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Review #26, by marauderfanLady Mondegreen: Conversations with a Portrait

20th January 2017:
Hi Lizzie! Here with some love and appreciation for you in the form of reviews as a very belated holiday present :P This one really caught my eye because of the title. I'm familiar with the term 'Mondegreen' as I am that person who ALWAYS hears words wrong in songs (and then proceeds to sing along incorrectly, for like two years, before realizing). Anyway, that's beside the point, and the point is that this fic is so clever and fun and I loved it.

Lady M's story is so sad! Being a portrait sounds kind of like living forever; the idea is interesting, until you really think about it, and then you'd come to the conclusion that it would suck. Who knows how long Lady M has been stuck inside that frame, not even able to visit other frames, just stuck there and sad and watching generations of teenagers go by and she just kind of gets forgotten. It'd be so sad! (Plus she'd be the last in any game of Telephone so she'd always get the most distorted rumours.) So I'm really glad Lia came along because I think it was good for both of them - for Lady M to have a friend to talk to, and for Lia to get some advice about her teenage drama :P

Lady M mishearing Lia all the time could totally be just because Lia is a quiet speaker, and Lady M has no choice except but to clarify. I mean, at least what she's doing is far superior to the thing everyone does, where you just nod and smile and say "Yeah"... but you can only get away with that for so long before someone realizes you haven't a clue what they're saying :P

PEAS ON EARTH. Pun-derful. I love it. XD Can you please write a sequel in which Harry is given a box of dirt with pea plants in it omg

I bet this story was really fun to write :) It was certainly a lot of fun to read! Thanks for sharing!

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Review #27, by marauderfanHis most faithful follower: A deathly end

17th January 2017:
OH YES IT'S A STORY ABOUT BELLATRIX! And at the time of her death too. This is going to be amazing

... yep, it was. I actually love Bellatrix as a character (as much as I hate her... it's complicated :P ) and so I love reading stories that get inside her head. And the first half of this, as she's picking out her next victims and choosing the ones who will be most fun to duel, it says so much about her, her extreme self confidence and the fact that she underestimates a lot of others (like Molly Weasley for example, whom Bellatrix writes off as 'a little old housewife')

Basically I think you did really well exploring how Bellatrix felt about the battle and what she was thinking, and how there was a critical point when she went from just having fun sending spells at Molly, to realizing that it was a very well matched duel. I don't think she ever really entertained the idea that she might die, rather like her cousin who died at her own hand. A trait that runs in the Black family, maybe :P


Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this, and I love that you visited this important moment from Bellatrix's POV, it was a great read.

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Review #28, by marauderfanThe high priestess: The high priestess card

17th January 2017:
There are far too few stories about Luna out there so I'm really excited about this one.

I can totally see Luna being into Tarot cards. Or any sort of Divination for that matter. And I especially love that that's her connection to her mother - she probably has very few such connections, since she was pretty young when her mother died and she only has a few memories, so those would stick with her pretty strongly.

I love how sentimental this piece is, both about Luna's mother and about her friends in the D.A. Luna is such a special person and she would basically be the best friend ever - the depth of her caring for them is so clear here as she paints a portrait so she can always remember them.

Last but not least, I do remember this painting from the DH book so I absolutely love that you provided the background and what inspired Luna to paint it. This was everything I wanted from this story and I loved it. Great work!!

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Review #29, by marauderfanActions Speak Louder than Words: Befuddled: Rose AND Scorpius POV

17th January 2017:
I must admit when I first saw the summary of this chapter I was so curious in what context this phrase was going to occur. It did not disappoint XD

Ah, Rose and Scorpius had one misunderstanding after another in this chapter and as frustrating as it is to know that the characters are both wrong about each other, that sort of thing is always so fun to read, haha. Scorpius' internal panic about coming across as a pervert was pretty funny.

Also I love Dom, and how she is the same around Rose as she was before - it probably really helps Rose feel normal. Poor Harry though, I can see how he would really be acting differently and how he would feel like he let her down. With the reputation he has for saving the whole wizarding world, it would really hurt him that he wasn't able to do anything for one of his own family.

I'm so glad Scorpius and Rose finally talked and that they actually know where each other stands. I'm curious about Scorpius' healing spell - that's so interesting that it's hereditary and I really want to know how it works and what situations it works in.

Great chapter!

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Review #30, by marauderfanActions Speak Louder than Words: Back to the Beginning: Rose POV

17th January 2017:
Another really intense chapter. Poor Rose, in the beginning there- she's still so on edge after what happened and was asleep when Scorpius dropped in, that she actually hexes him on instinct! Poor Scorpius too, for that matter. I feel like that one event kind of sums up a lot of their relationship. like, they're both pretty terrible at communicating with one another and end up at odds when really there's no need for it.

I noticed SCorpius keeps trying to distance himself from her because he thinks she wants the space, but she thinks she's scaring him off and that's why he's keeping distance. True, they have lots of other important think to think about, but they need to talk about their feelings and their relationship :P Despite their communication issues, he is at least always there for her when she needs it the most.

I'm so glad they told Harry! And actually, reading that bit made me consider just how dumb it was that she didn't say anything sooner, like about the sketchy guy at the party :P I mean, I totally understand why. She doesn't want people to think of her as a victim, and for her it's easiest to just put it out of mind and then she can convince herself nothing happened, and then she can feel like the person she was before. But she can't really do that, so telling people, ensuring her safety, etc will help her move past it, not bury it and pretend it never happened.

The scene at the end with Rose and Harry was so sweet. I bet Harry is the best uncle ever.

Phenomenal chapter once again!

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Review #31, by marauderfanActions Speak Louder than Words: Bombarda Maxima: Scorpius POV

17th January 2017:
So glad to find out Rose wasn't captured again and that she was at home and had her friends around to help her. I was really impressed with Dom and Selenia here - they are exactly the sorts of friends she needs, strong, caring, and level headed in a crisis.

This chapter was so powerful emotionally, particularly that scene where Scorpius and Al go to vent some steam, and Scorpius realizes how he feels about Rose, and they're both just angry because there's nothing they can do at the moment and that they couldn't do anything before, or that they just found out Rose has been suffering alone for two years- and are just taking out all of that on the forest. (But, as a botanist I admit I kind of cringed at all the destruction of trees. I know this makes me sound insensitive but, the trees!)

This really was an impressive chapter though, character wise. And I'm so glad Rose will be okay- but what an absolutely terrifying thing to witness, and then to find out that she has these deep scars she's been hiding for so long. In a way, though, I'm glad her friends know about them now because it's a lot easier to share a burden than to carry it alone, and maybe it'll give her the freedom to feel safe talking about it to her friends.

As always, wonderful writing, Beth. ♥

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Review #32, by marauderfanActions Speak Louder than Words: Besieged: Rose POV

17th January 2017:
WOWWW what a chapter! Okay, I'm here to leave reviews for your (belated) holiday wishlist and picking up right where I left off from my last binge of reading this story. Yikes, this chapter was INTENSE.

Can I also just take a moment to say that I saw this story was nominated for a Dobby for Best Villain and it's certainly easy to understand why. Stannous is terrifying, even more so because of this chapter: You've given him a background as a helpful, normal teacher who wanted his students to succeed and was well liked. Did something happen to him or was he just a mastermind plotting this whole thing for years? (Sidenote, Hogwarts has the worst trends of unintentionally hiring psychopaths as Professors. I haven't forgotten Barty Crouch Jr.) What on earth made him do this to Rose - what was the point of it? What exactly was he even doing? And why/how is he back now?? Basically, there are a lot of questions raised about Stannous that I really want answers to. But so far that makes him a really excellent villain, so congrats on the nomination.

UGHHH THIS STORY IS JUST SOOO GOOD and I'm really glad to be back and reading it again and also WHERE IS ROSE?!?!

Sorry about capslock I'm just really excited.

Oh, and in all the chaos of the end I forgot to mention that Rose and Scorpius are cute together.

Awesome chapter! I'll be back to read more of this ASAP and hopefully will leave a more coherent review next time XD.

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Review #33, by marauderfanDormitory 2.6A: FOUR: Fire and Ice

17th January 2017:
Being dragged out of bed while you're sleeping? Nooopppeee. I'd kick someone. And then go back to sleep.

Al totally knows what effect his smile/wink has on people and knows how to use that, haha!

THE BROOMSTICK INNUENDO I AM DYING AHAHAHAHA but like, isn't this always the way it happens - where you realize what you said about 2 seconds too late and you can't un-say it. Ahaha this was hilarious and I would feel bad for Nova except I'm too busy laughing.

Omg nothing to spoil the fun chatty mood in class like a bloody lamb's heart slammed onto the table. I never had to dissect anything quite that bad in any of my biology classes but this takes me back, haha. Oh, and I love that they're combining biology with magic because that's totally something that should happen. in order to do a better transfiguration you have to understand the object, etc. Great idea to include that! Except what an actual disaster it turned out to be. WHY WERE PEOPLE THROWING THE HEART

purely because I'm a sadist and would like to put you off your food." -- hahaha this professor cracks me up

Re: the end - uh oh. That escalated quickly... I'm not sure how Sophie didn't see that coming. You don't insult someone in front of her best friends because they will tear you up. So much drama but I did enjoy reading them all fighting haha

I don't remember if I mentioned this in any of my earlier reviews but I adore your writing style. It's so fun, you include the perfect amount of detail, it's at times very thoughtful, and at times very funny. It's just great all around.

I can see why this story is so popular! I'm really loving it so far!

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Review #34, by marauderfanDormitory 2.6A: THREE: Matters of the Heart

17th January 2017:
Hhahahahaha, yeah I feel like Dahlia is kind of terrifying for young naive students. :P Poor second year.

I love that they still use "Your face" as a comeback. It's like one step below "Your mum" jokes. It's so bad that it's funny.

Somehow in the previous chapter I missed the fact that Dahlia had to be nice to everyone for 24 hours and o. m. g. this is going to be literally amazing. She might explode from the effort. like how do you even go from sailor to customer service representative (that's the extreme ends of the swear scale that I just invented) that fast? it's impossible. I know because I have been both in my life. *rubs hands together with glee and watches the chaos ensue*

Haha, Cassidy literally takes no care of her appearance and still gets compliments from a fit bloke. I'd say things aren't going too badly for her with the dare at least XD She totally still could have flirted with him.

REAGAN HAS TO SING EVERYTHING AHAHAHA have you seen that Monty Python sketch about reporting a burglary? it's super funny and the beginning of this chapter kind of reminds me of that, well at least Reagan's dare.

I sympathize with Nova. Flirting is hard XD

But it went rather well! I mean, aside from the bit where she ran into him, but it gave them something to talk about at least :P Ah, so proud of Nova. It all worked out! Even though her friends were CREEPING UNDER A TABLE to spy on them. that was hilarious. XD

great chapter!

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Review #35, by marauderfanDormitory 2.6A: TWO: I Dare You

16th January 2017:
I'm back!

I like that Professor Binns actually calls Voldemort by his name (especially because probably not everyone did, even after the war - just look at Hagrid in the beginning of Philosophers Stone). It malkes sense too since Binns was already dead by the time Voldemort because important, so he probably just never really cared.

Also I forgot to mention this in the previous chapter's review but I kind of love that you've characterized James as looking like a lumberjack XD

Random aside: How did Binns ever take attendance for his class? He literally had no idea who anyone was. /tangent

Can I just say that you write the mindset of a sixteen year old girl SO perfectly. Everything Nova says about Albus is kind of ridiculous when she goes on and on about his raven hair and his gorgeous jade eyes and how she swoons when he smiles at her and she stares at him all the time when she thinks she's being subtle... BUT honestly it's not too far off from how I reacted around my own crush at that age and how I loved the colour of his eyes (so blue). XD Like, Nova's narration about Albus is kind of silly but also SO relatable! Basically, I was Nova at age 16. Except none of my friends found out about my crush.

Nova's friends are hilarious. And they're all such passionate people, about different things but it makes for such a funny group dynamic. They are the first person to sass any of the others in the group, but also the first person to stand up for their friends if someone else hurts them.

I love Nova's sister too. And I can't blame her for being upset at having to wait three additional days for brownies that made a detour through Nova's pocket. Seriously what is it with wizards putting baked goods in their pockets? Hagrid giving Harry a squashed birthday cake, and Nova giving Aria some probably very flat brownies. Muggles know better. I hope the brownies were at least delicious XD

I am really excited to see how Nova's attempt at flirting goes. Ehehehehe

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Review #36, by marauderfanDormitory 2.6A: ONE: Melting Ice Queens

16th January 2017:
Plums! I am here for this story, partially because of your wishlist and partially because this story has been recommended like everywhere. Honestly, I hear lots of good things about it. So here goes.

This is such a fun opening chapter, and I can really feel the personality of this group so strongly - it's clear they have years of inside jokes and their friendship is very secure (which makes Nova's comments at the end really interesting and honestly I think that was my favorite part of the chapter, as it adds a reflective twist to the otherwise more light hearted beginning and kind of makes me guess about the whole chapter which I just read, so I love that. I wonder how much of it Nova is kind of just making up in her mind, or whether cracks are starting to form in their friendship. At any rate, it makes me really eager to read more (which I will do tomorrow, but not tonight because it's late and I have to get up super early for work *sobs*)

Also I must admit haha, the way Dormitory 2.6a is so close it makes me wonder if 2.6b is just as close to each other, and talks about A the way A talks about B. Probably XD It's funny because yeah they're all hufflepuffs but the two different dorms really creates two different, isolated cultures.

Your writing style is a lot of fun, btw. I can see why this story is as popular as it is :)

Okay, so this opening chapter was sufficient to get me really excited about reading more, but I have to go to sleep. I'll be back tomorrow to fangirl about the next few chapters, I'm sure.

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Review #37, by marauderfanHallowed be Our Names: Breakdown (Aberforth)

16th January 2017:
This was a great chapter! I think most of all you really highlighted the differences between Albus and Aberforth, and how they react to setbacks. Aberforth is very driven by his emotions, and listens to his heart, and Albus listens to his head and logic/reason, and that's why they have trouble understanding the other. Aberforth actually thinks Albus is going to abandon them, just on the word of Ariana, and he doesn't take the time to think it out, just goes in and yells at Albus for it. Aberforth really wears his heart on his sleeve, whereas Albus is more guarded (and Gellert is a different person depending on who he's talking to). Maybe the Dumbledore brothers have different ways of showing it but each of them really does care about the family and keeping it together.

I think more than anything this chapter shows how difficult things were in the Dumbledore family at the time Grindelwald was visiting, and the complicated relationships between everyone involved, and there's a lot of trust issues.

I also like that this is from Aberforth's POV. I feel like he's a very overlooked character in general but there's so much story to be told about him, so I love that you've done that and you're going into his POV here.

Once again this is such lovely writing, Karen, great job :)

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Review #38, by marauderfanPocket Watch #1 -- Bittersweet Homecoming: 1.5 -- Penny For Your Thoughts (To Yourself)

16th January 2017:
Two things: 1. Happy birthday!

2. I'm glad to discover a new chapter on this, it's been a while since I read some of it and it's such a great story. I love your characterization of Barty Jr and how he's the protagonist here... because I know at some point down the line I'll be very conflicted given who Barty becomes, and he will be simultaneously the protagonist and antagonist? Idk. But I love that you are writing a moral grey area character because those are the best kinds, and I love this insight into the Crouch family - they are all so well written!

I am really curious what Mr Crouch Sr was up to. Poor Barty (Jr), being so worried when he sees his father at the station. I mean, at least his father showed up? But the fact that it makes Barty Jr so nervous, and how Barty Sr's arrogance keeps embarrassing the rest of the family, it's sad that it's almost better if Crouch Sr didn't show up at all.

I love Penny! And I'm so excited that this is your first OC, I would never have guessed because you've done a wonderful job introducing him and giving us a sense of who he is, with his devotion to his daughters, and the cat that rides in the car with him (the cat's name is brilliant hahaha)

one hand in the pocket and another on a cigarette -- I swear this is a line from an Alanis Morissette song. :P If it weren't impossible timeline-wise, I would assume that Penny was listening to this song in his car before he got out and looked this cool. haha But anyway, yeah, your introduction of him is great and I really like him as a character!

Next up... Barty talks with his father, I assume? I hope to find out more soon! Wonderful job on this chapter, Karen!

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Review #39, by marauderfanSaving Severus Snape : xiv.

15th January 2017:
Ah, the gossip. There was really no way around it. Poor Remus- I do feel bad for him, after all what happened between Lily and Severus really hurt Lily, and so Remus cares about Hermione and wants to save her from the same fate happening to her, but yeah - she's the one who considers that maybe it's changed Severus too and he learned from his past. Besides, I always love it when Hermione stands up for herself. The scene in PoA where she punches Malfoy will always be one of my favorite things XD

She was definitely thinking of them as two different people, and that could potentially become quite dangerous for her. -- Yes! This is exactly how I see it too, like she knows they're the same person, but based on the interactions she's had with each of them they're entirely different people in her mind. And I like that she knows it's dangerous for her to have that dichotomy in her mind. Hermione is smart, and introspective, and I love that she has these conflicting thoughts in her mind that she is aware are conflicting but she can't work out whether to listen to her head or her heart. That's the best thing about your Hermione - although in a vastly different situation than the Hermione from the books, her character is easily recognizable as the same person because you write her so well.

The rain put a damper... ahahaha. Ba-dum chhh. *CYMBALS CRASH* that was a winner of a pun, Hermione

Yes, friends who find the sound of each other's voices adorable. Friends.

Hahaha, the kid in the portrait who thought Hermione was admonishing him for stealing sweets when really she was just talking to herself! *dies* XD

Hermione so would be the type to go for Truth in truth or dare.

Ahh she's actually realized it! (Poor Ron, who's stuck back in 1998 probably pining over Hermione when she's gone back and fallen for Snape instead. But I don't actually feel too bad for Ron because he's not really in this story so out of sight out of mind? haha)

And then at the end we have Hermione going and getting lost in a million thoughts, thinking about every single possibility of what could happen, and this is such a huge part of the reason I like this story - your Hermione is so realistic. And so is your Severus, how I would imagine him being as a teenager. And it's actually not hard to understand how two people like this might fall for one another.

Seeing the gossip angle amidst the crowd Hermione knows s interesting, but I'm curious about the rumors circulating amongst Severus' Death Eater buddies - I'm sure they can't have anything too positive to say about her, although it's true in this timeline she's supposedly not a Muggle-born, so who knows.

Great chapter! ♥

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Review #40, by marauderfanJourney to the Centre of (Molly’s) World in (Less than) 80 Days: Take It Easy

11th January 2017:
I don't want to be the person who says I told you so, but didn't I warn Heath not to go on about 'what could possibly go wrong'? And he didn't listen to me. So in a way I'm unsurprised to see that he didn't respond well to the totally rad cosmic travel and instead emerged with a broken arm.

Molly makes a good point. I know the Boston Tea Party was all about freedom and rebellion and stuff but seriously, what an abominable waste of perfectly good tea.

“What’s worse than dying?” Heath asked. -- Being expelled?

Why did the Daily Prophet and/or Auror Office not supply Heath and Molly with international Apparating permits? That could have come in really handy. But, I guess this way it provides Heath with an interesting angle to his travel articles, in that most travel things in the Daily Prophet probably don't have Muggle travel involved.

When Molly makes plans she doesn't mess around. That's a lot of impromptu planning! I guess the question now is how many of her plans will get derailed because she has to go find Heath and get him out of whatever impromptu thing he's walked into willy-nilly. It will probably happen at least once. Maybe 26 times.

Also I don't often get to say that I learned something new by reading fanfiction but today I did, with your mentioning of the Carnac Stones. The place sounds really cool :D

I really love this fic so far! It's so imaginative and fun, and I'm so glad I came back to read more of it!

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Review #41, by marauderfanJourney to the Centre of (Molly’s) World in (Less than) 80 Days: Uncharted

11th January 2017:
I love Raj even though I don't even think he's going to show up much in this story. He puts up with living with Heath, and he sings Celestina Warbeck in the shower. Another minor character I love who probably will never show up again is the woman wearing fluorescent green robes and walking her pet ferret on a matching leash. Even the unimportant details in this story really shine, which just makes it so much fun to read!

HAHAHA, of course wizards in the USA are using the metric system! I thought this tidbit was so funny as I usually consider the USA to be a bit backwards in not accepting the metric system, but turns out it's just the muggles. Wizards have been up to date with the times since the metric system was first invented! And that in itself is funny too because wizards are generally such a backwards society themselves, or at least just a little antiquated - you know, using quills and parchment, a wireless, etc. So great. Also, you will probably be amused to know that I just googled the origins of the metric system because after reading this I was curious if Napoleon really was the one who thought it up XD

Warthogs... XD

As much as Heath is shown in a kind of silly way here for stashing away his chocolate frogs, I can kind of relate because I did the same thing stocking up on dark chocolate Bounty when I went to the UK.

The guy welcoming everyone to Stonehenge is totally one of the people from the futuristic utopia in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. As soon as everyone walks in I'm expecting some powerful music to play.

How lucky are all these wizards and witches who get to just camp at Stonehenge?

Ooh, I love the idea of Stonehenge as part of a network - like a prehistoric King's Cross, as Molly describes it :P Honestly, the idea of it transporting you to an unknown destination sounds absolutely awesome. Well, mostly awesome. The only thing that would kind of suck is that you may not be adequately prepared for the climate. What if it sent you to somewhere high in the Himalayas, and then the Sahara? Assuming that someone built structures out of rocks there. I mean, other than that, it would be totally amazing. But Heath is tempting fate by repeatedly asking what's the worst that could happen. You never ask that question, because it always does happen, haha.

Ahh! This just got so exciting. Great chapter :)

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Review #42, by marauderfanJourney to the Centre of (Molly’s) World in (Less than) 80 Days: Counting Stars

11th January 2017:
I read the first chapter of this a long time ago and loved it, so I'm really excited to be back and reading more of it.

Heath seems like a cool character. Please tell me though, how he managed to write a coherent article while intoxicated/hungover. I can't even even write a coherent fic review when I'm tired. Also, having just reread the first chapter so I could catch up (I reviewed it like, two years ago), part of me is wondering if Heath is Agatha's former fiance. Based solely on the fact that he's American and something about the family business. It's a long shot but that's my theory and I'm sticking to it.

Dennis Creevey growing up to be really tall and with a booming voice is basically the best thing that's happened so far in this story. XD

Adventuring around the world and writing about it sounds like literally the most amazing job ever. I'm so jealous. But more than that I'm really interested to see how these two work together on their globetrotting adventure!

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Review #43, by marauderfanChai, Pakoras, and a Friend in the Wee Hours of the Morning: Chai, Pakoras, and a Friend

10th January 2017:
Yesss! I was so happy to discover that there was another instalment in the Chai series! Ahh, it has to be the fluffiest thing I've ever read and it was adorable and I loved it so much. And, as with all the others in the series, I'm very hungry now.

I love that Neville attempted to make a cake for Hannah, even though it failed, it's still adorable that he tried. And I love that he Apparated clear across the country in the middle of the night just because he missed her. Seriously, could these two be any cuter?

Hannah's description of cavemen learning about fire/ Neville attempting to cook was the funniest thing. I love the clever writing style, which I've noticed in all of your fics (that I've read), you have this wonderful humour that's not heavy handed, it's just really smart and quirky and it's a lot of fun to read.

Reading this story was like floating on a fluffy cloud made of hugs. I probably had a really goofy grin on my face the whole time just because this story was so darn cute.

I know I've said before, but I think most of the reviews I've left on this series have been as anons, so I'll say it again: you write Hannah so wonderfully, and your portrayal of her is my favorite of any I've ever read. This Hannah is my headcanon. You write Neville amazingly as well. Basically you just write amazingly. I loved this so much.

So... Chai 6 someday? ;)

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Review #44, by marauderfanEvolution: Progress

7th January 2017:
Sooo... Lily may be trying to give Lionel time and not judge the day too quickly, but I'm ready to judge. I think Lily's first impressions were spot on - that Lionel's choice of location was uninventive. I think he as a person is uninventive. He's predictable and by the book and that's why Lily likes him, but that's also what she'll grow tired of first. That's my prediction. I wouldn't go so far as to bet 10 Galleons on it but maybe 10 Knuts. Or 10 cents, whichever is less. :P

I can see why Lionel steers clear of numbers. After all, the most advanced math he learned was probably long division, and then he went to Hogwarts and left all math behind. For all Hogwarts sounds fun, it really would leave you with some holes in your education. /tangent

Marlene is so snarky and I love her. I hope to see more of Lily's friends in other context as well - I enjoyed seeing their excitement about Lily's date but I'd love to see them all in other settings, talking about music or philosophy or cats or whatever it is that they talk about when they're not discussing Lily's love life.

You do a really good job of getting into your characters' heads. James in particular here - how he really is trying to be a more mature, responsible person, but it's been so long since he did a really glorious prank and he misses it. He's definitely weighing his options here - still going with the prank but there seems a lot more thought put into how to not get caught this time, so he can spend time with his girlfriend instead of in detention.

'Liberate' a carriage. Yes, that's one way to put it :P

You know who else I love? Katie. I love that she is shrewd enough to see exactly what's going on, tells James honestly what she thinks about his 'amazing' plan, but she doesn't try to talk him out of something he's so excited about because she can tell it's important to him. And I think this was a really important moment for them, because James made a choice to trust her and let her in a little, and his reaction to her reaction says everything. I think he expected to get shut down, but she's chill about it and it's like he doesn't feel like he has to hide this side of himself. But it's not like he'll let this go to his head and pull pranks all the time again, because he realizes Katie is awesome and probably still wants to spend time with her instead of in detention. Anyway, that was a great moment for the two of them. I'm interested to see how her presence affects the other three Marauders and how/if she integrates into the group.

I'm really enjoying this story so far, especially the more I get to know the characters. Great work.

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Review #45, by marauderfanEvolution: Special Appointment

7th January 2017:
Lionel is basically the exact opposite of James. In fact, he seems pretty similar to Lily herself, the only difference being that she is more punctual... and a lot more interesting, though that may be just because I don't know Lionel as a character that well yet. :P

I love that the other Gryffindor girls took Katie in for a girls night to get her mind off things and give her some time where no one is gossipping about her. Also, the awkward moment between Lily and Katie felt very realistic, so kudos to you for that. Like, there was nothing malicious about it, just Lily speaking without thinking and then having to backtrack a bit. I honestly love the light this puts Lily in, because I think she has a tendency to be portrayed as too perfect sometimes (just in general in fic), but her potrayal here is something that a lot of people can probably relate to - I sure can. It humanizes her. Everyone says something without thinking sometimes, but it doesn't mean she isn't nice - after all, what she said afterwards was a nice and heartfelt apology that cleared the air a bit, and Katie took the whole thing pretty well anyway. They got off on the wrong foot, sure, but neither seems to bear the other any ill will. I'm interested to see how the relationship between those two girls develops as they get to know one another and whether or not they could actually be friends.

This was another great chapter!

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Review #46, by marauderfanEvolution: The Prince's Plot

7th January 2017:
I'm baaack for another review binge.

Snape POV! Oof, the fact that Snape even thinks about hurting Katie to get at James... such a low blow, but one I would absolutely believe him capable of.

His POV is perfectly written, though. The thing that stood out the most to me was the subtlety with how you conveyed Snape's arrogance, because he definitely is arrogant, but isn't as showy about it as, for example, James. But the way Snape thinks Slughorn is lazy and easy to mislead, and how he dismisses Katie based on seeing a mediocre offensive spell in DADA, it's so clear he doesn't see either of them as equals (or superiors, as Slughorn technically is), rather as beneath him. You never say it outright but it's there in the way he thinks about people and writes them off, and basically it's really well done.

I notice he thinks of Avery and Mulciber as 'associates'. Not friends. I don't know that there really is anyone he'd consider a friend, except maybe Lily. He also says he'll be in charge of the spells and just sends Mulciber and Avery to be on guard duty, essentially, because he doesn't trust them with important work - he's a perfectionist. You've really got him pegged.

I like how you portrayed his view of the Mudblood Incident, as well. It's very believable that he would regret saying that to Lily, but also still think Muggleborns are beneath him. To Snape, Lily is an exception, whereas to Lily, she sees herself as part of the Muggle-born community, I'd expect, and that's kind of the basis for that disconnect.

Basically I like your interpretation of Snape and I think this was definitely a worthwhile chapter. It's nice to get a look into other characters' heads for a bit! Awesome chapter. :)

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Review #47, by marauderfanThe Harder They Fall: Casablanca

5th January 2017:
The second half of this chapter was the cutest thing I have ever read. Especially Finn being such a dork and fetching Brindley's scarf for her. I want to replay this moment over and over.

As for the first half: I know you hinted at Sebastian being the lost Potter, and I think Ive mentioned this before but I really think it's Brindley. Who is her father really? RIGHT?

Okay but let's talk about the second half the chapter again because it's so adorable and they watched Casablanca together and they drove a car like a proper gentleman and lady and then they flirted a lot. And he told her a dumb story about the Bloody Baron and she thought it was funny. I needed this fluff so much after the intensity of the previous chapters. I love them and I love you. Happy New year!

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Review #48, by marauderfanThe Harder They Fall: Poison

5th January 2017:
I love the quotes you start each chapter with. Here I'm wondering who the innocent one is that's alluded to with that quote, and I dread to think it's Brindley. Only time will tell.

I had forgotten that Finn's owl's name is Adonis and it made me laugh all over again.

Ooh, things just got interesting regarding Sebastian..

Yikes, what a time to Floo in. Poor Jameson :( I wonder if this is a turning point for Finn though. This whole story so far (and in Hero as well) Finn has been a bystander, sometimes feeling like he should do something but he never does, and this was one such example that must have hit pretty close to home. I wonder if this is what changes him - he does seem to have a lot of determination to set things aright, although whether he puts words to action is another thing.

I know this isn't really important but really, what is Fletcher writing? hahaha

Wow, back when the Hog's Head was new and people actually went there aside from Mundungus Fletcher.

That's quite a show from Tom about what happens when they disobey him. He's such an abusive friend. Also, I wonder if he found out something about Radbourne that he can blackmail him with or if Radbourne owes him for something, because Radbourne seems a lot less keen to stand up to Tom as he was in the previous chapter. Also - is this the source of the collapsed tunnel marked on the Marauder's Map? You're a genius Bianca ;)

ASDLKJFALKSJDFLK the scene in the hospital wing is simultaneously so sweet and heartbreaking. They're bonding because of their grief and they're putting their antagonism towards each other aside for a moment and it's beautiful, even if the reason for it is sad.

Poor little Hufflepuff kid :(

As for the last bit, all I have to say is this: THERE WAS FLIRTING

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Review #49, by marauderfanThe Harder They Fall: The Ministry

5th January 2017:
I'm here with a few reviews!

I notice Tom doesn't want people reading his diary. Either it's already a Horcrux or he's been writing about his crush on someone unattainable and drawing broken hearts and writing emo poetry and he's too embarrassed to let his friends see. Obviously my money is on the latter.

This curse that Tom is looking for sounds like only bad news. I'm sure he doesn't really need to include that in his essay. He's finished with his essay, after all.

I like Radbourne. At least he has a backbone and isn't cool with just being a bystander. Can't say the same for Finn. I love that Radbourne wants to be a Healer as well. How did he get mixed up with this bunch?

“Radbourne,” Tom continued, “get a copy of Moste Potente Potions and bring it to me.” -- Where does one get a copye of Moste Potente Potionse? At Ye Olde Towne Shoppe.

Ah, no, the librarye.

[Sidenote: I sincerely apologize for this review already. It's a late night review and those have a tendencye to be weirde. I am so not a night owl.]

Hahaha, now Finn, do I detect a hint of jealousy? He does seem unreasonably irritated at seeing Brindley kissing Patrick Avery.

FINN YOU SMUG JERK. HE IS THE WORST. I don't know how Brindley didn't see it coming. Because of course he would do something like that, making an executive decision about the Ministry that favors him and totally disregarding what she wants.

I love your description of the Ministry in those days and how you used the smallest canon details, like in the books Arthur mentioned that they used to have owls delivering the memos, and here they are - and Bob Ogden is working there. Sidenote, it would be so nerve-wracking to be in an elevator while there are birds flying above you and you can't get out of their way. I feel like I'd need to have an umbrella at all times. Anyway, this has gotten off topic but what I wanted to say is I like your attention to detail.

“Well, since I’m here, might as well enjoy it,” she whispered back. -- I love her

The small medium at large XD I love that joke

Ouch! Double ouch. That's a difficult way for Finn to learn about Brindley's parents. Who does she live with? Aunt? Uncle? Also, I love how cute Finn was being with the joke about the troll cave and it kind of breaks my heart how she responded. Ugh. I am very sad. The fact that Brindley is so upbeat and positive even when she's got so much to deal with - she's a pretty amazing person. ALSO, there was some almost flirting there in that scene. And I noticed at the end that Finn used her first name! I saw it!

Excellent chapter! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #50, by marauderfanThe Great Tale of Me, Lyra Malfoy: IX.

4th January 2017:
Okay, I'm back!

Sooo I take it Albus found out. Ah, yes, there's the destruction of things and even some flames as a bonus. Oh my.

I don't remember if you mentioned this before but wow Neville is the headmaster and I kind of love that idea. Especially the fact that he's filled the office with potted plants. And that when Albus is in trouble he won't let them call him Uncle Neville because he needs them to know that this is serious. Although still... no detention. (Neville, that is called playing favourites.) Also I still need to have a talk with both Scorpius and Lily and ask them why on earth they made such bad life decisions.

TJ is being a pretty bad friend here. Although I guess it's not really his fault - Lyra did have the worst possible timing to want to have an actual discussion :P For real, Lyra? She couldn't wait to vent until he was actually there to listen to her? *headdesk*

Yep, that does sound like a bad day. Hopefully things get better. Pls yell at Scorpius for me, thanks.

Author's Response: Yay, you're back!

Yes, yes he did. Of course I needed to add some drama in there! It wasn't just going to be "I cheated on you with Lily"
"Really? I hate you but I'm glad that you told me so let's make up and move on." Nope, don't think so.

I love Neville as a headmaster too, and yes an office filled with plants and him demanding that Albus call him Professor whenever he's in trouble. I just thought that it was great, so I'm glad that you like it!

Shameless self promo one-shot on that story coming soon...

Oh TJ really is a terrific friend, it's just that Lyra's an idiot about when she should talk to her friends.

For sure. Okay, I will!

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