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Review #1, by FenrirGreybackConfronting Temptation: Stay

27th October 2013:
Allow me to say what I think everyone's thinking... THEY'RE TOGETHER AT LAST! And no heart-wrenching goodbyes or anything!... Well... there was kind of, but who cares!!!

I've loved your story since I first started reading Fighting Temptation via the random story button! I was, am, and probably will stay hooked, so great job - awesome story!


Author's Response: So glad that you liked it, they still have a little ways more to come, but i'm glad that they are finally together too, because now I get to write them together, which makes me happy. Anyways, thank you so much for the review, and i'll have an update soon.

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Review #2, by FenrirGreybackInnocent: Harry Evans

26th October 2013:

You've incorporated Hermione brilliantly - I actually did an awkward little happy-dance when she sat down next to Harry!

Anyway, back to the refresh button for me, back to writing chapters that make other stories almost seem dull for you!


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Review #3, by FenrirGreybackThe Founders Four: The Fight

21st October 2013:
Great chapter, love the rustic feel of it!


Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it :)

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Review #4, by FenrirGreybackThe Founders Four: Godric Gryffindor

21st October 2013:
I really like the way you 'paint the picture' so far, I'm hooked...


Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #5, by FenrirGreybackThe Ties that Bind: Interlude

4th October 2013:
Awesome story!!!

When are you updating again?!?!


Author's Response: The next chapter is just waiting validation. Thanks again for all your help!

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Review #6, by FenrirGreybackTo Be The Last Standing...: A Month

29th August 2013:
First off: Oh my goodness, what a chapter!

I only stumbled across your story a few days ago, and let me tell you - it's been a rush from start up until now!
Love the way you encorporate all of the characters, love your storyline, LOVE EVERYTHING. to be perfectly honest!

I noticed you updated quite a while ago, so I'm begging you to please not let this story fall through the cracks - it has quickly become one of my absolute favorites, and I desperately need it to NOT STOP. EVER. :p

Your new faithful fan,

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Review #7, by FenrirGreyback19 Years: Year 3: Forgiveness

25th August 2013:
Absolutely loved the chapter!

The dinner with Percy and Audrey was my favorite part - especially since you don't write them with the overpowered 'neat freak' personalities most writers tend to shove down your throat! (Thanks for the refreshing change!)

Only thing that bothered me a little was that Ron and Hermione didn't kiss on New Year's (especially considering that they made up after such a childish fight) - but even that only bothered me a TINY bit.

Absolutely adore your story and of course that way you interpret the characters! So please update soon!


Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked it!

I can understand why people write Percy and Audrey like that, and in my mind, they might be a little boring and stuck up, but I still think they're tolerable. I think the war changed Percy, and that he wouldn't go for the most pompous woman in the world after that ;)

You're right, maybe Ron and Hermione should have kissed. I can assure you that they did later, any way :)

Honestly, your kind words make me so, so happy! Thank you so much! And I'll definitely update as soon as possible!

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Review #8, by FenrirGreybackThe Ties that Bind: The Ties that We Ignore

23rd August 2013:
This must've been my favorite chapter out of all of them! You incorporated Arthur brilliantly, PLEASE update soon!!!

Author's Response: You're my 100th!! Thank you so, so much! And another chapter is on it's way, I promise!

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Review #9, by FenrirGreybackBeyond the Veil : Deals with Horsemen

21st August 2013:
I absolutely love your story!!! Please please please update soon???


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Review #10, by FenrirGreybackThe Ties that Bind: The Ties that Enchant

21st August 2013:
I really liked this chapter!
It was fun to take a spin from Ginny's POV, though Severus has never been one of my favorites - I enjoyed them both equally!!!

Can't wait to see what happens next, so please please please update SOOON!!?!?!?!?


PS: Do you update at regular intervals? If so, when do you update? (I check every day... *blushing*)

Author's Response: I am trying to be more regular. Real life is making it hard, but I normally have been updating every 2 weeks or so. But all the reviews are making me work faster! I'll try to do better. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by FenrirGreybackInnocent: Guilty Hearts

15th August 2013:
YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Sorry about that, but Sirius is one of my favorites, and I think that's why I love your story as much as I do!!!

Pettigrew FINALLY got what he deserved!!! (The original canon went a little easy on him, if you ask me, so shipping him off to Azkaban settles the score nicely.

When Harry was crying and hugging Sirius after the whole ordeal, it almost broke my heart - I mean can you imagine hearing somebody talking about your parents and how he planned to help kill them???
But then when Harry refused to let Sirius carry him, it lightened the mood, so you balanced everything out perfectly! I absolutely ADORE the dynamic between Sirius, Remus and Harry - you've sketched everything out beautifully!

Well, once again you've doomed me to a week of hitting 'refresh', :p, but when the rewards are as brilliant as your last few chapters, I don't mind AT ALL!!!


Author's Response: Haha, yes, he is, finally! :D
I like Sirius too, haha. :P Aww. :D
He did! :D Peter's got a rough few years ahead of him, that's for sure!
I think it was a combination of him being tired, hearing Peter, and also the fact that he had no idea what he'd done with the Life-Debt (which was probably incredibly scary). :S Haha, yes, Harry's still a bit to conscious of what people think to let something like that happen. :P They're like a real family. :)
Haha, well, the next chapter's up now, if that helps... :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by FenrirGreybackBattle of Hogwarts: the Cost of Victory: Sticking Together

10th August 2013:
Love your story!!! Don't ever stop writing!!!
I hope the next chapter is up soon (I literally check every day :p)


Author's Response: Thanks, I promise I won't! I posted the next chapter today, so look for it to be up soon!

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Review #13, by FenrirGreybackInnocent: The Witnesses

10th August 2013:
I'm always sad when I finish reading your new chapters - mostly because I realize that it'll be ANOTHER week before I get to read one!!!

You're a genius and I hope that one day my stories will resemble (if only in the smallest way) the amazeballs-ness of yours!!!

Don't ever stop this story!!! (LOLZ, even though I know you update every Wednesday now, I still check every single day if you've maybe surprised us with a 'quicky')

Love love love love love it, just hope a certain rat gets what's coming to it, if you know what I mean. *caughPettigrewcough*

Dolores, as always, has earned a place on my dartboard simply for... I don't know... being there? The woman is infuriating, always has been, so I think it's safe to say that I wouldn't mind if something (oh I don't know, a piano?) were to surprise her on her way home.

Anyway, I'm going to stop my drooling now, and start hitting the 'refresh' button, so PLEASE update SOON!!!


Author's Response: I'm sorry. :P
Aww, haha. :P It's just practice, really. :)
I've had a few quicker updates lately - it really depends on how easy the chapter is to write. This week's is quite difficult, so I doubt it'll be early, sorry, but I prefer updating on Sundays, so I'll probably have to do another quick update soon enough. :)
You'll just have to wait and see what happens to Peter... :P
Haha, I don't like her at all, frankly. :P A piano strikes me as a wonderful idea, but with Greyback so recently dead... well, I can't be killing off all of my evilies at once, can I? She'll get hers in due time, though, haha. :P
Check on Wednesday. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #14, by FenrirGreybackThe Ties that Bind: The Ties that Reveal

4th August 2013:
Really love your story,
It's a game-changer and I do hope you keep writing it!
Please please please update soon?!?!?!?

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the queue! I hope you'll let me know what you think.

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Review #15, by FenrirGreybackInnocent: Falling Apart

2nd August 2013:
Loved this chapter, love your story, love love love love it ALL!!!
PLEASE let Pettigrew get what's coming to him? Sirius doesn't deserve Azkaban!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! :D It's so wonderful to hear you're enjoying it! :D
Perhaps... No, he doesn't, but that didn't stop anything the first time around. :S
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #16, by FenrirGreybackInnocent: The Snake Pit

14th July 2013:
Great chapter, amazing story!!!
Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! :) I'm glad you're enjoying it. :D
The next chapter will be up next week. :)
Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #17, by FenrirGreyback19 Years: Year 2: May 2nd, 2000

3rd July 2013:
Once again you leave me at a loss for words. LOVE LOVE LOVE your story!

No Wood in the chapter though? (Not that I minded it much, but I'm curious) Which leads me to the question: What happened there?


PS: The girl form Harry's bedroom? (WHO WAS SHE?)


Author's Response: Oh my God. I'm speechless too - thank you SO MUCH!!! :D :D

Nope, Wood didn't celebrate the anniversary with the Weasleys. Most of them don't know about him and Ginny yet, plus, I think he wanted to be with his own family :)

We WILL find out more about her eventually ;)

Due to the summer break, the next chapter will probably be up next week :)

Thank you so much for your lovely review!

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Review #18, by FenrirGreybackThe Joker and Her: Epilogue

29th June 2013:
LOVE your story! Please don't EVER stop writing!

Author's Response: :D Thank you so much! Dont worry, I wont!

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Review #19, by FenrirGreybackGeorge and Oliver Sitting in a Tree...: Epilogue

26th June 2013:
Hi D.K,
I'm writing my own story, and I wanted to ask you if it would be OK if I used the gay George and Oliver in it?

I loved your story, and just so you know, mine won't be centered around them!


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Review #20, by FenrirGreybackConfronting Temptation: For the Night

24th June 2013:
Great chapter!
The whole Rex thing put a nice spin on the story, I'm interested to know more about Scorp's ex-fiance, though!

Author's Response: Thank you, the next chapter will give a lot of information, not all necessarily about Scorpius' Fiance, but still. I should have an update coming this weekend. Thank you again for the review.

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Review #21, by FenrirGreyback19 Years: Year 2: St. Mungo's

20th June 2013:
ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR STORY!!! All of the suspense of waiting to find out why Harry can't remember how the woman got into his apartment is killing me, though!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HURRY WITH THE NEXT ONE!!! :p

PS: I don't think that it was Malfoy that poisoned Hermione. The bloke that walked with her to the office is kind of shifty though.


PPPS: That last paragraph broke my heart!

Author's Response: Oh, that makes me so happy!!! :) Thank you so much! I hope to get the next one finished and posted tonight :)

Interesting speculations... and don't worry, I'll never stop writing, and this is going to be a LONG story - it's supposed to be over 19 years, so how could it not be??

I'm glad that Harry's sadness/depression in that last paragraph came across.

And I'm so glad that you took the time to write this! THank you for such an enthusiastic, encouraging review, I appreciate it so much :)

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