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Review #1, by RumpelstiltskinEddie Teague and the Boy who Lived: Prologue: Teague and Dumbledore

7th October 2015:
Sorry for the delay!

Not only does Jimmy Teague sound like a detective in an old mystery, but the way you've introduced this chapter (and his character) sets the mood for it as well. I'm enjoying Jimmy a lot.

I also really liked your mix of canon and AU to start the story off with. The OCs seem to slip right in, and I especially enjoyed the fact that Minerva was married (to Ted). Having Eddie as her grandson when he enters Hogwarts with Harry (which is what I presume will be happening) is going to give this story a clever twist.

Jimmy and Dumbledore vowing to fight together again at the end of this was a great hook into the next chapter.

This was great, you've set up a nice plot, your characters are well put together, and I'm interested in what will happen next.

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review Rumpel. Jimmy Teague is so fun to write. He's going to be rubbing some people up the wrong way make no mistake.

Eddie's equally interesting as he's not with the main trio constantly his story runs parallel with some events linking in. His part as McGonagall's grandson is the driving idea behind this story.

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Review #2, by RumpelstiltskinThis is Audrey Tang: The Bad Taste: A Bad Taste

6th October 2015:
Hello! I am here for our swap!

I saw the word count and panicked for a moment (but surprisingly nearly 8000 words were read in a flash)!

That's one heck of a story hook, I have to say. From the moment I read that first line, I was completely overtaken by curiosity! I needed to find out what was happening, and that's an awesome thing to do to a reader. Furthermore, I love the astute-but-morbidly-quirky observations that Audrey makes. By her train of thought alone in the opening paragraphs -- where she studies the strange man in the audience (who I later discover was Percy, and I LOVE his character description, by the way) while making small (and humorous) remarks about his appearance and personality -- instantly makes her a fun character for me. She's totally right, he does need some more fun in his life ;).

She works at a strip club. Named Bear Back. This is amazingly unique to me in a fanfiction, and I'm finding it *amazingly* refreshing! Thank you for creating a fun, interesting character for me to dote on! ♥

Speaking of strip joints, Remmington is everything I'd imagine of a strip club manager. He's crude, a little rude, with this garishly waspish attitude (actually, I could also say Audrey is a bit waspish as well -- oh dear, we've opened the bee's hive ;) ). At the same time, I bet he takes care of 'his girls' rather well.

Bad Taste is a stupendous choice in stripper name for Audrey. Most definitely *nods*.

Oh my goodness, poor Percy! I think he may be in shock -- and I think this may be the best Percy/Audrey story I've ever read (and I'm not even halfway done with one chapter yet). How amazingly unique; I love this already.

"Mr. Percy Weasley" -- that's just too cute. I just can't help but imagine Lee and George dragging around Percy in the strip club, coercing him to interact with the dancers. I mean, he's *Percy* -- but that's what makes this so brilliant. Then, of course, forcing him to interact with her again at the end of the night was icing to the cake!

(I just want to throw in that I thoroughly enjoyed Audrey's description of George: the 'no-ear' brother. :D)

George needs a good smack...I hope Angela does beat him up when he gets home.

Oops, so he did see her staring at him through the curtains. I love the catastrophic disaster that becomes there conversation after he reveals that he did, in fact, see her. The insults and the jibes and the attitudes flying everywhere, it was utterly amazing chaos! This was beautifully written conflict and I adored every second of it! I mean, honestly, one of there first interactions being so uncouth, to put it lightly, is so much fun! I'm dying to know how a love interest sparks between them.

Also, I love their personalities. They're so different, but similar at the same time. They both seem to be able to hold their own in the little spitfire argument they're having.

What's more is that they leave together, still arguing, to get something to eat. I know they're only going to the same place to eat, as in the literal sense of going to get something to eat together, but it's too priceless. I'm crying with laughter -- "Why are you wearing a bath robe." Oh. My. God. You're killing me.

AND they have natural small-talk mixed in with the jabs. I can't...I just...this is amazing. I love it. I want to hug it and never let go!

"...but you're not exactly the sort of woman that I find myself involved with.” --Heheheh...foreshadowing, ahoy! I know he says that she doesn't want to see him again, but she will and she does and he will, too :D. He's so shady, and I love it.

If I say I love this one more time, I think you'll think I'm a crazy person, so I won't say it (but I do)!


Thanks for writing this! It is awesome. It's on my favorites. I'm coming back for more at some point. Why has nobody told me about this story before! Thank you, you've made my night!


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Review #3, by RumpelstiltskinUpper Class: Chapter Seven

5th October 2015:
Do you know how stoked I am to see another chapter of Upper Class? Super-stoked.

It's true, Hermione does always come with a backup plan. However, everything that has been going on seems to have taken its toll on her. She seems to be getting sucked into the riptide, so to speak. She's lucky to have such great friends who support her ♥ .

Part of what I like about this is the hint of a potential love interest between Ron and Hermione, that becomes almost completely demolished when Draco comes around ;). He's super suave!

Of course Pansy doesn't like her own husband -- she's Pansy (tehe)!

Aaannnd you've stopped the story on a cliffhanger! That's mean, Avi! :D I wonder what she'll ask Hermione about. Maybe she'll try to fight for Draco's affection, or maybe she'll have some dirt on Draco that she wants to tell Hermione! Or maybe something else!

Ah, the suspense!

Great chapter, dear!


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Review #4, by RumpelstiltskinSirrah Malfoy: Slytherins

3rd October 2015:
Here I am! :D

Sirrah needs to find some new people to sit with :D. I love how you've created Fiona Flint, product of Marcus and Pansy -- I can't even imagine (well, yes I can, because you did a lovely job of painting an image). It makes sense that Pansy was after Draco for his prestige, just as Fiona is following Scorpius around. Climbing the ladder of the Pureblood social rank seems like hard work if you weren't born or married into it.

"I know perfectly well he’s no cannibal!

Idiot." -- Good God, Sirrah and her narrative absolutely kills me! I can't help but to laugh hysterically.

Talon Nott, the handsome wizard after Sirrah's affections -- well, you know, not exactly affections but stuff that I can't talk about in a review :D. I don't blame her for being turned off because he wants THAT, especially because he'd been talking about marriage! I most definitely was NOT considering marriage at her age.

Again with the not being friends!! I'm sitting here saying, "No, Sirrah, really, chick I'm not judging you -- wait...wait a minute," -- rubs eyes because I'm trying to convince a fictional character to be my friend -- "Nix you absolute genius." That's what's happening right now.

True, lunatics *do* run in her family. It happens.

I love that she is a rebel at heart but she still tries to appease her makes for all kinds of fun conflicting feelings and situations :D. I think it's awesome that she enjoys making dresses, personally. (See, I'm still trying to be nice to her...)

Everyone needs a friend like Kenny (lol, Kensington). He's gay, he's funny, he's got a crush on the boy who is in love with Sirrah. It's just a great thing. Oh, yeah, and don't forget Leighton, the bad influence!

This story has SO MUCH PROMISE! I just love it to bits and pieces :D. ♥

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Rumpel! Ack, I can't handle these super nice reviews!

I know I love Pansy, but she is definitely not shown in the best light in this story, and neither is her daughter. I like how you mention climbing the ranks of the Pure-blood social ladder though, we'll come back to that in like... 30 chapters... lol.

I'm glad you still love Sirrah's narrative though! Oh I love Talon in the beginning! I don't think he's super worried about that... I think that's just what she thinks he wants... Idk, now. But yeah, she's definitely not interested in marriage anytime soon.

Hahaha, I love that you're trying to convince Sirrah to be your friend! I think that's hilarious and adorable. I'm a far cry from genius though.

I love the conflictions of her personality. She's got strong opinions and yet wants the affection of her parents even if it means going against her own wishes. I love that she makes dresses, too. But that's only because Jenny was my favorite Gossip Girl character at the time I came up with the idea for Sirrah.

Yes! Everyone needs a Kenny! I wish I had a Kenny! And Leighton! I love her friends.

Thank you so much! I hope you keep reading! Although at the same time I'm worried it'll get boring after a while. But hopefully not.

Thanks for the reviews! I enjoyed reading them so much more than you could know!


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Review #5, by RumpelstiltskinNot My Own: The Switch

3rd October 2015:
Hey, Marshal!

A story about Remus? I love Remus!

In the wake of the war, especially with the werewolf prejudices staked against him, I'd imagine that Remus would be made to feel alone. I think you've done a great job exemplifying that via his characterization, making him feel isolated from even his friends.

That constant fear of an enemy disguising themselves as someone who could otherwise be trusted would have been a tremendous threat during the war. Using Remus' trepidation like you have, where he even isn't sure if he can trust Dumbledore to be Dumbledore, was a clever example of this. I also appreciate the continuation of cannon questioning as proof against such subterfuge. Kudos!

"He doubted that he could ever have back the friendships he once had." -Congratulations, you've broken my heart in six paragraphs. I have a love/hate relationship with this particular part of the war; there are so many, many tragedies, but the appeal of the era is so very, very strong. The Marauders had such a tightly knitted friendship, and this is the era when that all shatters. Oh dear, there go my feels again :(.

Anyway (I promised myself that you wouldn't see all of my crazy upon my first review, so we'll move forward).

The exchange between Remus and James was brilliant. I love that you used that question-system as a method to not only bring in the back story of what happened between the pair, but it also created some excellent dialogue. I can't entirely blame James for thinking ill of his friend -- he has a family to protect, and there's an army of evil after him. At the same time, I do feel bad for Remus -- he's only doing what the Order needs of him.

Ah, conflict. You've wielded it wisely.

The Vicissitudo charm, that's where things took an interesting twist. I don't think I've read anything else with this concept. I like it. I like it a lot. If Remus is more skilled than James, than it definitely makes sense to have him there protecting Lily and Harry.

I can definitely see James having a bit of a difficult time adjusting to Remus' worn body, too.

I could only find a little bit of CC for you, but I tried my best:

The first thing was the spelling of "Mooney". In the books, it was spelled "Moony" (though I can't say with any certainty that that wasn't altered in different versions for different languages -- if that's the case, ignore me). That was nothing, though, I almost didn't catch it.

The second, and last, thing that I saw only stood out to me because it's something that I need to work on with my own writing. Sometimes, more often in large chunks of text where there is no dialogue or action, some of the sentences get a bit wordy.

For example, "Honestly even in the Order, even among his own friends there was mistrust and prejudice against werewolves against him."

It's just a little wordy, and can easily be slowed down with punctuation without having to eliminate anything. Ex: "Honestly even in the Order--even among his own friends--there was mistrust and prejudice against werewolves, against him." Or something like that.

Otherwise, your writing seems pretty tight, and I had an awesome time reading it. I think the plot so far is unique and my interest is piqued. This is something I'd definitely continue reading. I definitely want to find out what happens now that Remus has taken James' place in hiding!

Great job, and thanks for the swap! :D


Author's Response: Rumpel,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back you you. I figure an awesome review like yours deserved an equally awesome response. Sadly I don't know if I have the skill sets to live up to that, but I am going to try.

First I want to thank you for your most gracious compliments. Remus is a favorite character of mine and I have always thought that he would be a scape goat considering how clear it is that the friendships were broken to some degree in canon.

I'm glad I succesfully evoked the right emotion and was able to paint a clear picture. That was important to me. I wrote this story several years back and honestly I didn't have the questioning scene and the back story was presented in a flash back - I like the questioning better and it felt right - I'm glad it translated well.

I was over all worried I hadn't successfully written this well. To be honest I even posted this pre-beta and the beta'd chapter has not been approved yet. So with the Mooney vs. Moony that has been fixed and I think I tightened up some of the rambling as well as a few other things. To be told that my writing is 'tight' literally made my day. I'm still riding high on it a day later.

Thank you so much again for the review!

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Review #6, by RumpelstiltskinTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Dripping Wings

3rd October 2015:
Hey Kenny!

I'm excited to be back!

:D Oh my goodness, I LOVED his essay, with the story of Saki! I found the childhood friendship between the betrothed, Saki and Shota, quite adorable. But, oh no, Shota went missing!

The Kappa also seems like a very interesting creature, and even though the villagers left their cucumber offerings by the shore, I do hope it wasn't the cause of Shota's disappearance!

By the way, I love Saki's characterization, because I do love strong females in writing (I don't know why, it's just something that appeals to me). Furthermore, I think it's awesome that she is skilled with shuriken.

Your description of the tengu was well done! I could clearly envision what it looked like, flying through the sky and into the clouds.

Oh wow! Shota is alive -- though he can't remember who is was. And Saki's right, it must have been terribly frightening for him back then. Then Tengus is going about stealing everyone's weapons!

She's also right in saying that the war would destroy everything, just as wars have the tendancy to do. Shoto has wings? Wow, I wonder what's up with that!? That may explain his disappearance so many years ago.

Oh yeah ^.^, Rose is right. He never did write anything about kappa reproductive habits! Scorpius again! Perhaps this essay will bring them together :).

Thanks for the swap! I'm enjoying this story a lot so far!


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Review #7, by RumpelstiltskinSweetheart Tom: Little Red Riding Hood

3rd October 2015:
Hey there!

(Your AP is full of wonderfully appealing stories, I had a difficult time choosing one!)

Mon Dieu, indeed! Your writing is absolutely beautiful!

You set the scene so eloquently, and immediately I love the wolf as the villain. He's snarky and sharp, just I'd expect a wolf to be. The bits of humor added in (ie: "But summer is coming and mouse-fat isn’t a good look.") are some pay some lovely compliments to the writing.

This version of Little Red Riding Hood with the inclusion of Harry Potter-verse characters was simply brilliant. Fluer makes a believable "Little Red" and Bill as her rescuer -- it's really just perfect. I just love fairy tales, so this beautiful retelling is refreshing.

What I can't get over is the way you wielded your words so effectively! It was like reading prose.

Thanks for the wonderful story! It was amazing!


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Review #8, by RumpelstiltskinThe Way Out of the Maze: The Way Out of the Maze

3rd October 2015:
Hey there :)!

Wow, that's some stunning imagery at the beginning! Your word choice to set the tone and mood (angst), like "cold...dark...narrow...empty...abandoned...lost, etc." was excellent. It got me ready for the whole story.

I love that you throw the reader right into the middle of chaos and action when this opens, partially because action is my *favorite*. What I loved even more was that you built my anticipation to just about the point that I'd expect the major conflict or beginning of resolution, and then you hop backwards. That I really love.

If I hadn't read the beginning, my initial reaction to Ari meeting Theseus for the first time would have been much different. I would have taken those butterflies in her stomach, the way his description was given through her perspective, and the easiness of their conversation as a wonderful potential love interest! However, after setting a mood like that at the beginning, my initial thought was "oh no, no Ari, don't do it", with that feeling of dread weighing in on me. Yelling at the computer monitor never works when I'm trying to tell the characters not to do something ;).

And then, the transition into the easiness of normality was so natural that I almost forgot where this story was headed. I love the playful interactions between Ari and Zach, as well as with her friends. Everything just feels so normal.

Not to mention, her slow burning romance with Theseus was amazing. By the way, this is some great foreshadowing here, "But the thing about angels is, when they fall they often turn into devils."

"It had only been an episode..." -- Ah yes, that's the classic thought process. I can definitely see how this can happen, where the victim would make excuses towards their abuser, but I can't help but yell at the monitor again.

I was even rooting Zach on ("kick his butt, Zach")!

And then, we end up back at the beginning! Brilliant! I love the bond between brother and sister and this, and I really think you've done a spectacular job!

(I also apologize, I'm a very slow reviewer :( !)

Anyway, thanks for the swap -- this story was great! It will definitely be going into my October recommendations! I'll also have to stop over to Kristen's page to see her companion to this!

Wonderful job!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!
Oh, wow! This review! Thank you so much!

I'm so thrilled about your response, since it is the first feedback I'm getting on this story! (Well, apart from Kristin... but she's partial...)

Oh, I'm glad you liked the description at the beginning, that the images of the dream worked to set the mood. That's what I was aiming to!

Oh, wow! I'm happy the transition worked that way! And that I managed to build up the anticipation like that! It's really great to hear!

Erm, no... Yelling at your computer hardly ever works... I perfectly get the feeling... It did sound like the perfect blossoming romance, didn't it? Unfortunately, we know where this is heading...

I'm glad you liked her interactions with her brother and friends. I wanted to show her insecurities, but also to give her some normality, like you said. I'm glad it worked for the pace! :)

I must admit that I'm quite proud of that line! Glad you liked the foreshadowing!

That's the way it works, isn't it? Poor Ari, I feel so bad for her...

Ahahah! Yes, go Zach!!! I used to dislike him so much, and now he's my new hero... This is all Kristin's fault, by the way... :P

Glad that you loved the bond between the two siblings. And the story in general, really. It's very encouraging and reassuring, so thank you so much again!

And yes, absolutely go read Kristin's piece! It focuses more on Zach and the war and it's really an amazing read!!!

Thank you so much for the swap and the lovely review!
Much love,

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Review #9, by RumpelstiltskinTengu and a Daughter of Ninja: Father’s Old Textbook (Prologue)

30th September 2015:
Hey there :)!

I enjoyed how you've given Scorpius a likeness to Draco in his behaviour! In most of the stories I've read, Scorpius has a far different attitude than Draco, but I do enjoy the saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." ;)

Draco Malfoy as a professor -- that's a frightening thought! He seems to be having fun picking on Albus, most likely due from his not-so-great relationship with Harry back in school. By the way, I didn't even know there was white turmeric! :D You've taught me something!

It makes sense that Hagrid had developed favouritism towards Albus, since he was so much like Harry. I think its great that Harry takes the kids out to see Hagrid (and I'm sure Hagrid enjoys that very much, as well)!

Aw, now I'm excited to hear the story of kappa and tengu. That's definitely a great hook into the rest of the story! Hopefully I'll be back soon to check it out!

Thanks for the swap :D!


Author's Response: Thank you, Rumpel! I focus on writing this story recently, so I really appreciate that you started reading this.

At first, I didn't decide which way to go, so the idea has been changed many times. I try to write in the different way about the next generation from the other authors, so if you feel in that way, which proves my intention works right.

I wanted to keep the relationship of Hagrid and the new golden trio, so I'm planning to let Scorpius join them soon.

Talking of kappa and tengu, I'll write them eventually from the next chapters.

I'll keep reading your white raven's stories including the previous work, too. Let's do reveiw swap again!


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Review #10, by RumpelstiltskinThe Kings and Queens of Hogwarts : Just Another Marauders Day

29th September 2015:
That's one heck of a detailed introduction -- and I absolutely love it. The structure is amazing, I've never felt more organized while starting to read a story!

I think I enjoyed it the most, because once the storyline began, I felt as if I already knew your characters, thoroughly (and how could I not, their characterization was listed out for me) :).

Mhmmm, I can definitely see how no day could be dull for the Marauders, and if the day were starting to become dull, they would quickly un-dull-ify it.

Doe is a lovely fit into the group. She seems to be able to hold up her own end of trouble-making and mischief.

The exchange between them as Sirius, James, and Doe attempted to tell their story had me laughing. I especially enjoyed, "‘By valuable insights... ‘they mean fifty stink bombs.’ " That was a quite clever, playful end to the exchange.

I also thought "Bellendatrix" was genius, I've never seen that before. It made me laugh.

This was a fun start to a Marauder's-era story! I think you did a fantastic job handling such a large cast-and-crew of characters in a short space of time. Sometimes I struggle writing large amounts of characters (they tend to lose their individual personalities), but you've done a nice job!

Thanks for the swap!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Aww thank you! I'm glad you liked it, I was trying out a different kind of style and had some help from some very lovely people :)

Organisation is key ;)

They definitely would! thats a certainty! :)

Doe is a great character and so fun to write! you can pretty much make her your own because so little is known about her!

That's my favourite part haha ;) Love sarcasm, it's so fun to write with!

Ahh Im glad you liked that bit! :D

I've had a lot of people say that actually, So it makes me so happy that people thing that, honestly its the best feeling and definitely makes me want to write more! :D

Thank you for such a lovely review and the review swap! :)

Katie :)

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Review #11, by RumpelstiltskinPurification: Purification

29th September 2015:
Hey there!

I love how you've set this up. When I first started to read I kept asking myself, what's wrong with Ron? Something's definitely up. I really enjoyed that air of mystery at the beginning.

I'm extremely glad that they were able to reach Hermione to warn her of Ron's problem. I feel a bit bad for Ron who was trying to function under the confundus charm, but luckily Hermione was able to get him some help.

I was also relieved that Harry was able to be helped! Dead tree branches through his body is a gruesome fate -- but luckily, he's prevailed.

Thanks for swapping, I enjoyed reading this!


Author's Response: Thank you for offering review swap!

Sometimes I feel like Ron after stressful hard work. So most of his feelings were based on my experience. It seems you could think that way, I'm glad that my intention was understood.

From the first book of J.K.Rowling, Hermione has always helped her friends, so I tried the plot that way.

If the other author writes this, Harry may not be saved but I wanted to insert the scene of ICU and tried writing dramatically, which ended happily.

I wish I could use the words effectively. So this story is WIP.

Thank you for R&R!


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Review #12, by RumpelstiltskinForever in my Heart: Molly

29th September 2015:
My God, my feels! :(

I always like seeing the Battle of Hogwarts from different perspectives, but I can honestly say that this is the first time I've read Molly's perspective of it. I have to say, I'm really impressed -- you threw my emotions in loops!

She experiences extremely real fears of her children (and like-children) and husband dying during the war, which is what I'd expect her to be thinking about while battling. We, as readers, know that this is her ultimate fear (given the boggart at 12 Gimmauld Place.

I love the idea of Molly and Minerva fighting alongside one another. I think that their personalities fight together nicely, though I've never read any stories that highlights their friendship.

Of course, as I anticipated, the scene unveiling Fred's death was what rattled me the most. "She hadn’t even considered - not even in her worst nightmares - losing one of the twins." -- Oh, my God! This! I don't even want to talk about this, that hurts too much... I wanted to point out the subtle genius in it though.

I also think you included the cannon quote in a scene with Ginny and Bellatrix spectacularly. I neglected to mention it in chronological order, but the similarities drawn between Ginny and Molly were very real, and I appreciated the little section when Molly was admiring the likeness Ginny had to her (although fearing for her, as she left the safety of the RoR).

The scene at the end also attacked my feels with full-force. I loved the speech from Molly to Lily, and Lily's reaction past the veil. Molly had acted as a mother to Harry, and she needed Lily to now watch over her son after his death.

This was wonderful, and heartbreaking, but mostly wonderful. You did a great job with this!


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Review #13, by RumpelstiltskinRaised Like a Pig for Slaughter : Raised Like a Pig for Slaughter

29th September 2015:
Thanks for swapping!

This is *amazing*! Severus is one of those characters that I have a strong headcanon for and I think you've done a wonderful job with him. You've captured the essence of sadness in his life and you've done it with some beautifully descriptive writing.

"You were like a house built without its foundations." -- It's no secret that Severus Snape had a difficult start to life, with hints that his home-life wasn't the best. I love this phrase, and I think it's an excellent simile. I think its an essential starting point to the man he becomes, and why he chooses to do the things he does.

You've highlighted his parents' influence in his ultimate alignment with the Voldemort and his cause and I can't agree more.

Featuring Lily as the shining light of hope in his greatest moments of darkness was brilliant, and it entirely explains why he grew to love her. "You no longer lived for revenge. You lived in hope of love." Because of the way you've set up his characterization, Severus' need for *something* to live for was entirely real, and it's strong.

Lily's distance, his need to fill his time with something else, was another key into his characterization. He missed Lily, as you wrote, and so he began to dabble with Potions. Then, of course, when things ultimately fell apart between them, he fell back into his need to revenge. "
Experimenting. Manipulating. Controlling." It was as if he was searching for some way to have control, for once in his life.

"Lily was your antidote. Life was your poison." -- It's just so morbidly beautiful, and I love the way you've explained his motivations in life. It's a perfect example of Severus Snape, and you've written it so wonderfully! I want to put this story somewhere safe in case anybody doesn't understand Severus Snape ;).

Fantastic job!


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Review #14, by RumpelstiltskinSirrah Malfoy: Introduction

27th September 2015:
Hey there :D.

(I'm a little late with my review, oops!)

Anyway, I love the playfulness of Sirrah's internal dialogue in this -- I think you've wielded the first-person POV effectively. It's fun to read, and that's always a pleasure.

I really enjoyed the way the story interacts with the reader, it really drew me in and almost immediately made me connect with your main character -- whose quirky personality (especially given she's a Malfoy) is awesome. I think I first realized how involved I felt as a reader early on in the story, around this section: "Well, then I don’t think we can be friends." I responded to it, which makes me laugh in hindsight. I was like, "Well, that's not very nice. Maybe I didn't want to be friends with you in the first place!" Aha, yes, I'm insane. It's okay.

"Or to put it plainly, I wasn’t a boy." -- I just wanted to point out this bit, because it really jumped out at me. Sirrah's missing attention from Draco because, as a pureblood, he's invested in his son to carry on the Malfoy name, his legacy. In his head, Sirrah will marry (ideally a pureblood) and Draco's family name will be lost to t he husband. I really wanted to point that out because I thought it was a brilliant addition to the text, here, and to some of Sirrah's characterization.

Ooooh Sirrah knows how to play her mother! That was beautiful, I would applaud her if it wouldn't make me look like a crazy in front of all these strangers around me.

Oh yeah, and this "What do you mean what equipment?" and what follows -- I DIED. This was hysterical, thank you for writing that. It made my day.

Sirrah, the little blonde rebel, not enthusiastic about her situation as a pureblood woman in combination with her personality makes me think that this story is going to be stellar, and I'm kinda stoked to read more!

Great job, beautifully done!


Author's Response: Hi Rumpel!

Oh gosh, this is like the sweetest review ever! I'm so glad you enjoy the first person tense in this story because I really enjoy writing it. I love getting into characters' heads this way, it's just so much easier for me than writing third person.

I also enjoyed reading all your responses to Sirrah's breaking of the fourth wall. It's so nice to see how people react to it, and it's so much fun to write. I honestly miss writing in this early period, she was so much fun and I feel like I've lost that spunk recently and so future chapters may not be as funny, and I wish they were. The original Sirrah wasn't afraid to cross a lot of boundaries and I miss that, and I miss being excited about my new chapters.

I am glad you picked up on the not-a-boy thing, I don't think I really mention it in depth, but it is a big part of why Sirrah is the way she is, with her big personality and the pure-blood traditions she's expected to follow.

Haha, I can just imagine you applauding in front of a bunch of people. That would be hilarious and amazing. Oh, and the equipment... oh my, Sirrah really did push some boundaries in the beginning. I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it though.

I do hope you keep reading! Thanks so much for this wonderful and lovely review! It really made my day!


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Review #15, by RumpelstiltskinAnd Then: Six Years.

14th September 2015:
I couldn't help myself, but I can't guarantee that this review will make any more sense than the last.

One thing that I did neglect to mention in the last review, and good thing it pertains to this as well, is that I just can't conceptualize the amount of pain that Amos is in, between his sons death and his wife leaving him. I've heard that, statistically, it's difficult for couples to stay together after the death of a child, but it feels so wrong (and you wrote it so wonderfully)!

THIS, though, my god. I can't say I didn't see it coming, because that's a very real outcome, and its very obvious that Amos just can't continue on without him. His life is a gigantic numb haze, and that's not really a life, now is it?

Beautiful job!


Author's Response: I love nonsensical reviews when they are as lovely as this, omg♥

I heard that a lot of couples don't stay together after the loss of a child and as sad as it is, I really can imagine it happening to Amos. His son truly was his life and I don't think he would have coped at all without him.

Thank you so much for the gorgeous reviews♥

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Review #16, by RumpelstiltskinAfter: One.

14th September 2015:
Oh my god -- my feels! :(

The amount of emotion that came spilling off of this, pouring out in Amos Diggory's pain, was overwhelming (and please know that this is very much a compliment). I don't even know what to say...

Erm, I really enjoyed the reverse time-lapse, I thought that was a clever idea and was well-executed, building on the intensity of the arch.

But, really, MY FEELS :(. "Cedric's first steps." ... see now, I think you've ruined me. I can't even.

I can't even leave a proper review.

This was amazing!


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Review #17, by RumpelstiltskinThe Adventures of Abigail Higgs and Potter Boy: The One With The Love Potion

11th September 2015:
I just love this story ♥ !

First, I love how normal, awkward, and mildly nerdy Abigail is. She's fantastic, and she's an easy character to love. Her inelegant (to say the least) mannerisms around James are fantastic, especially for a teenage girl like her.

During this chapter especially, her emotions must have been going haywire! I feel so bad for her, because she's fallen for James SO far, and hearing him confess his 'love' to her under the pretence of a love potion is borderline cruel. I also feel bad for James because he is going to be SUPER embarrassed by his friends' (and I use that term lightly) prank -- thank goodness William swooped in to help!

James just seems such a cool, laid-back character, that he is ALSO easy to like.

Michelle is a big personality, and I love the friendship between her and Abigail. They're personalities, though different, just vibe with one another. I especially love the 'comfortable silence' of the first chapter, when Abigail chose to read her comics, and Michelle read her magazine. It's what best friends are, and I love how realistic that is.

I also adore how Abigail is in to comics (and how cool Wizarding comics are, though I'm not sure I'd enjoy smelling some of them ;) ).

At any rate, this story is so unique and brilliant that I can't help but love it! I feel bad for chunk reviewing, especially when I've been previously reading this and not reviewing (I'm a bad Rumpel), but I'm hoping to get at least one more in tonight. There is much Dobby reading to do!

Amazing, wonderful, fun, fantastic -- thanks so much for the lovely story!


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Review #18, by RumpelstiltskinKill Your Darlings: Damage Control

10th September 2015:
The episode at the bar was quite spectacular. I'm glad I was able to see a quite different side of Andromeda, albeit she was intoxicated. Not wanting Ted to leave her when she was in such a state, and probably feeling a little dazed and confused, seemed natural. I'm really digging his kindness, you've made him a terrific person.

Narcissa, of course, is acting like the protective sister, as I'd expect. Though I don't agree with her treatment of Ted, I couldn't expect anything less, because as I've said before, that's how they were raised.

I feel SO bad for Ted at the beginning of this chapter! Andromeda has such a distorted view on values (that upbringing thing, again), when the poor guy was only trying to help her. Ah well... drama keeps things interesting ;).

Sirius warning Andromeda was cute, and she at least is kind-hearted towards him (for the most part) unlike her sister. Oh, and Lilith's comment about if Sirius was only a few years older was kind of priceless.

I now NEED to know if Narcissa will finish school or not! That's a very dramatic decision, but as she said, she won't really need to finish school to be Lucius' wife; there's really no point, other than the self-satisfaction, self-worth, and heck, the skill. She doesn't seem to think she'll need any of those, and this is where I feel so bad for her because she's just SO. IN. LOVE. and he'll put her and her family through so much...

*cough* Anyway.

I kind of love that she left Lucius and Rabastan to fall victim to the Marauder's prank ;)!

Well, I've loved this so far. It's well-written, and a lot of fun. I'll have to come back after a short while though, as I have a TON of Dobby reading to do!

Thanks for the great read!


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Review #19, by RumpelstiltskinKill Your Darlings: Impressions

10th September 2015:
Okay, evidently I'm terrible at attempting to review in clumps instead of chapter-by-chapter, but I get carried away with things to say!

I love the initial hate that Andromeda inflicts on Ted. While I find it extremely humorous that Ted's advances had been the result of a dare, I completely understand her reaction, because I would have had a negative one too.

It's brilliant that she thinks so highly of herself, but why wouldn't she? It was the way she was raised. Of course he *had* to be gay if he didn't find her attractive ;), that made me laugh. I love the conflicting personalities between Ted and Andromeda, while both have proven to have the ability to be quite harsh (insults, insults everywhere), Ted seems so carefree and generally laid back while Andromeda is so controlled and up tight.

Andromeda's single statement of not wanting kids, and her curiosity with Ted further emphasizes that she doesn't have actual feelings for Rabastan, but instead is inclined to feel something for him because she is *supposed to*.

Surprising herself by actually enjoying having a conversation with Ted, who conflicted what she'd been led to believe all of her life about Muggle-borns, is a great opening into a change in belief and feelings that I'm anticipating seeing throughout this story.

I thouroughly enjoyed the peek into the past for Andromeda and Narcissa, as it does help explain why they behave the way they do (through their upbringing).

As a reader, I can see the heaviness of the "duties" that are expected of her as a pureblood witch are beginning to weigh on her. That in combination with being forced to interact with Ted creates a great beginning to a personal change.

I can't wait to read more!


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Review #20, by RumpelstiltskinKill Your Darlings: Dark Arts & Doubts

10th September 2015:
Hey there!

I'm taking a quick pause here to review the last two chapters (I would review one by one, but I'm a devastatingly slow reviewer, and I'll never have the Dobby noms read in time if I do). I've decided to review as I fill napkins with notes :).

I've loved these first two chapters. The imagery and detail at the beginning of the last chapter was lovely, and lines like "ice drops hung from their ends like frozen tears" gave my inner reader some great joy. Also, Andromeda's detailed feelings throughout are making it easy to connect with her and, therefore, care about her -- which is great.

I completely understand why she would be put-off by Narcissa telling everything to Lucius, but I love the sisterly bond between Andromeda and Narcissa in these chapters.

I also love the bit of girl talk that occurs between Andromeda, Narcissa, and Lilith (whose characterization I love, by the way). For some reason, it feels like when female characters interact with other female characters -- who they are friendly with -- there tends to be a revelation of traits that haven't previously been brought out. That's why I love such interactions, and I believe that you've done a great job with it!

For example, at the end of the first chapter, the reader is beginning to get the idea that something is off about Andromeda and Rabastian's relationship -- it just feels uncomfortable, like Andromeda isn't in love with him. Of course, in this interaction, it is revealed forthwith.

Of course, I also loved that the interaction with Ted Tonks has already begun. I think that this was one of my favortie lines so far, "How on earth did a Hufflepuff make it to seventh year DADA, anyway?" That made me laugh, and it reveals a bit about her characterization right now, that she's a product of her upbringing.

That, of course is further emphasized by her internal reactions to the professor asking her to tutor Ted ;). Ah, this is going to be fun. I haven't read a story yet that focuses on Andromeda and Ted before they were together, and I think you're doing a fantastic job with it!

Awesome so far, I can't wait to read more *prepares another napkin* (I'm out of scrap paper...).


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Review #21, by RumpelstiltskinActions Speak Louder than Words: Besotted: Rose POV

10th September 2015:
Okay, one more!

Stannous really had it out for Rose...what kind of person intensifies the freaking Cruciatus Curse?! I mean, just wow. I think it was about at this line (" If you screamed, it hurt more.") that I was physically cringing. Not only does Rose have to deal with the memories and emotional damage of the physical pain, but she has scars to remind her as well. :( And, while I love that you are making me feel something, because that's what good stories SHOULD do, now I'm sad.

Oh, and then Scorpius' apologies to his mother, while still in a half-drunken, sleeping state...that broke my heart too.

I did love seeing Rose comfort Scorpius, and giving him a potion to (try to) help him feel better (even if it did only make him drunk again). ^.^

"I’m just like him." Wow, that conversation took a very, very deep turn. They say that if you want an honest opinion, you should ask a child or someone who's drunk, and this seems to be the case. I'm loving it because it's revealing so much about Scorpius' emotions, who he is, and how he views himself.

Awe, I love Scorpius and Rose in this, they're so perfect! ♥

And, once again, I do appreciate the bit of humor thrown in to ease the tension ("“I have to throw out the rest of that potion before everyone else drinks it and we have a flat full of drunks again.”)

Great job!


Author's Response: OMG! You came back for more!

Yeah... Stannous is a seriously bad dude. He has a reason for using that particular curse- but I can't say anymore right now.

Oh, wow. I mean - all these reviews are so good, thanks again!

Rose is absolutely amazing and so compassionate - to everyone, but she has a special place for Scorpius. She won't even admit it to herself, because she can't bear the possibility that he might not feel the same way (seriously?!), but she won't let that get in the way because above all, she wants to help everyone.

Haha - I really do like writing humor!

♥ Beth

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Review #22, by RumpelstiltskinActions Speak Louder than Words: Bereft: Scorpius POV

10th September 2015:
...but *then* I got to this chapter and was completely freaking out because it was the *stove* that killed them. Of all the things...and it felt like it wasn't fair to Scorpius (or Draco and Astoria). And then, I thought of the brilliant irony behind it, and I do have to applaud you on it.

And then something clicked. Of course Scorpius can connect so well with Rose, they've been *through* things together, and that's the perfect recipe for friendship.

Anyway, I love that I get to see so many sides of your characters. I get to see several different sides of them, including seething-raging-protectve-father-Ron, which was frightening, to say the least. I especially enjoyed seeing some of Rose's old spark, and I do love her characterization. It's a great comparison for the before and after.

Also, I believe that Scorpius would have, indeed, benefited a lot more by staying at the Potters' than at his aunt and uncles during his time of grief.

So Scorpius is wounded emotionally, Rose is wounded emotionally, and they make a great team. Argh! I love this, and I can't wait to read the next chapter --

BUT, I'll have to come back to do so, or else I'm afraid that I'll only have read this for the Dobby's, and that'll put me in a predicament when it comes to voting.

So! I'll be back!


Author's Response: Gah! Rumpel!! These reviews are so detailed and I'm just so happy that you like my story.

Yes, yes, yes! I really wanted both Scorpius and Rose to realize that they *needed* each other on a level that was deeper than friendship and even deeper than lovers. They are each other's soulmates and saviors. (And there's a lot more on that later on in the story.)

OMG - I really don't know how to express my gratitude here, because I feel that you hit on EVERY LITTLE THING I've been trying to put in the story. Like Rose's old spark, Scorpius staying at the Potters (because Harry can relate to losing his parents), and how they are both damaged emotionally and really need each other to get through all of it.

I totally understand that you have to read the other stories - and thank you so much for these reviews!

♥ Beth

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Review #23, by RumpelstiltskinActions Speak Louder than Words: Blown Away: Scorpius POV

9th September 2015:
I love the POV change, I mean seriously love it.

When I was reading this, I was saying to myself, of course Scorpius is rebelling -- why wouldn't he? While Draco had been raised (from what I'd imagine) in an all-pureblood home, Scorpius has been exposed to Muggles, Muggle-born, half-bloods, and whathaveyou by hanging out with the Potter/Weasley clan. Scorpius has made bonds of friendship in diversity, while Draco watched his family fight to the death over strong pureblood virtues. (I think I'm rambling, and I do believe that I've forgotten my point, so, I'll just move on...)

At any rate, I did NOT see that coming! When I first read this, it was during my little one's 3 am feeding, and I had to stay awake after I'd put her back to sleep in order to read the next chapter.

Mostly because I was devastated! I can't imagine leaving the house in a fight and coming home to find my loved ones dead. I was freaking out, like, WHAT HAPPENED? My 'something's up' sensors were going off, but then...


Author's Response: Hi there,

Gah! Thanks for leaving another review! I'm so giddy that you're into this story. And I feel like you really *get* my characters. It seems that you know why I wrote each of them the way they are and it just makes me all warm inside!

Ah... the 3 am feeding. Been. There. And I really, REALLY appreciate that you stayed up to keep reading :D

♥ Beth

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Review #24, by RumpelstiltskinActions Speak Louder than Words: Bent: Rose POV

8th September 2015:
Just me, doing some Dobby reading.

I instantly remembered this story as soon as I read the title, which surprised me because I read it such a long time ago. Then, I reread the first chapter and realized WHY I remembered it (because I loved it)!


Understandably, Rose is feeling uncomfortable at a large gathering; her anxiety is probably at one of its highest points. I really loved this line, and how it relates nicely to people with such panic-disorders: "I hoped that I wouldn’t have to start reciting potions directions to get through it." It's entirely realistic to find some sort of distraction -- in Rose's case, reciting directions -- to help cope with rising anxiety.

It is nice to see that other side of Rose, too, the true side of Rose, when she finally feels comfortable with Scorpius. I love that you've hinted towards who she is when she isn't being weighted down by the past, it aids the puzzle of her characterization greatly.

That is, of course, until the drunk dude came in to ruin everything.

I love that Scorpius is so okay with Rose's pure need of him, that she needs someone to help her be okay, especially after that episode. It's sweet, his understanding, and I love the way the pair interact.

Of course, I really do appreciate the bit of humor mixed into the bedroom scene! "Why don’t we just invite Nana Molly and Grandad here and call it Christmas." -- This line had me in stitches. The tension was definitely broken slightly, which helps even out the heavy tones (a nice little reprieve).

"I felt something." Ah, I love it. I don't know how much sense this review is making (I have a bit of a habit of reviewing while over-tired).

Fantastic job! I'm assuming that my reviews will come sporadically throughout this, because I have a LOT of stories to read for the Dobby's, but hopefully someday I'll be able to come and review chapter-by-chapter!


Author's Response: Gah!

Thank you so much for leaving a review - really, it's so, so kind of you. I'm still kinda in shock that my story got enough nominations to move on to the voting round. (Eeep!)

I really wanted to treat Rose's anxiety with respect for this story. I wanted to be accurate and I'm so glad you felt that I related well to panic disorders.

And... YES!!! You get to see a tiny bit of the real Rose, here (although the next two chapters are a flashback, where we see Rose *before* all her trauma) - but I'm so, so happy that you noticed how a little bit is coming through.

I do enjoy writing the little humorous bits - and I never quite know if things that are funny to me come across as funny to others, so thanks for mentioning that :)

Just... I don't know how to thank you for this - you took so much time with this chapter and I understand that there are so many stories to get through!

Thanks again! If you get a chance, I'd love to hear what you think of the next few chapters!

♥ Beth

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Review #25, by RumpelstiltskinI don't care if you don't want me: I don't care if you don't want me

8th September 2015:
Hey there!

Not only does pumpkin rum sound like one of the most amazing ideas that I've ever heard, but I've also enjoyed the story.

I think that the friendship between Albus and Scorpius is written well, and I did love their banter (I have a thing for character interaction). I also think that Albus' prod to get Scorpius to ask Louis out does show the bond between Al and Scorp -- that's what friends do ;).

Oh riddling door knocker, that made me smile. And by the way, what IS the answer to that riddle (I'm obviously NOT a Ravenclaw, either)?

I also enjoyed the fact that Louis knew about Scorpius' feelings all along, that's sweet. And who doesn't enjoy kisses? Hooray for kisses.

So, yes, again, I've enjoyed this, and I think you've done a great job with writing it!

Thanks for the read!


Author's Response: Thank you for the review!
The answer to the riddle is a candle. I did not come up with the riddle, but I can take credit for Scorpius' answer.

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