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Review #1, by emmieBInnocence: Innocence

24th June 2005:
Wow, I loved this. What an insight to the Malfoy Family! So well written and baby Draco was a joy to read - I thought you portayed Lucius and Narcissa well too. This one is going on my favourites. Are you going to continue it or leave it as a one shot? It would work well either way, but I hope you write more. Oh, and I never knew you were BrownMinou, lol!

Author's Response: well, brownminou and meddie have 2 things in common: (one) we're the same person and (two) we both love your writing, em!
i have plans about a sequel, but i'm not sure when i'm going to sum up all my ideas and start typing! baby or not, draco IS adorable, lol! thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by emmieBSilent Reverie: Linger

24th June 2005:
I really am liking your story - you write really well and are especialy good at dialouge and keeping characters in cannon. I really enjoyed it and hope to read more soon.

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Review #3, by emmieBDear Tom: The Monster Under the Bed

22nd June 2005:
I was going to read your other story, but when I saw how many chapters you had - i had to put it on hold for later and I read your one-shot instead - and I'm so glad I did. wow, it's almost like a missing chapter from the book. It was jus perfect - so in character and that last line - just perfect!

Author's Response: Wow! The author of Malfoy and the Mudblood has read my story! I'm so flattered! Your reveiw means so much to me. Thank you. I'm very glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by emmieBShe's the Tempest: Chapter Two: Don Mirth, For Were Already Clad

21st June 2005:
All I can say is - you are possibly one of the best authors I've ever read. Perfect diction, extremely descriptive, you bring the characters to life. Never ever stop writing.

Author's Response: my previous comments apply double to this repeat =D.

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Review #5, by emmieBShe's the Tempest: Chapter Two: Don Mirth, For Were Already Clad

21st June 2005:
All I can say is - you are possibly one of the best authors I've ever read. Perfect diction, extremely descriptive, you bring the characters to life. Never ever stop writing.

Author's Response: emmieB, you have no idea how much that means, madame. it's your fault i'm here, did ya know? i thank you. you are a wonderful writer with absolute grace in your style. your compliments are sweet, thank you so much. my friend, for people like you and me, writing is something we cannot stop. thank you yet again.

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Review #6, by emmieBFar From Your Perfect Rose: Introduction

9th June 2005:
Very descriptive and very, well written - you cptured the atmoshere really well. It really pulled me into the story and has left me wanting to know more. A very good start, please make more soon

Author's Response: It's EmmieB ahhh *squeals* yayness i feel so special all because you reviwed! LOL thank you for reading and I'm updating soon just need to work a little bit more on the next chap thanks again and you made my day!

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Review #7, by emmieBThe Sirenes of Hogwarts: Avarassi: Tom Riddle's secret

12th May 2005:
WOW! Great story, very interesting! I love Dark Fics and this looks like it's going to be very dark! Keep on writing it and I'll keep on reading it, lol! Loved it!

Author's Response: wow thanks!! you have know idea how much that means to me coming from you!

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Review #8, by emmieBLaryandra, nobody or a great love?: What??!!

12th May 2005:
Ii it true your only 11? You right so well for an 11 year old! And good for you for taking the advice and putting paragraphs in, it makes it so much easier to read! It's great your able to take constuctive critism and build on it! Ok then... I liked the twist with Draco, the plot is a little rushed and a little short, but saying that you can write well and have some great ideas in there! You'll find that as you get older, your wriitng will improve, but I must say,your spelling and grammar are really good, lol! I wish I was that good when I was 11! A tip, write about what you know about, write about the emotions you feel! If you do this characters and stories jump to life! Oh, and I think your descriptive skills are very good! So keep on writing and more impotantly enjoying your writing!


Author's Response: Thank you so much. I am happy that you enjoy my story.

Author's Response: I feel special cause EmmieB reviewed.

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Review #9, by emmieBLife or Death: Chapter 1

28th April 2005:
PART 2 WAS BRILLIANT! Ooh, it's great re-reading them and seeing the little changes, lol! I can't wait until the 100 or so are up here too, hehehe! lol, I'm rambling now! Love you, love your writing! *big huggles*

Author's Response: 100 or so?! O.O I was only up to 30-something when I stopped! (Forget, for a moment, that I was only half done.) Besides, the second half is going to go MUCH faster than the first! But anyway, thank you muchly, my dear. *huggles tightly*

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Review #10, by emmieBThe Next Great Adventure: One-shot

15th April 2005:
Wow, that was amazing! So emotinional and emotive! That last line, 'I'm coming' was just so great! It fitted perfectly! *snif* I'm all sad now! Once again a very good story, you are a very emotive writer. You must write more!

Author's Response: WoW. ^_^ Thank you soooo much! Coming from you it means a lot!

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Review #11, by emmieBForgotten Destiny: Prologue: The Cowards Way Out.

4th April 2005:
Wow, the imagery in that was amazing; It really pulled me into the story. So well written and I really can't wait to read more! I'm adding it to my favorites now!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks. I've finally discovered my secret. Being the major insomniac that I am, I seem to have a better imagery and writing technique at 4am while I am listening to My Chemical Romance. Yay! Lol. Thanks so much for everything, you truly are inspiring.

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Review #12, by emmieBLife or Death: Prologue

3rd April 2005:
That was wonderful! SQUEEEEEE! I can't wait to re-read all your wonderful work again! Gold star for Rachel!

Author's Response: *uber blush* Thank you! That was the only chapter that I haven't changed, so you'll be seeing some big changes soon. I'm REALLY hoping they're good ones, though. But YAY, you still like it! *grins*

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Review #13, by emmieBFrom Home Schooled to Hogwarts: The Begining

30th March 2005:
Hey, I finally read it! lol I loved it! It was really funny, espcialy the bit with the dung bomb! Cant wait for more! One thingthough, is Ava English or American? I'm just asking because you put mom in at the beginning. Anyway I loved it and thought it was really well written. Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks! It means a lot that you like it, since you are such a better writer than me!! Ava lives in Englad by the Weasley's. Do they use a different term for mom in engish? I wouldn't know, just like the hi fi thing! =P I'm glad you liked it and thanks for reading!

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