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Review #1, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : Chaos

26th August 2014:
I have been waiting for this to update since May!!! I loved it, I think Brielle's slow thawing towards the Weasley clan is very realistic and really nice touch, I'm so impressed. I am so frustrated with her though, I don't understand why she thinks all of them were out to get her when really only Albus was in the wrong (James was very wise this chapter!).



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Review #2, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : Back to School

25th May 2014:
LOVE THE NEW CHAPTER!! Are you updating soon? Can't wait for it! I thought everything worked out so well in this, I was angry that Albus expected Bri to allow him to share the boat but I think her response and Leslie's response was amazing!! (Although I think it's only first years who ride the boats..)

Author's Response: I'm updating rn!


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Review #3, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : It's Kind of Christmas

4th February 2014:
Do we find out what happened with Dom and Victoire soon??!

And great work btw, I love the pace this story is moving at :)

Author's Response: Within the next five chapters!

Thank you so much! xx

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Review #4, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : Blonde is Bad

12th January 2014:
As usual this chapter was very good :) I am enjoying your character development. I love how we are starting to see Dom's nicer side, and Louis' funnier one. I also like how well you've included Bill and Fleur, as most stories just mention them but forget about them. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Aw, thank youu! I love writing Bill, especially, so it's nice to see you like having them in there! Thank you! xx

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