD have found her in the great hall or something. That would have been super embarrassing!

I hadn't thought about the certainty of James' potion-induced declaration of love spreading around Hogwarts. Oh goodness. Michelle needs to lay on the hugs and not so much on the teasing. Though, while Abigail's life is emotionally collapsing, there is a hint of humour in the situation that maybe she'll laugh about several years from now.

Me? I'd be mortified. I'd be holed up in my dorm until some archaeologist found my dusty old bones.

"I, er... I just want to assure you that I'm not under a Love Potion," --Yeah, that would be my first question ;). Oh poor James, trying to make up poems. His apology is so awkward and sweet, it's definitely cute. I love how sceptical she was of the chocolate bar and how bumbling his explanation was ♥ . All I can do is smile.

I would totally eat the chocolate, too. Because...well. It's chocolate!

:D Awesome chapter!


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Review #10, by RumpelstiltskinWords and Silence: Words and Silence

21st October 2015:
Hello! :) I'll pull out my fancy reviewing template, so that it'll be easier to make sense of my rambles! (But I'm exhausted, so be warned that I'll probably ramble anyway.) But we'll start here in saying that I loved it :D

Right, onwards!

Plot/Arc: This was definitely a heavy piece, so excuse me if I'm a little scattered. Your introduction was a terrific way to transition from how words can cause terrible harm, to how lack thereof can cause even more harm, and then directly into the major storyline. Furthermore, I think you've done an excellent job on paralleling Sirius' experience from his terrible childhood to his personality, which I'll address more in the "Characterization" category. It was terribly sad to see Sirius' abusive home life, and how nobody would help him. I also think that it does send out a strong message on how abuse can't be stopped by ignoring it. That's why I was so glad to see James' reaction to Sirius' situation; he embraces him not only physically, but emotionally, as a brother, as well. I think that may have been a great contributing factor in helping Sirius finally being capable of escaping his mother's wrath -- he had someone to turn to. The part concerning Severus I *really* want to cover in the next section, so we'll skip that, here. Of course, then his friendship that kept him together -- that gave him strength to overcome -- completely crumbles and it's disastrous :(. Your conclusion tied perfectly into your introduction, and I think it was an amazing way to end (and Rumpel's heart shattered like Sirius and the china).

Characterization: Sirius is shown in a very dark light, and it's done fantastically. I really think you nailed his personality, and his hatred for people like his family, like Snape, because of what he had endured for a large, impressionable portion of his life. His absolute rage he felt for Snape seems to have been a vicarious way to inflict pain on his family, the ones who had caused him so much pain. Snape became the perfect proxy because of who he was and what he valued, and Sirius needed the outlet for hatred, to exact payback of what he had to go through. I think you've portrayed that very nicely, and have given an excellent reason why Sirius would tell Snape how to get into the Shrieking Shack during the full moon. He was so blinded by rage, wanting to fulfil his need for vengeance, that he neglected to realize the repercussion it would have on his friendship with Remus. I also really appreciated the idea that friendship was the glue that held Sirius together. This was a fantastic take on Sirius.

Style: I think you've done a great job with second-person perspective. It took me a couple tries to get the hang of it, but I do believe that you've captured it nicely. I also think that this style help emphasize the horrors that Sirius had to endure during his life.

Detail: The first thing I noticed was the connection with the theme of "words" in this, and how you used some powerfully descriptive words that appropriately tie into the theme. I thought I'd mention it, because I found it quite clever.

Flow: Mostly, it worked. Because of the style that this was written in, the flow was meant to be a tad bumpier than in, say, something written from third-person. However, here are a couple suggestions that might make it work slightly better (and do keep in mind that these are just suggestions, and are meant to be taken lightly ;) ). "Worse than words is the silence." - You can probably eliminate the article "the". "..sowing needle last she visited..." -There's just a couple typos here: "sowing" to "sewing" and I do believe you're missing either an article before "last" or a word (such as "time" or the like after). "Toujours Pur always pure." -This may work a little better if you put a comma between French and English ("Toujours Pur, always pure").

CCs (with love): Are included in the other categories :). ♥

Notes/Other: Ouch! Yep. Those were my feels. Why is that all of you HPFF writers try to break my heart? Oh yeah, and this line, "
The white sheep of the Black family, an anomaly they can't control." is amazing -- I thought I'd let you know :D. Also, I think that this is nicely written and constructed excellently.

Fantastic job, I truly did enjoy this (through my tears). You definitely have some excellent writing skills, so thank you for sharing this with me.


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Review #11, by RumpelstiltskinChildren of Stardust: Children of Stardust

13th October 2015:

Wow, this was definitely a fantastic look into Luna's thoughts and feelings surrounding sadness and death.

Luna has always been this oddly optimistic character, and I do admire that about her. I think you've captured that, especially given her rationale around why sadness just shouldn't exist, and how things -- when put into proper perspective -- can be turn into happiness.

Becoming stars is a beautiful way to look at death, and I also appreciated her take on what happened to evil people when they died. They simply could be the darkness in between the stars. It's really lovely, and Luna is a living tribute to her mother's memory.

This is a fantastic one-shot about Luna, I loved it! Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response: Thanks Rumpel! I love Luna, and I got the idea about spaces in between stars from a book I read a long time ago, but it wasn't about death, but the person who was talking grew up somewhere where they didn't make constellations from stars, but places between stars. So I did take just a bit for the idea. :P

Really glad you liked it!

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Review #12, by RumpelstiltskinThe Next Great Adventure: Happenings

13th October 2015:

I was in tears by the end of the first chapter, so I'm so glad that there was a second chapter to lighten things up a bit. It was a sweet kind of sad, that first chapter. Harry, living to a very ripe, old age, and knowing it was his time. Being surrounded by his large, loving family in his final moments -- it was so sad, but like I said, a sweet sort of sad.

I read your author's note at the end of the chapter, and while it would have made a terrific one-shot, I definitely appreciate this next chapter with the afterlife!

I love how Dumbledore was the one to call them all together! It just fit perfectly into when they were all alive, and I was flying high reading all of my favorite characters existing happily in the afterlife.

The trials to pass over are awesome -- I absolutely adore that idea! I think Dobby is a very fitting choice as a guide, and I do believe that he will serve Harry very well!

This was fantastic! I hope that there's more soon. I would like to see what this test entails!


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Review #13, by RumpelstiltskinTraitorous Hearts: The Lady of Greengrass Hall

13th October 2015:

Fancy chapter image you have, there :).

Wow, first of all I *loved* the backstory for Lavinia Greengrass! I love how she used her position and her abilities to become a spy for Voldemort, and earn a rank amongst the Death Eaters. This line, "Secrets were spilled before women like seed before birds" was lovely as well, and emphasized how easy it was for her to obtain information by way of mere gossip! Her loyalty is noteworthy, and I can definitely see why Astoria feels bilked.

Of course, she's terribly angry -- her mother's dead, someone who had confided in her for years. I feel for her, I really do. I can only imagine that the form of compensation she's looking for from Draco is assistance in her plot against the Death Eaters.

This is very exciting!


Author's Response: Hey Rumpel! Congratulations on your 600 reviews! That is so awesome!

Isn't the chapter image *gorgeous*?! katharos @ TDA is brilliant. I was so excited when I saw it. Frankly, I'm still fangirling. That *smoke*! :D

Yay! Lavinia is a really interesting character to write, and I'm so excited that you liked her backstory. She's very complex, and she casts a long shadow over the story, even though she's dead the entire time. OOoh! I love knowing what quotes people enjoy. It's fun to see what people pick out. Thank you!

I think Astoria's anger is very understandable. Most people would have an angry phase after a parent's death--it's part of the mourning process. But not only did her mother die, and not only was the news broken to her family in a very coldhearted manner, but then she figures out that her mother was probably *murdered*?! And that it was an inside job? Yeah. Astoria has a lot to be angry about. I'm glad to hear that you could understand her anger and feel for her loss.

At this point, Astoria isn't really looking for help. She's looking to survive, and she sees Draco as a threat. Which, to be fair, he is. However, what actually unfolds...

Well, I really couldn't say ;)

Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by, and for this lovely review. And congratulations again on hitting such a big reviewing milestone! That's so fantastic!


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Review #14, by RumpelstiltskinTrapped: trapped

13th October 2015:

You were definitely correct in saying that this was heavy. Egahd. Absolutely genius, but heavy all-the-same.

"He has always been trapped." -- Sirius' feeling of imprisonment, even after being released from Azkaban is a deep sentiment. In a sense, he is trapped, having to hide as an escapee due to his wrongful imprisonment. He held out onto hope and his innocence when he was in Azkaban, but in that house, it's like he's useless.

Everyone around him, pitying him, is obviously not helping him. He's losing his mind, and it's easy to see. He *needs* to help, and he needs to feel useful. His anger towards Dumbledore isn't entirely unjustifiable -- Sirius feels as if he's the one who's keeping him locked away.

"He'd be better off dead than innocent-" I think you've carefully given a very active example of the horrors of PTSD, here, and you've written it in a beautiful manner.

Style is the major element I want to point out. The way you've purposefully set *this* particular style, to fit Sirius' thought process assisted this greatly, in my opinion.

Fantastic work, thank you for sharing.


Author's Response: Hey Rumpel!

There is definitely an element here of Sirius being literally trapped - otherwise he would just leave the house, right? But on top of that, there's this element of how he's ALWAYS felt so trapped, like he's barely felt freedom in his life, and that makes it so much worse.

I think that line is one of my favourite parts of this story!

I'm very happy you liked the style this was written in. It was pretty experimental for me, so it's a relief every time I get a review saying it worked out.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #15, by RumpelstiltskinSpotlight: Spotlight

13th October 2015:
Holy guacamole. I didn't see that coming.

(Oh, yes...hello!)

Theo's love for Lavender seems almost tragically sweet at first, but the signs of obsession are most definitely there (counting down the seconds on the clock). Initially, I feel so bad for Theo, because I want to trust my narrator and almost immediately know that he loves her. I do, however, *love* the thrill of an unreliable narrator, which you've given me.

I also loved the section where Theo's looking at the old photograph and reminiscing. The exchange of vows, playing as children of course, was oh-so sweet. When Blaise brings him the parchment with Ron's name, I can only fear the worst. He immediately snaps from fond memories to bitter resentment. Then, of course, this ominous bit, "For me, it's always been real" left me with goosebumps!

His realization, due to her bluntness, that she was in love with Ron, and his anger that followed was very intense. Theo's mind is a racing psychopathic hotspot in this, and I love every second. When Lavender and Ron come to an end, I almost, *almost* expected Theo to reel back from his psychotic meltdown. "I smile at this news, and I wait." Silly me.

Then, of course -- holy guacamole. I just didn't expect it, this was an expertly crafted plot twist that came out of nowhere. It definitely blew me away. He killed Padma so that she wouldn't break Lavender's heart -- "I am your knight in shining armour". THIS is brilliant! I'm speechless!

Fantastic job! ♥


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Review #16, by RumpelstiltskinActions Speak Louder than Words: Bitter: Scorpius POV

13th October 2015:
Hey Beth :)!

Oooh I love the warm, fuzzies happening between Rose and Scorp, though (as he said) they haven't come right out with any sort of "term" for their hanging out. It's clear that Scorpius absolutely adores her, I mean, he's said that he wants to see her again (and again, and again), even after being dragged to a wax museum ;). She's carrying a ton of baggage right now, though, so I'm sure this ship will be sailing on some rocky seas.

I really like how intricate you've made the auror-training program. I hadn't thought much about it, but I would expect that they would have to go through some highly extensive training before dedicating their lives to fighting evil and the dark arts. Also, Harry's dispersion of the idea glory-seeking among aurors was definitely a good thing. I'd hate to have to rely on someone to protect *me*, when they'd only be seeking fame.

Al is quite the trouble-maker. I laughed when Harry called him out on it, too ;). That should have set him straight, having to duel his father. That's true, though, it must have been tough having Harry Potter as his father, *especially* when he's trying to become an auror and Harry is in charge. Woah, boy.

That was a fantastic action scene, with the duel. The tension was thick; it had me worried for a moment. I am glad that Scorpius stepped in though, it probably saved some trouble on Al's end, it looked like he needed a bit of assistance.

The confrontation between Harry and Al was also really tense. I can't help but feel that Harry really is trying to help Al out by being extra hard on him. Al's not going to have to go through everything Harry had to deal with in order to become a great auror, so some extra pushing probably doens't hurt. Of course, I can see why Al feels like this is an injustice.

I'm totally glad that things were resolved :). Oh, yeah, and I'm also totally glad that Al said this while running out of the room, " “Scorpius has something urgent he must tell you!""

:D Oh poor Scorpius!

Another wonderful chapter!


Author's Response: Hi there Rumpel!

Oh - thanks SO much for leaving this review - I'm so happy you made your review goal. It was so kind of you to offer.


Yeah - Harry and Al have their own issues. It isn't unsurmountable, but the two of them need to see each other's POV a bit more. I'm happy you thought the duel scene played off well. I always get nervous that the images in my head aren't translating in the words.

Haha - I love to end the chapter with a little bit of humor.

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #17, by RumpelstiltskinThe Company You Keep: The Company You Keep

12th October 2015:
Wohoo! Snape and Lily! :)

(Sorry it took me so long to get here, I'm a super slow reviewer!)

Lily's point of view is so heartbreaking! Their friendship just crumbles because of one word. I mean, I can completely understand why Lily would want to break off their friendship -- she's been witness to the darkness growing within him throughout their friendship, the specific people he's hanging around, and it was just the final straw.

She's totally right, too. He directed his hatred towards her, and not towards James (who deserved it). Lily was only trying to be his friend and defend him, but he lashed out at her. And the worse part is, is that she gave him a chance (and ultimatum of sorts). She said that *if* he continued hanging out with Malfoy and his friends, feeding off of their hatred for Muggle-borns, then she couldn't be friends with him. AND he walked away! :( It's tragic.

Then, when we get to Severus' POV, when he's taking the Dark Mark, I can't help but feel even more upset! He's realized too late that he is, indeed, becoming what Lily warned him about, and that he should have listened to her.

Ouch, my Snily feels! Great one-shot, though. I highly enjoyed the theme of the company that you keep, and the cause and effect of Severus and Lily's fight and his alliance with the Death Eaters.



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Review #18, by RumpelstiltskinThe Gifts: Harry: The Gifts: Harry

12th October 2015:

This was very sweet!

I hadn't thought about when or if Harry would ever buy another owl after Hedwig died. It makes perfect sense why he'd prefer to say that she'd simply left, rather than died. Harry had experienced so much death before and during the war that...well, I'm not sure how he handled it all, really.

You've displayed so much love in such a small amount of space, so kudos for that! The Weasley-Potter clan is shown as such a warm, caring family, and anyone would be extremely lucky to be a part of that!

Like I said, this was so sweet ♥ ! It most definitely made me smile! Thanks for sharing!


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Review #19, by RumpelstiltskinUnconventional: Un

12th October 2015:

Immediately I found myself chuckling during the beginning interaction, and that's a great way to start out. I also enjoyed the hook into the story, where we immediately know that the main character has had too much to drink, and she's not feeling so hot the morning after ("Just let me die,").

At any rate, the banter between the two was hilarious. I actually was unsure of which two characters were interacting at first, which I then realized may have been intentional. Obviously, I was quick in discovering that this was being told from Victoire's POV, but I actually thought that she was with Teddy in the beginning. Then, once she and Dom begin talking, I began realize that she was actually with Logan (who is her hot coworker -- ouch, that's gotta hurt).

The backstory about her job, her boss, Rory, and Logan was placed in a very considerate spot for the reader, in my opinion. It provided some awesome information and, because of Vic's first person POV, it was told in a way that I found amusing, especially that direct characterization about who Logan is ;).

I really enjoyed Dom and Vic's interaction in the end. What was more fun is that Dom is so witty and Vic's a bit snarky, and they make a great pair of sisters as you've written them.

I am incredibly interested to find out why she wouldn't want to see Teddy, given this is a Teddy/Victoire story! :D I love relationships that bloom from enemies.

Oh, yes, and Vic's characterization is great. She's real, cool, funny, and a bit cheeky and I love that in a female character. The best part is that she has this tragic flaw of continuing to get back together with Logan, who has an 'on-again-off-again' girlfriend, and is obviously someone that she shouldn't be wasting her time on (but I mean, I get it, he's hot) :).

Anyway, this was very entertaining! Thanks for sharing!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for all of these comments. Admittedly, getting the dialogue between characters confused in the beginning wasn't my intent, but having readers assume it was Teddy in the beginning was. I'm happy you noticed. :) I'm so connected to the Dom/Vic relationship, so it's great to see your feedback on Dom - we'll be getting a lot more of her. Again, thank you for all the feedback. I'll be taking all of your compliments into consideration for future chapters (and make sure my dialogue is a little more clear) so I can make sure I'm hitting on the highlights, particularly consistent characterization. :)

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Review #20, by RumpelstiltskinIllicit Obsessions: Illicit Obsessions

12th October 2015:
Hello! I'd been meaning to stop by your AP at some point ;).

Ah, this was beautifully dark and sensual. Where do I even begin?

You've shone a unique light on Peter's path to betrayal, diverging from anything else I've red yet. That alone deserves praise. I always enjoy when Peter is characterized as something other than solely a coward or a traitor. The Marauders had such a tightly woven friendship which included Peter, and I highly doubt that if Peter were a complete imbecile the others would have given him the time of day.

I find so much appeal in the manner in which he's set up for failure! It's tragically perfect: the collapse of that tightly knitted friendship in combination with the opportunity to have the one woman he's desired above anyone else was the perfect opportunity for him to be tricked into 'serving' Voldemort.

Other than plot, your descriptions are gorgeous, and I'm in love with your delicately woven love scenes. Characterization I briefly mentioned with Peter, but I love the cynicism you've bestowed upon Narcissa as well. One last thing, this last line, "Caught between fear and illicit lust, Peter clung to the thin strands left of his principals for a brief moment before surrendering to his obsession." was an absolutely amazing way to end.

Stunning one-shot! I absolutely loved it!


Author's Response: Rumple!

Hey, sorry it took me bit to get back to your oh-so-lovely review. I needed time to gather my scattered thoughts. Anyways, thank you so much for the review. This story was one of those lightning strikes from my muse that demanded I write immediately or lose. And you're right, Peter had to be more than just the bumbling follower. But what would it take to get him - a Gryffindor - to turn against his closest friends? Oh, but it was fun listening to my muse answer that question.

As for the love scenes, that took some work. The first draft (originally submitted elsewhere long ago) was rejected because I didn't handle the scenes subtly enough (and that site accepted mature-rated stories). So what you read was actually thanks to that rejection. I had to strike a balance what my muse showed me (some of it explicit) with what only needed to be implied. It took a bit of effort, but I'm glad it worked out.

The ending is one of those cases where my muse wrote the line and then firmly told me, 'stop - that's it - I have nothing more to say.' So that's where I left it.

Anyways, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to read and leave such a lovely review. It really made my day!


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Review #21, by RumpelstiltskinStronger: Stronger

12th October 2015:
Hello :).

Beautiful introduction! I was sucked into the first three paragraphs. You set up time and place, theme, tone, and some characterization right away without shoving it into the reader's face and that I will applaud you for. I also never thought about Scorpius not hearing about the war and his family until Hogwarts. It's a very true scenario, and I can't help but feel bad for him, because I'm sure he was ridiculed because of his family.

Then, of course, the scene where Scorpius questions Draco about what/who he used to be and what his morals were and why was full of anticipation! I almost thought that the conversation was going to go in a completely different direction, but it was *so* touching and I'm extremely satisfied with the way you wrote it! It gave me some warm fuzzies, thank you :).

Scorpius having to bear witness to Astoria's war-inflicted symptoms must have been frightening for him. PTSD would have been a very real issue following the war for, I'm certain, many people. I love the way you wrote the Malfoy family's kindness and compassion for one another, how Draco tries to soothe his wife, Scorpius' upset and wanting to help, and Draco simultaneously attempting to keep his son somewhat shielded from it while dealing with his own issues. :( It breaks and warms my heart all at once!

I'm so happy that he started dating Rose! I secretly ship ScoRose, but don't tell anyone ;). Again, I was slightly worried when Draco didn't say anything in response to the announcement, but once again, it turned out okay.

This was such a sad and happy little story! I appreciated your take into the post-war life of the Malfoy family!

Fantastic job!


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Review #22, by RumpelstiltskinEddie Teague and the Boy who Lived: The Search Ends

12th October 2015:
Thanks for the kind review, I thought I'd return the favor (and, you know, to see what happens next)! :)

I don't know what it is about Jimmy Teague that's made me like him since the first chapter, but it's like his character has just always been there (like canon, almost). I'm super stoked to see that he'll be teaching at Hogwarts.

I definitely can't blame Charlie for hating on the Dursleys! They're not overly kind, are they? I love how you keep the readers tied in to canon with all of the OCs, and naturally fall into said canon.

This line, "Really I would naturally expect James Henry Teague to cause conflict." I found to be a quite clever play on words that fit nicely to Dumbledore's characterization.

And so, Harry's been found. I believe this is taking us directly into the beginning of the Philosopher's Stone -- and I'm very excited to see more!



Author's Response: Hi Rumpel,

Really you feel like Jimmy's a character who could easily slip into canon? Wow that is praise considering the story has barely begun so thank you very much.

Jimmy was always going to teach at Hogwarts at Dumbledore's request. Dumbledore doesn't do anything without a plan or goal in mind though I can tell you he's partly employing Jimmy just for the fun of it. A fun little hint for his teaching methods: The kids (and Snape) are going to freak out big time.

Major canon events are important to me to keep true to up to a point because even in AU you need a respect for canon.

Yes you're correct in terms of where the story is heading is the moment Harry learns he's a wizard from Hagrid.

Glad you're enjoying it,


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Review #23, by RumpelstiltskinThe Mandrake Leaf: Animagi and Amortentia

12th October 2015:
I thought I'd return the kind gesture and swing by your AP :).

One of the initial things I enjoyed in the beginning of this was Peter's spot-on question about Remus' secret having something to do with why he goes away -- but then he's shot down ;). Aha...poor Peter. I actually very much enjoy his characterization throughout this. He's somewhat dimwitted, and don't his friends let him know it! It's almost like being bullied *by* your friends, even in a subtle manner.

That's what I love about the Marauders, they're just like, 'Oh, you're a werewolf? Okay :)." Not only that, but they extended themselves further to be able to help Remus by becoming animagi. Very noble, if you ask me. And Peter just wanted to be a lion, but he was stuck with a rat, instead ;).

The turmoil is beginning to brew in Lily and Severus' friendship, and it's so tragic (I'll admit it, I'm an avid Snape-fan. I'm not ashamed.). Though, I do have to admit, hexing people's brooms while they're extraordinarily high in the air is not a very nice thing to do.

Oh dear, I wonder what Severus will admit to under the power of Veritaserum. This can't be good! *covers eyes*


Author's Response: Thank you! There was really no need, but I'm glad you did!

Yeah, poor Pete. The sad thing is, I actually quite like the Peter I've written, but once the inevitable comes... *sigh*. And I could imagine that the Marauders, given what we know about them, wouldn't exactly be the kindest to Peter.

The Marauders are very kind people at heart, it's just that... you know... teenagers. And poor Peter's always stuck as the last choice. Poor Peter.

Yeah, Lily and Severus had to go down sometime. (I'm not exactly Snape's biggest fan, but I'm not a wild Snape-hater either. I more appreciate his complexity than anything else.) And canonically, Snape was rather rude to the Marauders, so I couldn't just get rid of that...

Thanks again for leaving a review! I hope you have a wonderful day!



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Review #24, by RumpelstiltskinThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: Sweet and Sour

11th October 2015:
Hello again, Gabbie :).

This is the chapter that Remmington needs to be punched in the head. (But I'm getting ahead of myself!)

Audrey's excitement and anticipation to see Percy is awesome! This line has some awesome foreshadowing, "he was probably more twisted on the inside than she could have ever imagined" and I'm dying for them to work out their secrets. In the mean time, I'm really enjoying this slow-burning to-be romance ♥.

Now back to Remmington being a total sleaze. For Audrey to swoop in and defend the girl was brilliant, and it followed along the wonderful personality you've established for her. My favorite part of this scene was when I was truly expecting the girl to thank Audrey, but only lashed out at her, instead. It was this total anticlimactic feeling, and I thought it was very cleverly placed. And how dare Remmington bring down Audrey like that by using Percy! That was really, really low of him!

"But she had to make them happen." She's fantastic, really. I absolutely adore her drive, even when it seems like she has nearly everything stacked against her, she's still *so* determined! It's not just that she wants to graduate and get out of there, it's that she *will*.

And then Percy shows up (not in his bathrobe, mind you ;) ), and this overwhelming wave of excitement rushes over me, and once again I'm cheering for the Percy/Audrey ship again. (I know, I'm ridiculously odd, don't mind me.)

There's just so much in the following scene that appeals to me. First, the conversation between Percy and Audrey continues to kill me. The small talk mixed into innuendos, flirting, and some ridiculous notions (you know, circus freaks :P ) is just amazing. Then, of course, I love that she's so excited to be going somewhere with him, though she consistently puts herself down. Even so, she's so excited to be going with him, that she really wants to impress him -- with her red dress ;). And Percy with the television...that was just way too funny.

It was totally thoughtful of Percy to bring her to the theatre, even though he has absolutely no eloquence about him and leaves her doubting both herself and him most of the time.

Anyway, I do apologize for all of my gushing. I do that, a lot. Fantastic chapter!


Author's Response: HELLO!

Thanks a ton for all of your lovely reviews, they really are wonderful. I'm blown away by them to be honest! They make me blush! Hahaha.

I drop a lot of foreshadowing here and there in this story and it's so nice that you guys seem to pick up on them. Audrey mentions that Percy is a little weird more than once and it all builds up to chapter seven and eight, in which he can no longer hide from her. I will not spill it for you though! ;)

You know, I had someone else point out the bit with the girl Audrey helped too. I don't know why I ended up having her turn Audrey away but for some reason in my mind, that was all that came up. It worked out lovely because it certainly wasn't what you guys expected but it makes you wonder about people sometimes.

Remmington using Percy to bring Audrey down is very low but I think he just tries to break her in any way that he can.

I said in my last review but Audrey is a lot more grounded. I think that she's been through a lot of awful things so she's a lot more driven about making her life happen. She's SO determined though and that's what I love about her.

Percy/Audrey is practically my life right now, you have no idea. Hahahha. I love their small talk too because it helps me understand where they are at the moment. I never write this story from Percy's POV so when he's fussing at her or being his adorably weird self, it helps me get into his head more.

That television never gets fixed. Hahaha.

I hope you stop by again to find out what was going on with Percy here and thanks again for the review! :D

Much love,


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Review #25, by RumpelstiltskinThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: The Spice of Life

11th October 2015:
Aand it's Negligee Night at Bare Back! :D

I love that Audrey imagines dancing for Percy while she performs a super-steller that'll keep everyone talking about it for days. I loved even more that Percy was in the audience to bear witness to her super-stellar performance. I also hate to agree with Pamela, most of those guys are probably terrible people, but Percy's a little different (not that she'd know that).

Speaking of Pamela, I find that female-to-female (similarly, male-to-male) interactions bring out some of the best and true characterization for some characters. I'm truly glad there is someone to whom Audrey can relate, to bring out some more of her personality.

Audrey's forwardness and cheekiness are amazing -- I love it, and I love that it's directed towards Percy, who just doesn't quite know how to handle it. "“It was….invigorating, Ms. Tang." -- Oh goodness this makes me laugh. And she does such a good job handling his oddities (robes, behaviour, wizarding world money, etc.) but it totally makes sense why she's so curious about him.

It's too bad that Percy can't exactly open up to her with the Statute of Secrecy and whatnot, but at least he can answer some of her questions, somewhat truthfully. :D I can hardly wait for him to see her again, let alone Audrey!

Brilliant chapter, as usual!


Author's Response: Hello!

Negligee Night at Bare Back is awesome!

People always talking about that scene with Audrey imagining her dancing for Percy. I'm not sure where that really came from but it fit with how the two of them were feeling around this time. Audrey wanted to see him and Percy couldn't get her out of his mind. Pamela I think has been at the club a lot longer than Audrey so I think her perspective is a bit more realistic, if not cynical.

I couldn't have Audrey not having a friend at the. I think that she probably got attached to Pamela because she filled in that mother role that she needed (They're a few years a part) and plus, it's always great to have Audrey bonding with someone else and showing more of her character, like you said.

Audrey is the cheekiest female character that I've ever written. She's so much fun to write and pairing her with Percy is just such a treat, he doesn't know what to do with her. What I like the most about her though is that she doesn't make much of a big deal about how odd he is, she just accepts him as he is.

I think that Percy might have to end up opening up about his world soon. I'm nearly finished with chapter seven so be on your toes!

Much love,


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