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Review #1, by BookDinosaur12 Days of Christmas: iv. four calling birds [december 18, 2024]

9th December 2015:

hello again. i love this. (how's that for short reviewing?)

ugh, you know how much i love the inclusiveness and the way that you have so many diverse characters populating your stories, and this is no exception. i love that this story casually has a transgender character in it, but it's not necessarily about her - it's just that she happens to be there, and she happens to be transgender. that needs to happen more often, both in media and in fic, i think

rita skeeter is great and i loved her little cameo, omg. and ginny's attitude towards rita was spot on. ginny is fearsome ♥

“Ginny probably put laxatives in her wine.”

you know, i really wouldn't put it past her. xD

also, i don't think that i've mentioned this in a review before but i very much admire how you're working in each line of the christmas song to each chapter - so far they're all very natural integrations and i'm defs looking forward to seeing where you go with some of the more out-there lines.

this was a lovely chapter and you should give us more soon!

♥ emily

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Review #2, by BookDinosaur12 Days of Christmas: iii. three french hens [december 27, 2026]

6th December 2015:

aw hello this has slightly restored my spirts they are hovering somewhere slightly below average levels of spirithood and i would like you to know that it is your fault

aaaccck, holly's dad is so sweet! it's so so obvious by the way that you write him that he loves holly so so much and that is the sweetest thing - and it says so much about you as a writer, that you can express all this love he has for his daughter without never having to resort to telling us about his love for holly, ack.

one day, he started collecting things that reminded him of her – fluffy bedsocks because she hated the cold, a teddy bear with a bowtie like the one she lost when she was seven, a tin of the loose-leaf chai tea she always ordered instead of coffee when she met him on campus, a woven bracelet that happened to be the same colours as the asexual pride flag

HE CARES SO MUCH and i am a puddle of feels omg

ahh, i hope it works out for the two of them this time? if they decide to make it a thing, ofc. my best wishes to them

♥ emily

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Review #3, by BookDinosaur12 Days of Christmas: ii. two turtle doves [december 25, 2011]

6th December 2015:
elisabethbethbeth? how?? dare? you?

i am confused this is so tragic?? chistmastime is meant to be cheerful and happy and full of love and joey and giving and all that other good stuff, but here you are breaking my heart over two little girl-twins who've lost each other during christmas and why? you are a cruel and terrible author and this is tragic.

my heart

omg, emily's child-ness (is there a word for this that i'm missing i bet there is) just broke my heart. the fact that she's so little and innocent and still a wee babby - it came out so strongly in the way that she wanted the two of them to match, and you are breaking my heart with this elisabeth no go away ur annoying

One of the turtle doves had fallen out of the tree and broken when they got home, and it was the one Laura made but their mum was about to cry again so Emily said it was hers and that Laura’s was still in the tree, and her mum took the broken dove and put it in the bin.

and as an ending, this was superb - i feel like it marks a bit of a change in her, a contrast in how she was so innocent before and now, how she's actively lying and hiding things so that her mum will feel better. :( i'm sad

ugh i am feeling so heartbroken for this character who shares my name (why did this have to happen at christmas??? you cruel author)

i feel like this maybe failed at being short but that's ok i needed to rant at you for being mean and also annoying

&hearts emily

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Review #4, by BookDinosaur12 Days of Christmas: i. a partridge in a pear tree [december 10, 2025]

6th December 2015:

hello hello i just finished watching a creepy hannibal film so this cuteness was very very welcome in my life

ack, julia is so hardcore. tattoos and piercings and colour-changing hair, oh my. and james is so awkward that it's sweet, bless him. it's adorable, even :P also, yes, some people do go overboard with their christmas decorations but honestly that is no reason to be a misery guts about it, james. tsk tsk.

oh my goodness, i love that when lucy tells him that she wants a payrise james actually considers her taking him to court. it appears that in any universe, lucy is nobody's doormat and i love it

presents and turkey and cousins and dumb knitted jumpers with Js on them

yes, this is what christmas is all about.

he was not a sensible man, even if he had spent the last twenty-three years of his life thinking he was

him. he's adorable.

elisabeth, this was so sweet and adorable and i love it, and i also managed to get my character limit to only just barely under 5000 - i'm getting there. i'm learning this art of leaving short reviews

♥ emily

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Review #5, by BookDinosaurginevra, darling: one.

4th December 2015:

did you think that was just a thing for the haversham westley school for boys verse? it's not. you are going to have to get used to this. yay?

omg elisabeth i love this and i love you and this is so wonderful - you tackle the challenge of writing a transgender character so so well and i believed you, in every word, and i think that counts to you as a triumph.

If I were a girl, what would my name be?

Ginevra, darling.

i know i always comment on the ending of your stories - and the ending to this was great, don't get me wrong - but i wanted to take a little space to appreciate your introduction, because here it was just lovely and so evocative. it did such a good job introducing the story and maybe it's the title drop that does it for me, idk, but i have such admiration

“Well, Molly, you have always wanted a daughter.”

aaah the weasleys are so accepting and lovely to their daughter and elisabeth i am so happy i have all the weasley feels right now. arthur's muggle knowledge did come in useful. the weasleys, and luna's mother - of course luna would get her calm acceptance from somewhere. i love that everyone was just so openminded and accepting about it. it made me happy

“And it can’t be Gin,” Fred says, joining in the conversation, “Because that’s a kind of alcohol, and that wouldn’t be appropriate, would it George?”

oh my days can i ever express to you how much i love fred and george weasley. their humour and your humour and the way you write them is just spot-on and so great

aw, percy. :( stahp. there's always one.

“I’m fearless,” says Ginny.

“Yes you are, little sister.”

bless. i love this so much

oh no, tom. tom. it's just - he violates her trust so deeply with that diary and you bring in a whole new factor of her having a secret that she's terrified people will find out, and him seeming to accept her, and then violating that - i mean, the extra factor that you brought in here just enhanced the story so much and i hate what tom does to her but you're such a good storyteller

UGH, and tom uses ginevra darling in his words and yes i hate him for corrupting that so thouroughly now. why did i decide to write about him

“He just said ‘but she’s still a girl though’ and then kept talking about how he thought bloody Malfoy was the Heir of Slytherin.”

BLESS. this is so harry it's unbelievable. and ron complaining about how he's a conspiracy theorist - like, harry's theories make sense to us but honestly i love how you show them like this from an outsider's perspective and it's the tiny touches like this that builds your world so well

“Well,” she says, “I think you’re a bit young to be dating anyone, Ginevra darling.”

omg this ending is perfect and i love it. bless the weasley family.

elisabeth i have so many weasley family feels and it is 100% your fault. i love this story and i love how effortlesly you made ginny a transgender character, and used that to enhance the story so much - you are such a great storyteller, elisabeth.

♥ emily

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Review #6, by BookDinosaurinevitable.: one.

3rd December 2015:

you succeeded.

could i leave that as a review? i feel like it would be such a short review but at the same time it would express everything and you, at least, would know exactly what i mean.

i considered it, for a bit, and then i realised i could never ever turn down the chance to throw your own quotes at you and flail and shriek in an unholy manner (can u hear the shrieking) so that is why this review has already gotten out of hand and is going to get even outter of hand soon. (do you see what you do to my grammar when you write lovely things like this?? do you???)

who doesn't love a context-free girl-meets-nonbinary-22-year-old-magazine-editor story amirite

who indeed

they made it impossible for anyone to think of Lys as one-or-the-other male-or-female boy-or-girl, resisted the binary with a stubbornness that reflected Lys themselves.

this description is out of this world. i cannot understand how you can write stories that are so heavy on dialogue and then bust something like this out, and there is something about that sentence which i like very much.

Essie, of course, had loved them for as long as she could remember – it had formed an undercurrent of her adolescence, a constant throughout a series of fleeting teenage crushes and abortive relationships


And it was simple, because they were already so caught up in each other, so embedded in each other’ lives, so entangled that there were only two possible outcomes – they would be together forever, or they would destroy each other

this is probably a more personal thing but i love this kind of description when it comes to couples. as unrealistic as it is - i love this so much. they would be together forever, or they would destroy each other. this is my aesthetic. i appreciate this so much

“Sorry for keeping you up all night.”

“You’re not sorry.”

“You got me,” she said, unrepentant.

bless these two munchkins. bless

It was a loaded question, and Lys knew how to answer it. “Inevitably.”

your endings are always so strong how do you do it elisabeth omg

you do such a good job, here, because really it isn't about essie and lys at all, but about lys, and how she factors into their life. (and she's inevitable, which is something else i adore. #aesthetic)

it probably wouldn't have taken half as much to convince me because ever since you mentioned the idea it's been germinating, but - like i said at the beginning, you convinced me.

♥ emily

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Review #7, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: epilogue.

30th November 2015:

i cannot believe that this is over??? like, how did this happen. it was so soon. you started such a short time ago. and now, suddenly, you're finished and this story is finished and i will have no more Haversham Westley's School for Boys in my life?? like, i hope you appreciate the fact i went to the trouble of writing out the entire name and capitalising the words because i feel so strongly about this

seriously, i don't know how you managed to write all of this is what pretty much amounted to two weeks. and then you posted it, in a minimally edited state, and somehow it was this good and caught up my emotions i>this much and broke my heart and put it back together this much.

the 2030/31 sixth years of Haversham Westley’s School for Boys had always been a bit different, so they held their first reunion in October 2031 a few days before the twins’ eighteenth birthdays at the terrifically named I Mead You bar in Hogsmeade

first thing - bless them for still being that little but different. second thing - i mead you is a terrible pun and a great name for a bar. just. i love me some bad wordplay

“If you’re not sorted into Gryffindor we’re never speaking again,” she told him with a reassuring pat on the shoulder

jesus, this is how so many next gen fics start. it made me laugh because it's how so many fics start and it's how this one ends and that's a sad but lovely touch

he was unironically referring to the cluster of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff high-flyers he hung out with as his ‘squad’, and Essie mocked him mercilessly for it

bless lys. and bless essie.

“What does that mean for us, if you take a job in the Netherlands?” Dave had asked.

Lorcan looked confused. “Why would it mean anything for us? I’ll get my international Apparition licence.”


he took courage in both hands and the entire school by surprise when he marched into August’s office and asked him out for coffee; and August continued the trend of the unexpected by saying yes, of course, he thought Leopold would never ask. Coffee had turned into coffees, plural; then it was drinks, then it progressed to dinner, and the weekend before it had been brunch for the first time, after August had stayed over

everything is coming up roses elisabeth bless these two silly munchkins i love them and they're adorable

and, of course, your author's note is a treasure and ilysm.

huge massive shoutout to my dearest emily, who has reviewed every chapter as soon as it goes up and has put up with my frantic messages about writing myself into a corner. i would have given up a few chapters in if it wasn't for her so this entire story goes out to her. if you don't have an emily in your life i highly recommend it tbh.

bless you.

this was such a great ride and to be honest i can still hardly believe that it's over already. i fell in love with these characters and, yes, ok, you are justified now in calling me 'ye o little faith' because everything did turn out ok and i am so amazingly thankful for that

♥ emily

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Review #8, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-six.

30th November 2015:

oh man this chapter. this chapter. i have such mixed feelings about this because on the one hand - lys is improving and talking to someone about what happened and how he feels and what led up to this attempt on his own life, but then on the other hand lys is on a hospital bed for reasons that are heartbreaking and i am just. i cannot.

If Lys lived another one hundred years, he would still never forget the look on his mother’s face when she first saw him at Mungo’s. He knew she’d fought in a war, that she’d lost her own mother as a child, that she’d been able to see Thestrals since she was nine years old, but she’d always carried those ghosts with a matter-of-fact air that people who didn’t know her would mistake for apathy

have i told you how much i love your version of luna recently because i really, really do.

her capacity for acceptance extended as far as fate itself

i just. love the way you write luna so much. you do her so much justice and i am such a fan of your version of her.

“God,” was all Lys could say.

“Actually, my name’s Albus.”

o h m y g o d. that is terrible. bless albus.

It was more like he was just having a really long, really deep conversation with an older brother who told terrible jokes sometimes and dropped more f-bombs than Lys himself

i love this dynamic that you've set up here between the two of them and i wish that it could be developed a little more because albus seems like a sweetheart and also he's going out with scorpius, which is a massive number of points in his favour. scorbus.

aah, i love lucy so much. “Enjoy the calm before the storm, I’ll be back with a hurricane.” this sums her up so well. i love how you establish that she cares about lys, but she shows it in a different way, with tough love and swearwords, but at the same time you make it abundantly clear that this is her way of caring, so she doesn't come off as a one-note 'abrasive' character. pls teach me how you character

also, omg yes, lucy and essie would get along so well. you should write a novella about the two of them and the shenanigans they get up to together, later in life.

ah, i'm so sad for lys but at the same time i'm so glad that he's on the path to recovery and i can hardly believe that the end is nearing gahhh pls update soon (i don't even have to ask you that, at this point)

♥ emily

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Review #9, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-five.

29th November 2015:

did you hear that unholy screech from across the tasman because i am shrieking and it is unholy

how dare you. how dare you. i can't believe you i don't believe this he was acting so fine in the last chapter with all the banter and laughter and christmas and how dare you

drained of colour, covered in sweat, eyes unfocused. He seemed to take a moment to recognise her, then lurched forward. “Essie,” he whispered desperately, “I don’t want to die.”

okay elisabeth this is just nope i refuse this was too emotional

your description in this chapter was so heartbreakingly good - everything was shaking – her hands, her legs, even her breath as it bordered on hyperventilation.

ugh elisabeth i don't know what to say i'm so sad and heartbroken and lys the poor baby. your descriptions were amazing, and i feel like poor essie's point of view was so realistic - how is anyone meant to cope with or react to this? - but at the same time holy goodness what is this going to do to her? you were talking about her issues, and i thought that this was going to be another chapter of essie-development, and then lys

mostly, i think, i'm scared about how this will affect her. she already has a boatload of issues and she was seeming to be coping with them (does that combination of verbs make sense at all) but this might be a catalyst for something awful regarding her and ugh i hope anna can help her get through this

scorbus. that might be my one light within the whole of this chapter. no matter what universe your story is in there will always be scorbus and this makes me happy

elisabeth ok so i need to know what happens with lys and how he recovers from this (because he does recover, yes?) and how essie will deal with this and basically pls update soon ok

♥ emily

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Review #10, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-four.

29th November 2015:

oh my god this chapter is so great it makes me so happy elisabeth my cinnamon rolls are all happy and bantering and chatting and happy do you realise how glad this makes me? i am far too invested in the emotional states of fictional characters

as i told you in skype when you snippeted me, this review is going to be so quite-heavy. prepare for the deluge

he said “I love you” out of the blue, without planning to, it just slipped out like he couldn’t go another moment without saying it. And David had rolled over so they were face to face and said “I love you too, Lorcan,” and kissed him, and he didn’t think he’d ever felt happier than he did right then.


“You’re in love,” his mum told him when he explained all that to her, and he just said “I know” and finished doing the dishes, and she was smiling at him though the reflection in the window by the sink.

how many times can i bless this family unit. i love this family

“I wonder which of us is going to hell first,” Essie said.

“Whoever dies first,” Lorcan said.

i love them, and your writing and your humour in this is so spot-on. i love it. this is really all that needs to be said.

“Well,” David said, “You are a witch, so that’s a big point in my favour, I think. You’d be further into the hellfire than me.”

“I’d be crispy,” Essie agreed.

“Well done,” David said. “I’d be more on the medium rare side.”

“What about me?” Lorcan asked.

“Your gay wizard butt is at the centre of the inferno,” Essie said

i'm sorry i keep censoring these but to be fair it's not my fault that there are 12+ rules on reviews and u have the pottiest mouth known to man.

your humour in this is so good. i love the banter and the interactions between all these dweebs. they're so happy and this makes me so happy as well ♥ honestly if you were to continue writing nothing but banter i would be down for that because the humour in your banter and the interactions between all of the characters are so great

update soon, elisabeth! this story is so great and i am insatiable

♥ emily

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Review #11, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-three.

28th November 2015:

omg this chapter is light and fluffy and happy and i am in love i'm so happy right now. i think the only thing marring my happiness is that lys did not appear in this chapter and i need to know 100% that he's ok

oh my days i love claire so much. i'm so glad that dave has someone like that in his life that he can fall back on when he needs to ♥

“You wouldn’t believe what she’s doing, though. Passive-aggressive Instagramming.”

omg this is actually such a common thing and i'm cackling

“You didn’t nearly get mauled by a Manticore, Dad,” Lys said. “You saw a Manticore.”

“That’s the same thing in practice, Lys,” Rolf said. “I made eye contact with a Manticore. It saw me. It was advancing.”

rolf is a treasure and i love him. and i love that everyone tells embarrassing stories about rolf rather than the kids. bless this family

and rolf is so worried about treating his sons right and wanting the best for them but also treating them like people in their own right and i'm so so happy that you have people like this in your story - they're human and real and they want to do their best and they're trying to do their best and sometimes not quite managing it? so they seems so much more real and lovely and how do you character

“Do you love him?”

“Yeah,” Dave said, not even having to stop and think about it.


update soon! i want to make sure that lys is ok, yes?

♥ emily

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Review #12, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-two.

28th November 2015:

oh no this chapter was so sad. i just - on the one hand, it's a great thing that lys has told his mum and luna has just accepted it and tried her best to help him understand what he's going through. but, on the other hand, my heart just breaks for luna. her final paragraph - gah, i'm so sad for her.

on a slightly more cheerful note, i love her point of view. you strike such a great balance between the wonder and whimsy that was so obvious in canon, as well as the maturity that adulthood brings and her motherly instincts and behaviour - i love love love how accepting and beautifully openminded she is. so many people would have just dismissed lys or said something vague about teenage hormones, but she doesn't do that and i love it.

ahhh, i love that paragraph about her calling lys they and them. i love how openminded and accepting she is. the way you write luna is so great, and i love her ♥ and also, just the way that you arrange that paragraph was so lovely, and flowed so well - i can't c&p it into here because it's too long but it's definitely one of the stand out quotes of this chapter.

and your habit of ending things on immensely powerful notes - damn it, elisabeth, i'm so sad for luna. can i hug her and tell her that it's going to be okay. is everything going to be alright elisabeth, pls say yes

damn it this chapter should have been happy - lys telling luna his problems, her not dismissing him, giving him a name for what he's going through - but instead now it's sad, and i don't know what lys might do and that scares me.

update soon! i need to know that my cinnamon rolls are all okay

♥ emily

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Review #13, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty-one.

28th November 2015:

oh my days this chapter was so cheerful and lovely and adorable and to be honest i am happy with all of the characters' emotional states for the fist time in a long time. they're all so happy. i had a dumb smile on my face the whole time that i was reading this

oh my days elisabeth you know how much i love essie and this chapter has just made me love her even more because honestly who doesn't love this adorable lil firerbomb

she was happy to see him happy – he deserved to be, after all that went down with his parents.


“Shut up.”

“No, I’m not ew-ing at you. I just realised I’m happy for you, and I’m a little bit disgusted with myself.”

essie is perfection in a firecracker and it's great.

You’re about as intimidating as a tiny black kitten

essie is very adorable, yes. i love the dynamic between her and dave, and the constant bickering. they're adorable.

“She thought it was very clever,” Lys explained. “So do I, actually, but mainly because it forces guests to yell “The Love Shack” into a fireplace.”

bless luna, omg.

Essie was glad, because it wasn’t the kind of mess you apologised for, it just was, and it made the whole place seem homely and familiar and full of life.

i love the description of the Love Shack so much?? i don't even know why but it just seems so lovely and homely and just all-around fabulous.

“I didn’t like Slytherin much, but most of them were Death Eaters when I was at school. It must have changed.”

elisabeth snake ad astra, deconstructing typical post war tropes since a while ago. i love how beautifully open minded your luna is ♥

"As long as you’re happy and safe, that’s all that matters.”

your luna is a gift. also, dave was so not prepared for this, the cinnamon roll. bless him

“Not literally!” Lys howled, too late, because apparently he sucked at catching and all three oranges hit the floor.

lys is the cutest thing elisabeth oh my days

The orange had exploded, sending pith, peel and juice in all directions; Lys managed to intercept most of it with his face before it could make too much of a mess.

“When you’re ready,” Lorcan said eventually, “You should pass me the others.”


this is honestly such a quote-heavy review and i'm sorry for that but also not sorry because there were so many great quotes in here that i needed to throw back at you so i hope that you appreciate them. also, it says a lot about how beautiful and snarky the character and tone of essie's narration is because she is witty and deadpan and all the things i love.

elisabeth, you need to update soon! i need more haversham westley's school for boys christmas shenanigans in my life, ok pls and thank you

♥ emily

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Review #14, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twenty.

28th November 2015:

now i see why you wanted a poison and to be honest i 100% approve of this narrative use of poison. my worries have been dispelled.

ah, bless lys in this chapter and bless you for this amazing writing. i'm so glad that you're focusing so heavily on what happened to him and the aftermath of it, and especially how it affects him. i don't know that i was ever expecting anything less from you, but so many stories just gloss over sexual assault or just use it as a machination to move the Plot forward and i'm so glad you're taking the time to explore it. and, as per usual, you are dong such a great job with it

“You should go talk to Anna,” Essie said. “She’ll dig down into the very depths of your soul with an emotional pickaxe and unearth every terrible thing that’s ever happened in your life, but you feel better afterwards. It’s the same principle as people in the olden days using leeches to cure disease.”


Essie had a pair of antlers that she had been annoying people with since mid-November

what?! but i thought essie was with me in scorning everyone who started christmas celebrations too early! essie. i am disappointed. not even angry. disappointed.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Okay,” Lorcan said agreeably. “I don’t either. But everyone says talking about what’s wrong helps.”

“It doesn’t.”

“No,” Lorcan said. “I don’t think it does. Not unless you want to talk about it, but you don’t, so it won’t be helpful.”

okay, i'm aware that that's a really long exchange but that was so lovely - i love how you showed each person trying to care for lys in their own way, and this was lorcan's way and i just really liked it ok i have such love.

ahhh, bless poor august. all he wants is for lys to return to lessons. poor thing. can i hug him elisabeth can you maybe pass a hug on to him from a sympathetic reader??

"She said she wouldn’t cut anyone off who wasn’t intoxicated, so I got her fired.”

“How did you get her fired?”

“That doesn’t matter,” Lucy said.

elisabeth. lucy. i love her so much. she's so blunt and she can be so abrasive but omg she's so goodhearted and i love her o m g.

and as always, your ending was really great. lucy's last line was so powerful and why can you end chapters so well i'm so jealous right now

“Listen,” she said. “I know these kinds of thoughts won’t go away overnight, but remember – that guy is a predator, and it’s not your fault that he trapped you. Not being able to say no doesn’t mean you’d have ever said yes.”

just look at that and marvel at it.

update soon! lys seems to be doing well, but i want to make 100% sure that my dear bbys are going to be ok

♥ emily

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Review #15, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: nineteen.

27th November 2015:

oh my days i love your writing so much how do you even. your introductory paragraph here was so great - dry, deadpan, snarky humour that's honestly just so great. you probably know this but i'm such a massive fan of dry and snarky and deadpan, along with sarcastic and punny.

It was called the Annual United Kingdom Magical Schools Leadership Conference for the sole purpose of making it seem like an important summit for its attendees to put on the wall planners in their offices and explain their absence to their staff

goodness me, this is beautiful. i've vaguely convinced that 50% of the admin absences at my school seen equally important but are in fact equally informal and kind of useless :P

technically it was an accurate name – it was annual, it involved the leadership of magical schools in the United Kingdom, and they did confer. Of course there were only two magical schools in the United Kingdom, and those schools had one Head each, so in practice the Annual United Kingdom Magical Schools Leadership Conference consisted of Neville Longbottom and Hester Liebermann at a table in the Three Broomsticks, drinking with intent and complaining about the Ministry.

i know that's such a long quote and i'm sorry, but honestly, look at that and tell me it doesn't deserve to become a national treasure because you would be wrong.

“In my experience, your alumni aren’t too fond of Hogwarts.”

“They would be if you paid them."

this was great, i laughed out loud until i realised that this sentence would probably apply to me as well and realised i need to think about my life choices

but oh my goodness, elisabeth, more leopold backstory - and this is so sad and tragic as well, oh nooo, poor baby leopold the cinnamon roll. :'( does nothing nice ever happen to your characters? ever? do any of them have any nice backstory and if the answer is yes pls go in depth and in detail in the next few chapters because your characters deserve happiness

like neville said, i suppose that it is good he's preparing to take his NEWT, trying to move and and become something more than the dead-end Ministry employee that he is currently. somehow, i also feel like you're not going to let him do this easily. pls be nice to leopold, elisabeth

she often found herself wanting to smash Pat and August’s heads together and see if it resulted in a teacher who knew his boundaries while still making himself attentive to students’ needs.

bless hester liebermann. she's a sweetheart.

ah, i'm so excited to see where you go with the alcohol and substances classes! and lucy weasley! i'm so excited for this

i'm so excited to see what happens and what you do and where you go with all these great ideas that are cropping up everywhere in the story so you must update soon to let me know, yes? yes

♥ emily

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Review #16, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: eighteen.

27th November 2015:

my heart. it is so sad elisabeth what is this witchcraft that you perform damn it my heart hurts.

Parents whose decisions were always excused, badly, by the assumption that they “just wanted the best for their child” when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth; parents who were blind to the damage they were doing, or just didn’t care, and yet had all the power to keep doing it.

oh my god, this is such an important issue. overenthusiastic parents can be such a damage to their child and they don't know or don't care about what they're doing to the mental health of their kid and it's the worst thing. i hate that parents like this exist and are allowed to do whatever they want without being stopped.

wondering if there was a god of youth somewhere up there, or a guardian angel maybe, or just any celestial being with the power to give his kids a break.

i feel like this is vaguely meta because i refer to you as a celestial being so often and you do have the power to do what you will with your characters. i couldn't help but laugh at this line even though the tone of the chapter was so solemn. if it was intentional, it was great, and if it wasn't, it was still great.

EYYY LUCY she's great omg i'm so glad that she's willing to do this i hope we get to see her starting and implementing her program in the school. that would be rad. she's rad.

ah elisabeth do you know how much you have made me sad with august's backstory. do you. i don't think you do. i don't

What was the difference between Well, I mean, you did have a lot to drink and you could have been assaulted, except that he had heard one of them and said the other? What was the difference between his situation and Lys’s, except for a twenty-year-old bartender who had been in the right place at the right time?

elisabeth this makes me so sad. august. bby. poor thing ilysm.

elisabeth why are you so cruel to your characters and your readers this makes me so sad i don't think that you actually fully comprehend the enormity of my emotions. elisabeth

and, of course, i won't sign off without mentioning your ending - He flicked idly through the calendar on his desk. It was December first. Of course.

this is so heartbreaking and ends the chapter on such a powerful note and just elisabeth i'm such a massive pile of emotions right now u have done this are u happy now cruel being

you need to update soon pls i need to know my bbys are ok and currently that is just very not the case. august. lys. i want to hug them both. pls send them hugs from me.

♥ emily

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Review #17, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: seventeen.

26th November 2015:

oh my days, you were so right when you said that lucy weasley does not pull her punches because wow you were right you were so right and like i said to you in skype, i am both impressed and vaguely terrified by her character? just. wow

ok i know you said that you never intended for lucy to be on the story but goodness me i think she's going to be such an amazing part of it already. her character honestly springs from your writing - she's so fiercely independent and abrasive and unapologetically herself and honestly she intimidates me so much right now, not gonna lie. but then again, knowing you you're going to somehow manage to get even more deep and meaningful characterisation in with her and i will be stuck over here wailing about it to you, so. i don't know what the point of that sentence was? except she's a really well drawn character and i am so looking forward to seeing what you do with her

Most nights they left before Lucy and came home after her with a new horror story about boozed-up Ministry employees throwing tantrums because they had to wait more than two minutes for their cocktails, and managers who wouldn’t let them cut customers off even if they were falling over drunk, because they were Rich and Important.

like, i didn't want to work in hospo anyway but your descriptions of it just turned me off even more. it sounds like something straight out of a nightmare, to be quite honest

“If I find out that you have launched said investigation, you can forget about hearing from me again. Then again, I guess you have a history of putting the Ministry before your family, so I won’t be holding my breath.”

oh my days elisabeth this - this line. i cannot. i can hardly believe that she thought or dared to say this. this is kind of the line that made all your excited messages about her just click into place because yes, she deserves pretty much every title that you have give to her.

“The Ministry has no provision for teaching kids about alcohol or anything relating to personal safety when drinking, or using substances, and it’s important."

this is actually so important? and so so relevant as well. my old school didn't ever have the sex talk, at all, and that is something that is so dangerous and leads to nasty, easily preventable things, and i just feel like this is such an important thing to remind people of. once again, i am in awe of your ability to put messages like these ones in your story and pull it off so well.

ack, elisabeth, this chapter was so great and the introduction of lucy was so great and i just cannot wait to see what you do and where you go with her, so please update soon, yes?

♥ emily

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Review #18, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: sixteen.

26th November 2015:

omg hello again this is great how do you update so fast i can't believe your speed tbh

omg. so much lys development in this chapter elisabeth im so happy - well, no, i'm not that happy because what happens to him, what almost happens to him, that's terrible, but seeing more of his character was so great. it makes so much sense that there would be someone at the school who's just really uncomfortable with the tiny student body, who's more comfortable in a crowd of strangers. i'm not one of those people, but you still made lys so relatable and realistic that i could believe and understand what he was gong through even when i don't know that i would ever feel the same.

He took subjects that he did all right in, that seemed like sensible choices, that would probably be requirements at NEWT level when he finally got out into the Real World, but he didn’t care about any of them.

i feel this in my soul, and i feel like these kinds of thoughts are just becoming more and more relevant nowadays as people go through more and more education to get into the job they want. lys, u poor baby.

the face of Lucy Weasley swam into focus in front of him

i am so excited for lucy to be involved in this story elisabeth omg. and fom what you've said she plays a big part! she can stay. this girl can definitely stay, no?

"We normally cut him off"

okay so this is all my fault because i was watching the batman trilogy the other week but my first thought here was oh wow she's a vigilante, which is a cool idea but so unrealistic :P as you can tell though, i'm so excited to see what role she does end up playing in the story and u must update soon so that i can know, yes? :D

♥ emily

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Review #19, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: fifteen.

25th November 2015:

apparently it is v difficult to type while your hands have flour on them. who knew. not me, but my hands are washed and clean and typing furiously so this story has a happy ending

i love the beginning of the chapter, btw. christmas doesn't start in november, damn it people. why is everyone so obsessed with christmas

aw. leo. i love leo. you know that, but this chapter just made him so much more sympathetic to all the rest of the characters (or, the ones that weer listening to him) in the story, which is clearly the most important thing here.

essie's a lil firebomb and i love her. her opening conversation with leo - like, i want to copy and paste all that down here but i feel like the character count would break and also that wouldnt comply with the 12+ rules reviews are held to. so just go and reread that opening exchange between essie and leo and pat yourself on the back because it's super great

“There he is,” August said, and it made him feel almost wanted, almost like he had friends
LEO. you little munchkin. someone needs to squish you.

August had wanted to be a “starving artist” on the streets of Paris, enchanting local Muggles with magical portraiture; Pat had every intention of becoming a glamorous, sexy curse breaker; Maisie had plans to establish a unicorn reserve and make a living from selling tail hairs to wandmakers
these teaches are honestly so great. like, they're not in the story much, especially when compared to their students who are the focus the story, but you manage to give them little flashes of personality though single sentences like this and it's great. not to mention, these prospective careers are all fabulous.

(also, yes i did edit the quote so it would be 12+. sorry)

“I could see you doing that.”
THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. this kind of validation is always so so important and hearing it from someone who you know probably isn't saying it just to make you feel better about your life choices - bless hester. she is the unofficial hero of this story, no?

“Great man,” August said fondly. “I may be heavily critical of the hero cult that’s sprung up around him, but what a great man.”
i love this so much. i love the acknowledgement that she's a great man and the fact that august is leery of the hero cult around him, but i also love that you point out that feeling both at the same time - admiration, but criticism of the admiration around him - i love that you imply that you can feel both. this might just be a really small me thing but i loved that

ah, and leo is going to do it! take his NEWT! become an auror! im so excited to see this, elisabeth. so. excited. you need to update soon so that i have more to be excited about, yes?

♥ emily

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Review #20, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: fourteen.

23rd November 2015:

im so sad right now elisabeth ur annoying ok that is the insult from me to you and you need to stop being annoying bc otherwise you will actually move me to tears and that is unacceptable.

idk whether i feel so much for essie because you're a fantastic writer or because i feel the same way so often but it's probably a mixture of the two and elisabeth, you have hit me so much harder with essie than you have with any of your other characters. the poor wee baby. you are so cruel to your characters

i'm just - so infinitely glad that each of these lovely characters is surrounded by equally lovely people who love them and care for them and want what's best for them. honestly, hester leebs is a blessing to all her students and while i imagine that it must be considerably easier to keep up with students when there are so few of them the care that she treats them with ought to be commended. which is what im doing right now. commending her. thank u for leebs' existence, elisabeth

o m g, the way essie bargains with leebs to go see anna is so essie. you write these characters so well and i love the and they don't deserve this from you

your chapter endings are always so great. this one was no exception.

“You’re doing well. You’re a bright kid, your theory is excellent, and you’re doing really well. Remember that.”
bless hester leebs

update soon! my cinnamon rolls all need to be ok

♥ emily

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Review #21, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: thirteen.

23rd November 2015:

oh my days my feels my poor babies. your characters. how can you do this to them elisabeth how. you cruel cruel author. do you remember that post i reblogged last night? yes??? consider me hugging your characters to me now. there is nothing you can do. i have Snatched them all.

oh ma elisabeth ok first things fist im just so immensely thankful that everyone in the school is just trying so hard to help him to do what he wants and gain his own autonomy and just i'm so glad that he has so many caring and supportive people in his life because he really does need them all right now poor baby ♥ you are cruel

claire. i love her. im so glad that she exists and that shes doing so much to help her lil brother bless her soul

oh my god dave's parents. stop. elisabeth. this is so frightening because it actually happens. oh god.

“If you need me, I’ll be in the pub.”

“Which pub – ”

“The first one I find!”

bless hester. and bless her fo helping dave and standing up for him against his awful parents while also blindsiding the ministry - like, honestly, that must have been so difficult for her but she's only ever been kind and caring towards dave and bless her soul

bless essie and bless lorcan. the line that you ended on was fantastic, like always:

“Everything,” Dave said, pulling him closer and kissing him hard. “God, everything.”
i love how open and honest/i> thei relationship is and they are two precious cinnamon rolls and you must stop hurting them now ok thank you

also, pls update soon so that i can verify that my cinnamon rolls are ok i am still worried by your comments

♥ emily

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Review #22, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: twelve.

23rd November 2015:

o m g. ok so i know you had trouble with writing luna and her calm acceptance and understanding of everyone, or homophobes in this case, but you did it so well and i just feel like you got her character down so perfectly. i love that she's always so openminded and that she believes the best in everyone - that she says it's not their fault but it was because they were raised like that, without any understanding. and she sounds like she knows exactly what to do and say to make lorcan see things from her point of view and she obviously cares so much and you need to teach me how to character elisabeth pls

also, lorcan is honestly the sweetest sweetheart ever oh my days. he's so innocent but also not at the same time, and his asperger's is a big part of who he is but it doesn't define and i love him and i love you

“I looked it up. I didn’t want to do anything illegal.”
i'm crying.

rolf calls his boys son elisabeth im dead thats so cute

i kind of want to quote all of luna's speech at you and demand that you acknowledge their amazingness but i feel like that might break the character limit so i'm just going to settle for telling you to reread what you had luna say and pat yourself on the back bc you pulled it off so well and you'e perf ok

i loved this chapter so much and i loved getting to see a bit more into the home life of lorcan and lys, and i really really loved luna and rolf, so i hope we see more of them. you write them so well

update soon, elisabeth!

♥ emily

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Review #23, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: eleven.

22nd November 2015:
hello im so glad they're happy

elisabeth okay i will admit this kind of does make up for the emotional trauma that you'rre putting dave through. it's not completely forgiven, of course, and the whole issue hasn't even finished yet, but cinnamon roll dave is happy now and that's good enough for me for now. so :D

ah, i love penelope pope. it is always cool to come across such a chill adult. i wish i knew someone like her, tbh :P i love how accepting and openminded she is and she doesn't seem to take offence to anything - i hope we see a lot more of her because i like her very much.

“The method the Ministry uses to teach Apparition is the three Ds technique. Have you heard of it?”

“Sounds like a good time,” Lys murmured.

this is more perfect than perfect ok u are a blessing thank you

“Excuse me,” Lorcan said after a moment, and stepped away. Penelope burst out laughing.

lorcan is perfect and i love him

one time Lorcan managed to Apparate himself out into the quad, and the whole school could hear his startled yelp

omg elisabeth lorcan is perfect and i love him

“Never have I ever been a Muggle.”


“Sweet Jesus, Lorcan, tell me that was on purpose.”

“I meant it both ways,” Lorcan said solemnly, and Essie wailed something unintelligible into the carpet.

lorcan is perfect and honestly, essie's reaction is basically my life in less than a sentence. "wailing something unintelligible into the capet." that is me.

“I’m also hoping the extra syllable will be enough to make you give up.”

i love essie so much.

elisabetht his chapter was fluffy and sweet and golden and i loved it but also i need to know that things tun out alright for dave the cinnamon roll muggle so pls update soon, yes? yes

♥ emily

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Review #24, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: ten.

22nd November 2015:

leopold is an innocent duckling and yet somehow i feel like nobody really likes him very much :( it's not a great thing for him, but you have managed so well the task of giving him an inner voice and inner thoughts and also showing the readers what he seems like to the people around him, and even though it's kind of a substantial change you manage to pull it off so well and i am jealous elisabeth teach me how to character pls

ahaha, i love the leopold just remained blissfully unaware of the tragedy/drama unfolding around him the night before. and omg, the poor guy was put on the spot by percy, wasn't he? judging that he wouldn't have to wear robes, and then getting torn a new one for not wearing robes...poor leopold just can't win, can he?

God, he was an adult, a thirty-five year old qualified wizard, he didn’t have to be back for Charms. This was his job, after all.
poor baby leopold. i do feel so sorry for him. he just doesn't seem to know where he's going or where he wants to go at all. D:

oh nooo, hester said that the student is a muggleborn but leopold thinks that dave has HMDD and if he finds out that the two are the one and the same - omg no i hope that cinnamon roll dave doesn't get dragged into any more illegal things oh no elisabeth. elisabeth pls dont hurt dave the cinnamon roll. pls

t was twenty past nine. He closed the paper, folded it, and went to meet Percy.
why must you always end your chapters on notes that make me want more i'm dying to know what happens here gah elisabeth

you should definitely update soon because i want to see how this all plays out and i need to make sure that dave and lorcan are ok. they need to be ok. so you should update soon, yes?

♥ emily

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Review #25, by BookDinosaurHaversham Westley's School for Boys: nine.

22nd November 2015:
please let this be first review omg

o m g can you even tell how much this warms the cockles of my heart okay just the way that the school is trying so had to protect dave the lovely cinnamon roll muggle is so heatwarming and it's just like yes, there are homophobic people out there but there are also beautiful, accepting, peaceful, glorious cinnamon rolls and the teachers and admin of haversham's fit in the second category without a doubt and it's very heartwarming

essie - omg, essie is a baby and a sweetheart. i love that she's sticking up for dave and deflecting prying questions but also tryng to make sure as many people are on his side as possible - i can imagine that her reaction to this during the time before leopold appeared might have been (probably would have been) not as supportive and lovely as this and she's a sweetheart ok i love her

As it happened, they went about their days with the vague sense that there used to be something up there, before concluding that it was that long-abandoned shell the council never bothered to do anything about, and it had finally been demolished like it should have fifteen years ago.

oh my, the muggles in this town are the best.

ACK, poor baby lorcan. ♥ i get why he blames himself for it but it really really isn't his fault and i wish the poor baby could see that because you just know that he's beating himself up. elisabeth if this throws a wrench in their relationship - if lorrcan breaks up with dave out of a sense of misguided nobility or guilt or something i will fly over to new zealand and do something very drastic ok just don't do that pls

“I’m fine,” she said, and hoped Maisie would recognise the lie.

can i tell you how many times i've done this and how few people have known me well enough to call me out on it? bless maisie. this is so important.

this was a great chapter as always elisabeth but don't even try to make me believe that the conflict isn't over yet ok it's not and i need to know that lorcan and dave are ok pls so obviously you're going to have to update soon. yes? yes.

♥ emily


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