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Review #1, by Nina_wife_of _FresJoining The Bloodlines: Tonight

11th January 2006:
Well hello there chick, I was just browsing the recently added page and this came up and I squealed .... literally, I'm surprised my mother didn't come in to see what was happenening lol.

This was a great chapter as always .... I liked how you wrote about the three of them seperately, letting us know their inividual experiences of the events of the night.

So, does this mean that we will be able to see your ingenious way of skipping a few years soon? I'm looking forward to seeing how you do that =P

Anywho, loved the chapter. Take care and while I want to read the next chapter badly, don't neglect your work on my account. =D Love ya huny xx

Author's Response: Hello missy. I was going to let you know i was updated but alas I forgot. Sorry! I'm glad you liked it. I havn't written a chapter focusing on just one character for a while, and I really enjoy getting into depth about emotions and such. But I couldn't decide which to focus on so thought I'd do all three. lol
Indeed it does miss- the chapter in question will be the one after the next one. I'm really looking forward to writing it, i've never done anything like it so it's going to be a challenge. I've got an essay due for contextual studies this week but I shall be beginning work on the next chapter as soon as that's done. Chapter 17 is one of the chapters I've been most looking forward to writing, so I'm really excited about starting it. Damn coursework! lol, thanks for your review, speak to you soon. Love Jessica xx

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Review #2, by Nina_wife_of _FresMagic Works: Magic Works

3rd January 2006:
Hey Kim, firstly, sorry it took so long.... what with computer issues and trying to see my friends while they are home I haven't really had lots of time for my beloved HPFF. Seconldy, congrats on finishing a songfic... I remember you telling me that they were difficult for you. Next, well done, I loved this =D you captured Cedric and Cho brilliantly. Its great that you used a song from the soundtrack as well, makes it feel like the Yule Ball =D and it makes me feel really sad to think how their relationship is cut short. Also, Woot I got a mention... It was no problem, glad I could help out.

Author's Response: No problemo Nina, better late then never :D I'm just glad you read it and that you actually liked it :) Thanks btw, for the help with this one. And yaay, I'm proud of myself for actually finishing a songfic :D

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Review #3, by Nina_wife_of _FresJoining The Bloodlines: I'm Ready

30th December 2005:
for some random reason my review ended up in chapter one..... so yeah, just thought I'd let you know =D

Author's Response: lol, how wierd. Jessica xxx

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Review #4, by Nina_wife_of _FresJoining The Bloodlines: Two Muggles And A Child

30th December 2005:
I'm here ... I have returned for the evil land of computerlessness ... lol. I know I told you already but I loved this chapter it was most definately worth the wait =D and even though the birthday wishes were a little late, I don't mind because I'm still grateful for them..... it makes me fell like its my birthday all over again =P. I hope you had a great Christmas and that Santa Christmas brought you nice things. Happy New Year (don't get too drunk tomorrow night) and take your time with the next one ... don't let people pressure you into writing it if you don't feel like it just yet =D

I look forward to what you have in store for us, take care love and hugs NIna xx

Author's Response: Yay! I'm so excited to hear from you miss, I was itching to know what you thought of the birthdayness. Sorry it was so late, I started it weeks before in the hopes of finishing on time but alas.... I thought you deserved them as you've been so great since I started writing on here! Luff ooo my hp myspace chum! Christmas was ok, I am somewhat a bah humbug and dread it but this year was really nice. Santa brought me a fridge for my room! Yay! Santa is my new best friend! Happy new year to you too, i can't be with the drinking mind as I am in at work in the demon which is sainsbury's bakery at 6.30am new years day! eek!
chapter 16 s in the process of being completed this very night so I'm hoping to upload it when submissions open again on the 3rd. so eek!
Thanks again and Take care, Jessica xx

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Review #5, by Nina_wife_of _FresJoining The Bloodlines: Two Muggles And A Child

28th November 2005:
Ok, I know we are not meant to chat in reviews ..... and tecnically I'm not, I'm just helping an author out, so here I go.

Guys seriously give the girl a break, its her 1st semester of University and she is swamped with work. I know you want to read more and to be truthful so do I, but can't you be paitent? She is working on the next chapter and you wouldn't want her the throw out a rubbish chapter just because she is being nagged now, would you?

Anyway enough said. Jess huny, still love the story and I know you are trying your best to give us a new chapter, so take care and don't over work yourself =D

Author's Response: Nina, I don't know what to say. :Wells up: thank you sweetie. I am trying my best to get the chapter out and I fully intend to make sure it's as close to perfect as I can get, no matter how long it takes (which won't be much longer). Seriously I do understand it people; I know how frustrating it can be when you're enjoying a story and it takes ages for an author to get a new chapter out. But please try to be patient there's a lot going on in my life at the moment, and I really am doing my best. Love you all (especially you miss Nina) Jessica x

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Review #6, by Nina_wife_of _Fresthe present: Ten Years' Time

24th November 2005:
Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love your take on Sirius. You write him brilliantly, as both a child and an adult. This is an intriguing story Linda, you leave me curious to find out more. I’m really looking forward to where you take this story .

Author's Response: Thanks, nina. This was one of those plot bunnies that came from no where and I hope I'm able to pull it off alright. I'm glad Sirius is true to my version of him..I was worried about being able to do a longer length story that included both him and the "younger" generation of characters.

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Review #7, by Nina_wife_of _FresShades Of Grey: Chapter 4: Dinner Party

23rd November 2005:
Well huny, I have told you I like this chapter ..... but I wanted to tell you again ... coz its great. So there you go, i've told you....and know I'm going =D lol

Author's Response: yay nina, thanks for telling me again, so now everybody that come onto here knows that you liked it! thanks for taking the time to do it again! and i'm glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #8, by Nina_wife_of _FresShades Of Grey: Chapter 3: The Good Cause

14th November 2005:
Oooo, great chapters Lisa. This is really interesting =D It didn't occur to me about the Legilimens thing, and how if Fred and George were there hearing the conversations then Voldemort would know what had been said. I'm not sure ehy that didn't register until you mentioned it ....... Anyway, there were a few typos, missed letters and such in this chapter and the one before, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. Curse my wretched memory. If you'd like I could go over it another time and write them down, then email them to you or something. I'm really looking forward to reading more. NIna x

Author's Response: so... you'd be like my beta? *lol* ya.... i have said so before and will do it for ever: i am the typo queen... no, the typo emperor! i am the master of misspelling! lol i just think too fast for me to try and write just as fast.... i am so glad you liked this story and i'd love to have look over my stuff! pm me with your e-mail adress if you want to, k? thanks a lot for reviewing!!

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Review #9, by Nina_wife_of _FresShades Of Grey: Chapter 1: Family

14th November 2005:
Hey Lisa, I didn't know which one to read 1st, this one or the OOYR one. I spent ages agonising over it, honestly lol. But in the end I decided to read this one, because well its about the twins and I ♥ the twins =D. This was a good start, and I'm right the wondering with everyone, what are they up to? Well, off to read the 2nd chapter =D Nina x

Author's Response: yay! you're gonna read both? this one isn't actually as good as DA, but i'm glad you still like it... lol, there will be an update every week, that's my quota.. updates for "grey" "DA" and "eckeltricity" every week.... we'll see if i can keep it up... thanks a lot for reviewing!

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Review #10, by Nina_wife_of _FresIn Her Heart: Chapter 14: Better Days

12th November 2005:
Hey Amy, I'm so slow, I didn't even notice the update until just now *hangs head in shame* but it was a brilliant chapter, so emotional. my eyes are all watery and such. You did a brilliant job I loved it =D love and hugs Nina xx

Author's Response: It's ok Nina, i'm kinda slow updating lol. Glad you liked it, atleast it's still a good story. Thanks so much for all your support!~Amy

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Review #11, by Nina_wife_of _FresA Date With Death: A Date With Death

31st October 2005:
LOL Luna that was awesome .. I really can imagine her exausting death like that .... she's an interesting character, that Luna Lovegood lol. I loved this deary brill job .....

Author's Response: Yay, Nina! *Huggles.* She's facinating-- I should write an essay based on me-- her ... I right, I already did! I'm so pleased you liked this! Thankies, Luna.

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Review #12, by Nina_wife_of _FresLet's Take A Ride: Let's Take A Ride

31st October 2005:
Hey that was great... extremely cute and well done since from looking at your author's page you don't really write canon romance lol... but then thats the whole point of the OOYR challenge ~ isn't it lol. I liked it very much =D

Author's Response: ^___^ Thank you! I'm so glad I achieved my goal. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #13, by Nina_wife_of _FresLost: Wake up

30th October 2005:
Hey dearie =D I can't remember if I told you I liked this ... but I really did! It was a great idea. Nina

Author's Response: Thanx i like it to just the mood i was in at the time. i actually really like it its one of my favs

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Review #14, by Nina_wife_of _FresOne Sweet Day: The Only Way

27th October 2005:
Awww that was such a cute ending to the chapter .....I hope Draco doesn't die .. I don't like him normally but I do in this story so I don't want you to kill him off ... though I don't think you will coz I know you like him 2 =D ARGH 1 more chapter ...... go write it now I NEED to read it .... I NEED to ... you know I'm not joking ......... love you muchly chick. Chat to ya soon

Author's Response: Yaay, thanks Nina!! :D I love your reviews =) Hehe, I will update as soon as I possibly can ;)

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Review #15, by Nina_wife_of _FresBring Me To Life: Insomnia.

24th October 2005:
wow .. that was an awesome chapter Kim =D I'm sorry it took so much work to get it validated .... but this version is good ... what on earth did you put in the others to make them reject it so many times lol.

Looking forward to the next chapter =D congrats on the job btw .. I can't remember if I congratulated you the last time we spoke lol ... my memory sucks *hangs head in shame* love and hugs Nina xx
P.S ... OMG BSB 2mz lol

Author's Response: What I put in the other version wasn't at all bad according to myself, it's nothing 'more bad' then in the previous chapters... but ok. I kinda like this version too! Hehe :D Glad you liked it. And OMG! Have you seen BSB yet?!?!?! *falls off chair*

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Review #16, by Nina_wife_of _FresThe Edge of Light: Nargles anyone?

20th October 2005:
“Or the self absorbed brat from hell,” he mumbled with a small grin. That line just made me laugh =D

Wow you write Narcissa so well, she really is so self obsessed...but she is loyal to family and you can tell she cares Sirius.

Haha those Nargles were a great touch though .. wreaking havoc on the party ...

You say you lost readers but I really can't understand why, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter =D

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #17, by Nina_wife_of _FresThe Edge of Light: Regulus' Heartbreak

19th October 2005:
Something I noticed, when you say "Unable to could stop himself"I'm not entirely sure this is what you meant to write ... did you by any chance mean to write either unable to stop himself, or before he could stop himself? Trust me its something I do constantly when my brain is working to fast fo my hands so I type a mixture of 2 sentances.

I liked the interaction between Sirius and Cissy, very 'normal' if you get my point. Oh and don't you just want to punch Lucius and his smugness!!! Grrr!! And what is this Regulus drinking? ......

well this chapter was great, but I find it kinda scary that Sirius is noticing Cat in the way he did … that prob has more to do with me imagining the 10/11-year-old boys that I know noticing girls in that way …… it seems strange to be because the are still babies in my eyes which I know they would kill me for saying but still .... what they don't know won't hurt them)lol…… off to the next chapter and then I shall be all caught up =D

Author's Response: That is exactly what happened...stupid brain cells. Thanks for pointing it out and I'll get it fixed as soon as I can. Thanks for mentioning Sirius and Cissy...I got frightened there for a minute that I had unintentional done something there (if you get MY point ;) ). Drinking isn't normal for Regulus. This is a very odd thing for him which will be talked about in an upcoming chapter. I agree about them seeming like babies in our eyes but, you know what? It's sadly realistic on that point. I've checked around to make sure when things like that do start happening and unfortunately he's the right age. Rather scary thought, isn't it? Thanks, nina, I appreciate you reading through them and giving me your honest thoughts on each chapter. It really does help me and I appreciate it tremendously.

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Review #18, by Nina_wife_of _FresThe Edge of Light: Hogwarts: Semester One

19th October 2005:
They really are grown up for 11. I like Lily though, you write her the way I imagine her (rather Hermoneish-not an exact replicar.. just the same sort of person) I'm really glad I found time to read this story again it is brilliant =D at the moment I'm wondering what this adventure is going to be ..... so I'm off to read the next chapter

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #19, by Nina_wife_of _FresThe Edge of Light: Still A Boy

19th October 2005:
see thats your fault .. you got me all emotional and I can't type properly ... that was meant to be crying not vrying

Author's Response: lol! Thanks nina :)

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Review #20, by Nina_wife_of _FresThe Edge of Light: Still A Boy

19th October 2005:
There he is ... the kid within .... I felt so bad for him. Acting so strong fighting off the sympathy but being so young its impossible to do that for ever. I honestly felt like vrying along with him

Author's Response: That is probably the best way I've ever heard it explained. That is exactly what I was going for there. Thanks so much for noticing and understanding. It means more than I could ever explain.

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Review #21, by Nina_wife_of _FresThe Edge of Light: Lost Freedom

18th October 2005:
My only complaint is that in the UK its not fall its Autumn. Other than that this was another brilliant chapter. The last paragraph was well done, and I liked how you made Sirius call on memories of his mother when he was trying to comfort Cat, personally I've never been able to imagine Mrs Black as a very comforting person but you managed give her motherly qualites. =D

Author's Response: I had no idea about that...thanks so much for pointing that out! I have to believe that at some point she was motherly, its just impossible for me to believe anything but. She will, though, come to be her nasty self as time wears on. I promise!

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Review #22, by Nina_wife_of _FresThe Edge of Light: Carnivale

18th October 2005:
i liked this chapter Linda, =D although mature for his age Sirius is still a boy made obvious by some of his reactions like for example "Sirius nodded, wishing frantically that his uncle wasn’t leaving him alone again with this sobbing mushy stranger" that is the reaction I can see any 10 year old having ... in fact I can tell you that my brother (who is 10)on many occasions flinches when I hug him - just becasue I'm a girl lol. Great job =D

Author's Response: Thanks, nina. He will appear really old in this story but its the little things (like what you mentioned) that key you in and remind you of his real age. Heso desperately wants to grow up and stay a kid at the same time that it conflicts in his actions and emotions. Sometimes its easy to overlook these little things I've stuck in there so I am always exicited to read when someone notices them. Thank you so much for everything!

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Review #23, by Nina_wife_of _FresNot mine Ours: Diarys, Meeting Malfoy, and funny A/Ns

17th October 2005:
they are a bit short ... but I suppose I can forgive you since you have a little sister who destroyed your plans lol I can't believe Ginny didn't realise that wasn't her daughter .... tut tut Ginny - lol ok I know Pansy used Polyjuice I was just being silly =D I hope you update soon Nina

Author's Response: I wil lol and by the way for the record my little sister really did ruin my plans. So I really am going of my memory which really isnt good because I have all my story ideas and all the plots from all the storys i read stuck in my head lol

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Review #24, by Nina_wife_of _FresAdara Still Means Virgin: Is it Fitting?

16th October 2005:
cool ... i liked it =D looking forward to the next one

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #25, by Nina_wife_of _FresOne Sweet Day: Reunions

13th October 2005:
YAY they are all ok =D .... but there is still one chapter left ... what are you going to do Kim? what are you going to do? OMG I so can't wait to read chapter 40!!! Hurry up and write it!!! writ it now woman .. I'm serious ... why are you still reading this review ... GO WRITE CHAPTER 40!!!! LOL jk sweetie =D take your time ... but don't take to long coz you know I'll go CRAZY

*brain pulls silly face at Nina* ..... what do you mean ... go crazy .... psh..... you've been crazy for years woman!

*Nina pokes tongue out at her brain* ...... bovvered brain, do I even look bovvered though?

lol do you see what you've done to me .....?

Author's Response: There's two chapters left, have I said somewhere that it's only going to be 40 chapters? Maybe I've said so... Oh well, there'll be 41 ;) Sorry about causing a war between you and your brain :S Haha.

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