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Review #1, by granger9dracoUnexpected Blossoming Love: Embarrassment and Feelings

5th September 2013:
Hi, thanks for reviewing my story, i love yours but i think you should try putting spaces between the quotes and maybe taking things slower, put more detail into the emotions and the surroundings, it would grab the viewers attention more, but i like the story line and the idea of hermione and geaorge!!

Author's Response: thanks for the review!! i will try to put more into it and i have ideas from reading other fanfictions

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Review #2, by granger9dracoA Different Path: Chapter One: Making New Friends

8th July 2013:
i love the story! a completely individual take on Harry Potter, even though a lot of people might not be comfortable with the drastic difference, i love it! please update asap!!

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Review #3, by granger9dracoIn Death With You: Death is the Strangest of Things

3rd July 2013:
.beautiful. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. ... .. .. .. .. ..

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Review #4, by granger9dracoWho Gets Her?: Chapter 7

1st July 2013:
i love the story and i havnt found a good one of Blaise and Granger . well ever until now so i much appreciate the story, THANK YOU!!! please update asap

Author's Response: thank you! i feel awful because i havent updated in forever!! i promise ill update asap! ^_^

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Review #5, by granger9dracoThe Half-Blood Princess: A Secret Kept

29th June 2013:
i love the story and find it extremely different that Snape is Hermiones father. love it!! please update it asap!!!

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Review #6, by granger9dracoImperfections and Power: *Tear*

28th June 2013:
i already commented on chapter five so im asking you on this chapter. i know you cant rush perfection but pleeease update your story i cant wait much longer!

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Review #7, by granger9dracoTacent Wishes: Changing

28th June 2013:
i think it is an amazing story although i have to say im finding Draco saying LOVE to hermione quite anoying. but who am i to say, plenty of other readers will most probbebly disagree. lm lovin it :-P

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Review #8, by granger9dracoImperfections and Power: Wait, what?

26th June 2013:
alll i can say is that i ned more. this is
amazing, though you say this is your first storry it
seems like you have been writing for years, you
know just how to capture yor readers attention. i
LOVE it. :-D

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