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Review #26, by SilverDarkHorseAdvising Sirius: Chapter 1

8th March 2014:
Hello :)

I REALLY enjoyed this! The last line was perfect :D Aaaah Blackinnon! Write more and more and more and more, please - especially Sirius/Marlene ones!

Author's Response: Hello :)

Glad you enjoyed this one too, I shall see about the more thing...

Thanks for the review

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Review #27, by SilverDarkHorseConsoling Sirius: Consoling Sirius

8th March 2014:
Hello :)

I really enjoyed this one-shot. A refreshing take on the famous "day-after".

I'm a huge Sirius/Marlene fan, so it was a treat to read such a well-written story. I like the idea of Marlene being a Ravenclaw - people generally sort her into Gryffindor.

The process of Marlene talking to and consoling Sirius is easy to read, methodical, and makes a lot of sense - in fact, it is comforting to the reader as well as Sirius! :)

Good job, and keep it up :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, I very much enjoyed writing it for your pleasure :P

I've role-played versions of her in both houses, this was just the one I rolled with for this fic and it works quite well for me, so I'm glad it does for you too!

Thanks for the review :D

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Review #28, by SilverDarkHorseThe Wedding: I Do

7th March 2014:
Hello :)

I enjoyed this one-shot. Jily is my OTP, and I am always on the lookout for new stories.

James, Lily and Sirius were all well written. I thought a little more Remus would not have been amiss.

The little details at the beginning - the sweat on James's forehead, the leaves falling from the trees etc were lovely, and add interest to the story. The latter half of the tale would benefit from a few similar touches.

The tempo at the end is a bit rushed - pace it out a bit more, and perhaps you could switch between different POVs? It would add interest to an already good story.

Overall, it is quite good for a first attempt. Keep it up, and you could throw out some great one-shots soon!

Cheers, mate :)

Author's Response: Hi!
First off, thank you so much for the review. It seriously brightens my day.

I tried so hard to write them well! I'm glad you noticed, and that I even got close haha. And I wanted to write Remus in a little bit more. When I had the idea, he wasn't in it at all. But what's a marauder wedding without Moony? I agree that he could've been in it more, but I really wanted to focus on James in particular.

The ending is where I sort of got lost...because I wanted it to be relatively short, which it definitely is, and the tension is the main focus. But looking back, I think I might edit a bit, especially with description.

Thank you so much for your critique! I find it very helpful, and I'll tinker with the ending. And thank you for even reviewing at all. :)

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Review #29, by SilverDarkHorseInitiate: The Break-In

2nd March 2014:
A brilliant chapter! Three cheers for the Remus-Sirius bits :D

I was excited to see the birthday Harry scene! At least he got his letter. Incidentally, it is my birthday too today - 21 years old and still no letter for me! I REFUSE to be a muggle :'(

The exchange with Draco was a nice contrast to that same scene in cannon. Also, the comparison between Hydrus and Draco - one like Lucius, the other like Narcissa - was interesting. Did Harry's face fall because Draco's statement came across as an insult to the Weasleys?

An inferius goblin - that is very dark and scary. At least Brown didn't hash anything up this time.

Poor dear Moony. Was it Quirrel trying to dispose of Remus so he can bag the Defence job at Hogwarts? Or kill Remus and use his hair for Polyjuice and pretend to be Remus teaching DADA...

I admit it was rather odd at first to think of Dora and Remus sharing...What was the rude hand gesture Remus did? Did he flip Sirius the finger or something similar? And Dora hitting her head on the bed side table - that exchange with Sirius was hilarious.

The Animagi-Inferius-mind-link explanation was enlightening.

Overall, an awesome chapter! Well, considering that uni starts again this week, hope you'll have time to read and respond to reviews :)

Cheers, mate, and here's to many more exciting chapters :D

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Review #30, by SilverDarkHorseInitiate: New Names

27th February 2014:
Well, here's a very late review :)

Engaging chapter, as usual. Hermione was brilliant - all eager to learn and discuss the magical world :) Harry is such a careless diddums - errrhhh... muggle-ish indeed :P Poor Sirius; he is one heck of a brilliant Auror, and his godson has to slip-up so!

Blaise appears to be holding his own rather well. Interestingly Slytherin characteristics, I would say. He and Draco seem to have a bit of common ground. I also think both of them would do well in Ravenclaw - they are observant, and their thought processes are very advanced for eleven-year-olds.

Overall, the sorting scene should be interesting - I am definitely looking forward to that!

Were Astoria and Draco the cannon couple you were referring to? I know you can't give anything away yet :P Just a rhetorical question :) I did see smacks of Harry/Ginny too, earlier on (when Harry keeps Ginny's drawing in his pocket during the Padfoot-trial scenario)...I am rather fond of the cannon couples, I hope you would consider them :) And I absolutely despise Draco/Hermione - it just seems so very wrong...

Crabbe eating soup with his fork - hahaha!! I am ashamed to admit I tried that out :P Didn't work out too badly :P

Of course, I missed Sirius and Remus very badly this chapter. However, even if you spend the next ten years writing ONLY about them, I would still ask for more :D !

I forgot to ask earlier, in the final chapter of Innocent, what is the dream that Sirius has? The one he "makes a conscious decision" not to tell Marlene about?

Spiffing chapter! I eagerly await to devour more-and more-and more... :)

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Review #31, by SilverDarkHorseFurry Little Problem: Moony

25th February 2014:
Hello :)

Aaaah this was so sweet! I loved the as-sertive Remus - would love to see more of him in Initiate *hint*. It was also incredibly cute when he began to cry haha :')

Peter is an insensitive jerk...James and Sirius have an inordinate amount of patience to put up with him! I would have chucked him out of the window ages ago!

I take it that this is the Aunt Catherine that Sirius impersonated in Innocent? I love that kind of throwback :D

The interplay when Remus snipes about Sirius' family was interesting. Oof. did you come up with those names?!

This was Brilliant! I would love to read something focusing on Sirius and Mr. and Mrs. Potter. I'm sure you'd write it excellently :)

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Review #32, by SilverDarkHorseInitiate: Keira And The Kettle

23rd February 2014:
I enjoyed the return of Moony and Padfoot - thank you for that! I missed them both far, far too much.

Nice to see Keira again. She is a lovely addition to the story. What news of Harry's scar? Did Sirius eventually speak to Dumbledore about it?

I like your impression of Hermione! I would love to see Hermione interacting with Ron - I have a feeling it would be very interesting :)

I would definitely accuse Brown of stupidity - what idiot calls Sirius a civilian *snort*. However I do agree that he is not unintelligent!

Very heartwarming when Moony introduces himself as "Patrick's" brother. He used his own second name too - nice :D And his "teacher" voice - haha, good practise for the coming year at Hogwarts.

Three cheers for Marlene! You've done a great job of showing her softer side. Haha trust Padfoot to be nervous :P Hoping to see lots more of their interaction soon!

Also, could we have some Padfoot-and-Moony teasing and banter, please? I mean real, substantial verbal banter. I guess Moony can do excellently in that department, and we haven't seen much of that from him.

I enjoyed the chapter as always, but this time, something seems a There were a few mistakes - HarryHarry in paragragh 6, Sirius and Hemsley instead of Sirius and Brown in Knockturn Alley, and a few dodgy punctuation marks. The tone of the chapter seems more hurried than usual. Only very subtle differences, but the overall impression is a wee bit off.

Sorry that this review is rather odd, and I didn't review last week's chapter yet; I'm just back in Adelaide after two days of air travel, and am very jetlagged and stiff.

Looking forward to next week's chapter. Cheers, mate! :D

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Review #33, by SilverDarkHorseInitiate: Family And Friends

14th February 2014:
Yay! Thank you for the very early update! Brilliant first chapter to start off with.

I love the small details that bring out Sirius's development as a parent - worrying about safety on the staircase, Harry's spelling test etc :D

Yay for Remus - he is now a Professor! This changes things with regard to the Philosopher's Stone, does it not? I hope nothing bad happens to Remus - I'm worried about the jinx on the DADA job. It would actually break my heart if something happens to him :'(

So Sirius is going on looong coffee breaks with Marlene, is he? :P And he hasn't told Remus about it? Either he is acting like a sneaky teenage boy or there's a breakdown in communication between the two Marauders - and that thought makes me uneasy :( I hope the Sirius/Marlene dynamic quickens up, we've all waited ages for them :P

I forgot to mention it earlier but Brown is getting comeuppance for that "civilian" jibe - muahaha!

Also very randomly, I remember Sirius drew a picture of Padfoot peeing on the Serpent Sworn symbol - so ironic in hindsight considering they were who gave him his job back! :D

A great first chapter. Would you fill us in on what happened in the interim between Innocent and this? I would love to know!

Cheers mate! (thought it was about time I used Australianisms) :D

Author's Response: You're welcome - I thought it would soften the blow of finishing "Innocent" so suddenly. :P I'm glad you liked it. :)

Haha, lots of people have picked up on that. :)

He is, yes! :D Yes, they certainly will! :P No promises; the curse is very much intact. :S You'll just have to wait and see how things pan out. :)

Haha, yes, he is. :P No - things are still quite fragile between him and Marlene (they'll show up again soon) and he's trying to keep it to himself. :P Remus (rightly) would mock him about it as payback for everything Sirius has said about Tonks. :P It's not a breakdown in communication, it's just Sirius being sneaky. :P

Haha, yes, he is, and excellent memory! :P I was wondering if anyone would pick up on that. :P

Haha, not a huge amount happened, which is why I chose to cut things off where I did; it was mostly Sirius settling into his job, Remus and Tonks spending time together, and with the boys, Harry at school, and working on his incantation, Draco still with Snape, etc. But there will be references to things that happened. :)

You're welcome, mate! :D

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #34, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Breached Borders

14th February 2014:
Firstly, congratulations on this remarkable novel. I enjoyed each and every chapter, though you did give me a heart attack over the Remus affair! I've come to regard your books as cannon. The development of your writing style is very clear, and I pray it will be even better in the future.

The development of your characters was wonderful - Sirius being the masterpiece, of course. Strong, active, sensitive and deep and of course, deliciously Sirius :P Very satisfying. Nice takes on Harry and Draco, too. Marlene and Dora were great. I would have liked a bit more exploration of Remus - but then, I can never get enough of him :D I loved your empathetic Ron, and hope to see more of him. You've persuaded me to view Snape with neutrality too :P I loved your OCs; Matt Rosier was brilliantly done, and Keith and Tom Durban were good.

The plots were riveting, the details well thought out and informative. (In this chapter, was the skeleton either Bloody Baron or Helena?)

I still have 60-something chapters to review - so expect them well into the next decade :P But I promise I WILL do them all :D

So: Onwards and Upwards!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D I'm glad. :) Haha, yes, a lot of people were very worried about Remus. :P Aww, really?! :D I must admit, sometimes I forget what I've written, and what's in the originals. :P I hope so too. :)

He certainly was. :P I've really loved watching him grow as a person, and as a guardian. :) That's the beauty of the sequel; more time for them all to change and develop. :) And Remus will certainly feature in the sequel. :) And, some of the OCs will definitely return. :)

It's wonderful you think so. :) It was Helena - well guessed. :)

Haha, I look forward to them. :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #35, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Fallen Soldier

2nd February 2014:

Auror Sirius Black - Three cheers!!! :D :D

When I saw the heading "Fallen Soldier" my heart leapt into my mouth :O

When I came to the end of the chapter, I ran through the house screaming - my parents now think they have a crazy hoyden for a daughter. I've been on tenterhooks this entire week waiting for this chapter!

I am incredibly happy that I trusted Remus - you know, it being a "test" after all, so he musn't help Padfoot to cheat :P

Sirius and Marlene hugged - yesyeysyesyes!!! Things are moving on. I am extremely interested in Harry's reactions to what may be yet to come.

So Florence is alive? Great! Scrimgeour is pure brilliance.

I vaguely remember wondering in a review if this was not some elaborate plot to make Sirius an Auror, then dismissing it as too farfetched. Grrr. Does this mean I am a good detective, anyhow? :D

And the bit of maraudering at the end was a lovely characteristic way to finish off the chapter.

So Moody took Polyjuice, it was not an imposter :P You deserve a medal for pure genius! How long did it take you to work out the finer details of the plot?

Luckily for me it is the summer holidays, so I can afford to spend a rather large amount of time Mooning about this story. I don't know what I'll do when I fly back to Adelaide for uni in March!

This was definitely one of the best chapters you have ever written! Hope to see many, many more (even better) plotlines from you!

On a different note, how much more is left of this story? When Harry goes to Hogwarts, will the onus shift away from the two Marauders a bit more? I hope not - they are my favourites, much more so than even Harry. Do you plan a sequel? I hope you do - I could read your stories for an eternity.

Also, are you on Ao3 - Archive of our Own? If you are not, would you consider putting your stories up there as well? They have some very good quality fics; all your stories would make fine additions to that collection.

And finally, thank you for your replies to our reviews. It was wonderful to hear back, and to know you take time to read them all.

Looking forward to the next update, and maybe some Padfoot-Moony-Harry or Marlene/Sirius and Remus/Dora? :D

Author's Response: Firstly, wow, what an incredibly long review! :) I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. :)

Haha, yes, he's done well. :P

It was a cruel chapter, but if I'd named it "Auror Black" it would have given things away. :P So I went with the ominous one, thinking it could refer to Marlene's 'death' or Tonks pretending to be Sirius at the end. :P

Hahaha, sorry to keep you waiting. :P

Yes - good instincts to trust him; it was very interesting to see how people reacted to the possibility of Remus' betrayal. :)

Yes, they hugged. :P I really thought this was a good opportunity to force them together, and make some progress there. It'll be slow, but I think most of the awkwardness will be gone after this. :)

She is alive - she'll be back in the next chapter. :) And Scrimgeour is a clever character, yes. :P

Haha, it was a good guess; I did drop hints from the beginning about it being a set-up, but I also worked very hard to try to cover that up, and make it seem unlikely. :P So yes, excellent detective skills. :P

I thought there had to be some family time after the whole battle/conspiracy ordeal, and I also thought I needed to give everyone a chance to warm toward Remus again. :P

Haha, he did, yes. :P Only Moody could have given Dora that speech to send her away with the other trainees. :P Aww, thank you. :) The bit with Moody was actually something I made up on the spot. :P Other bits I had planned. :)

Haha, it's summer holidays for me too, haha, which means I can dedicate more time to writing, haha. :P You go to uni in Adelaide?! Which one are you at?! I'm at the Uni of Adelaide, haha! :P

Aww, thank you! :D There's more to come, I promise! :D

Of this story... one chapter, haha. :P I'll start on the sequel 'Initiate' pretty much immediately, and likely pick up in June/July, just before school starts. :) The POVs will be where interesting things are happening; obviously Harry will get a bit of page time because he's learning and making friends, etc, but Sirius is an Auror now, and will have a very interesting (and rather personal) case to chase up, and Remus will have his own plot arc. Characters like Marlene and Dora will show up too, so don't worry that I'll leave the adults out; they'll have plenty of appearances. :)

I'm not, no; I've heard a bit about Ao3, but not branched out there yet, though I have gone to FF,net. :P Maybe it's time to spread again, haha. :) Aww, thank you. :)

You're very welcome. :) I get so many fantastic questions, and I enjoy answering them; it's incredible to see how engaged readers get with my work. :)

Definitely some Marauder-Harry stuff, and definitely a bit of Tonks, but I'm not sure about Marlene yet. :P You'll see on Sunday. :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #36, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Comrades In Arms

25th January 2014:
Thank you for the early update. A superbly written action chapter as usual.

What on earth IS it with Remus? What does he mean all for the best? He is my very favourite character so I cling to the scant hope that he is a hero and not a villain. If he turns out to be a rotter I'll be devastated :'(

Next the Sirius/Marlene dynamic is quite kinetic at the moment- yay! Sirius is bothered about the change in her patronus which is sweet. But tis the thought of Him that enables her to conjure one :D

Kreacher knows what is happening, eh? "Master is wise to be cautious but not of his friends" hmm maybe I WILL trust Remus.

Well that's an end to Florence too, then? A sad storyline. I feel that it is a tad incomplete but maybe you'll have some surprises along the way. Florence saving Tonks was very touching!

What was it that horrified Sirius so much? I am dying to find out! His thought processes, along with Marlene's were very well written.

Harry's mouth was set into a grim line - does he suspect Remus? I hope we find out soon.

A great chapter overall, I hope you throw some light on the mysteries with your next update. I even dream of these things at night!!!

Author's Response: You're very welcome! :D Aww, thank you! :D

Exactly that; he might not be right, but he thinks his actions are justified... :S

They are, haha; they've always been very good together, and this sort of situation really brings out their teamwork. :) Haha, ah, so you picked up on that? :P

Kreacher was acting strangely in this chapter, but whether he actually knows what's happening or not... I won't say. :P

She's had a very sad story. :( But she redeemed herself (at least in Tonks' eyes) by saving her. :S

Haha, you'll find out in the next chapter. :P Thank you. :)

Harry will appear in the next chapter... :)

I will; I think I've probably tortured everyone with cliffies and vague answers for long enough. :P Aww. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #37, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Trapped In The Training Room

23rd January 2014:
I'm a bit late with this review, but I hope you like it, all the same :)

First up - Yay Marlene and Sirius! This is goodgoodgood!!

I have to say that I do agree with GinnyPotterForever - I thought about James Potter immediately when you mentioned hazel eyes! However, as this is a sequel to your White Flags, it's a pretty safe bet that James is dead... I can't think of anyone else with dark hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin.

Dora needs to trust Sirius more. And as for anybody who calls Sirius a "civilian", they need a good punch in the face :P

And what on earth DOES Remus have to do with the Serpent Sworn? He says he is sympathetic to their ideas; he's a good person and I trust his judgement for now so I still think he is a good guy. But it's time for some answers!

The action was very well written. I hope Sirius doesn't get seriously injured, or Marlene, either. Looking forward to the next chapter as usual, and I do hope you give us answers :)

Author's Response: That's all right; I'm late with the response. :) And I appreciate it very much indeed! :D

Haha, yes, I thought it was about time I forced those two together again. :P

So you thought it too? :P It's not him, sadly; I wish I could bring James back, though. :S

She does, but remember she's young, and, while she's good friends with Sirius again, she grew up hearing stories of how reckless he could be. She'd trust him with her life, but she's a Hufflepuff, and feels safer with the group. :) Haha, yes, he's definitely not a civilian. :P

I can't say! :P He is sympathetic, and he's doing what he thinks is right... but it's not looking good, is it? :S Soon, I promise! :P

Thank you! I really enjoyed writing the change of pace. :) No promises, I'm afraid... :(
It's up now! :D
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #38, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Dystopian December

11th January 2014:
Firstly, did I mention how much I love you? An early update - you spoil us all sooo much! Thank youu =) Hope you had a great holiday, and that your New Year was wonderful, too.

Happy to see that Padfoot and Moony have reconciled. They both needed that very badly.

Next. you surprised me completely with Sirius's reaction to Harry's escapade. You had Harry's heedless hero-mode and incoherence down pat. Sure, I expected Sirius to be worried, maybe a little exasperated; but not to be so incredibly calm, articulate and well...authoritative. It was great - I loved it! I didn't expect him to punish Harry either, but it was wholly deserved. Never thought Sirius was a line-giving type of guy, though :P The touch of humour was exactly right; "Poor frail Mooney and brilliant dear Godfather Padfoot". It was vintage Sirius, and the much needed lightening touch to his authority.

Most Sirius-raise-Harry fics have Sirius as either overly strict or a complete pushover. This one is just perfect.

The episode where Moony's insecurity comes out when he thinks Harry saw him through the mirror was a super bit of imagery.

Dumbledore's visitor seems like the one at your first meeting of the SS. Cool, calm and rather satirical.

Dora-the-snowwoman was a nice touch.

To be frank, the sneakoscope incident scared me.

Finally, I love your portrayal of Sirius more everyday. We've seen him as a father, warrior, Auror, detective and now an authority figure. He really got through to Harry this time! I hope you keep it up. Snape's development is awesome as well, but I think Remus is a little lacking in that aspect. He was coming along well, but dropped off a bit recently. Would love to see some in-depth exploring there, too.

A splendiferous chapter. When is your next update? I am sitting on hot coals till then, so pleease have mercy on me and update soon!

Author's Response: Aww. :) Haha, you're very welcome; you deserve it! :D It was, thank you. :)

They did; things were getting strained between them. :S

Thank you; Harry's still similar to canon in that respect but he's younger, so I had to try to make his reasoning and responses seem younger, without being too dramatic or immature. :P It was tricky, so I'm glad you think I managed. :)
Sirius has been through a lot of stressful situations, and shouting at Harry's never going to get him anywhere; once he knew Harry was okay, he went into full-parent-mode, and I think calm and authorative was exactly the right way to go about it. :) Haha, I didn't either, but Sirius can't use his own parents as role-models for discipline methods, and I don't think he's able to be quite as strict as the Potters were (they were dealing with teens by the time Sirius came along, not kids), and so he used his only real frame of reference; the staff at Hogwarts. :P I agree, it definitely lightened the mood, which was sort of the aim. :)

I know. :P I can't see Sirius as too strict - he's too fun-loving, and frankly, too reasonable. :P And I have too much respect for Sirius to make him a pushover. :P I'm glad you like my take.

Originally, I had the idea that Remus wouldn't even go, because he thought that he was what Harry'd seen, but I liked it better this way; it didn't take the focus off Harry and Sirius, but Remus and Sirius also got to be all Maraudery together again. :P

It was the same person - well picked. :)

Haha, I'm glad you liked her. I have fun coming up with ideas for her appearance. :P

It freaked me a bit too; I didn't plan that; it literally went into the chapter as a last minute thing. :P

Aww. :) I like him for that exact reason; he's so versatile, but doesn't really change any of his key traits to do so. :) I will keep it up! :D
Haha, I'm having fun with Snape, too; it's nice to show a less evil side. :P
Remus has dropped off a bit; mainly it's because I'm likely to give things away if I spend too much time in his head and I don't want to risk that. :P He'll have some time soon, though, don't you worry! :)

Thank you! :D As always, Sunday is the official update day, but it's always possible I'll be early. :P
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #39, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Suspicion And The Scar

29th December 2013:
Well, Mr. Remus John Lupin ruined Christmas week for me. I am all impatience to see where this is heading. Is he sympathetic to werewolf rights or something similar? I hardly think he would be a real dark arts supporter. I hope somebody gives him a good smack upside the head.

Poor Harry, he must be incredibly scared. So he's got his "saving people thing" on has he? I think I am most interested to see Sirius's reactions to Harry when he finds the boy.

And poor dear Padfoot. Give him a hug from me. Deserted by both his best friend abd godson - this chapter really broke my heart!

Enjoy your holiday, and hope you have an awesome New Year!

Author's Response: Aww, I'm sorry to hear that. :( I can't give anything away about Remus, I'm afraid. :S

He does; it's not canon, but Harry's saving-people-thing is still here. It'll be interesting to have them reunited, that's for certain. :S

I know. :( He's having a bit of a rough time at the moment. :S

I have a great time, thank you! :D I hope you enjoyed your New Year as well. :)

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #40, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: The Quest For Answers

16th December 2013:
Oookay - you have me utterly bamboozled this time, and incredibly excited too. So, the obvious choice is that the SS is some sort of Voldemort organisation that was active during the first war.

But then:
1) why would Remus be reluctant to talk to Sirius?
2) Unless Scrimgeour told Remus that it was dangerous for Sirius, and he doesn't want to worry Sirius about it. But that doesn't sound like Remus!
3) But it explains why Harry calmed down when he was "foisted" on to Remus, if Remus told him.

Snape's hesitating makes me think he DOES know something.I get a feeling that Narcissa knows something too!

From Dumbledore's info we know the following (and I agree with Delusionist that he maybe keeping his cards close to his chest):

1) They are talented
2) Have a good level of organisation
3) A reasonably large membership

So if Sirius talks to someone that Mad-eye trusts, wouldn't the most likely person be Dora? And indirectly, that ties Remus into it, too. Urgh I am going in circles!

The conversation between the two SS members offers much information too.

The seated man "king on a throne" is
1)Of a high standing (Sounds like Lucius!)
2)Has a dry wit and sense of humour
3)A strange sense of fairness? or an ability to admit the truth(!)
4)Keeps his cards close to his chest

But if they were Death Eaters, they wouldn't worry about anybody getting hurt, not even their lot, would they?

And who are these trustworthy sources? Rattler?( He looked cheerful the day Scrimgeour got the letter), Prewett? Dawlish? Umbridge?

Oh no! They coudn't have inperiused Remus, could they - werewolves aren't afraid of the dark, right? My mind is running crazy...

And "you of all people" to be afraid of the dark? Does that give us any hints? I am dying of curiosity here!

All for Black, after all? That sounds like some twisted sort of humour! I hope neither Sirius or Remus get hurt - that would just kill us all, I think!

My mind is going crazy, and I'll probs dream about this at night! Awesome job, and I am absolutely dancing with impatience for next Sunday!

Author's Response: Haha, yes, I've been very careful about what information on the SS I've let lose so far... :P I'm glad to hear you're excited though! :D I am too; it's (hopefully) going to be intense. :)
It would be the obvious answer, yes. :)
Interesting ideas, about Remus and about Narcissa knowing something, but I won't/can't confirm anything. Same goes for Dumbledore. :P
Yes, I did indicate that Sirius and Dora will have a bit to talk about soon, and yes, that does have the potential to involve Remus.
It does offer a fair bit, yes, but I daresay, the clues will be better spotted in hindsight.
Yes, the comment about "you of all people" is a clue...
No promises about them getting hurt, I'm afraid. :S
Haha, only a few days to go now!
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #41, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: The Serpent Sworn

9th December 2013:
Helllo! Great to hear that nothing is wrong - and thank you for another marvelous chapter! Well, this is an interesting plot twist - The Serpent Sworn.

Do I sense a bit of Harry/Ginny in there? I did sense something like it when she did the dragon drawing for Harry during the trial fiasco, and it is nice to see something like that again. I do love Harry/Ginny!I enjoyed your portrayal of Ron as well, you brought out his empathetic side very well despite his brief appearance.

And I was happy to be partially right about the itching - it was a Fred and George thing! :D

What was Scrimgeour talking to Remus about? Poor Remus - hopefully there isn't anything wrong :S

Interesting to note that Harry thinks of Marlene as "McKinnon".

So thanks once again for this chapter, and I'm looking forward to next week more than ever!

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so. :)
Haha, no, nothing yet - I haven't decided on any of the kids' pairings - but I definitely won't rule it out as a possibility. ;) I'm glad you liked Ron, and his empathetic side. :D
Haha, yes, you were right. :P
Time will tell...
It is, but Sirius probably doesn't talk to Harry about her all that much, and when he spent time with her at the Manor, during the trial, he knew her as McKinnon. :)
You're very welcome. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #42, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Needing A Friend

1st December 2013:
"You're the least complicated person I've ever met, and it's a nice change. You do a perfect Draco! I think Draco would do very well in Ravenclaw - he thinks about things, and has an exceptional vocabulary for a ten-year-old. It's nice that Draco and Harry are friends, but I do hope you will keep the original trio intact.

Nice to see something like a bit of civility between Sirius and Snape. The sparring is always fun to read, though.

Hmmm Remus is having lunch with a friend, then? :D What have they got planned for Sirius's birthday? Should be something good.

I enjoyed the Ron-Ginny interaction as well. Ron appears to more perceptive than is depicted in cannon, and it is a very pleasant change. Poor dear Luna - I do hope she will feel better soon. And was it itching powder that affected them? From Fred and George's room, I bet! That sort of small detail really brings the story alive.

Will you be writing the Sirius and Harry parent-teacher meeting scene? It ought be very interesting - Sirius and muggles :D

Thank you very much for this brilliant chapter, and I look forward to next Sunday, as usual! And also, I guess you're at uni, so have a great summer holiday!

Author's Response: Haha, I had a lot of fun with Draco in this chapter. :P He has some fantastic lines, I think, along with Snape. :P He would do well there, yes... his Sorting will be interesting, that's for certain. I don't think they've got a conventional friendship, nor will they ever be best friends, I don't think, regardless of how close they get. But they will be friends. :)
I have fun with their awkward not-friendship. It's very interesting to write, I find. :P
He is - Matt. :) A few things - that'll be apparent in a few chapters' time. :)
I really like Ron as a character, and I really dislike it when he's portrayed as a stupid boy with bad manners. Regardless of whether a Ron-Harry friendship features in this, I do intend to do Ron's character justice. :)
I feel so sorry for poor Luna, but I really feel that her mother's death is one of the things that makes her such a strong character, and I thought it was an important life event to keep in. :S
Haha, close, but not quite... :P
I will - it's coming up. :)
You're very welcome! Thank you for your patience with my slow review-responses; I've been so short on time with exams (you guessed correctly about uni) but I've got a bit more time now, so hopefully I'll get better at them. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #43, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Things To Say

23rd November 2013:
THIS WAS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. I really have no words to say what I feel right now! Remus and Dora kissed, Sirius and Marlene are on the right road, and Harry seems to be doing well too. I guess I could quote Browning - "All's right with the world!" :D

I'd like to hear a bit more on the progress of the horcrux and Harry's Animagus transformations. There was a nice bit of Remus-Sirius bonding here, and I'd love to see some more, I'm a sucker for Remus-Sirius-Harry bonding. And what were Remus and Harry working on? Something for Sirius' birthday? 10th of November, isn't it? Coming soon :D Also a bit about Draco too?

This was definitely my favourite chapter! Thank you for this amazing read. Now I shall go do some extreme fangirling and victory dancing. See you next week! :D

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! :D Haha, it's been a long time coming, and I'm so glad it's finally happening! :) Sirius and Marlene are... well, not friends, and not even friendly, really, but they are, as you've said, on the right road. We'll see where it takes them. :)
I have plans for the Horcrux, but not for a few chapters yet... and there is Animagus stuff coming up in three or four chapters' time, so hopefully that's what you want to hear. :)
I'm glad you think so - I love the Marauders, and even though Remus and Sirius are the only two really left, I still feel that they have such a wonderful friendship, and I love giving them time together. :)
You'll find out eventually... :P
Yes, Sirius is almost thirty one... getting on in age, poor old Padfoot. :P His birthday scene is coming up. :) And, (though you've read that part) yes, there's some Draco ahead, haha. :P
Aww, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and you're very welcome. :D
Thank you for your patience with my slow review responses, as well - I'll try to be better in the future. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #44, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: The Return

16th November 2013:
Yay - Sunday again! And that was a splendiferous chapter as usual :D

So Remus - thank goodness he's back. Kudos to Sirius for calling him selfish, self-pitying and cowardly. Much as I love Moony, he deserves every single word of it. Of course, he should discuss it with Dora (and I hope she knocks some sense into him). Dating seems like a good idea, but living together might not be great just yet; Remus has self-worth issues to sort out and it might be difficult for him to stop retreating into himself and open up to Dora in a serious relationship.

Oh and Remus seems to be having a bit of trouble reading Sirius lately - their dynamic is not working as well as usual.

On to Marlene - happy to see she's using her brains and thinking things through! And looking for cures for the Longbottoms? That is so very, very sweet :D I maybe getting well ahead of the story here, but she'd truly make an excellent step-Godmother to Harry :)

Hermione got her letter, did she? Are you planning to keep the original trio H-HR-R? I hope you are, it just feels right for the story.

And I do hope you read these reviews cos I've got a request - could you pleeeaaase do a Christmas one-shot that fits into this story? Pretty sure all of us adoring readers would love to read one! Thank you :D

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Review #45, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Ebony's Hunt

9th November 2013:
Awesome Sunday morning reading! Loved the interaction between Marlene and Sirius. So we now have a very confused Marlene, I wonder what she will do henceforth. Sirius was just amazing as usual, he's fairly mature and analytical in his thinking now, and much more sensitive in his speech and approach to others.You make me love him more everyday :D

Pettigrew is getting his just desserts, the little rat, but somehow, the way you wrote his point of view made me feel sorry for him.

On the negative side, I really,really,really missed Moony today! PLEASEEE have him in next week, I don't think I can survive without him for an entire fortnight!

Thank you for a great chapter, and hope to see you (and Moony) next week :D

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Review #46, by SilverDarkHorseFour-Word Phrases: Four Word Phrases

5th November 2013:
This was incredibly beautiful! I love Remus/Nymphadora, and this actually had me in tears. I also loved the Sirius-Tonks interaction, it was so heartwarming. Well done, and thank you for brightening up my day :)

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Review #47, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Plates And Plans

2nd November 2013:
Oh Moony Moony Moony Moony!!! I was alternately fangirling/cursing at the screen when I was reading this. Oh Moony you insecure, self-deprecating, wonderful, amazingly endearing GIT. I could sock him on the jaw right about now. The last part of this chapter gave me hope, though. I do hope Moony comes back, and that Padfoot knocks some sense into him. Padfoot is doing a brilliant job, and you are doing a wonderful job of character portrayal :)

Of course, I'm excited about what Padfoot will do to bring Marlene back into the wizarding world. Robards is quite wonderful, is he not?

Looking forward to next Sunday. For now, I guess I'll go do some more Moony-and-Padfoot fangirling :D

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Review #48, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Monsters In The Manor

26th October 2013:
Remus and Dora - YESYESYESYESYES! Aaah I'm dancing around my room right now! Looking forward to many blissful hours of Remus-Doraness to come :D

Ha looks like Padfoot is turning into a mother-hen if Remus' impressions are anything to go by. Hope he finds Marlene. I hope he marries her at the end too :P It's about time both my favourite boys found love. If I could, I'd jump right into your story and marry both Padfoot AND Moony - although that would make me polygamous - or perhaps polyandrous :D

Also looks like Hermione is starting to show magical abilities if she's taken to reading magical fantasy fiction as a form of reference; sounds like something most bookworms would do!

Can't wait till your next update. I've been reading this story for the thousandth time; it's a blessing to escape into Moony's and Padfoot's world - Architecture School is kicking my posterior these days :(

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Review #49, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: Harry Evans

20th October 2013:
Hermione! Yessir!! Will she be starting to show signs of magic soon? Should be interesting to see Harry's reaction to that. I got a pleasant surprise to see Blaise in school. He seems fairly free of prejudice as of now, if a little tactless, and I am curious to see how his character develops.

Anything more regarding the horcruxes? It has been a bit quiet on that front. I also hope you have lots more Moony and Padfoot next chapter.

Amazing chapter as always, I eagerly await to devour the next one :D

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Review #50, by SilverDarkHorseInnocent: A Safe Place

12th October 2013:
Thank you for another wonderful chapter! Merlin's skinny ankles - this just made me laugh :D I love how Sirius calls his brother "Reg", just shows how much he really loves the boy.

The comment about Harry being Lily's son reminded me strongly of what Lupin tells Harry in the third film: "She was not only a singularly gifted witch, but an uncommonly kind person".

Sirius's handling of Harry in regards to questioning him about his life was superb - just the right amount of gentleness and persuasion,and he really knows when not to push it. I'll be taking lessons in tact and reticence from Padfoot henceforth :D

Padfoot made me cry too :'( ! I do love my Paddy, almost as much as my Moony :)

Bye for now, and thanks once again!

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