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Review #1, by RumpelstiltskinSacrifice: Of Beginnings, Aurors, and Torn Photographs

23rd July 2014:
Hey there, here for our swap :).

Plot/plot arch: Oh, I'm dying to know what happened to AJ, Adam, and Addison' parents. I'd really like to know the backstory there, but perhaps there will be more of that in upcoming chapters. This is certainly an interesting concept, what with several children left on their own (who are all still in Hogwarts), under the care of their oldest sibling (who is of age, but still will have to struggle between school, raising her siblings, and having a job). It will be interesting to see where this heads, as it seems like AJ will be facing some significant amount of hardships.

Characterization: Since the narration reflects AJ's inner thoughts, the readers are able to obtain an effective analysis of her personality (or at least a taste of it). This is fantastic, because the her quirky characterization is something that really shines through in this. Consider spending some more time on the introduction of original characters, even if it is something brief like what you did for Ben ("my good friend Ben"). That way, at the end of the chapter, if you were to ask the reader "who is Ben", they'll be able to at least say, "Ben is AJ's good friend". I'd like to be able to do that will all of the characters, but I have no idea who Adelaide or Adalyn are (though, given the names that begin with "A", I can only assume that they are relatives or siblings to AJ). Otherwise, I have a decent understanding as to who all of the characters are.

Notes/other: Overall, you've done a very good job, especially for your first story! A few typos escaped you, but there were no major issues. Perhaps slow things down in certain sections and make room for backstory or introductions. Otherwise, fantastic job!


Author's Response: I'm so happy you like the plot! Everyone so far is dying to know what happened with the parents. I was going to put it as a prologue, but I decided that it was be even more interesting if I didn't tell you, and you had to keep guessing til AJ revealed it. And yes, hardships are inevitable for AJ! Hopefully she gets through it.

Now that you say it, I do realize that Adalyn and Adelaide weren't really elaborated on. I'll go back and fit it in. Though I did say in the second paragraph or so that Adalyn was the eldest of her two younger sisters. But it was vague and I will definitely go back and elaborate :) with Adelaide making a late appearance, I suppose I just forgot to straight up say she was the youngest sister. But in the second chapter I tell the ages and years :)

I'll definitely slow down a bit and add detail. Thanks so so much for a great review!


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Review #2, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: Only Myself to Blame

22nd July 2014:
Okay, let's see if I can write a review that'll post right ^.^ that I have my reviewing blanket back. (Warning: blanket will not make this review any less rambly.

Al may be able to catch up on sleep at home, but poor Brandon will never be able to sleep again O.O. On the other hand, how freaking cute are babbling babies? Adorable :D (my hormones are still making things extra cute).

He's not very keen on moving in with Brandon, is he? I did like Bradnon's smoothness in sneak-asking Al to move in with him ;). Well, he IS a Savage, after all, and everyone knows that they are smooth by nature. Oh dear Merlin, Albus Severus Potter! You will sort out your feelings for Brandon this instance, young man (and move in with him)! No? Well, it was worth a shot. *Anger diminishes at slow kisses and wandering hands* Distractions...

Oh boy, Henrik's checking Rose out. Eyes to yourself, Mr.!...or not... I haven't decided how I feel about that yet ^.^. Bahahaha, her 'client'? That's pretty priceless. *Gasp* Hit him, Rose! Hit him with something heavy...the kiss thief!

Well, now, Pedro seems to be having a better time than Henrik ;).

D'aw, when I'm just barely unsure of Archie, he has to turn out to be super sweet ♥ . Lily deserves to be treated so nicely, so Archie has climbed the ranks a little. Well, Archie meeting Harry will certainly be an interesting interaction :D. Hahaha, I wonder if Archie will screw it up or actually impress Harry. Best of luck to Archie!

Lovely chapter (with no crying to boot).


Author's Response: Rumpel!!!

You managed a review that didn't get cut off. *confetti*

Brandon has to face the fact that he may never sleep again. I have a plan for Albus - I might PM you about it. and, I don't ahve the same hormones but I think babbling babies are adorable. ^_^

Moving in is a big step. Brandon was totally asking/notasking :P quite the sneaky guy. IT'S A TOTALLY SAVAGE THING TO DO. *dies laughing* I put in the slow kissing and wandering hands just to distract you. :P

Henrik is kind of ... awkward. I can get why he got mixed up feels but, yeah. Definitely not a cool move. Pedro was much better (looking).

Finally! Someone as sappy as me. :P Archie is slowly recovering from his first mishap from the lunch with Rose. The brunch will be interesting... that's all I can say.

Thank you for the awesome review!!! (crying is yet to come)


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Review #3, by RumpelstiltskinHermione Granger and the Dead Man's Mark: Chapter One

21st July 2014:
Hey there. How about a 'Welcome to Slytherin' review? ;)

Plot/plot arch: I can safely say that I haven't read anything quite like this before, and I definitely appreciate its uniqueness. Your introduction was lovely, and we gently guided into a bit of excitement with the unresponsive prisoner, Skerbetz, who had seemingly predicted his own death (or, at least, had heard of it otherwise). The scene change effectively created a mood-change in the story (and I love the idea that some tattoos, like cats, take some time to adjust to their owner before they'll appear). When we (the reader) learns that the tattoo artist in this scene is, in fact, be a relative to the dead prisoner, the story becomes even more interesting. Of course, having a father like Skerbetz, and his reputation, must have been difficult.

Characterization: In Weston you've created a flawed character, especially given that he was never particularly skilled as a wizard. The quality to depth that his flaws give him are tremendously refreshing. His reactions under the pressures of being a guard at Azkaban (...and who wants that job *shivers) are extremely human, which makes him incredibly relatable. I love Imogen's tough exterior. Her life couldn't have been easy living in the shadow of her father's reputation, and it's really no wonder why she'd choose to take her mother's maiden name or why she'd feel relieved that he's dead. Her confusing reaction, again, makes her human, which is absolutely fantastic.

Detail: This was packed with excellent detail, descriptions, and imagery. It was especially effective for scene and mood-setting, like the introduction surrounding Azkaban. It is extremely difficult for me to choose only one favorite description, so here's one OF my favorites: "On every floor and wall of every level there was evidence of decay and rot as nature did its best to take the black tooth of Azkaban back down into the ocean from whence it had apparently sprung." -- This was a particularly hauntingly breathtaking. It reminds me of nature's method of preserving order by attempting to destroy disorder (or in it's creation of disorder) -- and Azkaban certainly isn't of natural order.

Style: The elegant word-choice in combination with a well-written, thought out, unique and interesting plot created the perfect mixture for an enjoyable read.

Notes/other: My absolute favorite line overall? "His job was to preserve order, not create his own brand of mayhem." Perhaps standing on its own, it doesn't have as much impact as it does when reading the paragraph in its entirety, but I really love the way it speaks to Weston's character.

I'm really interested to see where Weston and Imogen's stories will intersect, and to find where this plot is headed!

On another note, this reviewing style is one I use in order to prevent rambling, especially late at night (such as now). Even still, I have the tendency to ramble so hopefully the majority of this review was somewhat coherent.

Fantastic job!


Author's Response: Thanks so much for such an in-depth review! I'm very happy that you enjoyed it. I'm still getting the hang of writing with magic in mind, but I don't think I've committed any serious errors yet. Please let me know if I ever do in your opinion.
The next chapter is being validated and will be up soon! Thanks again!

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Review #4, by RumpelstiltskinThe Worst: Reflecting and Brooding

19th July 2014:
Hey Aditi, I'm here for the July Review Exchange.

With all of the disaster that is in her life at the moment, what with recently becoming a werewolf, at least Dom is has some insight about werewolves and what struggles she is going to face (especially in society). Due to her research, in the very least, she won't be left in the dark.

The flashback was absolutely adorable, but somehow almost tauntingly pleasant in the wake of all of the darkness surrounding Dom at the moment. Understandably, Dom would've had some hesitation over dating her sister's ex, but I'm glad that Victoire ultimately gave her blessing to date Teddy. It emphasized the bond between the two sisters, as well as the essence of having long since moved on over an old relationship.

Unfortunately, with all of the things that Dom had said to Teddy (revelations about his father, and pretty much saying outright that she didn't want him around her at the moment), she's already begun to push the people closest to her away. Hopefully Teddy will understand that her harsh words came from a place of extreme duress, and not really from her heart.

While using her condition to fuel her research/articles on werewolves, it's understandable that she'd be hesitant to do so. While the treatment of werewolves have improved over the years, there is sure to be some prejudice festering about somewhere. That boss of hers, Delilah, seems a little two-faced to me (which I find fantastically entertaining in a character). It really seems like she's trying to exploit Dom's condition, milking it for all it's worth.

Naturally, Dom is feeling some resentment over the scar that's really never going to go away. It's a natural reaction for somebody, I'd say, as that's probably all she can see in herself at the moment. I'm really quite excited that Teddy has shown up, though I am mildly concerned that he's frowning. I wonder what's wrong!!

Fantastic chapter (it really has been way too long since I've read this).


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Review #5, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: The Wolves and The Ravens

19th July 2014:

There are entirely too many times that I squeed in this, what with the adorableness of Albus and Brandon and Cora and such. However, there were several points when I was not a very happy Rumpel. You know, like when Derrick decided that he was going to kiss Albus (until Rose stepped in to save the day). Also, I get the feeling that Rose may have a slight crush on Brandon (insert dramatic music), but I also get the feeling that it may have something to do with feeling a bit lonely, watching people around her marry and have babies. Not to mention the fact that Al is still mildly on the fence about Brandon and Cora (which frustrates me to no end, and I know you're doing it on purpose)! I think one of my favorite parts was the awkward moment that Al walks into, where Brandon and Rose could have certainly been up to something, but definitely weren't (save some wandering eyes). Oh yeah, and Corbin getting along with Scorpius' mom so well is fantastic! Though, with all of that nagging, I can see where it'd be stressful for Scorp!

Anyhow, lovely chapter! :( I couldn't post my nice, long, Rumpel-ranting review, because I was continuously told that it contained a link (which I could not remove, because there wasn't a link).

Hopefully this will post!


Author's Response: Hai!

I'm happy you liked all the ABC interactions! They're my new favorite sitcom family. I didn't think the Derrick scene would make you happy but at least Al wasn't going to kiss him or cheat on Brandon. He's making progress. Rose was helpful there too. Rose is certainly placing her loneliness into a crush. She and Brandon could be quite good together. I'M GLAD YOU LIKED THE AWKWARDNESS! I wrote that for you.

Thank you fit sending me the lovely review and for sending me the spastastic one too. I'm still working on responding to the other reviews you've left me but wanted to keep up on new ones.


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Review #6, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: Where the Wind Blows

17th July 2014:
Cookies are cooking, last piece of the puzzle found, and a new chapter of TR -- my night can't get any better :D.

Can't blame the poor girl for feeling jilted after learning that her ex had never really actually wanted to date her in the first place. Poor thing. Aww, and I love the three girls interacting together. There's so much excitement and energy ^.^, especially after Eliza filled them in about her engagement...and a baby!

However, I think I stand on Rose's side of the argument that having a baby doesn't mean that they have to get married...and certainly that getting pregnant SO that they could get married probably wasn't the best choice. O.O I foresee great unhappiness in that marriage (Rumpel is clairvoyant about story-lines so late at night, didn't you know -- or completely insane...).

I'm glad the Astoria's willing to still see Scorpius (and that she misses him and wants him to move home). She kind of reminds me of Narcissa :D. I'm also thrilled that she wants to meet, just to open those lines of communication and tell Scorpius how she feels! I also hate it when there's something not quite 100 percent clean when my mother stops't look over there at the basket of laundry that I need to fold...oh dear... >

Author's Response: I think I responded to your summary in the PM but let me say here I'M SORRY YOUR HTML CODE BRACKET CUT OFF THE CORA SQUEES. Okay, I'm over it.

Poor Rose will spend a bit of time wallowing with the Scorpius feels. Eliza's news does send them into a bit of a tizzy. To put it lightly.

A baby isn't a good way to secure a relationship - but people do that all the time. I'm glad you've gone back to your seer roots for Eliza's relationship.

Astoria is trying her darnest. I wasn't intentionally making her like Narcissa but I can see the connections there. :D haha, you and Scorpius have that in common. I wonder what else you have in common!??!



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Review #7, by RumpelstiltskinThe Brave at Heart: A New Start

12th July 2014:
Hey there! Long-time-no-see ^.^.

While both Mandy and Mel have had an extremely eventful summer, I'm glad that they're on good terms with each other. They're going to need their friendship after this last year at Hogwarts (or before) when they're really being impacted by the war. It's also refreshing to see everybody on the Hogwarts Express chit-chating and getting on so nicely, catching up after the summer. Going back to Hogwarts seems like finally returning home.

Ouch, those are some rough comments about werewolves! I see that none of the girls really threw in their opinions (I wonder if they'll find out about Remus, and how they'd react)! Anticipation. O.O Sirius shouldn't hit the glass so hard. If he were to damage his brain, well, let's just say I'm fearful for everybody :D (haha, look I made a joke).

Oh look, it's Snape! Yeah, it must be difficult to know that you were fairly good friends with somebody when you began your school adventure, but then not even have them acknowledge your presence at some point. Well, they'll be at fairly opposite sides of the war, anyway, but you know what I mean.

I do love the random bits of dialogue thrown in, just as little, normal conversations that the girls are having during the day (you know, comparing one to the other's cat and whatnot) -- it never fails to make me laugh.

D'aw, she so has a crush on Sirius, it's almost painful to watch her try to avoid that. Albeit, I understand that she's trying to keep her distance in order to stay on good terms with Mandy (which is important)...still funny though. On a side note, Lily needs to learn to love James :p -- though, shouting at him may very well be her way of show him love ^.^. Of course, Sirius HAD to get him in trouble...oh boys.

Well, after all of that Sirius watching, strangling fights could be a form of flirting. Sorta. Well, I think it might be. Ooooh, maybe if Mandy does have a crush on Remus, then Mel might get the OK to pursue her crush on Sirius. Maybe...nothing's set in stone for teenage girls.

I'm sure Remus can keep a secret ;).

Oh Luke...just give it up already, yeah? That boy is persistent I tell you. Heheh, but the line "use the force Luke" made the entire scene, so I'm perfectly fine with him not giving up :D

Great chapter, it's nice to get back to this story!


::Slytherin - House Cup - 2014::

Author's Response: Rumpelll ♥

They have indeed had an eventful summer. But yay for strong friendships! :)

Yeah.. it certainly doesn't help that they didn't like the professor to begin with. But I think that probably not everyone was tolerant, so yeah Russell comes across as kind of tactless there :-/

Losing friendship is always hard. Even if it's someone who turned to dark magic and hates your new friends - but they were friends once so it's difficult :(

Haha, thanks, I'm so glad you like that! I really enjoy writing the random, completely unnecessary conversations haha

I don't recall age 16-17 as being particularly easy for romance. So everyone is confused about what everyone else thinks, and has to resort to shouting, or attention-seeking hair strangling, or generally failing to express feelings in a normal way.

That line was like the whole reason for that scene, I couldn't resist XD I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! It's great to see you back! Thank you for your lovely review!

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Review #8, by RumpelstiltskinSweet Silence: Take Your Pick

11th July 2014:
Hello again.

I like the tidbit at the beginning, explaining pureblood marriage practices at the time. I can't help but wonder what kind of relationship that this main character is fall into, though you did mention that he was going to turn out to be " both my bittersweet savior and eradicator".

Also, this character's reactions to the news of an arranged marriage are quite fitting for a teenage girl, especially one who's not overly enthused about accepting her 'pureblood duties' and whathaveyou. That particular societies feelings of women's duties are what I could only imagine of the pureblood elitists at the time.

Furthermore, any of the Malfoy's ideas that she'll be able to fall in love with Severus Snape over the course of a year is quite funny, but as is their ideals in that society. Having her father leave at such a young age probably doesn't assist her fears of an arranged marriage, as the marriage between her mother and father was arranged as well.

Severus Snape is one of my favorite characters, and I have to say that you are doing a fantastic job with his characterization. I love that, despite Rose's general questions, meaning no harm, that he remains untrusting, cold, and distant. Though, he's a little bit rougher towards a complete stranger than I would imagine, but given their predicament, he's probably in a particularly foul mood.

Woosh, that was an avalanche of scary moods at the end *covers eyes*.

Great job!


::Slytherin - House Cup Review - 2014::

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Review #9, by RumpelstiltskinSweet Silence: Little Black Book

11th July 2014:
Hey there!

So, first of all, I'd like to compliment you on the amount and quality of detail and imagery that you've put in this. Taking the time to do so is not only very much appreciated, but also it effectively draws the reader into the story.

Second, I really love the effect that this introduction has, giving us readers a little bit of inclination as to what is currently happening -- the main character reading back into her own diary so that she may possibly find some sort of weakness in Voldemort and deliver that information to the Order -- and what is going to happen (that we will be taken back through her seventh year at Hogwarts). This tells us that she's been involved with Voldemort in some way, and that she could possibly be useful in the war against him.

Obviously, there's something in that past that she doesn't want to remember, but upon Dumbledore's request, she's willing to give it a try. I can't wait to find out what it is!


::Slytherin - House Cup Review - 2014::

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Review #10, by RumpelstiltskinThe Last Tomorrow: The Last Tomorrow

10th July 2014:
Hey there,

So, this is particularly adorable. One of my favorite aspects is seeing Remus and Tonks still alive, being able to care for baby Teddy. I love Remus' interactions with his son, to boot, it's really just too cute.

I do love how you brought the idea of Remus' lycanthropy possibly being passed down to his son, especially as that had been a large concern in DH when Remus discovers that Tonks is pregnant.

Remus' rambling, though truly not comprehended by Teddy, are absolutely sweet. Luckily, that little speech about how much he truly loved his wife was actually heard by his wife ^.^.

Great story, it was so cute!


::Slytherin - House Cup Review 2014 - Educational Decree Number Seven::

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Review #11, by RumpelstiltskinWho Are You? Who Am I?: Meeting People

10th July 2014:
Hello there,

I have a certain soft spot for time-travel fics. Though, I have to say, that I've never read one that entails somebody from the past travelling to the future. Furthermore, I'm also very excited that this has to do with James Potter, of all people, coming to Harry's present-time and Harry travelling to the past. That's certainly exciting, new, and different.

I loved that McGonagall was going to write to her past self, that just seems funny. Actually, that seems like quite a feat, I'd like to know how she's going to accomplish that!

Meeting up with Remus' daughter, and then of course the older Remus, seems like it could be fairly interesting for James, though he might have a difficult life adjusting to this new life.

Hopefully, the pair of Potters can get themselves out of this little time-paradox predicament, though I'm sure the readers will have fun along the way.

Great job!


::Slytherin - House Cup Review 2014 - Educational Decree Number Seven::

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Review #12, by RumpelstiltskinOutsmarting Umbridge: Outsmarting Umbridge

10th July 2014:
Hey there,

There's several things that I absolutely love about this. I love the idea that Umbridge is absolutely driving McGonagall mad. The books gave us inclination towards that, but being inside McGonagall's mind enables the readers to fully understand exactly how strong this feeling is.

With Umbridge holding so much power over the school, McGonagall and Sprout are forced to speak in secret, like a couple of school children who are up to no good. In fact, McGonagall even has to reprimand her students (namely Fred and George) in private, because lord knows what Umbridge would do to them if she had found out.

Woosh, Umbridge even hassles McGonagall over simply having possession of sweets, a rule that was meant to be for students, not staff memebers. Oh goodness, I'll let my imagination go to town on exactly what happened when Umbridge ate the twins, erm, sweets.

Great job!


::Slytherin - House Cup Review 2014 - Educational Decree Number Seven

Author's Response: I know. Don't you JUST want to know if anyone witnessed it? Please let it be Peeves.

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Review #13, by RumpelstiltskinRoad to Joy: Startling Discovery

10th July 2014:
Oh hello backstory that will hold me over until the next chapter of True Romance.

I'm actually pretty excited for this little explanation of how Brandon came to take his daughter home with him. Of course, being in the custody of people who absolutely despise magic, and given that both of her parents were magical, the baby is most likely also magical. So, Martin probably isn't overly enthused to be taking care of the baby, anyway.

I think that, without knowing Brandon's predicament, that Harry's lecture was quite fitting. You're quote there, is that from the argument between Harry and Remus about leaving Tonks and their unborn baby to assist the trio? I think so (but I'm too lazy to find DH and look it up) ^.^.

I think it's really sweet that he wants to take initiative and raise his baby. Though, I suspect that meeting Martin had a little to do with it, knowing what Cora would have to grow up with (that is, if he didn't give her up to an adoption agency or foster care). I'm also very happy that Harry's willing to help him.

Ugh, if they don't speed this process up though, I'm afraid that Brandon may just haul off and hit Martin, though he kind of deserves it.

Aw, Brandon shouldn't worry about being a decent father...he'll figure it out (little Cora will cry and let him know if he's doing something wrong) ^.^. 'Sides she'd probably be better off with him than with Martin. I'm also very happy that Martin didn't put up much of a fight (yay)!

Harry and Ginny are pretty awesome for helping with Cora. He probably should've tried to give Al a heads up about not showing for their date (at least then I wouldn't have had a heart-attack), but yay, he's a daddy!

This was so sweet! ♥ I'm really glad that you wrote this little side-story to help clarify somethings ^.^.

-A very happy Rumpel

::Slytherin - House Cup Review - 2014::

Author's Response: Hi Rumpel - my name is back story!

This is really "Cora Savage and the escape from the less evil Dursley-like relatives" I just thought Road to Joy was nicer sounding. Martin would have been better than the Dursleys but not as good as brandon. :P

I'm so glad you liked Harry's lecture. I mean, his first thought is back to that bit from DH where Remus left Tonks and he had words with him. THAT IS THE SCENE!

Martin definitely spurred Brandon into wanting to take action. If he'd been cool and possibly a wizard, there might have been just a joint custody thing but Martin was really in over his head.


Yeah, the crying bit helps with figuring out what to do. Part of Martin was definitely relieved to not have to raise his niece. so, that's good. :D

Harry and Ginny are super supportive!! yeah... Harry could ahve informed Albus a bit sooner that something was going on but then where would my drama be? And Harry didn't know that Albus was going to have a date with brandon that night so he didn't think it was worth running ot his flat to let him know.

I'M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED THIS! I mean, *I* liked writing it so... yeah.

Thanks for a wonderful review!

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Review #14, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)

10th July 2014:
Wohoo! Looks like I'm finally caught up!

Archie seems nice, and Lily seems to really like him. Well, they were lovey-dovey in the lift and she's somewhat alright with introducing him to Rose, which is always a positive thing. I also love that Archie seems to think that gay men can't be macho -_-...oh, Archie. Someone obviously hasn't met the Savages ^.^. *Daydreams*

Anyhow. Thank goodness for food -- it saved the day (that conversation seemed to be heading down a dangerous, dangerous path). Rose doesn't really seem to care for Archie at all...despite his, erm, neat job inspecting magical agriculture.

Haha, I think that it's very fitting, given Al's discovery of Brandon having a daughter, that the joke shop would receive a shipment of kid toys ^.^. *Closes eyes and pretends she didn't read the words 'when Fred died'*

It DOES seem a little strange for George to be offering such strong advice, but he DOES have experience, so, I suppose it isn't that strange (though, while Al may know of some of the things, he didn't experience, probably doesn't see all depths of his uncle).

Haha, poor Scorpius, Al just can't seem to keep his pants on lately ^.^. While I enjoy this sort of fun, I can't help but really feel bad for Scorpius, because Al just can't make up his mind. I realize that Scorpius broke Al's heart and all that, and I realize that Al can't choose between Brandon and Scorp at the moment...but this makes everyone sad :(.

It might be the to-be mother in me, but Brandon with a baby is too flippin adorable *squee*. While nursing techniques probably aren't exactly what he needs, it seems like (nearly) everybody is kind of excited for a new baby. Rose is being a very good friend as well (and who doesn't want to see baby Cora?).

Even baby vomit is cute ^.^ (there's something seriously wrong with me). Oh, look, it's Brandon's mom! Beatrice seems a little...proper (much like her name). Heh, yeah, she totally expects him to find a wifey to help with the baby ^.^. What about an Albus? That could work.

Ah! Now that I'm all caught up, I need to know how this all works out...and who ends up with who!


::Slytherin - House Cup Review - 2014::

Author's Response: You're caught up and ready to go (I have no idea - I've been answering these all day so my brain is fried).

Archie is nice - especially to Lily. and, yes, they did enjoy their elevator time together. ;) But, poor Archie hasn't met a Savage yet so he doesn't know what they're like.

Food saved the day - or conversation - from going completely sideways. HIS JOB IS SUPER NEAT. IT'S LIKE THE FDA OR SOMETHING. okay, not so neat but still. -_-

QUITE THE COINCIDENT. *cough* oh, yeah... sometimes Fred's death comes up. (sorry)

George is probably one of those guys who doesn't give out a lot of advice but does mean it when it gives it out.

Albus' clothing is just jumping off him left and right... and poor Scorpius got in the way of this nudity. Scorpius is in a tough spot relationship-wise. ALBUS MIGHT MAKE EVERYONE SAD - IT'S NOT MY FAULT. I JUST WRITE THE WORDS.

I think half of your reactions to Cora (and vomit) are hormone driven :P I agree that Brandon with a baby is drool-worthy. And, you never know, theory about nursing could come in handy. Beatrice is a bit proper but she lets her hair down a bit later on. An Albus could work. :D



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Review #15, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: A View to a Kill

10th July 2014:
Oh hello (I did decide to come to the next chapter, after all).

It's not nice to open with Corbin...not with the cliffhanger you left. In the very least, Scorpius has somebody to kiss ^.^ and have dessert with ;). Hooray for dessert! Unfortunately for Corbin, I don't think that Scorpius is as invested in this relationship as he is. (Only uncivilized people...blah, blah, blah.) Though, it does seem that if Scorpius didn't have Al playing with his emotions, that he'd be able to invest himself more fully in his relationship with Corbin (you know, if you hadn't killed off Brandon, then Al could be with Brandon and that could happen *cough*).

Aw, I'm glad that Rose decided to go home and make up with Hermione :). I'm also really, really glad that she's able to give her business plan a go, with a little help from her parents, of course. It's great that she's able to give her dreams a shot ^.^.

Finally! Back to Albus (not that everything else wasn't lovely, I just really need to know what's happening)! *Few* Out of all of the things you could have possibly done to Brandon, giving him a daughter is probably the least of my worries *falls over*. Don't do things like that to pregnant ladies! I almost had a heart-attack. (Also, I take back all of those things I said about killing Brandon.) James' random questions in combination with Al's anger was priceless :D, that made me laugh, which was a great break from all of that anticipation that was building.

So, that's why he didn't show! He found out he had a baby (whose mother had died). Fair enough. Al should forgive him, and they can be a happy family :D (Rumpel's dreams...). He will be FINE...gosh, why is he still debating this!

*Cough* you already know the ships I'm rooting for (probably). Al/Brandon, Scorpius/Corbin, Rose/SomeNiceDude ^.^, oh and Scorpius is Rose's GBF...because they make awesome friends. ^.^



::Slytherin - House Cup Review - 2014::


What?! did you expect me to just jump into the key plot point of the chapter? :P You've read so many of my stories. I mean, after Epitaph, I expected people to start from the beginning of HIKML and trudge through that :P

I agree that Scorpius would be more invested in Corbin if not for the outstanding Albus thing going on in his life. but they won't reach that point for a bit.

It was high time for her to head home and start acting more adult. And yay! she gets to put her plan into action. :D

Yes, yes, the rest of the chapter was just a distraction from the Branbus drama.

IT WAS MEAN AND THIS IS WHY I ASKED HOW YOUR PREGNANCY WAS GOING!! I didn't want to stress your or baby Rumpel out too much. What, you *don't* want me to kill Brandon. Well.. back to the drawing board. :P (THAT'S A JOKE - PUT THE PITCHFORK DOWN)

Albus is still debating this because he has his own internal stuff to work through and he doesn't do a good job listening ot your commands. :P Though, I'm working on him.

I will do my best to accomodate your ship. :D

Thanks for braving this chapter out!


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Review #16, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: Live and Let Die

10th July 2014:
One more chapter until the scary chapter.

Baha, I love how Rose is hiding in Lily's room, so that Ginny won't find her. Though, I suspect that if Ginny and Harry knew where she was, then Ron and Hermione might not have an overly difficult time to let her stay for a bit and cool down (given, they know that she's safe). And mysterious toilet-flushing is, indeed, a means to investigate.

I kind of love Rose and Lily's friendship ^.^, and they seem really close (reminds me of one of my cousins and I). It's nice to have someone know, from when you're escaping your mother or for some gossip about who is doing what to whom *cough*.

Anyway. Despite the close call, I get the feeling that Ginny suspects that Rose is hiding out somewhere in the house... only doesn't have the evidence to back it up ^.^.

Aw, Al is so excited for the date that he forgot to get dressed ^.^. That would've been a bit of a shock at a restaurant that requires reservations (maybe they'll let him in anyway). Though, they could just have the date elsewhere know, I should just stop there (heading into dangerous territory, I am). *Cough* James to the rescue!

I'm probably almost as excited for this date as Al is ^.^. Romance :D. Wait, why is he late! Oh gosh, what happened! *Closes eyes* I hope he shows up! Oh goodness, he didn't show. You know, I strongly suspect that Brandon didn't just stand Al up...what did you do to him?! Oh. My. Merlin. :( *Cries* Why?

*Sniffle* Okay, I'll accept that Al's solution was to drink himself into a stupor and then wind up at Scorpius' place. Afterall, I don't exactly know what did happen to Brandon...quite yet. So, I'll focus on this lovely little scene that's unfolding, instead. Of course, this is not going to help Scorpius' confused feelings for Albus.

They are quite sweet though, with the kissing ^.^. Among other things. I'm mildly annoyed at the situation, but seeing them together and happy is easing my pain slightly. I suppose the characters can be happy, despite what I think ;).

Oh, and see there, he's breaking Scorpius' heart a little by not making up his mind. Knew it.

What news does Harry have for him? Oh my killed killed Brandon. *Cries* You don't even have to say it...I know what you did! If I don't read the next chapter, then I can make up what actually happened in my head ^.^. So, Brandon was detained for...something...and he'll be out tomorrow, and then they can go on their date...properly. Yes, and maybe a shower scene and the end :).

Okay, I'll be a big girl and see what actually happens.


::Slytherin - House Cup Review - 2014::

Author's Response: (this was the scary chapter - I misinformed you (on accident))

Opening with a bit of levity was my way to disarm people about this being a scary chapter :P that and it did make me laugh to think about her hiding out like a child. I think Ginny knows that they have a house guest. She's just going ot let Rose take her time with going home. Lily and Rose have quite a nice relationship. I mena, they like each other, get along, don't find over the same boy like Al and Rose do.

Albus often forgets little things like getting dressed. It's an unfornate habbit of his. I think you're right - restaurants that require reservations probably require clothes. or it's a clothing option place and that's why they require reservations (it adds to the fancy!??!)

Reading your reaction through the date was one of the best things I've ever done. I was laughing so evilly that my husband asked if I killed someone. Don't despair! I haven't done that yet.

yes, yes, focus on the lovely Scorbus moment where they're happy and not very 12+. that's a very good distraction (for you and Albus I guess)

I mean, Albus is mad at Brandon here, not ready to kick him to the curb. So... yeah... there's a little bit of heart breaking here.




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Review #17, by RumpelstiltskinThe Ton-Tongue Toffee Incident: The Ton-Tongue Toffee Incident

9th July 2014:
Hey there!

The twin's pranks always make me laugh, and this is no exception. Poor Professor Flitwick! I would imagine, given his fear of snakes, that a wand turning into a snake would certainly frighten him!

I did have some uncertainty on how exactly Fred and George could possibly convince somebody like Professor Snape to eat a jinxed candy. As I suspected, however, the head of Slytherin was just too clever for them ^.^.

I definitely enjoyed that particular dynamic. This was a cute piece. My only suggestion would be to slow down the pace slightly, and make sure that dialogue from different people are separated into their own little paragraphs.

Otherwise, fantastic job!


::Slytherin - House Cup Review 2014 - Educational Decree Number Six::

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Review #18, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: In the Waiting Line

9th July 2014:
And we're back.

I love characters cuddling, and non-romantic cuddling is right up there, too :D. I think that it's really sweet that Rose can still go to Scorpius as a friend, despite what they've been through. Maybe his revelation about what really happened with his parents (during their relationship and afterwards) will give her a little bit of perspective on what's going on between her and her mother. After all, Hermione IS just trying to give her daughter an opportunity to obtain a good know, in a pushy, Hermione-mom sort of way.

When I envision Ron as an older father-figure, especially that of a daughter and given everything that he's been through, I can definitely see him sending out an auror task force to look for Rose ^.^. I also do hope that, ultimately, Rose and Scorpius can turn out to be friends...they seem like they'd make great friends (so long as Rose can overlook the previous relationship).

Molly and Arthur as grandparents is one of the most awesome things I can think of, because they'd make spectacular grandparents (I bet they spoil the grandkids, to boot). Also, an aged Arthur asleep in a chair with is newspaper is adorable...maybe I can adopt him as a third grampie... *cough*.

Anyway. I love the way you write Molly and Arthur (they're a soft spot of mine) and their impressive, unwavering, eternal love for each other *squee*.

"You wouldn’t be the first man in our family to…' he faltered a moment before continuing, 'to lose someone to just being friends. You never know what or who might come between you.' " -- May I? WHY? *Cries* This had better not be more foreshadowing!

Oh hey, look, it's Brandon...I'm calm now. Wait, except, you know, "it shouldn't be dangerous" ... something bad is SO going to happen... I can feel it. Okay, deep, deep breaths. I'm almos afraid to read chapter five, only because chapter six comes right after it.

Also, I'd imagine that Brandon looks lovely in his muggle attire ;).


::Slytherin - House Cup - 2014::

Author's Response: Look who's back, back again. Rumpel's back, rumpel's back, rumpel's back (thanks, now Slim Shady is stuck in my head)

I think up to this conversation, Rose just saw it was a breakup. Nothing too severe. But, yeah, it is nice that she still likes him enough to try being friends with him.

I like to think Harry had to talk Ron out of an auror task force to find Rose. Um, yeah, they'll be working on that friendship for a bit.

MOLLY AND ARTHUR ARE TWO OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE. just because they're so cute. YOU'LL SEE MORE OF THEM SOON! you can adopt him as a third grampie. *nods*

IT WAS A BRAD SAVAGE MOMENT. I gave it to you just for the feels. da feels. (like da bears.)

I realized that I gave you the wrong chapter number for the scary part. the scary part was in chapter 5 but you figured that out already... I'M SORRY!

Oh and yes - the muggle attire is quite nice

Thanks for a rad review!


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Review #19, by RumpelstiltskinAftermath: Mournful Song

9th July 2014:

This is a great chapter about attempting to accept the fact that Victoire is dead, and Teddy's further attempt to move on. By turning areas that they'd shared together into areas more personalized as Teddy's, he's slowly erasing some of her memories from the house.

Of course, like with every loss, there's just somethings that Teddy can't let go of, in this case, the piano. His fond memories of her playing on the piano, and Teddy's absolute lack of skill did make me smile slightly.

Oh the famous words - "She would have wanted you to be happy". Of course she did, but it's sometimes nearly impossible to find that happiness in the aftermath of death.

Another wonderful chapter.


::Slytherin - House Cup 2014 - Educational Decree Number Five::

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Review #20, by RumpelstiltskinAftermath: Empty House

9th July 2014:
Hello again.

The empty house, that's a very fitting next part in this, I'd say. There's nothing worse than coming home to a place that is absolutely plagued by memories of the person that you've just lost. You've managed to take the reader through the experience - through Teddy's eyes - in a very effective manner.

One of my favorite ideas in this chapter, is that Teddy doesn't even have to look at the photographs to have memories come floating back to him because, as you've stated, he knows them by heart.

Then, of course, there's the idea that both of them really seemed to want to have a child, and were prepared to do so, with a nursery set up to boot. Teddy wishing that they HAD had a child, just so that he'd have something, anything, to remember Victoire by is truly heartbreaking :(.


::Slytherin - House Cup 2014 - Educational Decree Number Five::

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Review #21, by RumpelstiltskinAftermath: All The Things

9th July 2014:
Hey there.

So, this was a lovely introduction, though obviously very sad. I love the way that Teddy remembers every little detail about Victoire, and ultimately decides that everything about her -- good, bad, annoying, or indifferent -- he loves. It's an unbearable to be able to hug, hold, and love somebody so much, and them have them not exist in the next moment.

I think that the worst feeling of all must've been knowing that she's gone by her own choice. You've captured the range of heart-wrenching emotion fantastically here. Great job.


::Slytherin - House Cup 2014 - Educational Decree Number Five ::

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Review #22, by RumpelstiltskinKeep Breathing: To Where You Are

9th July 2014:
Hey there, Princess :D.

Oh my gosh, this is so sad :(, but you did a lovely job writing it. Obviously there are some more close-to-home issues in this, and I applaud you for being able to power through any emotional disposition in order to write it. From the very beginning, you've managed to create a void in the character's emotions, something is missing, and something is wrong (for the characters, I mean).

Contemplating if things would have been different if (insert all existing variables in the world) is a dangerous road to take, but obviously these sorts of thoughts will naturally come to be in the wake of loss :(.

James and Evalin have a lot of emotional baggage to sort through after losing their baby, so I think that you very appropriately placed the theme of 'just breathe'.

You know, this was probably a story that I shouldn't have read *sniffles* ^.^, but it was lovely.


::Slytherin - House Cup 2014 - Educational Decree Number Five::

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Review #23, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

8th July 2014:

Scorpius and Corbin making dinner together is kind of adorable, I must say. A little break from his new love interest (albeit a business vacation) could help Scorp deal with his feelings -- or possible feelings -- for Albus.

*Gasp* He left his wand in the kitchen O.O. Now I'm afraid for Scorpius (first Brandon, now Scorpius...please tell me you aren't going to take them BOTH away from Albus)! If this was just any old writer, I'd assume that something bad would happen...but with you, I'm afraid for both of their lives, because I know how you like to tear your readers' hearts out and stomp them into the floor...into little heart bits.

A touch of aphrodisiac in a book? That's my fiance's worst nightmare...he'd never see me again. Though, it is a terrific business idea -- good for Corbin. Also, you can't help but feel bad for the guy, Scorpius is kinda still caught up with Al, isn't he? Despite what he says, because...well, thoughts of going over the kitchen table aren't, well, platonic.

Oh but, hey, that was a *ahem* lovely goodbye ;).

Annnd back to Albus and Brandon -- yes, do go to check and see if he is there, please. ^.^ Bahaha, I for one believe that Brandon's lap is the perfect place for Al to sit. Brandon can totally work around him...or, you know, kissing :D yay!

Hooray! Dates and...erm...other things! You have no idea how happy I am right now! Brandon and Al is right behind the Charlie/Brad ship on my love-ship list :D (is it strange that ship that you've created are among my top favorites?)

Oh boy, Hermione in mom-mode is a little scary (slighting reminding me of Mrs. Weasley ^.^). Baha, I do love how Ron attempts to flee the fight-scene (can't blame the poor guy). Uh-oh. Well, hopefully Rose manages to work things out with Hermione.

...I haven't cried so far, which is absolutely terrifying because I know that it's coming O.O.


:: Slytherin - House Cup Review - 2014::

Author's Response: HAI!

I tried to show them being cute together. I dunno, I always liked making dinner with my husband when we first started going out. it's good bonding time. but, yeah, a break will be eventful for them.

Wait, why is his wand in the kitchen a red flat?!?! I'm so confused!! I'M NOT GOING TO GO ALL GRRM ON THIS NOVEL. I mean, there is a death planned but er... nevermind. *hands chocolate* that should help

haha, yeah, I would never put my books down if that happened. My husband teases me enough when I get into one *those* books. Yeah, Corbin is getting the short end of the relationship stick here.


His lap was the only place to sit. I mean, Albus was just being polite to have a sit down chat with him. *cough* I ALSO PUT THAT KISSING IN THERE FOR YOU! Because... it's fun.

Um, it's really awesome that two of the ships I made are your top ships. :D OH, I THOUGHT OF A NICE BUT HEART BREAKING CHARLIE/BRAD STORY. I have to go write it down.

Hermione in mom-mode reminds me of her in prefect mode at school. Hair crackling with electricity and being all snappy with her remarks. ron's attempt to flee made me giggle quite a bit.

you haven't cried yet?!?! MAYBE IT'S NOT A CRYING STORY. (Though, don't take my word on that)

Thanks for leaving me such awesome reviews!


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Review #24, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: Such Great Heights

8th July 2014:

Marketing is a very important part of sales, so he had better get those Skiving Snackbox packagings to perfection. ;)

You know, I just absolutely love Brandon (and hooray for kisses ♥ ), and I don't think that I'm the only one. Actually, I'm fairly certain that everybody loves him ^.^ (but you know, I'll always be on the Brad Savage boat, first and foremost).

Anyways (I'm a terrible rambler, forgive me). Rose seems to be doing well after her breakup with Scorpius, which is pretty fantastic. Maybe she'll find someone who is nice and straight ^.^. Managing travel on the Floo does sound tedious (I wouldn't want that job), but I suppose that she has to start somewhere.

Kissing Brandon, or thinking about the said kiss, is a perfectly legit excuse for Al's daydreaming. Haha, I love that Rose immediately hops on that (Why didn't you get hold of me the SECOND you got back!?) Love gossip is good gossip ;). HE was devastated? *I* was devastated when they broke up...I still cry about it sometimes :p.

-_-' Al really needs to make a decision on where he wants to take his love life (and you already know that I'll be rooting for at least a brief excursion towards Brandon's direction).

Why do I get the feeling that Al is going to begin leading both Scorpius and Brandon on? You're so going to do that to me aren't you? Okay *braces self*, bring it on.

See there? Scorpius is already mildly trying to leave himself open to a plausible relationship with Al, if Al wants it. I love that Al is super judgemental of Corbin ^.^ (oh goodness, he's in his thirties...sound the alarms). OH KISSES! *Squee* Okay, I'm a fan of kisses...even if it was with Scorpius.

Oh hey, it's Brandon :D. I don't blame Rose, I'd hug him too (are you living vicariously through Rose? :p). He has no idea that Rose already knows about his run-in with Al.

Now, PLEASE tell me this isn't foreshadowing: "I would hate for something horrible to happen to you." It is, isn't it? Of course it just want to make me cry. Okay *deep breaths* I can do this...

:D -Rumpel

:: Slytherin - House Cup - 2014::

Author's Response: HAI HAI HAI!

Yes, marketing is key. (this novel is really about running various businesses)

Everyone loves brandon (except for the hardcore Scorpius people - but even they want Brandon to land with someone). *sigh* Brad Savage

Hopefully Rose will meet someone nice and straight. but those people are hard to find in my novels. :-/ Her job is horribly tedious and despite what Hermione thinks it's rather dead end.

Dude, i day dream about kissing brandon. o.o (don't tell my husband) OF COURSE HE SHOULD HAVE SENT HER AN OWL RIGHT AWAY!

Making a decision will be like 1/3 of the novel. so... yeah


Scorpius is on the fence too! NO ONE HAS PICKED A SIDE IN THIS STORY. But. yeah, Corbin is robbin' the craddle. AND, OF COURSE THERE ARE KISSES. I CAN'T DO A CHAPTER WITHOUT KISSES.


thank you for the awesome rambling review!!!


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Review #25, by RumpelstiltskinTrue Romance: New Slang

8th July 2014:
Hey there ;).

Why hello, Derrick. I always love the way you introduce characters. It makes me feel like I've known them all along (or should have, anyhow). I mean, within the first paragraph, I already know some of his physical features, about his Quiddich career (that consumes a great deal of his time), and that he's Al's special *ahem* friend. That's a lot to do for a character in one paragraph, but it all flows nicely together :D.

Anyhow. James and his "adult supervision" is certainly ruining some of Al's fun, isn't it? Oh well, all of that fun will just have to happen in my head.

Pooling their money for a flat (you know, so that they can eat more than cheese and crackers) was probably a good idea. Well, save for James' interruptions...but I don't think that Ginny would be entirely impressed if Al missed brunch due to antics of the more romantic nature *blush*. (('“You can tell Mum we’re late because you couldn’t take your hands off my teammate,” James snipped.' -Haha, called it :p)).

Baha, I love Lily in this! Her poor brothers...what are they going to do with her. Oops, caught by mom. Ginny's probably right, I can't imagine that Harry would be able to remain calm if he'd heard his daughter say that *she* only wants one thing *cough*, but at least Ginny (with all of those older brothers) can kind of understand.

I take it that James isn't the biggest fan of Scorpius, is he? Nope, I'd say not. Well, *I* think it's nice that Al is maintaining a friendship (friendship) with him :D. Aww, Scorpius has found himself a new love bunny ^.^ (don't ask, I have no idea).

It is understandable that Al would be mildly jealous listening to Scorpius go on about Corbin (and look who's thinking about Brandon ;) ).

Ah, brotherly interactions. I'm glad that Al offered to be James' wing-man...get that boy a date ^.^.

Oh boy, it's Brandon! :D Hahaha, Al's a bit insecure, but that's fantastic...because it does lead to some fun thoughts and even more fun dialogue. Aw, and it was James who asked Brandon to come out for Al :D (that's sweet). Now, Al just has to stop being difficult ;).

Yay! This was a great start!

::House Cup - 2014::

Author's Response: RUMPEL!

I know I've been responding way out of order but I'm finally getting to your first review on TR! *blush* I don't know how I can possibly respond when you're so nice about how I intro people. Also, I read your "Why hello, Derrick" in the old spice commercial voice "why hello ladies" thing. anyway - I thought it was important to establish who Albus was with for his special friend. SPECIAL FRIENDS ARE IMPORTANT.

Poor James is playing babysitter iwth his brother and teammate. I think living together is better than not for them. I mean, they also throw rad parties. yes, yes, you called it. James is really there to watch over Al. :P

Lily is hysterical here. I've totally been the awkward younger sister like Lily is. Harry's definitely going to struggle with Lily's love life when it happens. Ginny is much more sympathetic.

James is definitely not on the Scorbus ship. he ships Branbus :P

BRANDON IS ALBUS' SPIRIT ANIMAL. I don't really know what that means but i see people say it all the time about other people.

Albus tries to be a good brother but I don't think he's a great wingman.

oh hai! it's brandon. *cough* I wonder how he got there. ALBUS WILL NEVER STOP BEING DIFFICULT.

Anyway - love this review. thank you


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