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Review #26, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Forgotten Solution: Friend or Foe?

6th June 2006:
Well, of course! The Luck of the Irish! Now, why didn't I think of that? I really love how thoroughly your plot is tying together all these wee pieces of fact and canon. Wonderful story.

Author's Response: Thank you. S.

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Review #27, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Cave of Shadows: The Masked

28th May 2006:
Very interesting background on the Veela and Le Masque.. I adore how Molly is protecting Harry. So like her.

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Review #28, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Cave of Shadows: Fleur's Family

21st May 2006:
Sorry I fell behind on reviewing. A few chapters got by without me noticing. You are bringing in a lot more characters and fleshing them out very nicely. I think you got Scrimgeour down pat and I love Ragnok! I have a feeling there will be a LOT more there. Great story.

Author's Response: Thanks a ton! And I'm glad you came back for more!

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Review #29, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Remnants of the Soul: Prelude to Hell

11th May 2006:
Very nice beginning. If this is your first attempt, you certainly have a natural talent. Oh, and loved 'the doghouse' bit. What a great name for Sirius' home!

Author's Response: It is my first story... but I have put a ton of work into the chapters, and my betas have been quite helpful. As for the 'dog house' it is such a natural nickname for Grimmauld place. When I thought of it, I fell in love with it. Thanks for the review.

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Review #30, by WiccanDestroyer Of Worlds: Destroyer Of Worlds

7th May 2006:
Oh, my did I ever miss this one? It is masterful. I especially love your logic on how we are defined by our relationships. It is so very true. Sorry for the late review, but better late than never.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I am always happy to get reviews whenever they arrive :)

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Review #31, by WiccanThe Guardian of Hope and Light: Forty-Two: Ruthless and Wretched Truth

3rd May 2006:
Tee Hee...Curses foiled again! So, my dear, you did have something up your sleeve. Or are you still dangling bits of hope and light in front of us? I love angst as much as the next masochist, but I really do adore these characters and would hate to lose them.

Author's Response: I wonder what Voldie would look like throwing a tantrum? The whole pouting, stamp the foot, raging over everything tantrum that some kids throw... Sorry, that's what I picture him doing every time you say Curses, foiled again.. that or Snidley Whiplash twisting his mustashe! lmao! I will apologize for dangling the bits of Hope and Light... It's not often that I enjoy teasing my readers and leaving them fretting the next chapter... so I can honestly say you will know where everyone stands by the end of this story... at least until I start the next one! *EL* hahaha... Sorry, couldn't resist! Thank you so much for the reviews! - Jenn

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Review #32, by WiccanThe Guardian of Hope and Light: Forty: Flying on Barrowed Wings

3rd May 2006:
When Laura told Voldie about her being incapable of producing a son...I could almost hear him say "Curses, foiled again!" So now we know there isn't much hope for our gal...unless you have somehing up your sleeve...again. What is to happen to Elizabeth?

Author's Response: *Chuckles* I know what you mean, as I wrote that part I could see in my mind the twitching eye, the rapid breathing, and the throbbing headache he was sure to have at that moment! lol. *WG* I always have something up my sleeve, well most of the time anyway... but I'm not going to give out any hints right now because I'm so close to the end! - Jenn

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Review #33, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Forgotten Solution: A Bit of Family History

3rd May 2006:
Sorry, I seemed to have lost this story for a while. Shame on me. Now added to Favs. I have caught up on last 6 chapters and am as enthralled as ever. I am even enjoying the adolescent love affairs. Not usually a favorite of mine, but you handle them very well. Still love the intrigue and look forward to more.

Author's Response: Thanks, J., glad you found it. S.

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Review #34, by WiccanThrough a Haze of Green: Through a Haze of Green

2nd May 2006:
Ah, Jenn...sniff, sniff. That was lovely. My first reaction to green is 'healing', but I understand that most would think of 'the green-eyed monster' or in fanfic, the killing curse. I can totally see DD thinking of them in green. Lovely job.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I see DD as never conforming and never thinking the same way as the rest of the wizardiny society. I'm really glad you liked it! - Jenn

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Review #35, by WiccanRevolution: Invasive Darkness

28th April 2006:
Oh, DO put The Perils of Pauline to shame don't you? I truly am not sure which part of your stories I enjoy the most. The awkward growing affection of Harry/Snape...Snape/Candide, Harry/Tonks...or the bizarre, original problems that Harry faces. is always exciting, enthralling and totally captivating. With all your other comittments, thank you for taking the time for such a lovely long chapter. Oh yeah, and a big Phffft for the cliffy!

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Review #36, by WiccanWeird Wizard Ways: Weird Wizard

24th April 2006:
What a delightful new character...and I can't wait to meet his wife! More...more!

Author's Response: The fun part about writing HP is writing about the magic and the people who use it. Thanks so much for the review. Cheers, Pru

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Review #37, by WiccanThe Guardian of Hope and Light: Forty-One: Storming the Walls

14th April 2006:
Dang, are too good at death and destruction! ;-) Really, that is a compliment. You write angst so well that you make the reader feel it instead of read it. Nice job! You did say Jenn's 'body' didn't you? Sigh...I'm anxious to see what happens with Laura.

Author's Response: *Blush* I always worry that my angst will come off as cheese just as I am preparing the chapter for post.. The responses I have gotten from readers completely blows me away when I get responses like yours! Thank you so much!

And, yes, I'm afraid I did say body.. *sigh*

I have finished writing the next chapter and have sent it out for editing, so hopefully it won't be much longer until I update again! - Jenn

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Review #38, by WiccanThe Guardian of Hope and Light: Thirty-Nine: Darkest Fears and Spiteful Shadows

14th April 2006:
Poor Elizabeth is tearing my heart out. Thank you for giving us that wonderful Dobby/Harry negotiation scene. I really needed that!

Author's Response: This chapter and the rest of the ones that follow have been very hard to write, very emotional chapters with lots of angst.. Which is one of the reasons I've tried to tuck in small moments like the Dobby & Harry scene to lighten up the story a bit. Though I have to be careful that those moments don't create cheesy moments too.. Thank you so much for the review! I must say I've missed hearing your thoughts on the story! - Jenn

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Review #39, by WiccanWeird Wizard Ways: Treasure Hunting Made Simple

10th April 2006:
YES!!!!! You are tracking on the same clues I found! Wheeee! I love the 'puzzles' you present and am enthralled with where this is going. Good ole Dumbledore...he set this all up...didn't he? The whole Knockturn Alley scene was very well described and almost visceral. Lovely job!

Author's Response: You thought that the end of HBP was mysterious too then? heh-heh. Yes, Dumbledore and his many clues really is one big puzzle to solve. I do like to throw in puzzles. I'm glad that you liked the Knockturn Alley scene. Did you recognize a younger Thelonius Beekes from Over the Hill? I couldn't resist using him again. *winks* Thank you so very much for taking this story up to read, Wiccan. I try to entertain you. Pru

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Review #40, by WiccanIllusions of Love: Illusions of Love

16th March 2006:
Aw, you make me feel sorry for Lavender. She snogged her little heart out and didn't win the guy. Let this be a lesson to the youngins! (P.S. I think she really lost him with the Won Won)

Author's Response: Jacki! You didn't have to review TWICE! But it's very sweet of you to do so. =) So thanks for the review. I'd have to disagree, though - I'd say the "My Sweethart" necklace was slightly more disturbing... at least in Ron's eyes, lol. =)

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Review #41, by WiccanThe Potions Master of Azkaban: Aftermath

15th March 2006:
Wonderful...absolutely wonderful. I love how Katherin handled the cover-up and what she is doing now...and with whom. Maeve and Snape sound so peaceful in so many ways. Problems, yes, but a undercurrent of radiant hope. Excellent story!

Author's Response: Thank you, Wiccan! That ending gave me some moments of panic, because that really wasn't how it was supposed to end... but Maeve told me she was pregnant and I had to go with the character... mainly because I need her to behave at least until the sequel to Daughter of Light is finished. ;-)

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Review #42, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Forgotten Solution: Mind and Soul

14th March 2006:
Well, I for one like your explaination of the Horcruxes...especially the 'fractile' description. This is very engaging with just enough 'personality' aspects injected to keep it from being too 'heavy'. I really look forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you like it. S.

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Review #43, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Forgotten Solution: A Different Way of Doing Things

14th March 2006:
There is sooooo much new in here it is like reading a totally different story. Both are wonderful, but now I'm 'into' this one. Great job Snakes!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad u r enjoying it. S.

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Review #44, by WiccanHarry Potter and the Forgotten Solution: Despair and Hope

14th March 2006:
Yes, I remember reading this before. No, I can not tell you exactly which lines were added or changed. All I can tell you is the story, so far, seems much more full and with a depth of emotional maturity that wasn't there before. No, it was not too 'light' just seems 'richer'. Does that make any sense?

Author's Response: Sure, thanks for the note. S.

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Review #45, by WiccanThe Unspeakables: Epilogue

11th March 2006:
Well, when you post an Epilogue and the story is complete...then it is complete! I have to admit there were a few 'cliche' type of things that almost threw me off for a second...Like the "Q" thing and the James Bond flying Pod, but it was handled so very well and with a great sense of droll humor that any misgivings I had were quickly swept away. I found the story a delightful read. Full of great action, good dialogue and repartee between the main characters. I liked almost everything about it! I must be sick, but I loved the chapter that ended in..."Bugger", and how she slaps him upside the head. LOL If you had posted say, a chapter a day, you might have gotten more readers and reviewers...and your story certainly deserves them. As a 'whole' story, sorry, even readers like me may tend to wait til the end to review (blush...ahem, sorry) Being posted as 'complete' you will garner other readers who want a whole story...just not as many as posting a tad more slowly. A chapter a week loses many readers unless you are 'known'. Hopefully, this will make you known!. Please continue to write! I found your story line unique and refreshing. Very good effort and a very enjoyable read!

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Review #46, by WiccanThe Dark Magic of Egypt: Breaking the Spells

9th March 2006:
Excellent story so far...I look forward to reading more.

Author's Response: :-)) Thank you! I'll try to update soon!

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Review #47, by WiccanThe Potions Master of Azkaban: A Way Out?

8th March 2006:
Ewww...The thot plickens. I surely hope your are not building us up for a total failure here. You wouldn't do that to us...or would you? Muahahah

Author's Response: Would I?? *inoccent look*

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Review #48, by WiccanLooking Beyond the Beginning: Synaesthesia

7th March 2006:
Beautiful, simply beautiful. With the 'canon' picture I have of Kingsley, to feel him crying when smelling Lilacs is very powerful. Thanks for this insight to a well recognized, but little known man.

Author's Response: Thank for R&Ring, Wiccan. I really enjoyed getting into the mind of Kingsley, because he isn't really explored in the books. However, dealing with a lesser character is always difficult because you don't know anywhere near as much about their personality, but I enjoy being able to have the freedom as well. It's easier to justify why you've written a character the way you did. Thanks a lot, and I'm glad you thought it was beautiful!

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Review #49, by WiccanLooking Beyond the Beginning: The Colour of Water

7th March 2006:
Meticulous! Now, that is not a word I would normally use in a review, however, considering it IS Snape, I find it most appropriate. By 'meticulous' I, in no way imply dull or boring. A wonderfully written story from a side angle I am astounded that you came up with. Brilliant!

Author's Response: lol It's not normally a word I see in reviews either! As for the idea, it spontaneously formed minutes after reading the three different challenges. I'd always thought it weird that Veritaserum hadn't been used in Death Eater trials and it all clicked when I read the magical inventors guidelines.

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Review #50, by WiccanLooking Beyond the Beginning: I Destroy

7th March 2006:
That was a delightful (and obviously superbly written) take on Flamel. I have just tended to gloss over his existance and 'contributions'. What a wonderful story you have created. Thank you for making me 'think' more about him.

Author's Response: Thank you Wiccan for your lovely review. Your kind comments mean so much to me.

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