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Review #1, by BaillieAngel: Angel

8th October 2005:
I love that song so much!!

Author's Response: thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by BaillieGetting There: Intended Bliss

28th September 2005:
It's actually all the elder people, in their culture, that they call uncle and aunts.

Author's Response: Yes you're absolutely right. I'm part of that culture and couldn't quite word it, it's quite a complicated system but you dont realise it til you try to write it down.

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Review #3, by BaillieOne Fine Day: The Epilogue

24th July 2005:
OHHHH MY GOSH I luvvvvvved it absolutely loved it! It was beautiful!

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Review #4, by BaillieTwo to Tango: The Christmas Ball

8th April 2005:

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Review #5, by BaillieTo Be Loved Again: The Hotel

8th April 2005:
wow, it's great. hurry up and update, i'm hooked ;0

Author's Response: no worries chapter 5 is in progress and i hope to get it done by next week. im planning on it to be a longer chapter but im not quite sure

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Review #6, by BaillieEverything's Perfect From Far Away: I'm Giving You a Peice of Me

16th March 2005:
Hate it

Author's Response: Im so sorry that you wasted your time reading a story you didn't like...personally i would have stopped at the first chapter if i hated it. ; )

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Review #7, by BaillieEverything's Perfect From Far Away: The Lone Window Part 1

16th March 2005:

Author's Response: sorry... ; )

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Review #8, by BaillieHermione's game: Main Dish: Surprise

13th March 2005:
you have to wrie more

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Review #9, by BaillieChild of My Enemy: Spotted

12th March 2005:
don't like it much

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Review #10, by BaillieHermione's game: The Ride

12th March 2005:
You have to write more It's great Romance, Friends, Love and everything I love the plot of the story Great book LUV IT!

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Review #11, by BaillieHermione's game: The Rules of the Game.

11th March 2005:
The club and plot are yours Whatever I' ve almost read a story exactly like this

Author's Response: excuse you? Then they stole from me, because I created this story. Its not my fault that someone else is borrowing my ideas. Go find someone else to entertain you then, if Im not, but dont accuse me of stealing

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Review #12, by Baillie15+ Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial: 15+ Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

9th March 2005:
not enough action

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Review #13, by BaillieHarry Potter and the Secret Love: Christmas

8th March 2005:
you have to write more It's a great plot and wonderful story Just work on your word choice WHERE DID U GET VALORUS AS A NAM E?

Author's Response: well, i have had tis story in my head since i was nine and when i was creating the charactor i just randomly created a name and wrote it down. i seriously had no idea it was a real name.

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