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Review #1, by trixytonksSomeday the Waves: Chapter 1

18th August 2010:
YAY AIME!! I really enjoyed this. It was a really great way to set the mood for what's to come next. I've never read any Ted/Victoire, but I like your portrayal of them, it seems really genuine. Can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: You are currently my ONLY review, and it's SUCH a nice one. I love you, babe!

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Review #2, by trixytonksAmoretti: Amoretti

2nd October 2007:
aw susan ^__^ I couldn't resist, I had to read. I don't think I've read one of your fics in a long time, so this was a really welcome reminder as to why you're made of such complete awesome. I chose to read this one because you can get these little biscuit/chocolate finger things called amoretti and they are delish. thank you, I'm now craving :)

on to the story - it's beautiful! I love fics that are centred around little, seemingly insubstantial moments, and this one fits just perfectly. it's like the beginning of something, and started so simply. I love the casual banter between lily and james, how it's hardly even there but seems so... familiar to them? like they're so entirely used of hardly ever saying anything to one another. it's brilliant, well done you!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks Rena. *hides* Sorry about making you hungry - those biscuit things sound delicious! You'll have to send some over, haha. :P Thank you so much for reviewing this. It means a lot that you enjoyed this silly little piece. ^_^ It's so insubstantial, but it's got a lot hidden between the lines. =D

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Review #3, by trixytonksNo Words: No Words

12th September 2007:
you tease. -glares- how could you leave it there? sezzle I don't know why I put up with you! but this was a lovely, well written story. you got the mad skillz! ily!!

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Review #4, by trixytonksA Second Prophecy: Back to the Burrow

4th October 2006:
Yes I know, I just reviewed a few minutes ago, but here I am again ^_^ I was delighted to see how you wrote Ginny. I was a bit scared that she'd be blubbering and sobbing and all sort of un-Ginny qualities, but she was perfect; fiery, stubborn - just perfect, bravo you. I don't know if Hermione would ever call Ron the W word, but heck, there's a reason why it's called fan fiction, right? You write all of the characters really well, and it's just a real treat to read. Lovin' it ^_^

Author's Response: Aw, yay! Ginny's just my fav. She has such spunk!

I do take my liberties as a FF writer on occasion, and sadly there are a few cliche traps, but I do like to think that by the end of the story it's all sorted out and they don't seem so terribly cheesy. :) But then again; there are this two partially-written last chapters clanging around in my head still....

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Review #5, by trixytonksTaste of Revenge: Taste of Revenge

17th June 2006:
I've been searching for some good L/J fics and I think I might've stumbled upon one! I admit that I don't think Lily would've kissed him so willingly, but I've been blinded by how artful your writing is, so I'll allow it ;) I think I'm going to have to add you to my favourites, you really have a flair for writing. Great work!

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Review #6, by trixytonksInfamy and Entropy: 2098: The Dark Lord

24th April 2006:
I bow down to the wonder that is your imagination, and thank you for allowing me to play there with my characters ^__^ I&E is the best RPG out there and this story is just going to rock so much, there's no possible way it couldn't with the amazing plot you have! Best of luck with it, chickpea! xxxbellatrixy ^__^

Author's Response: aww rena you make me smile! thanks so much dear! thanks for making I&E a huge mess of drama ^_^

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Review #7, by trixytonksLessons for the Uninitiated: one

14th April 2006:
three cheers for subtle slash!

Erin, as though it needs to be said, I adored this. You write the Marauders so well that anything that JKR offers will pale in comparison. This story was brilliant - it had that increasing sense of dread; I knew one of them was going to get hurt, and I was almost positive it would be Remus (as he is our favourite punchbag, bless his little cotton poly-nylon blend socks) but I didn't know just how badly! So he lost his memory? The last line hit me like a ton of bricks. It's typical Sirius, though, isn't it? His need for acceptance pushing the boundaries so much.

Brilliant story, Erin, I expect no less!

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Review #8, by trixytonksThe Corners of My Parchment: The Corners of My Parchment

10th January 2006:
Oh what a lovely story. Just what I needed! It's so light and easy to read, a real delight. I always get this underlying dread whenever I read Lily/James stories, because we know there isn't much of an ever after. It makes me wonder if Lily ever did see those sketches of her, or was she gone before she had the chance. Your writing style is wonderful, definitely on a par with your graphics (which is really saying something!) great work, I love it ^_^

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Review #9, by trixytonksLittle White Lies: Little White Lies

9th January 2006:
Wow. Bloody hell -- give me a few minutes to collect my thoughts.

First of all, let me make it clear that Remus and Sirius (along with Tonks, but thats irrelevant) are my favourite characters. I think the way you delved so deeply and accurately into their friendships and scrutinised their past choices is really quite clever. I love how one lie just snowballs and its like you said, they are bound by them. I think this story is as canon as can be for a MWPP story, with each character acting just as I'd expect them too. I particularly like how you portray Peter; a lot of people (myself included) make the mistake of making Peter entirely unlikeable. You have him as a good friend to the others, and while the traces of the future Peter is there, you can see why they wouldn't suspect him - not for his incompetences or his unfaithfulness, because there is little trace of it here.

I really could go on forever, but I'd just turn into a gushing fangirl, and you'd be hard pushed to decipher the review from in between 'squeezomg!!1!/!' suffice to say that this is one heck of a story, and it's going straight into my favourites.

Author's Response: *blushes furiously* Thank you so much for this wonderful review, I feel very flattered to hear you think so highly of my piece. This was my first attempt at writing the Marauders, as prior to this I hadn't been particularly fond of them. It did manage to spark an interest in them though, and since I have quite enjoyed their characters. Peter can be difficult to write sometimes, as I think he has quite a conflicting personality, and whjilst he was a good friend I think something always had to be there to spark his betrayal. I am so pleased you think I managed to pull him off though, it means alot to me since I adored your own Peter piece. Thank you again this for fabulous review...I am honoured.

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Review #10, by trixytonksWayside Affection: Wayside Affection

16th October 2005:
D'ya know something? I quite liked that :)

I'm glad you took my advice a bit on board this time. The reluctance was exactly what I had been talking about. I thought they way it started out was really good, just two friends messing around, hardly understanding their own feelings before it was too late to back down. I actually laughed when they were messing, trying to make the other couple feel embarassed. there was definite passion in this piece, that came across really well. One thing though, and this is more of a personal thing than it is a fatal flaw, but some of the language is a bit too dramatic and takes away from the story, really. The gates of hell bit, in particular, kinda made me do an inward groan. I just don't think that it adds anything to the piece at all. I liked the last line. Very simple and effective, very in the moment as opposed to looking to the future. nice work, lady :)

Author's Response: Thank you, dear. I know what you mean about the dramatic language. :) I tend to do that. I'm trying to learn to balance my dramatic side with more realistic phrases. :) Thank you very much. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #11, by trixytonksMrs. Potters Lullaby: Mrs. Potters Lullaby

16th October 2005:
I like the concept of this story, the idea of Lily watching Harry always, of being in his dreams, guiding him. It's really a nice thought that should offer him some comfort, some closure. I think you write his trauma very well and the song is very fitting. however, I have to say it took me a lot to actually read this for one reason only - the punctuation. Why have you got three ... after everything? I know that in english it signifies a pause, but you overdo it. There are times when it is fitting:

All I see is the pain I’ve not been able to stop... the pain I’ve caused by just being Harry Potter...

and then there are other times when you really should consider using a semi-colon or a comma, or even just a period

“Hiya Harry” James waved, “That was a great catch at the Ravenclaw match last weekend. Very proud, son, very proud.”

If I was you, I'd go over your stories and work on the punctuation. It'll add to the content and really boost the quality of your stories. You're a good writer - don't let something so easily fixed get you down.

Author's Response: Yes, your remark on the elipses is valid. I totally overuse them, without a doubt. I will go over it and edit when I have some time. This actually has only been edited once since its completion, and that was for some coding problem... It was my first, so I'm sure its very rough around the edges. I appreciate your review, and I will look over all my "..."'s as soon as I can. :) Thank you!

Author's Response: I just edited out about 45 "..."'s. You were so right -- they were beginning to annoy me, and I wrote them. Thank you Trixy!! Very very very good advice!

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Review #12, by trixytonksThe Edge of Light: Lost Freedom

15th October 2005:
Sorry I fell behind on this one, chick! That was a good chapter, but I think Cat sounds a little too old. I think that's what you're going tho, however, that she was forced to act older than she was because of the childhood she had, so I'm overlooking that. She's not your average 11 year old! Sirius is just as I imagined him to be at that age, I think you write him perfectly. You describe the Black household very well, too - I like the idea of the secret passageways, very Hogwarts/Marauders Map of you!

Author's Response: Actually, she's not 11...she's a bit older. I purposefully haven't stated how old well, because, I don't want to get into any weird spots with the site in later chapters. I give little clues here and there but can't really say but d know that she's at least a few years older than him and definetly more worldly. Thanks so much for coming back and I really hope you stick around and check out the other chapters.

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Review #13, by trixytonksFour Houses: Four Houses

14th October 2005:
That was really nice, I like the idea of Dumbledore looking over the students even in the afterlife. it was a nice touch to hear their opinions on what happened, and in particular to have Dumbledore think of the founders as he watched them.

Author's Response: Thanks :) I just thought they're in those particular houses for a reason :)

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Review #14, by trixytonksMy Father's Path: My Father's Path

14th October 2005:
While the poem in this story was a nice touch, I don't know if the dialogue was strong enough to support it. I know you were probably aiming for a simpler approach as regards to how it was written, but this could be a lot better - I know you're good at description from what I read in your other story, so my advice to you is to plush this out. It needn't be all dialogue.

Author's Response: Pretty good advice ... Guess the 'all dialogue' can be confusing. ^_^

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Review #15, by trixytonksSeraphim: Enemies Emerge

8th October 2005:
ugh Chris, I'm sorry I fell behind. WOW.

That rocked. Very much with the suspense. ;) You write Hagrid well, which is pretty hard to do, so cookies for you! I'm actually reading HDM so I kinda know what you're on about now :P this is really wonderful, still one of my favs. next time you're online, send me a message - I want to ask you something. great work!

Author's Response: :) thank youuu m'dear, its always an immense pleasure to read your reviews and bask in the praise. I feel terrible, i havent been on here in ages and i am utterly behind on your *AMAZING* fics.

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Review #16, by trixytonksThe Antiphony of Afterglow: chapter 1

28th September 2005:

in case you didn't get that, let me reiterate: wow.

I feel like I'm repeating myself everytime I review your stories, but the same things stick out in my mind every time. I envy your talent at setting a scene, and your natural ability to write about moments and have them not be boring - quite the contrary, they are some of the most beautiful stories I have ever read, and I'm not just talking fan fiction. I mean, everything. And I've read a lot. I love how you compared the shadowy curtains and Sirius, can't remember it exactly but I thought instantly of your style. So very, very you. And the way Remus thinks - you have him down perfectly, his thoughts layering in complex patterns over each other, contradicting himself and just ... wow. and Sirius, with his recklessness, his sporadic thoughts bursting like bubbles all the time - again with the wowness of it all. I'm just so thrilled to be able to read your stuff. Keep it comin', girlie, I adore it. cookies for you!

Author's Response: Thank you, trixy :) Really. You have no cause to be envious, I'm the one who should be taking lessons from you - you're an inspiration. Thanks so much :) And I'm glad you liked this, I like it more than my others, it was just so nice to write those little moments I've always wanted to. They're just little pieces of a puzzle and they fell together somehow. I can't tell you how happy your review has made me :)

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Review #17, by trixytonksThe First Snows of Winter: The First Snows of Winter

4th August 2005:
oh god, Ghis, that was so sad. utter perfection, too. I loved it so much. especially the bit where his father was trying to act as normally as possible. ha, fancy words at the beginning, a particular topic in the forums, me thinks? this was beautiful, Ghis, great work!

Author's Response: Thank you TT :) As usual you're too kind!

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Review #18, by trixytonksCold: Cold

27th July 2005:
just another observation - you describe Remus's torture through transformation so well I could almost feel it myself! the way he put his hand over his mouth - inspired. you rock, so you do.

Author's Response: Something really felt right about this story, and I'm glad you like it!

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Review #19, by trixytonksThank You: A Silent Favour

26th July 2005:
Oh poor Remus! Don't cry, I'll have you! bless him and his adolescent insecurities - which, by the way, you portrayed perfectly. There were a few tiny spelling mistakes throughout this, you might want to skim over it and sort them out. A lovely piece, really liked it. Would you like a banner for it? Seeing as how you have banners for your other stories. PM me in the forum if ya do (",)

Author's Response: Yes Rogue Phoenix pointed out the spelling mistakes as well, I'm on top of it! Thank you :)

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Review #20, by trixytonksMrs. Crouch's Gift: Mrs. Crouch's Gift

26th July 2005:
Wow, you never cease to shock me. that was so ... creepy, for want of a better word. Mrs Crouch slowly drifting from one extreme to the next was wonderfully done. Excellent story

Author's Response: was a bit creepy, wasn't it? Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #21, by trixytonksThe Edge of Light: Carnivale

24th July 2005:
Don't worry - she's not a MarySue! I really liked this chapter, it was well worth the wait. I was worried for a minute at how Cat dismissed her mother's death, but luckily, I kept reading ; ) you've drawn a great picture here - such a dark, dreary sort of life that is left for the girl, but by the sounds of it, she left a fairly rotten one, too. I'm interested to see how she and Sirius forge a friendship since we know that they are still friends in the future. great work! I wouldn't change a thing.

Author's Response: Thanks, trixy. I hope as her and Sirius get closer they'll begin to open up and we'll learn more about her past and some of the things he'd faced as well. Cat's an odd little character...calm and collected one minute, a normal person with fears and emotions the next...she should be an interesting pairing against Sirius. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #22, by trixytonksThe Princess & The Prat (Finished): Chapter 30 - A Life More Ordinary

24th July 2005:
awh, poor Remus. he seems so downtrodded. don't bother changing it to suit HBP, just put in your summary that it's an AU. I'm not rewriting mine! good work!

Author's Response: Thanks!!!! I'll definitely do that AU thing.

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Review #23, by trixytonksThe Best Way To Break A Man: The Best Way To Break A Man

21st July 2005:
oooooh that was so worth the wait! how fantastic - so tragic! bloody hell! she killed her own child, how horrible ... why did they let Kingsley live? nice the way you tied in the Prewetts with this story. really well written, as I have come to expect from you. well done!

Author's Response: Thanks sooo much!! I was so impressed by your fic on the Prewetts that i coudn't resist including them...yet again my work stems out of your help hahaha...I think Voldemort let Kingsley live because he relishes in the misery that people feel, he wants them to suffer forever rather than to die and be free of all problems, and he genuinely expected Kingsley to be 'broken'. Thanks again for a wonderful review :)

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Review #24, by trixytonksAmidst The Shadows I Lie: Saying Goodbye

19th July 2005:
It's almost a relief that you killed Hermione too. isn't that odd? I just don't think you could have ended it better. she could hardly just get up and leave all that carnage. the details - again - of your stories are just so perfect. every tiny little thing - her tripping over the house-elf's ear, the blood staining Lupin's collar. it all had a purpose. the imagery was fantastic, I could see it all clearly in my mind's eye. yet again, another wonderful tale by Meli! I tip my hat to you!

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Review #25, by trixytonksAmidst The Shadows I Lie: Amidst The Shadows I Lie

19th July 2005:
oh dear lord, it's just - bloody hell - everyone?! cripes. I'm kinda in shock or something! poor Hermione; I can't believe you are killing Lupin! c'mon, we love Lupin! Lupin can't die, he has to kill Peter! oh this was so sad. you describe it so well - the idea of Harry being gone, utterly gone. the regret that they will never even fight, let alone talk to each other again is so tragic.

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