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Review #1, by bluehoaxWalking Alone: Walking Alone

24th November 2003:
ACK!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I'VE READ THIS STORY OVER AND OVER AND I HAVEN'T SUBMITTED A REVIEW??? *faints at self-stupidity* ahem. Anyways...this was excellent...very heartfelt *sniffsniff* I was crying so badly at the end of the first chapter...I was thinking...NO NO NO THAT CANNOT BE THE END!!!! And then I kept on checking up on it and you never updated....and then YOU ADDED ANOTHER CHAPTER...AND IT WAS JUST AS EXCELLENT AS THE FIRST!!! write beautifully, and all of your stories manage to make me either cry or get that annoying prickling behind me eyes =' ) ~~bluehoax

Author's Response: you are such a faithful reviewer, bluehoax ... and lemme tell you, i love your story "A Thousand Miles ..." it just illustrates the song beautiful!

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Review #2, by bluehoaxOne in a Million: One in a Million

11th October 2003:
I don't know how you do that. Every single one of your stories are so damn good. How do you do it? *sighs* Once again, this is FANTASTIC, even though it's not like your other stories. Loved it...especially how Harry is thinking, how it's set on the train ride to platform 9 3/4...excellent.... ahaha....HOW DO YOU DO IT??? Even when you write stories that are different from your other ones, they turn out EXCELLENT. AHAHAH....GREAT STORY, GREAT PLOT, GREAT COUPLE, GREAT EVERYTHING...heehee....oh yeah...better go now...=] ~~bluehoax

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Review #3, by bluehoaxCourage: Hermione

5th October 2003:
ITS SO GOOD...very nice...Your writing is great, I love how they are in different people's views... Great story, is there going to be more??? ~~bluehoax

Author's Response: I think there might be more, I am just not sure, I don't want to beat the idea to death with a stick, because then it will just not be very good writing...

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Review #4, by bluehoaxCourage: Neville

27th September 2003:
This is great! I love stories with Neville's POV, and this is fantastic! You portray his character really well! Good job!!!! ~~bluehoax

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Review #5, by bluehoaxWaiting...For You: Running

27th September 2003:
Ohhh....what's going to happen??? Interesting story....more moremore!! heehee... ~~bluehoax

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Review #6, by bluehoaxOne Step Closer: Draco Malfoy

27th September 2003:
aw cute.....your story's good..^^ i love Ron/Hermione stories....anyways.....great story~ ~~bluehoax

Author's Response: thnx!

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Review #7, by bluehoaxCONQUERED: Reminds me of someone

20th September 2003:
PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE SOON! i can't wait to see how this goes!!! I lvoe your concept. Please continue!! ~~bluehoax

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Review #8, by bluehoaxRed wine and Riches: One

18th September 2003:
that isn't the end is it??? Please continue!! This is great! ~~bluehoax

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Review #9, by bluehoaxImpossible: The Way It Should Be

17th September 2003:
This is great! Why didn't anyone review before???? Fantastic story. You're a really great writer....please continue! ~~bluehoax

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Review #10, by bluehoaxFlying Without Wings: A Trip To The Forbbiden Forest

15th September 2003:
what???? WHAT HAPPENED???? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! *heh* don't mind me...please update quick!!!

Author's Response: hehe...did you like it? i did...very weird and fun to make...i like the centaur dude..i like his name

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