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Review #1, by ChivalrousWhat to Do with the Wotters : The Story of Rose and Scorpius

2nd August 2015:
Okay now you've really got my attention!

I'm so curious as to where this story is going! Andy is a lovely OC and I have a special place in my heart for any and all Malfoys! :)

Just wondering did you chose the name Andromeda on your own or is Andy named after Andromeda Tonks (née Black)?

I loved the update and can't wait for the next one!


Author's Response: Awe! Thanks! I seriously love Andy. I think she's my favorite character that I have ever written!

Wow. I literally just finished writing the part about how Andy did indeed get her name from Andromeda Tonks. I explain it all in the next chapter! I didn't think anyone would realize that she could have gotten her name from her Great Aunt.

I'll try not to give away too much, but yes you are right. And it is a backstory I'm very proud to explain next chapter!xD

Really, thanks again! LOVE YOU.

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Review #2, by ChivalrousWildest Dreams: stardust

2nd August 2015:
Hi! It's me againnn!

So this chapter was AHHHMAZING! (Just like you!) Arizona is literally me in the mornings except I'm much meaner like Shay. It's not a good time for me. lol.

So James is sexy af. Yeah that about sums it up. His speech made me laugh bc motivational sports speeches really get to me and then he was just like "i have no idea where i'm going with this speech" and it reminded me of myself as well.

On another note, Arizona is adorable af, Shay is bad *bleep* af, and Alex is cute af. The thing with gay marriage getting legalized was so cute I wanted to squish her cheeks.

(On a side note I took a trip to Washington D.C. during the time it was legalized in DC with my church and we ended up at the gay pride parade on accident. So we decided on staying a bit and getting some ice cream. :) Fun times man...)

Anyways I loved the update and I hope that you update soon! You're lovely and sorry for the lax of Kanye West references, but alas there's pizza waiting on me at the end of this review!

Luv uuu!


Author's Response: irelanddd, hi!!!
first of all, you're sooo adorable! like, you're just so cute ok your reviews always put a smile on my face.
thank you sooo much! I'm so glad you liked this chapter because I felt super sceptical about it, like, idk it just didn't cut good enough for me ??? hopefully the next chapter will be ten times better.
i knowww, wasn't James' speech funny and cute, i wanted to hug him lol
aww, im so happy you like my characters and you just summed them up really aha
also: celebrating the legalisation of gay marriage with ice cream? so cute!
again, thank you so, so much!

P.S. ugh i love social darwinism. really, really excited for the next update (eep I'll update too, as soon as possible aha.)
luv u too!!!

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Review #3, by ChivalrousSurvival Instinct: How to: Quidditch

2nd August 2015:
I LOVE QUIDDITCH MATCHES! I've read a lot from someone in the stands point of view and the reason I really enjoyed your writing of it was because it was very to the point. You didn't lallygag around and focus on the minute details and logistics of the match. It was so refreshing! (Guilty as charged though right here...)

Albus and Marley's encounter was certainly odd. I'd like to see more of Albus though!

SO MUCH CONSPIRACY! I LOVE IT! I'm really really excited to see where you're taking this Death Eater conspiracy thing. The latest development was certainly enlightening, but not completely unorthodox so I'd like to see where it goes!

Anyways I loved the chapter and can't wait for you to update again! :)


Author's Response: Yaaay you liked the quidditch bit! I was so nervous/excited to write it, so its good to see that the response is positive! Everyone has a special place for quidditch and I was just hoping to do it justice :)
LOTS of Al coming up! Don't worry. It's my first attempt at suspense and it seems to be goinf quiet well so I'm glad. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #4, by ChivalrousBody Builders: talkin' body, or the contract

2nd August 2015:
I love this! That is so funny that you mentioned "Talking Body" because I listened to it the other day and was like "wow this reminds me of Body Builders" so that's really cool!

Melisande is a great OC! I love her and how she's such a prefect! Fred is completely different than any other Fred I've ever read so thank you for that!

I love this story so please post soon! :)


Author's Response: Hi again! I'm glad that you liked chapter two!

Yeah, "Talking Body" is actually the inspiration for this whole thing, especially the lines that are quoted at the top of this chapter. Taken out of context, they make it seem like a mad scientist actually making bodies (to me, at least). Haha, it makes me quite happy that you were reminded of my story! I'm honored!

Thank you! Melisande is quite annoying to me right now, because I'm not sure if I'm getting her quite like I want her to be, but we'll see in the future. My favorite thing to do is to write Fred in a different way--in my other WIP, he's a Slytherin con man, so that's also different. I like mad scientist Fred best out of my two Freds, though, because he's much nicer and crazier. :D

I haven't written chapter three because I have to go back and edit the first two chapters again, but I will try to update in the near-ish future!


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Review #5, by ChivalrousSeized: Is There Anything Left to Say?

28th July 2015:
Ahhh! This chapter was so good! I can see where Astoria is coming from, but at the same time I think she is a complete moron... Hahaha!

I loved this chapter and I can't wait for the next update! :)


Author's Response: Thanks, Ireland! I think Astoria is a moron too ;) Next chapter is almost done :)

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Review #6, by ChivalrousSurvival Instinct: How to survive the aftermath

28th July 2015:
Ahhh! You're back! I can't believe you wrote this a long time ago, because it fits in so seamlessly! And hey, filler chapters are great sometimes! I'm just excited that you posted a new one!

I think this chapter is positively charming Madame! (Read in a posh voice for full effect.)


Lovely chapter, I can't wait for the next one! :)


Author's Response: Oh, you're too kind!
So happy you liked it.

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Review #7, by Chivalrousfirst: first kiss

21st July 2015:
I adore this story! Albus is absolutely precious and is a wonderful human being. Your portrayal of him is one that I just love!

Esme is a great OC and you've done brilliant work with her! James was a wonderful minor character as well!

I can't wait for the next chapter, because this story is so good!


Author's Response: Ireland! :)

I was so shocked to see a review... Thank you so much! I am glad you like both Albus' and Esme's characterizations. :)

The next chapter is definitely coming soon, I promise! :D


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Review #8, by ChivalrousOh My Darling: 5

19th July 2015:
I just want to bang a book over Albus' head... But he's cute so it's okay! He and Clem are seriously relationship goals. Honestly I identify with Clementine so much...I'm pretty sure we're the same person.

I'm really excited to see where you take her and Albus' relationship! Like really excited!

Post soon, because I loved this chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Ireland!
Hahaha! Oh, Albus. I'm with Scorp on this one, he's being dumb about his feelings. But he's quite stubborn, and just won't tell Clem yet.
Also, I'm so happy to hear that you identify with Clementine! She's really, really similar to me so it's wonderful to hear that other people can connect to her, too!
I have some other stories to update, but I'll try to get a new chapter of this one up as soon as I can!
Thank you for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #9, by ChivalrousBody Builders: body language, or the beginning

17th July 2015:
Interesting first chapter! I love your characterization of Freddy! I hope you post soon! This story is so good!


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it, and I hope you continue to enjoy!


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Review #10, by ChivalrousMirror, Mirror: gods and monsters

12th July 2015:
Okay so this was perfect.

Um you're perfect.

And your writing is perfect.

The Greek myth aspects were done wonderfully and since I seriously dig Greek myth I was so happy to read this!

I absolutely love 'Gone Girl' and while reading this I was thinking about much Luna reminded me of Amy and then BAM I read your author's note and was like "oh well that's why."

So this was a lovely one-shot and you're AMAZING!


Author's Response: omg im smiling so big that i might just swallow my own head
youre sooo nice!!! and lovely!!! and cute!!!
im so happy you liked this!
and omg same i love gone girl (it was just brilliant)
YOU are amazing!
thank you sooo much, love (pink twinkling hearts) xx

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Review #11, by ChivalrousPast Tense: fourth.

8th July 2015:
Wow, okay I really love this!

When I first read the summary I was immediately interested and then I started reading! It's so good!

All of your characters are amazing and individual with their own quirks and personalities showing through. I absolutely love Steph and her siblings' names are pretty awesome! Speaking of siblings I can't wait to meet Telemachus, he sounds amazing and his name is the best.

I haven't gotten to see much of the plot and where the story is going, but I'm so excited to see what's going to happen. Really really excited!

So post ASAP, because I'm insanely curious!

This story is wonderful and you're an amazing writer!


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Review #12, by ChivalrousNo Strings Attached: Feisty

25th June 2015:
The ~quidditch bros~ are gr8. Every scene with Green Eyes...I mean Noah...was golden!

I adore this story and I can't wait till you post the next chapter! *squeals*


Author's Response: The are ~gr8~ aren't they? Noah is my baby ♥

Thank you so much! Next chapter coming soon! *squeals back*

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Review #13, by ChivalrousWildest Dreams: Ombré

25th June 2015:
*sliding in ur reviews like*


I love Arizona and not just because Suki, promise! Lol I love her though omg, she's gorg! *heart with an arrow through it*

Shay is just glorious and majestic like some kind of deadpanning Wonder Woman.

Alex is a little fairy, buttercup, sugar pie, honey bunches, cuppy-cake (idk what just happened there I think I'm channeling the little fat kid who sings that cuppy-cake song) and it's great and I'm here for it.


James is just *sobs* Like yo Albus I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but James is the hottest Potter of all time!

Yep I just quoted Kanye West...Well I always knew I was losing my mind, you know?

Anyways I really enjoy this story and I hope that you post as soon as you can!

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend and I hope that everything works out alright, I'll be praying for both of you! *hugs*

See you next chapter!


Author's Response: omg hiii ireland
let me just say that I really like YOU okay?
im grinning honestly BC you just described my characters /perfectly/
ure so cute!
and ugh I have to agree, as much as I love albus, James will always take the larger piece of my heart lol
thank you sooo much!!! my friend is feeling better and so am I so I'll definitely try to update soon! (Probably by next week I think yes)
thank you again, love! xxx

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Review #14, by ChivalrousColoring Outside the Lines: Chapter Two

21st June 2015:
I loved this chapter! Although switching POVs so many times in one chapter can be confusing so watch out for that.

I absolutely adore your characterization of Roxanne! It's so different from any other Roxie I've ever read!

I also loved the insight you gave us into Nashira's world, she's very refreshing for a Slytherin!

So all in all, great chapter! I hope you post soon!


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Review #15, by ChivalrousColoring Outside the Lines: Chapter One

11th June 2015:

I absolutely love this story!

Your characters are so wonderful and realistic! Roxanne as a Hufflepuff? I never would have written that myself, but it works so well for this story. Nashira is very cool and I love her being a Slytherin! I have a special place in my heart for Slytherins.

We didn't get to see a lot of the plot, but I'm excited to see where it leads!

I love the premise and how you've set the story up, it makes me so excited to read the rest of the story!

I hope you post soon, because I adore this!


Author's Response: Ah such a lovely review! First off, thank you so much for taking the time to respond, it really means a lot. I am so so glad that you like it so far! I actually have the first few chapters written from before (they are only in need of massive editing), so I can promise quick updates for a while! Funnily enough, the pacing was one of my major problems when I first started writing it, and I definitely noticed that I would include a lot of irrelevant tangents or scenes that I am trying to cut down. I suspect that I still will have some problems with it, but hopefully I will improve somewhat. Seriously though, thanks again for the review! It really did make my day :)

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Review #16, by ChivalrousBrother's Blood: Tale of a fool: Brother's Blood

4th June 2015:
Hello Ireland here for the Bronze vs. Blue Review Battle!

I'm in awe at the fact that you managed to write a brilliant story in 500 words! I could never do that!

Setting aside the fact that it's only five hundred words, this story is so well-written. I myself am not really a second POV kind of writer, but with this story it just really made it. Somehow it drove the points home harder than it would've in any other POV.

I also don't usually read a lot about Dumbledore, but I was feeling quite adventurous today and it was well worth it!

It was very interesting for me to see inside of Dumbledore's brain since in canon we never really see a side of him other than "the wise mentor" side. And you wrote it in a beautifully twisted way.

The things you wrote made it easy to see how Dumbledore's choices in life affected him and changed him. It was easy to see how he grew and changed and developed as a character in this story and even canon! Which is so crazy, because it's only 500 words!

Sorry I keep stressing that, but it just blows my mind that a story this good is only five hundred words!

So bravo and hats off to you, Kat, because you did an amazing job!

I loved it!


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Review #17, by ChivalrousTransparent: The Favor

31st May 2015:
Hi Gabbie! Here I am for the review swap!

So this is brilliant!

I've read Dominique a thousand different ways with her being a popular Queen Bee, a tom-boy, and a quiet girl, but your Dom is one of my all time favorites! Her stutter just makes her so different from any of the others and it doesn't seem to be a staple of her character. The stutter doesn't make her Dominique, but it's a part of her and it shapes who she is without consuming her and that's really cool! :)

All the supporting characters I've seen thus far are wonderful! Or wonderfully horrid when it comes to Victoire and Teddy I suppose. They seem exceedingly well-developed for minor characters especially in the first chapter.

I can tell that you like to do things in a very different manner than what's obvious! Which is so fun and exciting! I would've never thought to do what you've done with your characters, but it works and it's great and I'm here for it! Haha!

I'm very curious to see what Teddy wants from Dominique, but I'm quite sure it won't be good at least for Victoire. Eek!

All in all I loved this! It's different and fresh and I'm excited to see what happens next! :)

So please excuse me while I go finish this! Haha!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed reading this review! I don't think I've read too many Dominique stories on the archives and I'm really curious about this tom-boy version! For some reason, her stutter is just simply a part of her character. I couldn't imagine her any other way and I'm glad that you liked it. :D

Hahaha, the supporting characters just get worse but here's a thing for you: Pay close attention to Teddy Lupin after chapter six, he may surprise you. Not so sure about Victoire yet...>:(

Anyway, thank you SO much for the review, it meant a lot!

Much love,


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Review #18, by ChivalrousNo Strings Attached: Reveal

28th May 2015:
So I love this. The sass is real. The dynamics of the Potter fam were great. Charlotte is queen. And you need to post ASAP.

(For real tho this is wonderful like thank you for bringing me this joy at two in the morning when I read this and could not stop laughing)


Author's Response: So I love you. The appreciation is real. The review you left is great. You are queen. And I will keep updating ASAP.

(For real tho this is a wonderful review like thank you for bringing me this joy when I read this and could not stop smiling)

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Review #19, by ChivalrousOh My Darling: 3

27th May 2015:
Okay, I absolutely adore this story!

Clementine is so sweet and wonderful it makes my heart swell with happiness. She's very real and tangible as a character and that really speaks volumes for this story. The bit with Ewan, the first year, made me so happy I just wanted to hug the both of them!

Albus is definitely different in terms of how he's represented as a person. I myself am not fond of Al being in Slytherin, but in this story I love it! Al is equal parts confident and sensitive and it works here. I love your portrayal of him!

Like I said earlier, I adore this story and I can't wait to see where it goes!

Post soon!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for this totally unexpected review!
I'm so, so thrilled that you like Clementine. She and I are really similar, so she's very close to my heart. I loved writing that bit with Ewan, so I'm so pleased that it made you happy, too!
I can't picture Albus as anything but a Slytherin, so it's nice to hear that you think it fits in this case!
Again, thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #20, by ChivalrousHandprint: Handprint

20th May 2015:
Wow I loved this! Brilliant characterizations of Lily and Scorpius! You managed to create a lot of depth in your characters and the one-shot wasn't even long! Hands down one of my most favorite one-shots!


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Review #21, by ChivalrousHome: Prologue

20th May 2015:
I really enjoyed this. The premise is vague, but it works and I dig it. I can't wait to see more from Dominique and where this story goes!

Post soon!


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Review #22, by ChivalrousMurphy's Law: Chapter Two

14th May 2015:
I love this! The premise is excellent with Pippa and Murphy's Law!

Your characters are very vivid and seem to jump off the page! Especially Pippa, Connie, and Dominique, on a side note I love your characterization of Dom!

I can see where the plot is beginning to take form and I'm very excited to see where this story goes!

Post soon!


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Review #23, by ChivalrousSurvival Instinct: How to save the day

16th April 2015:

I'm so glad that they are back and I hope to see them again soon!

I hope you post ASAP!


Author's Response: Aww, thanks! :)
I'll def be updating soon. Just wanna get a bunch of writing in before I have to really crack down for finals (May is fast approaching. Yikes!)

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Review #24, by ChivalrousMasquerade: Waltzing on Glass

16th April 2015:
Ah! I love this story! Irene is very well-composed OC and I have a soft spot in my heart for Slytherins with morals!

I love all your characters especially Blaise and Astoria!

I think the formalness of the ball and everything is very pureblood and I love it!

I hope you post soon!


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Review #25, by ChivalrousComplicated: In Which The Moron Has A Heart

16th April 2015:
"Albus is wonderful.

Jason is wonderful.

Joe is wonderful.

Louis is wonderful.

Rose is wonderful.

Scorpius is wonderful (in a terrible way).

Olivia is wonderful.

Everyone is wonderful.

This story is wonderful.

Posting the next chapter would be wonderful."

A poem by Ireland dedicated to your story. Ha ha!

I loved this chapter!

Post soon!


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for such a kind review - I'm so glad you're still enjoying reading! I've been using camp nano to mainly do some work on my other novel here, Victoire, but am working on the next chapter of Complicated and will try to have it up in the next week. It's a big one with lots of Albus/Olivia and lots and lots of drama :)

Thanks for reviewing! Lots of love, Emma xx

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