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Review #26, by marauderfanHow to Become Minister of Magic: A Guide: A Boyfriend and Something Else

24th August 2014:
Hello, I'm popping in again!

I really like James and Laney's 'relationship'. I think he's just the influence Laney needs. Honestly she's a lot more similar to Louis, in the way they're both manipulative and shrewd and they think in the same way, but I don't think they would last in the long term - or if they did it might not necessarily be a very happy relationship. James would make Laney happy. So I'm on his side at this point ;)

And the discrimination agh! Grr! But I really like that you put it in there, because the world is full of discrimination and it's an ugly fact about society but it's there, and you don't try to hide that. So there's this element of realism in here that I really appreciate, even though the goblin discrimination makes me angry!

The vote in the Wizengamot made me sad as well, how she has to vote against her morals in order to gain a higher standing in the polls. I wonder if there will eventually be a point at which she has to face whether her position of authority or her morals matter more to her. I think she'll get pretty deep in before she realises she's not making the change she wants to. Anyway, I'm excited to see where her journey goes and how she reacts to the many pressures of the political system.

Aw, you didn't need to credit me for that sentence :p Credit to you for writing such a great story! :)

Author's Response: Aw! You are so sweet for coming a leaving me a review after everything you have already done for this story. You are literally the BEST beta in the whole world *hugs* Eee! Yay! More Laney and James shippers. Honestly, they are the couple I'm trying to sell yet people still see Louis as the better choice... Thank you for seeing that! They aren't happy together! He never looks out for her, only for himself, while James does all that he can for Laney, despite only knowing her for a short while. *sigh* Unfortunately high school guys seem to be taking a page out of Louis' book rather than James'. Sigh, hopefully college guys are better :P

Gosh I know! I mean, the world all around us is still so prejudice and it is so terrible and the wizarding world is described many times as being behind the muggle times so I would think it would be (unfortunately) worse there. I'm currently reading this book about this boy growing up in segregated South Africa and it is just terrible what they are doing to people just because of the color of their skin. Gah! It just gets me so mad but I'm happy that I'm not boring readers with that info :P

Yes, I'm thinking that over the process of the novel, Laney will speak up more and more for her beliefs. Right now all she cares about is getting ahead but you can already see from her a little bit her passion to make things better and hopefully James can help her see that somethings are more important than her own ambition.

Aw, thanks! This review literally made my day :P

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Review #27, by marauderfanYear Five: The Presence of Love

24th August 2014:
Hi there! Wow, a lot happened in this chapter! I think you wrote Emily's conversation with Dumbledore really well. Particularly the bit about how his silent disappointment made her feel the guiltiest, and the fact that he set her 'suspension' as the same week as the Easter holiday, perhaps as he figured she'd already spent a good amount of time contemplating it and feeling guilty.

I love that you pointed out just how ridiculous the Hogwarts Express is for the students who live in Scotland! What a pointless train ride just to return the same way for 8 hours.

This chapter really delved into the relationshiops the students have with their parents which I think was such an important thing to add. It seems at the moment that perhaps Betty realises she was too hard on Laurel, and Emily's parents didn't have much of an idea what was going on in their daughter's life, and Mary doubts whether she's being a good parent by smoking with her son... but what I liked about all three of these snippets is it shows that just like the teenagers, the adults all make mistakes too and have their own problems; nobody is perfect. But they're all trying, and learning as they go along. And maybe their kids are just beginning to see that. I don't know, I just really appreciated the inclusion of all of that.

So glad that Emily and Isobel's friendship is healing, even if it had to dredge up unpleasant memories for both of them. I think they'll find it easier to work through those challenges together rather than alone and unhappy! Thank goodness Quirrell didn't end up returning the following year..

And it sounds like Tristan will be coming back soon, since Emily told the truth. I am eager to see how the group melds together again after some time apart.

Great chapter! Aah I can't believe there's only three left!

Author's Response: Hello again!!!

Gosh, this chapter was such a beast! The longest by FAR.

I'm so glad you liked Emily's talk with Dumbledore--I fretted over it SO much! There's just very little canon on how Dumbledore might approach a drug dealing student! So yeah, I ended up relying a lot on my thoughts about how Dumbledore would feel about rules/punishment/justice. And Dumbledore is kind of an ANARCHIST (in the Emma Goldman sense), so I ran with that.

And haha! The train! Yeah, getting picked up from London can hardly be convenient for a lot of the students! That was another little point on the whole "the Potterverse was created around Harry, so what happens to everyone else?" examination.

I'm so glad you liked how I did the parents! I figure that having a teenager must be a really difficult time, and no one parental strategy works for every kid, so they're all just kind of making it up. But I didn't want any of them to be all bad or all good. Emily's parents seem like the best in a lot of ways, but then things can go too far (Emily dealing at school; the older boy when she was 13). And I definitely had friends who's parents smoked, who just kind of gave up about it when their kids did, because they didn't know what else to do. There's a lot of different family structures and styles in this story, so I wanted them to be not all good, and not all bad.

And yeah--I introduced earlier ways that their friendship might get unhealthy, and here I wanted to show that it's better than isolation. They all just needed a break, and time to think (basically, they ALL got suspended, in the Dumbledore sense).

I hope you feel like this story resolves the right way! It's hard serializing it, as I feel like the last few chapters aren't really meant to be episodic--and kind of work as one movement. But whatever! Uploading each chapter individually ended up being an amazing way to see people's feedback, and really helped me think critically about my writing!

Thank you so much for reviewing! I always get so excited to see what you thought!!


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Review #28, by marauderfanTrue Romance: A Satisfied Mind

15th August 2014:

*deep breath*

Ok, i'll get to that later. Um, I really liked Rose and Scorpius' conversation, a lot. So there were some awkward hugs, but overall I think they're becoming friends again. Their discussion really showed how much Rose had changed, and it's so believable that someone as confident as Rose in Pure Intentions would become so insecure and suffer low self esteem after hearing the truth from Scorpius. But now that Scorpius is really happy and secure in his own relationship after so much of his own angsty romantic drama, maybe he can help lift Rose's spirits with his friendship. Hope so, anyway.

Archie and Lily's engagement announcement went about as well as I thought it would. Ugh. They need to break up stat

The part about Arthur just tugged at my heartstrings and gah it's so sad. Especially as it was so sudden, and Molly's disbelief and thinking that if the mediwizards just try harder, they can bring Arthur back. I hate that this happened, but it makes it more realistic as he was old and death is something that happens to and affects everyone in the end, it's part of life. But that doesn't stop this scene being incredibly sad though. I always thought Molly and Arthur were the sort of couple that should last forever!

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Review #29, by marauderfanTrue Romance: There Goes the Fear

15th August 2014:
James! Aah! I hope he will be okay. I think he will, as Quidditch injuries tend to be quite prevalent at Hogwarts including concussions and losing arm bones and stuff, so hopefully James will be fine. Poor Cindy though, she must be so worried!

And Lily! Obviously she's really worried as well, but has to keep it together at work. I felt so horrible for her with the way her boss was treating her, and all but telling her he only hired her for her name. Gah! But then when she stood up to him I was totally cheering for her.

ARCHIE. NO. Too soon! Gah, he really cannot read her feelings at all and the last thing she needs at the end of a super stressful day would be an important question like that. Also, HE IS NOT GOING TO CHANGE. That's not how it works! As for no one being whole until love perfects them, just no. No one is perfect. And you can be a whole person without a husband! Hjsdijhfhofshjh I just want to shake her. How old is Lily, btw? She can't be older than 19 or 20.

Corbin seems to be getting less creepy possessive and realising that its ok for Scorpius to have friends. Steps in the right direction...

aefkjrtkj I still can't believe Archie

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Review #30, by marauderfanRoar: One of Us

15th August 2014:
Hellooo! Here I am to read and gush about your writing yay! :D

You definitely started out in the thick of the plot which is exciting. James and Lily seem particularly at odds here with the pouring orange juice and everything - but I guess at this point in their story is when that antagonism would be at its worst as it's still quite soon after the OWLs debacle. Kat seems to understand both James and Lily better than they understsnd each other or even themselves, which is so often true in real life, that outside perspectives are the ones unaffected by all the personal confusion. She seems like a good best friend to Lily.

My favorite thing about this chapter: Lily being a germophobe, as she's just like Petunia in that respect and I like seeing things they had in common because they are sisters after all!

This is a wonderful start to your first fic! Keep up the great work!!

Author's Response: Oh, Kristin THANK YOU!

You're my second reviewer and you have no idea how much this means to me.


I'm glad you liked the thing with Lily being a germaphobe, I really think it fits.

There is certainly a LOT of action in this story, something I'll probably even out/straighten later. First priority? Get this thing out and about with chapters up etc.

For the non-existent people who are waiting in anticipation for my next chapters, I want you to know that they're coming. As soon as the queue opens and I get them validated. YEAH!

Moving right along, Kristin, you're great.

Lots of love,


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Review #31, by marauderfanL'optimisme: Silence

15th August 2014:
Hey Aph! I have very little time to read HPFF lately but I always enjoy having an opportunity to read something of yours. You're such a talented writer!

And I love Albus/Gellert stories - there aren't many of them on the archive. Yours in particular has such a beautiful tone - your word choice and flowing sentences meld together to create this poetic, profound product. I loved the bit about silence in the beginning, how it's a real thing and almost as tangible as the words themselves and how it can have almost infinite meanings. But you still have these little notes of humour in there such as ' I digress, I apologise' which is so perfectly Dumbledore.

The way the story is told through the lens of age and years of reflection adds this lovely quality of perspectives from the past and from the present put together, the naievete of the past viewed through the years after he has lost that optimistic view, and that's particularly shown in the juxtaposition of the dawn cuddling together and then the fight that killed Ariana. Gah, I don't even know what I'm saying anymore but anyway I just really love the flow of the story. This is a really powerful beginning. Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Hey there! Gah, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my writing - it means so much to hear that from you! :)

Ah, I love them too! So glad to find other fans around! They're such a wonderfully tragic pair... :) Thank you so much! I really wanted to set the tone and start with the themes at the beginning, because later on it might well get a bit fuzzier, haha. Omigosh, I've discovered he has this really droll, kinda dry sense of humour. All very sort of calm, in a way, but wickedly funny in the right kind of environment! It's so much fun to write when those bits crop up!

Haha, no worries, it makes perfect sense! I loved the idea of writing sort of in response to the events, if that makes sense, because it allows for a more angsty tone, and to sort of colour what happened with different lights, as necessary. The dawn cuddling was my favourite scene to write, haha :P Yeah, there's a lot of naievete in young!Albus; it was strangely interesting to write, with his intelligence and the age perspective and all...

Gah, thank you so much for the lovely review (and for the swap!) - it was so great to get! I'm just so glad you enjoyed this! :)

Aph xx

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Review #32, by marauderfanBackground Noise: The Devil (Who is Neither in Disguise Nor in Prada)

15th August 2014:
I don't even know how to properly review this chapter, because it's so silly and so brilliant. So I'm just going to point out things I liked. (Be prepared tfor a long list.)

The alliteration of everything in Carkett Close, including its residents like Alistair Apples who plays the vuvuzela in One Dimension. Thanks for pointing out the shocking lack of vuvuzela musicians in real life, it's quite a tragedy really.

Stone figurines that swallow the entire universe. And it's just casually referred to that they found out the hard way. I hope to hear the full story one day because it sounds exciting. Also, am I reading HP fanfic or an episode of Doctor Who?

Nora zaps into her princess dimension at the most inconvenient of times.

The potential zombie apocalypse, just because.

A mustard coloured submarine which is probably hotdog shaped, and smells like hot dogs and mustard. Hahaha I don't even know why that's as funny as it is, but it made me laugh. Also it must be a pretty strong smell if they can detect the mustard smell from the shore.

Lily-Lou, the Devil Incarnate, but actually the Devil Incarnate, not just an exaggeration.

Jo's full name! Joanna Anna Mannering - why would her parents do that to her? Hahaha.

Nora catches a pie with her face. The wording of this made me snort with laughter.

The entire clown/fire/vuvuzela/wishes scene. Just... what. I'm glad her most useless wish came true, although eek that's a lot of clowns.

Okay, so I've basically just summarized your whole chapter for you, which was probably unnecessary, but it's so enjoyable and every line is brilliant. This fic is so creative and so absurd and original and so maybe this means I have weird taste in fic, but I love it. Please keep writing this forever.

Author's Response: HELLOO! ♥

Ooh, thanks for this lovely surprise review! Lovely to see you again at this story which has escaped the loony bin for madcap stories that have lost their plots.

And now, here's me answering your list!

I adore alliteration! Expect more of this! Maybe even characters who only speak in words starting with the letter 'C'. Oh boy, that'll be a challenge. :P

About the stone figurines: I didn't even think twice when I was writing that. Maybe I just might write about what happened to those and how exactly Jo and co. learnt it 'the hard way'.

Gotchump-Altruists clearly have a different sense of time from inhabitants of This Dimension.


That would be the yellow submarine from the octopus's garden. That being said, I'm not the hugest fan of The Beatles.


The rest of your review is about clowns. Eep, I don't like clowns. Why must they paint their faces like that. I'm going to ignore them clowns. Even if this fic is officially Funky Clown Town.




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Review #33, by marauderfanThe Girl from Slytherin : The Prisoner

15th August 2014:
Oh wow we're back to the beginning. I'm terrified for what is coming next, because I know Tor doesn't end up with Terry eventually, and so I'm scared you're going to have him killed off at any moment.

The strain of Yaxley's job and position in the Death Eaters and maintaining his good name is clearly getting to be too much for him as he and Selena are both treating Tor as merely a nuisance. They want to protect her for her own good, but at the moment I think their primary motivations are selfish reasons, so they can control what of the war she is exposed to.

Excellent chapter! I have a feeling it's quite near the end now and the suspense is like extra intense now as it's been there since the beginning for this part. Keep up the great work!

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Review #34, by marauderfanThe Girl from Slytherin : The Monster

15th August 2014:
Wow, your description of Manticores is super creepy and with its protruding head and three sets of teeth I imagine it looking like the alien from Alien. Omg scary.


Wow, that scene was so intense, the one where she got suspended and her mother didn't stand up for her. I'm glad she still has those bonds of solidarity with the DA (though she doesn't know about them exactly) as she leaves, with Ginny silently urging her to keep going.

Well, I had thought that was intense, but the scene at Malfoy Manor was even more so! Aah! I can't believe that happened. Also I really like the way you highlight Astoria's relationship with her faher in this chapter: he is disappointed in her for not turning out how he wanted her to be and for having a stubborn, opinionated mind of her own, but he cares about her more than anything. So complex in the grey areas of good and bad and that's one of the things I love most about this story.

And since I've been away so long, there is another chapter waiting for me, which i'm going to read immediately! So, until next time!

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Review #35, by marauderfanCareful What You Wish For: The Next Step

15th August 2014:
I liked Penny's POV. You really showed just how much her studies matter to her as it was the primary thing she thinks about for the duration of the chapter. Also... man, am I jealous of Penny for having an interview opportunity literally fall in to her lap like that. If only it was that way in real life. I've been waiting for an owl to drop by with a job offer too. :p

And ugh, Percy. Why exactly does Penny like him? As much as she defends him for being 'great once you get to know him' and all, she is noticeably irritated by some of his behaviours here. And I think it's such bad form for Percy to be so self centred that he can't be proud for his girlfriend, he feels like he has to outshine her. But also, it is very Percy-like to do that, especially at that point in his life, so well done writing him. Anyway, I'm starting to wonder how long Percy and Penny will last. Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Penny's studies are definitely a big priority in her life and I wanted to show that - and her concern about her future - in this chapter. Penny is the type of person that doesn't just care about boys and parties and popularity and I definitely wanted to show that! And yeah, I'm super jealous of Penny, basically getting a job just like that! Why can't these things happen to me in real life?

I don't know why exactly Penny likes Percy. They are both definitely intellectuals who care about their grades and futures, but as this stage in his life, the only person Percy really seems to care about is himself.

Thanks for another great review!


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Review #36, by marauderfanKill Your Darlings: Confession

15th August 2014:
Aw, the bit where she thinks Narcissa might understand. So naive of her to think so, and she knows it. But she has a little hope about it, so that part made me so sad because of the way things actually turned out.

And wow what an intense lady! So very like her sisters in the way she carries herself in this scene, but for her, she's not acting this way because she wants to be that person, but because she's using the training of her upbringing for good instead. She can sure act when she needs to, and has quite the presence. Skills she will need for this confrontation with her parents.

Ted is there amjindojhf and they talked and he apologised and knjsdjkbf SHE TOLD HIM THAT SHE LOVES HIM!! YESS it was about time! Eeee snwknfjzne,djnc so many feels. But omg I agree with Ted, I'm super worried about what will happen to her when she goes to see her parents! Ackk the cliff hanger! I can't stand the suspense!

Awesome chapter. :)

Author's Response: It's very sad. :( The rift between Andromeda and Narcissa is one of the most tragic plotlines in my book. Aside from, you know, all the dozens of deaths JKR threw upon us. Haha.

Yesiree, struttin' her stuff, yo. Andromeda knows how to turn it on, but yes, she's learned to do so for what she believes is a good cause. I like to think that this side of Andromeda always stayed with her. It's a pretty valuable resource to have on hand.

BUAHAHAHA YESSS. I've been waiting a long time to write this chapter, and I achieved major catharsis by doing so. AW YEAH. And I'm sorry for the cliffhanger, not to mention the fact that I'm taking forever to update. But I promise that a new chapter is in the works and on its way!

Thanks so, so much for the fabulous review!

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Review #37, by marauderfanMake Do: Long Way Home

27th July 2014:
Review Tag!

(Apologies in advance if this review makes no sense, because it's late at night and I tend to leave weird reviews then. But I'm waiting for my laundry so what better thing to do than read excellent fanfic to pass the time. Um cool, haven't even started the actual review yet and I'm already rambling about things no one cares about. Moving on!)

Fic about Molly is actually quite rare to find! Which is really odd, as she's one of the most awesome characters in the series. (The scene in DH when she duelled Bellatrix, I might have cheered out loud for her.) And wow, what a powerful, loving tribute to Molly, and all that she accomplished in her life and all the lives she touched. It certainly speaks well of her that all six of her children who survived turned out so well and so strong.

I love the way you began with all the memories of noise and chaos and all the kids running around, Ginny being sad about being left behind by her brothers, Fred and George exploding stuff in their room, war, love, marriage, death. It's just life - the good, the bad, the ugly, everything. And all of those experiences added up to a very full life. I love the way you described everything in these little snapshots, she's remembering the things that made the most impression on her throughout her life.

No lie, I got tears in my eyes at the part about her knowing Arthur and Fred and her own brothers would be waiting for her. And then when she sees her family standing there and it's goodbye :'( It's sad, but it's also not sad. (That makes no sense, let me try again.) It's so bittersweet in a really beautiful way. The way she knows it's goodbye forever, and that she has to leave, well death is always sad - but at the same time she's being reunited with her husband and son and brothers, and she knows her other children will live on and continue to be the strong, intelligent and caring people she raised them to be.

This is a really excellent fic, I'm so glad I had the chance to read it!

Author's Response: This review just made me fill up with happiness, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this ^_^

I may have also battled some tears while writing this, haha! Molly really is one of the strongest characters in the books, and definitely an amazing role model. She deserves more fan fiction love! :D

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! It's so appreciated! :)


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Review #38, by marauderfanThe Death of Severus Snape: Dying

26th July 2014:
Review tag!

I've never read this scene from Snape's POV before, so the difference in perspective was nice. I like that he actually compares Harry to himself, that was a really nice touch how Snape lay dying, thinking about this huge task he had to accomplish and his double allegiance and everything, Harry had the world on his shoulders as well.

And even though he's being so sentimental, he is still SO classic Snape when one of his last thoughts about Harry is how stupid he is in not conjuring a flask :p

Nicely done at writing Snape's side of the story!

Author's Response: marauderfan
Thanks for the review. I just discovered review tagging, and am so happy about it. I'm glad you liked the story and hope you read more even though you have completed the requirement for the review tagging. I know Snape is not a particularly nice character. I really hate when people make him too sympathetic. I tried not to water him down. I hope I succeeded.
Gladis Gudgeon
P.S. If you review another of my stories I'd be happy to return the favor.

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Review #39, by marauderfanTrue Romance: Hold Tight

26th July 2014:
Dear Neighbor,

I love the way you write the entire Potter family. If you decided to write a fic that was literally nothing but them talking, I would still read it.

I was having such a good day until Archibald decided to show his face. *rubs hands eagerly in anticipation of Harry's interrogation of Archie*

Aw, I like Cindy and James together! It's sweet that she's already friends with Albus too so it's like she's a family friend, and I'm glad she gets a chance to shine.

Omg, Archie at dinner so awkward about the dishes hahahaaa at least he's good for something (aka he's just good to make fun of) and LILY! For real?! Isn't that like, pretty close to the top of the list of "what not to say in front of your parents with a new boyfriend"? aack

Corbin... maybe he's a 4.5/10 now. I do like that he wants for Scorpius to be able to reconcile with his family, and that he gets along well with Astoria - that's promising at least. Maybe. But I still think Scorpius can do better :p

I'm glad Rose and Albus had a chance to talk - that was something they needed to get out before the feelings fester and make anything even more uncomfortable. So, it's done and over. But things had better look up for Rose soon!

Awesome chapter!!

Sir Pounce

Author's Response: SIR POUNCE!

I'll keep that in mind if I get an idea for a long Potter family discussion. Fic for a reader of one. :P

hahahaha. Um, there's not so much of an interogation as much as... well. you'll see.

CINDY AND JAMES FOREVA. Cindy is much more like a longtime family friend because of her friendship with Albus. That's part of the reason I don't their relationship a lot of screen time.

ARCHIE IS AN AWKWARD TURTLE. and, yeah. Lily was just uber awkward iwth that comment. SHE WASN'T THINKING WITH HER HEAD.

4.5/10 is progress!! He's like the starter boyfriend.

They really couldn't just let that slide and not have a discussion. I'm glad that seemed to work out though!!

Thank you for the awesome review!!


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Review #40, by marauderfanNot Normal: {Chapter the Sixth}

26th July 2014:
Review Tag!

Aaaahh a new chapter! Most exciting thing ever.

Haha, Ellie trying to point out a Ravenclaw at the Ravenclaw table. It's like when you're trying to subtly point something out to someone by nodding your head and they don't get it and you have to point anyway. The worst.

Ghost boyfriend! Ellie's ghost-stalking is such a neat talent. I'm really excited to read more about it :P

Wouldn't life be just that much easier if things were marked with titles like THIS WAY TO SECRET PASSAGE ?? That'd be really helpful.

Mmm, dead skin cells from the Renaissance. Just what everyone wants to inhale. Ooh, she found the passage! She could totally sign up for Indiana Jones' next artifact raiding/adventuring expedition.

Hogwarts is made of basalt? Omg the passage probably leads into an old, extinct volcano full of ghosts. Hooray for persistence though, she found it. I liked that scene though, how it wasn't just like she looked and there it was, there was quite the process involved in finding it!

flattened woodchips covered in ink and bound in the hide of a dead animal. -- Hahahah... I love the way Ellie sees/rephrases the world. I will never think of books again the same way.

Why all the violent awakenings, homies? -- What I will say when I wake up all the time from now on.

Deep-ocean trench bioluminescence is the coolest. Also I love that Ellie can recognise rock types and incorporates that into her narration, haha! And sees copper chloride rather than thinking "ooh that's a cool flame". She certainly sees the world in a different way.

Well, I have no idea what just happened, as I doubt Ellie really knows either. But there's a secret passage in the library! And it's full of copper chloride and limestone and creepy statues! And she like, left the door open when she went back to her bed. Is someone going to notice? :P

Wow, also I'm sorry that this review is literally nothing but a stream of consciousness ramble as I read the chapter. Anyway, it was a great chapter! I am so curious to find out more about the hidden room, and about the ghost finding, and just anything else Ellie says because it's all brilliant.

Great job on this chapter!

Author's Response: Yes! Finally a new chapter! Woohoo!

Ellie's struggles are real. Life can be annoying.

Yes! I am very excited about the ghost boyfriend also!

It would definitely make life easier if we had THIS WAY TO SECRET PASSAGE signs, but I think it would also sort of defeat the purpose... and half the fun.

She's so good at finding things it's a wonder she isn't in Hufflepuff. Another small wonder is that all of Hufflepuff isn't in the cast of Indianna Jones.

Haha! I love the idea of Hogwarts being built into a volcano! But I did a little research and learnt that Scotland does indeed have basalt, so it was a conveniently coloured rock out of which to build the castle. Your idea is cooler though.

The way Ellie sees things... it's a lot of fun writing her that way. She's like super nerdy but also super goofy at the same time, and that makes for some interesting turns of phrase.

Ellie reads too many geology books. She needs to stop. I can imagine her running a tumblr science blog or something, actually.

Poor Ellie! Her night of adventuring is turning out to be too exciting for her, isn't it? But yes! Secret passages! Statues! Geology! Woohoo!

I loved this review! It was lovely reading your thoughts :) Thank you

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Review #41, by marauderfanHogwarts Reclaimed: Hufflepuff - teh tarik

25th July 2014:
teh, I love you for writing this. :D

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Review #42, by marauderfanMy Most Faithful: Prisoner

25th July 2014:
Ok, I've caught up! Wow, what a story! There is something so morbidly fascinating about Anne's descent into darkness and I just can't stop reading, even though she's pretty well mired in darkness by this point and has the most unhealthy obsession with Tom and is headed for total destruction. Sometimes I feel bad for her, but at the same time she got herself into this mess in the first place. It's like watching a building burn down or something - horrible, but you can't look away.

I see from your author's notes that there is often a long time period between updates, but I'm hoping there's a new one soon :p Amazing story so far!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, seriously. Next one shouldn't be long at all, so I hope you stick around to enjoy it!

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Review #43, by marauderfanMy Most Faithful: Lost

25th July 2014:

every chapter of this fic gets better and better! Your characters are so complicated, so intriguing, and I love them and hate them at the same time! Even Tom had a little bit of feelings in this chapter. And Anne, wow. Your characters are brilliant.

Author's Response: Yayayay thanks so much!

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Review #44, by marauderfanMy Most Faithful: Grindelwald

25th July 2014:
OMG THIS STORY IS WAY INTENSE. Seriously it's nearly one in the morning and for some reason I'm still reading even though I'm really tired.

Also, her parents ARE involved with something relating to Grindelwald! They recognised her last name! There is something there, I know it.

The scene where Tom spins her around was really sweet but also so WEIRD because it's VOLDEMORT we're talking about. But I can see him having that reaction to his first country take-over, I suppose. haha

Gah that scene with the guard was so intense! like I don't even know how to feel about it - who is the enemy here? Tom Riddle's side or the Nazi's? Asdjkfjalskdf but that's why this story is fantastic

Ps I think the amount of sense my reviews make is inversely proportional to the lateness of the hour. Sorry :p

Author's Response: Hahahah I'm so happy you're spending the time to read my story and that you're enjoying it. It means a lot!

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Review #45, by marauderfanMy Most Faithful: Crushes & Clubs

25th July 2014:
ooh, so she's a wolf. I assume. Also her date with Joey was the cutest ever. If only she actually liked him rather than manipulating him because of Tom. Her crush on Tom is so obvious, and ughhh. If only her future self could step in and provide some advice to her thirteen year old self.

Your characterisation of Anne continues to shine, and has been very consistent throughout. I love her kind of moral dilemmas in that she does have a conscience, but keeps ignoring her instincts. Her instincts tend to be correct too, but she's just focused rather possessively on Tom and forgets anything else.

I've been wondering what's up with her parents, why they're always gone. I wonder if it's Grindelwald related. Hm. This chapter was the first hint that it might be more than it has seemed so far, so I'm intrigued. anyway, reading on!

Author's Response: I'm loving your reviews and hope they don't stop! They motivate me to keep writing.

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Review #46, by marauderfanHogwarts Reclaimed: Ravenclaw - Leonore

24th July 2014:
I love this! What a great missing moment, I had always wondered how they discovered the passage. Your portrayal of Neville and Aberforth are great. And your Ariana reminds me a little of Luna, so I liked her right away :) Also, I must say I'm really impressed that you kept all of your chapters to 500 words exactly! That's quite an accomplishment! Nice work :)

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Review #47, by marauderfanMy Most Faithful: Grandpa's Little Girl

24th July 2014:
So much happened in this chapter!

Poor Anne. Losing someone so important to you is incredibly hard, and I think you handled her feelings really well. I could perfectly understand her wanting to talk to Tom because he wouldn't give her empty condolences like everyone else. She doesn't want comfort, she wants someone who understands.

I loved the cameo of McGonagall, and Myrtle and Olive. It's fun to see these canon characters show up -especially from the opposite point of view! It's funny too because it's not explicitly stated in canon that Olive was a bully - we only heard the story from Myrtle's POV, who wouldn't have said she was giving Olive a hard time about being a Slytherin. So I like the spin you put on it.

She's still trying the Animagus transformation, huh? I don't think she's a dog. But she is definitely some sort of four legged mammal and I'm still holding with my guess of wolverine! I'm excited to find out :D

Gaaahhh no she should have gone with Joey!!! I like Joey! Instead she's going to spend the whole time sulking because Tom sure isn't going with her.

One question about continuity - earlier in the chapter Anne says Tom found "a spell" called the Imperius curse, implying that she doesn't know much about it, but then later on she says it's one of the most well known, illegal curses in the world, so that didn't quite match up.

Otherwise, though - this story is really good! It's addicting! I really should be reading stuff for work at the moment but this story is way more interesting :)

Author's Response: Hahah thanks so much, I'll definitely go back and check the chapter for continuity, I'm glad you caught that!

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Review #48, by marauderfanTrue Romance: Don't You Want Me

24th July 2014:


Is that closure? I think it is! Aw, they're growing up!! I'm so proud! Even though Corbin is like a 4/10 and Scorpius can do better. At least he's not Archie.

Does everyone in Brandon's family have a name that starts with B? because I count three so far: Brandon, Beatrice, and Brad. That means all their initials are BS. That's kind of sad.

Showers are the best place to sing, they have fabulous acoustics.

EEEK oh wait she's okay. I probably would have overreacted/had no idea what to do as well. I sympathise with Albus :p


Mmhmm. Lily was at a "meeting". Riiight.

God, I can SO sympathise with Rose. I can hardly blame her for being bitter and annoyed about other people's happy relationships because she's perpetually single. But hey, single is better than being with Archie. Lily needs a new bf. Anyway, I love the banter between the girls!

Awesome chapter!!

Author's Response: YAY FOR SLOW MO SIR POUNCE!


They have closure!! Um, yeah, Scorpius can do better but Corbin is like his training bike. And, he's not Archie.

Um, yes, they all do. Mainly because I could see it being a theme with Beatrice and Brad's parents then beatrice named Brandon in honor of her brother, continuing the BS. (haha, get it...) At least Cora will move them into the next letter of the alphabet. CS. AND IF ALBUS STAYS AROUND, THEY CAN BE ABC! Clearly I've been thinking about this too much.

Showers are a good place for singing and anything else relationship-y that needs to happen.


oh wow. I take it you liked thier little talk. :P I LIKED IT TOO!!

haha, don't you have meetings like that at work? :P neither do I

Poor Rose. She's struggling to own her cool, awesome, independent lifestyle. Single is better than Archie. yay for banter!! They're banter-cousins!



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Review #49, by marauderfanBackground Noise: The Curse of Carkett Close

24th July 2014:
Omg... Teh, this is the most brilliant. I think I saw it appear in the recently added list a while back, but I didn't realise it was you! Ahh I just love everything about it. You had me at the line "drunk old man reincarnated as a princess."

So... My prediction: Jo is going to be (or secretly already is) a musician. Because they all die at 27.

Lavender Brown and Padma Patil. Thereís quite a story behind how they got together -- YES THERE IS AND YOU WROTE IT AND IT'S BRILLIANT! Hah, I love the reference to A Lightness here. How meta. (Ps, so Lavender didn't die at the end of that! I always did wonder. :P )

Nora can see the past. What a unique ability. It's almost like she can tell when it's already raining. Sidenote, I love that James is a renowned fortune teller. And I loved your (not so) sly dig at sensationalised media with all the couple names (Jellie.. haha) and the headlines of the Daily Prophet. ELDEST SON OF HARRY POTTER TO HIT THE THREE BROOMSTICKS ON AUGUST 31st. -- just, pure gold.

One Dimension. God, this is hilarious. WHERE DID THIS FIC COME FROM?


I sympathise with her about having to work on her birthday, though. Sidenote: What exactly IS her job? I think she has a lot of fancy words but no actual job. :P

It used to be the Carkett Close Apothecary, but then the owner turned twenty-seven and got run over by the Knight Bus. -- Aahaha. There is something so hilariously blunt in the way Jo narrates it and throws in the random tidbits about dying, it reminds me a little of Kurt Vonnegut. (and that's a huge compliment as I love Vonnegut)

The bar is owned by clowns. Of course. I'm learning to not be surprised by anything in this story because it's all so mad. All the clowns names had me laughing out loud. And the fact that anytime Sleazy speaks, he is accompanied by the adverb "sleazily." Hahaha

Lysander Scamander! Ooh, this is going to be good. I love him already, how he's wearing blindingly bright yellow robes. And look, there's DENNIS CREEVEY! I appreciated his cameo in here. I think he's been in like 95% of your fics. :D

Sorry this review degenerated into ASKJLDLFJKWH-ing, but I really have no words. This fic is completely brilliant and mad and I have no idea how it even ended up existing, but whatever you did, keep doing it. I'm favouriting this for sure. ♥

Author's Response: Kristin! ♥

You've discovered my *cough* not so secret story, which I've been trying to shove under the table and let nobody see. :P Bahaha, thanks for this awesome and lovely shouty review! Love it when reviewers hit capslock.

Teehee, I had this story floating about my brainspace for some time, and only when I signed up for that challenge did I sit down to write it and I did try to fit that weird and wacky prompt in.

Jo a musician? :O She doesn't sound particularly musically gifted to me. :P Look, she doesn't even like One Dimension, a band that almost everybody in the wizarding world loves!



What is Jo's job indeed. The reason why she's being so obscure is because I hadn't decided while I was writing that chapter bahaha. Well, I've sort of decided now, I guess. This is a make-up-as-you-go sort of story. Planning-free! So I don't waste all my hours thinking of a coherent plot.

Ah, Vonnegut. So it goes, so it goes. :P

I have nothing to say about clowns. :P :P

And that /is/ Dennis Creevey indeed! You can always rely on him to turn up in the most unlikeliest of places.

Yeah, lol, I don't know how this ended up existing either, I don't even know how I myself ended up existing, or why anything else has...wait, a minute,,. EXISTENTIAL CRISIS.

You're favouriting this? Why would you do that?!?! You have a very...odd taste in fic.



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Review #50, by marauderfanHogwarts Reclaimed: Hufflepuff- MischiefNotQuiteMannaged

23rd July 2014:
Your first ever fic!!! ★ Congrats!

This is a really interesting fic, I don't think I've seen a perspective quite like this before. What I love the most is that the narrator is left completely anonymous. I could see it being one of the students or teachers who helped bring the DA/Order/Hogwarts to victory, or especially (and this is the idea I think I like the most) it's narrated by the ghost of someone who died during the battle, telling everyone who survived just how thankful they are about the victory of good over evil. Kind of like a "thanks for all you did, my death was not in vain, now go live your lives because I can't anymore" sort of thing. Really well done! Great work!

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