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Review #1, by IchigoPanAnd in the Distance, Church Bells: And in the Distance, Church Bells

22nd August 2016:
Thank you for your submission, celticbard!

Your prompt was "awaken."

The story revolves around Ron and Hermione's wedding day, with Hermione having sudden second thoughts and cold feet moments before she walks down that aisle to marry Ron. Harry being Harry, tries his best to coax her otherwise. The tone of hesitancy in her thought process emulated "The Lady or the Tiger" well.

What I find interesting about your story is that not only have you used the word in the story, but the story itself was the theme of awakening. How clever of you.

My only criticism for this one-shot is that the intro scenery description went in a bit of a circle. But I understand why you did to emphasize Hermione's red button full panic mode.

I give brownie points for the bearded yoga hipster though xD They're *everywhere*

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Review #2, by IchigoPanKore: Kore.

21st August 2016:
Thank you for your submission, Dirigible_Plums. I have to say this was a very interesting read. Never would I have thought of tying Greek mythology into the HP-verse.

Your prompt was "explosion" and you have weaved the usage of said word very well.

The story echoes the kidnapping of Persephone (Hermione) by Hades (Tom Riddle/Moldy-Voldy), with Zeus (Dumbledore) trying to get her back for Demeter (Hermione's mom) through diplomatic means.

Words-wise, you painted a beautiful scenery (can hell even be called as such?) throughout the story. Tom's sadistic/narcissistic nature was the embodiment of Hades. The pure and fierce Hermione stood her ground, awaiting her freedom while trying to figure out what Tom had wanted with her.

However, I was briefly confused with the story pacing 5 seconds in and then everything made sense when I started reading it like a mythology instead.

All in all, you did a great job using the prompt. I look forward to seeing your future challenge submissions, should you choose to participate again :D


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Review #3, by IchigoPanRosewater: Rosewater

17th August 2016:
Short but sweet one-shot. This was elegantly done. Rarely have I read fics written in Bellatrix's POV after her escape from Azkaban (it's always either during the first war or her Hogwarts days). The fact there was no dialogue at all gave it an even more powerful impression of imagery for the reader.

Even though she had been rotting away in prison, a simple, thankless vile of rosewater from her husband reawakened her senses and her purpose, albeit a dark one. And just like that, the menace that is Bellatrix Lestrange has been awoken once more.

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Review #4, by IchigoPanJames Should Be the Main Character of This Story: James Should Be the Main Character of This Story

17th August 2016:
Epic crackfic is epic xD This is amazing. The fact you somehow tied the Doctor to the Marauders (as Sirius screams in the background, "The writer is lazy!!!") is a feat of its own. And breaking walls are fun, especially when they're in the fourth!

Because magic, right? xD

Author's Response: Because effing magic! I'm glad you enjoyed and I'm sorry you had to read this horror of a story. XD

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Review #5, by IchigoPanThe 'Savior' Thing: Lily

9th August 2016:
Overprotective Harry is overprotective. Thank goodness Ginny was there to deadpan some common sense on him.

I really love this short story series. Written in each point of view of the Potter kids, you get a feel in how tight knit the clan is. Even if there is the usual sibling arguments/rivalry, the love is there.

And the crup. All it wanted was some food and love, like any domesticated animal. I somehow picture James wanting to name it 'Snuffles' for obvious reasons xD

And overdue review is way overdue m ( _ _ ; ) m
Miss you lots! *heart*

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Review #6, by IchigoPanLook I Love You (Not in this life): Wormwood and Asphodel

9th August 2016:
Yay! You're writing again!!

A wonderful first chapter to display the huge contrast between Snape and Lily's childhoods. I've always found first person a challenge to write as most people are inclined to write in third. That and the sentence tenses. *headache* However, a friend of mine made a point saying things written in first person is more interesting because it's a great guessing game in not knowing what the other characters are thinking.

Aside from very minor spelling mistakes, this chapter was paced very well. Looking forward to reading the next one :D

Author's Response: Aww, thanks very much for the review. I am glad that it came accross that their upbringings are different. Haha, I am still not sure about the first person pov. I chose it when I was doubting whether to continue my story or not, and then I read the beautiful 'sisters' by ursulagodess in first pov and it inspired me, but like you say, it's more difficult because it does not instantly have the tone of the books.
Too bad from the spelling mistakes. I hate that I make them, so now i'm curious (I really don't know what they are! Oh well)
Uploading this here was actually kind of a mistake - I thought, I already uploaded it on ffnet where I don't have to bother mods with my 100 edits a chapter, but I felt bad for deleting something approved. However, after the new low of someone actually UNfavoriting it after a new chapter update, I might upload it here again. However, I still feel like I'm doing the people who followed/reviewed previous (actually deleted one) a disservice. Oh well.
Thanks a lot for your review! It made me happy.

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Review #7, by IchigoPanTraitorous Hearts: An Unofficial Assistance

20th July 2016:
Hurray! You updated!

As expected, your writing is fabulous, as usual. And this unexpected budding friendship between Greengrass and Seamus is interesting, to say the least. Their personality dynamic is just calling for a comedic duo formation: straight-man Greengrass with the funny-man Seamus. Explosive disaster looms in their near future xD

Speaking of 'explosive disaster,' WOW. Just wow. I was half expecting Alecto to untransfigure herself from the ashes and attack them. I had this whole "Die-Hard" mixed with Michael Bay imagery in my head with the slow-mo 'xplosion with a "No~" attached to it xD

*applauds you* Looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey there!

Thank you so much! I've been so excited to finally get to include some humor (besides Astoria's occasional dry commentary) into this fic, and the DA--and especially Seamus--have given me that opportunity at last. Astoria and Seamus' friendship is definitely interesting, but I think that someone like Seamus is essentially the best kind of friend for Astoria. He's unselfconscious and reasonably perceptive, so she can't wall herself off from him; capable, so she can't look down on him; and a great deal more relaxed, which gives her the chance to lose a bit of her rigidity. Their dynamic has been so fun to write, and I'm glad you're enjoying it!

My scene was like a Michael Bay movie?? ACTION SCENE ACHIEVED! I'm really excited about this :D Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It really put a smile on my face!


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Review #8, by IchigoPanCrush: Crush

25th May 2016:
Augh. I thought my heart was ready, but it wasn't! (For some reason, the little voice in my head sounded like LSP saying that).

Funny enough, I've always pictured Fred as the super friendly, flighty/flirty type and George being the mopey/pining type when it came to girls.

The buildup and anticipation in finding out the origin of the note was very well done. And seeing his teenage relationship with his twin in an almost argument was also very refreshing since most fics (and even in the HPverse) seem to depict them almost always get along with no brotherly conflict.

We've all had those moments where we took a second look at a friend, thinking, "He/She wouldn't be bad for me in a romantic sense." Then, splash. Cold, hard reality dumps on you like a bucket of ice water. Well, in this case, cleaning potions from the broom closet. As I read on, I really felt Fred's heartache and heard everything shatter like a glass when Alicia confessed about the note.

Great job considering this was your first Fred fic. Looking forward to reading your future stories!

Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for stopping by and being a generally awesome human being. :D

I don't think most people really see Fred as being the sort of person who gets sad very often. It was fun playing around with this though because I don't think we ever get much of that in HP books.

Well, my headcanon for the twins is exactly like what you said. Haha.

George is usually the mopier of the two and he's a bit more immature. He pines after Angie solely but he probably would be the sort to be very dramatic when it came to girls. Hahaha.

Fred I think is really flighty, like you said but he's also a tad jaded. He doesn't have much hope when it comes to getting very attached to people.

I wanted to make this story seem like it was going to end on a good note. It's written for an Angst Challenge but at the same time, the best thing is leading up to the pain. Haha.

I'm awful. Hahah.

Anyway, I've written Fred/George arguing before and I think it's realistic. I'm sure that they didn't get along all the time, can you imagine being with someone who looks/sounds/lives with you every single day? I'm sure there's bound to be some tension.

I think what's so painful is that this is something we all have been through. You look at a friend and wonder what it would be like to BE with them, only to have your heart crushed.

I am glad that Fred's heartache came across well too. I was really worried about it.

Thank you a ton for this lovely review!

Much love,


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Review #9, by IchigoPanAll the World's a Stage: And One Man in His Time Plays Many Parts

20th May 2016:
Hot Seat Review!! xD

This was a wonderfully done one-shot. From the makeshift stage Harry's kids made to the typical parent reactions (I guess the "reparo" spell doesn't work for cracked eggs), the visual descriptions played vividly in my head. You can definitely feel the love in the Potter family, something Harry had always wanted in his life. And Lily, dear, sweet Lily, already working her charms on her brothers.

And the last line was the best, having him accept his former reincarnations to who he is now: a parent.

I'd give you 20/10 for the "Doctor Who" reference, but they'd only give me 10/10.

Author's Response: Eeek! Thank you! Hot Seat reviews are the best!!

Hahaha! Why thank you! I'm glad you liked this!

Yeah, I don't think reparo would work on eggs. There are some things that even magic can't fix. :P

YES. I'm glad you got the reference. I totally cracked myself up with that one. :)

Thank you so much for your wonderful review!! It totally made my day!

Keep writing and being fantastic!

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Review #10, by IchigoPanThe Howler: The Pun Also Rises

20th May 2016:
I'm a horrible reader, leaving a review this late in the game >_>;

Next to writing action scenes, I find dialogue scenes hard to write as well because you have to consider whether or not this continues the story you're trying to tell and character development without being overly draggy.

From the get go, the dialogues came roaring out with the interaction between Teddy, Lina and Tori. Then comes the Howler with the "full name card." Everyone young and old would sympathize with that. And the puns. Oh the puns! *shakes head* Please save that for the Ravenclaws, Harry, but very well done on the cheese factor. Although I did enjoy the "mango mad" one a bit...

If I were Teddy, I would've hid under the table and casted the Disillusionment Charm as he is without his godfather's handy Cloak.

All in all, good job on the humor scale, character interaction and witty dialogue. One would say this one-shot bludgeoned its way into my list of favorites. Eh? Eh? ... No? Aw... ._.

Author's Response: Nah, there's no such thing as a horrible reader! I love reviews no matter when I get them!! :D

I actually really love writing dialogues, but I totally get what you mean! It can be hard sometimes, finding the right balance of plot development and character development.

Haha! The "full name card" can be kinda scary, can't it?

THE PUNS! I love the puns! I did a lot of research to find the best of the worst puns to work into this story, and let me tell you, it was both extremely painful and extremely hilarious.

The mango mad one was definitely my favorite. It's easily the best of them all, in my opinion. :D

Oh! That's a good idea! I bet if Teddy hadn't been so embarrassed he probably would've thought of the Disillusionment Charm too. :P

HAHAHAHAHA! *slow claps* EXCELLENT PUN! Well done! You definitely win the award for best review pun!

Thank you so much for leaving such a fantastic review! You're awesome!!

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Review #11, by IchigoPanThe Department: Chapter One

18th May 2016:
This was refreshing to read. Most of the Sirius-centric fic I've read were mostly confined to the Marauders' Era and never much about their post-Hogwarts life. Given that him and Regulus' relationship were never the best one to start with, just seeing him react to his name on the parchment like that shows family is still family.

And wonderful touch on the fact James and Sirius still use their nicknames for each other, even at work lol. Kind of makes you wonder what the aurors think about that.

Looking forward to reading more of this story, even if it is just for a challenge :D

Author's Response: Hi!

I'm so glad you found this refreshing! I don't think I've read many post-Hogwarts Marauder stories myself, now that you mention it... and I mostly read Marauder's Era :P

I think - I hope - that the exact reasons why Sirius reacted like that when he and Regulus were basically estranged will become much clearer very soon. Within the next couple of chapters, if all goes according to plan!

I'm glad you enjoyed this first chapter, and thanks so much for the review!


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Review #12, by IchigoPanThief: Scones And Jam

26th April 2016:
Romlida Vane, the ever so spontaneous and risk-taking Gryffindor who wears her heart proudly on her sleeve. I think you did a good job developing her sense of fear, nervousness and desperation through the whole story, from her being ready to accept her punishment for the sake of her younger housemates being able to eat to sprinkling that extra grain of salt right on Amycus Carrow's bruised ego.

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Review #13, by IchigoPanRise of the Planet of the Snapes: Tapioca Dreams

12th April 2016:
I had this whole "Monty Python" meets modern comedic Shakespeare (if that is a thing) imagery running through my head when reading this. Blame the giant boot.

And now I want some tapioca. In my mango tea. Hm.

What was I doing? Oh right, the review!

Harry with *only* 30 wives? I would've upped the ante to an even 50 and throw Bellatrix in there. Ev'ryone needs that one cray-cray wife and could've spun off to "The Housewives of Hogwarts."

This was amazing and the fact you wandered to the dark side (fanfiction(dot)com), you have my sympathies and will send you a box of eye and brain bleach.

Author's Response: I was playing the Flying Circus theme in my head as I was writing it. It just all came out like the junk from the River Spirit in Spirited Away.

I really don't like fanfictions where Harry has an egregious amount of spouses at one time. I could see 2, maybe 3, but there's was a 50 chapter of lemons and smut that was just... every chapter was a different wife. Yeah, no, lenony harem fics are no bueno.

I've found some excellent fanfiction on The Dark Side. Most of it though... eugh. I will send you a box of brain bleach just for thinking about what may be in the lurches of fanfiction.

Thank you!

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Review #14, by IchigoPanSelfietastic: #QueenoftheSelfie

10th April 2016:
I think Sirius was one step away from becoming a sparkly vampire from a certain series xD #WorstFicEver

Author's Response: I think he was too! But who knows what will happen if I ever make a sequel? :P

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Review #15, by IchigoPanStorm: Storm

23rd February 2016:
This was really well done. Told through the eyes of the OC and her tormenting relationships with the Black brothers, you were able to convey the feelings of your character where the reader felt like they *were* the OC. Looking forward to reading your future stories :D

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Review #16, by IchigoPanNo Wands At The Wedding: Take Your Places

4th February 2016:
The way you wrote up Dommie is exactly how I'd pictured one of my cousins when she decides to tie the knot. Even I wanted to hex her for saying that about Rose.

Well done on the first chapter. Looking forward to the next chapter :D

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Review #17, by IchigoPanFirewhiskey and Dragonbreath Shots: Firewhiskey and Dragonbreath Shots

2nd February 2016:
I guess we can say James' balls are currently free of being hexed off anytime soon.

Wonderfully written story. The way you described each character's action is how I pictured them frame by frame in a movie. And the fight scene, oh the fight scene! For some reason, I had Jack Sparrow's image in my head for James when he confronted the big, bad boyfriend of the chesty, fit blonde xD It's always the chesty ones that get a bloke in trouble...

And poor, poor sodding Potter, hiding his broken heart behind his bird chasing ways as his coping mechanism for Lily. The creme de la creme scene (I had to write a longer descriptor since your story rating won't let me use the "s" word Austin Powers loves so much) was tastefully written. Augh, Lily, it's so obvious you're into James, but your foolish pride got in the way. Can I hex her boobs off or something? lol

Author's Response: Hello! And thank you for checking in with the story!

Ooh its such an honor to know that my descriptions made it play out like a movie in your head. That was my intention. Oh yes, Jack Sparrow is the perfect parallel to the scene, isn't he?

A www, I'm so happy you feel it was tastefully written. Poor James :-( I always felt Lily was a little stubborn and not thinking straight when it ccomes to James alone. James was only trying to get over her, but obviously she perceived it the wrong way. Can you blame her? But I kinda want to though :D

Thank you for stopping by,

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Review #18, by IchigoPanInfinite Anguish: The Not So Golden Trio

29th July 2007:
You tease! I thought you were going to off Malfoy! Oh well I guess that'll have to wait *exaggerated sigh while rolling eyes* This chapter was well paced and your action scene was well written. I guess my style rubbed off on you a bit haha. Well, at least it's nothing like firefawn's ^^;; Her action scenes give us brain spasms hahaha.

I kind of felt bad on Malfoy in this chapter. Is it because I've been taking it easy on him in my story?! I could be crueler! I can change! haha. Anyway keep up the good work and I look forward to you finishing this story.

Author's Response: Tease?!?! Never! Offing Malfoy? Hmm...interesting scenerio you bring up there. The action was well written?! ::stares:: I guess it was okay. That's all I'm giving it, okay. And yes, I admit to going back and reading some of your chapters to help me along. I look forward to finishing this thing as's been a long time coming!

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Review #19, by IchigoPanInfinite Anguish: Malfoy Obliviated

29th July 2007:
I love how Draco was so whiny in this chapter. "I hate being obliviated!" I just imagined him stomping his foot with his arms crossed like a little child who wanted his pudding before his dinner XD

And how Brooke gave Draco Harry's favorite sweater. Priceless. That has got to be one of the best moments in this chapter next to Draco being whiny. And him saying Harry upgraded from a redhead to Brooke. I would assume Brooke would be beaming on the inside, thinking "You're damn right Potter upgraded!"

Author's Response: Yes, Draco is quite the whiney little character, isn't he? Haha, I love your thoughts for Brooklyn here! I may need to go back and add that somewhere...somehow...or maybe add it on later.

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Review #20, by IchigoPanInfinite Anguish: Shock Therapy

29th July 2007:
I absolutely love this chapter. You turned Ginny into an obsessive emo teeny bopper on Harry. That was absolutely CLASSIC! And how Fred just oh so casually introduced everyone, especially "And I believe you know Ginny, she tried to kill you.” I cracked up at this line.

Sorry it took me so long to review. I've been mourning the loss of my tablet hahah.

Author's Response: Haha, yes I turned her into a...well you know. I'm glad you liked the Fred and George scene, I needed some form of comic relief for this chapter. I think I'm becoming and expert at writing funerals, haha. I as well mourn the loss of the wacom =(

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Review #21, by IchigoPanEverything About You: The Grand Finale

17th June 2007:
Dude this was a masterpiece! And it goes against everything you've written with climax and excitement. This was just out and out insanity! I love how they got engaged without Harry popping the question. It was just forced onto him. The reference to 'Old School' without the rated R content in the wedding scene was classic. At least you kept Voldemort in character but letting him see Harry get tortured at his own wedding. You should have had Ron summon a cattle prod and shocked him in the butt to get him to run XD.

Pansy really did want to torture Harry demanding the medics to bring him back to life. I think Ron would've been happy to see his best mate dead at this point XD

And that's right: We heard nothing at all.

Author's Response: ::sighs in contentment:: My masterpiece. It really was a nice little piece of work, wasn't it? ::pets ego:: Hmm, cattle prod...interesting...maybe I can incorporate that somehow into another little story I'm writing under your influence ;)

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Review #22, by IchigoPanThe Horcrux Chronicles: The Locket

17th June 2007:
Oh sweet Jesus. You really posted it... I don't think I could've put it into better words than you. The vivid visuals of 34th and 5th really put me there, seeing how my office is exactly three blocks off of 34th.

I can only imagine what you're going to do with the cup.
*smacks forehead* WHY did I suggest this?

Author's Response: Of course I posted it! You presented me with quite a lovely piece of plot to work with it would be a travesty if I didn't! And you already have an idea of what's going to happen to the cup, after all, you suggested it!

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Review #23, by IchigoPanInfinite Anguish: An Earnest Set-Up

17th June 2007:
Ah so you did manage to kill him off after all. It was very bittersweet but at the same time, you showed Ron's constant dependence on Harry for things like this. All in all it was a great chapter.

Author's Response: Of course I managed to kill him! ::crosses Ron's name off the 'Needs to be off-ed' list:: So close to being complete now. And yeah, you pretty much knew Ron was dead as soon as Harry decided to go into the first room instead of follow advice from the 'dark ones'. Dumb Harry, very dumb. haha

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Review #24, by IchigoPanInfinite Anguish: Time to Strike

17th June 2007:
You have to love Tonks. 'National Hangover Day.' Worst. Day. Ever. But oh so funny when you read it. I think you're beginning to dig yourself out of this hole you created ^_^ This chapter went at just the right pace. A little humor, a little action, and of course, a little sarcasm.

The sarcasm was worth at least an 11 right here. I think this year break from writing really recharged your batteries for this story.

Author's Response: Ah yes, that lovely, deep, gaping hole I dug for myself with this story. I'm starting to see the light again myself! As for the break from writing, I don't know if I needed the year break, but I certainly needed a couple of months.

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Review #25, by IchigoPanInfinite Anguish: Impersonation

17th June 2007:
You HAD to put the jello shots. Bravo man, bravo! That was what earned you a 10 on this chapter *laughs*

I find it funny that they went from fighting over hangers to cooperating now. The old lady part was just priceless. Great grandmother. And the ending to this chapter was an absolute perfect cliffhanger. Truth be told, I had to re-read the previous chapter to see where you left off to pick up the pieces. But nicely done! Reading your story reminds me I still have mine to work on... *Looks at Lexi's Hamlet moment and shakes head*

Author's Response: Got to love those jello shots ;) Truth be told, I had to reread my previous chapters to see where I had left off! And speaking of yours, I need to catch up on that myself. ::continues to mumble about so many words::

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