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Review #1, by ChivalrousNo Strings Attached: Feisty

25th June 2015:
The ~quidditch bros~ are gr8. Every scene with Green Eyes...I mean Noah...was golden!

I adore this story and I can't wait till you post the next chapter! *squeals*


Author's Response: The are ~gr8~ aren't they? Noah is my baby ♥

Thank you so much! Next chapter coming soon! *squeals back*

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Review #2, by ChivalrousWildest Dreams: Ombré

25th June 2015:
*sliding in ur reviews like*


I love Arizona and not just because Suki, promise! Lol I love her though omg, she's gorg! *heart with an arrow through it*

Shay is just glorious and majestic like some kind of deadpanning Wonder Woman.

Alex is a little fairy, buttercup, sugar pie, honey bunches, cuppy-cake (idk what just happened there I think I'm channeling the little fat kid who sings that cuppy-cake song) and it's great and I'm here for it.


James is just *sobs* Like yo Albus I'm really happy for you and Imma let you finish, but James is the hottest Potter of all time!

Yep I just quoted Kanye West...Well I always knew I was losing my mind, you know?

Anyways I really enjoy this story and I hope that you post as soon as you can!

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend and I hope that everything works out alright, I'll be praying for both of you! *hugs*

See you next chapter!


Author's Response: omg hiii ireland
let me just say that I really like YOU okay?
im grinning honestly BC you just described my characters /perfectly/
ure so cute!
and ugh I have to agree, as much as I love albus, James will always take the larger piece of my heart lol
thank you sooo much!!! my friend is feeling better and so am I so I'll definitely try to update soon! (Probably by next week I think yes)
thank you again, love! xxx

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Review #3, by ChivalrousColoring Outside the Lines: Chapter Two

21st June 2015:
I loved this chapter! Although switching POVs so many times in one chapter can be confusing so watch out for that.

I absolutely adore your characterization of Roxanne! It's so different from any other Roxie I've ever read!

I also loved the insight you gave us into Nashira's world, she's very refreshing for a Slytherin!

So all in all, great chapter! I hope you post soon!


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Review #4, by ChivalrousColoring Outside the Lines: Chapter One

11th June 2015:

I absolutely love this story!

Your characters are so wonderful and realistic! Roxanne as a Hufflepuff? I never would have written that myself, but it works so well for this story. Nashira is very cool and I love her being a Slytherin! I have a special place in my heart for Slytherins.

We didn't get to see a lot of the plot, but I'm excited to see where it leads!

I love the premise and how you've set the story up, it makes me so excited to read the rest of the story!

I hope you post soon, because I adore this!


Author's Response: Ah such a lovely review! First off, thank you so much for taking the time to respond, it really means a lot. I am so so glad that you like it so far! I actually have the first few chapters written from before (they are only in need of massive editing), so I can promise quick updates for a while! Funnily enough, the pacing was one of my major problems when I first started writing it, and I definitely noticed that I would include a lot of irrelevant tangents or scenes that I am trying to cut down. I suspect that I still will have some problems with it, but hopefully I will improve somewhat. Seriously though, thanks again for the review! It really did make my day :)

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Review #5, by ChivalrousBrother's Blood: Tale of a fool: Brother's Blood

4th June 2015:
Hello Ireland here for the Bronze vs. Blue Review Battle!

I'm in awe at the fact that you managed to write a brilliant story in 500 words! I could never do that!

Setting aside the fact that it's only five hundred words, this story is so well-written. I myself am not really a second POV kind of writer, but with this story it just really made it. Somehow it drove the points home harder than it would've in any other POV.

I also don't usually read a lot about Dumbledore, but I was feeling quite adventurous today and it was well worth it!

It was very interesting for me to see inside of Dumbledore's brain since in canon we never really see a side of him other than "the wise mentor" side. And you wrote it in a beautifully twisted way.

The things you wrote made it easy to see how Dumbledore's choices in life affected him and changed him. It was easy to see how he grew and changed and developed as a character in this story and even canon! Which is so crazy, because it's only 500 words!

Sorry I keep stressing that, but it just blows my mind that a story this good is only five hundred words!

So bravo and hats off to you, Kat, because you did an amazing job!

I loved it!


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Review #6, by ChivalrousTransparent: The Favor

31st May 2015:
Hi Gabbie! Here I am for the review swap!

So this is brilliant!

I've read Dominique a thousand different ways with her being a popular Queen Bee, a tom-boy, and a quiet girl, but your Dom is one of my all time favorites! Her stutter just makes her so different from any of the others and it doesn't seem to be a staple of her character. The stutter doesn't make her Dominique, but it's a part of her and it shapes who she is without consuming her and that's really cool! :)

All the supporting characters I've seen thus far are wonderful! Or wonderfully horrid when it comes to Victoire and Teddy I suppose. They seem exceedingly well-developed for minor characters especially in the first chapter.

I can tell that you like to do things in a very different manner than what's obvious! Which is so fun and exciting! I would've never thought to do what you've done with your characters, but it works and it's great and I'm here for it! Haha!

I'm very curious to see what Teddy wants from Dominique, but I'm quite sure it won't be good at least for Victoire. Eek!

All in all I loved this! It's different and fresh and I'm excited to see what happens next! :)

So please excuse me while I go finish this! Haha!


Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for stopping by, I really enjoyed reading this review! I don't think I've read too many Dominique stories on the archives and I'm really curious about this tom-boy version! For some reason, her stutter is just simply a part of her character. I couldn't imagine her any other way and I'm glad that you liked it. :D

Hahaha, the supporting characters just get worse but here's a thing for you: Pay close attention to Teddy Lupin after chapter six, he may surprise you. Not so sure about Victoire yet...>:(

Anyway, thank you SO much for the review, it meant a lot!

Much love,


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Review #7, by ChivalrousNo Strings Attached: Reveal

28th May 2015:
So I love this. The sass is real. The dynamics of the Potter fam were great. Charlotte is queen. And you need to post ASAP.

(For real tho this is wonderful like thank you for bringing me this joy at two in the morning when I read this and could not stop laughing)


Author's Response: So I love you. The appreciation is real. The review you left is great. You are queen. And I will keep updating ASAP.

(For real tho this is a wonderful review like thank you for bringing me this joy when I read this and could not stop smiling)

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Review #8, by ChivalrousOh My Darling: 3

27th May 2015:
Okay, I absolutely adore this story!

Clementine is so sweet and wonderful it makes my heart swell with happiness. She's very real and tangible as a character and that really speaks volumes for this story. The bit with Ewan, the first year, made me so happy I just wanted to hug the both of them!

Albus is definitely different in terms of how he's represented as a person. I myself am not fond of Al being in Slytherin, but in this story I love it! Al is equal parts confident and sensitive and it works here. I love your portrayal of him!

Like I said earlier, I adore this story and I can't wait to see where it goes!

Post soon!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for this totally unexpected review!
I'm so, so thrilled that you like Clementine. She and I are really similar, so she's very close to my heart. I loved writing that bit with Ewan, so I'm so pleased that it made you happy, too!
I can't picture Albus as anything but a Slytherin, so it's nice to hear that you think it fits in this case!
Again, thank you so much for the lovely review!
Cassie :)

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Review #9, by ChivalrousHandprint: Handprint

20th May 2015:
Wow I loved this! Brilliant characterizations of Lily and Scorpius! You managed to create a lot of depth in your characters and the one-shot wasn't even long! Hands down one of my most favorite one-shots!


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Review #10, by ChivalrousHome: Prologue

20th May 2015:
I really enjoyed this. The premise is vague, but it works and I dig it. I can't wait to see more from Dominique and where this story goes!

Post soon!


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Review #11, by ChivalrousA Hint of Hysteria:

14th May 2015:
I love what you've got going! Phillips is so relatable and I love your face-claims!

Please post soon!


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Review #12, by ChivalrousMurphy's Law: Chapter Two

14th May 2015:
I love this! The premise is excellent with Pippa and Murphy's Law!

Your characters are very vivid and seem to jump off the page! Especially Pippa, Connie, and Dominique, on a side note I love your characterization of Dom!

I can see where the plot is beginning to take form and I'm very excited to see where this story goes!

Post soon!


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Review #13, by ChivalrousSurvival Instinct: How to save the day

16th April 2015:

I'm so glad that they are back and I hope to see them again soon!

I hope you post ASAP!


Author's Response: Aww, thanks! :)
I'll def be updating soon. Just wanna get a bunch of writing in before I have to really crack down for finals (May is fast approaching. Yikes!)

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Review #14, by ChivalrousMasquerade: Waltzing on Glass

16th April 2015:
Ah! I love this story! Irene is very well-composed OC and I have a soft spot in my heart for Slytherins with morals!

I love all your characters especially Blaise and Astoria!

I think the formalness of the ball and everything is very pureblood and I love it!

I hope you post soon!


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Review #15, by ChivalrousComplicated: In Which The Moron Has A Heart

16th April 2015:
"Albus is wonderful.

Jason is wonderful.

Joe is wonderful.

Louis is wonderful.

Rose is wonderful.

Scorpius is wonderful (in a terrible way).

Olivia is wonderful.

Everyone is wonderful.

This story is wonderful.

Posting the next chapter would be wonderful."

A poem by Ireland dedicated to your story. Ha ha!

I loved this chapter!

Post soon!


Author's Response: Hi! Thank you so much for such a kind review - I'm so glad you're still enjoying reading! I've been using camp nano to mainly do some work on my other novel here, Victoire, but am working on the next chapter of Complicated and will try to have it up in the next week. It's a big one with lots of Albus/Olivia and lots and lots of drama :)

Thanks for reviewing! Lots of love, Emma xx

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Review #16, by Chivalrous(Don't) Panic: 4. Of Managers and Singing Envelopes

16th April 2015:
Okay first off, I love Reggie. Like a lot. Reggie is life. Her reaction is probably exactly how I would react if somehow my name got called out of the Goblet of Fire! She very believable as a character and really just one of those characters you want to root for!

I know we only saw a small bit of her, but I love Cassidy. She's very Ravenclaw and I dig that!

James and Nikola and Lorcan like please excuse me while I pass out from the wonder of them.

James is more platonic, but I just love James II because he's James bloody Potter II.

Nikola is love. That is all.

Lorcan is a good character, because he really pushes back at Regina and they have an interesting dynamic that I'd love to see more of!

I really love this story and I hope that you continue to write it! I love your style and the way you write Regina, it's very real and that's so cool!

Please post the next chapter soon!


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Review #17, by ChivalrousThe Monopoly on Honour: Her Bellatrix Lestrange

30th December 2014:
Can I just say wow?

I absolutely loved this!

I'll just get right to the review, because I'm so ready to tell you how amazing this is.

Your attention to detail is meticulous and wonderful. The details involving the Guild are awesome and I loved that entire part of the story!

In terms of characters, Magnus Darling is very interesting and I'd love to see more from him and get more information on his background. He sparks so much curiosity from me, I love it!

Alicia is a wonderfully portrayed Gryffindor. She is brave, but she's not stupid or headstrong and that really defines her as a character and sets her apart from all the other Gryffindors we know. (I'm looking at you, Ron Weasley!)

Astoria absolutely slays. There is nothing about her that I don't love. The way you've portrayed her is wonderful and since she is one of my favorite characters from the series I thank you!

I need more Draco! He's absolutely darling and I'm dying for more!

Lucius and Narcissa are wonderfully in canon. I've always had a soft spot for them, especially Lucius. I'm dying to know what his plan is! I'm assuming that it's some sort of self-sacrifice, but part of me hopes not, because I find his character very intriguing and I want more of him.

Daphne and Theodore! I'm so upset about Theo getting chunked into Azkaban! The relationship between him and Daphne was wonderfully placed, but I kinda wanna hit you for ripping them apart... Just kidding, I love the intensity it added to the story!

I can tell that you've put an intense amount of thought into your story and that's great! Sometimes though, your pacing is a bit too fast and sometimes I felt lost in all the new information. It's not that big of a deal, but it just adds a tad bit of confusion to a wonderful story!

Your plot, on the other hand, is executed brilliantly and I can really tell that every single scene means something and adds to the plot!

I absolutely love this story! I'm so excited for it!

You're a brilliant writer and I love the tone of this story!

A wonderful read!


Author's Response: Hi Ireland,

I'm so sorry about the late reply (and I will finish the edits on chapter 8 this weekend, I promise! - you've been incredibly patient with me, thank you!)

Ah, the Guild :) I don't think I have to tell you that it's one of my favourite aspects of this story - we've been talking about Magnus a lot, so you've probably realised that already :) But yes, I can promise you a whole lot more from him - we've only scratched the surface, so far, and we're about to go into the underworld, so to speak.

Alicia is one of the characters I find easiest to write, actually. Characters like Magnus and Lucius and Astoria especially, are fun to write but they also require so much more forethought and planning to write, because they have a much better idea than she does about what is actually going on. So I really like writing her, not because she isn't capable of subtlety (because she is, because in order to be a barrister you have to be able to manipulate language), but because she is an apprentice. My idea of her is that she - and to a lesser extent, Thaddeus, are the characters through which we learn, if that makes any sense at all?

I find that every single time I sit down to write an Astoria chapter, she becomes more and more complex, as in, Lucius and Magnus levels of complex. So it makes me so happy to see you're with me on this one! And there is a wonderful Draco bit coming up as well, which I hope you'll like.

That is actually my big difficulty with Lucius and Narcissa - keeping them in canon, but still complex and human. And as for the Plan, it's coming, is all I can say. Not that I'm deliberately drawing it out, it's simply that Lucius plays the long game.

For Daph, I genuinely can't wait until we get to her trial. It's going to be a big moment, or that's the idea, anyway! Will Theo turn up again? Honestly, I haven't decided!

I know, the pacing in the first three chapters... I will edit them at some point. And indeed, every scene is in there for a reason :)

Thank so much,
Celi xxx

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Review #18, by ChivalrousComplicated: In Which Breakfast is Traumatic

25th December 2014:
In honor of it being Christmas, could you please wrap Al up as a present and put a bow on top?

Please and thank you.

Anyways, getting on with the review!

I adore Olivia. She's just absolutely wonderful and snarky and so Slytherin it brings my heart joy.

Reading this chapter I do, however, find a couple of things that are strange. Olivia seems very quick to accept her new Gryffindor friends and there's not a lot of internal struggle for her. Maybe she's just accepting it and not really giving it much thought and that's fine! It just seems a bit strange to me at least.

You really are hitting me in the feels with this chapter! Bloody Scorpius Malfoy! His staunch loyalty to Cassie is absolutely darling and I love him for it. He was a bit nasty to Clara though, like the poor thing! He could have been rude quietly and not shouted across the Great Hall about it. Geez Scorpius!

Olivia's parents being sketchy is freaking me out... I need to know what's happening! Her Mum is hysterical like I'm torn between rolling my eyes and laughing my brains out every time she's involved!

Louis, Rose, Oz, and Joe are excellent supporting characters and I love each of them very much.

On the real though, where is Cassie!? Surprises are not fun for me, I like to know these things!

I absolutely love this story and even if you didn't like this chapter it was wonderful!

Thank you loads for updating!


P.S. Update soon! :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you so much! This review is quite astonishingly generous and has made me super smiley and happy :)

I totally see what you mean about Olivia being very quick to accept her new friend. Hopefully it'll make a bit more sense when the next few chapters are uploaded - she's not fully accepted them as her friendship circle yet, she's just in shock after Scor's outburst - but I'll definitely work on that when I come back and edit.

Scorpius was fairly unacceptably mean to Clara, but I'm really glad you understand what made him do it. He's having a bit of a touch time so is allowed a few nasty moments I think.

And I'm so glad you find Pansy funny! She's a terrible mother but is a lot of fun to write.

Thank you for such a lovely review! I'm really happy to hear you're enjoying reading, and will try to update asap when the queue opens again :)

Emma xx

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Review #19, by ChivalrousComplicated: Complication #8

30th November 2014:
Can I just say one thing?

You're amazing!

...Okay so that's not all I'm going to say, but it was a good place to start!

First off, your characters are wonderful. Abigail is flawed and well-rounded as any amazing character should be. She is literally my favorite type of character. I like how she elevates herself to a higher standard from everyone else, but she still has her flaws and things about herself that she doesn't like.

The minor characters are all also wonderful in their own ways. They are in the action, but they don't try to steal the scene from Abigail and James. One minor character I'd like to see and hear more from is Blaise. I know that he's "the boyfriend" and so not very important in terms of Abigail and James's relationship, but I would really like to see more of him. He seems like such a sweetie! :)

The plotting is very thought-out and well executed which I love! As a 'write-by-the-seat-of-my-pants' type writer, stories that are well-planned out always gather my attention.

The overall flow of your writing is very rapid and sometimes I get lost in it. I know that's kind of a dumb critique, but maybe you could try breaking up the paragraphs of Abigail's narration to slow it down. It's really a minor thing, but it helps with the rhythm of the story!

I really love this story and I'm so excited for the next chapter!

For me, this story is kind of reminiscent of Gossip Girl which makes me so happy, because I miss that show so much! :)

You're a wonderful writer and I can't wait for chapter nine!


P.S. I LOVE your face-claims! :)

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Review #20, by ChivalrousThe Red Haired Witch: Chapter One

22nd November 2014:
Oh wow...

This was amazing! Your descriptions are so tangible and realistic, it's amazing! I really loved your description of the things in Borgin and Burke's in the beginning. Also props to you for thinking of all those Dark objects. As I was reading, I was just like, "Oh my golly, you are awesome."

I'm not too much of a grammar buff, but I know a thing or two and so I can say pretty confidently that your grammar was good! Nothing at all struck me as bad!

I really love the deep descriptions of your writing style, but you may want to be wary of how wordy your descriptions become. I hate to say that, because the descriptions are amazing, but some readers may get lost in all the words which leads to them skimming over huge paragraphs of your amazing writing. I used to always do that when I wrote and then my Beta was the one who made me change my style. So now when I have huge chunks of information like that, I try breaking them up into many short paragraphs (kind of like lines of poetry) so then the reader doesn't feel so overwhelmed.

Another note that kind of coincides with what I said before, breaking it up also helps with the pacing of the story. Sometimes when I was reading I felt like the story was a bit rushed and hurried. So be careful of that as well!

But I LOVED your tone! When you write, I could feel whatever Ganymede was feeling and to be writing in third person POV that's pretty impressive!

Speaking of Ganymede, your characterization was awesome! I absolutely loved Ganymede and I honestly identified with her. I have an older sister and I used to always feel overshadowed by her (we're cool now though, like I'm not going to drain her happiness with a magical glove or anything ha ha). Ganymede was a despicable character in a beautiful way. She did these horrible things, but as a reader I felt for her. I wanted her sister to perish and I wanted Ganymede to take over the family estate. I loved the ascension and the descent of her life (before Tom freed her). It was startling and powerful.

Tom and Callista were wonderful minor characters! Tom was perfectly placed and beautifully in canon. Callista though I wished I had a little more information on. She was a villainous type, but I always wanted more from her. Why did she hate her sister so much? Why did she want the family estate so badly? I loved her as a villain, but I always want a reason for why the villain is the way he or she is.

I loved the little allusions you sprinkled throughout the story especially the ones concerning Tom. Those were excellently placed and awesome.

And that ending line! That was killer! That one line sold the story for me. I'm such an end line person. I love it when the end line just completely rips apart the whole happy ending type deal. I'm not a "happy ending" type writer and so that line just hit me right in the feels!

All in all this was a beautifully written read and I'm so glad that I chose it! I hope I wasn't too harsh and I want you to know that you're an amazing writer and please don't ever stop or let anyone tell you any different!


Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review!
One of my favorite parts of writing HPFF so far is the license to paint the background with unusual objects or trinkets. They usually never serve as anything more than a descriptive tool to set a scene, but it's fun nonetheless to sit back from the keyboard and think about odd things to fill a room with. I'm happy to see that you enjoyed their presence. :)
I warned you that my work is criminally wordy at times. Haha. I agree that it can be off-putting or overly laborious for some readers, but as much as I try to whittle down long passages or break them up, there seems to be no ridding them from my work completely. I may be too in love with the sound of my fingers on a keyboard. ;)
I agree with you in the pacing. This was my first short story in a very long time, and I think some portions read at a speed that doesn't fully coincide with the pace of the story. I'll figure it out someday.
I intentionally left Callista's sins and motives a bit vague. I think it helps to subtly paint Ganymede as a potentially unreliable narrator. The goal was to give the reader pause, to wonder if Callista really deserved what Ganymede did, or if Gany was lashing out at an unkind but possibly not completely deserving sibling.
I too am fond of stories that end with a bit of a sting, that have a resolute closure that doesn't necessarily lend itself to being 'happy.' I'm pleased that you enjoyed it.
Again, thanks for the review. You weren't harsh at all, and said a couple of things that I was at least partially aware of myself.
Happy you enjoyed it! Til next time!

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Review #21, by ChivalrousString Theory: chaos theory.

29th October 2014:
This is amazing! Please post soon, because I need more! :) This is one of the funniest NextGens I've ever read and your characters are awesome! Again post soonnn! :)

Author's Response: i'm so glad you think so! i'll try to update soon; thank you for reading and reviewing! c:

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Review #22, by ChivalrousMy (Fake) Wedding: I Explain Everything

28th October 2014:
I absolutely adore how sweet James is to Elle! It's just precious! :) You write them both beautifully!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad that you think so, I always feel insecure about the two of them and whether I've made them be so contradictory through my writing.
Thanks for a lovely review!

~Aimee xxx

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Review #23, by ChivalrousEternity: Eternity

19th October 2014:
I loved it! Even though I'm still not sure who the narrator was... Please excuse me I'm a little ditsy! Haha! But really this was amazing and I loved the poetry style writing and the repeated words! You're amazing Alena! :)

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! This review warmed my heart. I was a bit nervous that it wouldn't make much sense, and the narrator's still a bit foggy, but I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

You really are wonderful darling.

Much, much, MUCH love,


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Review #24, by ChivalrousMy (Fake) Wedding: 19th June 2026

14th October 2014:
I LOVE IT! Post soon!

Author's Response: YAY! So, so happy that you are! It makes me super giddy and glad on the inside whenever I read good reviews! :D

~Aimee xxx

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Review #25, by ChivalrousCarina: Carina

11th October 2014:
Okay first off, I can honestly say that is one of the best one-shots, I've ever read.

I came into it with a little trepidation, because I thought it might just be one of those Tom was in love and then he became evil, because this girl died, blah, blah, blah. That was not this.

I loved the way you wrote Tom. You made him so twisted and malicious that he remained canon, but I could see where you embellished him and certain traits of his.

Carina was a wonderful OC. She had her demons and her battles, and it made her seem real. She was twisted in her own way and it really made her and Tom's relationship tangible.

The pacing was perfect! It was 6000 and some odd words, but I never skimmed over one. I think that if it had been slower, it just would have dragged out a little too much. The fast pace, really kept me on the edge of my seat while reading and held my attention well.

The plot was perfectly executed. I loved how it was out of chronological order! It really added a little finesse to the story and the way it was told. That being said, it didn't even seem out of place! Everything seemed to fit together exactly like it was supposed too.

All-in-all, this was a wonderful read and I'm so glad I decided to click on this link in the forums! You are a wonderful writer and never let anyone tell you different!

Author's Response: Ahem *coughs hastily* I may or may not have jumped out of bed with a grin and a blush at your lovely review. Just a little. Basically, I can't thank you enough for your kind words especially considering how much I was bricking it when I submitted it for validation.

Ugh. I know all about those Toms you speak of. No offense to the writers who depict him like that, but my Tom doesn't fall in love and then decide to get over his heartbreak by killing people right, left and center. He prefers to obsess over Carina instead and doesn't allow her to influence his plans whatsoever. Personally, I find Tom fascinating and he may be one of my favourite characters. Is that disturbing? But anyways, he is still an insanely difficult character to write because I was panicking half of the time about whether I was even selling him as Tom. So I'm glad you loved the way I wrote him. It makes me happy to know that I am not a failure.

As for the structure of the one shot- well, lets say I'm fond of it too. I don't trust myself to be able to pull off something like their story as a novel so I settled for this. I'm glad it worked out. I think it's miles better this way.

Once again, thank you so much for the amazing review!! You are far too kind :)

Dirigible_Plums xo

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