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Review #1, by milominderbinderA Spoonful of Luck: Lottery, Landlords and a Lowlife’s Lair

6th March 2015:
this is such a cool start! i was laughing out loud at a lot of it ngl, especially:

"Trevor insists on calling it a restaurant, as if that might make everyone forget about the cockroaches that keep returning to our bathroom or the fact that the last time anyone here has seen a multi-layered napkin was in 1973, when one accidentally flew in through the open window during a Halloween street fair."

"hiring one of the former Floom actors to stand near the pub’s entrance dressed as a member of the Department for Muggle Narcotics, popularly known as a Mark, or more often ‘bloody Mark!’. Fortunately, the desired effect was achieved before the bloke got arrested for posing as a Ministry official. "

"The fact that he is Trevor’s brother had nothing to do with his employment. Except that it had everything to do with it."

okay really i was just laughing at everything, but YEAH this is awesome so far. i can't wait to see what the way of saving the pub they come up with is!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I'm so happy you found this funny and that you're curious about the rest. And baah, it made you laugh out loud! That is such a huge compliment! :D

Thanks again for this lovely surprise review!


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Review #2, by milominderbinderFind My Way: Nothing

5th March 2015:

scorbus is and always will be my ultimate otp tbh :") there's so little fic of them so i couldn't believe it when i saw this in the recently added! writing albus blind was SUCH an interesting choice and it makes this all the more fascinating to read. so far you've done such an amazing job with showing all the magic and non magic ways albus copes, the world building of that is just amazing. and i adore both scorpius and albus's personalities, and they already have so much chemistry! your scorpius is almost exactly like i headcanon him which is pretty rare to read, so i love that so much!

i've probably said love way too many times now BUT I REALLY DO JUST LOVE THIS

can't wait for the next chapter!


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Review #3, by milominderbinderAgainst the Odds: Kiss Me

4th March 2015:
this story is amazing, i am officially addicted

can't wait for the next chapter!!

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Review #4, by milominderbinderDefine Me: Mummy Dearest

4th March 2015:
ahhh, i really love this story!! taylor is such a great OC and i feel so bad for her whole situation, and Lottie is such a great friend, and I love your interpretation of james too! waiting with baited breath for the next chapter! :D


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Review #5, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Hurt Heart

13th February 2015:
as always, i am obsessed and this fic is amazing. i just about died
when they actually kissed, and then OF COURSE everything
exploded right after - so so excited to see where it all goes from


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Review #6, by milominderbinderStand Tall: Wishing Only Wounds the Heart

13th February 2015:
i am so so SO in love with this story! i've just read it all in like an hour and i'm addicted - your writing is perfect, alba is one of the best OCs i've seen in a long long time, the whole plot with the tournament is just brilliant. this is a terribly short review but i just wanted to say how amazing this is and i hope the next chapter is up soon!!

~Maia xx

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Review #7, by milominderbinderThe Art of Small Talk: Valentine's Day

23rd January 2015:
hi hun!! so because i've been ridiculously off-the-ball i've only just gotten around to reviewing all the challenge entries, ahah! so sorry for the latness :P

this was just amazing though. i have completely never thought of this pairing before but you've pretty much sold me on them! i absolutely love how solid you showed their relationship. that despite all the other issues going on, scorpius wasn't doubting their love or wanting to break up, but being so supportive.

i loved the tone this had just from the fact that you chose to set it during the recovery process. that made it seem somehow so uplifting even though the topic was dark, and so poignant. even thought it was just a tiny slice-of-life you conveyed so much information here, but none of it felt forced or cramped - so well done! this really was great.

~Maia x

Author's Response: hi Maia!

don't worry i've hosted a challenge before and the reviews are such a chore, i understand!

I'm so glad I was able to convince you of this pairing! I wanted to write a relationship that's healthy despite having such important issues. I definitely wanted to show that people can have lives even if they have stuff going on.

I'm so glad my slice of life approach worked and I managed to make a story centered around this topic uplifting in a way. I really thank you for this review, it means a lot that you liked it :)

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Review #8, by milominderbinder'Eyes' with an 'L': Boom

23rd January 2015:
hiya!! so i'm just getting around to reviewing all the entries for this challenge, so sorry for the wait :P

anyway, i absolutely LOVED this. all the ways you described the signs were perfect. lily HERSELF was perfect, in that she definitely /wasn't/. she was so flawed but in such a wonderful way, i felt i could relate to everything you were describing her going through. it was amazing.

the way you showed her relationship with severus was so well done. the last section with him, offering to take away everyone's hearing, just kind of BROKE me. it was so clear in just those few words how truly broken he was, how deluded and yet loving and yet dark - really i was stunned by how much you managed to show about him in a tiny sentence.

and the bit with james was just adorable.

thanks so much for the fab entry!!

~Maia x

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Review #9, by milominderbinderHer: Pretending

23rd January 2015:
hiyaa! so i've only just found time to read all the challenge entries, so sorry for the lateness!

this was absolutely beautiful. i felt so so sad for narcissa. she is a character i've never actually read a fic about before, let alone one in a sympathetic light, so it was so fascinating to see this soft, vulnerable side to her - that capacity for vast love we see when she saves Harry in deathly hallows, but obviously by that point she's been hardened a lot by a life with lucius

i love how slowly everything unfolded. how it was shown that she wasn't happy but we didn't find out why straight away - it made it so emotional when everything was really revealed. i was a bit confused at first wondering why there was a servant when surely the malfoys had house elves, but then the chemistry between them was so perfect i realised what must be going on. that was such a clever way to write it.

i was so, so hoping for a happy ending, but obviously there couldn't be one - we knew where narcissa ends up, after all. i think i'll imagine that she was reuinited with melody after the war, though, when lucius was in azkaban. after how heartbreaking all this was they really deserve their happy ending. you should write a sequel!

thank you so much for entering my challenge

~Maia x

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Review #10, by milominderbinderBroken: i. a broken lavender

23rd January 2015:

wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

okay i have only just gotten around to reading all the challenge entries so i'm sorry for the lateness and i'm also sorry for this review because i am not going to make sense right now because i am /stunned/

like literally stunned

idk what to say

this may be one of the most beautiful things i have ever read

the way you wrote it out of chronological order was just so incredibly powerful and it took my breath away as more and more of the story was revealed and more and more of LAVENDER was revealed

i felt every single emotion of hers, you portrayed it all flawlessly and beautifully and breathtakingly, my heart broke, i had actual tears in my eyes and i am not a crier, i never cry, but by the end of this i was sobbing

the chemistry between her and parvati was so incredibly portrayed, it felt so real and genuine, they complimented each other so beautifully. i was sure parvati was dead and i was heartbroken for lavender and then when parv turned up at the end i just couldn't believe it, i was so happy, their reunion was written so incredibly beautifully


i loved how open ended you left it, and i have to say, this would be PERFECT for a sequel some day ;) i want to know how lavender and parvati are getting on in a few years!

thank you so so so much for this stunning entry to my challenge

~Maia xx

Author's Response: Wow! What a review. I'm so happy I think I'm going to cry too oh my god

This was so so lovely I can't even believe it aw thank you so so so so so so much ♥

The open ended end was so cryptic of me ;) I'm such a TEASE. Seeing how they're getting on in a few years has actually inspired me though!! I'm thinking maybe now I could have Lavender 1998, Hermione 1999 and Parvati 2000??? And I would try and twine Hermione in with Parvati/Lavender's story a lot more so it read as an intertwined series of sorts :D

Thanks so much for the challenge, it was great thinking about all the things I could 'reset' about such beloved characters whilst even sticking to canon!

Much love,

-Jess, xo

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Review #11, by milominderbinderTwelve: Twelve

23rd January 2015:
hi love! thank you sooo much for entering my challenge! i have been so busy lately that this is the first time i've had to review, so please excuse my lateness ;P

anyway, this is just LOVELY. i absolutely love how you portray poppy. i've obviously had a bit of a soft spot for her ever since writing bloom and it was so nice to get to see a different incarnation of her.

i have read so few stories about asexual characters that this was especially fascinating. i think you portrayed poppy's feelings perfectly; my heart broke as you showed her past christmasses, her parents rejecting her just because she wouldn't get married and her falling in love but him leaving because of her sexuality. some parts almost had me in tears if i'm honest!

i absolutely love the whole concept of the gifts. the way they warmed her heart so much, we so significant even if they were all small - it was beautiful. and lily being the gift giver gave it such a poignant touch, somehow. like the next generation was honouring her suffering, if that makes sense? i don't know what i'm trying to say really lololol, but yea, i thought that whole thing was perfect.

this was a lovely read, well done!!


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Review #12, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Home Time

12th November 2014:
i am so sad for hollie right now oh my god. ROXANNE LOVES YOU BACK HONEY I PROMISE. I PROMMIISSEE

(because, you know, if she doesn't i will actually die or something)




Author's Response: I KNOWW I feel so bad for her. She got into it herself but she definitely didn't sign up to see Roxanne hugging her parents.

*/casually/ avoiding answering about Roxanne's feelings* :p

AH, THANK YOU! I HAVE THE NEXT CHAPTER IN THE QUEUE! so do I get the cookies and hugs now??? haha. I posted a little preview of it on the forums! It's going to be a fun one.

THANK YOU AGAIN♥ you're wonderful!


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Review #13, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Black Bats

12th November 2014:
I really love Hollie so much. She is such a relatable character, one of the best OCs i have ever read on this site. She doesn't have any huge overdone flaws or traits or whatever that can make a character seem unrealistic, but rather is totally three dimensional, complex but still simple some how - i don't make sense, i know, but yeah i just love her!

and i love love loved reading more interactions between her and Roxanne here. I love Roxanne too! I can totally relate to Hollie being mad for her ahaha. They are so cute together and have such a fab dynamic, i love it!

Author's Response: Ah, thank you! I love writing her. She's one of my favorite OC's. (being bias a little. haha.) It makes sense! haha. And I really appreciate you saying so! I really wanted her to just be this normal, not overdone person so I love to hear that that's translating.

:D Roxanne has been so fun to write. I have a little too much fun exasperating Hollie over Roxanne :p

Thank you for reading and loving this, Maia! *running off to answer the next one*


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Review #14, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Fake Date

12th November 2014:

oh, yes, i definitely have. WELL IT'S STILL TRUE

i'm so swamped at the moment i keep forgetting to check for updates but it's kinda worth it when i log on to see three new chapters!

congrats on winning the slash challenge btw! you 10% deserved it omg

*skips off to read the next chapter*

Author's Response: Maia you made it!

So, I logged onto the archives before the forums when you had posted this review, and read "congrats on winning the slash challenge" before I saw Joey's blog post and I was very confused and logged onto the forums and I just am here two days later and I still can't believe it!

anyway! just, thank you for loving the story! I always am so happy to hear what you think of it! Thanks again!


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Review #15, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Big Game

14th October 2014:

or, have i mentioned that already? ;)

Seriously, this is the first quidditch story ever which has managed to captivate me. being zero percent sporty in real life has continued into fic, too... but with this all bets are off. everything is so interesting, there's so many things going on but not in an overwhelming way, you have the perf balance of plot and subplots.

and Hollie is one of the best OCs ever. She's so realistic, pretty normal, but also really funny and interesting. this line made me laugh out loud Roxanne—”was all Hollie could manage to get out for a few moments. Roxanne waited, a small look of entertained confusion starting to form. “Roxanne, hi! How’s everything?” just because i could picture every ounce of awkwardness she said it with ;)

and omg, that ending. WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT. i seriously ship these two so, so hard already. but i'm sure there's more to the story than roxanne has just fallen in love with her already ;) i'm going publicity stunt at the moment? but whatever it is i can't wait to see how you pull it off!

your writing is flawless. nothing is overdone and nothing takes away from the plot, it's all just lovely and simple in the most pleasing way to read. am i gushing? i feel like i'm gushing. i'm a little bit in love with you bc of this story ngl.

so yeah this was fab, i hope you update soon, etc! you've got me hooked... in case i didn't mention that already ;)



I've been sitting here and re-reading this for a day now and I just can't even formulate words that would convey how much I want to thank you for this. I want to print it off and tape it on the wall when I get stuck with this.

For the fact that I am the most uncoordinated, unsporty person on the face of the earth, I really love writing Quidditch :p I'm glad that everything is balanced! I try! haha.

I can't even figure out how to say thank you for your wonderful comments about Hollie, and the plot and the writing.. but thank you♥!

hehe.. that ending was fun to write, I was really excited to see reader's reactions :D

I keep thanking you and I'm gonna do it again. I read this review yesterday, and just got so super motivated and inspired by it that I managed to finish chapter four last night, so it is in the queue! So (again) thank you so much for this. More is on the way soon!


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Review #16, by milominderbinderA Deception: To Deceive

14th October 2014:
Laura! Here for our review swap - sorry it's taken me all day to get around to it :P

I absolutely adored this, yanno? I have NEVER seen Andromeda portrayed like this. And you may have guessed, but if there's one thing I love in this strange universe, it is unusual portrayals of minor characters ;)

Your writing was perfect here and you totally caught all her emotions perfectly. Watching her be so unsatisfied in this essentially great life was frustrating at times, but that was actually the charm of the story - she was defying all the odds by holding onto the past and not fully letting herself appreciate her present and being unsure of it, which made the end where she finally starts to open up to it by talking to Ted that more powerful - and then that much more sad again when she ends in a similar place to where she started.

except. that. ending. Laura I swear you have a talent for ripping my heart out like no other. Because that ending. The fact that after all this time she was just almost almost starting to come to terms with things and then the second war started and then There, chained to the wall by her own self, she can only think that the clock sounds like a counter ticking down the days, hours, minutes, seconds until her life explodes and she loses everything again. - that line just KILLED me. i assumed at first it was about Tonks dying (which I am still sobbing about from canon, let alone you making it MORE sad), but on a reread i realised it's more hypothetical sounding so i don't know what your intention was with it, but still, it was an amazing last line. it left the story with such a strangely unfinished air, but not in a bad way, because at the same time it did feel finished - just there's this real sense that there's so much more to happen after the story leaves off and Andromeda is going to change as a person. But it felt so natural to leave it there - in this space of hovering between, this place of anticipation and not being sure, which is where she has been for the whole story, really.

i love the theme of hanging between two versions of yourself. She doesn't know if she's Andromeda Black or Andromeda Tonks but she cannot reconcile the two; she is two distinct parts which explains why she feels so disconnected through the whole thing, she's unable to put her whole self into anything because she doesn't have a whole self, she is two very separate parts. That's such a fascinating idea, and it could make a very unrelatable character in some ways, but you pulled it off with her so well. She was frustrating and aimless and confused and stubborn, but that made her so relatable and actually made me really love her. I adore characters which are so flawed but raw because of it.

(can i just say i would like to apologise for this review if none of it makes sense bc i am very tired and it is very late and i am very ill. but yes. the point stands that this was awesome, even if none of my other praise is legible XD)

so yeah fantastic but then i never would have expected anything less from you! major kudos ;)

thanks for the swap hunny!


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Review #17, by milominderbinderReincarnation: Remember

14th October 2014:
Hi Sana! Here for our review swap ;)

I've reviewed chapter one before so I was excited to read chapter two! I don't have much free time so I don't really read WIPs anymore, but I love the premise of this story and your writing so I would totally be obsessing over it if i had time, ahaha. So I'm really excited to do a swap with you!

Your description in this chapter is so amazing. You've taken such a complex situation - the reincarnation, the fact that Rhea doesn't have full memories and that the lines between her and Rose are very blurred - and that could come across very confusing if written wrong. But you totally pull it off, and everything just seems so mysterious and interesting and totally flows.

I loved the beginning of this chapter. Her thoughts were so abstract and really set the tone of the chapter - "A little patch of dirt had wild daisies growing on them. Daisies… wild in any season. It creeps on and envelopes the whole place. Her name was a flower too. Rose. Rose and Daisy. Flowers." that whole bit was beautifully written! I was totally hooked on your writing style from the start ;)

And it just got more and more interesting as Rhea/Rose's memories began to come back! I was so interested to see just how Scorpius was responsible for Rose's death, and though you left quite a lot of it mysterious here, getting the beginnings of the backstory was so interesting. Obviously there's more to the story, but I totally can't imagine what it would be! Which goes to show how really expertly you've written this, putting in just the right amount of detail that we understand the bones of what happened, but not so much that all the nuances are obvious and it loses intrigue.

Also I think I said this in my last review, but it bears repeating that I really like Rhea! It's strange since she's blended with Rose in a lot of ways but you do such a good job of giving them both distinct personalities, even when their characters are merging. I really can't wait to see where you go with that - if they merge together more, or if Rose eventually fades and Rhea is just Rhea again, or what... I'm probably not making sense ahaha, but I find this premise so fascinating!

So yeah overall I think this was a great second chapter! You really expanded on the beginning but while keeping the intrigue and just furthering the plot, which I can already tell is gonna be fab. Well done! I can't wait til this is finished so I can read the whole thing in one go ;)

Thanks for the swap! I hope you like 'notes on freefalling'!





Oh god, I'm seriously blushing right now. Thank you so much!

I'll repeat this too: I love the name too and ily so much for this review!

notes on freefalling was absolutely wonderful, thank you for that swap!

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Review #18, by milominderbinderSing Your Aria: I'll Care For You Too

14th October 2014:
Hi Meena!! Hope this is okay to do for our review swap - I kinda leapt on it when I saw it was for the John Green challenge ;) I love his quotes so much!

This was beautifully written. Like, REALLY beautifully written. It definitely had a sort of poetic edge to a lot of it and that was really captivating to read. You have a great writing style for this.

The story itself just about broke my heart!! I admit at the beginning, before we knew who the characters were, I thought the pureblood guy was gonna be in Slytherin and the halfblood girl in Gryffindor - it'd make sense, nay? But this way was SO much more interesting and I thought it was fascinating!

I've read a LOT of fic about Sirius but rarely if ever have I seen him paired with a Slytherin girl. It's such an interesting dynamic, when he hates his family of Slytherins so much.

The middle sections made me so sad, but I think they were very realistic. Like I said, Sirius has so much hatred towards the Slytherin house, because he associated it with all the bad things his family does. He must have felt so confused and betrayed when his friend ended up in there, and an adolescent boy's reaction to something like that is definitely just 'bully'.

My heart was really breaking for Aria, though. While I could empathise with Sirius' motives, she was the one in the most pain there, it was awful!

If I were her, I definitely wouldn't have forgiven him so easily ;) But it was sweet when they kissed - you wrote that first kiss so well! The anticipation right before their lips touched was amazing.

And then the end D': SO SAD. I mean, I knew going in that Sirius couldn't have a happy ending because we know where he is in canon and there's definitely not a girlfriend hanging around... but that was just so sad. I love how you had Aria kind of double-agenting, which goes to show actually why it makes sense she was in Slytherin but also that she can be the good guy too. I think part of the tragedy is how simple you make the description of her death. No details at all, just like Sirius didn't get and wouldn't get since nobody knew they were together. Just that quiet shock, and his whole world falling apart.

Stylistically, I loved the bits where you chopped sentences up into paragraphs! (does that make sense? I mean the 'all that grief' bit etc). I think it worked so well to slow the pace right down at moments where it needed slowing down for impact. I've never seen anyone really write like that and it worked super well!

And I loved how you incorporated the quotes, it felt very natural :D

So yeah overall I thought this was just fab! Your writing is absolutely gorgeous ♥

Thanks for the swap!


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Review #19, by milominderbinderOut of order: Bad Guy

14th October 2014:
Hi Joey! Here for our review swap :D

So I picked this because as you MAY have noticed, I have a slight addiction to minor characters ;) Mundungus is one of the hardest characters EVER to do something with, so I was super intrigued to see how you captured him! And I thought you did a GREAT job!

At first I just thought Mundungus was trying to make excuses for his bad life but actually was just the petty criminal from canon. It was funny hearing him complaining about things like having to give Umbridge the stolen necklace for free, because he felt so hard done by when he was in the wrong, too! I thought I was just reading a fic about a very self absorbed and mean, if funny, criminal.

But then in those last few paragraphs, you totally changed the track of the whole thing, and it was so powerful! Without changing the tone of Mundungus's voice at all - he was still slightly insulting to us and sounded very defensive - you gave such a realistic explanation for why he might be the way that he is. And the fact that he dropped out to help his sick mother, and it's left him unable to find proper work ever since, shows such an emotional side to him which I have never seen before, it made me so sad!

I liked how you kept it in his vernacular the whole time, using the kind of words he would have and showing his pronunciation in his thoughts. That really gave the tone to the piece and kept the atmosphere of his life very consistent.

So yeah, overall I think you did a great job with this one! This a character I really would never have thought about exploring and you gave him such a fresh view - but without changing his actions or personality from canon at all. Well done!


Author's Response: *hides face* I've taken so long to answer this.

You're basically the greatest minor character writer alive, so I'm so happy that you thought I did okay with this.

I really wanted it to seem as though he was kind of complaining about nothing the whole time because I thought that'd make the ending that much more impactful. I'm a huge fan of emotional whiplash and I rarely stick to one mood over the course of even the shortest of stories.

I'm so glad I managed to make this unredeemable criminal somewhat sympathetic!! His character leaves very little room for actually making him likable, so I just kind of went with making him super insulting to us all.

I studied the way he talks for like two weeks before I wrote this haha. It's actually difficult to figure out which words his accent would come out on without saying them out loud, so I had to read through this like a hundred times and I can basically recite it still. I went through so much for this story and ended up writing it SO last minute anyway.

Thank you for the swap! (and I apologize for the lateness of this response)

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Review #20, by milominderbinderKnight Takes Queen: Rook

13th October 2014:

i am having to resist the urge to use so many swear words to punctuate this review because i fEEL VERY STRONGLY OKAY

god your writing is just so gorgeous. every single word you use seems like it was expertly picked and like no other word would work as well in its place; here your writing almost comes off like poetry, so full of beautiful abstract descriptions.

I totally felt inside her head and was caught up in the whirl of all the emotions. it was so intense precisely because it was so based in emotion - the individual actions hardly mattered because it was all seen through a slightly abstract lens, which was just amazing to read!

i loved the use of second person, too - it totally fit with your style and made the whole thing so much more resonant

my favourite lines were:

A dark green head, distorted and waxy, breaks the surface of the water,

^it's far from the most descriptive line but it's such a cool way of describing a mermaid, and I have never heard anything like it before!

you nearly forget not to open your mouth and scream when you see the merman, less than two feet away from you, staring at you with a kind of insatiable hunger you recognise instantly. How many times have you seen that look on your own face? How many times have you felt it curl around your heart, pushing against the restraints society demands you wear?

^this whole passage is just. wow. talk about intense.

You smile, certain you are crying now, and then he is smiling too and the light breaking through the clouds above turns the water into a million and one rainbows.

^the most beautiful ending, especially that very last segment; it gives a kind of peaceful end to the flurry of action that's been going on up until then.

but really how could i even choose a favourite line, because they're all so gorgeous!

so yeah i totally loved this and will definitely be going to read the next chapters at some point ;)

well done as always!


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Review #21, by milominderbinderChicks Before Broomsticks: Bad Press

8th October 2014:
Ah, I love this so much!! I was looking at the LGBTQA authors masterlist and saw this and was like 'hey that sounds awesome'. I WAS RIGHT. i absolutely love your writing style, i've been so captivated through the two chapters :D

I really love Hollie! You definitely have that magic touch for OCs, because this totally feels like they're all established characters that I know already? just because you've done such a good job of putting little details in about all of them, without giving all their life stories so it gets boring.

Also Dean and Seamus being her parents ♥ it's totally my headcanon that they end up together ahahaha

i have to run out now or i'd leave a longer review, but i just wanted to say how much i love this!! i hope you are still updating it? if so i can't wait for the next update! :D


Author's Response: Thank you so much, Maia! This was so nice of you to stop by! I'm very happy with the way this story is turning out, so I'm so glad to hear that you liked the idea enough to check it out! And that it met your expectations, of course :)

I'm really loving writing her, too. God, I can't thank you enough. It's so good to hear that you like her character.

Dean and Seamus is a total headcanon of mine too! I mean, they were /really/ good friends in /all/ of the books, you can't tell me that meant nothing! haha.

Thank you (again) so much for reading! I am, chapter three is actually in the queue right now! I hope you'll like it!


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Review #22, by milominderbinderFeel Alive: Feel Alive

7th October 2014:
Hi love! Reviewing for team blue!

This was just adorable. I really hardly ever read Ron/Hermione fics simply because I don't stumble upon them very often, but they're one of my alltime favourite pairings in the HP verse so I get so happy when I do read about them!

I think you captured the essence of their relationship so well here . The idea that they are incredibly different people, they don't have much in common, and they sometimes drive each other crazy. And that's okay, because they also bring out the best in each other. Hermione turns Ron into a more compassionate and organised person, and Ron forces Hermione to lose control a bit and to get out of her head and into her heart, which is exactly what you've shown here. You really do have their dynamic down perfectly, and it's very moving to read. This is true love ♥

I absolutely loved this bit:

He reads my own reports and sits back and I can see his eye sort of gloss over and he smiles and says: I don’t understand any of this, but it’s brilliant. He gives me this look sometimes, a look that seems to look past all my flaws, and it really does seem like he sees my mind, and that look makes me feel more clever than any amount of praise from the intellectual community could.

I feel like a lot of fics don't properly show just how impossible enamoured Ron is! He thinks Hermione's the best person in the world (which she pretty much is lbr) and is in awe of her. It was adorable to see that portrayed.

Yeah I really enjoyed reading this! Well done - I can't believe you wrote this during a lecture! It's so lovely ♥


Author's Response: Hello! I'm sorry that this review has taken me so long... rest assured, though, that it was appreciated and still is.

I'm a huge fan of Ron/Hermione, and one of the reasons is because of how very different they are from each other. I'm so glad that you thought I wrote their dynaic well!!

This review was so sweet, and just rereading it now is making me smile like an idiot.

Thank you so much!


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Review #23, by milominderbinderHerbology and What Happened After It: Chapter One

6th October 2014:
Hi there! So I'm trying to review all the entries for the slash challenge, since I'm this big 'increase diversity on HPFF' crusade, haha. And I've gotta say, this is the first one I've read, and I already hope it wins :P

It's crazy. Literally ten minutes before reading this I was asking if people thought I should make a challenge for asexual and trans characters. Because I think I've read like, one story with an asexual character in on this site? And showing a range of sexualities is so important to me. Then I come to read this story, and not only is it femslash, but ALSO one of the characters is a biromantic asexual?? I'M IN LOVE.

Plus, Freya and Victoire are absolutely ADORABLE. I was so not expecting this character to be Victoire but I'm excited that she is! I hardly ever see alternate representations of Victoire than super-cool-straight-girl who's obsessed with Teddy.

You wrote their friendship perfectly, as well as how it developed. I don't know if you've ever seen the show 'Faking It' but it has a girl who's in love with her best friend and at the start this really reminded me of it! Just because you have perfectly captured those confused and mixed up feelings. I've been there myself - for a while you just think you're REALLY close friends and then you start to wonder if everyone thinks about their best friend this way and then you realise you're done for, but of course you can't TELL them, so you have to keep acting like their best friend even if every touch is driving you crazy! I really felt totally inside Vic's head and adored the way you wrote it all.

And then the big reveal! I love how it built up during the herbology lesson. You showed that tension so well - by adding in the little details of their surroundings, like Hugo and the plant and everything chaotic going on around them, but Victoire hardly even registers any of it, I felt totally swept up in the whirlwind of her emotions.

Freya cutting her ponytail off was just ♥ ♥ ♥ totally love. I adore that kind of friendship - that kind of 'if youre suffering i'll suffer with you' thing which makes you feel so supported and loved, even if it's something silly like a bad haircut. There's so many little things like that scattered throughout here that just show how well these two know each other and how perfect they really are together, which just makes it seriously all the more amazing when they do get together at the end.

Also loved the little John Green reference!

So yeah, this was fab. Well done so much!

~Maia ♥

Author's Response: Ooookay so it took me forever to reply to this, I've been meaning to reply for days but then I read the review again and I just AAAH at your review, seriously I'M SO HAPPY THIS IS SUCH AN AWESOME REVIEW THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
I didn't originally plan for Victoire to be the main character, but then it just..happened? I dunno, but it works. Works much better than I thought it would, actually.
Freya being a biromantic asexual was prompted by the fact that I don't think I've EVER seen an asexual character in fanfiction, or books, let alone any idea of differing romantic and sexual attraction.
Oh my god, I'm so glad the friendship worked, and that the conversion to romance worked as well. I was worried it'd be cliche and all that, but it works? I guess?
I loved writing Victoire's inner frenzy in Herbology. It's the main reason I picked second person for this, to exhibit the crazed flurry her head's going through.
The ponytail was inspired by my own friends, who I reckon would do a similar thing for me, and I for them. It's the sign of commitment that really cemented this story for me, and made Freya one of my favourite characters I've written in a while.
The John Green reference was because this was for the John Green Quote Challenge, but the date passed before I was finished. Oops.
Thank you thank you thank you so much for this review, it's the sweetest thing ever, and you're amazing!
Cheers, Phoenix Quill :D :D :D

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Review #24, by milominderbinderEvent Three - Saving Teddy: Saving Teddy

1st October 2014:
QTR story search round four! dude, this was absolutely AWESOME. such an incredibly sweet slice of life. i hardly ever read fics which show Ron as a good dad, which is sad because I think he'd be amazing, just like he is here! this had me giggling out loud in several points of it - I love how he was hoping Hermione would come to the rescue! it's amazing how brave we can be when a little kid is depending on us, so I loved how you showed that here! you also write the kids really well which can be hard to do! yeah I thought this was just brilliant and adorable ♥

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Review #25, by milominderbinder21 Guns: 21 Guns

1st October 2014:
here for the QTR story search round four! i love this song so i was intrigued by this story. and god, you used it in the most heartbreaking way ever! i honestly don't think i will ever recover from Fred's death - it hit me harder than any other death in all the books. you totally captured how just impossibly sad i think all the Weasleys would be, and the way George has basically lost half of himself and will never be the same. you incorporated the song really well, too. i'm so sad - well done! haha ♥

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I never get reviews or reads on this story so it means so much to me that you'd seek it out! :)

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