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Review #1, by Snow_BeautyHermione's Birthday Surprise!: Part I

21st November 2007:
that was dead sweet loved it!!

Author's Response: *blushes* Thanks, I'm very glad that you loved it. I didn't even know I could write fluff since I normally don't read it but there you go. Thanks again for reviewing!


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Review #2, by Snow_BeautyIf I Fell: IF I FELL

28th October 2007:
aaww that was cute lol

Author's Response: well thanks! i'm delighted you enjoyed it!

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Review #3, by Snow_BeautyRevenge is Sweet From The Lips of The Enemy: Draco Malfoy in a Nightie?

20th June 2007:
that was bloody brilliant i loved it

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Review #4, by Snow_BeautyA New Revelation: The Posion

1st May 2007:
no offence but i didnt like the end of that story.

Author's Response: None taken! Can you tell me why, though??

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Review #5, by Snow_BeautyMia Cadi Zabini: Stuck

12th April 2007:
keep going

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Review #6, by Snow_BeautyMortify the Mudblood: Mortify the Mudblood

27th March 2007:
was good yeah

Author's Response: thanks so much. i'm really happy that this fic has been getting so much good reviews. but i do hope that y'all check out my other draco/hermione fic. it's quite good, if i do say so myself. =)

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Review #7, by Snow_BeautyOur love is?: We meet again!

23rd February 2007:
is this story done?? :S

Author's Response: omg its not complteted i am so terribly sorry!!! my mistake! i click the wrong box! i will post more chapters i promise

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Review #8, by Snow_BeautyMia Cadi Zabini: Clubbing

12th February 2007:
o come on u gotta write more fast!!!

Author's Response: I will :D

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Review #9, by Snow_BeautyIn Between Love and Hate: Happy Christmas

3rd February 2007:
GREAT LOVED IT write more and write often i was dieing waiting for this chapter please dont make me wait as long lol

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Review #10, by Snow_BeautyCorrupt: Corrupt

29th December 2006:
Aaw that was a well sweet story :D

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Review #11, by Snow_BeautySay Hello: Say Hello

22nd December 2006:
lol nice one very very very funny and even more random

Author's Response: hah. yes...very random...randoms fun. Thanks!

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Review #12, by Snow_BeautyFavorable Slavery: Favorable Slavery III/III

21st November 2006:
wot mint story yey

Author's Response: I...hope thats...a good thing...? :)

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Review #13, by Snow_BeautyManipulations: The Concepts of Dumb Blondes

21st November 2006:
lol i do like this chapter was very good lol

Author's Response: Thanks, lovely. ^.^

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Review #14, by Snow_BeautyMia Cadi Zabini: More Shopping Sprees and Shocks

21st November 2006:
o who who???

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Review #15, by Snow_BeautyBut Not Before He Tripped: But not before he tripped

9th August 2006:

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Review #16, by Snow_BeautyMia Cadi Zabini: Vindaloo Curry and Water Jugs

25th July 2006:
lmao NICE 1

Author's Response: Thanks :)

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Review #17, by Snow_BeautyManipulations: A Proposition

17th July 2006:
i loved it i thought it was great keep going lovin it

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! ^^

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Review #18, by Snow_BeautySo...? Kiss Me: So ... Kiss Me?

18th June 2006:
that story rocked lol yes u did do well u shud be proud

Author's Response: YAY! Thankyou, I am proud now! :D Thanks Snow_Beauty!

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Review #19, by Snow_BeautyMuggle Love: Gone

1st June 2006:
aaawwww :'( loved it nice idea

Author's Response: Thank you =)

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Review #20, by Snow_BeautyHallelujah: Hallelujah

24th May 2006:
aaaawwww that was so sad but i love the story

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Review #21, by Snow_BeautyNo Going Back: Prologue: Looking Back

22nd May 2006:

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Review #22, by Snow_BeautyCherry Lips: Cherry Lips

17th May 2006:
that was mint i was trying not to laugh cos i was in the sitting room with my mam and she kept looking at me like i was weird when i was laugh or smiling cos she didnt no what i was reading she thought i was crazy but i loved the story really funny you shud continue it

Author's Response: thank you! i think i'll leave it as it is... for now :)

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Review #23, by Snow_BeautyManipulations: The Ball

17th May 2006:
i loved it you have to continue :D

Author's Response: I'll continue; I just can't leave my wonderful readers hanging like that now can I? :D

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Review #24, by Snow_BeautyKiss Me: Chapter I & II

15th April 2006:
erm but y was that in the draco and herm catagory that wasnt a draco herm story it was a harry herm confused

Author's Response: Sorry I suck at category-ing.

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Review #25, by Snow_BeautyProtecting His Teddy Bear: Protecting His Teddy Bear

15th April 2006:
i liked it :D:D

Author's Response: Glad you did, thanks for reviewing!

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