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Review #1, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: seventeen.

26th November 2015:

oh my days, you were so right when you said that lucy weasley does not pull her punches because wow you were right you were so right and like i said to you in skype, i am both impressed and vaguely terrified by her character? just. wow

ok i know you said that you never intended for lucy to be on the story but goodness me i think she's going to be such an amazing part of it already. her character honestly springs from your writing - she's so fiercely independent and abrasive and unapologetically herself and honestly she intimidates me so much right now, not gonna lie. but then again, knowing you you're going to somehow manage to get even more deep and meaningful characterisation in with her and i will be stuck over here wailing about it to you, so. i don't know what the point of that sentence was? except she's a really well drawn character and i am so looking forward to seeing what you do with her

Most nights they left before Lucy and came home after her with a new horror story about boozed-up Ministry employees throwing tantrums because they had to wait more than two minutes for their cocktails, and managers who wouldn’t let them cut customers off even if they were falling over drunk, because they were Rich and Important.

like, i didn't want to work in hospo anyway but your descriptions of it just turned me off even more. it sounds like something straight out of a nightmare, to be quite honest

“If I find out that you have launched said investigation, you can forget about hearing from me again. Then again, I guess you have a history of putting the Ministry before your family, so I won’t be holding my breath.”

oh my days elisabeth this - this line. i cannot. i can hardly believe that she thought or dared to say this. this is kind of the line that made all your excited messages about her just click into place because yes, she deserves pretty much every title that you have give to her.

“The Ministry has no provision for teaching kids about alcohol or anything relating to personal safety when drinking, or using substances, and it’s important."

this is actually so important? and so so relevant as well. my old school didn't ever have the sex talk, at all, and that is something that is so dangerous and leads to nasty, easily preventable things, and i just feel like this is such an important thing to remind people of. once again, i am in awe of your ability to put messages like these ones in your story and pull it off so well.

ack, elisabeth, this chapter was so great and the introduction of lucy was so great and i just cannot wait to see what you do and where you go with her, so please update soon, yes?

♥ emily

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Review #2, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: sixteen.

26th November 2015:

omg hello again this is great how do you update so fast i can't believe your speed tbh

omg. so much lys development in this chapter elisabeth im so happy - well, no, i'm not that happy because what happens to him, what almost happens to him, that's terrible, but seeing more of his character was so great. it makes so much sense that there would be someone at the school who's just really uncomfortable with the tiny student body, who's more comfortable in a crowd of strangers. i'm not one of those people, but you still made lys so relatable and realistic that i could believe and understand what he was gong through even when i don't know that i would ever feel the same.

He took subjects that he did all right in, that seemed like sensible choices, that would probably be requirements at NEWT level when he finally got out into the Real World, but he didn’t care about any of them.

i feel this in my soul, and i feel like these kinds of thoughts are just becoming more and more relevant nowadays as people go through more and more education to get into the job they want. lys, u poor baby.

the face of Lucy Weasley swam into focus in front of him

i am so excited for lucy to be involved in this story elisabeth omg. and fom what you've said she plays a big part! she can stay. this girl can definitely stay, no?

"We normally cut him off"

okay so this is all my fault because i was watching the batman trilogy the other week but my first thought here was oh wow she's a vigilante, which is a cool idea but so unrealistic :P as you can tell though, i'm so excited to see what role she does end up playing in the story and u must update soon so that i can know, yes? :D

♥ emily

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Review #3, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: fifteen.

25th November 2015:

apparently it is v difficult to type while your hands have flour on them. who knew. not me, but my hands are washed and clean and typing furiously so this story has a happy ending

i love the beginning of the chapter, btw. christmas doesn't start in november, damn it people. why is everyone so obsessed with christmas

aw. leo. i love leo. you know that, but this chapter just made him so much more sympathetic to all the rest of the characters (or, the ones that weer listening to him) in the story, which is clearly the most important thing here.

essie's a lil firebomb and i love her. her opening conversation with leo - like, i want to copy and paste all that down here but i feel like the character count would break and also that wouldnt comply with the 12+ rules reviews are held to. so just go and reread that opening exchange between essie and leo and pat yourself on the back because it's super great

“There he is,” August said, and it made him feel almost wanted, almost like he had friends
LEO. you little munchkin. someone needs to squish you.

August had wanted to be a “starving artist” on the streets of Paris, enchanting local Muggles with magical portraiture; Pat had every intention of becoming a glamorous, sexy curse breaker; Maisie had plans to establish a unicorn reserve and make a living from selling tail hairs to wandmakers
these teaches are honestly so great. like, they're not in the story much, especially when compared to their students who are the focus the story, but you manage to give them little flashes of personality though single sentences like this and it's great. not to mention, these prospective careers are all fabulous.

(also, yes i did edit the quote so it would be 12+. sorry)

“I could see you doing that.”
THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. this kind of validation is always so so important and hearing it from someone who you know probably isn't saying it just to make you feel better about your life choices - bless hester. she is the unofficial hero of this story, no?

“Great man,” August said fondly. “I may be heavily critical of the hero cult that’s sprung up around him, but what a great man.”
i love this so much. i love the acknowledgement that she's a great man and the fact that august is leery of the hero cult around him, but i also love that you point out that feeling both at the same time - admiration, but criticism of the admiration around him - i love that you imply that you can feel both. this might just be a really small me thing but i loved that

ah, and leo is going to do it! take his NEWT! become an auror! im so excited to see this, elisabeth. so. excited. you need to update soon so that i have more to be excited about, yes?

♥ emily

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Review #4, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: fourteen.

23rd November 2015:

im so sad right now elisabeth ur annoying ok that is the insult from me to you and you need to stop being annoying bc otherwise you will actually move me to tears and that is unacceptable.

idk whether i feel so much for essie because you're a fantastic writer or because i feel the same way so often but it's probably a mixture of the two and elisabeth, you have hit me so much harder with essie than you have with any of your other characters. the poor wee baby. you are so cruel to your characters

i'm just - so infinitely glad that each of these lovely characters is surrounded by equally lovely people who love them and care for them and want what's best for them. honestly, hester leebs is a blessing to all her students and while i imagine that it must be considerably easier to keep up with students when there are so few of them the care that she treats them with ought to be commended. which is what im doing right now. commending her. thank u for leebs' existence, elisabeth

o m g, the way essie bargains with leebs to go see anna is so essie. you write these characters so well and i love the and they don't deserve this from you

your chapter endings are always so great. this one was no exception.

“You’re doing well. You’re a bright kid, your theory is excellent, and you’re doing really well. Remember that.”
bless hester leebs

update soon! my cinnamon rolls all need to be ok

♥ emily

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Review #5, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: thirteen.

23rd November 2015:

oh my days my feels my poor babies. your characters. how can you do this to them elisabeth how. you cruel cruel author. do you remember that post i reblogged last night? yes??? consider me hugging your characters to me now. there is nothing you can do. i have Snatched them all.

oh ma elisabeth ok first things fist im just so immensely thankful that everyone in the school is just trying so hard to help him to do what he wants and gain his own autonomy and just i'm so glad that he has so many caring and supportive people in his life because he really does need them all right now poor baby ♥ you are cruel

claire. i love her. im so glad that she exists and that shes doing so much to help her lil brother bless her soul

oh my god dave's parents. stop. elisabeth. this is so frightening because it actually happens. oh god.

“If you need me, I’ll be in the pub.”

“Which pub – ”

“The first one I find!”

bless hester. and bless her fo helping dave and standing up for him against his awful parents while also blindsiding the ministry - like, honestly, that must have been so difficult for her but she's only ever been kind and caring towards dave and bless her soul

bless essie and bless lorcan. the line that you ended on was fantastic, like always:

“Everything,” Dave said, pulling him closer and kissing him hard. “God, everything.”
i love how open and honest/i> thei relationship is and they are two precious cinnamon rolls and you must stop hurting them now ok thank you

also, pls update soon so that i can verify that my cinnamon rolls are ok i am still worried by your comments

♥ emily

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Review #6, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twelve.

23rd November 2015:

o m g. ok so i know you had trouble with writing luna and her calm acceptance and understanding of everyone, or homophobes in this case, but you did it so well and i just feel like you got her character down so perfectly. i love that she's always so openminded and that she believes the best in everyone - that she says it's not their fault but it was because they were raised like that, without any understanding. and she sounds like she knows exactly what to do and say to make lorcan see things from her point of view and she obviously cares so much and you need to teach me how to character elisabeth pls

also, lorcan is honestly the sweetest sweetheart ever oh my days. he's so innocent but also not at the same time, and his asperger's is a big part of who he is but it doesn't define and i love him and i love you

“I looked it up. I didn’t want to do anything illegal.”
i'm crying.

rolf calls his boys son elisabeth im dead thats so cute

i kind of want to quote all of luna's speech at you and demand that you acknowledge their amazingness but i feel like that might break the character limit so i'm just going to settle for telling you to reread what you had luna say and pat yourself on the back bc you pulled it off so well and you'e perf ok

i loved this chapter so much and i loved getting to see a bit more into the home life of lorcan and lys, and i really really loved luna and rolf, so i hope we see more of them. you write them so well

update soon, elisabeth!

♥ emily

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Review #7, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: eleven.

22nd November 2015:
hello im so glad they're happy

elisabeth okay i will admit this kind of does make up for the emotional trauma that you'rre putting dave through. it's not completely forgiven, of course, and the whole issue hasn't even finished yet, but cinnamon roll dave is happy now and that's good enough for me for now. so :D

ah, i love penelope pope. it is always cool to come across such a chill adult. i wish i knew someone like her, tbh :P i love how accepting and openminded she is and she doesn't seem to take offence to anything - i hope we see a lot more of her because i like her very much.

“The method the Ministry uses to teach Apparition is the three Ds technique. Have you heard of it?”

“Sounds like a good time,” Lys murmured.

this is more perfect than perfect ok u are a blessing thank you

“Excuse me,” Lorcan said after a moment, and stepped away. Penelope burst out laughing.

lorcan is perfect and i love him

one time Lorcan managed to Apparate himself out into the quad, and the whole school could hear his startled yelp

omg elisabeth lorcan is perfect and i love him

“Never have I ever been a Muggle.”


“Sweet Jesus, Lorcan, tell me that was on purpose.”

“I meant it both ways,” Lorcan said solemnly, and Essie wailed something unintelligible into the carpet.

lorcan is perfect and honestly, essie's reaction is basically my life in less than a sentence. "wailing something unintelligible into the capet." that is me.

“I’m also hoping the extra syllable will be enough to make you give up.”

i love essie so much.

elisabetht his chapter was fluffy and sweet and golden and i loved it but also i need to know that things tun out alright for dave the cinnamon roll muggle so pls update soon, yes? yes

♥ emily

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Review #8, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: ten.

22nd November 2015:

leopold is an innocent duckling and yet somehow i feel like nobody really likes him very much :( it's not a great thing for him, but you have managed so well the task of giving him an inner voice and inner thoughts and also showing the readers what he seems like to the people around him, and even though it's kind of a substantial change you manage to pull it off so well and i am jealous elisabeth teach me how to character pls

ahaha, i love the leopold just remained blissfully unaware of the tragedy/drama unfolding around him the night before. and omg, the poor guy was put on the spot by percy, wasn't he? judging that he wouldn't have to wear robes, and then getting torn a new one for not wearing robes...poor leopold just can't win, can he?

God, he was an adult, a thirty-five year old qualified wizard, he didn’t have to be back for Charms. This was his job, after all.
poor baby leopold. i do feel so sorry for him. he just doesn't seem to know where he's going or where he wants to go at all. D:

oh nooo, hester said that the student is a muggleborn but leopold thinks that dave has HMDD and if he finds out that the two are the one and the same - omg no i hope that cinnamon roll dave doesn't get dragged into any more illegal things oh no elisabeth. elisabeth pls dont hurt dave the cinnamon roll. pls

t was twenty past nine. He closed the paper, folded it, and went to meet Percy.
why must you always end your chapters on notes that make me want more i'm dying to know what happens here gah elisabeth

you should definitely update soon because i want to see how this all plays out and i need to make sure that dave and lorcan are ok. they need to be ok. so you should update soon, yes?

♥ emily

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Review #9, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: nine.

22nd November 2015:
please let this be first review omg

o m g can you even tell how much this warms the cockles of my heart okay just the way that the school is trying so had to protect dave the lovely cinnamon roll muggle is so heatwarming and it's just like yes, there are homophobic people out there but there are also beautiful, accepting, peaceful, glorious cinnamon rolls and the teachers and admin of haversham's fit in the second category without a doubt and it's very heartwarming

essie - omg, essie is a baby and a sweetheart. i love that she's sticking up for dave and deflecting prying questions but also tryng to make sure as many people are on his side as possible - i can imagine that her reaction to this during the time before leopold appeared might have been (probably would have been) not as supportive and lovely as this and she's a sweetheart ok i love her

As it happened, they went about their days with the vague sense that there used to be something up there, before concluding that it was that long-abandoned shell the council never bothered to do anything about, and it had finally been demolished like it should have fifteen years ago.

oh my, the muggles in this town are the best.

ACK, poor baby lorcan. ♥ i get why he blames himself for it but it really really isn't his fault and i wish the poor baby could see that because you just know that he's beating himself up. elisabeth if this throws a wrench in their relationship - if lorrcan breaks up with dave out of a sense of misguided nobility or guilt or something i will fly over to new zealand and do something very drastic ok just don't do that pls

“I’m fine,” she said, and hoped Maisie would recognise the lie.

can i tell you how many times i've done this and how few people have known me well enough to call me out on it? bless maisie. this is so important.

this was a great chapter as always elisabeth but don't even try to make me believe that the conflict isn't over yet ok it's not and i need to know that lorcan and dave are ok pls so obviously you're going to have to update soon. yes? yes.

♥ emily


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Review #10, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: eight.

22nd November 2015:
how dare you.

elisabeth. dave the muggle is a pure sweet adoable cinnamon roll and he does not deserve what you're putting him through and how dare you. you just - you. i have no words. the worst thing about this is that really, this situation is all too common and it really does happen with parents and families and this is terrible elisabeth i hope you're happy now

It was hazy outside, light pollution from the town mixing with the rain to create a murky purple, and he had a strange urge to wander through the abandoned three o’clock streets and feel the rain soak through his shoes.

elisabeth your description is so beautiful and vivid and evocative and i love it this is perfect ♥

He broke into a run at the top of the driveway, cutting through alleyways and parks so there was no way his parents could follow him in the car, and sprinted up the hill with his lungs burning from the cold. Round the back, down the admin corridor, and he hammered on August’s door.

“Please,” he gasped the moment it opened, not caring about the state he was in or noticing the way August’s eyes widened in alarm at the sight of him, “Please help me.”

you are a traitor and i am only partly mollified by being personally addressed in the author's note ok dont think you can get me out of being angry by apologising.

I'M SO WORRIED FOR DAVE THE MUGGLE and his broody walk-in-the-rain ways elisabeth he'd better be ok after this pls don't put him through too much ok ty

i mean as terrible as this was to poor baby dave your writing was great and you really showed off your beautiful skills in description which you should def incorporate more bc i love it, your description is always so evocative and beautiful and perfect

elisabeth pls update soon so i can know what happens to poor cinnamon roll dave ok he needs to be okay

♥ emily

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Review #11, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: seven.

21st November 2015:
this chapter is gold and i am so happy

omg lorcan and dave the muggle elisabeth i am so happy. i love that you're not making it seem as though people with mental issues can't love or can't enter a relationship - you just treat your characters as so human and i love it so much omg i'm so happy for lorcan and dave the muggle those cuties


Lys, who fancied himself very mature and worldly at thirteen, had sat in on the conversation nodding wisely and saying things like “it’s all about consent, at the end of the day” and “communication is the key” until their dad told him to stop being facetious and go help Mum in the garden.

bless lys. this is lovely

“I want to be your boyfriend, but I don’t think you want that.

BLESS lorcan he's adorable and clueless and im so happy for him everything has worked out this is great. being the cruel author you are i'm sure this won't stay that way for v long but i can bask in the happiness now

“We keep a rule book. Every time we think of a good rule, we put it in. If the other person doesn’t like the rule, we talk about it until we both agree. That way we’re on the same page.”


and ofc you ended so well bc you always do:

By the time they went down to dinner they had a list of twenty-four rules that Lorcan had tucked away in his pocket, on two pieces of paper folded in half twice that made him feel safer and more certain than he had in a long time, because now he had David and David understood everything.


elisabeth this is so good and im so happy this is so adorable please dont ruin it for them :'(

thee chapters in a day was so greatly generous of you and i'm so happy atm this is adorable and i love your characters and you should update v v soon bc this story is amazing and i love it

♥ emily

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Review #12, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: six.

21st November 2015:
okay no seriously this review is going to be fast. boom. just like that. there and then gone. like everyone else

this chapter is so great omg. i say that about all of your chapters, but it's true for all of them and at this point i am basically a huge pile of compliments throwing them at you. that brings a terrible mental image to mind. im sorry

just. imagine feeling so strongly about your school that the arrival of an official brings you a sot of patriotic joy that makes you cling to the school. i would probably be one of those people who subtly point out all the bad things about the school to the officials bc i lowkey hate my school. oops.

but at the same time, i so buy this patriotism that the students for this school. i would be patriotic for haversham westley's. every time you expand it a bit more i just want to go there more

bless dave, omg. well, all he has to do is lie and then i guess hope that leopold doesn't look up his parents and find that they're not on record as people with hereditary magical deficit disorder, i guess. i cannot wait to read this interview.

It was a confidence often bemoaned in older generations in endless editorials in the Daily Prophet, because their children had the audacity to benefit from the world they had fought for and rebuilt.
o m g elisabeth this is perfect in this quote you basically just captured the baby boomer mindset in one glorious sentence. this is perfect, and i admier so much how you can work these sorts of important messages into your light and fluffy writing ♥

also, of course i can't quote you your quotes without mentioning this li beauty:

“Staring at him like he’s the sun and all you want is eyeball melanoma.”
i just. lys. this is so perfect and i need to remember this so i can use it one day. its perfection

(and lorcan, summoning a dictionary to prove a point, bless him)

“Just talk to him. Lay it all out on the table. And even if he doesn’t feel the same way, he won’t make it weird.”
well, considering all the grave and terrible hints that you've been dropping and that DESPICABLE SNIPPET i am inclined to think famous last words, and yet i'm desperately hoping that there's not going to be trouble in paradise. somehow i feel like that is too hopeful

you developed lys more in this chapter as well, and i love that he feels different and doesn't really know what to do with himself bc oh man i can empathise. and now i love him wholeheartedly and i dont think there's a single person in this story i don't love wholeheartedly. so. you know. it'd be great if you didn't destroy them emotionally

update soon! (also i think i left this in a vaguely timely fashion? go me!)

♥ emily

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Review #13, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: five.

20th November 2015:
so i think i mixed up aspergers and alzheimers in a previous review and now i am smacking myself around the head for it. i'm sorry, lorcan

i'm also determined to leave this review in record time, which means somewhere around the twenty-minute mark, because i am actually the worst at reviewing things quickly. gah

ugh, poor baby leopold. i mean, being unsuccessful is one thing, but to have it rubbed in your face so thoroughly and completely as by having kids around you with the same hopes and dreams you once had - gah, i feel so sorry for him. honestly, elisabeth, reading this chapter i kind of realised how easy it would have been for you to turn leopold into a caricature of percy weasley, dry and dull and boring and married to his work and all that good stuff - and you didn't, you gave him a character and a life and hopes and dreams and emotions and i am so so impressed and jealous of this ability you seem to have of making every character just so real. i cannot

this quote:
The girl, Essie, she was the worst. She seemed to be going through some kind of impressive personal development when it came to relating to her peers (if one could call them her peers, considering the 4-5 year age difference between them) but to Leopold she was as scathing as ever, and took great joy in insulting Hogwarts in front of him.
this is so perfect. have i told you how much i love essie? i love essie. so much

Pardon my frankness, sirs, but Haversham Westley’s School for Boys is where the principles of magical education go to die.
ahah! a summary drop! is that a thing? like a title drop? it's definitely a thing ok it's now officially a thing. also, as a quote, this was the best thing

“Believe it or not,” Hester said serenely, “That stone prison is interested in progress too.”
This is. so. perfect. oh my god, elisabeth, i want to go to this school so badly - it just seems so chill and laid back and calm about everything and oh my goodness please can i go here? this is honestly the ideal school.

i'm overloading you with quotes but this chapter was just so great in terms of quotable things im sorry here are some more

He dedicated a paragraph in his report to “anti-Hogwarts sentiment”, which sounded a lot more political and vaguely totalitarian on paper than it did in his head
this. is. PERFECT

"Our parents enjoyed their peacetime there.”

“Peacetime,” Leopold repeated.

“Yes,” Lorcan said. “I don’t think Mum enjoyed the war.”

i'm just. i cannot. i'm crying.

and the entire paragraph about labels and how important they are - oh my goodness, elisabeth, that was so well done and it was so natural within the story as well and just oh my i'm in awe of you and how you can be light and fluffy and yet work in such important messages at the same time?

you manage to develop leopold's character in this chapter as well, i just love him so much even though he probably looks like a dry old duck to most of the people he interacts with. the last quote in the chapter just seems to sum him up so well - his misguided interpretations of things and his happiness at being able to suggest something new and revolutionary and i love him and i love this chapter and i've been rambling for so long and i should defs stop now. i'm sorry for this excited mess that basically quotes the entire chapter back at you, but i loved it and you should update soon!

♥ emily

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Review #14, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: four.

20th November 2015:

oh my god. this chapter. this chapter. essie. elisabeth you need to teach me how you character because i am in the middle of a severe case of envy right now, god damn.

this idea of having each chapter belong to a certain character where you develop each of them more - i can only imagine pulling that off, but you handle it so well and everybody just gets deeper and more complex because they're people and you represent that so well through your writing and i am so so envious gah.

this entire chapter was pure gold, elisabeth. you know i love essie, and i love how you developed her. i don't know why she was so disruptive at hogwarts and i would love to know why but it's so interesting that you've shown there are students who hate hogwarts and how they thrive in other environments and that reflects people so well, i think. i really enjoy how you write essie - she's so fierce and thoroughly independent, i suppose, and that would come of being the youngest by far in the year group, and she's also intensely precocious and "snarky and desensitised". i think that if any other author was writing this i'd be a lot more reluctant to believe her character, her swearing and snarky comebacks, but you just write it so perfectly that i kind of have to

oh my goodness leopold is actually learning things. he has to join study groups. this is so great.

“Oh my god please,” was Essie’s response, and in the new term she moved her handful of belongings into the elementary wing and started fifth year.
have i mentioned how much i love this lil firebomb yet elisabeth

this is so great i love love love how you character and you should definitely update soon because this story is great

♥ emily

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Review #15, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: three.

19th November 2015:
do you love this nickname or what, hmm?

omg. dave. dave. dave the muggle. i cannot even comprehend - like, you introduced him so well, and he really seemed to spring off the page/computer screen, and i was all 'yep this is a great character already after one chapter how pls teach me' but with that opening scene you really, really went and developed him more and this is what i'm talking about when i say you characterise flawlessly because dave the muggle seemed to spring from the computer screen and yet you have managed to develop him so much and i have no doubt that you will be able to do it again and gah how

also, dave the muggle is so protective of lorcan. they're cinnamon babes. but aw, i'm sad to hear that he seems to be having issues with his sexuality? or maybe it's just his mum getting on his nerves but i can imagine a v v awkward conversation coming up in the future (bc he and lorcan will def get together and dave will have to explain this to his mum right? right yes bc you're not a sadistic author. not at all)

also, essie (i hope you appreciate that all these italics are here bc my keyboard is fixed and i can now format without a lot of fuss and bother). i just. i love essie. she's my babe. she's twelve years old and kind of annoying and probably the kind of person that i would either love or hate in rl depending on where i stood with her, but she's a lil firecracker and i love her.

“Here at HWS we believe in the liberal use of nicknames to build camaraderie,” she said. i am d y i n g

Lys’s offhand use of “ministry geezer” to introduce Leopold had stuck fast, and Essie, being her enterprising self, had further shortened it to “McGeez.” basically all of my favourite quotes here are about essie and i have no regrets. none

even the seventh years who had started off calling her a “scrappy little girl” now deferred to her in the game of Senior Wing Politics.

“She’s still a scrappy little girl,” Lionel Bell, the seventh year captain, said in an attempt to defend his honour, and Dave and Lys just nodded at him encouragingly.

u are such a genius and you handle ensemble casts so well and omg i love dave the muggle and i love essie and omg halp i am drowning with love

also, omg, i feel like i need to mention the 'search for help on a website' cliche. i love it, oh my days. i should not love cliches as much as i do and that one particularly doesn't have much to love but. omg. dave asked for help on a lgbtqa website and i cackled loudly this is so great

also, i need to hand a little love to leopold, the poor dear. he seems so lost and alone and he definitely doesn't seem to like his assigned nickname. pls dont hurt the cinnamon roll, elisabeth. i just love how, even though he's not the focus of this chapter, you still manage to characterise him with little throwaway lines like when he thinks his comments are more cutting than they are (that comment did fall a bit flat, lol) and just gah elisabeth pls teach me ur ways

oh no my character count is down to the 2000s. i should stop. this was such a great chapter and i love how you handle and portray your characters. you know me and my constant requests, because i can never get enough of your beautiful glorious writing: update soon!

♥ emily

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Review #16, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: two.

18th November 2015:
(this is your new epithet. you should probably start getting used to it.)

this chapter was so great as an introduction to lorcan's character, aghhh. how do you perfect please teach me how you character?? you do such an amazing job of, like, setting up lorcan's alzheimer's? and mental conditions are things which can just be catastrophically offensive if sone wrongly but you just take such care to portray him as a real true person who jappens to have alzheimer's and that is such a great way to write him.

i love his view on the world, and how he desires honesty from everyone, and how he has specific ticks and triggers? you manage yo develop charactes so much with just a few words and i am so so jealous - and it's not just lorcan that you're developing, but the people around him become more nuanced through his view of them.

the teacher who wants to be called by her last name, for example, and how she's so passive aggressive. or dave the muggle, who is really so patient with lorcsn as he explains what's happening, and how sincere he is when he apologises.

those two are so adorable, and interact with each other so well, and i really look forward to seeing where you take the two of them and their relationship ♥

and, of course, THE QUOTES SECTION, which is quickly becoming a staple of my reviews to you because your writing is amazing and needs to be celebrated.

He attributed this to the fact that they were born on different days – Lysander at 11.53pm on October 22 and Lorcan at 12.06am on October 23 – and subsequently under different star signs.


he took the time to let Lorcan in on the joke, though that was probably a big part of it. Lorcan never felt like he was trying to keep up with David.

bless these two cinnamon rolls. please don't hurt them

and as always your worldbuilding is the best and i totally buy that the squibs want to be known as people with Hereditary Magical Deficit Disorder. it's no surprise that we didn't hear about it before, either because of the time period in the original series or the lack of squib characters or just a lack of political correctness but i am such a fan of this, and these little touches which make up a universe ♥

ok i've rambled for long enough and yet somehow i feel like with the time it took for this review to get to you it should be longer :P thank you for this fast update and lovely chapter and the introduction of such a lovely character, and breaking yet more boundaries. you know where i'm going with this: update soon, lovely!

♥ emily

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Review #17, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: one.

18th November 2015:

hello! i am so insanely happy that you posted this so soon. you are a celestial being. but i've to,d you that before. let's get down to this chapter.

ok, first of all, you have to know that i love your portrayal of lysander. there aren't many fics or fic writers who are willing to play around with gender identity and sexuality the way that you do, and you are not afraid to show us how it's done and i appreciate that so so so much. ♥ i love thar one of the main characters in this story is a person who has a flexible gender identity, because characters like lys are still sadly lacking in the fic universe.

and as always, i can't review without shoving some of your own quotes in your face and insisting that you marvel at your own brilliance. what kind of review would this be without that?? exactly

“so, are you – sorry – um – are you a boy or a girl?”

“Nah,” Lys would say, flash them a grin, and move on.

this is unspeakably perfect, elisabeth, oh my days.

In his haste to respond, Leopold dropped his umbrella, flushed red, and stumbled over a “yes, yes, lovely to meet you” before picking it up again. followed by Leopold looked briefly afraid, as if worried he’d have to drop his brolly again.

BLESS. YOU. i love leopold and i love you and this made me laugh out loud.

also, i'm going to cheat (again) and just say that everything about dave the muggle was endlessly delightful. nobody can be bothered to figure out whether he's a unique case or not, he was accidentally enrolled by a bemused receptionist and a fiscally responsible mother - i love it, oh my goodness. and essie the genius twelve year old is a sweetheart and i want more of all your characters ok feel free to skimp on Plot thank u

and as always, you ended this chapter so well, oh my days - “I find it difficult to believe Hogwarts didn’t challenge her,” Leopold said, oblivious to the fact that there was nobody left who cared about what he was saying, “Because Hogwarts is an excellent school. The best in the world, some have said.” o leopold. you innocent cinnamon roll. i cannot wait to see your experiences at this school (that is, if your author does't break you before you can finish. but they won't do that. will they, elisabeth, hmm???)

this is a work of genius and you seem to have such a knack for worldbuilding (schoolbuilding?). it's so weird and wacky but also wonderful and honestly i would be happy if you developed your world and your characters and did nothing else because your world and your characters are so well done'

hopefully i haven't rambled too long, but this chapter was great and i love your characters and their diversity and you should defs update very very soon.

♥ emily

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Review #18, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: Prologue

16th November 2015:
ELISABETH. ELISABETH. ELISABETH. ELISABETH. omg elisabeth can you even know how much i have missed you and your amazing, beautiful, glorious writing??

this is such a great idea - i mean, it isn't that realistic that Hogwarts would be the only magical school in the entire country, so i completely buy that there's this weird little pimple school in the middle of nowhere who does things in a way that is probably more normal to us but wildly radical for hogwarts and omg i cannot wait to see where you go with this and i just know that the classes and school ethos are going to be so so funny.

there are so many quotes in this whole chapter that i want to quote back to you but sadly i have narrowed it down to a few of my absolute favourites, and this was an immensely difficult process, i hope you appreciate that. before i go into specific quote, though, i'm going to cheat and say that your entire opening paragraph is perfection, complete with vanishing gender boxes

physics, no less – what greater affront to the institution of wizardry than physics? is just so beautifully perfect. of course those uppity pureblood witches and wizards would be insulted by physics.

a chequered necktie he had borrowed from his father seven years ago. this is so so perfect, and such a perfectly evocative way to introduce him. you do his with all your characters - they just seem to spring from the page and you just keep on developing them and it's perfect and a+ and you handle ensemble casts so well this way

Leopold filed the parchment away and decided, for the first time in seventeen years, to knock off early. and this was just such a perfect way to end this chapter.

the fact that this school has a total number of students at twenty-nine (and the fact that this is meant to be a large number!) is just - i mean, it's vaguely absurd, how tiny the school is, and i'm so looking forward to the way that you're going to have the teachers and all the students interact - already, you've suggested a very informal air with the headmistress having her nickname and i can't wait to see how they interact and i know you have Plotty Things to do but i also really really want you to just focus on the characters bc i feel like i could read about them forever

i've probably rambled on far too long but i hope you get the message - this is so amazing and i'm in love with it already and you should write more and update very very soon!

♥ emily

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Review #19, by BookDinosaurOne Last Rousing Speech: and the world was silent for a moment

6th November 2015:

can i review this story before you review mine?? this is the challenge i have set myself. the answer is no, because dinner called me away. damn. i am the slowest. (i think it says something that i actually used skype coding there rather than the html, although i did catch it and change it in the end.) i also feel like i should apologise for my terrible capitalisation, although you're probably used to it thanks to skype :P

oh my days, i don't know what to say to this, i really don't. it's so haunting, and i love it. like, before we even get into the story, i just love the way that you've written this - it has a rhythm of its own to it, like music. i really like the structure of this, as well - one and two and three, and the story getting sadder and sadder and sadder. the whole thing just flows so beautifully and cohesively, even though the three sections could probably stand alone if they wanted to, and i really like how the sentences towards the end just get shorter and shorter on average, like it's building up and building up and then - releases.

i love this quote in particular: i>Some pages were as full as they could be, words spilling into the margins on both sides. Other pages knew only a single sentence. It makes me think of people, and emotion, and how you feel so full-to-bursting one day and then just empty the next? does that make sense? maybe i'm projecting, i don't know, but that quote is beautiful

the last section is just wonderful, i think it might be my favourite, and that's not something i would say lightly because they're all magnificnet - the narrator is reaching a resolution, but it's not really a resolution, is it? it's more like an acceptance of how they're stuck walking in their path. it's bittersweet, and i love it.

there's so much emotion in this piece, as well - it comes though so clearly in your writing and makes me jealous. this is so desperate, sort of, and resigned, and you feel the emotions of the narrator so much - you did this so well and i'm so jealous. and like, i'm already in a crying kind of mood so congrats, you've succeeded on that front and made me cry with this.

i don't know what else i can say about this - it's so full of emotion and beautiful and perfect and i really, really love it, joseph.

♥ emily

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Review #20, by BookDinosaurThe Trials of Scorpius Malfoy: The Old House

22nd October 2015:
heLLO! i'm doing my best to review more stories that i read? so here i am leaving a review for the first time in i-don't-want-to-think-about-how-long, because it looked so cool in the summary thread :D

aah, i'm so glad i came over here?? this is such an interesting premise already and i love what you've done with the characters. i'm so glad, as terrible as that sounds, that the war still seems to affect draco, and that he hasn't just moved on entirely with his life, you know? and the little touches like having his apparition licence taken away - like, if you think about it, that would definitely be a thing that happened, right? your worldbuilding is so casual but so well-thought-out and i love that. i'm a nutter for worldbuilding and details xD

your non-linear structure! i love this, so much, and i love that you've included bits and pieces of scorpius' childhood within the story. i'm such a big fan of non-linear writing, and i really love how the snippets sort-of tie in with the present, but it's not too forced or obvious? like how the 'clown' in the play had two faces, and scoripus is reflecting on his house having two faces. i'm sorry if i'm rambling or not making sense

e, SCORBUS. i love love love scorbus and i can't wait to see what you do with them, omg. and rose seems so cute too! everyone is cute. this is a trifecta of cute characters, bless them all.

oh my days, a triwizard tournament. i've read some stories with this as the main focus, but i'm so excited for this one already. i feel like the wizards are kind of being very careless by blaming everything on voldemort and thinking that as long as he's not there it's totally safe? like, the tournament has a history of kids dying, doesn't it? it is something of a mad decision, but it should make for an interesting year, and an interesting story. i cannot wait to see where this goes.

i'm so so sorry if this has gone on too long and too much? one of the reasons i'm always nervous in leaving reviews for author's i've barely reviewed before is that i'm very lazy and don't use the shift key and my sentences run into each other, like this one is doing right now. i feel like it's in my genetic makeup that i cannot leave a concise review. Dx

update soon! i really love the idea of this story, and your casual details which build the world so well, and scorbus, so i can't wait for the next chapter!

♥ emily

Author's Response: Hello Emily! Ah! Thank you so much for all your help with the summary and for taking the time to leave such an excellent review :D

I'm really glad to hear that you're digging the whole Death Eater Stigma and Awkwardness things. And yeah, it would be a little weird if he did just move on with his life and was fine, you know? Like, he did a lot of very bad things, and yeah there was a lot of cIrCuMsTaNcE there, but I still feel like a lot of penance is called for.

Don't worry you didn't ramble at all! Really glad the whole Clown/House thing worked. That was the idea that got me to actually sit down and write this story (it was originally done for the HC collab, but obv that version was SUPER rushed and stuff, so I'm trying to flesh it out and finish it here).

Ha, oh the Wizarding World. They really do play fast and loose with Mortal Danger, don't they? But when I realized that Al/Rose/Scorpius would be in 7th year EXACTLY 30 years after GoF, I just couldn't resist!

You really shouldn't worry about your reviewing style, you've absolutely made my day with this :) The second chapter is up now and I'm working on the 3rd as we speak!


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Review #21, by BookDinosaurConfessions of a Marrying Murderess: Confessions of a Marrying Murderess

11th September 2015:
Hello! Pretty much two weeks after your Throwback Thursday review swap, I am here to review your story. I am the definition of "worst reviewer ever" - I'm so sorry about the lateness of this!

Okay, I have to admit that from the get-go I was super interested in what you were going to do with this story. Mrs Zabini was only given a passing mention in one sentence in canon, so to explore her story and her character is an amazing idea. I am always, always a sucker for expanding on minor canon characters like this, so this story appealed to me right away.

It's so fascinating how a single sentence in canon, about how her husbands mysteriously left her with loads of money, expands into this immensely interesting oneshot. I love the way that you explored her character in this story. I really really liked that she didn't kill her first few husbands - I mean, it's possible, but I found it so much more realistic that she suffered through a handful of awful husbands before snapping and just starting to kill them all, you know? I really love how you developed her character from the very beginning, where she was putting up with a lot of terrible things nobody should ever have to put up with, to marrying people in a cold, sort of clinical way and murdering them after a while. I loved the transition from innocence to jaded murder, and I love how you pulled it off so that it appeared so natural.

I really enjoyed how blase she was about so many deaths, honestly. Like, most people would probably be kind of damaged after nine husbands had died around them, but not Carla Zabini! Nope, she just carries on with her life and marries the next guy, and the next guy, and the next guy.

The last quote, oh my goodness, that was so powerful. It kind of makes you wonder whether she has a plan to kill him or whether this is just her going a little off in the head. It's fascinating that the last husband, her ninth, was the one she fell in love with and the one who brought about her downfall.

You writing in this piece was really well done. I loved the short sentences and sot of cut-off lines and repetition that went on throughout the story, it really made Carla's voice come through and established a narrative for her.

I'm so sorry (again) for the lateness of this review! I enjoyed this oneshot immensely and the way that you managed to expand on a canon character who was only mentioned once in the books was really well done.

♥ Emily

Author's Response: Hey Emily!

No worries at all about the delayed review! It was a nice surprise to see it pop up, and I'm glad you put time into it. I have a lot of respect for your writing, so I definitely appreciate your feedback.

I really like what you said about the deterioration of Carla's mental sate throughout the timeline of the story. I really enjoyed playing with how each of her marriages contribute to the unhinging of her mind. Because she is narrating this story from the point at which she is the most crazed, it lends that crazed tone to the entire story, making her a less than reliable narrator.

I'm glad you particularly enjoyed the ending!

Thanks so much for the swap


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Review #22, by BookDinosaurVictoire: Uncle Harry's Warning

11th September 2015:

I'm so sorry I haven't come back sooner? This tab has legit been sitting open on my computer since probably that time I reviewed Chapter One, but I managed to be extra-super-amazingly unproductive and not do anything about it. However, exam week is now over and I am BACK to read and review because I really enjoyed the fist chapter, and I apologise for taking so long to get to this one (goodness only knows when I'll get to the third one??).

That was such a long introduction. Am I ever going to learn become concise?

Ugh, that's so awful for Izzy, ugh ew D: I mean, whoever did that - it's honestly awful, to think of your dead body being photographed and used to terrorise someone you love. Even when you're dead you can be used against her. But the last note was so cryptic, and while it gives us hope (he's alive!!) it's also vaguely terrifying, because Izzy's poor bother is in the hands of these weird sadistic kills with no clear motive? I love the way you set this up in the story, and I'm both excited and apprehensive as to where you take this.

Ah, RAVENCLAW STUDYING SESSION. Okay, this is probably me being more than a little weird, but I absolutely love love love that you show the way that these Ravenclaws study together and use each other's skills and bounce off each other - you write it so well, and it rings absolutely true, this is very similar to what I do with my friends. And point two is just I appreciate so much that you're making schoolwork a large part of their lives at Hogwarts. In canon, JK had a lot of scenes which mentioned or involved schoolwork, and I feel like that's often glossed over in fanfic in favour of, idk, Hogwarts Drama with a capital D. So I just really love that you included this study session in the chapter. :D

“Google?” Victoire wrinkled her nose. It was a silly word.
bless Victoire and her muggle-cluelessness

Ooh, and this quote: As far as she could see, they weren’t really in any danger. As far as I can see that means she's in danger but doesn't know it yet. :P

I really liked the Watchdog scene - I really like the way you incorporate different types of media into this story, like the newspaper article last chapter and now this radio interview. It makes things more interesting and provides a different perspective of events that just Victoire's POV could provide us with. And you slip them into the chapters really easily so that the flow isn't disrupted at all, and basically I'm super jealous of your skills.

Last thing before I finish this probably-already-too-long review: The quote that Victoire says about Hermione - "She doesn’t like people to let their emotional responses to the world drive their moral standpoints." It sounds exactly like Hermione. Like, you've managed to nail her characterisation, and she's not even in the scene. What is the witchcraft??

I really enjoyed this chapter! I love how you're developing your characters and how you're taking time to allow the plot to unfold slowly and naturally. I'm looking forward to reading on!


Author's Response: Emily! I thought I'd replied to this ages ago but somehow I haven't and I'm sorry for that. This was such a wonderful review, thank you so so much.

I'm having so much fun writing Ravenclaws and thinking about the Hogwarts curriculum. It's something I've pretty much ignored in my WIP but I'm really enjoying it here.

And I'm glad you liked Watchdog! I wanted to put in a bit of Lee Jordan and it felt like a nice way to explain some of the background info. Thank you for enjoying it :)

Ahhh thank you so so much for such a lovely review! Sorry for being so slow to reply. I've written most of this story but the next chapter needs quite a lot of refining before it can be posted so not sure when I'll update but it'll hopefully be soon.

Emma xx

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Review #23, by BookDinosaurHamartia: three.

5th September 2015:
omg elisabeth i cannot believe that nobody has reviewed this chapter yet? i might still get first review, but that has nothing to do with my dreadfully lazy fingers of lightning (which are working full-time at the moment trying to make up for their laxness and earn your forgiveness, o ancient celestial deity)

but man, this chapter. this chapter. i think i mentioned in the last review i left you that since reading the source material which inspired the writing style of this story i could appreciate it so much more, and with the est of the chapter up that stands even truer than before. (i'm currently 18.79% of the way thought tsh. to two decimal places and everything.) the way that you've emulated donna tartt's writing is so beautiful and perfect - all the trademarks are there, the beautifully flowing sentences and careless, beautiful descriptions. it's so amazing, and your prose retains some of you in there as well, and oh my days it's so so beautiful and i don't understand how you do it pls teach me your ways

this is one of the quotes that stood out to me as beautifully descriptive: a tall, blonde parody of a stepmother, who gushed over me with insincerity-laced sweetness.

i love the way that you've explored the issue of amelia's father here. it wasn't an issue which was that explored in canon, but of course the revelation of magic in your child would tear some families apart and that's awful to think about. the way that you've explored amelia's father and her feelings towards him, and the impact that his departure had on amelia, to the point that she was hearing that conversation when the dementors. the way that you just so casually give us backstory and information is - gah, i have no words. i love the way that you explore amelia's background and how it affects her currently

and oh, athena! i love how you've portrayed the relationship between the two of them, the way that they so mutually adore one another - gah, it might be unhealthy (it definitely would be unhealthy) if it was onesided, but the fact that's it's so gloriously reciprocated makes it so beautiful to me. i love that they see each other's flaws, i love that you've brought in athena's flaws so obviously, and the two of them just still love each other so much. this quote just MELTED MY HEART (i'm sorry it's so long i couldn't cut it down i just couldn't)

countless times I found her transfixed by me and would return the gaze until the world around us faded to nothing – there was something so enthralling, so intoxicating in those moments that even now defy all attempts to describe them, but every pair of lovers knows the feeling.

my heart. what have you done to it

gah, your worldbuilding. i love that you've made some of the death eaters gay and i love how you build it into canon and pull it off so effortlessly, ahhh. elisabeth how

that last paragraph, followed by that last line - i won't quote it all back to you for the sake of brevity and because you wrote it, but it's so so beautiful and atmospheric and gaaah elisabeth how do you write

if you couldn't tell from the review, i enjoyed this chapter so much and desperately need to steal your skills. if that's not possible, i would settle for another chapter? :P

♥ emily


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Review #24, by BookDinosaurTurbulence: Chapter 1

19th August 2015:

i mean that might be taking it a little far but psh, life was made for exaggerations. or something. y'know i'm just going to make a completely unlinked drop into my review

ah, first things first (i'm the realest; NO i'm sorry i'll shut up now i couldn't resist) ANYWAY, first things first, i love love love the wordbuilding that you've put into this chapter. i really loved that everything you expressed to the reader was so smoothly introduced to the audience and how it all fit so well into astoria's dialogue - it made all these small details about the school so realistic and so well expressed. a lot of the time worldbuilding is often a big lump of information that the author really really wants to get across but don't quite know how, so they end up sticking it awkwardly into a paragraph and then awkwardly stick that paragraph into the chapter where it almost inevitably dos not work out, ya feel? but you avoided that trap by having everything we learn come out of astoria's mouth in her dialogue and it all flowed and i am in awe i wish i could infodump my (very few) readers so smoothly

that was probably a massive paragraph oh my goodness, and to avoid looking at it too much you know what i'm going to do? press that enter key. yep

and YO, now that that monster of a paragraph is out of my sight i can continue

i think the one piece of CC i have for you is that the scene with the two (awful, horrible, nasty, UGH) bullies, where astoria is fighting the two of them - it just kind of comes off as a little awkward? and this could by all means be just me, but when she's kicking their butts to kingdom come it just feels kinda stiff - like maybe in between these lines:

“That’s it, I’ve had it!” Astoria screamed, waving her wand wildly.


If you had some more in there, like a description of how angry Astoria was feeling or the frown that was pulling at her face, maybe it'd help make the scene feel more natural? but yeah, this could definitely just be me being silly again so you can definitely ignore this if you want

and ooh, animagi lessons! that's such a rad idea and i can't wait to see where you go with that

i love the character of astoria (i'm sorry, this is such an all-over-the-place review!). i love how complicated you've made her and her interactions with others, and i really like the way that you've portrayed her disorders. you haven't made it ridiculously overt but it's just there, which is the perfect balance. i really like that she has ways to calm herself down as she's alone, and i love how she struggles to keep herself in check around others, and yet rushes off to help someone without a second thought if they need it ♥ she's an amazing character already and i can't wait to see where you go with her

oh, i'm so interested to see how you deal with the return of you-know-who in america! i wouldn't generally think that voldemort would have supporters so far away but it's a really fascinating subject, to think about how voldemort could have affected america, and who knos, maybe all that time harry was hunting horcruxes voldemort was gallavating around all fifty states and collecting bumber stickers! okay, so probably not that, but you get the message, i hope

i feel like i should tell you that the only "similar story" i can see down the bottom of the page is elisabeth's hamartia, which, to be honest, is my goal in life.

and last thing i'm going to say before signing off this monster is that i love love love that you're touching on race in this story and gah i so want to see how race affects their lives in america (hopefully in positive ways as well, and not just awful prejudices pink pony-boys calling them awful names) (pink pony makes such a cutting insult)

oh, i lied, i think i have one more thing to say; i think you forgot to close a bold tag or something in your a/n, because everything on the page afterwards is bold and i don't think it should be


♥ emily

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Review #25, by BookDinosaurTurbulence: Prologue

19th August 2015:

(and also, just for future reference, i wrote erin with a great many i's in there, so if it comes out as just ERIN it's my computer/the grey box being funky with me. i wanted to make sure that you knew how i intended to write your name)

SO. SO. this STORY. i've been meaning to read it for ages especially when i saw that it was for jess' diversity challenge bc let's face it, more diversity in fics is always a good thing. and oh, i'm so so glad that you decided to take this diversity in a direction that was to do with mental illness because as much as all diversity is needed in fics, i feel as though mental illness is really glossed over and i'm so so so glad that you chose to focus on that with your main character

and bipolar disorder as well - i know so little about it and i suspect that what i think i know is stuff that i actually don't know at all, so i'm really super duper interested to see how you write it in this story! i'm sure that, as always, you will do a stellar job (no pressure or anything, tho >:D )

aw man, i feel so hard for astoria right now. like, she's only such a small wee baby, what did she ever do to deserve this :( i can only imagine how awful it must be to go through life with an undiagnosed mental illness and not being treated for it or anything, and i'm glad for astoria that she's at least been diagnosed and kinda knows what's going on? ahhh, i can already tell she's going to have to be so incredibly strong for this and you're probably going to break her down and gah erin no you are cruel

and awh, that parting line about the last thing she saw being daphne's sneer! i hate that so much - not your writing or anything, ofc, but because i headcanon the two sisters as so close and it breaks my heart to think that they might be pitted against each other or that daphne would hold her sister in contempt like that. gah, emily, this is not your story. calm down. i'm sorry

and agh, astoria! i suppose it's kind of pointless to ask her how she didn't notice her friend lying on the grass as she ran - in a way, though, i think that made it even more heartbreaking, the fact that she honestly had no idea what was going on and that she was just running, running, running, and just thinking her best friend was right behind her :( you truly are cruel

and oh, man, i loved loved loved all the prejudices that you brought up in the story, with hector greengrass being a mean and grudging old man who doesn't want to be asociated with muggle medicine whatsoever - i mean, it's so heartbreaking to think that he would kick his own daughter out so easily, you know? but at the same time it's definitely realistic and i really love the way that even now, even this early into the story and when voldemort hadn't returned yet, you showed the prejudices that riddle the wizarding world

ahh, and astoria's being sent to america! poor baby D: i bet she's going to meet some interesting characters, tho, and i'm so excited to see where you decide to take this story!

♥ emily

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