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Review #1, by kalliopi lilyInbred: The Veela Enigma

17th January 2006:
i love it! each chapter u write keeps getting funnier! cant wait for the next one so update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you veyr much, I am very pleased to know it continues to amuse.

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Review #2, by kalliopi lilyThe Baby Project: Civilty

6th January 2006:
i love it! ya know we dnt hav this kinda thing in england...i think it would be a bit of a disaster tho. lol update soon!

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Review #3, by kalliopi lilyCome What May: Tying Bows and Breaking Ties

19th September 2005:
LUV IT! i really like this stroy and the last one, so keep up the good work!! update asap, your realy great! xx

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Review #4, by kalliopi lilyThe Day that all were lost: its over

16th May 2005:
~ah hw sad! i like ur ending, good work. xx~

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Review #5, by kalliopi lilyAppearances Can Be Decieving: The End of it All

12th May 2005:
~i luv it!! gr8 story which was rly well written, wel done! Shame about draco tho...he's to cute to dissapear! Unless he reappears in my house (hey its gota b sumwhere)-one can only dream....~

Author's Response: glad u liked it and thought it was well written :) makes me smile! too late, i have him handcuffed to my bed as i type.....................................i wish.

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Review #6, by kalliopi lilyThe One True Heir of Slytherin: Chapter One. Amulet of the Serpent's Eye

25th April 2005:
~aahhh suspense-filled cliff hanger!! damn u!! update soon, i luvd ur last stroy n i bet dis will b just as good! xx~

Author's Response: I hope so too! No idea how this is going to end!

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Review #7, by kalliopi lilyHeart-Talk: Heart-Talk

19th April 2005:
~ahhhhhhhhhh. dnt u jst wish 4 1 minute that the whole voldemort thing ddnt happen, n den it was all happy families? lol~

Author's Response: yes i do!

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Review #8, by kalliopi lilyShifting Hearts: Re-adjusting

14th April 2005:
hmm.. nt sure that lucious would approve. lol xx

Author's Response: yeh buts screw Lucius, poor Harry deserves to be happy

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Review #9, by kalliopi lilyHistory - Retold: Chapter Eight. With or Without You

14th April 2005:
i luv it so much! uv got a rly gr8 style bt also a gr8 stroyline!! try n update soon!xx

Author's Response: I put another chappie in with this one... will be up soon I hope... I think tomorrow or the next day... thankyou so very much for your review

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Review #10, by kalliopi lilyColubra, Eye of the serpent: Night time stroll

12th April 2005:
i rly like it! bt dracos rly scary aint he? update soon i like where its goin! xx

Author's Response: ok I will update soon thanks

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Review #11, by kalliopi lilyWhat if this was all a dream, would that make it any less real?: Harry Potter - Madman?

6th April 2005:
...scary thought.

Author's Response: erm, thanks....i think?

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Review #12, by kalliopi lilyPotter's Charm: Parts Undone

6th April 2005:
~i luv it! please update soon its gr8~

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Review #13, by kalliopi lilySwitching with Sirius: Over-Bloody-Whelming

3rd April 2005:
happy birthday!!! (I hope i havnt missd it) lol, gr8 chapter i love this story!

Author's Response: thanks! glad you liked the chapter, and this story!! *hugs kalliopi lily*

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Review #14, by kalliopi lilyI love...who?: I can see clearly now (sort of)

30th March 2005:
haha i luv urs stories ur so funny! (bit crazy too bt in a good way) keep writing ur evil genius book as i love that as well!!

Author's Response: Glad you love them - I'll keep going with my evil handbook definitely - and if you really like what I write, I have 6 stories up at!

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Review #15, by kalliopi lilyEvil Villainy for Dummies: Your Evil Plan

30th March 2005:
~nice work, i love this chapter as much as the last! ur an evil genius~

Author's Response: An evil genuis? Me? *tear* I'm touched.

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Review #16, by kalliopi lilyTime Will Tell: The Sharing of Thoughts, Dreams, and Desires

28th March 2005:
omg i luv ur story so much !!!! update soon, this is amazing!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! Im actually going to throw another chapter into limbo right now. Keep aware! -Colbert

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Review #17, by kalliopi lilyEvil Villainy for Dummies: Evil Etiquette

23rd March 2005:
omg dis is such a gr8 fic!! ur so funi n i luv it *adds 2 favorites* keep up wiv the good work cos ur a genius!!! xx lily xx

Author's Response: Thank you! Apparently you're not much of a speller though...

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Review #18, by kalliopi lilySwitching with Sirius: Feelings, Realizations, and Important Conversations

23rd March 2005:
this is such a gr8 story! i rly love it so keep up the gd work!

Author's Response: awww thanks so much! I shall keep it up dont worry, lol. *hugs kalliopi lily*

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Review #19, by kalliopi lilyA Letter To My Best Friend: A Letter To My Best Friend

21st March 2005:
i love it!!! its so sad that harry died it nearly made me cry!!! well done its great!

Author's Response: Yeah!!!! You are the first to review. Glad you like it.

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Review #20, by kalliopi lilyThe Red Pepper Rebellion.: The Red Pepper Rebellion

15th March 2005:
i luv it!!! ur an amazin author n dis was rly funi!! keep up the good work!!

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