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Review #1, by MissesWeasley123Oh I forgot: Introduction

19th March 2015:

It's of course really interesting what you've decided to make Lavender be like. Her character in this is very simple, and strong minded towards one opinion. To destroy Hermione and of course ultimately, seek revenge.

I think you really should watch out on your commas and grammar and punctuation in general. Getting a beta reader could maybe help you proof read. It really would take your writing to the next level. Otherwise, it flowed pretty well.

And also, this was really short so if you wanted to make your chapters longer, really focus on description, and that will enhance your writing as well! Good luck with that.

Parvati's character ♥ She really is one of my faves, and I love seeing her represented in stories, and you wrote her very well. Her decision to stay true to her values and tell ron and Harry even though she is Lavender's friend was a good one. A very Gryffindor like thing to do!

Great work, keep it up!
(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

Author's Response: Thanks for your review, Mrs. Weasley

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Review #2, by MissesWeasley123Watering Hole: Watering Hole

19th March 2015:

Wow, this story was really good. My elite and go-to friendship, my favourite one even before the Marauders will always be Ron and Harry. You showed the brotherhood in their relationship so well. Friendship stories are so uncommon :( They always get overshadowed by romance, so this was really different.

Creevey! Ah, I almost teared up remembering Colin... But he was a nice touch to the story as character. His being their made it very authentic, and added the touch you needed to make this story complete, if that makes sense. I love the brothers, and I love Dennis so well done on that too.

I really like and appreciate the common theme that sort of ran throughout, the magic of friendship. Of course that last line too ties it in all so well. It was so heartwarming to read, and really sweet. Well done, great job with this!

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

Author's Response: Thank you. This one was fun to write.

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Review #3, by MissesWeasley123An Attractive Alternative: An Attractive Alternative

19th March 2015:
Hey again!

I'm usually one of those who tend to pass over AU stories, but I did quite enjoy this one as the twist didn't really come until the end.

Personally I feel Harry's life could have been so so different and probably enhanced if he didn't live the Dursleys. For the same reasons Hagrid did, actually :P

Dumbledore is a really difficult character to write. You did so well though! His little quirks and knick knack type of behaviour was so well written. Well done! That can be really hard to grasp his voice.

You made excellent use of the words you did. It was very concise and straight to the point, and generally a very well written story. Very, very sweet!

Ahhh and the last line truly did make me laugh out loud! :P Honestly, so cute If I could say for Dumbledore, but in all honestly - really well written. A great side to a story, thanks!

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #4, by MissesWeasley123Broken Minds: Broken Minds

19th March 2015:

Wow, what an emotion-filled rollercoaster this was. I always connect so much with Neville, he is my Gryffindor champion, and it's always heartbreaking reading darker stories about him, as those were a part of his life and that really is horrible :(

Neville being able to look at his parents, that idea that they would be looking back at him but in a blank way, so it doesn't really mean anything, because they're just looking... almost like they're... not really looking at all. And that is so heartbreaking :(

Your descriptions throughout were so well. You really know how to be able to write continuous strands of just description or emotion, and then be able to weave them together so well!

Ugh, that last paragraph. That was so sad. :( The last line... Probably just about killed me. Well done, also excellent spelling/grammar/technical stuff - good eye!

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

Author's Response: Thank you. Considering I wrote this fic over a decade ago I'm very flattered that your compliment my SPAG so much.

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Review #5, by MissesWeasley123Rose: chapter 4

19th March 2015:
Hey again!

And alas, we meet Scorpius Malfoy! Exciting really, I'm so happy with the pace you're taking this story.

Scorpius has a lot of Draco features in him, and that is a good thing of course, I like how you used DRaco as a base. That always helps.

Hermione's relationship with Rose is really great in this as well. You can see how tight the Weasley-Granger family, its still small of course but there's a lot of traditions already being made, like with the Chudley Canons.

And Neville! Haha, can I squee about him for a bit, he's great and one of my favourite characters and this is was too amazing. I loved his appearance in this. Well done!

AND YAY Albus is a Gryffindor. I'm really surprised you decided to place Rose and Scorpius both in Ravenclaw, very interesting to be honest. I've never seen fics like that, so it's really cool you've got a bit of variety in this. Well done.

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reading:)

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Review #6, by MissesWeasley123Rose: chapter 3

19th March 2015:
Hey again!

Woo, zooming further into the story already! *crackles knuckles* Let's get this started.

I'm already seeing an improvement in your writing just from three chapters. That's commendable to be honest!

And we get to meet new characters! Tom and Bethany. As an author, you do a great job at crafting original characters, and that too in the less amount of time (chapter) you have. They've already left an impression on me. That requires some risk taking, so well done.

This of course was so cute. James ♥ Aw, I love him. And of course, Rose starting school!! Eek, that's exciting. Her excitement makes complete sense, like mother like daughter! I like how you gave her many of Hermione's traits. That's a nice touch.

Again, I do think a beta would be great to help correct some errors, your writing is great but the next level would be unlocked if you got an editor or someone to just proofread quickly. You can find someone on the forums if you need to!

Great work!
(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

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Review #7, by MissesWeasley123Rose: Chapter 2

19th March 2015:
YAY Rose is born, Rose is born!

That was so adorable.

I usually dislike Ginny as a character, but Aunt Ginny and Uncle Harry for me really worked well oh my god that was so cute. I like how this story is progressing every chapter, its a smart way to write a beginning to what you will make about Rose. Very cool, and really smart of you.

Another thing to watch out for, again is perhaps the capitalization of words on the beginning of a sentence! Just watch out for that. I would recommend getting a beta reader, if you have time who will edit your work for you. It'll really take your writing to the next level :)

Molly and Arthur were really sweet in this too. I love how much happiness they got, especially after the horrible time they must have had after the war and the deaths they've witness :( But to see them happy, was so sweet and really heartwarming.

You do a great job at staying true to characters, and their little things and quirks make the story very authentic. Keep it up!

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

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Review #8, by MissesWeasley123Rose: Chapter 1

19th March 2015:

I'm here reading and reviewing under appreciated stories. I've seen this one and I've wanted to read it for a while, and now was just the time and excuse to! And I'm really glad I did.

AHHH Ron and Hermione my otp ♥ Please I lvoe them so much, I'm so excited you wrote abut them. I love when good authors and writers write my pairings that I love. I've never attempted to write them myself, so I love what others can do.

First things first, watch out on some of your punctuation. Things like 'Mione should have apostrophes, it's a nickname thing. Also, a few commas here and there, nothing a beta reader wouldn't be able to do for you!

Seeing Ron head over heels in love with Hermione has always been my favourite thing, and you portray that so well. Good job on his characterization!

Their dinner was making me grumble haha :P And Hermione is pregnant, that was so cute! I always imagined Ron to find out he was going to become a father in a cute way like that. Love, love love.

Great work!
(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)

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Review #9, by MissesWeasley123Don't Confess: Chapter 1

19th March 2015:
Oh my god I'm going to yell this was cute I hope you update but anyways, I'll breathe haha :P

Okay, a bit of a confession: I'm madly in love with Luna/Draco, it's always so had to find actual well written fics on them, and I'm so stoked as this is so so good!

The moment it begins, I already have a scene well setted in my mind. Your descriptions were very authentic. Luna seemed very real, and JK Rowling-like to be frank. I love her, and it bothers me when people attempt to write her and they don't do it properly, but you wrote her so so well and honestly, I'm in love with this.

Not only Luna, but Draco too. God, that's amazing. His dialogue and snappy behaviour towards her was very in character, like that moment when she asked him if he was okay, his snappy reply was very real and true to his character.

I hope you continue this fic, I do think you're a great writer. I'd love for longer installments of this. Also, the chamomile was a great touch! :)

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)
- Gryffindor

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Review #10, by MissesWeasley123As the World Ends: As the World Ends

19th March 2015:
Woo, hey again back for your wonderful writing.

Your style of writing is so versatile, I think it's very reflective of the quality of writing you are actually capable of. That's amazing.

I usually hate first person stories, but I did enjoy this. It was very well planned and executed in my opinion, and you told the story of this person falling in love and all the feelings they felt.

I think the only constructive thing I could say, is sometimes the description was a bit corny, but I do realize that was the feel of the fic which in that case it was good, I did like it overall.

Your opening line which was probably my favourite was a very good indicator of how this was going to go down. You wrote and painted the emotions of love really well in such few words. It was very concise and "pretty" to read if that makes sens haha.

Great work!

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)
- Gryffindor

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind and helpful words! I haven't been writing much lately, partly due to time, but your review is certainly inspiring me to try and fit in what I truly love back into my life. Thank you again!

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Review #11, by MissesWeasley123My Heart Is Open: My Heart Is Open

19th March 2015:
Hey, I'm here for the HPFF Fundraising Competition, reviewing stories that are under appreciated.

And man, I'm gutted this one is. You capture Andromeda's moments so well. She has so much potential for stories and nobody really explores her, but the way you've written her tale is amazing.

You were true to canon and her family, her family's legacy of hatred for Muggleborns, and that reflected so well in her confusion. Towards Ted, and that was what really made it so believably true and canon-like.

Your descriptors of her character were so amazing. This line: But I am still Andromeda Black; a warrior, a dreamer, a rationalist. -- honestly, wow. I just love that word rationalist. Its spot on for the character you portray of her. Its extremely specific and true to her character. Well done. Thanks for a great read!

(For the HPFF fundraising review challenge)
- Gryffindor.

Author's Response: Thank you for a wonderful review! I had the beginning of this written for so long I just sat down one day and decided I needed to finish it. I really appreciate your kind words! Thanks again!

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Review #12, by MissesWeasley123Worship You: Storm

23rd January 2015:
Honestly I am here? Like, I'm actually here after 900 days of not existing I reached and I really missed your wonderful writing.

I haven't written a review since September taaa lol I've sort of forgotten how to write one? What am I supposed to say hmmm.

Do I say how amazing your style is? Because it is amazing Sian. The fact you wrote this without an e is just?? wow.

Your choice of characters are wicked cool as always, you have such a twisted mind and I mean that in the most nicest and fan-like type way girl you're so amazing. The characterization of Sinistra is just so *wow* to me, and the fact that it even is Sinistra because I've never ever read a story on her this review makes no sense I just wrote an exam and my brain is fried but this was a true treat, the way she describes Bellatrix and STARS excuse me?? how are you allowed to write like this teach me ♥

My favourite fruit loop Sian this was great you pay my bills with your writing I loved it, congrats on managing to complete it like this and that too with such beautiful imagery and story-telling.

Author's Response: Hey you! Ah, I'm so excited to see you back on the archives/forums again and very honoured that you came to my page to leave me a review!

You haven't forgotten how to write reviews at all, as this was wonderful ♥

I'm so happy you liked this! I don't know how I came up with the characters for this, partly because Aurora doesn't have an E in it maybe? But also because I love minor characters and I've never seen Aurora in a story, and pairing her with Bellatrix was kind of weird but I really enjoyed writing it :P

Thank you so much for this lovely review! I'm really glad you enjoyed it, lovely! ♥

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Review #13, by MissesWeasley123Sky and Stars: Infinite

4th September 2014:


I'm really really flattered you wrote something of this sort of awesomeness for me. Makes me feel so... wow. I'm very unworthy of this kind of love lol.

You talk of Seamus and Parvati and them and their love and wow, it's the most beautiful thing in the world. You sneak in those small moments like with the henna and it makes me emotional. That's what true story telling is. I'd have loved this whether it was written for me or not, but DUDE you wrote this for ME like ME NADIA I wow. ♥ sort of flabbergasted at this sort of... WOW.

Those moments the ones with the dialogue, the dancing the no need of music... these are the things that I love the most. You put so much heart and thought into this and man Sian, you're so brilliant in every way and I hope you know that.

Truly, you had me at penguins. ♥

Thank you for this wonderful gift. I've never had something so valuable gifted to me ever before. ♥

Author's Response: Sneaky? Me? I'm not sneaky!

Nadia, STOP. You totally deserve this and actually a better story than this, but unfortunately I couldn't write anything for you that improved on this story.

Seamus and Parvati! ♥ I couldn't not write them for you, because I was all mean in DotF and now I had to be nice because they do deserve to be together and I'm so happy you liked the way that I wrote them, because you know I'm no good at writing fluff!

And all those little moments were my favourite to come up with, the henna and the dancing and all the little conversations. I'm so, so, happy you liked this and thank you for being such a great friend, Nadia! ♥

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Review #14, by MissesWeasley123Marauder Follies: Chapter II - Dementia

20th August 2014:
Hello again!

Aww, so Peter. I really liked this side you showed of his. Again, you've put a lot of thought into it. I have lots of questions about his dad and I like seeing that he is quite close with James!

AND OH NO MRS POTTER! :( I feel so sad for her.. and she still hasn't told James! :'( I think it's really cool how she helped fight Gellert, that's interesting. I think Peter seeing the effects of what fighting a dark wizard has had on her might influence him to join Voldemort, so that ties in really well!

You've put in lots of details into this so I think that's what's making this story really exciting to read. Looking forward to seeing what else you have! Great job!

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Review #15, by MissesWeasley123Marauder Follies: Chapter I: The Full Moon & the Morning After

20th August 2014:
Hey Fae! I'm here filling in the reviews you earned for the may writing challenge!


I'm really really pleased with this story so far, especially the second half with Remus ♥ because I love him and I loved this part:

"None that fancy me mum. Although wait until you get a load of what this third year did to Sirius in the beginning of the term..." --- BECAUSE FIRST OF ALL: That sounds so authentic and REMUS NOT HAVING A GIRLFRIEND IS ALWAYS GOOD NEWS BECAUSE MORE REMUS FOR ME :D

Your descriptions are great and the beginning was bittersweet because Sirius is so cute and yet he's so.. sad. You've crafted him and Regulus so well and of course, Remus too ♥ Great job, I loved reading this, and now, onwards!

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Review #16, by MissesWeasley123Hate: Andromeda Tonks

20th August 2014:

I need to comment on this plot because HOLY nobody would ever make this sort of connection between Andromeda and Lily, that she envied her and stuff, really interesting and unique. You have a knack for originality so keep that going always, Emily!

I liked the way she talked in brackets, it really got into her mind that was obviously really jealous and stuff. I think it was an interesting twist for the character.

I think you showed the parallels of both women really well. You showed that their differences in their lives and circumstances, actually were quite the same, just flipped. So cool!

You really controlled your words and use of smart language very nicely to keep this down to 500 words. Seriously, every word did count in this piece, so well done! ♥

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Review #17, by MissesWeasley123a slow shattering: the mirror thrown to the ground

20th August 2014:
Hey Emily, here finally giving prize reviews!

First of all, this is such a contrast from what I've read of yours before! I've read your parody and then this, which is so sad and dark, it's really cool to see how diverse of a writer you really are. Kudos to you for that! ;)

I like the style you have going here. It's repetitive which makes it even more... crazy in a way. I think that shows Lavender's fractured very staccato mind and sanity so well.

You did the:


thing which I found really interesting. Again, it made a great impact and generally was a good technique!

I love this side of Lavender. I love when authors have sort of the same sort of concept except they make it their own, and you again show her state in a very fragile and yet openly descriptive way. Her pain is an open book. I liked that!

I'll wait around for an update! Great work.

Author's Response: Hey Nadia! Is it bad that I'd forgotten all about that? Haha, that meant these reviews were such a pleasant surprise to wake up to, though!

Yay, thank you! I try my best to write as wide a range of things as possible, so to hear that I'm a diverse writer means a lot! *hugs*

Yes, I think that the repetition does show how her mind has regressed a bit so she can only focus on one thing at a time and it also helps to really emphasise the important points of her life now somehow. :P

Yeah, I don't really know where that came from but I think it added to the piece and I'm really happy you found it interesting, it's certainly the first time I've done it.

I'm so glad that you do! The general response to this story has been pretty positive and I'm so glad that I managed to take something similar and make it more original.

Thanks so much for the lovely review, Nadia! ^.^ *hugs*

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Review #18, by MissesWeasley123You Say I'm Crazy: We Made A Vow

19th August 2014:
I read this back when it was James and Lily and I'm sort of sad you changed it because this is really well written and I despise Jily so this is like, my thing y'know.

Bear with me, I don't know how to review anymore because I haven't left a proper one in like, forever. So... yeah.

Her hands are pressed to her chest, as if to hold her breaking, fragmented heart in. -- DO YOU KNOW HOW ACCURATE THIS IS? I love what you did with that, that was a great moment and I was all like "dayummm"

But really, this story was really nice. I love this song and of course the music video this was inspired from and everything... was really really well written. I remember reading other story like waaay back and now this, it's really amazing and you've improved so much which is great Sarah! ♥

Really well written, had fun reading it!

Author's Response: Hey Hon!

You hate Jily?! I think you're the first person I've ever seen say that!

I felt that it wasn't as believable as Lily/James. I mean, it fit, but at the same time, it just didn't. I couldn't see her being so weak, and I couldn't see him being so awful. I think having this be Lily II not only gives me lots of room to play with her past and characterization, but it also adds a lot of room for growth. I'm glad you liked the story, thanks so much for the review!

xoxo Sarah

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Review #19, by MissesWeasley123Red Dust: Red Dust

19th August 2014:
I'm... crying.

This is precisely why you are hands down my favourite and most like, before everyone else author on the archives. I have no words for you at this moment.

This piece is just a work of art a true masterpiece. I don't know how you manage to write SO WELL because you do you do and it kills me EVERY DAMN TIME I READ ANYTHING IT HURTS.

Your concepts are so tragically written and it's always so breathtaking, your writing. Your descriptions and characters are so well thought out and the way you speak of Barcelona -- I think that's why it made me cry. Your imagery of the place makes me so... wandersick because now I want to go there so so bad and you have no idea how emotional I'm becoming so I'm gonna stop now.

I love this so much Emma ♥

Brilliant story telling and such a flawless take of a flawed Pansy Parkinson. ♥

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Review #20, by MissesWeasley123Death on the First: Chapter Two

9th August 2014:
Okay, so plot development.

You're trying to mislead us, never mentioning Daphne... But it can't be her, I know that much. As if you're following canon, that means that this line here: if a girl that we've known since the age of eleven isn't lying dead in the morgue at St. Mungo's, murdered by one of the other eight guests here. -- See, it can't be her as she is 2 years younger than the rest of Harry's year!

Dean hasn't been mentioned at all so far... So I feel like it can be him! Hmm... It's so weird, the way the murderer refers to the plaques with some sort of a interest makes me want to think it is a pureblood! But no... this has to be Dean. And I'm convinced it's not Theo NOR Seamus... It still could be Pansy though! Definitely not Padma or Lavender... Really, this leaves Michael, Pansy, and Dean.

Okay, so this is amazing as always!!! I love it so much great work you amazing person ♥

Author's Response: Yes, plot development!

Perhaps I'm trying to mislead you, perhaps not. It's a mystery ;) But Daphne's actually the one in Harry's year, and Astoria's the one who's two years younger, so that line doesn't really discount her.

Hmm, your guesses are really interesting, and the way that you're eliminating people. I'm so intrigued to see the way that different people interpret the narrative and use that to deduce things! I can't say much about your guesses except more will possibly be revealed in the next chapter :P

Thank you very much for the review, lovely! ♥

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Review #21, by MissesWeasley123Jigsaw: Piece #1

4th August 2014:

I am more excited than you for this Sian hmm yeah.

what do I even talk about?

I love the beginning so much! It's really creepy AND YOUR DESCRIPTIONS and I know how much you've worked on this and it's so brilliant!

The way you've crafted Olivia's character which is a bit annoying lol AND I CANNOT WAIT FOR DANIEL OMG BABE ALERT IN THE NEXT CHAPTER???

Jane's character's so cool and haha REMEMBER WHEN U TOLD ME ROXY WAS BLONDE BUT YOU WERE KIDDING SO GOOD as Jane's the blonde one :P

I totally just rambled BUT CONGRATS ON THIS EPIC NOVEL ♥

I'm favouriting and it's so interesting, I love this so much and ahhh!!!


Author's Response: NADIA! ♥

Seriously, I can't tell you how much it means to me that you were so eager to get the first review on this story! I'm really pleased you're excited for it because oh my goodness, I was so nervous, and I'm glad that it didn't disappoint!

Well really, you should get some credit for the beginning of this chapter because you're the one who sparked the idea in the first place, so thank YOU for that! Teehee, creepy is what I'm going for there!

Violet is just like... ugh. I feel sorry for Roxanne, as she has some very difficult people to work with! And yes, there may be an appearance for Daniel in the next chapter!

I'm really glad you like Jane! She's going to have a big part to play in this and yes haha, she's the blonde one.

Thank you so much for this amazing review and the favourite, love! ♥

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Review #22, by MissesWeasley123Death on the First: Chapter One

27th July 2014:


before i begin can you please clarify something? :P ok so if there are 9 people, is the killer, like included in the nine? or are there nine+the killer?

I feel like... the killer's a girl. But it can also be... a guy. Hm. Definitely not Theo, or Pansy, or Parvati... SO THIS IS GONNA MAKE ME CRAY CRAY. I SHALL FIGURE OUT WHO THE KILLER ID BEFORE ALL THE CHAPS ARE POSTED



There are nine people, including the killer. All of them are listed at the beginning of this chapter - you might want to remember those names ;)

The killer might be a girl, or it might be a guy. Are they even human? I don't know (I do know, but it's fun playing with your mind :P)


Thanks for this review, love, I'm so happy you liked it!

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Review #23, by MissesWeasley123Hope: Hope

12th July 2014:
Hiya Sara! This is such a sad story with a bittersweet plot :( You did such a great job with it though, and treated it with extreme care and ♥

I think the flashback was definitely the most emotional part of the piece. You wrote it beautifully, and it was such a sad moment, as goodbyes always are! I don't know how you managed to put in so much thought into it, especially with the deadline we had! In such few words, you beautifully told us the story of Andromeda. It must've been so sad for her, it was sad for in fact, losing her entire family.

But then, there was Teddy. And Teddy was her hope. I don't know if you've watched the Amazing Spiderman 2 but there's a scene with Andrew Garfield in a graveyard with his aunt May who is kinda old, and I don't know why but it reminds me of Andromeda and Teddy lol :P

Such a well written story! Your writing just gets better and better!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you :)

I'm glad you liked the flashback! I wasn't sure about it, having write it so quickly- I'm happy it worked well.

I've never actually seen The Amazing Spiderman (1 or 2) but I plan to watch it! I'll keep a lookout for that scene- maybe more Teddy/Andromeda interactions will come from it.

Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by MissesWeasley123The Wild Rose: Chapter One

12th July 2014:
WAIT I AM SO CONFUSED. YOU ARE A LITTLE MIND BOGGLER AREN'T YOU?? ♥ First and foremost, amazing descriptions!

And I too like everyone else thought this was a Scorose until LILY and what the hell Scorpius is he some sort of psychotic lover??? :( That weirdo why did he kill her? All beauty must die. -- this is so intense and chilling and wow, my heart rate accelerated like 100x more than my normal heart rate as wow wow wow! This entire piece was extremely intense and you were keeping it so light and then BAM IT COMES SLAPPING ME ACROSS THE FACE and everything!!! She's dead. Just. Wow.

This is so different from anything I've ever read, and I think it's so cool! You should totally write a prequel or something, as it's amazing. Really well written, I think this is a great example of a fab dark story!

House Cup 2014 Review

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Review #25, by MissesWeasley123Pandemonium: Mayhem Manor

12th July 2014:

This is so brilliant, Sian! I'm so glad you have finally finished it! I know you're a really funny person and that really shows in this, but you don't overdo it y'know. I love the idea of ScoRose in this, and how the story definitely kind of spanned over so many generations and times... Which was brilliant! I know you were writing bits of this here and there, and now you've finally finished it, but it never ever seemed inconsistent, so there's that!

Haha, you descriptions and use of prompts are so funny lol just like in all the other chapters :P I can't believe it was Dumbledore though! That's crazy. And the cameo Snape had was so funny too :P He didn't say much, but what he did say was flawless ;) Great work lovely, I wish I could say more but struggling for time!

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: YES IT WAS DUMBLES!!!

I actually can't tell you how glad I was that I finally finished this, Nadia. It took me so long to write because it didn't feel like I was going to be funny at all her. It was fun taking the curse over different generations though, and then seeing this disastrous meeting the parents that Rose has with the Malfoys :P

Oh my goodness those prompts! I don't know why I decided to use all of them in this short story collection but it was a crazy idea and so difficult! I realised that I had no explanation for the curse about two chapters in so I thought Dumbledore was a reasonable explanation for it :P

Thank you for the great review, Nadia!

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