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Review #1, by ForgivenessIs it enough?: Wow that was lightning quick..Go Chapter 15!!!

18th June 2006:
ahhhhhhhhh!! that was blooming awesome plz update soon-cnt wait!!!!

Author's Response: well i hope that was a good scream? i think to summarise what everyone is sayiing I"LL TRY and update

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Review #2, by ForgivenessIs it enough?: The sequel to chapter 6

18th June 2006:
i have taken ure advice and am going to give you a weather update from england, its raining (what a surprise) ure story is fab and im off to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: weather update from Australia. Sunny yet cold. thanx xxoo ash

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Review #3, by ForgivenessCan time heal?: chapter five

10th January 2006:
wow! i really like this story its fab, you're doing a great job. Please update soon!

Author's Response: hey, thanks ill be updating by the end of next week definatly!!

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Review #4, by Forgivenessbike scene: oneshot

8th November 2005:
this was pretty good, well done

Author's Response: thank you, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Review #5, by ForgivenessIt Isn't Love Unless It Hurts: To Be Left Hanging

8th November 2005:
lol that was a great chapter! about the whole finishing this story before its finished thing i think you should do whatever you thinks best, ill go with whatever you think!

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Review #6, by ForgivenessAfter Years: Beginnings

2nd November 2005:
This is pretty good so far, it sounds like it could get interesting. Keep going with it because I want to know more. Great job so far!!!

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Review #7, by ForgivenessFinding Out How: Birthday

31st October 2005:
that was areally really good story, i think where you left it was a great place to leave it and i support you with the whole "no sequel" thing. I'm not sure where you could go with a sequel. You did a great job on this and i'm off now to read your other stories! Keep writing, you're a great author and thank you for entertaining me for a few days!

Author's Response: you're welcome. thanks for enjoying it.

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Review #8, by ForgivenessWhisper: Busted

31st October 2005:
wow! this is good, i can't wait to find out what happens next. Keep going you're doing great and update soon

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Review #9, by ForgivenessDaddy: Hexed

23rd October 2005:
oh my god, that chapter was so good, it was really really realistic. You are doing a really great job with this story-keep goind and happy birthday for the 29th!

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Review #10, by ForgivenessWhat Are You Waiting For?: Chapter Eighteen: The Woes of Cho Chang

22nd October 2005:
come on! you can't just stop it there. The suspense is killing me. I've just read the entire thing all the way through and i'm loving it! rock on! and update soon

Author's Response: yay new readers are great! lol next chapter goes up tonight, so hopefully it will be validated asap

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Review #11, by ForgivenessRunning Away Brought Me Home: Can Stay

29th September 2005:
o my god tht was seriously good i lvd it plz plz plz update soon

Author's Response: Thanks sooo much!

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Review #12, by ForgivenessLearning from a Little Malfoy: Elle's Kidnapper!

22nd September 2005:
tht was realy realy gd plz update soon!

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Review #13, by ForgivenessTwo to Tango: Graduation

9th September 2005:
ive just read the entire thing and it was freekin amazing, im off to read the sequel

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Review #14, by ForgivenessChange Your Mind: Change Your Mind

2nd September 2005:
this was really good, i really really liked it you should write some others soon. I'd be the first one to read them

Author's Response: Thank you! You are too kind! I am working on a couple of things.... hopefully they will be up soon... have any suggestions on what you would like to see??

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Review #15, by ForgivenessHarry Potter and the Gift from the Gypsy: Did you Even Ask?

30th August 2005:
this is soo good, i love it! its going straight on my favourites. Update soon!

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Review #16, by ForgivenessWar of Hate, Love, and Compassion: Getting Caught

29th August 2005:
Hi, you reviewed my story so i thought id review yours. I think its really good from what ive read so far, its straight to the point and im going to go now and read the rest of it

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for reviewing it! Yeah, although it's straight to the point but I think I'll add in more detail later. Key word: later. Lol, enjoy the rest of it!

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Review #17, by Forgivenessnew found feelings: a new Ginny?

28th August 2005:
i like it, it has good potential, it's not crap.

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Review #18, by ForgivenessVictim of a Circumstance: Coming Home

26th August 2005:
i love happy endings and i dont think that you were meanwhen u answered your reviews

Author's Response: thank you very much, but there is still another chapter and an epilogue. read on if you please once i get them up

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Review #19, by ForgivenessLearning from a Little Malfoy: Ransom

22nd August 2005:
NO! CAN'T BELIEVE ELLE'S GONE.This story is sooooooo awesome though, i luv it. Cant wait for the next chapter !!!

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Review #20, by ForgivenessFragile Heart: Fragile Heart

15th August 2005:
it was great nothing was missing i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #21, by ForgivenessReflections (or No More Than A Memory): Changes

12th August 2005:
i luved this story so much

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. :)

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Review #22, by ForgivenessVictim of a Circumstance: Temptations and Revelations

12th August 2005:
i luv this story pllz update soon

Author's Response: thanks. mon or tues.

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Review #23, by ForgivenessAngels: Angels

19th July 2005:
I really loved this story but can i just say that Angels is by Robbie Williams not Jessica Simpson

Author's Response: thanks, well I used to one that was by Jessica simpson b/c she did sing it.

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Review #24, by ForgivenessVictim of a Circumstance: A Glimpse of the Future

12th July 2005:
plz plz plz update soon i luv this story!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: wed.

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Review #25, by ForgivenessUnexpected: If You Leave

25th June 2005:
i luvd this story it is so oooo gud plz write a sequel

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