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Review #1, by RumpelstiltskinNine Months: September 20th

22nd July 2015:

Oh yes, all of those flu-like symptoms... luckily they always slip my mind when I think back to pregnancy. Ugh.

Requests her presence, does he? On top of that, he seems to be getting a bit jealous... Hopefully he figures out his stuff soon, because he's going to have a lot more stuff to figure out after.

I do feel a bit for Remus, though, poor guys is only trying to help (though Sirius' unspoken feelings are starting to become more obvious because of this).

I'd enjoy making Sirius squirm like that, too. Remus just gets shuffled into the mixture, but it is nice to see that Arya and Remus are getting to know each other better :).

Yup, I do believe that you've nailed the reaction for the discovery of an unforseen child, or a surprise, as I like to call it.

Oops, now Remus knows...awkward, indeed.

Oh! Now I have to see what happens next! So, what happens next? You're totally planning on updating this soon, right?

Great job, can't wait 'til next time!


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Review #2, by RumpelstiltskinNine Months: September 8th

22nd July 2015:
Hello, hello!

Aha, my rambling bits of estimated insight are unravelling nicely ;). I can't blame Arya for being angry, I would've been livid as well! It's obvious that Sirius isn't ready for a commitment, but I think he's running out of time to 'grow up' as he pleases.

Oh, I remember when I was pregnant I was *so* tired. I swear, I felt as though I had narcolepsy! That off feeling won't be going away for a while, I'm afraid! I haven't read a pregnancy story -- teenage or otherwise -- since before the baby, so I'm feeling particularly emphathetic towards your character. I feel especially bad about the teenage aspect of it, that must be even more difficult, what with hormones going haywire at is it.

Anyway...(have I mentioned that I have a bad habit of rambling?). I really enjoyed Arya interacting with Lily. While I love the boys, I do love it when female characters interact with other female characters because they tend to bring out more of each others personalities.

Aw, he must really like her if he's showing her the map ;). I'd still be a bit annoyed if I were her, too, but at least he's *trying* to make it better, right? Right?


That is true, it's not just Sirius' secret to keep or divulge as he pleases, the map does belong to the others as well.

Oh dear...well, that's a mood killer. Oh boy, they have no idea... The anticipation is killing me!

Good job!


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Review #3, by RumpelstiltskinNine Months: September 4th

22nd July 2015:
Hello again!

Ah, poor Arya, subjected to a moldy broom closet. Sirius' 'argument' for staying was pretty convincing, though, what with the kisses and the smiles ;). I can see how that would be difficult not to give in to.

Aha, she's got him doing her homework, does she ;)? The other boys' teasing does hold some merit, but she's 'not his girlfriend'. Ah, that makes me laugh. I'm not sure how James expects Arya to have some influence over Lily, but I suppose we'll see if she can work her magic. Tying this into canon, Arya could very well be the reason that Lily changes her mind about James, anyway.

Oh, Arya, I'm rooting for you. It seems that Sirius is more hesitant about the actual label of becoming a couple -- possibly because he feels like that will close doors of opportunity. As far as actions go, however, he's already in the relationship that he denies. Guess she'll have to shake him up a bit, yeah? Well, with the theme of pregnancy looming over their unsuspecting heads, I suppose a shaking-up will happen, won't it?

Another great chapter, thanks!


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Review #4, by RumpelstiltskinNine Months: September 1st

22nd July 2015:
I stumbled across this as I was looking for some pleasure-reading; beware a rambling Rumpel review.

This was fun so far! I can see Sirius being an uber pain, bothering the poor girl when she's trying to pack and steeling her alarm. Arya is going to have her hands full, that's for sure.

I really loved the interactions with her mother, too, before leaving for King's Cross. I think it was very admirable of her to think about not pursuing the rest of her education in order to try to protect her mother in the wake of the war.

From what I've seen of the Marauders, I enjoyed their characterization, and thank you for giving Peter a role. I swear, the amount of stories I've read where Peter doesn't participate during a Marauder-era story... so, again, thank you!

I think Arya and Sirius are sweet together. I love how Sirius teases her and, although it annoys her, she still has developed *feelings*.

As far as creating realistic teenage characters, I've think you've done a great job (and I know that struggle; teenage characters can be difficult to work with). I'm excited to see how you handle the teenage pregnacny aspect!

Great job!


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Review #5, by RumpelstiltskinThe Tale of the Second Companion: Swords and Pens

21st July 2015:

I'm genuinely intruiged by this, though the indroduction was a tease, being so short ;).

One of the aspects I enjoy most is the personification of Death and Life, giving them an embodied presence in the plotline. I always love that idea, wherever it appears. In the opening bit, the line, "Everyone was so scared of Death, no one truly realised that Life was the real villain" reminded me of Dumbledore's famous "do not pity the dead..." and it really played well into the story, for me, at any rate.

I'm interested to see just where this story will take Romaine and Harry. Also, kudos for the poetic writng, it was lovely to read!

Until the next,


Author's Response: It's really fun playing with the personification, I'm actually tempted to write from life's pov but maybe that should be at the end of the story as death was the beginning... I hope to make up for this short chapter though! Thanks for the review.

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Review #6, by RumpelstiltskinEvolution: O Captain, My Captain

12th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 :: Slytherin

Quiddich would be a great outlet to take James' mind off of his mild obsession with Lily. Especially given that he has the responsibility of being Gryffindor's captain.

Sirius is clueless to James' crush, and I find that very funny. What's even more humorous is that James plays along!

Another great chapter!


What makes him such a great captain is his intensity and the way he takes it so seriously. It's a bit intimidating, but, hey, they're Gryffindors, they can handle it ;). Sirius as his right-hand-man is a nice touch, as well.

Oh, but even the slightest reminder of Lily -- even if it her friends in the stands -- can distract James from Quiddich. Poor guy. He's just in love, and doesn't know what to do with it.

Author's Response: James is definitely a hardcore Captain, and though he IS very much determined to win, you'll find out as the story progresses that there's a bit more to his intensity about Quidditch than just him being a Quidditch nut.

As for Sirius...he'll have his own inklings, while amusingly not quite getting there...but I hope you'll be pleasantly surprised by how he ends up dealing with everything throughout the story.

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Review #7, by RumpelstiltskinEvolution: Another Run-In

12th July 2015:
House Cup :: 2015

Aha, so James and Sirius *are* going to have to take Potions with Lily (and Severus). My estimations are turning out nicely ;). Though, obviously, they haven't realized that Severus and Lily have had the ultimate falling out.

Well, that is, of course, until they actually get into Potions class (that's the problem with reading in sections). By the way, I love how jealous James is -- that makes me laugh. The characters are super realistic in this, that's probably one of the reasons why I've been enjoying this so much.

Though, I was wrong in my assumption that Lily and James would end up being partners -- clever little twist there. Otherwise, it might have been a little too obvious.

Ah, poor James! I do feel bad that Lily believes that James (with the help of Sirius) ran into her on purpose! The poor guy does want to change for her, but so far things aren't turning out in his favor.

I also loved (apparently I love a lot today, save a better term) how suspicious she was of James, who was simply trying to help her up. Of course, given his track record, who could blame her.

So, James' new attitude is making a slight impact, anyhow. At least she isn't positively repulsed by the sight of him by the end of the chapter ;).


Author's Response: Indeed, indeed! It will take A LONG time for Lily to really fully thaw toward James, and there's plenty of one step forward, one step back as far as that goes. We'll see how you like the dance they do if you carry on - because I meant slow burn :p

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Review #8, by RumpelstiltskinEvolution: Hogwarts Bound

12th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 :: Slytherin

That's right, I never thought about having to switch partners in Potions since Lily is no longer on good terms with Severus. What's more is that she'll have to do without her girlfriends, as well. I sense that James and Sirius will, indeed, be in her class, and that she will ultimately have to partner with one of them (I like to guess ;) ).

I love female characters interacting with other female characters. It seems like an odd thing to say, but female characters tend to bring out more characterization than female/male characters. The same can be said for male characters interacting with male characters, but I feel as though a lot of the time, writers tend to forget that females do tend to form bonds with one another, and that it does create some pretty awesome characterization.

Anyway. James is so taken with Lily, and I love it. He's unfocused and needing to change because of her, and it's fantastic because it is so true to a teenage boy (not that I'd really know, so much, but...).

I also enjoyed how the four boys interact with each other and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for making Peter a person and a part of the group! I can't tell you how many times I've read a story where Peter is just off doing something else or is completely silent, or eating cheese or something. I really think you've caught the essence of the group as a whole, the way the interact with and tease one another.

As for their individual characterization, so far I'm thoroughly enjoying them. You're giving each of them their own personality, and James and Sirius aren't the same person, more importantly. So, fantastic job with that!



Author's Response: Well, you're close to correct ;) - though it's not for awhile that she'll eventually partner with one of them (albeit not full-time).

Unfortunately, one my great regrets about the first half of this story is not enough of that female/female connection characterization that avoids stereotypes about clothes, guys, relationships, etc. It's something I'm going back to improve through editing once I finish.

As for the other stuff though, I'm glad you liked it and the Marauders. Though James, Remus, and Sirius still get more of the spotlight ultimately, I definitely try to make the remain differentiable and also to give Peter his moments and as you'd see later, a backstory that will come to give some light to why he does what he does in the end.

Thanks for carrying on with these great reviews!

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Review #9, by RumpelstiltskinEvolution: Words of Wisdom

12th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 :: Slytherin

I really enjoyed this one-on-one between James and his father -- it's not something I typically see in fanfiction. But let's begin at the start.

I would imagine that James' father would have an important job, which is why the Potter's were quite wealthy. I also love that, despite his busy schedule, he always attempts to find time to spend with his son (and also the way he apologizes profusely to James about keeping him waiting). Francis seems like a very good man.

After explaining all of his troubles with Lily, and oh there are troubles, I really adore the advice that his father gives him, "For every boy, there comes a time to choose the man you want to be." That's a really great line actually.

Thank you for filling in the gap in canon about what exactly happened to James to make him change so that Lily saw him in a different light; it was done extremely well.

Another great chapter, and thank you for it!


Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the father-son bit. It's something I wanted to include a lot more of in the novel ultimately, but it didn't fit as well as I'd hoped. You're definitely right about James's dad being a good guy. Obviously he's much older and has changed his ways, but as you would see in later chapters, he's quite a character himself even with his wealth and important job.

I also definitely wanted this to be an impetus for James to grow up (as that's kind of the story of the first half of the story in fact).

Thanks for the kind words!

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Review #10, by RumpelstiltskinEvolution: The End of the Line

12th July 2015:
House Cup : 2015

(In the least detail you've ever seen me leave a review...)

37 letters in one summer is a ridiculous amount, but I'd expect that Severus would do everything in his power to try to right things with the first and possible only true friend he'd ever had. I feel for him, but at the same time, I can definitely see why Lily -- after years of standing up for him, defending him against bullies (primarily James and Co.) -- would be hesitant to see forgive him.

The letter she writes him has a certain air of finality about it, as it was meant to have. She finally explains to him that it wasn't all about what he had called her, but more so about the path he's chosen with dark magic and allowing himself to be consumed by hatred.

Unless he were to change his ways, I don't see Lily being able to reconcile with him, even though it's hurting her as much as it is hurting him.

Also, I quite like the alternation of POVs, it keeps things fresh.

Great chapter!


Author's Response: Hello again, Rumpel!

Haha, 37 letters IS quite a lot isn't it? I imagined that he would've written a letter a day for awhile though, and then with a three month summer it wasn't TOO insane to jump on from there - plus Snape is a rather obsessive character - especially with Lily. You're very correct about the finality though. It's bridge burned at this point.

I'm glad you like the POV shifts too - as that's a big fixture of the story.

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Review #11, by RumpelstiltskinPain Makes You Beautiful: Rated Mature for themes and content.

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 :: Slytherin

Ever get the feeling you're being stalked?

Before I get into things, I just wanted to mention that I really appreciate your ability to switch tone and writing style between stories (only because I just came from a story with a completely different feel). It really reflects on your ability as a writer and it continues to make your writing interesting to your readers.

Anyways, speaking of tone, that second paragraph really sets the tone for this story. I love how it also drops characterization for Sirius all in one go. This is a slightly darker side of Sirius than I'm used to reading in fanfiction, so it was quite refreshing.

James' generosity depicted as overwhelming at times is also new, but I can see how it can be. I loved the description when Sirius says, When I’m not choking in the charitable overflow." The word choice was lovely.

Remus' father dying, and having to find out by reading the paper is awfully heartbreaking, and his mother blaming the lycanthropy for destroying their family is even more so. "Remus makes us belong to each other." -- It's almost as if while the rest of the world, including Remus, himself, sees him as a nuisance and a monster because of what he is, Sirius views it as a blessing, because putting Remus back together every month is what holds the foursome's friendship together.

"Sometimes I think food is the only way he knows how to care. Maybe it’s all he ever gets from his mum." You know, just go ahead and take my heart right now and get rid of it, because you're killing me (and I love it). Ah! This all ties into canon so perfectly with it's own little unique twist! Where has this story been?!

I'm assuming that this is going to be devastating at the end, isn't it? The closeness of the Marauders ("We bleed for each other.") in combination with the somber voice is telling me that this is going to hurt me, isn't it?

I love how Marlene brings out the better parts of Sirius, I love the pairing, so it's awesome that there's a very positive light about it in this. Remus and Marlene seem to be the ones that can bring some comfort to Sirius while he's unable to see James.

The comfort that Remus and Sirius bring each other is described so well, an intimacy born in a time of darkness and uncertainty. It's brilliant.

The way Sirius views Dumbledore is also new to me (you're full of surprises, you are), and I absolutely love it every second of it. I never would have thought about it that way, but there you are, shining a whole perspective into my headcanon.

Sirius is all sorts of messed up and its devastating and fantastic all at the same time. He's nothing without Remus, he says, but at the same time, he wants him to leave so that it won't destroy Remus... And can we talk about your imagery and word choice? I won't quote it directly, because it's far too long, but the imagery around spilling guts was amazing, just as an example.

My Wolfstar feels are shattering all over the place as well. Everything is just so depressing and amazing, I don't know how to feel exactly, but I'm reveling in it.

"Azkaban prison is cold. My good intentions become my weakness and swirl around me as the life drains out of my soul." Oh god, it's so true! What's worse is that Remus truly believes that he did it, and Sirius blames himself! Tying it back to the beginning was perfect, and I really really love this!



Author's Response:

You are the best kind of stalker!

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this wonderful review. I found it really hard to talk about this piece after I wrote it. It was one of those things that I had to just put down and walk away from for a while, until my brain assimilated whatever the heck this was. I don't even want to contemplate where it came from. It's definitely not my usual thing, and I doubt I could write like this all the time if I tried.

You seem to have gotten everything that I wanted to show, and as I'm always struggling with clarity issues, I am amazed that it all came through. There's a resentment Sirius holds inside of him, not because people helped him when he needed it, but because he needed help in the first place. He doesn't want to accept within himself how much he needs the people around him. So yeah, the "choking in charitable overflow", and his attitude towards Dumbledore show that.

Heh, sometimes I don't know how to feel about this piece either. It's dark and blunt and there are no soft corners. But it was for the angst challenge, so I just let it be that way. I knew exactly how I wanted the last phrasing to be, and I'm a huge fan of symmetry, so I'm glad you appreciated that end.

Thanks so much for the fangirling review on this! If the subject matter wasn't such a downer, I would squee. :)


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Review #12, by RumpelstiltskinFred and George and the Birthday Surprise: Stuffed frogs and fuzzy bunnies

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 : Slytherin

It's awesome that Fred and George are trying to help, knowing that they need to be good while everyone is setting up their birthday party! They're even trying to cheer up little Ginny, because she's upset that she's too little to 'help'!

"Besides, if the baby exploded while he was in charge, he’d never get a baby dragon." -- This quote is the BEST! It just made my week, or month, even! That was awesome, really, because this may be my favorite quote EVER.

Oh no, I can't foresee anything good coming from giving a two-year-old a can of whipping cream! Haha, "Snow!" Little kid antics are cute, I tell you. You're on to something here!

Oops, poor Percy! He must be extremely angry, but at least Arthur was there to save the lemonade! Looks like the boys were caught! Even when they're trying to stay out of trouble -- trying to do good, responsible things -- they still cause trouble ;). Perfect.

What's better is now they think that, because they were born on April Fool's Day, that they can do all sorts of things (the birth of the twin's pranks) on their birthday and get away with it!

I love this so much! Great job!


Author's Response: Fred and George truly are trying to be good. They've got a big family, and everyone pitches in, especially since the whole family is preparing a special day for them. They understand the significance of this.

Yay for not exploding the baby!! LOL. I loved that too. No, there is nothing good that can come from a two year old and whipped topping. If you're going to do it, start by putting them straight in the bathtub. Just don't even mess around.

Yeah, poor Percy being all high strung about everything. And of course they're going to take advantage of their birthday date from now on. I'd like to think that this is how it all started. ;)

Thanks so much for reading my cute story about Fred and George! I loved all your reviews!

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Review #13, by RumpelstiltskinFred and George and the Birthday Surprise: What's in the box?

11th July 2015:
Slytherin House Cup : 2015

I love how reasonable Arthur is when he's talking to the boys about his concern with then using magic, while Molly is the hot-headed disciplinarian. That's why I love Arthur and Molly, they balance each other out so well.

Oh the chaos with all of the Weasley children! I love it! Percy's little outburst about the twins getting a bigger present than he really kind of suits his later personality ;).

The part where Fred and George began to question their father about the properties/meaning of the box and its contents ("Does that mean we’re brilliant?...Can we eat it?") was too funny. I accidentally laughed out loud and received strange looks from my SO...

Little Ron is really cute, by the way, and I did enjoy the twins' commentary on how they would've had 11 blocks in the tower at his age instead of nine.

I'm super excited for the next chapter!

-Rumpel (whose brain is currently mush)

Author's Response:

Oh no! Mushy brain is not good. Prop it up with... um... toothpicks or something. Yeah, that will work. Fred agrees.

I think Arthur and Molly are a good balanced pair. I also thing that Arthur doesn't get enough attention in fics as a responsible father. I wanted to show his loving side, as well as the way that he deals with the boys. It was nice to write him this way.

Yeah, let's all pick on Ron... hehe. I couldn't help it. Little kids always find a way to make themselves superior to the younger kids around them.

Thanks again for another lovely review!


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Review #14, by RumpelstiltskinFred and George and the Birthday Surprise: We only borrowed it and then we put it back.

11th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 :: Slytherin

Pix! This is adorable!

The way Fred and George 'cleaned' their room reminded me of when I used to 'clean' my room when I was six, too (save the wand) ;). I love that, because Charlie is 10, the twins believe that he MUST know better. By 10, he should know everything, of course.

I can definitely see them wanting to use magic, and Charlie's anxiety to be able to go to Hogwats, thus wanting to 'see' Bill's wand. I would have, too.

"Seconds were tricky." -- I love this line! It's so perfect for an almost-six-year-old! And, if you think about it, yes they are tricky.

The twins' struggle with responsibility -- by way of staying out of trouble for an hour -- is very funny. “Being responsible hurts.” That! Poor George and his splinter! Be strong, George!

This is absolutely adorable and I love it! It's so awesome that they are so close, but they would be, because they're twins (because they're Fred and George).

I can't wait to see what sort of antics will ensue through the rest of the day though! And I have to apologize for the crazy scrambled review (it's late, and my brain has stopped functioning properly).


Author's Response:

It's Rumpel on my page!!

Hehe, you managed to pick the one story that I didn't try to turn into some kind of creepy, weird thing. Lucky you!!

Yeah, remember those times when the underside of the bed was so LARGE?? I do. My kids do too. You can fit so much under there.

Yes, poor George. Responsibility is not fun, not when you're trying to have fun yourself. Thanks for coming to read this!


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Review #15, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: The Long Day of Vengeance

5th July 2015:
House Cup 2015 : Slytherin

I despise how Scorpius is considering forgiving Corbin, and trying to place some of the blame on himself (as well as the other ways he's trying to make Corbin's actions seem less...awful). His reaction is just so human! Of course he wants his boyfriend back, everything had been going fine (mostly) up until that point, so why WOULDN'T he be considering taking him back, right? Right?!

Anyhow, by Scorbin ship shattered, and I was actually mildly surprised (and I should have known better).

Aw! Poor Al! You know, with my shock and horror that Arthur had died, I had momentarily forgotten that poor little Cora was there when it happened!

Yes, it absolutely is abuse. No! No! No! Scorpius can't really think that he won't do it again, does he? Of course he does, because he's falling in love. I'll just have to wrap him in bubble wrap to prevent you from destroying him. Yes.

Archie's a tool; a cheating tool, at that. How dare he anyway?! And I was rooting for him, too. *Shakes head* I'm just going to have to stop rooting for people, so you'll stop breaking my heart.

Oh yeah, I can see Al and James -- the angry brothers -- being quite intimidating (especially when breaking into your apartment under an invisibility cloak).

That was particularly hysterical -- I actually believed for one moment that Lily was about to stop her brothers. That was pretty good ;).

I just love Brandon and Albus so much ♥ (but I'm totes not rooting for them, because you know what happens to ships that I root for). I mean, they're just so adorable together!

Don't tell me that they're going to try to take Cora away. Rose, don't do it! You can't! I'll cry (legit, bawl).

Hey!! I'm sure having two daddies is a perfectly amazing homelife for little Cora! Home inspection?! -_- Don't break my heart.

Yes! He's Harry Potter! He can do SOMETHING! Can't he?

Don't break my heart. *twitch*


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Review #16, by RumpelstiltskinPureblood: Patience is a Virtue

28th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 :: Slytherin

I'm extremely impressed by the introduction of the main character in the first scene. While it isn't bogged down with heavy description, it gives away important details about Alex and her world (her beliefs concerning Pure-bloods, her feelings of entitlement in magic, control, and power, her own families status as blood-traitors, etc.). It has a beautiful voice to it, that aids to the Pure-blood-ideals feel, and there's a beautiful sense of anticipation about the bit of foreshadowing. That's a great way to start, because now I'm excited to read more!

It's not often that I see the certain characters (such as Bellatrix, Rosier, Rodolphus, Severus, Lucius, etc.) in a positive, nearly playful light. I think it's fantastic that you've captured it because, as shown, they were young once, capable of joking, having fun, and just being children.

I also enjoy her sense of humor greatly, and the way she jokes with and teases others. It's a special, friendly quality that really shines through in her characterization.

I'm entirely pleased that you've given me a whole section of Severus -- my fangirl wept with joy, so thank you for that ;). I enjoyed how you portrayed him becoming a part of that particular group of people, more out of House Pride than anything, and of course, bonds were made.

You've done a fantastic job with character introduction in this first chapter, and I'm glad that you went a little in-depth with each character, and didn't just leave the reader hanging on bits and pieces of cannon information that we already know.

I'm very excited to read the next chapter, and I hope that I can get to it soon. Until then.


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review! I had just done a big edit on the first chapter so I'm really glad that you like the new version.

I've really tried to capture them all as being young and fun, but still being believable enough that their characters could be that way in the past so I hope I captured that.

I'm so glad you like Severus! I actually find him the hardest to write so good feedback is awesome.

Thanks again for the wonderful review, I really hope that you get a chance to go on and read the rest of the story :)

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Review #17, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: I don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You

20th June 2015:
House Cup 2015 - Slytherin

I'm still incredibly angry with you for killing Arthur, just so you know. Then, of course, there was the mention of George with the whole "who still wore grief from the loss of his twin" thing -- are you trying to kill me? But I do have to admit that the statement about how Arthur's submission to a muggle illness was ironic, was a great touch. That did make me smile (but only a bit).

Poor Rose. In the middle of grieving, and watching couples grieve together, giving each other comfort, but being absolutely alone must be terrible. You love making your characters (and readers) suffer, don't you? That's only further emphasized while Rose is talking about not having anyone to hold her with Charlie, and Charlie mentions losing Brad...

I knew I was putting off reading this for a reason... *sobs hopelessly*

Ouch. Do I detect a little bit of hostility from Corbin? Yeesh, that dude is having some major anger-management level mood swings! Oh. No. He. Did. NOT just hit Scorpius. -_- There go my Scorbin feels. Yup, send him out! :( Are you doing all of this purposefully to hurt me? What did I ever do to you?

NO!! Not Archie too!! How could he cheat on Lily?! Everything is just falling to pieces in this chapter! *Scrambles around trying to pick up pieces of broken relationships and hearts and tries to hot glue them back together*

Not fair, Rose. Not fair at all!


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Review #18, by RumpelstiltskinLoratio: Chicken

3rd March 2015:
I'm so sorry that I'm so late!

This chapter was especially great for me, today, as I needed a good laugh. I love how much Louis' cross-dressing...erm, well, 'bothered' Horatio ;). Intimacy does have a tendency to be thwarted by the presence of family members, after all.

Between the idea itself, the foolishness of Louis and Horatio's drunken antics, Dominique and Victoire's comments, and Teddy taking his picture (and let's not forget the lovely line, 'It's not Louise, it's Lou-Lou Belle'), I was in stitches. Whatever game they are playing, I would have loved to have witnessed it!

The end of the chapter was especially sweet, and I just loved the entire thing! Great job!


Author's Response: Awww that's fine! I don't mind! :D

Yay! I'm so glad that I could make you laugh. And Horatio loves a bit of cross-dressing Louis... it's why he lets him drink so much haha. But yes, the family are ruining everything.

Yay! I'm so glad that you liked this so much! :D It's made me so happy.

Thank you!!

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Review #19, by RumpelstiltskinGetting Out Alive: My Life (An Example of Disaster)

11th February 2015:
Ooh boy.

With Ash and Hudson having their little...whatever you'd call it (hate-hate relationship?), poor Jay must be loosing her mind. That has to be a tough friendship to balance (well, rather, two individual friendships and a rivalry). I like that aspect a lot, though, and I think adding it in is giving this story an extra special flare.

I really just adore the quirky inner monologue ("He's proud of himself for the comment. Seriously proud of himself. I can tell he's rewarding himself in his mind"), and I love Jay's character. She's just so spunky.

Aha, the arrival of the handsome Dalton, boyfriend ;). *cough* Just speculation, here, but Dalton doesn't seem like he's all that terrific of a guy (you know, short of being handsome). Unlike the BFF Hudson, Dalton doesn't seem to know anything about Jay, really. O.o AND he totally avoided the whole visiting her over break thing...just saying. :D

(Just as a side note, I woke the baby up giggling over "“I find you sexually appealing. Hudson is into cats.”" bahaha)

Anyhow. Well, in the very least, Dalton isn't a complete jerk ^.^ what with the hug (at least for now, I'm not sure which direction he's going to take yet...I'll just have to wait and see).

Okay, yeah, Hudson deserves to be, go for it (that's what Ash was really saying ;) ), haha.

Great chapter, Mae!


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Review #20, by RumpelstiltskinThe Worst: More Bad News

4th February 2015:
Hey there!

This is an excellent chapter! You've described Dominique's sufferings beautifully, and I wasn't certain that suffering could be beautiful. Of course, it's understandable that she's dealing with an enormous amount of complex feelings that are making her push people away from her, but she really does need somebody at the moment to help her deal. Which is why it's fantastic that Teddy's around -- no matter what :D.

Hopefully she's able to open the lines of communication between herself and her mother and sister again. And, that's absolutely true, having to continue to write that article is completely unfair! The amount of emotional distress it will have on Dom is reason enough for not having to do it, but, no, they just want the stupid story *twitch*. (Sorry, got carried away there.)

It's also absolutely freaking devastating to hear that she can't have children because of her condition. I never thought of Lycanthropy like that for females, where the process would interrupt the ability to bear children. It's a clever and heartbreaking twist on your story!

The decision? Oh man...that's a mean place to leave off a chapter! I'll try very hard to squeeze another review in before the day is up!


Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

I am happy you liked this chapter and found my description and all good. Teddy is just amazing, isn't he.

Yeah I know, I'm kinda mean to put Dom through so much stress but hey it's not called The Worst for nothing xP

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments!

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Review #21, by Rumpelstiltskin'Bring a Muggle to School' Day: 'Bring a Muggle to School' Day

26th January 2015:
I happened to stumble across this while looking for something and absolutely had to read it! I found the entire ordeal hilarious. My favorite part though was when Fred and George realized that Melina had made the entire thing up, and they were still towing captive muggles to Hogwats. :)

McGonagall is going to have their heads!

Thanks for a good laugh!


Author's Response: Haha, you're very welcome! And thanks so much for the surprise review! This story turned out a lot funnier than I thought it would be, sometimes I'm surprised I'm the one who wrote it because it still makes ME laugh whenever I deign to reread my own work. But it's definitely one of my favorites!


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Review #22, by RumpelstiltskinLike a House on Fire: What an Idiot

26th January 2015:
Oh my gosh! The end is nigh! *Deep breath*

Sirius in the sunlight. My inner fangirl may or may not be drooling slightly. *Cough* Anyway, his peculiarity (you know, poking Millie to make sure that he wasn't hallucinating, and then trying to explain himself after) makes him even more fantastic, as Millie said. Well, she didn't call him fantastic, that would've just gone to his head anyway.

" “Why didn’t you ever tell me you were an Animagus?”" --Yeah, Sirius. Explain yourself. Or play dumb *sigh*. Silly boy.

Aha, Padfoot the dog is still an idiot ;), but a lovable idiot, of course. And Sirius does have a point, when Millie didn't want him around, she was typically okay with Padfoot being there.

...and then with the I love you and the kisses and the strange thermal underwear analogy! I love the two of them! And I can't believe that it's over!

How do you feel now?

I'm feeling a bit bittersweet, haha! It was a great ending, though!

Now, where's the sequel? Haha ;)



He probably glowed or something. I can imagine Sirius doing that without meaning to. He's just that good-looking. Millie loves him for all his weirdness. As do we.

Sirius was coming from a good place here. He didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to give up Remus' secret. Goodness. His loyalty is going to be the death of him someday. Oh, wait... I think I just made myself sad :(

It is my opinion that all dogs are loveable idiots. It's just the way dogs are. And the reason Sirius did this in the first place is to be closer to her, and to get her to open up in ways that she wouldn't to anyone, not specifically him.

And the ship has finally, for real, sailed! And it only took thirty-nine chapters. Woohoo!

I think that's what I'm feeling too. I'm very relieved to have finally completed this, but also I'm sad to see it done. This was my first fanfic. It holds a special place in my heart. The things that I've learnt over the course of writing this... Sigh. It's been fun.

And concerning the sequel... there might be one, but it'll be a little different to what sequels traditionally are. I think I may rewrite this as an AU of some sort and then continue the story on from there. But who knows?

Thanks so much for all your love and support, Rumpel! It means a lot ^.^ *hugs*

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Review #23, by RumpelstiltskinLike a House on Fire: Home

26th January 2015:
I'm terrible with reading the end of stories, and I tend to procrastinate, which is one of the reasons I've been avoiding it. If I don't read the end, then it doesn't end :D. However, it's time to take my big girl pill and *gulp* accept that one of the first stories I started reading when I joined is now ending.

Nostalgia at its finest. I don't blame her, it's sort of heartbreaking looking back at the beginning, knowing it all will end. Also, I find Remus' statement (Hogwarts is home) very true. It can feel even more true with the weight of Voldemort's uprising looming over you upon graduation, knowing that you'll never be quite as safe as you have been at Hogwarts (home).

Heh. Everybody knows she was thinking about snogging Sirius ;). I love his trepidation when he feels like he can't talk to her without the chocolate frogs. Those two are impossible. I want to shake them sometimes, but at least they're talking.

Oh feelings... Hey, at least he's not beating-around-the-bush with this feelings now! Perhaps there will be some progress! *Crosses fingers*

Hooray! Well, sort of. Starting over seems like a few steps backwards, but, in the very least, it can provide a clean state with which to NOT GO KISSING OTHER GIRLS (*grumble* Sirius *grumble*). Logically, I can understand Millie's hesitation. Sirius broke her heart; how is she supposed to trust him? On the other hand, I've been rooting for this ship to sail!

And yes, Sirius is absolutely endearing in this chapter. How could she not love him (you know, besides the being an idiotic idiot thing).


Author's Response: I'm the same! I haven't finished reading books for similar reasons. And I did procrastinate writing the end... because it's finally over :(

I was feeling nostalgic about the end, and that translated into my writing. My characters and I are all growing up, and we're all letting go of something that's been part of our lives for a very long time. Remus' line about Hogwarts always being home is a big nod to that feeling, too. It'll always be here - for all of us.

Hahaha! As long as Sirius doesn't know, right? That's all that matters, because that's very awkward. So much of their wariness of each other arises from the complete lack of open communication between them for most of their relationship. But yes. These two. So oblivious sometimes.

It's the second-last chapter - if there's going to be progress at any point in this story, it should be now.

I don't think they can start over. It's a lovely sentiment on Sirius' part but Millie's reluctance to start over completely comes from that. And Sirius' "slip-up" is an excellent example of this. They've been through too much together. You can't just forget all of that, because along with all the bad stuff, there's a lot of good stuff too.

And Sirius has that effect, doesn't he? One can't help but love him...

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Review #24, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: A Satisfied Mind

17th January 2015:
It takes me one to two days to write a review now, and my fiance keeps exiting out of my webpage, even though we each have our own computer, and this is the third time I'm writing this review! *Twitch, twitch*

Anyway, HOW COULD YOU?! YOU MUST HATE ME! I knew something bad would happen...but Arthur? *Cries* Poor Molly :(

Or, maybe we should start at the beginning. I love the idea of Scorp and Rose hanging out, the GBF thing should totally happen. Just saying. I think that the wedding will be much more enjoyable if they went together -- or I hope... I never know with you. You'll probably have something explode at the wedding, killing the pair of them. *Cough* Or I'm overacting.

I can definitely see Harry hiring assassin aurors to defend his daughter's virtue (though I don't mean that as literally as it sounds *cough*). Feeding him may help ;). And, hahahaha, "Great job." That was fantastic, I chuckle every time I read it :D.

Now, the part that had me laughing out loud like a crazy person, of course, was James' inquiry on when the baby is due, and Archie's complete nervous break-down that was about to happen if Lily hadn't reassured him that there was no secret pregnancy. I don't think he's quite ready to be a father. But the Lily-Ginny scene that followed was sweet.

Now, this scene. I just... wasn't expecting it. It was just a lovely scene, with Al reflecting on how much his grandparent's love each other, and Arthur taking little Cora to the was even more heartbreaking to reread, knowing what was happening...

And, every time I read it, it makes me cry,'s just so SAD, ROSE!! STOP MAKING ME CRY! :(

At least, I know that Arthur led a full life, with a loving wife who he loved just as much in return, and a GIANT family who all loved him too...

*deep breath*

Okay. PROMISE ME...PROMISE ME that the next chapters won't make me cry as much as this one did. OKAY?

:D :( :D


Author's Response: Oh wow. I would have had harsh words about the closing of tabs.

I DON'T HATE YOU. I LOVE YOU TIMES A THOUSAND (maybe you'd cry less if I didn't love you so much).

Scorpius and Rose are gbff forever. I will promise that there are no bombs at the wedding. They do have fun together :D

Hahaha, I got what you were laying down and that's more of a figurative job than a literal one. My dad inspired the good job statement. He was equally eloquent during my first wedding.

I do take pride in making you look slightly crazy one chapter at a time. Archie was very unprepared for the pregnancy comment. I did like showing Ginny being close to Lily.

I... Don't have any excuses for what I did next. It was part of me just throwing in some real life for the family to deal with and part me expressing my own loss with a family member.

No one dies in the next chapter but it might make you cry.

Thank you for your awesome review!

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Review #25, by RumpelstiltskinKaleidoscope Love: Oh Comely

15th January 2015:
This! I freaking love this!

First, let me start with this sentence -- "“My jokes are dreadful and you aren’t giving out free hugs.”" That stereotyped sentence about Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs made my entire week, you have no idea. I laughed over that for a good 10 minutes, and remembering still makes me chuckle. My fiance is going to send the men in the white clothes to take me away :D.

*Cough* Anyway, the story itself is very well written, and I love the minor character, slash story arch. Anthony's shy interest in Ernie that blossomed into a fantastic friendship -- and, eventually, a romantic relationship -- was absolutely lovely. Their discussions and reflections on what their futures would hold in the wake of the war gave the story a somber air, where the heaviness of uncertainty really messed with me. I wasn't sure what the end would hold for them -- grief and despair or happiness.

One of my favorite parts was when Anthony escapes the Carrows, and flees to the Room of Requirement. The way you described the dreamlike-quality of Anthony's journey through the sea of his concerned classmates, straight to Ernie, to lead to a first kiss, as if nothing in the world could matter more, was absolutely beautiful (and, as written, "It was the perfect crime").

The ending was, of course, fantastic. I'm a sucker for happy endings, and, I'll admit it, it made me tear up a bit. I'd like to hug this story and never let go ^.^.

Great job!


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