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Review #1, by harrystilesRush: roll

29th October 2016:
I stumbled across this story and I've fallen in love with all the characters! I love the mystery you've woven into the plot. I love Josie's unique, almost ethereal view of the world, and the deepfound appreciation she has for it! I am so excited for what else you have in store for us!

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Review #2, by harrystilesDormitory 2.6A: TEN: Consistency in Change

25th October 2016:
I stumbled across this story and I am so glad I did because I fell inexplicably in love with all of the characters (minus xanthe). These characters were all so relatable, and embodied such real and heart wrenching issues, their struggles were so painful yet encapturing. I can't thank you enough for writing this, I will hold in in a very special place in my heart.

I would love to follow you on tumblr! What is your URL? I hope you continue to share your amazing gift of writing with the world, you're an incredible wordsmith xx

Author's Response: Hello :)

Aw, I'm so glad that I managed to suck you in with this story! (And trust me, I don't think anyone can fall in love with Xanthe. Damn that Xanthe -.-) Your praise means so much to me. You're honestly too sweet *blushes*

My tumblr url is elixirsoflife. If you do follow me, please do drop a comment in my askbox so I know it's you!

Plums xo

< 3

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Review #3, by harrystilesGet in Line: Duels and Don'ts

2nd February 2016:
From the minute I saw the title of this chapter I knew I'd be impressed, and impressed I was!!! I love all the characters so much, and I'm really happy with how Jordan handled the whole Cyrus/Mitch situation. I'm pretty sure my love for Fred is infinite and I can't wait to see more of him! I'm also really excited to see James and Mose's relationship and friendship develop further.

You're a really talented writer! Can't wait for the next update! X

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Review #4, by harrystilesLife According to Demeter: Chapter 1

1st November 2015:
Roughly how many chapters of this story are left?

Author's Response: I want to say there are still 20 or so chapters left, which I know sounds like a lot, but I am trying to condense it down, so we'll see!


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Review #5, by harrystilesLife According to Demeter: Chapter 26

25th October 2015:
Loved this chapter!! Tbh after your vague answer to my review I thought Hades and Al were going to be the ones hooking up... Who is Al's face claim?

Author's Response: Thank you! Haha, Hades and Al? I wasn't even trying to throw you off with that one!
Al's faceclaim, like pretty much everyone else one here, is Logan Lerman because he's perfect!


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Review #6, by harrystilesLife According to Demeter: Chapter 24

17th October 2015:
Who are the face claims for Sara, Lindsey, Britney, Melissa and Ansley?

Author's Response: Ooh face claims are my fave!

Sara- Cintia Dicker
Lindsey- Vanessa Hudgens (short hair)
Britney- Britt Robertson
Melissa- Miranda Kerr
Ansley- Bryana Holly

Thank you for your awesome question, and you are more than welcome to ask me anymore!


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Review #7, by harrystilesLife According to Demeter: Chapter 25

17th October 2015:
I'm wondering if there is something going on between Hades and Sara...? Please enlighten us soon, the suspense is killing me!!! Love this story, can't wait for the next update! :)

Author's Response: Maybe there is, or maybe I put that in there to throw you off! I guess we'll have to see! The next chapter is in progress, so it shouldn't be long!


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Review #8, by harrystilesEnemies with Benefits : The Morning After

18th September 2015:
OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS CHAPTER!! So much happened, the Roxy debacle is my fave, I can't wait for her to find out! And I'm excited (and nervous) about the Al/James/Syd love triangle!! You're an amazing author, your stories are so captivating and interesting x

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Review #9, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : Puppy Dog Eyes

11th October 2014:
I've been waiting so long for a chapter and this definitely did not disappoint!! I love the fight at the end, I was really curious as to how Scorpius was feeling about everything so I'm glad that's cleared up. I just wish Albus and Brielle would sort their crap out :(

Please update soon lovely! x

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! Glad you got that all cleared up with Scorpius. I feel like everyone would

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Review #10, by harrystilesGet in Line: Fire and Flight

25th September 2014:
I love this chapter so much!! I'm so happy that Jordan and James are finally properly connecting and talking to each other. I had an inkling from the start that Rose was on the date with Scorpius, just a gut feeling :P

I can't wait for when Jordan, James and Fred finally confront Rose and Scorpius about their relationship! LOVE LOVE LOVE the reference to One Direction.

I can't wait for the next update!

(PS I like what you did with the name "Allison Reed" ;))

Author's Response: I just HAD to include that 1D thing in there.. I couldn't resist. Especially because Jordan doesn't exactly seem like a closeted fan which makes it all the better. I love your username by the way. It makes me smile any time I see it.

And thanks, since Fred's face claim is Tyler Posey I'm like I gotta include some TW stuff in there somewhere. xx

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Review #11, by harrystilesGet in Line: Drunk and Disorderly

19th September 2014:
I nominated this story for "Most Addicting Story" at the Dobbys, I really hope it wins!!

Author's Response: OMG. You are the best. THANK YOU!! I literally love you a lot right now xx

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Review #12, by harrystilesAnd All That Jazz: Meetings, Memories, And All That Jazz

19th September 2014:
Best. Story. Ever. I absolutely love Jett, I just wish Aria would talk to him more to save him all the hurt :(. Ryan is such an irritating and awful human, he makes me shudder.

All your characters are really well developed and your writing style is on point, I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you babe ♥ Jett is a darling, and he really doesn't deserve all of this. And yes, Ryan 'tis very awful.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it :)

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Review #13, by harrystilesBetween Psychiatrists and Psychopaths: Betrayals Featuring the Cupboard of Doom

18th September 2014:
Ooooh I can't wait for this to update!! Arlene is such a cray sister and I never saw her and Bart teaming up together! Rose is such a psycho, I don't want her and Scorp getting together, she'll corrupt him :( I'm just waiting for the day Al and Ari get together, it needs to happen ASAP, she needs to stop with the 'hate' thing

You're an amazing author! :)

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Review #14, by harrystilesBetween Psychiatrists and Psychopaths: The Founding of The Super Secret Spy Ninja Squad of Awesomeness

18th September 2014:
I'm a new reader, and boy am I glad I stumbled across this story! This story has made me laugh and smile countless times, and I love all the characters so much! I hope you'll continue to update it :)

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Review #15, by harrystilesNo Ordinary Nutter: Of Nutters and Fight Club

17th September 2014:
You need to update this ASAP!! I am in love with Halle, she's just the right amount of nutty!

Author's Response: im glad you like her! I'm a bit caught up with my other story atm, but i definitely haven't neglected halle just yet :)

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Review #16, by harrystilesEnemies with Benefits : Merry Christmas

16th September 2014:
WOW. I cannot count how many times I have read and loved this story and your updates never disappoint!! I'm so nervous about Dessie and Fred telling Roxy, I was hoping they'd tell her while she was upset about Dessie's injuries - she would've been much more understanding!

I've said this many times before, but your writing style is so unique and incredible, it just draws me in and keeps me entertained for hours. I can't wait for the next update :) x

Author's Response: Or she would've just injured Dessie further... Never underestimate Roxanne Weasley's protectiveness over her brother... (;

Thanks so much for this review! I'm so happy you liked it xx

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Review #17, by harrystilesGet in Line: Between The Bookshelves

13th September 2014:
Love this so much!!! I'm curious as to who James saw die, and because he was obviously so affected by it and Molly wasn't I can only assume she wasn't too close to whoever died? No idea if that made sense. You're an incredible writer, I look forward to your updates

Author's Response: Oh it made sense! You're on to something there... You'll find out soon enough.

Thanks for reviewing! I'll try and update soon xx

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Review #18, by harrystilesGet in Line: The Morning After

7th September 2014:
Damn, this story is amazing and captivating! I have so much love for all the characters, and I'm excited to see how everything pans out! I hope you keep updating this! x

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love the characters in this story too. They are so much fun to write. The next chapter is in the queue so I'm hoping it get validated soon! Thanks for reviewing xx

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Review #19, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : Chaos

26th August 2014:
I have been waiting for this to update since May!!! I loved it, I think Brielle's slow thawing towards the Weasley clan is very realistic and really nice touch, I'm so impressed. I am so frustrated with her though, I don't understand why she thinks all of them were out to get her when really only Albus was in the wrong (James was very wise this chapter!).



Author's Response: Aw I can't believe you've been waiting for so long. Thank you I'm so glad you appreciate the slow revamp of Brielle. Brielle is just a little bit lost but she's working on getting back on her feet.


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Review #20, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : Back to School

25th May 2014:
LOVE THE NEW CHAPTER!! Are you updating soon? Can't wait for it! I thought everything worked out so well in this, I was angry that Albus expected Bri to allow him to share the boat but I think her response and Leslie's response was amazing!! (Although I think it's only first years who ride the boats..)

Author's Response: I'm updating rn!


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Review #21, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : It's Kind of Christmas

4th February 2014:
Do we find out what happened with Dom and Victoire soon??!

And great work btw, I love the pace this story is moving at :)

Author's Response: Within the next five chapters!

Thank you so much! xx

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Review #22, by harrystilesThe Invisible Thief : Blonde is Bad

12th January 2014:
As usual this chapter was very good :) I am enjoying your character development. I love how we are starting to see Dom's nicer side, and Louis' funnier one. I also like how well you've included Bill and Fleur, as most stories just mention them but forget about them. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Aw, thank youu! I love writing Bill, especially, so it's nice to see you like having them in there! Thank you! xx

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