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Review #1, by SerenaDiamond.: Excuse My French

23rd September 2007:
"Amelie’s comment was ignored as both boys continued to bask in the glory of being taller than a bunch of eleven year-olds."


Author's Response: Yay! You quoted! And what a quote it is... I did enjoy writing that scene. ^_^

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Review #2, by SerenaDiamond.: Three Stunned Boys and an Evans

23rd September 2007:
I enjoyed the meeting of Sirius and Amelie. It was quite hysterical, if not a little bit sad on Amelie's part. I'm glad she finally cried though. It's amazing how, after a good cry, one can feel so refreshed. I'd know, i do it all the time. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks again, hun! I made her cry because I felt it made a point... even the toughest of people can be hurt once in a while. That and it was Sirius who had this effect on her...

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Review #3, by SerenaDiamond.: Unwanted Surprises

23rd September 2007:
Now that was a chapter that was full of really well written emotion. IT was a pleasure to read it. The only problem I had was with the spacing. You may want to go back and edit it. Otherwise, it was a lovely beginning. Well...maybe not lovely in the normal sence...but you know what i mean.

Author's Response: Spacing is such a bother.. I spend so many minutes trying to fix it and when I click on teh "submit" button it all goes mad again. *sigh*. But thank you anyway... I hope you enjoy the rest of the story just as much (I sure do love yours... XD)

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Review #4, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Misery Business

3rd August 2007:
Okay, seriously, she has to tell him. Stupid Regulus, he just screws everything up--not that he should have let Lovette die or anything but still. There's a lot of tension in this chapter and I, quite simply, need to keep reading.

Author's Response: Lol. Well, I highly suggest reading the next may hate me for it, but hey, it happens. Lol.

Regulus screws everything up, you should know that by now! Even when he's dead he finds a way to screw ppl over. Geez.

Woohoo, tension! Haven't you noticed that's what I'm best at lol? And yes, you DO need to keep reading!

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Review #5, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Your Guardian Angel

7th July 2007:
Funerals are the worst. Ugh, I can't imagine how hard it was to write this chapter. Way too much emotion going on. Twill be sad without dear Brenna to make me laugh. Now i don't have much left to say except that was a very great/sad chapter, and I hope you have a good time on vacation but have plenty of down time to write the next chapters.

Author's Response: Yeah...they're the worst thing to write. I'm not too sure about real life though...I've never been to a funeral. I've had family die, but I never got to the funeral. But if funerals are as bad as I wrote them to be...geez, I'd cry my eyes out. Yes, I cried when I wrote it. I'm gonna miss Brenna so joke. God, I feel bad : (

I'm glad you found the writing up to par with what a real funeral would be like. Obviously my lack of experience in that department didn't show? Much?

My vacation was great thanks! Although I couldn't write while I was gone, it made me itch to write when I got home!

I hope you like the next chapters!

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Review #6, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Why Youd Want To Live Here

2nd July 2007:
I have to say, when i saw that you had posted chapter twelve i did a little happy dance. After reading it, my dance was a little less than happy. I was...surprised to say the least. Although, when I read your author's note I immediately thought, oh no, Brenna's going to die. Mainly because James doesn't die until Halloween and Love can't die if she's writing the whole story. So, Regulus saves the day. Guess Sirius' loathing should lessen a bit...if Love tells him that is. Great, great, great, chapter. I hope you start making some progress on chapter 13 since I cannot wait!

Author's Response: Lol. Well, I'm sorry I kind of destroyed your happy dance. I guess that's a lesson not to do a happy dance unless the chapter is happy, right? Lol. Just make up a new dance and call it the "Jennifer's updated dance!" when you see another one of my chapters published. That way, you don't have your expectations set too high. Lol.

Now what would ever make you think that Brenna would die? Oh yeah, the chapter title and summary. Yeah, those could be pretty foreboding, right? Lol. But nothing's really set in stone yet, so you'll have to wait a few more chapters, won't you? ::giggles maniacally:: I love making people squirm...

Yes, Regulus saves the day...well, at least Lovette. I know, surprising, but not without good reasoning. Too bad you'll have to wait for that reasoning. Tehe.

I'm not sure how Sirius would take the news...if Lovette tells him? Idk...Lovette has a way with leaving out important information, doesn't she?

I'm glad you liked the chapter! Even though it did kill your happy dance. Sorry, it happens sometimes. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Stay With Me

29th June 2007:
I cannot, i repeat, cannot wait for the next chapter. Not that this one wasn't terrific, I mean it was wonderful, but i feel like the next one will be like a huge turning point in the story. As always, great chapter. Oh, and by the way, Brenna = my hero.

Author's Response: Tehe. I’m glad you’re waiting on the edge of your seat for’ll probably be on the edge of your seat reading it (if it causes the effect I wanted it to on my readers lol).
You’re quite right though, this chapter was more of a filler...a lead up for chapter 12.
Chapter 12 is VERY IMPORTANTE!!! (mind my Spanish ; )
Lol. I agree, Brenna is an awesome character. She always knows how to lighten the situation, doesn’t she?

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Review #8, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Was It A Dream?

28th June 2007:
I will be sad that Keely will no longer grace any of your chapters with her overly blonde head...Ah well. You know, this chapter was so good that i had to finish it, and now I am going to be late for work. Think my boss'll believe me if i say, "But i was reading this really good story..." Probably not. Great Chapter (even if i did read it really fast).

Author's Response: Wow. I think you're the only person who has actually said something THAT nice about Keely Kella Kennedy. Idk, she seemed too much of a TDOLL character to me...she was never really meant for the sequel. In fact, I didn't really even plan on having her in the sequel and then kind of threw her in at the last mintue. Truth be told, I didn't really plan her death either. It just kind of...happened. Lol.
I'm sorry for making you late to work! Geez, you shouldn't be using valuable time to read my story! I hope you don't get fired or yelled at!

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Review #9, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: When Morning Comes

28th June 2007:
Ugh. Every time a person writes about Peter all i see is sniveling little Wormtail by Voldemorts side feeding him like snake milk. I wonder what that little rat has planned. Good chapter.

Author's Response: Lol. I know what you mean. But, I tried to make Peter look like he was a good guy at some point...which I kinda think he was (but I have no clue lol). Because, would Peter really have been a Marauder if his friends thought him evil? Hmm...

I'm glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #10, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Truth Or Consequence

26th June 2007:
Intense. At that second part I thought Lovette was calling James Minerva again, but when it became clear that she was not i laughed long and hard. 'yes, Minerva...' priceless.

Author's Response: Lol. I’ll glad that the chapter had the deep affect on my readers as I hoped it would! It was more of a “Aww, Lovette and James are such good friends...” chapter more than it was a “OMG! I can’t believe ::insert happenings of chapter here::!”
It wasn’t supposed to be a filler though...just a part to show friendship...I seem to have a lot of chapters like that...
But don’t worry...that’ll change soon ::mischievous grin::

Lol. No, Lovette wasn’t calling James “Minerva” I’m so sorry if I didn’t point that out properly in the chapter, but I’m glad you figured it out!

And who wouldn’t want to be sassy to one of their ex-teachers?

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Review #11, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Don't Tell Me

26th June 2007:
I can't wait to see Lily get all emotional and sensitive. Twill be hysterical. Please, please, please, put that in this story. Just imagine, James offers her a cup of tea, and she starts to cry. Very funny, if not a little cliche.

Author's Response: Lol. Hmm, I don't know if I can picture Lily being that emotional. Then again, my Lily is different form other Lily's people it might just be the perspective I have of her. Granted, it would be hilarious if she started crying when given a cup of tea. It will be interesting to see how Lovette and Lily's personalities clash. Lovette being the independent/sarcastic/make-fun-of-her-friends kind of person and Lily being the sensitive/pregnant/emotional woman. Lol. I can see it already!

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Review #12, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Everything Will Be Alright

26th June 2007:
Oh boy, here it is, the beginning of the end. Only a year and nine months to go before the big bad happens. I guess they had too much fun, eh? I really liked this chapter, and it was really sad that Brenna stoped dying her hair, i liked knowing the shade of her locks (as Lovette put it). I also want Sirius and Lovette to stop arguing, and I loved it when Lovette said that Lily would have killed the Death Eaters if they stormed in on her honeymoon.

Author's Response: Now what on Earth would make you think this was the beginning of the end? ::grins evilly:: Tehe. Be optimistic for once!
But yes, we do only have a year and nine months left. Though, that doesn't mean it will end any sooner. Believe me, I have a lot in store for everyone, I don't think it'll just end in three more chapters. I have this all planned out...sort of. Tehe.
I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter! Yes, sadly, Brenna stopped dying her hair. It seems like its own "end of an era" doesn't it? I guess it symbolizes that everyone is growing up now. It was really kind of a wake-up call for Lovette that she had to grow up. When you think about it, the meaning behind the meaning is very depressing. But, I do these things for a reason, don't I?
Lol. Don't worry, I don't think I'll have Sirius and Lovette mad at each other for another twenty-some chapters ::coughTDOLL!cough::...I've kind of gotten a little tired of that. Lol. But you know, they always make up in the end.
And yes, I think it would be hilarious if Death Eaters would have shown up at the Potter's honeymoon. Lily WOULD have killed them. Lol.

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Review #13, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: The Darkest Nights

26th June 2007:
I liked the length of this chapter, it was perfect. I wonder where Sirius goes after fights with Lovette, I hope you address it in further chapters. I am seriously having a hard time dealing with all of this foreshadowing though. I just want to read the chapters as fast as possible and get on with the story, but the sensible part of my brain tells me to cherish every word. So i compromise and read kind of fast, review, then read the next chapter. It's working well.

Author's Response: Aw, that's good. I'd been writing a lot of short chapters before this one. I'm glad I finally got back into the swing of writing six or seven page chappies, it keeps the readers around. Lol.'ll just have to wait and find out where Sirius runs off to after their rifts. I don't know yet myself, but once I figure it out, I'll let you know! But don't worry, I'll be sure to address it later...much later.

Tehe. Who doesn't love foreshadowing though? It makes you wait on the edge of your seat for each chapter! It keeps you interested, doesn't it? I guess that's my main goal with foreshadowing, to keep my readers itching for more. But, I know what you mean about the wanting to get to the end of the chapter but wanting to soak in all of the information. I did that when HBP came out. I read it in sixteen hours and had no clue what had happened when I got to the end. If I were you, I'd listen to your brain and just let every single letter soak in. That way, you cane contemplate better.

Lol. Well, I hope you like the next chapters just as much! Just don't read them too fast!

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Review #14, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Famous Last Words

26th June 2007:
It's so sad, because I know that they're not going to get married and they're so happy and such, and I know Sirius is going to get carted off to Azkaban and--and--it's really sad.

Author's Response: :raises eyebrows::
And who said they aren't going to get married?
I love torturing people with that.

But yes, it is sad knowing Sirius is going to jail...and no he will not pass 'Go' and collect $200. Lol. Yeah, sorry...bad pun.

I don't know how I'm gonna sit through the 5th movie...I'm definitely going to start crying when Sirius kicks the bucket. I can actually seeing myself screming "SIRIUS!" when he dies and then crying my eyes out. I already do that during the family thinks I'm insane/obsessed (the same thing, right?) Lol. Yeah, random, useless info...sorry for wasting your life with that...

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Review #15, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Simple Together

25th June 2007:
YES! The reappearance of Keela Kella Kennedy! I knew it, I knew it! Ah, that was too good. I laughed all the way through the chapter.

Author's Response: MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!
Well OF COURSE I had to throw Keely Kella Kennedy back into the mix! I wouldn't feel right just leaving her out! Plus, people hated her so much in the last story, I couldn't help but want to get the response of "I HATE KEELY!" again. It was too fun the first time. Lol.

Yay for laughter!

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Review #16, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: Breathe

25th June 2007:
Great take on the classic Wedding Day Jitters. This scene was made better only because they are witches, and really they needn't fret about trivial hair/makeup things. All Lily had to worry about was the actual getting married part of a wedding.

Author's Response: Lol. Well who wouldn't be nervous on their wedding day? Lily Evans or not, I think you'd still freak out.
I thought it was funny to add in the freaking out about small's a very bridezilla thing to do. Lol. Even if they are witches...its still funny.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #17, by SerenaLovette Luclare: The Continued Chronicles: When You Were Young

25th June 2007:
Lily and James not being the famous Auror couple was a breath of relief (as that is usually the careers that they have in most fics). I have to say I like the jobs that you gave them. The dialogue in this was great, and Lovette's fake exhaustion was very reminiscent, since i do it all the time to my teachers. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Lol. Yeah, I know! I know they were in the books and stuff. But I don't think that they were both Aurors. So, James is an Auror and Lily works in the Obliviator Headquarters. I know they were kind of random. But I had a reason for James being an'll see why later...tehe...

Yeah, even four years later Lovette is trying to get out of doing work. Of course she grew up...but I don't think you could grow out of not wanting to do work. Lol. It seemed a very Lovette thing to do.

I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #18, by SerenaThe Life Dissertation Of Lovette Luclare: Goodbye Past, Hello Future

25th June 2007:
No, it ended! Well not really, but kind of. Thank you for continuing the story, I would have protested if you had left us hanging like that. Very sad chapter. Magic or not, graduations are hard to live through.

Author's Response: Ach, I know! I was really depressed to end the series...but then again, I didn't really end it, did I? I'll probably be an emotional werck when I post the last chapter of "LLTCC". Not that I'm going to do that anytime soon...I'm just warning you ahead of time. But I think we all know its not going to end well... ::sniffle::

Lol. I really had no choice but to continue it. I wrote the chapter so I could have a part two. If I hadn't written the sequel, I probably would have protested myself! I'd feel terrible for leaving everyone with that pathetic chapter as an ending!
But, I'm glad you liked the series! I can't wait to hear what you think of the sequel!
Thank you so much for your support on this series!

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Review #19, by SerenaThe Life Dissertation Of Lovette Luclare: %#@&^ Newts!

25th June 2007:
Ah, it was brilliant getting an inner look at Love's mind while taking examinations. I feel her pain.

Author's Response: Lol. Yeah, I wrote that chapter when I was testing in pretty much summed up what I as thinking the whole time. Lol. I still haven't gotten those results back come to think of it...not that they're gonna be
I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that during exams!
Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #20, by SerenaI'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger: Insanity is the New "It" Word

24th June 2007:
Good old house elves...Maybe Hermione will actually make some progress with them in this fic. Very funny chapter. If i had time to keep reading I definately would, but I'm off to work. THis is going in my favorites.

Author's Response: LOL. Don't count on it (the house elves, I mean). Have fun at work! I hope all goes well. And aw, thank you! I'm honored. :-)

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Review #21, by SerenaI'm Not Neurotic! The Diary of Hermione Granger: They Finally Remembered my Birthday (Gits)

24th June 2007:
I usually don't read Trio fics, but this caught my eye and it is very humorous. I can relate with Hermione since I am a bit crazy as well.

"They’re lucky that troll came along in first year" I loved that line, it was absolutely perfect. This is a really clever story and it made me laugh...a lot. 10/10.

Author's Response: LOL. Everyone seems to be a bit crazy... Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it so far. :-)

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Review #22, by Serena:

6th May 2007:
Okay so you asked me to focus on grammar so I'll start from the beginning.

"his master excepting him." Should be "his master accepting him"

"Why couldn’t he turn back the time, hopefully thinking that everything was going to be alright again? " could be "Why couldn't he turn back time and feel hopeful again? But he couldn't. He would never feel alright after what had happened"

I had a hard time reading this since you're not sure who is speaking. For example, at the beginning I wasn't sure whose point of view its in. In the second part it's unclear again, but in the third part you know its Remus. If the whole fic is in Remus' POV it might be more effective if you have Remus doing some action while he is reminiscing. I didn't really understand what I was reading either. I mean I understood what you were trying to get at but, as I said, I think that it would enhance your story a bit more if you included some action in it.

Author's Response: All in all, thanks for the honesty.

I spelled that word (excepeting) wrong - it's supposed to be expecting.

As for the other errors; I understand where you're going with it, and I changed that sentence this morning. Not the exact same way you wrote it, just took the idea, if you know what I mean.

The idea with the story was to show each of the 'remaining' Marauders thoughts and so, I proceeded from that and did my best to show it. This is, to but it easily, from my point of view if anything. But then, the POV's can change - which, I will think about in the future when I write a fic similar to this one, 'cause I don't want them to confuse the reader.
Oh, that doesn't sound good. But as long as you understood (if not clearly) what I wanted to show - their emotions. There isn't supposed to be action in this... Just feelings. That is what I aimed for mainly, and perhaps I ignored such things as POV's and things that could've done this better. I will definitely think about this in the future - and as said, thanks for the honesty.

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Review #23, by SerenaThe Untold Tale: Chapter One: The One In the Beginning

6th May 2007:
'Ello, I'm responding to the post you made on the forums. So, I'll admit that i was a little apprehensive when i started reading this for several reasons: Exchange students usually put me off, and her being best friends with Lily without them attending the same school seemed a bit choppy. As long as you address how the two became friends I believe it will work out okay. Morgan seems like an OC that you have put some time into. From what she said to James it seems like she is as headstrong as he is ;) Also, I liked the original way of her finding Platforn 9 3/4 by kicking the wall. As far as the characters go you have written them all well but remember that James and Lily get together in seventh year and James is supposed to mature a bit. I imagine that they are all 17 or 18 so you would do well to remember that they will be acting a lot less childish than one would usually write them as.

Also, there seems to be a little problem with the spacing, it makes it a little difficult to read and it also makes the chapter appear very very long.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! We are perfectionists what it comes to this story and honest feedback is the thing we most want to see ^^

I fully agree that the fic seems like a parade of cliches but there's more than meets the eye; Morgan has a reason why she's going Hogwarts only now, and she and Lily really do share a history. So all in all I really do hope we have gotten past the cliches, we just couldn't shove all that info in the first chapter.

I'm very pleased you find Morgan believable, personally my biggest concern is to have a bad OCs. What it comes to James, he is a more or less a git in the beginning, he'll mature though ;) He was just rather excited to see Lily after the summer :P

I'll fix the spacing as soon as possible, it was a result of revising the first chap, and the editor didn't quite agree with me *sigh* Anyhow, it'll be addressed ;)

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Review #24, by SerenaCollision: Heather's Gift

6th May 2007:
The dream sequence was very well written, as was the scene following her dream...or vision i guess. Now I'm very curious about the boy she saw in one of earlier chapters.

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Review #25, by SerenaCollision: The Treacherous Waters of Denial

6th May 2007:
Great cliffy. I also love the title of this chapter. I do like that your OC is a Malfoy but I have a hard time reading this because Lucius, Bellatrix, Nott, etc, wouldn't be in Hogwarts during the Marauder's seventh year. Oh well, I'll get over it.

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