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Review #1, by JenovaLove's Mystery: Love, Stupidity (and a bunch) of Mystery

18th April 2005:
Promising story! Am going to have to read the rest of the chapters now to find out what happens lol

Author's Response: hello jenova, i love your name...is it a cross between jennifer and supernova? *ron whispers to nightgoddess that that isn't the topic* sorry, mind adrifting....well, thank you very, very much miss jenova....Promising means 12 hits on my thesaurus! more than i'll ever deserve! thank you [infinity]!

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Review #2, by JenovaMotivation To Kill: Motivation To Kill

14th April 2005:
A good piece of writing, and nice to see one from Sirius' point while he was in Azkaban. Think you captured the lack of emotion perfectly. You have a talent for writing very simplistically, which works really well when dealing with people's thoughts. Liked it a lot!

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Review #3, by JenovaMy Dear Burden: My Dear Burden

14th April 2005:
Am not a fan of one-shots, purely because I can never stop! lol You did a really great job on this. You kept it simple and not too fussy. Both McGonagall and Dumbledore were written true to character, and the whole thing worked really well. Couldn't find any faults with it. Well done!

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Review #4, by JenovaJust Like Old Times: Just Like Old Times

13th April 2005:
Really unusual. The way you told it from one person's perspective was pure inspiration. And it was coherent and made sense, it didn't tend to leap from thought to thought and back again. you kept focused on where it was progressing to and it worked really well. The use of language was spot on. And it builds a nice basis for further development (if there are to be more chapters, which would be a shame if not). I love philosophical musings in stories and this is one of the best I've read.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks :o) I would like to continue it but I have no idea where it would go if I did so for now, it's remaining a one-shot. My language bothered me a lot and I spent about half an hour trying to think of possible synonyms for 'suspicious'. As you may be able to tell, I failed miserably :o) Anyway, glad you liked it!

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Review #5, by JenovaBlack Chronicles - An Ancient Legacy: Chapter 11 Mirror Mirror

13th April 2005:
Wow, that was quite a read! A really inventive variation on The Philosopher's Stone, and re-working a storyline to include a whole new one isn't easy. It's an interesting concept to have Sirius thrown as a child into Harry's generation and you're handling it well. It will be interesting to see exactly what the purpose of him being present in the future will be, and the bearing it has on the storyline. Love the whole Sirius/Minerva thing. Although it's quite odd, it is actually something you could believe Sirius would do. Really funny! And your use of Neville is a nice twist too. Your dream sequences are especially good, very intriguing and well-written. The only things I found to take issue with were a few spelling mistakes, most notably Voldermort, and a few 'Americanisms' (don't know if you are American but that's what I would call them, eg the use of 'mom', and also the little bluebird song). But they're nothing major. Also, at one point you had McGonagall telling Sirius to 'shove off' which I thought wasn't really how she would phrase it. The only other thing was the way you changed from one location to another. I thought you could have done it in a more descriptive way rather than just put a heading indicating the new location. But maybe that's just a personal thing with me. On the whole it's brilliant. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you for such a long review and I corrected those little mistakes mentioned. (except for the blue bird song because I can't think of anything to replace it with) Nope, I'm not American, I'm a Canuck I've been avoiding my own slang like hoser or take off .. I didn't notice that I'm using American ones instead of British *L* thanks for telling me. ^_^ Good point on the switching locations. I've got to keep trying to improve on that.

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Review #6, by JenovaHarry Potter and the Paradox of Time: Now What?

9th April 2005:
Brilliant story, really well written. Not much else to say lol

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Review #7, by JenovaStag and Otter: Stag and Otter

24th March 2005:
Utterly brilliant. What more can I say!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks!

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