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Review #1, by milominderbinderLittle Wanderer: Tokyo Time

1st November 2016:
omg, so i kind of HAD to come and read this story after being so intrigued by making the graphics ahaha, and IT IS HONESTLY SO GOOD!!! i love how you've put their relaysh in a non-magic world and it's already so cute -- as cute as get-together fics are i most love reading stories where the relationship is already established and they are already super cute and stable but then face challenges together haha. FAB JOB SO FAR !!

Author's Response: Hey Maia, thanks for stopping by! Nice to see you here on my AP.

Thank you so much, I put a lot of work into so I'm glad that you liked it. I was actually nervous about putting their relationship in the muggle world, but I was inspired by the fabulous Julie (Banshee), and her story Between Takes.

Well, I'm glad that it's cute, because that's kind of what I was going for. But also really angsty too!

Thank you so much for this unexpected review, it made my day. I hope to see you when chapter two shows up! Thanks again.


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Review #2, by milominderbinderWicked Games : I Don't Love Her No More

3rd April 2015:
ahhh, with every chapter i just seem to get more obsessed with this story! i love all your characterisations so much, especially scorpius and al and their dynamic. can't wait for more!

~Maia xox

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^ Stay tuned because it's about to really start moving.

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Review #3, by milominderbinderMadness.: The End.

18th March 2015:
Hi! Dropping a review for the HPFF fundraiser review contest!

I've just been clicking the 'random story' button to find fics and I feel very happy to have stumbled across this gem because of that. This read almost like poetry. The short, powerful lines, the emotion... It was all just great. That last line really grabbed me. "Everything is inevitable". For such a simple statement there is so much power in that line. It feels like it sums up a whole philosophy, or the whole of this fic at least.

This was a fascinating take on the effects of the war. I really haven't read anything similar to this before, which I love! The short length wasn't even noticeable tbh, when I was reading it I couldn't have told you if it was 500 words or 2000, as there seemed to be so much depth behind everything.

Well done!


Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

Glad you liked it xoxo

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Review #4, by milominderbinderWicked Games : I've Got My Heart Right Here

18th March 2015:
Hi! Another review for the fundraiser (and also because I'm REALLY into this story now :P)

I loved this chapter just as much as the last two. It was great to see more of Rose - I really do adore your characterisation of her. She's so confident but also has a very realistic vulnerability about her. And it was lovely to see her closeness with Albus and how much she trusts him while they talked. I also adore your albus . I know I mentioned that before but it bears repeating :P (especially now I'm picturing him as my endless love Jack Falahee, which makes it all the more realistic that every guy wants him lbr).

Your writing continues to be great. You have a real knack for writing great but also simple descriptions, so they don't overwhelm the story but add lots of fascinating little details in. I can really picture everything that's happening in my mind.

I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter and dying to see where this story goes!


Author's Response: Thanks so much, again! I'm so glad you're liking the story and where it's going. I think everyone in the story (even the foil characters) have their own added dynamic to the tale and exploring them is actually one of my favorite things to do. I hope you keep reading!

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Review #5, by milominderbinderUnstoppable: unstoppable.

17th March 2015:
Hiya! Here for the HPFF fundraiser review battle ^_^ also I'm on a mission to find every scorbus fic on the site because they are totally my otp and there's not nearly enough fic of them :") so it was such a nice surprise to find this at the back of the new LGBTQ tag!

Your writing is just gorgeous. Even though this was short it really felt like you utilised every word, and the descriptions were beautiful. A lot of this seemed almost poetic. And you portrayed Al and Scorp's insecurities but also their love for each other in such a perfect balance. It was all just so sweet and romantic. I really loved:

You lean closer and pull him into a kiss. It is delicate, a timid flower being buffeted by the breeze, but beautiful and passionate nonetheless.

^such a beautiful metaphor!

Thanks so much for putting this adorable story out into the world!


Author's Response: Hiya! I absolutely adore Scorbus, I've just always felt that they would be super adorable together.
This is possibly the fluffiest thing I have ever written! It was such a joy to write, I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for this lovely review, it has really brightened my otherwise dull day of uni work :)

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Review #6, by milominderbinderRed Silk: A girl with red hair soft as velvet, glossy as silk

17th March 2015:
Hiya! Dropping a review for the HPFF fundraiser review contest!

This was just adorable! The whole thing had such a sweet and almost dreamy feel to it, and was so romantic. I really love your Dominique - especially the fact that she has reddish hair, which is actually my headcanon for her too ^_^ and Imogen was such a great OC! Even in this relatively short space we got such a sense of her personality, which was especially cute since it was through the view of Dom who was so besotted. All the little details, like Dom imagining plaiting and then tugging on Imogen's hair, were so well done. And the ending! So freaking adorable. I loved how it was left kind of open but with all the possibilities ahead of them. I can so picture these two making the most adorable couple.

This was just overall very sweet and dreamy and adorable, and a pleasure to read!


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! This story is surprising me by how popular it became! Partly because my picture of fandom is that no one cares about femmeslash (obviously wrong!), but partly because it felt like I just thrrew something together based on a moment of very clear inspiration when it comes to this story. I actually didn't even think I captured Dom's emotions very well at all, but it seems I actually did something right, haha! I agree that Dominique and Imogen have all possibilities open for the future. And they'd DEFINITELY make a great couple, Imogen could spice Dom's life up and Dom could bring Imogen on these beautiful mind adventures (and real adventures, once they've left school)!

Again, loads of thanks!


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Review #7, by milominderbinderWicked Games : I Can Bring My Shame

17th March 2015:
Hiya! I loved chapter one so much I couldn't resist reviewing chapter two for the HPFF review battle as well!

This was just as amazing as the first chapter. I really don't have so much to say, because everything from my last review still stands. Your writing is gorgeous, I adore your characterisations, etc ;P the chemistry between Al and Scorpius was growing even more tangible here as well, it had my breath catching at several points during their scene! Especially:

Even now, he had to hold his hands in fists between his knees to stop himself from reaching to comfort Albus; he did not trust himself to stop at just a light pat.

^this is such a great way if showing Scorpius' attraction, the way he's just DRAWN to Al. I can so imagine the tension he must be feeling there.

“You’re horrible at telling jokes,”

^such a simple thing but it added an adorable and interesting part to Scorpius, the fact that Al knows him well enough to know this so well made me feel emotional tbh.

Also I loved the introductions of Al's friends and cousins. His being surrounded by large groups somehow seems so authentic to his character, it's great.

Okay yeah just another waffly review from me, but seriously I loved this again! Definitely favouriting and keeping up with this story!


Author's Response: Thanks again for a review! Scorpios and Albus are so interesting and I just wanted to explore where they could go as characters. I hope I keep you in tuned ^-^

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Review #8, by milominderbinderWicked Games : I Left My Girl Back Home

17th March 2015:
Hi there! I'm here for the HPFF review contest :D this is only the first review I've left for the contest and I already feel like I've hit the jackpot and never want to leave this story tbh though!

Scorpius/Albus is my otp but there seems to be so little fic of them, especially on hpff, that it breaks my heart! And I'm assuming this is headed to some kind of scorbus plot, even though you haven't explicitly said it yet ;) but seriously, it feels like you took these characterisations right out of my own mind and I love it so much! Sweet, emotional, closeted Scorpius, confident and out Al... They already seem so full of life and character just in the opening chapter. I adored your Rose too, also so confident and sure of what she wants but sweet as well. I think my heart is probably gonna break for her when the truth comes out, she seems to really love Scorpius.

Your writing is also just gorgeous. You know those moments where you're reading a fic and you're enjoying it but there's just a few awkward turns of phrase or something and it pulls you out of the story for a second? I didn't get any of those here, I was completely immersed the whole way through. Your writing is quite simple in a way, but also complex - it seems like nothing which doesn't need to be there is there, but it's also v descriptive and lovely.

Okay, I'm waffling now I think! But yes, I really just loved this, and am off to read the second chappie now!


Author's Response: Oh wow thank you. I smiled so widely at this review. I'm glad you like it and I'm hoping my ideas for this story will please you ^_^

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Review #9, by milominderbinderin this moment: i am ticking like clockwork

16th March 2015:
Hi there! Here from review tag!

Wow, this was just gorgeous. I started off in this fandom reading Jily fic but these days it's rare I read something marauder era, but this really was just a sign of everything I love in a fic tbh! I'm so glad I posted after you in tag!

I loved all these little snippets and the way they came together without you having to overly connect them. Each one of them was so representative of Lily, or Lily and James' relationship, or even the era, with the war going on and everything. It really seemed like just a few words here said something much larger, which is a rare talent which always blows me away in fic. I often write in a similar sort of ~sectioned~ style do I know it's not always easy to do that, but you made it awesome

I also adore your Lily characterisation. Because of how we see James pursue Lily in the books a lot of get together fic for them can come off pretty misogynistic imo, simply because he's been chasing her forever and then she ~gives in~ or whatever, but your Lily was strong and independent while at the same time having great chemistry with your James. I was really struck by the line:

"Lily didn’t need this. She was her own knight in shining armor.

Oh, but how she wanted this."

Anyway yeah overall this story was just great! You have a lovely writing is lovely and I hope we see much more of you around hpff!


Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really glad you like it!

I'm really glad (I think I'm already overusing that phrase, oops :P ) that you liked those sections of their year. It took me a long time to choose which ones to put, as I had quite a few written :D

I'm also really glad (and there goes that again :P) that you like Lily! I wasn't sure how this was going to go, as Lily described in the books didn't seem quite as mean, but it means a lot that you liked it.

Once again, I'm happy that you liked it :D

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Review #10, by milominderbinderNine Months: September 1st

15th March 2015:
hiya! i am slightly obsessed with teen pregnancy stories, ngl, and when i saw this in the recently added section i just had to check it out!

well so far this is a lovely start. i love how you've already avoided the cliche which is so popular of having the parents have a drunken one night stand but they've never really talked before. this is much more original, plus the chemistry between sirius and arya is already so obvious, it's great!

your writing was lovely throughout this whole thing, and i'm really excited to see where this goes!


Author's Response: Hi Maia,
Thank you SO MUCH for reviewing, you're the best! I'm slightly obsessed with pregnancy fictions too for some reason :D

I'll admit that I originally came up with this story plot when I was reading through your thread in the help wanted section on the forums. :D

Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #11, by milominderbinderStand Tall: Blithe Smile, Lithe Limb

15th March 2015:
wow, this was such a great chapter! i said it before but i seriously love alba so much. i also love the new aspects of the triwizard tournament that youve added already, such as the companion. it makes a lot of sense and is also a great plot point

i feel like you totally nailed the whole ravenclaw thing and that makes me so happy! especially since i'm a claw myself :P but i love the idea they would have those meetings, presided over by an impartial figure, it just seems so CLAW i love it. and also all alba's musings on her own house - about them not necessarily being smart but wanting to know things - were spot on and a lot deeper than many people go when writing about the houses

i'm seriously intrigued by james saying he didn't put her name in. i had been assuming that was what happened and it was going to be common knowledge between the two of them, but his denial is such a twist, and i'm dying to know the truth! is he lying here so she won't hate him? did ben put it in instead? did someone else do it as a prank? was there a more sinister reason? this is such a simple thing which adds such an interesting new level to the whole thing. i assume it's gonna be a while til we find out the truth but i'll be fascinated until then!

anyway, yeah, overall i loved this as usual. this story is just fantastic


Author's Response: WHEW! I was really, really worried that people wouldn't like my additions to the Tournament, but I knew that they would never reinstate it without some serious modifications after the last fiasco, hopefully you keep enjoying it.

I love Ravenclaw so much, and I'm so excited to get to play around with the mentor in future chapters.

Hahaha. I'm not giving anything away on who put her name in, but I'm glad it's keeping you guessing.

Thank you so much for the lovely review.

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Review #12, by milominderbinderthe earth and the sky: the earth and the sky

8th March 2015:
hi hun!! i'm here for our review swap! and W O W was this worth a read

honestly i want to apologise in advance because no review i could write would do this justice. i usually save my favourite quotes for reviews when i read longer stories like this, but here i was just so immersed in the whole thing that i totally forgot! so instead you can have me rambling about your insane writing ability for a few paragraphs

seriously, though, i can't put into words how great this was. i've never been particularly into draco - i don't hate him but i just don't think much about him or read fic about him or anything. but i did recently write an astoria/parvati fic (which may well be the one you're reviewing depending on which of my two you choose, lol) which forced me to take a look at draco and astoria's marriage more than i ever had before. while i went the route of them being unhappy in an arranged marriage, you took it so completely differently, and honestly i just adore this version. though i think with writing like this you could have made me adore ANYTHING, really

the whole thing just seemed to flow so perfectly. we didn't seem to miss a single moment of their lives, despite the fact that really we only saw a small collection of moments out of all the billions. but you just had such a way of choosing the exact perfect scene to sum up each stage of their relationship. it was such a pleasure to read. i was grinning through parts of this and on the verge of tears for others, and somehow all of it was equally enjoyable to read

the ending just about killed me, though. after all the sadness and all the happiness and all the /everything/ of their lives together, reading about astoria's death was just heartbreaking, and i felt for draco in a way i really never have before. but then when they were reunited - and the fact that she WAITED for him all that time. i just can't. it's too emotional, they are basically the personification of soulmates here and it kills me

thank you so much for the review swap and for inflicting this beautiful, breathtaking, heartbreaking, rollercoaster of a story of me

~Maia xx

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Review #13, by milominderbinderThrough The Darkest: Picking Up The Pieces

8th March 2015:
hiya! here for our review swap! i reviewed chapter one for a review swap a while back, i remember, so it was cool to get to read chapter two! i don't have much time for keeping up with WIPs these days but this is definitely an intriguing one.

reading about Teddy's early life kind of broke my heart, but in the best way. i love your take on it. i've actually never seen an interpretation where he grew up with Harry but I've always thought it would be interesting, and i loved how you explained it all here! he sure has had a lot of tragedy in his life, poor lil bean.

i really can't say enough just how INTRIGUING the mystery of ginny's disappearance is so far! that note is what really sold it for me. i'm dying to know who wrote it - i guess i'll have to read on at some point ;) the fact that the writer is sure she'll recognise the writing but nobody else does is interesting to say the least. it hints at her having some big secret or something. my first thought was that it was tom riddle's writing, like from the diary, but i guess harry would have recognised that :")

well, i'm sure there's a lot more mystery to go, anyway, but you've done an awesome job with the setup of it all! well done!


Author's Response: Hello Maia! So sorry for responding late! Exams are eating my HPFF time. :(

Writing this was kind of hard for me too. I have a soft spot for Teddy Lupin ever since he lost Remus and Tonks, but no one suited this story better than him. And I am going to try and make him a little more happy through this story. The plot needed him to grow up with Ginny so she could be like his mother so I decided to do that. ;)

Thank you so much! I have every chapter planned out and I know where the story is going so I absolutely love reading the questions and theories of you guys. :D

Ooh, the handwriting could be Tom Riddle's! :O I love your theory! That hadn't crossed my mind though! So you're gonna need to come up with some other theories. ;)

Thank you so much for the awesome review! It was fun swapping with you!


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Review #14, by milominderbinderA Spoonful of Luck: Lottery, Landlords and a Lowlife’s Lair

6th March 2015:
this is such a cool start! i was laughing out loud at a lot of it ngl, especially:

"Trevor insists on calling it a restaurant, as if that might make everyone forget about the cockroaches that keep returning to our bathroom or the fact that the last time anyone here has seen a multi-layered napkin was in 1973, when one accidentally flew in through the open window during a Halloween street fair."

"hiring one of the former Floom actors to stand near the pub’s entrance dressed as a member of the Department for Muggle Narcotics, popularly known as a Mark, or more often ‘bloody Mark!’. Fortunately, the desired effect was achieved before the bloke got arrested for posing as a Ministry official. "

"The fact that he is Trevor’s brother had nothing to do with his employment. Except that it had everything to do with it."

okay really i was just laughing at everything, but YEAH this is awesome so far. i can't wait to see what the way of saving the pub they come up with is!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so happy you found this funny and that you're curious about the rest. And baah, it made you laugh out loud! That is such a huge compliment! :D

Thanks again for this lovely surprise review!


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Review #15, by milominderbinderAgainst the Odds: Kiss Me

4th March 2015:
this story is amazing, i am officially addicted

can't wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #16, by milominderbinderDefine Me: Mummy Dearest

4th March 2015:
ahhh, i really love this story!! taylor is such a great OC and i feel so bad for her whole situation, and Lottie is such a great friend, and I love your interpretation of james too! waiting with baited breath for the next chapter! :D


Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoy it and my characters! I'll be sure to get the next chappie up as soon as I possibly can!

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Review #17, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Hurt Heart

13th February 2015:
as always, i am obsessed and this fic is amazing. i just about died
when they actually kissed, and then OF COURSE everything
exploded right after - so so excited to see where it all goes from


Author's Response: Hey Maia!

Ah, yay! I'm glad you still love it! I died a little bit writing it. It wasn't exactly in the grand plan, but I'm super happy with how it turned out.

And, of course :D

Thanks so much!! New chapter coming soon!

(ps - I am using your Faking It signature from the UFG on TDA and I can't stop looking at it, I love it so much!! Thanks for posting it!)


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Review #18, by milominderbinderStand Tall: Wishing Only Wounds the Heart

13th February 2015:
i am so so SO in love with this story! i've just read it all in like an hour and i'm addicted - your writing is perfect, alba is one of the best OCs i've seen in a long long time, the whole plot with the tournament is just brilliant. this is a terribly short review but i just wanted to say how amazing this is and i hope the next chapter is up soon!!

~Maia xx

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like it! OCs scare me a little, so it's good to hear that you enjoy her! I have the next chapter in the queue, so keep a look out for it!

Thanks so much for the lovely review

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Review #19, by milominderbinderThe Art of Small Talk: Valentine's Day

23rd January 2015:
hi hun!! so because i've been ridiculously off-the-ball i've only just gotten around to reviewing all the challenge entries, ahah! so sorry for the latness :P

this was just amazing though. i have completely never thought of this pairing before but you've pretty much sold me on them! i absolutely love how solid you showed their relationship. that despite all the other issues going on, scorpius wasn't doubting their love or wanting to break up, but being so supportive.

i loved the tone this had just from the fact that you chose to set it during the recovery process. that made it seem somehow so uplifting even though the topic was dark, and so poignant. even thought it was just a tiny slice-of-life you conveyed so much information here, but none of it felt forced or cramped - so well done! this really was great.

~Maia x

Author's Response: hi Maia!

don't worry i've hosted a challenge before and the reviews are such a chore, i understand!

I'm so glad I was able to convince you of this pairing! I wanted to write a relationship that's healthy despite having such important issues. I definitely wanted to show that people can have lives even if they have stuff going on.

I'm so glad my slice of life approach worked and I managed to make a story centered around this topic uplifting in a way. I really thank you for this review, it means a lot that you liked it :)

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Review #20, by milominderbinder'Eyes' with an 'L': Boom

23rd January 2015:
hiya!! so i'm just getting around to reviewing all the entries for this challenge, so sorry for the wait :P

anyway, i absolutely LOVED this. all the ways you described the signs were perfect. lily HERSELF was perfect, in that she definitely /wasn't/. she was so flawed but in such a wonderful way, i felt i could relate to everything you were describing her going through. it was amazing.

the way you showed her relationship with severus was so well done. the last section with him, offering to take away everyone's hearing, just kind of BROKE me. it was so clear in just those few words how truly broken he was, how deluded and yet loving and yet dark - really i was stunned by how much you managed to show about him in a tiny sentence.

and the bit with james was just adorable.

thanks so much for the fab entry!!

~Maia x

Author's Response: BLARGH--so sorry for taking so long to respond!

I'm SO PLEASED you enjoyed my young!severus! I'm weirdly obsessed with complicated Snape. Like, he can be interesting romantically, but I'd never ship him in earnest. I love him because he's an interesting, flawed, weird, complicated character. Just, in literary terms, he's amazing. But he's pretty messed up. That's the point!

So this was my first stab at trying him as a child, so I'm REALLY glad he seemed both appalling and empathetic at the same time!

I'm so glad you hosted this challenge, and gave me this prompt. I really enjoyed writing this story, and all in all, I think this challenge was a great exercise. I feel like the archives are a better place for it!


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Review #21, by milominderbinderHer: Pretending

23rd January 2015:
hiyaa! so i've only just found time to read all the challenge entries, so sorry for the lateness!

this was absolutely beautiful. i felt so so sad for narcissa. she is a character i've never actually read a fic about before, let alone one in a sympathetic light, so it was so fascinating to see this soft, vulnerable side to her - that capacity for vast love we see when she saves Harry in deathly hallows, but obviously by that point she's been hardened a lot by a life with lucius

i love how slowly everything unfolded. how it was shown that she wasn't happy but we didn't find out why straight away - it made it so emotional when everything was really revealed. i was a bit confused at first wondering why there was a servant when surely the malfoys had house elves, but then the chemistry between them was so perfect i realised what must be going on. that was such a clever way to write it.

i was so, so hoping for a happy ending, but obviously there couldn't be one - we knew where narcissa ends up, after all. i think i'll imagine that she was reuinited with melody after the war, though, when lucius was in azkaban. after how heartbreaking all this was they really deserve their happy ending. you should write a sequel!

thank you so much for entering my challenge

~Maia x

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Review #22, by milominderbinderBroken: i. a broken lavender

23rd January 2015:

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

okay i have only just gotten around to reading all the challenge entries so i'm sorry for the lateness and i'm also sorry for this review because i am not going to make sense right now because i am /stunned/

like literally stunned

idk what to say

this may be one of the most beautiful things i have ever read

the way you wrote it out of chronological order was just so incredibly powerful and it took my breath away as more and more of the story was revealed and more and more of LAVENDER was revealed

i felt every single emotion of hers, you portrayed it all flawlessly and beautifully and breathtakingly, my heart broke, i had actual tears in my eyes and i am not a crier, i never cry, but by the end of this i was sobbing

the chemistry between her and parvati was so incredibly portrayed, it felt so real and genuine, they complimented each other so beautifully. i was sure parvati was dead and i was heartbroken for lavender and then when parv turned up at the end i just couldn't believe it, i was so happy, their reunion was written so incredibly beautifully


i loved how open ended you left it, and i have to say, this would be PERFECT for a sequel some day ;) i want to know how lavender and parvati are getting on in a few years!

thank you so so so much for this stunning entry to my challenge

~Maia xx

Author's Response: Wow! What a review. I'm so happy I think I'm going to cry too oh my god

This was so so lovely I can't even believe it aw thank you so so so so so so much ♥

The open ended end was so cryptic of me ;) I'm such a TEASE. Seeing how they're getting on in a few years has actually inspired me though!! I'm thinking maybe now I could have Lavender 1998, Hermione 1999 and Parvati 2000??? And I would try and twine Hermione in with Parvati/Lavender's story a lot more so it read as an intertwined series of sorts :D

Thanks so much for the challenge, it was great thinking about all the things I could 'reset' about such beloved characters whilst even sticking to canon!

Much love,

-Jess, xo

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Review #23, by milominderbinderTwelve: Twelve

23rd January 2015:
hi love! thank you sooo much for entering my challenge! i have been so busy lately that this is the first time i've had to review, so please excuse my lateness ;P

anyway, this is just LOVELY. i absolutely love how you portray poppy. i've obviously had a bit of a soft spot for her ever since writing bloom and it was so nice to get to see a different incarnation of her.

i have read so few stories about asexual characters that this was especially fascinating. i think you portrayed poppy's feelings perfectly; my heart broke as you showed her past christmasses, her parents rejecting her just because she wouldn't get married and her falling in love but him leaving because of her sexuality. some parts almost had me in tears if i'm honest!

i absolutely love the whole concept of the gifts. the way they warmed her heart so much, we so significant even if they were all small - it was beautiful. and lily being the gift giver gave it such a poignant touch, somehow. like the next generation was honouring her suffering, if that makes sense? i don't know what i'm trying to say really lololol, but yea, i thought that whole thing was perfect.

this was a lovely read, well done!!


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Review #24, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Home Time

12th November 2014:
i am so sad for hollie right now oh my god. ROXANNE LOVES YOU BACK HONEY I PROMISE. I PROMMIISSEE

(because, you know, if she doesn't i will actually die or something)




Author's Response: I KNOWW I feel so bad for her. She got into it herself but she definitely didn't sign up to see Roxanne hugging her parents.

*/casually/ avoiding answering about Roxanne's feelings* :p

AH, THANK YOU! I HAVE THE NEXT CHAPTER IN THE QUEUE! so do I get the cookies and hugs now??? haha. I posted a little preview of it on the forums! It's going to be a fun one.

THANK YOU AGAIN♥ you're wonderful!


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Review #25, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Black Bats

12th November 2014:
I really love Hollie so much. She is such a relatable character, one of the best OCs i have ever read on this site. She doesn't have any huge overdone flaws or traits or whatever that can make a character seem unrealistic, but rather is totally three dimensional, complex but still simple some how - i don't make sense, i know, but yeah i just love her!

and i love love loved reading more interactions between her and Roxanne here. I love Roxanne too! I can totally relate to Hollie being mad for her ahaha. They are so cute together and have such a fab dynamic, i love it!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! I love writing her. She's one of my favorite OC's. (being bias a little. haha.) It makes sense! haha. And I really appreciate you saying so! I really wanted her to just be this normal, not overdone person so I love to hear that that's translating.

:D Roxanne has been so fun to write. I have a little too much fun exasperating Hollie over Roxanne :p

Thank you for reading and loving this, Maia! *running off to answer the next one*


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