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Review #1, by HnG4EVERHarry Potter and the Final Year: Prologue

16th October 2014:
I liked the chapter but didn't like were Harry apologized. Draco was in the process of trying to kill hom and Draco threw the first curse.

Author's Response: The first ever review of my story - wow, I'm just so delighted.

And it's criticism too - yay!

So that means I get to respond and outline my reasoning.

The issues you raised with the scene are valid and I can understand them; to a certain extent Draco 'starting it' justifies any of Harry's subsequent actions. So him using the Sectum Sempra curse was just part of the to-and-fro done in the midst of battle.

... but

At the end of that scene Harry is truly mortified by what he has just done. He wanted to hurt Draco definitely and stop him but did he want to cut him up so badly, potentially kill him? No I don't think so and I think the text supports his feelings of shame and horror at what he'd just done. And, if my memory serves me correctly. up until that point he thought the the Half Blood Prince was great so this revelation that the Prince could devise such a horrible spell rocked Harry's assumptions about him and faith in him.

So it was from that basis that I wrote this scene. Notice that he didn't apologize to Draco, it was to his mother. He was sorry for her, for putting her son in mortal danger and how that must have made her feel. Harry knows (from direct experience) that Narcissa's love for her son is at the core of her being. I believe he already suspected that she had forgiven him - from her actions in the Forrest - but I think he knew that the 'sorry' still had to be said.

I also wanted an excuse for Narcissa to overcome her reserve and give Harry a hug. I wanted it for a few reasons but mainly for Draco's reactions. At this stage Draco isn't even in the stage of trying to find himself. He is on the cusp between what he was - petulant, spoiled and arrogant pureblood - and what he will become - ?, but somebody who will raise a Scorpius that we could possibly respect and like.

Also as to Harry's feelings, I wanted to show how truly he had forgiven people. This is one of the defining characteristics that I want the post-Hogwarts Harry to have (and I think he would) and it has further ramifications in my up-coming Next Gen story.

So thank you again, my first reviewer. It is just so wonderful to have something that people are going to and have read (as of this response that is 31 views)


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Review #2, by HnG4EVERAdventures in Courtship: Chapter Ten - Talk of the Town

13th September 2014:
Why do you and a lot of the authers let the press get away with so much. Have you not heard of a law suit. Also why do you have Harry not telling the Weasleys off for how they were trrating him and Ginny.

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Review #3, by HnG4EVERLearning to Understand: Bravery Breaks Through

3rd February 2014:
Like the story but i think Harry should not take Rob back as a close as friend as he was before. This one if many times Ron has treated Harry the eay he did.

Author's Response: I think they've been through too much to let their friendship go over something like this. Thank you for reading!

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Review #4, by HnG4EVERThe Lost Prophesy: Chapter 1 - The Second Prophesy

19th October 2013:
Like your new story. I am wonder how long it is going to take Ginny to realize she was talking with Harry' Mom.

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Review #5, by HnG4EVERHarry Potter Season 8 - After the Hallows: Chapter 3 : The Boy Who Lived, Twice

13th October 2013:
Between Molly, Hermione and Ron, Harry and Ginny don't stand a chance of getting back together. Molly treats them like babies, Ron is to busy getting in the way and Hermione can't keep her big mouth shut long enough to see what's going on before she talks. I hope you don't drag out the Harry/Ginny fighting to long. Like the story so far though.

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Review #6, by HnG4EVER19 Years: Year 4: The first of September

11th October 2013:
Well worth the wait, liked the chapter.

Author's Response: I'm so happy you thought so!! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #7, by HnG4EVER19 Years: Year 4: Lily's ring

21st September 2013:
You did good job with Luna. Can't wait for the perposal, like the idea of the first time he meet Ginny.

Author's Response: I'm so relieved that you think so!! I'm glad to hear that... the proposal is only two chapters away! ;) Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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