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Review #1, by MissesWeasley123Time, Space, and Blunt Force Trauma: for old times' sake.

13th April 2014:
What the heck teh.

How do I even review this piece. I am in so much eurgh right now.

Sorry I don't know how to review after this piece.

Your writing is absolutely brilliant. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. And I, unlike Sirius, was not bored. Bored, bored, bored.

I am. I seriously can't express why.

ugh. ♥

Your writing is superb. That is all. I thoroughly enjoyed being with Sirius till his end, and now I demand you write about Regulus. Yep.

You are amazing.

Author's Response:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
you make me happy, when skies are grey
you never know dear, how much I love you
please don't take my sunshine away.

♥ ♥


and I say you are the amazing one.

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Review #2, by MissesWeasley123The Art of Small Talk: One Bombshell, Two Bombshell, Three Bombshell, Four.

8th April 2014:
ohmygod you updated yay.

OHHH SNAP. James. Wooh. What if he and Oliver get together actually lolol.

Percy is so awkward lol and Penelope is a hag. She should go break an arm or something. Hmph.

Great chapter! Audrey's just developed so well, it's so much fun to read her.



Author's Response: ohmygod, i know, i'm so lazy it took me an age :P

OOOH. I KNOW. Haha, I can't say anything more but more will be revealed in the coming chapters so whoo.

I know, you just want to hug Percy as he tries so hard but fails, and Penelope will get what's coming for her. Eventually...

Whoo go Audrey! Haha, I know, I learnt the recorder for like 3 years and that's all I came out with :P



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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123Rules of the Game: Just Friends

8th April 2014:
Wait, what do you mean by this:

"According to my Aunt Hermione and Rose, he's just too much like his father to realise he likes you."

Blimey, Hermione and Rose always talk about me, I knew it, and I thought she was supposed to be a daddy's girl. It's all because she's started hanging out with that Malfoy boy isn't it? The first time I even thought, "Yeah, I fancy Hermione" was in our sixth year. Like, come on, her and SPEW were always messing me up.

I really liked this chapter actually, and I hate reading. It's just like being back at school except without Voldemort and stuff. You write loads better than that bloke Gilderoy (I wonder if your generation's heard of him.. hmm) so I guess you did a good job.

Also, should I have "the talk" with Hugo now, about Alice? Blimey, I might have to get Hermione to do it instead of me. Do you know how hard it was to give it to Rose? Mind, I really didn't do it. I kind of just.. stayed outside and waited.

I really like this Nadia girl. She seems cool. Now, I'm not really forward about these things, but she should get together with that Benedict statue.
I hate that Poppy woman -- she reminds me of this Slytherin idiot back when I was in school. Have you heard of Draco Malfoy?

I never really approved of Lily's choice of friends, mainly Ivy actually, but I guess she's alright. Do I need to warn Harry about this Jimmy boy?

Wow, I'm really impressed! I never knew Muggles knew so much about our world. It's a good thing you didn't make Hermione end up with Draco, I almost killed him when I read it!

Also, why is Fred your king? I should be your king.

Erm, good luck mate, with the future chapters!
- Ron Weasley

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Review #4, by MissesWeasley123Pandemonium: Lucky Dip

28th March 2014:
Aw, Sian you still used the prompts! So cool!

I loved Muriel in this, haha! So much fun! That truly was great. I also loved George teasing Ron :P And Rowena's got some serious sass. Everything was funny!

I think what might be causing this is...

But as always, brilliant writing! Really, really funny! Can't wait for the final installment!

Author's Response: Hehe yes, this is why it's taking me so long to write though!

It was so fun writing Muriel again, but in disguise as sassy Rowena! And George teasing Ron was so fun :P

Hmm... I like your theories, but my lips are sealed. You'll have to see in the next chapter (you know, when I eventually write it).

Thank you for the review, lovely!

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Review #5, by MissesWeasley123Guilt : Guilt

26th March 2014:
I am honestly speechless because this piece is wonderful and haunting and so mind blowingly i'm running out of adjectives BUT the level of writing is so HIGH I just cannot express my amazement.

I never even realized that those parts in italics were rhyming with the next sentence -- I thought the first couple of times were totally me being weird and reading them that way, but it was intentional and it was so smart of you, and you are SO intelligent Jenna, honestly. Your creativity blows me away.

Scorpius is so different you know. His story was thrilling, and absolutely haunting (literally, lol) and you were so original with it. I really loved it. There was this dark side to the over done next gen and Hogwarts cliches.. but wow, this was different and so brilliant. There was something else I loved, the part with Narcissa... how he feared she would become a ghost one day. And her broken heart :( We see so many descriptions of "broken hearts" but yours was so different, and I have goosebumps!

(the curly haired ghost was Bellatrix, wasn't it?)
-le gasp-

They creep in the dark and strut proud as peacocks through the light. Need a loan? Malfoy will double the interest. Masters and masters and beautiful wives. -- I read this and was just utterly BAFFLED because HOW DOES ONE EVEN WRITE LIKE THAT? You spun this new twist AND IT WORKED and it was REAL and I am so freaked out right now, and omg favouriting story and author haha :P

Superb writing ♥
(why does the scale not go to a million!?!?!)

Author's Response: Hi Nadia! :)

I am speechless about the loveliness of this review! ♥ Wow, thank you so much! I'm so happy you liked this and the writing in it, I really enjoyed it and it's really great to receive such positive feedback.

Haha! The rhyming was a little sneaky but I love how you were confused by it at first. The first two lines, which are also in the summary, sort of got stuck in my head so when I started writing this I tried to keep their rhythm.

It's great to hear you thought Scorpius seemed original. Here, he's just a scared, naive little boy who feels guilty and responsible for his ancestors' sins, yet he also is very bitter and almost violent about it by the end. I know, poor Narcissa! :( She's a really vulnerable character in my mind, especially here.

It definitely was her. :P That hair just can't be replicated.

Oh you are too kind to me! :) I'm so excited that you were excited about this and this is the kind of reivew I'm going to keep re-reading for a long time. ♥ This is the kind of writing which I really find so fulfilling to work on and getting your feedback on it is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much! :D

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Review #6, by MissesWeasley123The Art of Small Talk: A Flash of White

18th March 2014:
"Is the world ending?"

I die dude. :P

Great chapter! I'm struggling because my mind says, "short review please Nadia" but I can't do that :(


Okay sorry short review but wow you're good at writing lol Kiana. So good tbh. Your characters are so fabulous and unique and hilarious haha.


Author's Response: Hehe, the world is ending because Benedict doesn't know of my existence :P Lol, I love short reviews (this is said in whispers not to hurt long reviewers) because they require less concentration for both people :P

Thank you for such a fab review and I'm so glad you like it because it means so much to me! I will update soonish!


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Review #7, by MissesWeasley123Bedtime Stories: Bedtime Stories

14th March 2014:

I love love LOVE how you managed to write this so quickly, so thank you for doing that for us, lovely! ♥

And, aw, this was such a sweet little one shot. I loved it :) It makes me feel really warm inside, because I've always liked my dad much more than my mum, I've been one of those daddy's girls haha. I could really imagine this whole thing happening, especially because I think Ron is a sweetheart and I think he'd totally do this for Rose.

Ron's goofy and that's what I loved about him. You pulled his characterization off so well, and I thought everything was just really well written. Rose was adorable and really, their relationship just made me go "aw". Hermione was a fabulous addition to it as well, haha :P

This was a really cute story Lauren, and thank you for writing this for us! I'm so proud that you managed to write osmething so brilliant in such a short amount of time -- honestly, I love it, it's brilliant! ♥


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Review #8, by MissesWeasley123Here Comes the Flood: Here Comes the Flood

13th March 2014:
Oh Sian wow, you wrote this so quickly and i love it. It is now my head canon, and if I may -- I'd love to make Blaise be in the DA in WtDB. You just. You rock okay.

This is my first super short review in a million years I am SO sorry but there isn't much I can say. It's so brilliant and wow, I love it so so much. You wrote so much more to Blaise and it was breathtaking. I loved it, honestly. Gah. *flails*

And I don't know but that whole part about Urquhart was just so canon in my mind and I loved your though process and literally everything perfection and I really admire your awesomeness haha but it's because this is a stupid phone review but you go ♥

Thanks for writing such a wonderful piece for us! *hugs*

Author's Response: Nadia you're awesome, you know that? *blushes* I'd be honoured if Blaise was in the DA in WtDB, really! Especially if that means that I get to read more of the story soon! *hint hint*

Never apologise for leaving one of your awesome reviews, Nadia! It means so much that you take the time to leave them at all. I'm so pleased that you liked the way that I wrote Blaise and thought I fleshed out his character more!

I'm glad it seemed like it could have been canon - you know that's something I always look for! I felt like Blaise had to have a believable reason for joining the DA in the end, and from what we'd seen of his character so far that felt like it could be a plausible explanation.

Thank you so much for the lovely review, my dear! ♥

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Review #9, by MissesWeasley123Progress: Three

13th March 2014:
No George no, stop being so cold to Hannah! And what a perfect ending Jenny, to a perfect story. I think what I liked a lot was how you, y'know, called this story "Progress" and ended with George remarking on how it was progress and in that moment, the reader (so me ehehe) could finally breathe because it's not perfect, but it's getting there.

I think I love Hannah even more after this. She's just so strong, and I love how you created that bridge between them to connect the two characters to make such a complex pairing, that's been through a lot. Till the very end, you had this constant shadow of grief, and it was brilliant. I really liked it, so great work on this story. It's fabulous writing Jenny.

I loved how his family came in the end. It was so bittersweet, but I know things will turn out for him --- as much as the possibily can turn out, y'know. And I know Angelina was there at the end... But gah, Hannah and George should happen. At leats they do in my head for this story ;)

Great story telling Jenny!

blackout 6/6

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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123Unfaithful: Unfaithful

13th March 2014:

Mwuahaha, while I don't read Dramiones anymore I read this because IT IS ANGST AND ANGST IS THE BEST. YUSSS. And I love when Dramiones don't turn out, because yeah so mhmm. Plus RONMIONE ♥ One of the things I loved about this story was how the female in the relationship was the one cheating, and not Draco because everyone would think he would because he's a Slytherin in all, but you tried to be different which I value a lot in stories, especially Dramiones. It is so hard not to be cliche because everything's been done already, but you gave a really interesting spin to the pairing. Great job!

I think it was almost sad for Draco... I bet he had to work hard to get Hermione in the first place. And then to have her cheat on him is kinda heartbreaking, and really makes you feel for the guy. You can see he loves her and it's just, I really want to hug him and never let him go you know. ♥

Anyway, great story! Thanks for an awesome read, and for being a wonderful staffer. It means so much!

blackout 5/6

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Review #11, by MissesWeasley123Progress: Two

13th March 2014:
Oh Jenny I am crying, no.

Like, first of all, what is this business about not laughing because his twin is dead. THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY AT ALL. *wipes eyes* That part was like, *clutch heart* because too much pain and sadness everywhere I am so sad right now. :(

*goes to watch benedict cumerbatch videos*

(why is reviewing so hard dammit)

And yes, I really like Geroge and Hannah as a pair, and I find it so sweet that she's supporting him, and I just hope that everything's will be fine. There truly was that ray of hope you talked about in the end, and it is just so sweet. I loved this part and just, cry cry cry:

What was he doing? This was all happening too fast. He looked up with red eyes and saw the progress that the shop had made in just one short week. It would be time too soon; he wasn't ready for it. How could he continue something he and his brother pledged to work on for the rest of their lives?

(or continue to do so)

Again, you showd his grief so well, and I truly loved it! Great work, and I think the next chapter's the last... but anyway, I had fun reading this! ♥
Blackout 4/6

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Review #12, by MissesWeasley123Progress: One

13th March 2014:
Hey Jenny! ♥

Gah, must stop clicking on post war George fics. I'm so stupid -_- They always make me sad and gah gah gahh. :( You capture emotions so well -- I know that because of all of your other amazing stories. And this, this time you chose SADNESS and GRIEF and WOOHH PAIN.

"i can't remember to forget you...the way you look at me..."

rant over.
the battle to write a proper review continues. *sigh*
I'm sorry, I've forgotten how to write proper reviews two weeks without hpff does that y'know.

This piece was just so powerful, and I hope I can finish it today. (mwuahaha now i am listening to coldplay who is better hehehe)

I love Hannah, I really do. If she's going to be the one for George, I applaud you for that. Because, you always do such different things in your stories, which is really remarkable and I admire that quality in you as a writer :) It makes reading your work even more funner (a new word just for YOU!) But yeah, I love Hannah. Always shave (okay, it's not shave, it's have" but I typed up shaved by accident so I thought I'd leave it because it'd give you a laugh hahha). I'm looking forward to what you'll do with her character in this.

Going back to the beginning, you just captured his pain so well. The fact that he'd been holding back and cutting himself from anything Fred related, like the shop. *sighs sadly* Okay, okay now going to the next chapter... :(

Great work!

- Nadia
blackout 3/6

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Review #13, by MissesWeasley123A Real Dark Night of The Soul: A Real Dark Night of The Soul

13th March 2014:
Hey Alli!
First of all, I'm really surprised that you managed to write something so wonderful as your first story. It's really hard to write something like this, and you seem to have a talent for writing, honestly. For your first, this was incredible.

I loved it. I think your descriptions are so flawless, and wow. You used such little dialogue in the beginning, for so long, and your imagery really is great. A big part of this was the words you used, They were so impacting and truly great. I loved it. This line here, was so horrifyingly dark and beautiful:

Sirius inhaled and felt icy air fill his lungs. He was left breathless and could feel himself being pulled towards the heart wrenching memories that pervaded his thoughts.

Just, wow. You captured his fright so well. It was heartbreaking to see how he was then, since we know how he used to be in his youth, so free and careless.

The flashback was so amazing. It was heartbreaking and there were so many motions tied into it. Fright, and love -- heartbreak. You have a grasp of the language so well, and honestly, this is great.

Thanks for a great piece! You should write more, and soon too :)

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Review #14, by MissesWeasley123You Had Me: You Had Me

13th March 2014:

First when I read the summary I was internally throwing up, because sashayed is an ew word, you know, like one of those Mean Girls' words :P And I thought this was going to be some massively painful story BUT IT WASN'T AND IT WAS DARK AND GOOD.

Wow, for one I never thought it was Rose in the beginning, because of "her mother" and that really threw me off. But then you were all, "Rose Weasley" and then I was like, "ohhh snaaappp" and that was some impressive building of suspiciousness. hehe.

And just wow, Rose's characterization is such little words! I am blown away by it. It was great, honestly. She was cool, and almost like.. freaky. I was honestly frightened by her! And now I wonder what riot they were talking about...

You captured their relationship really well, AND I AM SO SAD, WHY WASN'T RON MENTIONED. IF HE IS DEAD AGAIN JENNY I WILL BE SO ANGRY WITH YOU!!! But then poor drunk Hermione I am just so confused like, when you think about this piece has so much more to it, and then you were all cruel and didn't give us more hmph not impressed at all. :p

I'm kidding, I love it.

Blackout 1/6

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Review #15, by MissesWeasley123I've Already Walked Away: I've Already Walked Away

7th March 2014:
Hey! Wow, this was a really intense piece!

I think you did a really good job on dialogue in this! Everything was really fast paced, and definitely dramatic. I think in the caps lock it was perhaps a bit too dramatic. My only advice to you for that would be to maybe just write some parts normally, and then add exclamation points to the end. A little but more description around the dialogue wouldn't hurt either. Otherwise it was really good and straight to the point, you jumped into the plot excellently.

I think it'd be great if you expanded a bit on both of their characters. Give a bit of background information. It'll really help with why this story took place and make it much more realistic. This was entertaining to read, though I wish it wasn't as short haha! A sequel would be totally cool if you were to write it! I think it's really cool that this was inspired by an original poem! Did you write the poem? :)

All in all, this was a good piece that has a lot of potential. If you work with a beta on developing the story a bit, I'm sure it'll be great! I liked reading, and good luck for the challenge!

Blackout 12/15

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Review #16, by MissesWeasley123Just a Little: Just a Little

7th March 2014:
Hey! This is a really good story!

While I'm not one for Jily -- I can't stand Lily Evans in fanfic for some reason :P but this was really entertaining to read! I demand a prequel haha! I think one of the greatest things was your characterizations. Sirius was a total babe! Like, really amazing dude! He is so dreamy and I can just talk about him forever and ever. He's funny and I WANT TO JUST MARRY HIM AND KEEP HIM FOREVER AND EVER ♥ Sirius is silly and HA even Lily can't resist him :P It was the funniest thing when Janes was all, "Why don't i have that effect on her?!"

I think for a short period of time, it wasn't evident that it was written so fast! The piece was great and edited so well, it seemed to have a lot of thought and time put into it. So good job on that! I definitely think you have a knack for writing Marauders, and Sirius doe. Perfect I say, perfect!

Really, you did a wonderful job and I think you should be proud of what you've written for an entry! Good luck for the competition!

Blackout 11/15

Author's Response: Heya!

I can understand where you're coming from with Lily's characterisation in fanfiction - I'm a lot more picky about stories than I used to be based on how she's characterised alone. I'm so happy that you enjoyed it despite it not being your thing. I have their entire date planned out so there's definitely a chance of a prequel ;) The Sirius in this story is characterised the same way as the Sirius in my other Marauders fic, so he's just as silly and adorable! I love writing Sirius this way - and I know what you mean - I fall for him a little every time I write him. And there's only one reason James doesn't have the same effect on Lily as Sirius - James Potter is not Sirius Black.

It didn't read as rushed? Wow! I wrote this in about two hours, so it felt really rushed to me - glad that doesn't come through!

Thanks so much for this lovely review :)

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Review #17, by MissesWeasley123Task One Challenge: Reclaiming the Sword of Godric Gryffindor

7th March 2014:

I think this story wasn't the first... But maybe the second story I had ever read on hpff. I think it was a featured story or something at the time, so I read it. I remember feeling really amazed because the story was so well written and true to canon!

If this is your first story -- wow. I think this story is so great, and I love it tons. I think you paid a lot of attention to characterizations of your characters, especially Neville, because it was written in his perspective. Luna's such a hard character to write and fully grasp but I think you really have a knack for her.

Your concept was really unique, and I throughly enjoyed it. It was thrilling and dripping with anticipation, so the reader, therefore me lol, was engrossed the WHOLE time!

I'm one of those Ginny haters, but I really liked her in this. You showed a different perspective to her which was great, and shone a different light to her character. Her rant was amazing, haha! Neville's boldness worked well with Ginny's hot headedness and Luna's general awesomeness yeah! I throughly enjoyed this one shot.

Everything was great about this piece, I loved it!

Blackout 10/15

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Review #18, by MissesWeasley123Blood Ties: A Step Further

7th March 2014:
Hey there! I managed to come back for the next chapter, a million years later, mind! :P

So, I'd like to applaud you once again for your characterization of Tonks! Everything about her is amazing, and playful even though the story is rather a dark one. I truly felt for Andromeda though. Tonks was really relatable. That one child who doesn't treat her mum as nicely. And it's like we know we should be nice to our mums, we can't help it y'know. I'd also like to commend you on how for nearly four paragraphs (probably more) you used absolutely no dialogue! Wow. That's hard. Your description is so nice and I love it loads. Everything is always so real and adds to the story.

Ohhh her reading Bellatrix's file was SO scary! And good may I add! Her actions are really thickening the plot, and again this story has so much potential! When Moody came along... *shiver* I think you wrote him so well! And I wonder if he knows what she's doing... Because he is Moody after all!

All in all, a really well written chapter! I think you're doing great and definitely shouldn't give up on this :) it's definitely worth reading! Great work!

Blackout 9/15

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Review #19, by MissesWeasley123Tear me in Two.: The One where Fred Introduces Fred.

7th March 2014:

Your banner is so awesome so I just had to read it ♥ I think your idea is really unique and it makes me wish I could be as creative! I also see there's no chapters after this :( but, I really hope you update one day, as this truly is amazing.

I think you got Fred's character excellently. I love how he was once in love with Hermione because I ship Hermione/Twin really hard :P This Chasity girl seems too good to be true, but I guess we'll see her flaws in the upcoming chapters!

I think the concept of Fred kicking out Peeves! Bahaha that was golden! I can totally see Peeves as a sort of rival to Fred!

One of the funniest and yet sweetest things in this chapter was when Fred was talking about Hugo picking his nose LOL! That was HILARIOUS! I also have a question, hopefully not a stupid one lol probably still will be, but can everyone see Fred? :) Or can only Fred 2 see him? Anyway, the whole concept is so amazing, and I really hope you update this soon! It has loads of potential ♥

Blackout 8/15

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Review #20, by MissesWeasley123The Flesh of the Servant: Coward

7th March 2014:
Hey, back for more of your wonderful stories!

So. I remember this challenge and i was really looking forward to reading the entries, but I never really got time but I saw you entered and ran over to read it, because you got one of the "what if"s I had asked myself so many times while rereading POA.

There were so many things you took into account. Sirius was alive! Gah. How things would've changed. His death's was one of the one's that hit me the hardest, along with Fred's of course. I think him being alive in this was so gut wrenching and emotional, I had to stop for a moment and just breathe. This story was a wonderful depiction of the life Harry could've had with Sirius. Remus would've been so happy, and... AGH. *cries in corner*

I never really considered the whole, Cedric winning the cup but it makes sense. It really does. And even Harry once said how he'd love to be cheering in the crowd, with no worries... Honestly this piece just gives me so many feels.

You used what you were given for the challenge brilliantly, and I thought you did an excellent job! There was so much to this piece, both happiness and ultimately sadness also. As an author, you did an excellent job playing with words and emotions, and this truly was great story telling.

Thanks for an excellent piece!

Blackout 7/15

Author's Response: Hello!

I was so excited when I got the prompt, unfortunately, the multi-chaptered version of this wasn't working out, so it was erased and a started over. Unfortunately, that left me only a couple of days before the deadline to write and enter the story :(. There's so much more I wanted to do with this but...

Sirius' death was one of the hardest for me too! Which is why, of course, he's in here, alive and free :D. This was one of the parts I wanted to extend, Harry's new life with Sirius and Remus.

Thanks so much :D!


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Review #21, by MissesWeasley123A Halloween Visit: A Halloween Visit

7th March 2014:
Wow. This was great.

I've always found it intriguing how in all the books, so many major events happened on Halloween. Sirius breaking into the Gryffindor CR, the Troll entering, etc... But not once did Harry ever know that his parents died on Halloween and he never visited their graves either. And then in this he did, and it was so different than anything I could've imagined it to be.

I loved the reason why he went there in the first place. We know that Harry respects his relationships so much, and it was beautiful to see him that way even after their deaths. It was sweet how he joked about how Ron would react and I even shipped Hinny a little in that moment, which I usually don't do.

Everything was beautifully woven into canon and you managed to create another head canon, Aditi! This piece truly was beautiful. Your descriptions gave me chills, and especially the last one. How their words blew the wind... That part made me gasp like a total idiot, because it was so clever and brilliant.

Don't worry about Harry's characterization, because he was written true to J.K Rowling's Harry, and i don't know what else I could say to make you not worry about it!

Great writing as always!

Blackout 6/15

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing =) I am sorry for such a delayed response!

Yes, I always felt like Halloween was a vital day and so it made sense to me to have Harry visit his loved ones on this day.

I am pleased you liked the way Harry talked about his relationship with his parents and Sirius and Remus. I don't ship Hinny either but I wanted to keep this canon so I went with it and it didn't turn out so bad after all =)

I am glad I created a head canon for you, that is such a huge compliment, thank you! It's flattering that you liked my descriptions so much, thanks a ton.

And omg true to JKR's Harry - that's the best thing anyone could have ever said to me. Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by MissesWeasley123Change: Getting to know

7th March 2014:
Hey there!

I have always thought that Narcissa was one of the strongest females in the books, along with Bellatrix and Molly Weasley. Maybe because she was a mother -- that's why she was so strong, for Draco. But you show her strength before marriage, and that really flows with my headcanon of Narcissa. But then I saw her so weak and like it broke her heart it truly broke mine too. As an author you work with emotions so well! It was so heartbreaking and sick to see him that way. I didn't like seeing her in so much pain when all she did was love him since she was 16 and he was an animal. Everything about her life was so realistic and along the way this story itself became my head canon.

Your characterizations of lucius and Narcissa were brilliant. He was the cheater and she was the broken one. You wrote her transformation really well. It was great to see that maybe this is why she's so strong. You worry that it's too OOC but really, no it isn't. You give Narcissa such a fresh spin, I could not help but fall in love with her flawed life.

Great piece, you did a wonderful job writing it, and I loved reading it!

Blackout 5/15

Author's Response: Hello! Thanks for your lovely review. Apologies for the late response!

Narcissa is definitely a very strong but underrated female character in the books, she's one of my top favourites, and I ams o glad you feel the same way. Motherhood always makes a woman strong - the love for her child is too strong after all! But yes, I always imagined her to be a strong woman long before that - to have endured the parting from her sister (Andromeda), to have endured her other sister going "crazy" over Voldemort etc., to have been pushed into the world of war etc. too young and yet recovering from it and coming out strong and determined for a good life - and I put all those things in her. At the same time, heartbreak is hard to endure especially when she is just getting her happiness. I am pleased that you liked all this and felt I worked with her emotions well. And wow I am so happy that this actually is your head canon now!

I am pleased you liked this overall, thanks again for your lovely words!

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Review #23, by MissesWeasley123What's in a Name: One

7th March 2014:
Remember how I once commented on your status update to tell you that I will definitely be checking this out? WELL HERE I AM! And wow, this is great!

From the very beginning, you had me hooked. The story is really original so far and it's only the first chapter! I've always found the fable Rumpelstiltskin really different and in my opinion, Rumpelstiltskin was the good one well the girl in the story was the one breaking her promises. But in this, the dela makers seem terrible! And really scary! You did an excellent job with describing the dealmakers, and the information wasn't too much for it to get annoying or anything.

I loved when the deal maker rolled his eyes, at "Anything". I bet if he could be sorted he'd be a Slytherin... And now I'm also wondering if he's Hugo! Because, of your characters listed... Hehe... I've only read a few of your stories, but whatever I've read so far has been great. You seem to be able to write a variety of things, which is rather admirable!

Great story, and I'd love for you to update!

Blackout 4/15

Author's Response: I do remember! Hello! :D

I love the story of Rumpelstiltskin and I agree, he's definitely more the good guy than the bad - he just made a deal, it was the girl who said yes then broke it. Oh, he can be scary, my deal-maker, but I hope to have enough of the original idea in. You'll see how he turns out. ;)

He could have been, but that would have given him away since Slytherin already has a reputation. :P Ohhh, is he? You'll find out in the last chapter.

Thank you so much for leaving a review!


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Review #24, by MissesWeasley123Vox wuod Sanctimonia; Speed Dating Entry: Cupiditas

7th March 2014:
Rumpel, hey!

I'd like to applaud you on your dialogue. When I was browsing your AP, I saw the summary for this piece, and I was already drawn into it. Salazar seemed like a total babe and now that I've read it, I can see that he is indeed a total babe!

I really like when people see byond the "oh Slytherins can't love" but they forget that not all SLytherins are Voldemort.. take Snape for example, or even Lucius -- certainly they loved. And everyone thinks Slytherin is the root of that, and so therefore he cannot love either. But you changed that, so this piece was so unique. Salazar was excellently characterized!

I really like the relationship between Godric and Salazar, because they seem like friends, and sorta remind me of the Marauders, in a way :P

And when he met Rowena, that part truly was beautiful. I think you did an excellent job with that, definitely. I wish you luck for the speed dating entry, because I thin you'vev eventered a really strong piece! Good luck!

Blackout 3/15

Author's Response: Hey there!

Whoo! I'm glad you like my dialogue, because dialogue is one of my favorite things EVER! O.O ...Okay, Salazar is a total babe.

I'm glad that you enjoyed Salazar -- he can love :D I'm just not very apt at writing romance, so all he gets is a romantic interest in this ;).

Thanks so much for the awesome review!


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Review #25, by MissesWeasley123The Wandering One : Prague

7th March 2014:
Things just got reaaal. Haha :P But seriously whaaat, THEY REACHED THEY REACHED! That is so weird. And awkward. And dmn, Tedyd is such a clingy boyfriend. And I'd just like to add, that that was really original, because we often see clingy girlfriends, but never do we see clingy boyfriends, and we saw that so yay, uniqueness! :P

I just travelled to India, and I know you've travelled everywhere, so I wnated to ask -- have you been to Prague? I was almost shocked when Vic said she didn't like Amsterdam because now, while I only have been to the airport :P it was still beautiful! (the airport, that is :P fail, I know)

And I'd also like to say, that I like how Vic calls Dominique, "Nique". It very different, and really awesome. I found the bit on, "Dommy" really funny. And Teddy's so annoying, honestly.


And the ending, the ending! That was hilarious. Ahh, I really hope Charlie and Gabrielle work out ;) How cool would it be for Vic and Sam to go to their wedding together... ;)

Anyway, excellent chapter Jenna!

Blackout 2/15

Author's Response: Hi again! :)

Hehe, I was so excited to see how people might respond to this. I know! Ah, Victoire handles it well because she is quite laid back and genuinely doesn't want to hurt anybody's feelings, but I would have personally been furious if this happened. I'm glad you like the originality of a clingy boyfriend as well! It actually feels a little refreshing to write this sort of relationship.

Yes I have been to Prague! :D It's the best place. I went to Amsterdam but had a kind of bad time there, mostly due to being ill to be fair, and I felt it was right to not make Victoire adore every single place she visits. :P But it is a beautiful place and I thought the city was amazing, I just didn't see much of it when visiting, whereas Prague was just instant love.

I'm glad you like Nique as well! "Dom" just sounds like such a hum-drum name, quite literally, if you know what I mean. Like "Gong," or "Dumb" or something. I feel like it would also translate a little strangely to a French accent.

Sam and Vic forever! ♥ I've loved getting reviews that ship these two. I was honestly going to keep them as friends with some fancying going on but the reviews encouraged me to put hints of a possible romance in the story as well. :)

Hahaha, I'm glad you liked it! Poor Charlie...

Thanks so much for the excellent review, Nadia! ♥

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