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Review #1, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: To Protect Someone Dear

28th August 2006:

Hey Ichigo! Well I might as well review now as I have some time and I can't sleep. :)

SECTION 1!! The description at the beginning of the section was really good. You're ability to describe scenery has become much better than when you first started the story (does that sound harsh???). And Lexi's friends finally know! And they took it very well I might add. *shrugs* They seemed like a very laid-back group so it was expected from them. I can't believe she smoked a cigarette!!!! Ichigo that was an awful thing to do! I hope she knows that she could die from that! Oh and also, it seemed as if telling her friends about what was going on with her and everything was like some sort of extra chore she had to do. You know what I mean? I don't know if you had meant it to be like that, but it just seemed that way from my perspective.

SECTION 2!! You know, I'm really starting to become curious where you might take the romance that may or may not occur in the story. I mean I'm just thinking about it and all now and it really could go either way. Draco or Harry...or a possible third party; who knows?? *Hint: you do! ;)* Anyways, yes Harry is an awful actor so we shall leave it at that.

SECTION 3!! Okay...So, I still don't know where they have moved off to. I mean everyone probably knows now and I've got to be the most brain dead person, but I really don't know...Her grandfathers house perhaps?? *shrugs* Oh well. Anyways, the whole bit about Mercury being 'human' and all and Lexi being able to hold up a conversation with him even though he speaks bird makes me wonder...You wouldn't by any chance be hiding something from us all would you now Ichigo?! Hm!? It is definitely something I'm going to pay closer attention to.

SECTION 4!! And of course Dumbledore would be the person to know...Man, this is intense...Harry is constanting thinking about her now, however, that is probably due to the prophecy and all...*sigh* This is a very twisted triangle indeed.

SECTION 5!! WELL THEN!!!! You just love to kill people don't you!!!! You just had to feel the gratitude of knowing that when I read this I'm going to spaz at you...FOR KILLING ANOTHER PERSON OFF!!!!! KILLINNG NEVER SOLVES ANYTHING!!!!! Dear god and how many more deaths are we going to have to go through before Lexi gets it through her head that she is needed to fight in this war!...If you're going to kill someone off may as well be Ginny! NOBODY LIKES HER!!! And you killed off Edwin but we all knew that that b*st*rd deserved to chucked! But Iris!!! C'mon! I was hoping she was going to stick around for awhile...And the Reiki..Hm, very interesting that you had that shatter and all...I wonder where she'll find herself another one?? If she gets another you know. *nudges Ichigo* ;)

SECTION 6!! Well we know that she is a Morph right? So then the seal might have come from that half, however, it does make more sense that it would come from the siren half of her...Sirens are calming in a very dangerous way though right?? Oh god! I will not analyze it this late!

SECTION 7!!! Well she has gotten him thinking and that is just wonderful because now Harry is going to meddle with the bloody circumstances like he always does!!! GAH!!! Okay well it was an awesome chapter and I really enjoyed it. I think it would be a very good idea if I went to bed though. :) I talk to you later! Great chapter! and sorry it took so long to review. :D

Author's Response: Hey, Summerfrost! Always glad to hear insomniac nights are a great time to review stories on HPFF *laughs*

Section 1: I would have hoped my scenery description had gotten better since the beginning. Otherwise, I would've stopped writing and reanalyzed everything. I figured it'd be fitting for her friends to know since they're her 'family' and all. Ah yes the cigarette thing. I think you'd frown upon this after reading it, but it was necessary since she's a recovering alcoholic. One of the neat little facts I picked up from njhill22. Addicts tend to switch off one poison for another haha. Come to think of it, it did seem like a chore for Lexi to do this... I never noticed that so thanks for pointing that out.

Section 2: I'll be frank with you here: I have absolutely NO idea what I'm going to do with the romance thing. The way I see it is, a good author lets her fictional characters plan out the story for her and puts their actions into words for them.

Section 3: No, a lot of people don't know where they are so you're not alone. Of course I know. I'm the writer of this story XD. Mercury is Mercury. He is a bird of many, many secrets. Some of which I don't even know *laughs*

Section 5: It pained me as much to off Iris as I did to Sigardo. But like I've said, it's for the sake of the story development. I figured it was about time the Reiki shattered, seeing how recklessly she had been using it since she had received it. As for the Reiki II, I'll think about it.

Section 6: That's the funny thing with the seal: I haven't quite figured out all the kinks yet. No doubt it does come from the morph side, but there's a twist to it. Sirens are calm in a dangerous way, depending on the type of personality that goes with the power.

I've been awaiting your review for awhile and I'm glad you were finally able to read this :D

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Review #2, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: Severed Ties

27th July 2006:

Okay, first of all I'm really sorry that it has taken me so long to review your story here! I feel bad cause I love hearing your response and everything. And also sorry about the non-existant review for chapter 36. If I ever get around to it I'll let you know.

SECTION 1!!! Lol, honestly that was quite funny! Poor Harry, I don't blame him for being bored...I probably would be too! Lol, and Lexi passing out on the floor and the "Oh...crap..." Hahaha, honestly I just sat here and laughed!

SECTION 2!!! Okay, throughout this whole section the only thing I was thinking was 'whose Edwin?' Sorry, but I have absolutely no recollection of the name. Oh god, when you wrote about the tattoo and everything it took me a moment and I was like NO!! Way to through a huge surprise in there Ichigo! :) Oh god how I look forward to all of this unfolding! I bet Edwin will die! *cough*

SECTION 3!!! Lol, they are such guys!! God, and they are friends of Lexi's and they're so much older...It makes me wonder how they all became friends actually...Will we find out in later chapters?

Ya, so I only reviewed the first three sections...But I have to go to work so, I will finish later!!! I promise!!! *smiles sheepishly*

Author's Response: Hey Alyx! It's alright you've been behind. We're all busy during the summer now so it's understandable. If only we'd catch a break and take a breath to enjoy peace...

Section 1: I'm glad you enjoyed that little scene. Surprisingly, I was sober at the time I wrote that part. Seriously though, with Lexi's 'good' influence, she was bound to end up like that at the end of the night.

Section 2: If you read Chapter 36, that was where Edwin was introduced. Lexi bumped into him while she got drinks for Matt and herself. You think that's surprising, wait till you read the rest of the chapter. I think your jaw would drop. And what fun would it be to keep my story so linear?

Section 3: I probably may mention briefly in how they met, but I wouldn't go into much detail. Even though they play the main role in shaping Lexi's persona, I really should put more emphasis on their sphere of influence, huh? Well, you gave me something to think about ^_^.

I shall await your second review hahah. Hope you're not working too hard!

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Review #3, by SummerFrostThe Fires Within: Thirteen: A Bad Dream

21st July 2006:
Wow! Great chapter violet! You know, at first I thought that the 'dreams' were about Emma and Sirius but that is obviously not the case now that I've finished the chapter. In the dreams you said that six years had passed right? I read this last night and I can't remember...I think so though. Anyways, it's just sort of curious because they are 14 now right? And six years later they would be 20. If Emma was just going to Severus' to visit or talk to him it just makes me wonder who she ends up with...Romantically if you know what I mean? Haha, just something I noticed. You did a really good job at conveying from the 'dreams' to the present. Something that is hard to come by. You have some people that just stick things here and there into the chapter and it makes it feel choppy, but you successfully avoided that! :) Anyways, it's funny that you made Emma's dad make her hand look like a normal hand...I thought you would keep it pale, but I suppose it is sort of unnecessary seeing as he knows who she is now. Anyways, fantastic chapter and I really look forward to the next one! Oh and one more thing. I found The BeeKeeper's Apprentice by Laurie R. King and I'm actually almost finished it now. :) I wanted to thank you for introducing me to the series! I'm really enjoying it so far! :D Alyx*

Author's Response: Yes, the dreams do take place six years in the future (so around 1981). As for who she ends up with, well... it's a bit of a mystery at the moment. =P

Thanks so much for the great review, SummerFrost. It's awesome that you enjoyed the chapter and thought it was well written. It was difficult to get all the scenes to fit together - rarely do I write so many in one chapter (probably won't do that again, now). I'm glad you like the LRK book too. =D

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Review #4, by SummerFrostReturning the Favor: Returning the Favor

8th July 2006:
Lol, okay, okay! I'm going to admit that at first I thought it might have been Cho...You know. She drank some Polyjuice Potion and it was her talking to Harry and not Cedric even though that doesn't really make any sense. However, your ending is much more funny! I liked it...It was very different! :D

Author's Response: Haha, wow...Cho, eh? That's one angle I never thought to explore. Though, I could've really played the 'possible Cedric flirting with Harry' angle a lot more if I did that. Glad you liked the ending though, I'm quite proud of it myself!

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Review #5, by SummerFrostEclipse of the Sky: The Companion of Grief

29th June 2006:
Well this really was a filler chapter, but it was good nonetheless. I think all of the readers with finally understand whats been going on with Kally...I know I do! :) Also, I'm glad you have Harry calling Remus, Remus. It meant something to the both of them. Anyways, sorry this is short but I'm in a bit of a rush! great chapter! :D

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Review #6, by SummerFrostBeautiful Dreamer: Beautiful Dreamer

29th June 2006:
All I have to say is wow! This is by far one of the best things you've ever written and you did it just wonderfully! The descriptions and the interactions between the characters were beautifully done and I just can't believe you wrote this! It is very different from what you usually write but you did a wonderful job! I don't know what else to say, I wouldn't want to cheapen the story by saying to many things about it and picking it apart! I loved it! :D

Author's Response: Hey, Summerfrost! I missed your reviews :D Now, we've had this discussion many times before: I like it when you take apart my story piece by piece. It gives me more of a perspective in what I did wrong *laugh* I admit, it is very different from my usual style and it was a huge challenge to write something like this because the melody of the song doesn't go with the lyrics, but somehow, it worked.

It took me FIVE tries to get this. I wrote a couple of other one shots that were a rough draft to this songfic, but it just got too long and pointless. So, here you have the end result of not working on PoM for seven months and procrastinating on my summer course work ^^; I'm very glad you enjoyed it and hope your summer is going better than mine.

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Review #7, by SummerFrostEclipse of the Sky: The Reason for the War

4th June 2006:

Dear God firefawn!!! I had to read this over a length of three days to finish it! And wow...Just wow! :)

Haha! I love the Rapunzel referance at the beginning and the interaction between Tonks and Regulus has got to be one of my favorites in this whole story! I love that you're putting some french into the story as well. I was never able to grasp the language, but thankfully I still remember some of it. I absolutely adore how portrayed Regulus as well! He's very nonchalant, calm and yet he can explode at any given time. I think you did a really, really good job at making his character well-rounded. The drinking was quite humurous as well.

This is definitely my favorite part of the chapter. You manage to have so much drama and angst going on and are still able to keep things light and humurous at the same time. Ron really had to grow up fast in the last couple of chapters and you're doing a splendid job there. Once again, the interaction between Regulus, Remus and Tonks is something that I will always look forward to in the chapters to come. Also, I look forward to the time when Emily takes a bigger role in this. She's one of my favorite characters apart from Regulus.

Ah, the long awaited kiss. ;) AND YOU SAID THAT YOU HAD TROUBLE WITH ROMANCE SCENES!!!!! *angry face* PPPFFFTTT!!!!! I thought you did a wonderful job! It was very real and very vivid. Absolutely terrific! This new prophecy thing as well is quite intriguing. Is it about Kally perhaps, or about someone else...Possibly Neville. Maybe...Also, I noticed that when Detreck mentioned Harrys parents having been killed Kally's head snapped up in surprise. Thats the first time she ever heard about that and you put off having Harry tell her what that was all about. I look forward to the chapter when everything is revealed. If it ever comes. ;)
Great chapter. One of your best and longest I might add. :D

Author's Response: *grins guiltily* This was a bit long wasn't it? *chuckles* And I'm thrilled you liked the Tonks/Regulus interaction! I actually had a really good time writing that, mainly because I was immensely amused at the fact that the characters sort of wrote themselves for the first half! *laughs evilly in realization that the characters have possessed me* I definitely was trying to keep Regulus 'in character' as I saw him. I figured that a pure blood wizard would be schooled in the 'niceities' such as knowledge of fine wines, for instance. I also wanted to portray his Slytherin side while showing that he has indeed, changed from the school boy and death eater that he was known as.

Ah... Emily shall be taking a larger role in this soon so I hope you'll be pleased with where that goes, rather than throttle me. I almost feel a bit bad for her character actually....*runs*

*grins* I'm glad that the language references are vaguely amusing. I'd incorporate more but since I've only taken French, some Tsalagi and Korean, it's a bit hard to incorporate anything else but I'm working on it. ^^ hehehe I figured I'd give Amarante and Tres some funny names though. ^^ prophecies...well I'll answer one question clearly: It has nothing to do with Kally. There is not a single iota of any prophecy that involves her, so hopefully that'll add a bit to think about in your analysis of the prophecies revealed in a bit. ^^ Ah, and you caught the head snapping bit! *cheers* And yes, Kally had no idea. After all, it's common knowledge to the wizarding world so everyone would have assumed she would have known, except for Remus and he's not likely to talk about something quite that painful, quite yet when it regards someone he thought sh hated. Hrm...that 'if it ever comes' point has me thinking...I could just throw a copy of 'wizarding history' at her and leave it at that! ^^ Have a good one Alyx!

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Review #8, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: Indecisiveness

28th May 2006:

Sorry it took so long to read this and review! It's almost the end of the year and the teachers (as I'm sure you know) like to drop piles of work on us last minute. Anyways, I'm here now! :D

SECTION 1!!! OMFG!! Lexi had a SPAZ ATTACK!!!! AAAHHHH!!!! SPAZ!! Wow, did she ever spaz! The bold letters were something you don't do often, but they help show how incredibly angry she actually was. Lol, I liked the nursey school comment by the way.

Section 2, 3 and 4!!! I'm meshing these three together because they're short. I really love how you portrayed Tonks in that one scene. We don't see a whole lot of her in the actual books until recently and she really is a bubbly person overall. Until, of course, what happened with Sirius. The black hair and eyes bit was something I liked too. I wonder what will happen when Lexi finds out that Sigardo is dead...>.> Lexi, Lexi. Won't she ever learn that drinking is never going to solve her problems?! Oh and nice forshadowing when Dumbledore asked to speak with Audrey. It's bound to be about Lexi no don't. ;)

SECTION 5!!! Okay, so obviously the flashback of the night before is the main focus of the chapter...sort of. You did a good job at making Lexi a stupid drunk. I really envy Draco because I would have had absolutely no tolerance for her in a situation like that. Haha. Wow. She really let some personal stuff out as well and you just had to go and make her not remember. I don't even know where to begin with all thats going on. I mean, we're at chapter 35 and Lexi doesn't even know about Harry and his prophecy. I don't think I've ever noticed this before, but time seems like it goes by so slowly and I don't know if thats good or bad. There is so much that they don't know about eachother, about everything and I just can't fathom how I haven't noticed it yet! It's like a huge time bomb ticking away the minutes before everything explodes and is revealed to them! AH! I'm freaking out just thinking about it all!!!!

I know the review isn't as long as my usual ones, sorry 'bout that. Great chapter and I hope alls well with you.

Author's Response: Hey Alyx! I've been waiting for you to review! They're always a pleasure to read :D. And don't worry about the length of it all. This was an overall short chapter to begin with.

Spaz?! XD!! I can't believe you said that. Well, in a way she was spazzing but on a more angry level ^^; A lot of people liked that nursery school comment and I'm glad I put it in there. At first I was thinking 'preschool' but that's so... eh. Used too many times, I guess?

Yeah those sections were short. I know I could've elaborated more on it but you know me, I'm lazy. As for Tonks, losing a family member that close to you does get the person worked up. There are five stages in accepting death: denial, anger, depression, bargaining, and acceptance. Guess which one she's in XD. Don't think so quickly that Dumbledore's speech with Audrey will be about Lexi. It could be on some other things hehehehe.

A lot of my friends are stupid drunks, so that influence came from them. And I have njhill22 to thank for that segment since she is studying to be a substance abuse counselor and all. She gave me an insight in how a basic drunkard should act. Yes, pity Draco because I'm going to put him through a WHOLE lot more stuff. Yeah, people tend to put the whole prophecy into perspective the first couple of chapters, but I want to hold it off for a little bit. You'd be surprised how little you would know about a person after being acquainted with them for a year. I know I have 'friends' like that.

And good luck with your schoolwork. Yes, teachers are evil with their last minute assignments.

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Review #9, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: Pretend You're Alive

10th May 2006:

Ichigo!!! Ah, another wonderful chapter from you! Sorry if anything doesn't sound right in this review. I read the chapter acouple of days ago. One of my favorite parts of the entire chapter was the title, Pretend You're Alive. Now, if I am not mistaken isn't that the title of the album of that group that I can't remember the name of?...Yes, I believe it is and yes I did listen to that soung you did for the song-fic. Anyways, I just really felt that chapter title corresponded well with the emotions and theme of this chapter...which wasn't exactly a happy one! Poor Lexi, I'm beginning to pity her for having such a cynical creator and possibly on the verge of insanity. ;)

SECTION 1!!! I really loved the first section. It was sort of like an intro to the whole chapter and you created the theme that this was going to be a bit of a drepressing chapter very well with just the opening paragraph. Also, I'm liking that you're beginning to bring the war more into the story what with the destruction and all which I'm sure was caused by something magical. However, when Lexi goes up stairs and into her room I found it alittle strange that you described what she was wearing. I know it wasn't in great detail but I just found it a little odd that you did that. No problems though! :)

DEAR GOD!!!! Harry is seriously getting on my last nerve! Please, PLEASE!!! Have Lexi punch him or something in the next chapter for is arrogant, ignorant not to mention CHILDISH BEHAVIOUR!!!!! Anyways, I was a little surprised at how viciously he snapped at Snape. Wow. I mean I know it is summer and as of then Snape doesn't have as much control over him as he would in the class room but he is still his professor. He must be more high-strung than I thought. Oh, yay! They're going back to New York to Lexi's. *cackles* I'm sure you'll have some chaos and even more emotional unbalance come there way. Don't let me down Ichigo!

SECTION 3!!! I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!!!! You always see fields of them here because the land is so flat and they're just beautiful! Lexi really has had a hard past and is still dealing with many things. It's truly sad. *tear, tear* Anyways! I enjoyed the explanation on the disease because I have never heard of it and I'm quite interested in that sort of thing. I like that it was Natalie that got Lexi to quit smoking and I'm glad that Lexi remembers. Also, when she starts just talking out of no where (even though it was a very heart-felt moment) I could just see a little child or someone walking by seeing this crazy person talking to a tombstone. But I like that you had that because I've done that too. I think many people have so I can relate easily. Also, I loved the descriptions in this chapter! You did a very good job at creating the scene and feel of what was going on. It was done exceptionally well and I really, really enjoyed that bit! :D The part of her chucking the ring was very symbolic in a way and I think she can really start to move on now...I think.

SECTION 4!!!! At first I thought it was Bellatrix who was at the hospital but Narcissa makes much more sense than that. Haha, Sigardo was still her natural self even when she was in comatose! I love it! AND THEN YOU HAD TO BRING DOWN THE FUN AND GIVE HER THE BOOT!!!!....You're pure evil.

Very good chapter! You had a few tense errors here and there but nothing to worry about. I look forward to the next chapter!!! :D

Author's Response: Hm, tense errors? I'll have to go back and proofread. Thanks for the note!

Yes 'Pretend You're Alive' is the album title to the band Lovedrug (Wow, you remember that?! Props to you!). It was suitable since Lexi technically is in the 'living death' phase of her teenage year.

It was about time I brought the war to home! It plays the biggest role in the entire HP series. Along with that, Lexi will have to deal with a war of her own soon aside from her internal struggle of sanity. Ah the clothes reference is actually of use to chapter 35, which is why I placed it in. But I can see why you thought it was strange. It was a bit borderline 'teeny bopper-ish' no?

HAHAHAHA~! Yeah I think everyone's beginning to have their gripes in how I portray Harry here. Most want to read the gentle, loving Harry. Well, you're not going to get any of that here! Oh trust me Summerfrost. I will not disappoint with the next chapter regarding Lexi's interaction with Harry AND Draco. *rubs hands gleefully*

Yeah I've made my set of tragic heroines. A tad depressing, really. But the way I see it is not everyone has that priviledge in being raised in a
'happy' and 'functional' family now a days. Naturally, Lexi isn't part of that case. If she was 'normal,' we wouldn't have what we have now :D. Lupus is a very common disease anyone can have and I find it very funny it hasn't been brought to people's attention about it. The singer, Seal, has lupus as well. You might know him as the husband of Heidi Krum, the former supermodel. That's why he has all those scars on his face. That was from the skin lesions lupus created. There are drugs to treat it but in the worst case scenario, the person would have to do chemotherapy to kill off the cells. However, that treatment has a rarity case in working.

The ring is a bit symbolic and I'm not going all LOTR on you here (*shakes head*). The obvious symbolism is her letting go of her past, but it also foreshadows in the changes she will succumb to in the future. Not only has Lexi lost her confidant, she's in a way lost herself and her way.

Originally, I was going to put Bellatrix but it was SO OBVIOUS! Of course, I thought up of the next sinister woman in mind who no one would ever expect: Malfoy's mother. I figured it'd be fitting seeing how they were in the same house when they went to Hogwarts. Sadly, I did have to give her the boot but it was essential to the plot. It was really hard for me to do because Sigardo is my favorite character in here. Lexi has her pet peeves but Sigardo is very... I can't think of the word. Charismatic isn't it but it's there. Oh well. I always enjoy reading your lengthy reviews and wished other people would leave some as well.

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Review #10, by SummerFrostEclipse of the Sky: Condemnation by Choice

4th May 2006:
Wow! What a wonderful chapter! Definitely worth the wait for sure. It felt so short though! Lol, probably because we're all so used to them being 8000+. Anyways, I am SO looking forward to the chapter when Malana makes her debut! Also, I'm quite enjoying the torture that Hermione is going through...That sounds so wrong, doesn't it? It's just that I'd never expect to see her in such dreadful situations...I know we have in the actual books, but they were never nearly as frightening as the encounters she's facing in your story. I'm just really enjoying that. I don't really think you're going to kill her off right away either to be truthful. *grins evilly* I think you may keep her around for the next little while as bait or possibly something else. Who knows? I love the fact that at first Harry couldn't fathom that Kally believed him about Voldemort having Hermione. It just shows how much people have turned away from him when he's said such outrageous things in the past and them turning out to be true. I really liked that. Also, the scene with Tonks running at the door when Dumbledore and Regulus purposely locked her in. I really loved that scene! :D It was just very well done! And finally that part with Ron is a little sad because he thought he was useless. *cough* Even though he sort of was....I feel bad saying that...Even though he's a fictional character. Anyway, I look forward to seeing how he will help the Order with his new abilities and how others will react when the find out. *grins* I hope you keep Hermione alive long enough for her to find out. :D

Author's Response: I actually am beginning to think that the shorter the chapter is, that the harder it is for me to write! I have a serious problem (as I am sure you know! lol) with keeping things concise! So yup, this was definitely a short chapter! It was a bit transitional though so I tried to keep it a bit under the average word count however. ;) And enjoying torture? After the torture you put your own characters through? Naaaah! One such as yourself who yanks poor Chris' arm out of the socket and has her coughing constantly would never enjoy the torturing of fictional characters! ;) LOL LOL I definitely understand what you mean though, I was quite literally cackling again as I wrote Hermione's little viewpoint there. Seriously, if any psychiatrist ever watched me as I was writing I would be in a straight jacket quicker than I could say "EEP!" And as far as your theory regarding her being kept around to be used as bait well....^^.....go with that theory! ;) And as for Malana....I do have plans for her return but she is being a tad bit uncooperative! Her return is coming, but may be delayed a chapter or two longer than I had been planning! lol

I'm thrilled (though not surprised because you've always been quick with noticing the subtle plot points) that you noticed the disbelief Harry had regarding Kally's acceptance of his statement. I figured that it woudl be odd for him to think her believing him was anywhere closely approximating normal, particularly considering the less than loving relationship they have had throughout this entire thing! lol Ah...and Ron is one I am going to have a bit of fun with. I'm more fond of developing the less known characters but naturally I can't eliminate the main ones completely, thus Ron needed to mature a bit, and this is how that is occuring. :) ^^

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Review #11, by SummerFrostThe Fires Within: Eleven: My December

30th April 2006:
Wow! What a great chapter! I really liked the descriptions in this chapter and the scenery. Very well done! :) I'm also loving the interaction between Emma and Sirius and as much as I, whats the word, dislike him. I'm also enjoying the interactions with Severus. The bit about the Shreiking Shack I think is more significant than it is played out to be in the chapter for both Emma and Sirius. For Sirius maybe because the Shack is something that has been forgotten and abandoned sort of like he is being treated by his family. Maybe he feels a certain closeness to it for that...Or I could be totally off. *scratched head awkwardly* And for Emma I'm not really sure. She could also feel abandoned from her parents and can't help but wonder about them, but I'm really not so sure about her. Anyways, very well done! I look forward to the next wonderful chapter! :D

Author's Response: Poor Sirius, I have rather made him unlikable, even though I like him myself. He's just not the right guy for Emilia, even though he thinks he is (which of course, will cause plenty of trouble later on). That's really neat idea about how the Shack affects both Sirius and Emilia differently - she does tend to see it as a place of warmth in the past, like with her own familiy, while Sirius does see it as empty and unfeeling, like his own family. I didn't really mean to do such a thing, but it does fit each of their characters very well.

Thanks very much for reviewing this, SummerFrost. It's great to read your comments - I really appreciate them. =)

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Review #12, by SummerFrostThe Fires Within: Ten: Trouble

19th April 2006:

I can't tell you enough how much I love this story! It's quite different from what I usually read and I'm enjoying you description, characters and writing style in general to the fullest!

SECTION 1! The change in Emma's character was not something I expected to happen so soon...Well I know it's the 10th chapter and everything but it doesn't feel like its been that long for me. ;) I like it; it shows that she is starting to grow up and mature more. Also, I am quite enjoying Grimm's character and how he has took notice of this change. I could never see him as the fatherly figure either, but inevitably (sp?) I suppose he couldn't push aside Emma and grew to love her like a daughter. The white hand that she's got has failed to come up recently and I'm really curious to see when that will come more into play with this story. Which I'm sure you're plotting about. *grins evilly* And one other thing about this section is that I adore the interaction between Grimm and Mcgonagall. It's very...I don't know how to describe it really but I love it. It's different and subtle.

SECTION 2! I love the new take on Sirius' impressions on Emma too!!! It actually makes me laugh alittle because I think he was quite surprised himself at these 'feelings' for a girl that he didn't even like in the first place. I forgot to add in the first section about Grimm's assumption of Snape not being able to resist the pull of the Dark Lord or whatever that was about (it was awhile since I read this, sorry it took so long to review) Doing a bit of foreshadowing are we Violet? Hm? ;) Anyways, I thought Emma had blue eyes...Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me...Or maybe it's the other story I'm reading that has a girl with the same name...Emilia. Probably. OH GOD!!!! And I can't wait until you start having the boys practicing tranforming and all the good stuff. That'll be very fun!

SECTION 3! Ah and of course it just had to be Emilia who saved their sorry behinds from Filch and his red-eyed cat. Very nicely written chapter and once again I am enjoying this story too much for words! I look forward to the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for such a great review, SummerFrost! Haha, my love of foreshadowing can go too far sometimes. There's actually a huge hint in Grimm's last words from the first part of the chapter... *quickly shuts up* Emilia has hazel-ish eyes, but that name seems to come up for a lot of OC's, so it's probably as you said. It's awesome that you liked the chapter, it was one of the more difficult ones to write. The next chapter's nearly done - hopefully it'll be posted soon. =)

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Review #13, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: Reunion

14th April 2006:

Long time>_> Another wonderful chapter Ichigo! I really liked the sort of calmness to it even with the fighting and drinking. :)

SECTION 1! Once again, I love how you have portrayed Mika's image as the innocence through all of this. I love how you have kept it so she remembers everything and I'm curious to see how that will unfold. I believe you told me once that she did have some magic in her so I really look forward to seeing what sort. Haha, soda pop! Soda...Lol, I've always found that such a funny word. Hm, anyways, I like how you brought in the using magic without a wand thing there when Lexi was trying to turn the pop into a beer or whatever. I don't see that come up a lot on fanfiction and I was glad to see it. I have a question though, did Gene hook up with Elena? I think so but I'm not sure. I love Matt taking up the role as a brother to Lexi and it brings up another question. Lexi's and only child right? Lol, and I loved the ending of that section..."I'll get two." I don't know I just thought it was a good section ending...*shifty eyes*

SECTION 2! Very short. I thought that Hermione might not agree with Ginny though about letting the boys fight out their problems. I know there would only be so much she could do before having to step back and let them work it out in their own way, I just thought she would be more against them actually fighting...physically.

SECTION 3! Ah, I love thunder storms. We had a really bad one a couple of nights ago. Man, was it ever loud...and very bright, lol! ;) Okay, I'm loving the interaction between Lexi and Matt. It's very laid-back and cool. How long have they known each other for? Whats jeet kune do? I know it's obviously a form of martial arts but what kind? Lol, grasshopper! ;) Now I can't believe I didn't notice this before but it has just only come to my attention! Audrey doesn't know Lexi drinks...!!!! Lol, yea yea it took me that long to figure it out. Okay, so I know that Audrey isn't Lexi's mum but she did raise her for most of her life so she is more of a mother to her than her real mother. You know how parents just seem to 'know' things. Like, if you're laying down and eating a carrot or something and your mum or dads back is faced to you and they say "VIV! SIT UP!!!!" And they don't even have to look at you!! They just know. I would think that there have been enough signs to Audrey that Lexi is drinking and I'm surprised that she hasn't noticed it yet. Throwing up sucks...

SECTION 4! I can believe the two thick-heads had a fight!!!! A REAL ONE!!!!...Okay yea I can believe it. I really love the spell you came up with...You came up with it right? Very nicely done there and I'm glad that they could shove that in Harrys face...He's being so...difficult to the point where it is just getting...annoying!

Nice ending! That was probably my favorite part of the chapter! Just the things that the person was saying and how Lexi responded to them was very very well done even though it was short. I adore that you made it be her too and to have her realize that. I really hope she opens up to Harry and everyone else. That will be a big step for her! Great chapter I really loved it! Keep up with the excellent work! :D

Author's Response: SUMMERFROST! YAY!!! I MISSED YOU! *Tackle hug* I missed your reviews!

To answer your questions:

1. Yes, Lexi is an only child and Matt does play the big brother role in her life. He's a couple of years older than her, which you'll find out in about 2-3 chapters.

2. Elena and Gene did 'hook up' while Gene was still with Lexi at the time. If you remember from the previous chapter, Lexi was avoiding human contact after the Christmas break because she found out about that.

3. Jeet kune do is Bruce Lee's style of fighting where you don't use the force of your muscles to fight. Rather, you use the force of your opponent to instead. In a way, it's like judo, but much more hardcore. I'd figure I throw in the 'grasshopper' just for kicks.

4. People tend to think parents know everything about their kids, but when they're working constantly, that sense doesn't react as much due to exhaustion. I know I've done a lot of things my parents didn't know about me and they never sensed it. Both of them work so I worked in that small sense of parental negligence in there.

The thunderstorm actually, will play a very significant role in the future chapter. You just have to pay close attention and read between the lines ^_^. As for Hermione letting them fight, I was going to make her have this whole long-winded argument in not letting them fight, but I figured, 'She's been doing this for nearly six years. I think she of all people should be tired of being the voice of reason by now.' Plus, I got lazy in writing her lines *laugh* Ahhh, you're not the only one who's getting annoyed with our 'hero.' I wanted the ending to show a small weakness to our readers. Well, not that you haven't noticed before... The opening up part is going to be quite awhile. You do realize this isn't the bulk of her problems. I feel so bad that I keep laying all this stuff on her while Harry is sitting there twiddling his thumbs ^^; But it's so great to hear from you!

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Review #14, by SummerFrostTogether Almost Forever: The Date

25th March 2006:
Okay, I must admit that this chapter was much more enjoyable than the others I've read (yes that's a compliment and a put-down in one sentence...*shuffles nervously*) Once again these people are witches and wizards now I know that Lily knows all about muggle-life because she is a muggle born but James is a pure-blood. He woudn't know those types of bands and he would probably not know what a guitar was either. But I was laughing in this chapter..."At the same time!" That was a funny line and the last line was good...I think thats it for now...Must finish catching up..

Author's Response: Lol! No worries! I love this critisism! FINALLY it's not "Oh ur story's so awesome" THANK YOU!...
BUT! I dissagree with you when you say that James wouldn't know what a guitar was. The wizard band The Wierd Sisters has cellos, violins, drums etc etc... so wizards do have the same instruments. As for the bands thing... I guess I'll have to agree with you. But still I dunno if I should change it to something I make up or w.e... hmm... I dunno, I guess if enough people complain I will. Thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #15, by SummerFrostTogether Almost Forever: The Big News

25th March 2006:
Okay, another short chapter ummmm....lets see Sex Goddess?! I thought Lily was ummmm...Not like that. She doesn't seem the type to call herself something like that seeing as she has never really has a boyfriend or not that we know of. Stories that take place in the Marauder Era can be very boring and very predictable sometimes. It's usually all about Lily and James getting together. I happen to enjoy Marauder Era stories with something more to them. Some mystery, drama, angst. Something more than just Lily and James getting together. I find only on occasion some stories that are just about Lily and James but they're extremely well written. Your story is not bad! However, I feel like I could just shrug my shoulders and leave because I don't care. Make me care. ;)

Author's Response: Gosh ur impossible to please! lol jkjkjkjk! Well I think I understand what you mean by "predictable" I think that word describes what you may be thinking at this point in the story HOWEVER! chapter 8 will really uhh... shock you...*wink *wink I don't recomend skipping ahead though... u kind of need chapter 7 but if you absolutely want to *sigh... you may skip chapter 6...
Hahaha... Sex Goddess... honestly I put that in there because someone would have to be quite confident in themselves to call themsef that... I think Lily is quite confident in herself so that's the main reason why I put it... I suppose I could put a substitute, maybe if I think of one later I'll change it but for now... it's staying... sorry...

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Review #16, by SummerFrostTogether Almost Forever: The Worst Way To Say Yes

25th March 2006:
Short chapter. Um, lets see. There really isn't much to say because it was so short. you should try to make chapter alittle longer like around 1500-2000 words or something. Then people can give more critique and such on what you've written. I forgot to say something about the last chapter to I'll say it here. Girls can be devious and cunning if they want to be. In the last chapter all you had was have them make a bet and be done with it. You should prolong things more, make it more interesting. For this kind of story it's great to capture readers with cunning and...ARG!!!! I'm having trouble thinking of the words. More...twists and turns and...such...*sigh* I wish I could give better advice...Oh and one more thing. At the beginning of the chapter you said that Lily and Narcissa sat down to make rules and that it was something that they didn't fight over at all. I would think that making up a set of rules for a bet that the both of them made would cause TONS!!!!...Of fighting...TONS AND TONS AND TONS!!! Especially since they hate eachother and especially since Narcissa is a Slytherin and Lily is a Gryffindor.

Author's Response: Well... for someone saying that there really isn't much to say... you sure found a lot to say... lol! I'll definatley keep that "twists and turns" thing in mind though... hmm... what could I do... Well anyway lol I think i agree with you with the fighting... still, we've already seen Lily and Narcissa fight, It's old news so ... hm... I guess i could just substitute the sentace for "After several hours of bickering the two girls finally came up with a list of rules..." or something instead of actually puting the fight in... OKEE i'll do that! Thanks for the help !!

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Review #17, by SummerFrostTogether Almost Forever: The Bet

25th March 2006:
Okay well I read this a really long time ago and I wrote out a review but then it got lost or deleted or something so I'll try my best to put what I had before...The whole feeling of the story is really different. Like it feels like I'm sitting in our own class room watching and listening to the childish and juvenile things that everyone carries out there. Now I know that this is your story and you can do what you like with it but still I'm just not feeling a whole lot....I'm being really honest here and if I sound cruel then you have full permission to give me a whack over the head. ;) Um, yes the terms that Narcissa was using..You know golddigger..slut things like that. Just remember that she is a pure blood witch and could care less about muggles and that means that she might not know much about those terms. But she might...I'm just saying is all. Um, I did like you having the girls make the bet because I thought it was going to be the boys making a bet like that. Anyways, thats all for now and I'll get to reading the other chapters as soon as I can! Catch ya later! :D

Author's Response: No! Not cruel at all! Pointing out my weaknesses as a writer is not gonna do anything except make me better at it... what you said was the complete opposite of cruel! No worries there! I only wish I knew how to make you "feel" some more... hmmmmmmm...

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Review #18, by SummerFrostTogether Almost Forever: Beauty and the Beast

18th March 2006:
You know I think I may have reviewing this once before but here I am again because I have completely forgotten what I previously wrote! Lol, now I really liked the names that you gave lily and her crew...The Sisters. Something different I suppose. Your description is good but it could use a lot of work. It feels alittle broken up and sketchy here and there. You want it to flow. I loved the Poor Bear comment. You really captured Lily and especially James characters well. Anyways, it's just the first chapter and I've got a lot more to read! Catch ya later and well done! :D

Author's Response: Hmm... well I'll read over the chapter again and try my best to make it flow. It kind of did to me when I last read it but that could be just because I know the "tone" I guess of how the story should be read. I'll take your advice and make changes where I can. Although I may not be talented enough to make the format as beautifully writen as your fics. *wink *wink Thanks for your review!

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Review #19, by SummerFrostA Fossil in the Mud: A Grain of Sand

6th March 2006:
Crap i forgot to say acouple things...I'm confused So her name is Alexis Ellison but does she have like a split personality or something. Like there is the boring Alexis...Called Alex and then there is the more outgoing Alexis going by the name as Lexie...Is that right or am I completely off here and just furthering the confusion? Lol, my name is Alex too...Except it is spelt Alyx. ;)

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Review #20, by SummerFrostA Fossil in the Mud: A Grain of Sand

6th March 2006:
Well I am really loving this so far and I can't wait to start reading about how he reeled her in and all the good stuff if you know what I mean! Lol, great job with this! ;)

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Review #21, by SummerFrostDown Towards the Healing: Down Towards the Healing

5th March 2006:
Hm, I have mixed feelings about this actually. In one-shots especially, I find that it is important to get a large amount of info and feeling to the readers in a short time period. In this one-shot/song-fic all you've done is told us what we already know and that makes it alittle dull. I thought it could have been better if there was some hysteria put in there if you know what I mean. Lol, some exclamation marks! Thats what I, personally, love about the one-shots I've read. They've all got some hysteria in them...Some "humph" if you will. All you've really done is give us what we already know in a very dull manner in the sense of Harrys feelings. Am I being too harsh?! Because if I am you can give me a whack over the head!! Also, the song. I liked it...I should listen to it sometime. But it felt like it wasn't there at all in the story. It just felt alittle unnecessary. However, there were some parts that I really enjoyed and it shows how much your writing has improved description wise. I really loved the description of the wedding as well as whenever you desribed the sun. You did an exceptional job with those two things and I really enjoyed those parts. As well as described the forestry; that was done well too but especially the sun and the wedding. Those parts I loved fully and completely! :D

Author's Response: Hm, I can see which parts seemed dull, like the recap of Dumbledore's death and the whole she-bang. Not my best, I admit. And trust me, you are not being harsh at all! I wanted to tone down the hysteria and just zone into Harry's state of mind while traveling alone to accompany the lyrics. It wasn't as dark as I wanted it to be and I admit I was literally squeezing each word out by force (something completely NOT recommended!). But eh, at least it was something I tried. Thanks for the review. I always love to hear from you.

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Review #22, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: Limit Break

28th February 2006:

AND I AM BACK! :D Ah, the snowboarding trip was so much fun...Although, I think I may have eternally bruised a couple of things. *cough* Anyways, I am here to finish thy review. ;)

What section am I on?...4...I think. Hm, I like that you put that Draco was trying to get used to the motherly air in the room...Other than the tension that is. It just shows that he really didn't have a mother and never had that around when growing up...Exactly like Harry except Harry's mum is dead. But the both of them have that in common. Also, Harry seems to be thinking and wondering more and more about Lexi these days...Planning something are we Ichigo?! ;)

SECTION 5!!! I am really liking the new character! I really can't wait to see what part she will play in the story and the picture of her was very nice as well. It portrayed her obvious innocence, which I happen to like very much about. Something different from Lexi and I think getting to know Iris will be a good thing for Lexi. I giggled at the part where she called her "Sis." It was rather cute; something a small child would say and I'm glad you put the Mika referance in there as well. It will be a challenge for Lexi to be able to look at Mika again and not feel guilty and that's something I look forward to reading! ;) I was alittle confused about them talking about the marks they had on their necks though. It's probably in a past chapter and I've forgotten...And here come the men who think they're going to get something. Once again, I shall be honest and was a little down hearted at the scene. I thought a good writer as yourself may have found something better to write about...It's just that I've seen that sort of thing (the whole rape thing) a lot in fanfiction and it has sort of gotten old and withered if you know what I mean...Jesus! The boys act like 15 year olds thinking that they are gods gift to women and seeing as they can't get a girlfriend in the first place, they'll rape that next beautiful girls they see...Does that sound too critical?...I hope not, I'm not meaning to be rude or anything. I've just seen things like that too much. Um, ah! When Lexi blacked out and all that and there was the voice yadda yadda, you know. It could have been a number of people actually and I'm not going to jump to the conclusion that it was her mum, but she is definitely a possibility. It could have been Sigardo, but why her? It could have been someone related to Harry, but thats doubtful...I have a feeling that it could have even been Genesis...For some very odd reason. "You shouldn't be here" line is intriguing...Where is here? Something to think about I suppose. Ah and the last bit in this section where Audrey didn't want to go back to London. Ichigo, this only makes me wonder more about my...wonderings...on why Audrey never married! WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU EVIL PERSON!!!! GAH! :) I look forward to knowing more about all this...Which I know will be explained sooner or later...Most likely later ;)

SECTION 5!!! A short one here. I'm glad that Tonks and Lupin are beginning to take roll into the story. Harrys thirst to know whats going on is always his first priority as per usual and I happened to enjoy the ending very much! Lol, it was cute and...okay it was just cute and funny. Good job on the chapter and I can't wait to see what you come out with next! :D

Author's Response: Wow that was quick on the trip. I hope you didn't fall too much!

Yeah, Draco's more or less 'motherless' since she is what we call a trophy wife to Lucius. And without her supporter now, she doesn't know what to do with herself. And Draco not having a father figure there either doesn't help with his development (or what's left of it). I'm not planning anything, yet Summerfrost hehehe.

Ah yes Iris. Andrew actually corrected me on her last name because I wrote it in a masculine format rather than feminine (I seriously didn't know there was a difference till he mentioned it!). She does play the innocence role in the story and her effect on Lexi will be very deep later on in the story. And yes, that little... scene. Not my best, I admit. I wanted them to start fighting somehow and I know, IT'S SO CLICHE! Ugh! I'm kicking myself in the head for this! As for the voice... Hmm... wouldn't YOU want to know muahaha. I can tell you it's NOT Genesis, her mother, or anyone Harry's related to. Ah the siren marks... I thought this was a good time to bring it into play and I didn't mention this in any previous chapters. I wanted to keep it hidden from the readers till now. At first, I debated putting it in 'Awakening of the Seikai Reiki,' but I thought it may have been excessive. Sorry it confused you. Perhaps I didn't write too clearly.

Audrey isn't married because she doesn't want to be! LoLz! Or maybe she's afraid of committing herself into another relationship hehehe.

Thanks so much for reviewing Summerfrost. I always love your analyzations and critiques. It helps me better myself as a writer so don't feel bad at all! ^_^

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Review #23, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: Limit Break

27th February 2006:

WOW!!! This got out really fast! Where do you find the time to write!? Hm, not a bad chapter...Although, not your best, but it wasn't bad. *cackles* Hehehe, time to brake it down!

SECTION 1!!! Okay, first off Harry is being a royal arse! I mean c'mon dude! He actually went to help Lexi. It actually feels alittle dampening if you know what I mean that Harry still can't get past the fact the Draco may actually be doing something good!? For one it does show us that Harry does carry a lot of mistrust towards people; like what you were saying in the last chapter and even though he understood what Audrey was talking about and knew she was right he still can't learn to trust easier towards people, especially Draco. On the other hand though it is actually becoming alittle annoying! I mean he is what going to be 17?! He's acting like a 10 year old that isn't getting his way!!! GROW UP! It sure looks Draco's been doing some of that; why can't he!? *cough* Sorry...Also, he can't even see that this new Malfoy we'll say could actually come in handy!! I don't know what for...I'll let you think of that; but I'm sure he could come into very good use. Lol, and I did like the "Ferret!" line that you put in there, made me laugh! Ginny is being a nuisance as per usual. But I did happen to like what she said to Ron because when you think about it, that is true to an extent. He does agree with a lot that Harry says. It reminds me of the time when Moody told Harry and Hermione that they would make good aurors and Ron was clearly offended by that because he didn't get squat said to him...He's a little insecure.

SECTION 2!!! Hm, this piece got me thinking a bit really. The part where the people or whoever they were put the restraints on Lexi's wrists. Now, Lexi is pretty powerful right and I found it sort of taking away from that, that her powers could so easily be restrained with a simple spell. I mean if she were raging and everything I have a feeling that the spell would have been broken, but still...Lol, I'm already liking Matt though. He sounds like a very...Optimistic, if you will, person! I can't wait to see him more in that story! I really loved how he was so fascinated with the fact that Lexi had the british accent and everything...Its like one of my friends really...She has a weird fascination with Irish accents...I don't know why...I don't want to know, lol! *frowns* Okay, I'm not going to lie here but I was slightly offended at the part about the 13 year olds comment about them running around in punk clothing going to concerts...Not knowing about the meaning behind the label 'punk' bit. I don't know, maybe it's because I have a friend who was teased because people labelled her as a 'poser' because of the clothing she had. It's hard not to label people but we all do it. Right away before we even get to know that person, we label them for what they wear and how they look. Sorry, I'm ranting...I was just a little bothered by the comment, but it's all good. ;) Lol, oh I can just picture this so called 'guava incident' in my head.

Well, I'm off to bed...I'll finish the review tomorrow or something. *raises right hand* SCOUTS HONOUR!!!!...For the record, I was never a scout. *cough* Ski trip tomorrow...Snowboarding more like it actually! :D Wish me luck! I don't wanna skew into any tree's this time!

Author's Response: First thing's first. I'm sorry you took offense to the 13 year old remark. It was meant to me satirical and sarcastic. I guess it was the tonality which made it that way. In a way, that was my little angry rant on the ones who DO pose as punk and it's been turned into such a pop culture today. So I apologize for that.

Yes Harry certainly is playing the immature element here but I promise he WILL get better later on. I had to squeeze Ginny in there to be the second voice of reason next to Hermione, except she's the more honest one rather than having it being sugar coated by Hermione.

Hahaha I'm glad you liked Matt. He's like the older brother figure in Lexi's life. He will be making a little more appearances in the NYC Arc of this story and things will get interesting. If you think about it, Lexi's 'abilities' isn't something a regular wizard spell can detain. Hence, the restraints on her wrists. Have fun on your snowboarding trip!

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Review #24, by SummerFrostProtector of Mankind: Judge, Trial and Jury

22nd February 2006:

I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get to this! :( I've been terribly busy lately and haven't really been coming onto the site very much at all. I apologize. It won't take so long next time. ;) Ah, the chapter with the court scene that I've been dying to read! I really loved it, but I wasn't drawn into the chapter at all until about the time Lexi began to speak again.

SECTION 1!!! Lol, I love that the Americans use pigeons for postage use and such. Rats with wings! HA! I could just see the little pigeon staggering on the deck, its litte black eyes swirling! Poor thing. I happen to like pigeons actually. More like I've always wanted to run through a huge flock of them and make them all fly away. The geese here just hiss at me when I try to do that...Anyways, I love that you brought the extendable ears back. I don't think I've seen those in awhile. I really liked how Lexi just took it and threw it at Harry and Ron too. A simple action and yet it spoke thousands of words. Ron, being the undeniable git he is, didn't feel much except for stubborn angry trying to defend himself. You stuck to that character trait of him and it was refreshing to see that again. And I really enjoyed how Harry really did feel bad. Lol, at least he has a heart. ;)

SECTION 2!!! Lol, I loved this part. Just the first couple of paragraphs when you were decribing how Lexi looked as if she wanted to stab them! HAHA!! I loved that! HALLEJUAH!!!!! Lexi has finally slowed the intake of alcohal! *punches fist into the air* YES!!!...I really shouldn't be celebrating, should I? And I noticed something that's going to sound really stupid but I've only just realized it. Ms. Willows...Audrey isn't married. Lol, I can't believe I never saw that before! I wonder why she isn't married...Hm, could it be the possibility that she has dedicated her life to taking care of Lexi as a sort of promise to her parents? Or is she just...not married? I'm probably over-analyzing it. I also like the explanation of mistrust with Audrey and how it ties in with Harry as well. I'm really glad that he is beginning to realize all of these things and I look forward to the time when he and Lexi are finally able to open up to eachother...If that day will EVER come! *taps foot* I was slightly disappointed that The Trio was taken away by Moody and Lupin. I really hope they come back soon though to visit Lexi. Haha, I just love having them around her...It sort of brings out a little something in all of them...With the exception of Ron, lol!

SECTION 3!!! LMAO!!!! LEXI?! In a pink, frilly dress! Now that is something! You should draw a pic of her looking in the mirror at herself all disgruntled from the embarrassing image! HAHA! I really loved that! And the pigtail threatening by dearest Audrey! Priceless! I really liked as well that Lexi turned the rum away. Atleast she had the sense enough to know not to get drunk on a day like this and I really loved that we are getting to see a more scared side of her as well! Something I'm sure she tried to bury one day a long time ago.

SECTION 4!!!! This has to be one of my fav sections of course because it is the actual trial and I praise you because you made it sound very trial like...With all the court jargon and such! Well done! A Dumbledore...Always coming to peoples rescue, but he really doesn't ever do much now that I think about it and you made me realize that when you put in there that he was a member in the Order of Merlin or whatever it's called. He is just the piece that makes it so things can happen because he is in such a high rank...I'm having trouble explaining it but I think you probably know what I mean. He may not do much but he is an important piece I suppose. Anyways, I wasn't surprised that it was Draco under the hood...I don't know why. Ah! And Lexi is talking again!!! WOOT WOOT!!! And man did she slam that anal judge! Wonderful, loved how you had her stuttering at first and then gradually getting better. I thought you did that scene very well and I love the new spin that you've taken on Draco's personality. We don't see it often but he is still human and has human feelings. I love how you've portrayed him for this story!

And of course the very last section with the verdict. *whistles* Wow. Was she ever lucky. I really thought you might let her off with something a little more harsh than just some community service. But then again, the trauma she's putting herself through and the guilt is going to last awhile so that should be a great deal enough. Anyways, great chapter! Well done and once again I'm sorry that it took so long to get to. Happy writing! ;)

Author's Response: Ah Summerfrost. How I've waited for your review. But I do understand your busy schedule. *Looks at unfinished thumbnails for art class* Anywho! I just love your breakdowns. They're so direct and easy to read!

About this chapter and all the things you pointed out, it did seem like I squeezed Dumbledore in there during the trial and have him play the omnipresent being. But if you think about it, he's always an important role to the HP series and what not. I think I was trying to take some of the attention away from him and toward only Draco and Lexi. It's true some of the things here were a tad predictable and I think the only exceptional factor to this chapter was her speaking again and the community service. But just so you know, this isn't just ANY regular community service >:). As for the law jargon placed in, it was to show my knowledge (or the lack thereof) of law terms since I had to take one semester of it as a requirement from my school. Surprisingly, I still remembered a couple. I was going to get into the statutes and everything but that would have confused everyone.

Ah, the infamous itchy, frilly pink dress... That came from personal experience (the itchy part that is). My mom bought me this dress which she made me wear to some kind of company party of hers when I was about 12. It was itchy and the pattern was just HORRIBLE! As for the picture... I'd do it but I'm too lazy :P. I threw in the pigtails just for a little chuckle. I thought it would ease up the tension for the trial. And the whole rum thing, hmm... what can I say on that? I guess I took pity on her (*GASP!* She DOES have a heart!)

Ah yes, dear ol' Ron. Where would my story be without him. Come to think of it, I put him through worser things in the later chapter (which I won't reveal here of course). Yeah, I thought it was about time the Extendable Ears came back into play when the letter came in. After all, where would this story be if they weren't spying on her? I have to put SOME kind of spice in here hehehehe.

But thanks so much for reviewing. You have no idea how much I appreciate this. And when is the next chapter of your story coming out? I've been waiting forever!

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Review #25, by SummerFrostWelcome to My Litter Box: I'm a Ferret. Aren't I?

3rd February 2006:
Mind...Control....LMAO! I loved that! Another wonderful chapter firefawn! Ah, how I missed this story. I found it sort of interesting that Malfoy regarded Hagrid by his actual name instead of insulting him somehow. Oh! And the part about him and the Quidditch match that is to occure and everything and how he'll be alone in the room...Lol, I can just see Hermione taking him down there in the stands in his cage to parade the game right in front of him while he sits in his wood shavings as girls gawk and look at him...Oh, the possibilities. I really loved this! And take your time with the next...God only knows when I'll actually get down to writing CH 21...

Author's Response: hehehe Aw Summerfrost the ideas you have given me! Wouldn't taking him to the match really be something? ^^ And I could have sworn you had 21 out! lol I'm losing my mind I think! :)

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