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Review #1, by blondebouncingferretbite me(vampire story) book one of the short story collection passion: Mr. Mystery

5th March 2007:
How is this story a Harry Potter fanfiction? It has nothing to do with Harry Potter, or indeed England or life. Luna isn't Luna in any shape or form. I don't know who she is. I think maybe you should re-read the books and research England. Luna wouldn't go to a Muggle high school. If she did indeed go to a Muggle school, she would attend a Secondary School.

You cannot start learning to drive until you are over 17 and if she wanted a mustang, she would need to spend a LOT of money importing one over here. Wizards and Witches seldom drive. We use pounds, not dollars and do not have cheerleaders at schools.

The band tops emo Luna has were not around when Luna was at school (which is during the 90s). I don't know if you've gone to secondary school/high school yet but if you're an emo/goth, the Cheerleaders pretty much will ignore you, as will the jocks.

Other than that, the writing isn't too bad, but this would work much better as an orginal story set in America.

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