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Review #26, by marauderfanStand Tall: Eyes Meet

22nd July 2014:
Hello :) I read the first chapter of this a few weeks ago, so now I'm back for another chapter!

This was just as good as your first chapter! I felt so badly for Alba in the beginning - of course James is just trying to do what's right, and Alba does need help for her leg, but poor thing to have to regress so far with her treatment. :( Her analysis of feeling like a number/a list of injuries instead of a person was really moving, too.

I loved the feast though, particularly the fact that Hagrid is still there, along with Grawp! Haahaha I can't even imagine Grawp 20 years later, like does he actually talk to people now, or just grunt and say 'Hermy'? haha /tangent

I'm also impressed with your writing of Chandra so far. I was really hoping she wouldn't be so one-dimensional as she appeared in the first chapter, so it was really nice to see that she does indeed have redeeming qualities - she might speak before she thinks sometimes (like in the first chapter) but she does care. A much more complex character that way ;)

The scene with Ben and Alba: adorable. Loved it so much. And ooh, James is jealous ;) Sidenote, what is he doing at the top of Ravenclaw tower with desserts? he went all the way up there just to see Alba? aw, that's cute.

Great chapter!

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Review #27, by marauderfanOne Blaze of Glory: Only Blue, Lonely Blue

22nd July 2014:

It's so sad to see Maria in a situation like this, she is suffering so much. At least she has admitted she has a problem, and has friends who are trying to help her. What a difficult situation too - how getting her off Euphoria will be good for her in the long run, but in the short run it will destroy her and there's not much of her left anymore as she's so thin and ill.

The tidbit about Nadia supplying Maria with the potion for all those years was interesting too. It's a complicated issue and when you're trying to do the right thing for someone, what exactly is the right thing? She was hurting Maria more than helping, regardless of how she thought about it - it's sad, but also I like the way it shows how even the best people make mistakes. I don't know, I just like the moral ambiguity there I guess :p

Sounds like a lot of people are trying to move to Canada. I hope that Romulus meets up with Aisling wherever they end up going, because I think Romulus isn't going to go back to his friends of his own volition, but only if he runs into one of them.

Omg but the end, Fenrir came into Maria's flat to be creepy? What is he doing adkjfkasdjkfl please update soon because I can't handle the suspense.

Excellent chapter!

Author's Response: I love you so much for reviewing so quickly! Thank you thank you thank you!

Marietta is my idol. Sometimes. Parts of her. Toned down a little. She's really fun to write, at least.

Yaaay for moral ambiguity. There's a lot of that here. I think that Nadia's issue was that she would try too hard to make others happy and make sure that everyone liked her. She always had good intentions, but didn't always know where to draw the line.

And Maria... yeah... yeah... she's pretty stuck. And everyone around her is pretty stuck. It gets pretty sticky.

Yes there's Canada and that's all I can say about that. :D

Yes there's Fenrir and that's all I can say about that. :D

I'll update as soon as I get the next chapter all edited! Hopefully in the next 2 weeks, but I can't make any promises because Rumpel and I tend to keep going over and over forever.

Thank you so so so much for reviewing, it really means the world to me!!


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Review #28, by marauderfanJust an Atypical Saturday: Rise and Shine

21st July 2014:
Hi Madi! I'm here with your requested review!

All right, I'm going to start this of with a big AWWW ♥ ♡ ♥ This was adorable. As much as I love the canon Neville/Hannah and Luna/Rolf, there is something really cute about Neville/Luna and before JKR said anything to the contrary, I totally shipped these two :D

For a short fic, you really got the fluffy, cheerful mood across very well. Everything about this fic is happy, both with romantic relationships and friendships, the latter of which we know is particularly important to Luna so I loved that you included that scene with Harry :)

I loved the way you wrote Harry! Especially the fact that he let Luna put an anti-Nargle charm on his house just because she thought it was important (though I doubt Harry is that worried about Nargles, of course.) It's exactly the sort of thing Harry would do to be a good friend and not push Luna's feelings aside.

I also thought it was really quirky and appropriately Luna-ish for her to wake Neville up with balloons and confetti :D The thing that stuck out to me about Luna in this, though, was her dialogue, and that's where I'd like to suggest some CC. Luna is a rather tricky character to write because she's such an interesting balance of dreamy and direct, and I mostly got the 'direct' vibe from her in this story - she seemed a bit more focused than JKR wrote her. Here's what I mean:

“Come on darling, we have loads of work to do today. We’ve got our anniversary to plan for, your birthday party to plan, we have to stop at your mother’s (which will take at least three hours), and we need to fix that wall and plant the garden, and get the cat more food and litter...” -- Luna is listing plans and things that need to get done, in a way that makes her almost sound a bit like Hermione - very goal focused.

What I suggest (this is what I do when I write Luna) : If you haven't done this already - when you write Luna, try to hear her voice saying her lines in your head. That way if anything doesn't quite sound like her, it will stand out more and you'll notice. So yeah, I think a little touching-up on Luna's dialogue could help the story out a lot to make Luna seem more Luna-ish (there's really no other word to describe it haha), but otherwise this was a lovely fic!

I hope that helps! Thanks for requesting this story, I have a big smile on my face now after reading such happy fluff :D

Author's Response: Hello!! :)

*blushes" Oh, stop it you!!

I'm very glad you think I got the fluffy and cheerful tone across well--fluff isn't my usual cup of tea so that's very nice to hear! I figured that since Luna had a surprise for Neville, why not wake him up extravagantly? Yay, I'm happy Harry was characterized well in your eyes, as he's one of the more difficult characters for me to write.

With Luna's dialogue, I agree wholeheartedly that it is very Hermione-ish (oh the woes of a Dramione novel author where it's mainly in her POV). I'll have to go in and change what she's saying to be more Luna-ish. I just might have to use your tip! :)

Thank you so much for the wonderful and lengthy review, it's much appreciated!! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #29, by marauderfanYear Five: The Question

21st July 2014:
Hello again!

Woah, so much happened in this chapter. QUIRRELL! ACK! I did not see that coming. As if Isobel really needs more issues to deal with - give the poor girl a break! Asdjfkoasjdokf

Ok now that I've gotten that out, I'll attempt to do this review in order. I'm so glad Isobel talked with Professor Sprout for a bit, she really needed that what with all her friends being so caught up in their own problems. Also, along those same lines, I love that you have these random sections from Sprout's POV! I've never seen anything else written from her perspective and it's such a lovely change. Also a nice balance to have narration from a such a grounded, stable person who's got life sort of figured out and sees things very differently than the teenagers do.

Tristan finally stood up for himself! Kind of. I mean, it was through owl post, but the fact is that he did tell Emily to stop dealing, rather than just not caring about anything. He told her what she needed to hear, even if it might get her annoyed at him (and I feel like he wouldn't really have done that before). So that's something, right?

Loved the scene with Hagrid as well - you very subtlely built on all we know from the book and it was so cool to see that in here. When you mentioned they were going into the Hog's Head and that the gamekeeper was there, I was like OMG THIS IS WHEN HAGRID GETS NORBERT(A). And then it was so cool to see it unfold, especially when Hagrid was carrying the twins (haha) and Isobel was carrying the dragon egg and even asked about it but Hagrid passed it off as a joke. Good thinking, drunk Hagrid. Ahahaha it was fabulous though. And THIS:

Fred’ll lecture my ear off tomorrow though. -- So that's how George lost his ear. :P Omg, but this was the best line ever. (Also, no, not too soon - can you believe it's been SEVEN years since that book was released? Man, I feel old.)

I love the ending paragraph too, with Isobel at the Ravenclaw door, and the bit about good is distinguished by the presence of love. She should reconsider her old friends in that light, and maybe it'd help her reconcile with them, to see things while standing in their shoes, so to speak.

Also the line about perforated cauldrons. You are very quotable, you know? (Not to sound creepy or anything :P ) Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: Oh yes, that was quite awful! I made an icked out face every time I wrote or edited that sequence, and the prose around it is VERY sparing as a result (because really, who wants to hear any more detail than what was there). That situation wasn't the first time writing this that I felt like "Oh god, this terrible thing is going to happen"--like it wasn't up to me.

Ah Sprout! Yeah, that was the exact reason I included her interludes. She's most definitely a wonderful and grounded (hah) canon character, but she doesn't get nearly as much play as, say, McGonnagall (also, I felt like there would realistically be some sort of guidance counselor--Harry gets that from Dumbledore, but not every student could). And I definitely wanted to break up all the teenage POV with an adult mindset, to offer perspective and another interpretation of the characters.

I am SO glad that people at HP Lexicon figured out what dates in 1991-92 the events of PhilStone took place! They did so much work, and it made it so much easier to plot out the story against canon! I find it really fun to play with all that dramatic irony, too--we know it's Quirrel under the cloak, Isobel doesn't.

You are totally on to it, as per Isobel reconsidering her friends in that light. That idea, the Presence of Love, is definitely a theme that carries through the conclusion.

And SO glad you liked the perforated cauldron bit! That line came to me all at once while writing, and I was so stoked on it!

Ah! I can't believe there's only a few chapters left already! A few challenge deadlines are coming up I'm trying for, so it'll be a little bit before the next chapter comes up (maybe a week-week and a half, depending on the queue). Thank you for reviewing! We're so far into the story, it's really awesome to see what you think of how it unfolds!


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Review #30, by marauderfanAcanthus: The Last Loss

20th July 2014:
Kiana!!! I'm sorry I'm leaving my final review for this story on a tablet so it may be full of typos -_- . Anyway, CONGRATS on finishing your first novel!! :D

First, just to get this out to the way before I start gushing about the amazingness of the chapter/Acanthus/you. There was one section that was repeated: the part beginning with Having a mother high up in the Ministry sure did have its perks and ending with she picked up the first file and began to read. -- is repeated twice.

Ok now akdkksnkjnrfkhlfzlkns. My feelings were kind of a rollercoaster in this chapter. First, Rose and Lorcan wait for Scorpius for THREE WEEKS and I know he's left in he past but they don't know and gahhh. But I loved their reunion with Dalila,and Hasani, and the Weasleys! That was a great scene and I just loved all the reactions from Rose's family.

But when she decided to leave them behind and remain in the past... omg. I am not sure what to think about this. On the one hand, I'm thrilled she was reunited with Scorpius again. But on the other hand, she is dead to her family now, that was a goodbye forever. And her family and all of her friends are dead to her. (well, technically not alive yet, but they are forever gone from her world) And there's no way to ever see them again. It'd be like your whole family and all of your friends dying at the same time. Man, she must love Scorpius a lot in order to give all of that up. Most intense ending ever.

A few chapters ago I suspected that it might end with them in the past, but until i read this chapter I hadn't really thought of all that entailed. So crazy! But it made for a really intense ending. Wonderful job on this story and I'm so proud of you for finishing your first novel! I'll be sad that there are no new updates on Acanthus anymore but I'm sure I'll find something new on your AP to stalk ;)

♡ ♡ ♡

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Review #31, by marauderfanTrue Romance: The Wolves and The Ravens

19th July 2014:
Seems I missed the memo that there was a race for #1. Um, I was racing for #3, and I won. But anyway. You're a very speedy updater. Also, This is a tablet review and my keyboard doesnt work so sorry in advance fory typos.

You did a great job writing the party, and it seemed like a very accurate description of a party for kids that age with people making poor decisions... and Rose's dancing hahaha.

Rose and Brandon? NO. I mean, I like them as friends. And I love Brandon, but Rose deserves better than Albus' leftovers. Gah. I need to have some words with Albus though.

I loved the inclusion of Hermione and Ron's history too! That was a perfect way to add that in, and I love the relationship between Rose and her parents the way you've written it.

Awesome chapter!!

Author's Response: THERE'S ALWAYS A RACE FOR #1!!. But you did make it to review 100 - so that's special!!! *confetti* You can thank JulNo for the speedy updates. :D

haha, Rose's dancing... yeah. Also, the poor decisions were so fun to write about!! I don't think James and Cindy were a poor decision (someone called them like a million chapters ago).

THAT WAS MY REACTION TO ROSE AND BRANDON!! Rose really needs to stop picking off Albus' bfs. Words with Albus might help him out at ths point. HE NEEDS GUIDANCE.

I'm really happy the Ron/Hermione backstory fit in with the chapter. I could see Hermione being content with their young marriage but not advise it for her daughter.



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Review #32, by marauderfanMy Most Faithful: Friends

17th July 2014:
Ah, of course Tom would never make the effort - especially now that he's found more "interesting" things to occupy his time, which he can actually gain something from. I can understand where Anne is coming from though, trying to figure out this mysterious, charming boy and her good opinion of him seems justified. You've done really well depicting how Tom can be so charming when he wants to.

You're showing Anne's Slytherin qualities and her desire for power very well, and despite her fascination with Tom (or because of it?) I think she's a great character! I love the eerie little notes from her future self too, noting how young and foolish she once was. It adds this really creepy foreboding tone, knowing it's told from the perspective of Anne as much older and aware of what Tom becomes in the future.

Hah, he only says he's Anne's friend when he's convinced that he can gain something from her. As expected. Your writing of eleven year old Tom is chilling and just how I would imagine. The scene at the end in particular, when he's irritated with his only friend because she actually did something better than him, and he just can't allow anyone to be better. He has to be the greatest. Your grasp on his character is perfect.

One minor thing though, there might be a typo in this chapter - unless it went back in time, this chapter is set in 1938 whereas in the previous chapter it had just turned over to 1939.

Anyway, excellent work on this chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! I'm glad you like little Tom, it was hard to get a balance of his personality and the immaturity of an eleven year old, but I did my best! Thanks also for pointing out my typo, I'll have to go back and fix that. I hope you continue on reading :)

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Review #33, by marauderfanMy Most Faithful: Dumbledore

17th July 2014:
Just clicked on this story on a whim and already I'm really impressed with your characterisation of both Anne and Tom. Everything is in the details, Tom's reticence, unwillingness to be vulnerable/has to always be right or he doesn't say anything, and how the only reason he doesn't seem to like Anne very much is because he doesn't think he can gain anything from her - its all very subtle, and that's what makes it so good. I like Anne too, she is a great foil for Tom, although I'm worried about what's going to happen with her. The scene in this chapter where Tom tells her to go down the tunnel first, although innocent as they're eleven, makes me wonder what will happen in future, if Tom will use her for spell practise or something, considering her disposable.

Loved the introduction of Nagini, btw. It's kind of sweet in a really twisted, horrible way, that he still has Nagini all those years later haha.

Wonderful start and I will definitely be reading on!

Author's Response: Yayy a new reader! I'm really happy you stumbled upon my story, and I appreciate reviews so, so much. I hope I can keep you entertained with where the story goes!

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Review #34, by marauderfanCareful What You Wish For: St Mungo's

17th July 2014:
I loved this chapter and all the fluffy scenes with Dani and Oliver. And Bran haha, what with him walking in and being all "ugghhh" but I think he handled it well, like he just teased them a bit like any best friend/brother will do, and left it at that.

I loved the "reunion" between Kat and Dani. I was glad to see Kat's sarcasm again and the two of them joking and being happy for once. I figured Oliver being there would make Kat happy, only because she'd been dropping hints basically throughout the whole story that she thought Dani and Oliver would get together, so yeah I bet that cheered her up! :P

Aw, the end though, Kat can see what's going on with other people a lot more than she can see what's going on with her own relationships/friendships as it's obvious she's never noticed a thing with Angus. And she thinks she's too good for him. Uh... hm. I wonder what will happen when she gets back, if Angus will seize the moment and ask her out, or if Kat will (possibly) notice some change in his behaviour. Also "that's why Angus can't possibly love me - at least, not anymore." -- Anymore? I wonder if she DOES know something. Hmm...

Awesome chapter! :D

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Review #35, by marauderfanTrue Romance: Where the Wind Blows

16th July 2014:
EEEe!! I was just about to go to sleep when i happened to see there was suddenly a new chapter of TR so I had to pounce on it IMMEDIATELY. Also, apologies in advance because this will be a late night sleepy/crazy review, and also I don't have my contacts in right now so what I'm typing may not even be actual words. :p

Wow that scene in the tea shop. Here are the thoughts that went through my brain, and sorry my brain makes no sense at 12:30am. 1) I am so on the same page as Rose here. Those are two huge steps to take in such quick succession, and yeah exciting for her friend, but especially to Rose who has no interest in relationships at this point in her life, its a little surreal. That marriage seems kind of doomed from the start too. 2) Ecru?! I had to look that up. 3) Eliza's fiance is going to ditch her and go off into space. David Bowman is the name of the guy in 2001 A Space Odyssey. 3) is it weird to write about someone who has the same name as you?

omg I really should have left this review until the morning hahaha.

Astoria is trying, she really is! She'll get better at this sort of thing, but at least she is putting in some effort. Pat on the back for Astoria. Maybe in time Scorpius will realise how much she's trying, but I think until then he's still holding onto a lot of bitterness.

As I said in my review for your one shot, I ship Brandon and Albus even more now that Cora is in the picture. I don't know why, but I think Albus is looking for stability and Brandon is trying to be stable now that he's raising a kid - there are obstacles to their relationship of course but I liked the scene where Albus was making sandwiches for the two of them and the way he was taking care of Brandon was cute. I'm really rambling now so I'll just cut it off here before I bore you to death with irrelevant gabbing but this was a lovely chapter and I love this story. Ciao!

Author's Response: This is one of the best reviews ever. I was going to respond to it last night but a 1 AM response would have caused the universe to collapse due to the insanity of it all.

1. I am also on the same page as Rose. That was totally me at that age. 2. I looked it up to make sure it was a real color because I wasn't sure and was also thinking of an animal that sounds similar (Emu's aren't ecru). 3-1. I DIDN'T REMEMBER THAT DAVID BOWMAN IS THE DUDE FROM 2001 A SPACE ODYSSEY. THIS IS THE BEST ACCIDENTAL THING I'VE DONE IN A WHILE. 3-2. It's only confusing when people yell at Rose then yell at me by my name. Oh, and when I accidentally slipped into first person in TR.

Astoria is trying so hard to be there for Scorpius. She gets a hearty pat on the back. Scorpius will get it eventually. He deserves to be a little bitter.

I would have loved rambling about Branbus. A lot of people want them to end up together now that Cora is in the picture. Their domestic bliss was like playing dolls when I was a kid. I NEED A BRANDON SAVAGE DOLL STAT! *shifty look at the GI Joe barbie dolls*



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Review #36, by marauderfanAll is NOT Fair in Love and War: |Prolouge| Blessed With a Son

16th July 2014:
Hello! Here with your requested review!

What interesting insight on Voldemort's opinions of Draco - it makes sense that he would be irritated at the Malfoys for taking some of their attention away from serving their Dark Lord. (Also, even though I should probably not be giggling during this scene, the idea of Voldemort there at the birth like a really creepy midwife is just cracking me up haha.)

Oh wow - so intense, first an Unbreakable Vow and then Draco is pledged to be a Death Eater from age 10-minutes. Very chilling scene. This is a really interesting take on Lucius and Narcissa. I realise the story is meant to be slightly AU so I'll not comment on how the characters compare to JK's, just how they are in terms of your story. They do seem very loving and concerned, and it's interesting to see that even this early on they were losing their enthusiasm for the DE's. I felt badly for them as they were really forced into this unbreakable vow and had no choice at all. I can't see how Lucius could have made another decision and still kept Draco alive, so all things considered he did the right thing. But how horrible for them, on what should be a happy day :(

A bit of CC/ things to watch out for... I've noticed that often you tend to use semicolons rather than commas, for example here: This day; as well as the night that followed it, should have been seemingly happy. -- Semicolons are used to connect two phrases that could be sentences by themselves, so after "this day" should be a comma.

Also, I know the intro is told in the POV of a different Draco than in the books, but I thought I'd point out that he seems a bit... off. Just the way there are a lot of exclamation marks and angsty emphasis, it kind of makes him sound like he's 15 - it could be fixed by just toning it down a bit. ;)

Otherwise, I think it's an interesting start, and the AU twist you've added about Lucius and Narcissa seems pretty intriguing. I'm curious to see what you'll do with their characters, and how everything affects their relationship with their son (which, based on the intro, Draco has a negative opinion of them despite how hard they tried, aw.)

Great work!

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Review #37, by marauderfanKeep Calm and Carry On: Makeshift

16th July 2014:
So happy to see a new chapter of this up!

LOL at Edie insisting she was not just drooling all over the magazine. She totally was. I love how she's actually doing Seamus's hair but there are only about two mentions of Seamus's hair in the whole paragraph because she's really not thinking about that. And when Edie's mum does his hair instead, fabulous. Hahaha

Wow, yeah there hadn't been much of Dean lately! It's nice for him to show up again, I love the way you write both Dean and Seamus in this story. Aw, I'm glad Edie and Dean are back to making goofy bets/jokes again, although there is still that kind of weirdness because she's been too busy for him and he kind of likes her. Um. Also I can't say I'd have been able to avoid the cheese table either. Mmm.

And this scene made me laugh so much:

“I have a job now. I’m a fully-functioning adult!”
Lisa returns to her mirror, “You’ve got cheese on you.”

I'm still really curious about why Justin was Oliver's lawyer. You gave just enough information for it to be really intriguing and just little enough that it's frustrating to not know. Haha, I'm right with Edie there in wanting to ask loads of questions :P

I love that Justin was the one to overdo it on wedding themes and planning, it's refreshing to see that role go to the guy rather than the girl once in a while!


I can't say I'm too surprised with the stuff about Rose. I don't think Oliver was a jerk for that - they were really in the same boat there. Rose did seem like the type of person who's in love with fame. Eh, she'll find another famous Quidditch player ;)


Gah, I think I've worn out the capslock button on my keyboard with this review. But I have no regrets. Awesome, fantastic, fabulous, splendiferous chapter. Love this story.

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for another review, it means a lot that you've decided to stick around.

That's a very funny point about only mentioning Seamus's hair twice in that paragraph. Yes, she definitely was not paying the most attention to him... I've always wanted to have an interaction between Edie, Seamus, Dean and Hypatia. But a Dean-less one will have to do!

Speaking of him, he is a bit moody huh? The next chapter will get more into this, but I've always seen him as brooding and controlling. Among his many other good qualities, of course! He is a great book character, and I've always thought he had a good sense of humor and his artsy side is fun. But the way he treats Ginny in OotP is a bit controlling... which does not bode well with Edie.

Haha, yes, a little frustrating indeed! I very much wanted to explain why Justin was his lawyer, but I also was about to dump all of the Rose information on readers... which, to be fair, a lot of you probably saw coming. But it felt like both, erm, "reveals" would have been a bit much.

GAH Justin. He's one of my favorites, because he's just so... JUSTIN. I love writing about him because he embodies so many things that frustrate me, but he's also such a sop. Much like his brother, Peter.

Yes kiss, kiss, kiss! I always struggle with those scenes, because half of me is melting and gooey and my heart going pitter-patter... and the other half is me trying not to vomit. But hopefully it was still slightly weird enough... Hence there were other people standing around, and I didn't really describe the scenery of the flower garden, or what Oliver was wearing, and LOOK I'M TRYING HERE.

Thank you again, dearie. I've been waiting to write this chapter forever, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the read ♥

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Review #38, by marauderfanRoad to Joy: Startling Discovery

15th July 2014:
I iz in ur internets, stalking ur AP.

(Not sure why I decided to start this review in the voice of a lolcat, but moving onwards... I think the house cup is making me very sleep deprived and loopy)

That's a good description. Having a cube of ice (or a snowball, or other icy monstrosity) slipped down the back of your shirt is basically the worst feeling ever.

Brandon's feelings about cars not being dangerous is such an interesting perspective - of course, he's probably a bit isolated in the wizarding world where Muggle things aren't seen as dangerous as wizard things.

What a meeting! Martin doesn't really seem to care - he's like a less horrible version of Aunt Petunia, having to take care of his sister's "weird" kid when she dies. I'm so sad! (I mean, I know this will turn out fine in the end because I'm caught up in TR but ugh reading this makes me sad.)

That must have been a hard discussion for him to have with Harry. But I'm glad Harry is supportive. And ha I noticed that he drew the comparison to the Dursleys as well :P

Aw, I loved Harry and Ginny coming to help. That's a quick transition from a bachelor pad to a child-friendly house!

Also, just saying, despite the obstacles I am still on the H.M.S. Albus/Brandon. Albrandon? Whatever. I ship it.

Author's Response: MUCH REVIEW. VERY THANK. WOW.

I see your lolcat and raise you a doge.

The ice bit was kind of a stretch for me but, yeah, it is a bit miserable (except with the weather we've been having - then it's not too bad).

Brandon is in the interesting position of knowing a lot of about muggle stuff because his mom is muggle born but not really getting it. So, cars and other muggle things seem inherently safer because non-magic can't be as dangerous.

I was going for a less horrible version of the Dursleys. I couldn't bear to make him hateful and flat out cruel but it felt genuine for him to be a bit less tolerant.

I thought Harry would be a bit more on his side if he got the Dursley vibes from Brandon's story. :D I mean, he'd probably be supportive either way but with a bit more gusto when there's potential cupboards involved.

It was a quick transition for him (and hte apartment) to go through.

IT'S BRANBUS! I'm glad you're still on the ship. Otherwise I'd have to throw a life preserver at you. I meant to you.



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Review #39, by marauderfanStand Tall: Hands Touch

15th July 2014:
Sorry about the delay! Omg your review for me was amazing, thank you. I hope mine will be that good (but, really, I just ramble a lot in my reviews, so sorry in advance)

Oh wow I love this already, from the very beginning description of Alba's disability. (Ps - there are so many staircases at Hogwarts, how on earth is that disability-accessible? I hope for her sake that she is either a Puff or a Slytherin because seriously the amount of stairs to the towers would be so cruel.)

Aw, and that's so true about kids versus adults. Kids are just curious and ask uncomfortable questions because they're curious, they don't know they're rude. Adults try to pretend they don't see. Alba's perspective is so refreshing here - I haven't seen another character like her in fanfiction like ever. And I think you treat the condition with a lot of care and respect - I feel like you either did your research very well or have some knowledge of it.

Bahahaa I love the idea of James showing of his prefect/head boy badge like Percy haha. Not the mischief maker but the arrogant goody two shoes, I kind of love your interpretation of James :D

Oh wait. Alba is the woman behind the curtain pulling all the strings, haha - James is a mischief maker and still made Head Boy. Alba must have had a hard time of it!

Eeep she is in Ravenclaw. Poor thing. Isn't that the tallest tower? O_o You'd think Hogwarts would have installed elevators. What would be really cool is elevators like the one in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you know the elevator that can go up and down and sideways. It'd fit right in at Hogwarts.

Ooh, Alba is so sassy to Chandra :p When you were describing Chandra before, she sounded fine, but when we actually meet her there in the carriage she didn't impress me. I hope the comment Chandra made about her being disgusting was about the mud and not some insult about her disability - that'd be the lowest of the low and I would hate her. I am already not a big fan of her. Alba is way cooler.

Awesome start to this story and I will definitely be reading more!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Hahaha. And yes. I felt a little bad about the staircases, but she really wouldn't fit in any other house. +[

Actually, one of my favorite cousin's has CP, though not exactly like Alba's. It was a mixture of both. +]

I love James. He's hilarious. Glad you think so too! And yes, she has had a hard time keeping him in line.

That kind of elevator would be EPIC in Hogwarts.

Hahaha. Yeah, no one so far likes Chandra. There's more to her though, if you give her a chance. +]

Thank you so much for the review swap! Hopefully you stop by again soon.

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Review #40, by marauderfanThe Girl from Slytherin : The Consequences

15th July 2014:

I love how you've woven bits of DH in here even though Harry wasn't at school knowing what was going on during this time, there's clear indications, like Yaxley's office raining. And Anthony checking on his DA coin.

No time like the present right? It's nice to see that the war is initiating some people to live their life all they can, so it's nice to see Anthony becoming more comfortable with who he is. But omg that letter. So sad :( I really liked that scene though with Anthony and Tor, it was really nice to see them become closer friends.

One of the strongest parts of this chapter is how you focus so much on the rumours of what's happening outside Hogwarts. Since there's not much news that gets through which hasn't been screened by sensationalising from the Daily Prophet, or altered by the Carrows/Ministry, all they have to go on is things that may not be true, and you really captured that mood here.

I like what you've done with Draco too, how you're pointing out his real fall from grace in the eyes of the other slytherins - he used to be a ringleader of sorts and even though the other Slytherins claimed they didn't like Dumbledore, now that he's gone they are holding it against Draco - probably not helped by the negative publicity that his family has now, they don't want to be associated with him anymore. Its something that never showed during DH (because Harry wasn't there to witness it) but it completely makes sense, I hadn't thought about it that way before I read this fic.

I loved the scene with Ginny, Neville, Luna, and Tor! In particular your characterization of Neville - I can see him being quite distrustful of Tor until he has a reason not to be. And as always, your Ginny is fab. Luna too. I found it quite funny that Snape isn't able to set his own passwords and still has Dumbledore's silly sweets passwords, but oooh they were trying to steal the sword! I love how you've worked that in. And I'm so proud of Tor - she did get them caught, but it's easier to be caught by Snape than by the Carrows, that's for sure. Good thinking on her part.

Askdfjs what is happening to Terry though!? I have a feeling we're almost back to the scene in the prologue. So.. he's at least alive now, although I can't imagine he's doing too well. omg. update soon!

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Review #41, by marauderfanYear Five: The Disappearing Room

12th July 2014:
Aw. Poor lonely Tristan sitting in the corridor by himself and talking to his only friend, Sir Cadogan. I guess he really needed some actual alone time like this though, to realise what he had. In the wise words of Joni Mitchell, you don't know what you've got till it's gone. And I think he's finally realising what good friends he had before, now that they're gone.

I've always thought Leap Day birthdays are so cool. Tristan should have sent Emily that long letter. She could have torn it up if she didn't want to read it, but at least she'd have known he cared. :(

I absolutely loved the entire scene with Dumbledore and Laurel's discussion in the Mirror Room. It was so touching that Laurel only wants to be happy, she just sees herself happier - and then afterwards when she handed her wand to Isobel to prevent her from self-cheering or anything, it looked like a step in the right direction. I was proud of her. She can do it! Aw, and Tristan just wishes that his parents were his real parents. That is actually so sweet.

This chapter shows an entirely different side to Tristan as he takes the fall for all of his friends' illegal activities. And what a fall it is.

The Malfoys were going to adopt Tristan! Draco would have been his brother, sort of. Ha, that's weird to think of O_O I wonder if he knows that?

wanted to draw your attention to one typo here:
made him feel nauseous and disorientation. -- I think you meant 'disoriented'.

As frustrating as Tristan can be sometimes, I do feel really awful for him in this chapter. But hopefully it's the change he needs... eh.. might be? Wow, this story is all kinds of complicated right now. I can't believe I've reached the last posted chapter again! Waiting eagerly for more.

Author's Response: Right? Lucky the portrait of the knight was there for company.

I'm so glad you liked Dumbledore! Talk about one of the most daunting canon characters to write!

As for seeing almost-themselves in the mirror--it could be that what they want is simple, and immaterial. Or, it could be that when so much is going bad in your life, desires become very basic. I imagine that for them, it's a combination of both.

Can you imagine how awful Tristan would have been were he to be a Malfoy??? Something I wasn't able to shoe-horn into the story, but a bit I decided on anyway: had the Malfoys adopted Tristan, they would have rechristened him "Lesath:" The brightest star in the Scorpius constellation!

And thanks for pointing out the typo!!

Yeah, I was so surprised by how much plot I got out of "TEENAGE IS HARD!" The first draft really kind of wrote itself, and the characters went in such unexpected directions once I got to know them :)

Next chapter is in the queue, and then there might be a pause before the next. HC reviews mean going back and re-editing chapters for all the little typos and errors that got pointed out. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: THANK YOU FOR THATTT!


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Review #42, by marauderfanYear Five: Interrupted

12th July 2014:
So much happened in this chapter! Often I review as I read but there was just too much that happened and I forgot to write stuff down because I was too absorbed in the story :p

Here's a list of my general thought after reading this chapter.

Tristan and Emily were really cute in the beginning, her knowing what he's about to say before he says it, just aw. Especially so because I know it will still take ages for them to get together thanks to Tristan being a jerk.

Laurel knows Tristan's secret... and Snape's secret as well! So Tristan did grow up in a family of Death Eaters until he was about 6.

WHY did the Weasley twins steal that potion? It's nothing but trouble. Here's the line that stood out the most: He should have chucked it in the lake right then. -- Can anyone tell me what FORESHADOWING is? Uh oh. This does not bode well, I know it.

Emily is starting more self destructive behaviour now too. Nooo!! I did like that she found at least temporary friendship with her fellow Hufflepuffs, who would be good at keeping her away from destructive things, and I'm SO glad she wrote to Tonks! Yay for Tonks saving the day.

There's more I would like to say but I'm going to cut off this review now because I think my dinner is burning, oops. But I'll be back to read the last chapter in a bit. :p

Author's Response: This chapter is definitely a major point in the story--it's the first where the POVs shift so rapidly, because they're lives are all getting to tangled up. And it was the first really long chapter. Plus "He should have chucked it in the lake right then" is the first time that an omniscient narrator really speaks.

"Belvina" was a name I got from the Pureblood family trees. In like the 1800s there was a Belvina Black who married into the Burke family. Which, since they are all distantly related, still doesn't tell you anything about Tristan's real parentage. Your Rookwood theory stands.

I'm glad you liked Tristan and Emily's lake scene! I wanted there to be a lot of sweetness there, but I still wanted to pull back ("he evaded as he breathed"). True Romance is difficult at 15-16.

It's implied that Emily had some old, and existing burn marks. I hope that came across!

As for the Hufflepuffs/Tonks--I was really stoked when I read about Redwood wands, because I knew I wanted that for Emily. They're considered lucky, because people with Redwood wands tend to land on their feet, and snatch opportunity from catastrophe.

Go rescue your dinner! And thank you so much for taking the time to leave these reviews!!!

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Review #43, by marauderfanTrue Romance: The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)

12th July 2014:
All caught up! Remind me to never leave my computer ever again so I can hop on all new chapter updates instantly. Except I kind of liked having a bunch of chapters to read in a row so I didn't have to wait for the cliffhanger of Harry's information about Brandon a few chapters ago heheh.

Um, ok. Not a fan of Archie. He seems like the sort of person who says something like "Oh I don't mean to offend you, but your hair smells bad and you're weird." I think that bold opinions about Brandon should have stayed silent while he was meeting his girlfriend's cousin for the first time. Dump him, Lily!

Archie investigates illegal crops and raids them? Please tell me he's involved in the creating of crop circles. That'd be cool.

George is actually quite good at the serious advice stuff, which makes it all the more essential that Albus listen to him then, because George isn't serious very often. But no, Albus is still indecisive and selfish and asjdflksjdlkf

I like Brandon's mum! I suppose she is a bit set on traditional for Brandon because that's what she grew up with, the ideal traditional family, but her own experience raising Brandon must have changed her, and besides it's obvious she cares about her son's feelings more than about what 'tradition' says is best. She seems sweet.

Awesome chapter and I can't wait for the next one!

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Since this one, you've been ser pounce on all of the updates *confetti* Yeah - I wish I could delay people's access to chapter 6 :P But that's because I'm mean.

I totally agree that his rather uninformed opinions should have waited until actually meeting Brandon. He'll be an interesting one to watch. I might have to make him do crop circles now. Or have them as a result of some magical crop nearby. *thinks*

I'm glad you think George is a good source for that advice. I dunno, some people were taken by surprise at his sudden sage advice. ALBUS WILL BE THAT WAY UNTIL HE'S NOT. (duh statement of this response)

Wahoo!! Beatrice is pretty nice but she (like her name) is old fashioned. She is definitely rooting for Brandon to be himself more than she's hoping he'll have the traditional family thing going on.

Thank you so much for blasting through all the chapters!! You are allowed to leave your computer I guess. *sighs*


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Review #44, by marauderfanTrue Romance: A View to a Kill

12th July 2014:
I still think Corbin is a possessive, slightly Gollum-ish loser, but one thing I can say for him is the man does have excellent taste in food. Thai food ftw. But anyway, as Scorpius should well know by now, lies do not make a good relationship - I was pretty irritated at him for covering everything up. Of course Corbin wouldn't be thrilled to find out there was something going on with Albus - but isn't honesty better than concealing an unpleasant truth?

Yay for Rose returning home! I'm glad she made amends with her family, and Hugo's reaction was pretty priceless as well. Um, yeah getting your dream job always takes a lot more work than you think :-/ But I know she can do it! Good for her, I'm glad she is empowered about her new prospects.

Not at all the news I was expecting about Brandon. At least it explains why he didn't turn up for dinner. But this new development does make things a little difficult doesn't it. Hmm.. Also, I love how James still fails at getting dates with girls despite being famous and a professional quidditch player, he's still shy around the ladies, aw. Oh well, maybe Albus' plan will work haha.

House Cup 2014 Review

Author's Response: Haha, I knew I'd win people over with the Thai food (I'm having that for dinner tonight too). At least I'd kind of win people over. He's less despicable maybe? oh fine. He likes good food. Scorpius is really kind of chicken when it comes to owning up to things like this.

It was definitely time for her to go home. I love writing Hugo. He's my comedic relief guy. Yes! She's fully empowered and financed. Later we'll see how it goes.

No one expects Cora. And it does complicated his life quite a bit. haha, It's funny because I *know* James is a pro quidditch star but I never see that as a reason for him to have an easy time with the ladiez.

Thanks for another wonderful review!


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Review #45, by marauderfanTrue Romance: Live and Let Die

12th July 2014:
Lily is seeing a guy named Archibald?! Haha, Rose is right. I've always thought Archibald on the same level as Ebenezer in terms of horrible names. That unfortunate name aside, I really like the conversation between Lily and Rose! Your dialogue is wonderful, I think it's your strongest point. And omg Rose hiding in the closet while her bag is outside and Ginny KNEW she was there, she had to. How long can Rose get away with this? Methinks not much longer.

I don't think Brandon is the type to intentionally stand someone up, so there must have been a reason - I'm worried something happened to him. But I'm more worried about what drumk-Albus will think is a good idea to get back at Brandon for this. If he wants to retaliate in any way, he should at least wait until he's sober >.<

Oh no, he went to Scorpius. Please tell me Scorpius will hit Albus over the head with a shovel, or ice water, or a Sobering Potion.

Albus and Scorpius have essentially gone in a circle with each other! UGhhh. In a way, they deserve each other because they're both so indecisive and messed up :p

Oh no, something did happen to Brandon. OH NO. ROSE! WHY! I look at the chapter title again and BRANDON CANNOT HAVE DIED. OR I WILL BE VERY ANGRY. Good chapter though!

2014 House Cup Review

Author's Response: Hellooo! No, I don't answer reviews in order.

Um, yeah. Archibald. His parents are berks and gave him an old person name. Though, it is on my list of names I like that but wouldn't give a child. so... he got it. I'm really glad you like the dialogue here!! and that I have a strong point :D Ginny totally knew she was there. She just let it slide because... you know it'd be awkward. Ans she could at least report that Rose was safe.

I loved watching people worry here. He really isn't the type of guy to stand people up. Drunk Albus certainly didn't get up to anything good.

Um... Scorpius wasn't really checking his voice mail from you when this happened. it's too bad because I'm sure he had a few sobering potions in the shop.

They did go full circle. Um... at least Rose isn't in the middle this time!


Thanks for a wonderful review!!


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Review #46, by marauderfanChasing Beauty: Christmas Heartache

12th July 2014:
Hello! Aw, I really liked the approach to veelas that you took here, it's such a direct contrast to Fleur who showed off her veela looks (or the way you've pointed out that Vic and Louis kind of use their veela charm as well!). Teenage girls are generally pretty sensitive about their looks too, so this was an interesting other side to that sensitivity. For Dom, more than being worried about her looks she's worried people won't see past them - like she feels she stands out because she's too pretty. Grass is always greener eh.

Dylan seems like a nice kid though, and hopefully he will be able to show her why he cares about her, and that it has nothing to do with her appearance. Good start to your fic!

House Cup Review 2014

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! :)
We figured that Vic, Dom, and Lou are only 1/8 th veela, which is significantly less that Fleur's 1/4 th veela.

We've always enjoyed writing Dominique! This chapter shows her at her most sensitive state, (hopefully we showed that in our writing) and she just really struggles with it. Although, she did get more Weasley genes than the other two.

We're glad you like it! We hope you continue! :) Hopefully the last chapter can be posted by the end of the week; the queue is taking a bit.
Thanks again!

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Review #47, by marauderfanKnowledge (to know, or not to know?): to know, or not to know?

12th July 2014:
Omg what is this?! Wow! What a story! The way you built up something so powerful in just over 500 words is incredible. At the beginning I was just thinking how sweet it was the Rose likes books, then it got a little weird in her opinions of other people, then I loved how she discovered new areas of the library - then it took this creepy turn and BAM! killing people for the sake of knowledge and then into Azkaban. Asdljflksjd *shudders* this is SUCH a good story though.

And what I like about it is it shows one potential way how Ravenclaws can become Dark Wizards as well, because we know there have been some - and unlike Voldemort whose power was just for the sake of power, Rose's is an insatiable thirst for knowledge that ultimately destroys her (as well as her many victims). And all the while these things are of little matter to Rose, who is just fixated, obsessed with knowledge. And that is evident in every paragraph; it's only in the end, long after she's been imprisoned in Azkaban for crimes that don't concern her, that she loses it - because she's forgetting. It's so twisted, and that's what makes it amazing.

Your descriptions are delicious. I love visualizing the dust motes dancing in the stripe of sunlight through the window, and the dark candlelit library at night. Seriously, how did you do all of this in 526 words? I am in awe. Bravo my friend!

House Cup Review 2014

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Review #48, by marauderfanEvent 3: Fear Appears: Boggart.

12th July 2014:
Wow, this was intense! Boggarts are so scary, and I agree with Victoire, it would be one of the scariest things ever to watch the people I love in pain or dying, and the fact that she had to watch so many of them go through this was so sad, as she was too emotional to cast the counterspell. Poor thing.

Your description was wonderful in describing the shifting of the Boggart, like the coconut smell of Dom's sticky hair at Arthur's funeral, Dom's bitten fingernails, Teddy's Caribbean hair. Well done with creating a vivid scene there. Good work on this one-shot! :)

House Cup Review 2014. HUFFLEPUFF!

Author's Response: Hey!

Yeah, I'm sorry about that! It is quite intense! I agree with her too, her fear, I think would be mine too. It would be so difficult to deal with that situation.

Thank you so much! I really enjoyed writing the vivid description here.
Thank you again! It means a lot!

Emz xxx

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Review #49, by marauderfanDistance: Distance

12th July 2014:
Aw, Ariana thinks the portrait version of herself is 'better' - :'( I suppose because she can't really do much as a portrait, she doesn't have her magic outbursts, she doesn't age, she's just there. Her story is so sad, especially as a portrait, because she just has all the time in the world to think about things, and is still isolated and waiting for information from real people, like her brothers who are (like they were while she was alive) only sometimes around. If they thought of her as just a kid who wouldn't understand then, I would imagine she feels it's even more so now, now that they've aged and she has remained a child in a frame.

The end was so heart wrenching too, as Ariana feels she can finally do something to help and to talk to her brothers again... but only to tell one that the other is dying. And her thoughts about Aberforth were just so sad.

This story makes me feel slightly better about that scene at the end of DH though, when Ariana was instrumental in bringing the DA into action to fight against the Death Eaters in the Battle of Hogwarts. I think Ariana would have been proud to know that she was an essential part of the resistance that both of her brothers worked in as well.

One small thing, I thought I'd point out a typo I caught:
here she didn't think it was wry g. -- I think that's probably meant to say 'wrong'?

Anyway, this was a great story! Well done :)

House Cup Review 2014 - HUFFLEPUFF!!!

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Review #50, by marauderfanLove Lessons With Lavender: Love Lessons With Lavender

12th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Wow, I had no idea you'd written like a bazillion novels. How do you do it?! Also, shame on me that I've never read any of your work before. I am attempting to rectify this for the HC! And I'm super excited to read a Lavender fic.

Personally, I thought a visit from me would be a perfectly necessary reason to wake Ron, but the nurse disagreed. Honestly, she really doesn't understand love. -- Hehehe, I love reading stuff from a kind of deluded character's POV. Poor, clueless Lav-Lav. I love how it's so evident to the reader that Lavender's continued whinging about Ron is irritating Parvati, but Lavender is seeing everything through her 'true love' lenses and completely misses this.

What Ron and Hermione could have, that could last -- Yes! Parvati needs to tell this to JKR. I'm still miffed that JKR said she wishes she'd never gotten Ron and Hermione together :p I digress though

The end is super dramatic, and it really fits the narrator. Of course this would be the worst thing ever from Lavender's POV - "no one and a broken heart"!. I thought this story was remarkably told from her perspective, it just radiates Lavenderness. I almost feel bad for her, but... I don't. :p Great work on this story, it was really entertaining!

Author's Response: Haha, I have written a lot of them! For a long time I had a hard time writing anything short, which is why I wrote so many novels. I have a hard time telling myself, "no, that extra plot does not need to be there." I'm glad you're excited about a Lavender fic! I haven't seen many of them.

I had so much fun writing this. Getting into Lavender's head was really interesting, and the funny lines were just too easy. I can't imagine Parvati being very happy about Lavender's obsession, so I figured I'd writer her as annoyed. I'm glad that came across.

Ron and Hermione belong together. I don't see it as JKR wishing they'd never gotten together, just as the story changed from when she first imagined them together. They still definitely make an awesome couple.

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! A dramatic ending was definitely necessary because of Lavender. To her, it was the end of the world. But she'll recover and find someone else. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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