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Review #1, by marauderfanComplicated: In Which Olivia Likes Cuddles After All

30th January 2016:
Hello! Once again it's been ages since I properly reviewed and I'm sorry. But I have been following the story and loving every chapter. This chapter is really good and one of my favourites so far. I love how you show so well that the same events can be perceived in such different ways as to result in two wildly different versions of the story - two perspectives on the same thing equalling two entirely different stories. Because for Laura, she was suffering through a difficult time and Al cheated on her - but for Al, he was trying to help her, not able to, tried to break up with her and she rejected it, and then he had a one-night stand. Two entirely different stories.

I'm kind of irritated with Al for telling all of this - I mean yes it relates to him, but I think a lot of this is also really personal for Laura and she should have had a say in how much was told to Olivia. I did appreciate the new perspective it gave me as the reader, about Laura. She's still not nice, but i can understand her amd why she is the way she is.

One person I am annoyed with is Olivia. Why did she decide to have this important conversation while drunk? That is the opposite of a good idea. Thank goodness for Scorpius, being a sensible person and a good friend and not letting Olivia fly her broom. And talking of Scorpius, he's changed a lot since the beginning, a good change. I'm glad he's learned from his falling out wih Olivia earlier and I love how he is fitting in with the Gryffindors, and really figuring out what's important, like how he appreciates the friendliness of the Gryffindors after moving past the rivalry, and that he sees that Olivia is happy.

Okay, well this was a great chapter and you really have a wonderful story here. Nice work, and I look forward to reading more!

Author's Response: Hello! Noo don't apologise, it's always lovely to hear from you when you have the time to review :)

A few people have said that about Al, and I think it's true that he probably shouldn't be telling Laura's story, but then at the same time Laura kind of forced his hand a bit by half telling Liv what had happened. Hopefully it's understandable that Al would want to explain his actions.

Scor's development as a character is one of my favourites, and he's still got a little way to go before the end. I'm glad you liked him here.

Thanks for taking the time to review! Next chapter just went up :)

Emma xx

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Review #2, by marauderfanJust Friends: Change

28th January 2016:
Hi Angie! I am (finally) here for that review you requested ages ago, and so very sorry about the mega delay. Anyway, I finally had a chance to read this and am now here to tell you how much I loved it! I am terrible at writing fluff so I'm always impressed when I read a good fluff piece, which this is.

You asked about plot, and while there's not a huge amount going on plot-wise, that's kind of to be expected in a romance/fluff story. The plot feels appropriate to the genre, and I think you built it up well, such that Dean's nervousness was increasing up until after Lavender explains herself. You did really well conveying that feeling and - while I could predict that Lavender felt the same way - I could feel Dean's panic there as he worries he's about to mess up such an important friendship.

Characterisation - this in particular was really well done, because Dean and Lavender are in canon such opposing personalities, and here you explain that in a way that fits with canon - of course they'd both be very changed by the war. I can see Lavender becoming less silly in the wake of that kind of thing - and I really like how you showed that here. She's more mature, but has flashes of silliness like her old self, maybe because she feels comfortable enough with Dean to be able to be in that mindset again, or because part of her is still the same - whatever the case, I like that you showed she's different but also the same person . It was subtle and well done.

lastly dialogue, this was all seamless. Just the right amount of awkwardness for a couple who are still trying to figure out where they stand with one another. It was great.

Again I'm so sorry for taking this much time to get to your review, but I really enjoyed the story! Great writing. :)

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Review #3, by marauderfanPieces of What: Shame

18th January 2016:
Hey there! I am here with the review you requested many aeons ago and I'm so sorry for the delay. As it happens, I'd already read and reviewed chapter 1 a while ago, so I'll review chapter 2 for you now!

This is a great chapter. I think your strongest element is characterisation - despite that the plot diverges from canon, you really do an incredible job of keeping each character canon and I can definitely see your versions of Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Draco as the ones I read about for seven books. You've perfectly taken their canon personalities and adapted them into this plot.

Draco in particular is really interesting, and this chapter highlights his pride. Its clear he's trying to show he hasn't changed that much and keep his outside image proud and indifferent, but he really does feel the effects of the war, as evidenced by that last paragraph. I simultaneously feel bad for him as well as kind of being irritated at his calling Hermione a mudblood and being snappy - and at the same time can't blame him for that. He just seems very lost like he's trying to figure out who he is now, which is why he's clinging to his past habits as a form of identity, but doesnt want anyone to know that.

So yes, in response to your questions, I do fimd the story interesting and it is engaging enough that I find myself wondering what will happen and wanting to read on. It is very well written, although I do notice that it switches verb tenses into past tense occasionally. This fortunately is easy to fix with a read-through or a beta.

I think you're doing great work here. Again I am so sorry for taking forever, but I think you should be proud of this story and keep writing!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much for the great review!

I have worked had to keep the characters real, so I'm glad that came across. I pretty much love writing Draco because he can be so complex and layered. :)

I might ask you to come around again! Glad you like it so far.

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Review #4, by marauderfanSaving Severus Snape : xi.

17th January 2016:
Here for our swap! Aah, I can't believe it took so long for me to get here especially seeing that dedication at the top! Wah, you are too sweet. Thank you, i'm so glad i was able to help motivate you. I'm still so proud you wrote so much during NaNo.

Before we begin,, obligatory disclaimer: I am writing this on my phone, so I'm sorry for any typos or weirdness.

All right, on to the story! This was another great chapter, and I love how you are buildig things up. Hermione's thoughts about how to best gain Severus' trust seem pretty well planned, as I do think he would shut down completely if she tried to defend Sirius and say he's not that bad. So good thinking on her part, even if it's not entirely true, in Snape's eyes it gives them common ground and a reason he can trust her.

I think study dates are kind of perfect for the two of them actually, since theyre both so academically minded and practical, so getting to know each other while also getting their homework done is something that fits very well for both of them! :p And something tells me that there was a bit more going on there towards the end. I sense some feelings starting to happen. All the blushing and sideways glances - the tension! ;)

And then the end - how soon does Dumbledore want her to go back? How will they decide when she's accomplished her goal - considering it was a pretty vague and not quantified goal? I'm curious. And also can't believe you've left it on this kind of cliffy for so long. How's the next chapter coming along? :D

As always lovely work, Meg! ♥ ♡ ♥

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Review #5, by marauderfanSeized: Is Anyone Who they Say they are?

16th January 2016:
Hi again! It has been too long. I'm excited to be back reading this story again!

Ooh, this was an interesting one. I think the situation in the beginning with Hermione and Draco being kind of cold to one another seems pretty realistic - they may be better at talking to one anoher by this point, but they certainly aren't friends yet. So I think that bit where neither of them will talk until the other one does, it seemed very real and made sense considering their past and how they're still in this weird place where they're no longer enemies but arent friends.

Wow, and I definitely didnt predict that Markus Parkinson was visiting while under Polyjuice potion of Narcissa's hair. But it makes sense as to how all this was happening and how Stan was meant to look like Lucius.

And that cliff hanger! I must knowww! Great chapter (and once again I'm sory for low quality phone review - but I still loved the chapter!)

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Review #6, by marauderfanThe Afterlife: Coccydynia

16th January 2016:
Haha, extended Weasley family pranks. I bet George is so proud Fred's legacy is continuing with Freddie being such a joker. I'm glad Vic and Teddy put their fight behind them, and of course any scene wirh Giles and Max is fun to read. But of course, most of all i am excited about the end of the chapter! So Teddy has discovered the resurrection stone, and Lupin and Tonks materialised right in front of him. Ahh - it's really interesting as a reader because I'm happy to see Tonks and Remus again and meeting their son and just - this is so lovely, except I know what happens if you spend too long with the stone, and I know Harry would have wasted so much of his life in front of he mirror or Erised if Dumbledore hadnt told him not to. I know that important and exciting things are just about to happen and I cannot wait for the next chapter. This is such a great story!

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Review #7, by marauderfanThe Afterlife: Slubberdegullions

16th January 2016:
Dee! Hi, I'm here for your hot seat and I am SO excited to be returning to this story. I must apologise in advance though for the quality of the review as I'm travelling and therefore writing this on my phone - I will try to catch all my typos but they do slip through!

So anyway, this is a great chapter and your characters continue to be entertaining. Poor Teddy, being mediocre at tranfiguration despite being a metamorphmagus - people probably expect a lot from him for transfiguration and i imagine he feels like he is disappointing Mcgonagall.

At least he didn't get too bad of a detention. I loved Hagrid's note to him - the 'hey, come round for tea before your detention' kind of hints that it will be pretty low key. :D

Oh no, that conversation with Victoire didn't go so well. I mean, what she said was a bit insensitive, but she didn't mean to hurt him and did okay with making up for it, but Teddy is just snappy and angry. Well, I can't say it's that surprising, given that he's the same age as ANGST HARRY from OotP. :p It kind of makes sense for him to react as he did, and since he and Victoire are so close I think they'll be able to get past that. But it does set up well for Teddy to use the ressurection stone as this conversation is fresh on his mind.

Speaking of which... aah! He found it! How much does he know about what it does, has he ever heard of it? I can't wait to find out!

I will be back later with more hot seat reviews for you, but I may be a bit slow about it due to RL. So, until next time!

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Review #8, by marauderfanPocket Watch #1 -- Bittersweet Homecoming: 1.3 -- A Son's Mother

12th January 2016:
Another great chapter! I like that you wemt into the relationship between Barty and his mother, because that's hinted at in the books, but it's like one or two lines about how she traded places with him in azkaban, and here you've turned that into an entire chapter which gives so much backstory and really shows how close they were. i think it makes a lot of sense too, given that Crouch Sr probably spent most of his life at work, and as Barty jr is an only child and his mother a worrier, it makes a lot of sense that they would be close and she obviously dotes on him a lot.

i also love that you mentioned how important Winky is and even that Mrs Crouch signed the letter from her too - often I think house elves are shown as mistreated by pureblods or by the 'bad guys' but i like that you showed the complexity of good or bad here, as obviously Mr Crouch who's suposed to be on the 'good' side is careless about his house elf whereas Barty cares a lot.

my flight is about to board so i guess thats it for now! anyway, i have really enjoyed readingthis! great work!

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Review #9, by marauderfanPocket Watch #1 -- Bittersweet Homecoming: 1.2 -- Festering Wounds

12th January 2016:
I really like how you talked about Crouch Sr's practice of throwing people into Azkaban without a trial, and how his son thinks of it. Here in this chapter we have two characters who definitely fall right in he middle of that moral grey area - maybe Barty Jr not quite there yet as he doesn't seem to be on one side or the other yet - but I think it is important to note that Barty Sr was on the 'good' side and a lot of people thouht he was doing good things, but the question of whether the ends justify the means is really prominent in this chapter and I'm glad you went down that road.

i think its also really telling that Barty disapproves of his father's methods. I can really agree with him on that and I like that you're portraying Barty Jr as pretty relatable so far because when he makes his turn to Voldemort its going to make me all confused about whether or not I should still like him, and I like that. :p

Great work, this is an excellent story so far!

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Review #10, by marauderfanPocket Watch #1 -- Bittersweet Homecoming: 1.1 -- Unspeakable Dreams

12th January 2016:
Hey Karen! Happy Hot Seat! I'm just going to apologise in advance for any typos in this as I'm doing this on my phone in the airport, but I wanted to make sure I left you a couple of reviews before I disappear from the internet for a while.

So, I really like this a lot so far. I love that you're writing about Barty Crouch Jr, who is by no means a likeable character, and in the beginning of this he just seems... normal. He is very understandable, as it really makes sense that someone with a famous father would want to be different from him, and get tired of being associated with him. He has a lot to live up to and he knows it, so he wants to carve his own path. Thus far he is kimd of... dare i say it. Likeable.

I am excited to see where you go with this and how you delve into his descent into the Death Eaters. I can see how the ambitious kid in this chapter can later become the Barty Jr we know from the books, but he's not there yet and I think the story of how he becomes that person will be reallly interesting. I cant wait to read more of this, youre doing a really wonderful job so far.

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Review #11, by marauderfanPaper Airplane: Paper Airplane

12th January 2016:
Hi Lotte! I know you requested to be skipped for hot seat, but I didn't want you to miss out on reviews, because you're such a lovely reviewer and have done so many for people this year. So, despite the very coincidental timing, this review isn't for hot seat, per your request, but instead it's because you are super awesome. ;)

I chose this one because I'm at the airport and the title seemed appropriate :p but seriously wow, this is gorgeous. I love the analogies you made between the narrator and a paper plane, and how a plain sheet of paper has been in love and then hurt so many times that she just ends up crumpled more and more with each time. It reads almost like poetry - really, its so beautiful, and I love how you describe this relationship in such an abstract way - tthe details about how she laughs, the way love bloomed like a flower (I absolutely adore that line) and how it crashed. And i liked how, despite the lack of specific detail, you say so much about the relationship as a whole and what made the narrator fall in love in the beginning (the girl's impulsivity and the excitement that came wih that) was eventually what made her fall out of love with her in the end. I think that's quite realistic, when the things you see as great quirks in the beginning of a relationship turn to things that just irritate and grate on you.

despite being sad, the abstractness lends it this almost light, airy quality as she meets this girl and falls in love and then falls apart - it kind of emphasizes the detachedness of the narrator, which is really appropriate considering the line in the beginning about how she hardens her heart after so many times of being hurt.

this is so lovely, Lotte! Wonderful job writing this. Hope your 2016 is going well. :)

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Review #12, by marauderfanWrapped in Red: Chapter Four: Wrapped in Red

11th January 2016:
Your characterization in your details is always so well done. And here it's in how everyone wraps presents - HArry and Ron a total mess with no idea how to tie ribbons, Luna hand-painting her paper (I can absolutely see this and it's so great - new headcanon), and Ginny's looking very rushed. And Mystery Pureblood Secret Santa... so Draco? (I'm assuming) with a perfectly wrapped box.

I love the thought Hermione put into her gifts for Draco, by the way. Clues and everything - it was (obviously) really well thought out and something he would like, so she did well despite not liking him.

Her gift she received, on the other hand - it sounded too good to be true with the beautiful knitting needle set and the quill, and then I got to the part about the ring - what a terrible prank gift! I feel really bad for her, as she has no idea what the gift-giver is playing at and to have a ring stuck to your hand would really not be ideal.

My prediction is that she'll be doing some sort of handwriting analysis to find out who wrote the note, and some sneaky questioning and spying on the rich purebloods of Hogwarts because she will totally solve this. I hope she figures out the mystery person's identity soon!

Great writing! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing, my friend =) I'm pleased you liked the chapter

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Review #13, by marauderfanWrapped in Red: Chapter 3: Mistletoe Mishap

11th January 2016:
Haha, mistletoe - the worst. Malfoy's strategies for getting out of it are interesting - at first annoyed and complaining like I would expect of him and how he behaves in the books, but when it's obvious that that won't work as Hermione just makes it worse for him (this was hilarious btw, with her just laughing as it sings at him. SINGING MISTLETOE. how awful! haha) then they actually get to talking and have a real conversation for the first time in... ever. It's a start!

Ahhh I know it, Malfoy has Hermione too - and they're literally standing there telling each other, to their faces, how awful each other is. Just secretly, because the other person doesn't know it's them. :P Ahaha brilliant

Hermione realised then that if he’d been born a muggle, Malfoy would most likely have been a mechanic, or maybe an engineer -- omg I love this sentence, I love that it makes me picture Malfoy as a Muggle which is a really interesting picture, and I love that what she imagines is plausible. It's nice to have a little bit of a glimpse into what Malfoy is like behind the snobby attitude.

Ooh and then she actually kissed him and WOW! I wasn't expecting that. He likes her! Things got interesting. I can appreciate Hermione's reaction, to just kind of run away awkwardly in confusion of what just happened haha.

My one note of CC about the chapter is that mistletoe doesn't grow in fronds, more like clumps. (Yes this is pedantic, but as a botanist I guess I'm bound to notice things like that :P )

Awesome chapter once again!

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Review #14, by marauderfanWrapped in Red: Chapter 2: Secret Santa

11th January 2016:
Definitely the best bit of this chapter is everyone's strategies for finding out about their secret person, and for making sure they get the gifts they want.

Hermione's strategy is BRILLIANT. Of course she would think of something like that, to put anyone off her trail because she's just being more social to everyone. I love the methodical planning she puts into this, just how she is with the rest of her life.

And Ron cracked me up, shouting about the Chudley Cannons as the most unsubtle hint ever to his secret gift giver. Ha! Also really well done on charactersation as I could totally see Ron doing that :P

Ooh, and I bet Harry got Goyle. Or Crabbe. Or Zacharias Smith? Can't think of anyone else he dislikes that much, and I know it's not Malfoy. Or maybe he got Cho and he feels awkward about it. I want to knowww! :P

I kind of wonder if Malfoy has Hermione as his secret santa as well. Why else would he sit next to her? Ahahaha that would make things interesting.

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Review #15, by marauderfanWrapped in Red: Chapter 1: Christmas Cheer

11th January 2016:
Ellie! Hi, I'm here for your belated Hot Seat reviews - RL is absolutely nuts at the moment so I'm sorry I wasn't here earlier!

So, I really love the beginning of this! You have a wonderful grasp on writing Hermione - I guess with nearly 50 stories about her, you've got a lot of practice and it shows, it's like you've been living in her head. I think that the novelty of the magical Christmas at Hogwarts wouldn't really wear off for her, being a Muggle-born, and you've captured that so wonderfully in your first few paragraphs. Like, yes she's used to magic by this point, but there's something special about the atmosphere of magic at Christmastime. You did a great job setting the tone in those first paragraphs. I feel like holding a mug of hot tea and snuggling into a bunch of pillows while i read this whole fic now. :D

Also, I think it fits so well with her personality that she's the proponent of this inter-house unity Secret Santa. I remember her being so irritated about Quidditch and all the competition surrounding it, and actively starting this event to encourage house unity is very much something she'd do.

I like that they talked to Dumbledore about it and that he listened. I've always thought of Dumbledore as the sort of person who will listen to what anyone has to say and not make them feel like they have silly ideas, and that was perfectly shown here by his interest in the holiday gift exchange.

So yeah, this is a lovely start and I'm really excited to see what Hermione thinks when she finds out who her secret santa is mwahahaha!

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Review #16, by marauderfanWelcome to the LC: Welcome to the Night Shift/There is No Escape from the Lechery

11th January 2016:
I'm back!

oh the night shift sounds just splendid. she'd better make like twice the tips she made before for it to be worth that. I suppose the lack of sausage smell is an improvement though.

I’d rather be reading Rebel Ruthie in my undies and eating stale crisps than pseudo-socializing with a bunch of sweaty strangers. -- aah! in which Delilah sums up my feelings about clubs to a T. Thanks, I'd rather hang out with my books.

Wow, things just went from bad to worse for Delilah in this chapter - I kind of had misgivings about Damian when he was first introduced, as his relentless persuading her to go to clubs seemed very insensitive, not to mention the insult he uses about Camille. But I didn't expect Damian to be so bad as to actually drug her without her consent - and lie about it too. And then he was laughing later about her vomiting - he is just so self-involved that he doesn't care what he put her through, and doesn't even think about the fact that it's really not okay.

It's going to be super weird for Delilah seeing him around work and I hope she gives him a piece of her mind. She's been annoyed at herself before for being a pushover and not really saying what she really thinks, but she should do that now, and tell Damian how much of a jerk he is.

I'm so glad she has Hannah and Camille there for her though. Camille - she seems like such a nice person and I love how you wrote her in this chapter through Delilah's very biased lens - at first Delilah doesn't like her, but the end of the chapter really shows how Delilah has been so wrapped up in her own misery that she hasn't taken any time to get to know Camille as a person, outside of her obsession with cleanliness. I just really love that Hannah and Camille have her back, and I hope Delilah eventually feels comfortable enough to confide in one of them. And to start looking for new jobs where she won't feel like she's wasting her life.

this is a great chapter! I am really into this story so far. love it.

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Review #17, by marauderfanBetween the Cracks: Welcome to Hogwarts

7th January 2016:

Dennis Creevey! Aw, I forgot he started that year too. And you have written him PERFECTLY. Seriously, this is just what I would imagine of his first trip across the lake - right from the word go, he's babbling on about the basilisk and all the scary and exciting things that happened, just so full of energy. Omg perfect. I think you've got him pegged as he would be the type to just talk his way through nervousness.

I love reading about all their first year adventures, like their first view of the school, and meeting Peeves for the first time, etc. I'm really curious about this person standing behind her in the queue for the sorting hat and what his story is. Although Eleanor seems a bit defensive at having to explain growing up with Muggles, Hector doesn't seem that intentionally rude, just probably used to a wizard lifestyle.

A hatstall, it seems - she could have been a Ravenclaw! Well, I am a bit biased as you know, but I think she made a good choice with Hufflepuff :P

This is a fun read so far, you're doing great work!

Author's Response: We loved writing Dennis. That is all.

Thank you so much for reviewing so many chapters of our novel! We really appreciate it all!

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Review #18, by marauderfanBetween the Cracks: Off To -- Wait -- Hogwarts?

7th January 2016:
I can't believe Eleanor just ran off and DIDN'T TELL ANYONE. Her parents and sister and brother and Helen are all going to be so worried! She didn't even tell Helen they weren't going to school together literally as they're about to get on the train. I just... question the wisdom of this decision. I guess she's eleven though, so she wouldn't have thought of how everyone else will react, but like, her friend might think she got lost/abducted/left behind since she's waiting for Eleanor to get on the train and then she never shows up. Aah!

I also kind of wondered why Hestia never just told Eleanor's parents about magic. Some muggles have to know, certainly - the Dursleys knew, and Lily's parents, and Hermione's parents, so why can't Eleanor's parents know? I imagine they'll be furious with Hestia after this (assuming she tells them... she tells them, right?!)

And then we see some lovely familiar faces! Cedric! Hufflepuffs! (okay, one familiar face) I love how you've written this group of Hufflepuffs, particularly how one of them defends the Slytherins. That absolutely seems like something a Puff would do, even (especially) in a time when there's dark rumours around concerning Voldemort and Death Eaters who often are associated with Slytherin and give the house a bad name. It would be the Hufflepuffs that write that off as a few bad apples in the bunch. *hugs all the Hufflepuffs*

And this line: “Gryffindor is for the courageous. A lot of famous, popular wizards are in that house so it’s usually where young children want to end up.” -- haha! yep pretty sure I was one of those children when I first read the book because the famous, popular heroes of the series were Gryffies. This is just a long way of saying I love how you've written the Hufflepuffs talking about their house. They're also so friendly and I love how you showed that - not many sixteen year olds would be chill with an eleven-year-old hanging out in their train compartment the whole time. I think it says a lot about Eleanor that she's mature enough to not be terrified of them (cos I totally would have been, at her age :P ) and it says a lot about them that they take her in and look out for her.

And now we're getting into what is one of the things I love most in fic, which is other POV's of canon Hogwarts-era events. I'm really excited to read about the world cup as Cedric saw it, and as Eleanor experiences all these things because it will be so different to what Harry experienced that year.

Last but not least, I love that she thought it was the FIFA world cup. Ha! I always really enjoy little things like that where the magical and muggle world don't quite line up :P

Author's Response: We had to make this quick to make it more realistic, but it was kind of rushed. Hestia does take care of everything, but Eleanor wasn't exactly thinking of the consequences when she went to check the barrier between platforms nine and ten.

We wanted to show that the stereotypes for all the houses don't apply to everyone in that house, and used the Hufflepuffs to explain that. Besides, Zacharias Smith is a Hufflepuff, and you don't see him changing their image.

We didn't think much of the sixteen-year-olds allowing Eleanor in their compartment, we saw them as the kind of people who would take pity on her and let her be with them and answer her questions. Eleanor isn't the kind to be afraid of older teens, and after the rough day she's had, she probably wouldn't care. But she did not get her confidence around older peers from me (Georgina), I can tell you that.

Yes, you will see many new perspectives on the Triwizard Tournament, that's stuff we love writing about.

Thank you so much for your kindness!

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Review #19, by marauderfanBetween the Cracks: The Acceptance Letters

7th January 2016:
The thing I love most about this chapter is how you wrote her excitement about getting into school. I think the plot of "Finding out about Hogwarts from a letter and it's all really exciting/scary/a big deal" is pretty common for stories about Muggle-borns and I just love how you wrote this - for Eleanor, she doesn't even CARE. She find the acceptance letter to Hilltop and that's what she's been wanting for months, and that's what she focuses on and is excited about while the Hogwarts letter just sits there in the pile of 'eh, whatever all this other mail is'. It's really different, and I love it.

Also this chapter is making me wonder things - how would Eleanor know all about Diagon Alley and getting wands and stuff without being there unless... she's a Seer? That is my current theory about Eleanor's special gift and what makes her so different. I think she's a Seer and she experiences these visions mostly in dreams. I'm curious if any of her dreams have ended up happening? Or if they will, but haven't yet?

It was also really interesting about Hestia, as they hadn't met at all in real life apart from when Eleanor was a baby. It's like her dreams are a different life. I'm so curious about this and I'm glad you give little hints during each chapter to keep me guessing haha

Excellent chapter! Also regarding your A/N, I haven't been on pottermore in years but I just looked today, I guess they don't do wands anymore? Anyway, I love that you gave your wand types a cameo in the story as Eleanor tries them out :D

Author's Response: I (Georgina) pulled from my own experience waiting for an acceptance letter to write the beginning of this chapter. This story originated with the idea of a muggleborn witch who got their letter without a Hogwarts representative and yet still found Platform 9 3/4. That idea evolved into this story. We figured she had to have a plan for schol since she wasn't planning on going to Hogwarts.

Like I mentioned earlier, Eleanor's dreams are what is actually happening, but Hestia makes sure they seem to be dreams so Eleanor's parents don't think she's lost her mind. No, she is not a Seer.

Again, she has technically seen Hestia multiple times but Eleanor thinks they're dreams.

They changed Pottermore a few years ago so I don't think you still take the wand quiz. But plenty of people have gone ahead and used their questions to make similar quizzes. There are also descriptions on Pottermore of what each wand core and wand wood means and we used a combination of quizzes and wand wood descriptions to create Eleanor's wand.

Thank you so much for all your kind reviews!

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Review #20, by marauderfanBetween the Cracks: The Fogging Glass

6th January 2016:
More for Review Hot Seat!

Aw, poor snakes. I bet they didn't even notice Eleanor and were instead talking (hissing?) amongst themselves about the one time the Brazilian boa constrictor got out, that story probably became a legend among zoo snakes. Good thing that's not what happened in this case. I do feel bad for Eleanor though, as her fear isn't something she has any control over. She knows it's irrational and yet it's still scary. I wonder if this is going to come back later in the story, what with her going to a school where 1/4 of the students have a snake mascot..

Okay also the bit at the end about the dream/not a dream was super interesting and I guess this relates to Eleanor's special powers (not meaning magic, but the power that makes her different to most wizards) was it a real dream? Does Hestia come by often, and does Eleanor ever talk to her in person or just in dreams? This section raises so many questions and I'm really interested.

Great work!

Author's Response: Yay! More reviews!

Eleanor's phobia of snakes is taken directly from my (Georgina's) traumatizing encounters with snakes (okay, not entirely traumatizing, but traumatizing for me and my phobia). And she does have an overactive imagination, which she got from both of us. Regarding the Slytherin mascot, as someone with a phobia of snakes that would not bother me as long as there is not a picture of a real snake. For the most part drawings of snakes are fine as long as they aren't too realistic.

I thought we explained this in later chapters, but just in case let me explain. Eleanor's dreams are actual experiences she has with Hestia. Hestia doesn't want to tell the parents because she doesn't want to mess it up and she's mostly holding out for when Hogwarts sends a representative. But in the meantime she takes Eleanor on small trips to Diagon Alley so Eleanor can partake in their world in a minor way. But Hestia always makes sure Eleanor only sees them as dreams so the Branstones don't think Eleanor's gone insane.

Thank you for returning!

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Review #21, by marauderfanBetween the Cracks: The Prologue

6th January 2016:
Hi ladies! I'm here for your Review Hot Seat!

A lot of things about this story are really exciting - first of all that you're writing about Eleanor Branstone, who is such a minor character and I'm really eager to see what you do with her story. Also that this is your first novel - congratulations on embarking on such a big task!

It was cool to see Hestia Jones appear in this and I'm interested whether she'll be around in later chapters as well. Based on the last few paragraphs it doesn't seem like it. The last pargraphs were also quite intriguing because of what was said about 'even the great Albus Dumbledore couldn't see her for who she truly was' .. hmm! Seems there is something special about her and I wonder what it is!

I also think you did really well writing a toddler, because that seems like such a difficult task to me, but Erika seems appropriately toddler-y in this, with her partial sentences and curiousity.

I liked that you provided the hint of Eleanor being magical even from an early age. What Hestia said to her kind of indicates Hestia is Muggle-born as well and was called a freak as a kid :( so it's nice that she'll be looking out for Eleanor and knows what's going on from an early point. I do wonder how Hestia knows the family though - are they neighbours? Old family friends? I hope we get to find out :)

This is a lovely start and I'm excited to read on!

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

When we set out to write this, we knew we wanted a female Hufflepuff who is sorted when Harry is a fourth year. That left two canon possibilities: Laura Madley and Eleanor Branstone. I (Georgina) just started writing about Eleanor because that name sounded like more of a protagonist name. And I also loved her name so we went with it.

For story purposes we needed someone in the wizarding world who could show Eleanor her world and get her to the Hogwarts Express, and since I really liked Hestia from the books I went with her. There is something unique about Eleanor, but it's not as huge a thing as you think.

Yes, we've had some experience writing toddlers in some of our other stories, and apparently we're fairly good at it. Though, we did cheat with having Hestia being too tired to understand half of the things Erika said.

We did need to include an indication Eleanor's magic because we needed to show why the birth of this child was special, though she won't be special the way Harry was special. We haven't set Hestia's blood status but she's definitely had more interactions with muggles than the average person. But we mostly imagined her relation to Catherine and Jamison being old family friends.

Thank you for reviewing this!

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Review #22, by marauderfanThe Fortunate Ones: Chapter 4

4th January 2016:
Dearest Meg, here is a small and slightly random anecdote I think you will appreciate as my music twin/woodstock time machine collaborator. I was listening to music just a little while ago and some CCR came on, you know which song obviously because it reminded me of this story and how I still needed to catch up on the most recent chapter. So I'm back to hear Mary sing "It ain't me, I ain't no fortunate one." (Well, except she was, she just wasn't the lucky one, I guess. But I digress.)

Gah, my heart hurts after reading this chapter. You are such a talented writer and I really admire the way you express character emotions - I can't believe there have only been four chapters of this story so far because I really feel Mary's struggles and heartbreak and I feel like I've known her for a long time. She's just so REAL. And her feelings are real, and the situations she's faced with are ones that are real and I could easily see happening.

For example the way the Mudblood incident with Severus affected Lily - you went into this in a way I haven't seen much before, and how she is so hurt and kind of changes a lot because of it, in good ways and bad ways. She thinks about what's important to her, and as a result becomes a bit more selfish. And here, she's pulling away from Mary - I think part of Lily knew that Snape hurt Mary earlier because of her sexuality, and Lily was thinking about that again and doesn't want to face that kind of opinion from people for her whole life.

Lily's reveal of why she's breaking off with Mary was so sad, and yet... it made sense. Considering the time period, when it was definitely considered 'abnormal' to not be straight, and Lily is already abnormal for her blood status, and she just doesn't want to deal with everything that comes along with being a non-straight person in the 1970s. This part is so heartbreaking because I can see that Lily is afraid to publicly admit to her sexuality, and ashamed of Mary and of not being 'normal', in a way, but she is also in love with her, I could see that too. It's so evident here that her conflicting feelings are really tearing Lily apart, and how could they not, because those are basically opposites. It really makes me admire Mary even more for being brave enough to not care what society thinks about her. That's tough for a teenager to do and so I have a lot of respect for Mary here.

Also omg Remus, I can't believe I almost forgot to mention him. I just love him SO MUCH in this chapter - what an ideal friend. Seriously, perfect friend - not only has he gone through similar struggles with not being straight, he knows how to be a good friend for someone who needs a friend - the way he doesn't make her talk, just offers a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. I think Mary's reaction was super realistic at first and I could really relate, how she's just so hurt that she doesn't want to get hurt any more by telling all her secrets, but in the end that is always such a liberating thing to do and I'm glad she at least has Remus.

This is my favourite chapter so far, even though it's the saddest. I mean, I kind of like the hints of Lily/James in here but at the same time I am sad to see them because it means the end of Mary/Lily, and the fact that I have such conflicting emotions about a ship I like means that you've done an incredible job writing it. I like having conflicting feelings about things I read/watch - it means you end up thinking about the characters and the story for a lot longer, and just feeling more involved in it (Because if it's hard for the reader, it's definitely hard for the characters). I doubt I'm even making sense anymore as this may have turned into the ramblings of a sleepy person. But I just wanted to say that this is quickly becoming one of my favourite stories on the archive and I love it so much.

my character count is dwindling into the 1000's now so I'm going to leave it there - just know that this was a wonderful chapter and I absolutely love this fic. so much.

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Review #23, by marauderfanYour Hand in Mine: Prognosis

3rd January 2016:
Hi! What a lovely surprise to find this sequel to KYD - I'm so, so glad you're continuing their story! And by the way, congratulations on winning the Dobby award for KYD, very well deserved!

So, this story. I am absolutely loving it so far - it's so nice to see Andromeda and Ted a proper couple after all the time they spent at odds in the previous story. Every time they hold each other's hand or give their support or, you know, standard things couples do, I smile. I just love who they've become after all the changes they went through before.

And wow, what a scary challenge to be facing together - and after only a short time of being married! They're still teenagers! I can see already that it's really testing them and so far they're still very strong as a couple. But I can understand Ted being so angry and scared after what happened to his own mother - how can he not be scared now, when the odds suggest that Andromeda will die?

Also, I really like that you're going into how complicated an unique the metamorphmagus trait is. In the books it's just kind of a cool thing Tonks (hmm I guess I should call her something else because the two main characters in this fic are Tonks.. speaking of which I loved Andromeda's fierce refusal to be called Mrs Tonks, I can see where her daughter gets her irritation about names haha) has and there's no real indication of how it's inherited or really anything about it, or why it's so rare. And you're answering a lot of that in this fic.

Basically, I'm so glad you're back to writing, because you're an amazing writer, and I can't wait to read more of Tedromeda's story. Also I love Nelson. And Lilith. Every scene that features one of them is amazing.

Glad to see you back :)

Author's Response: Why, hello, you! It's great to hear from you again. Thank you so much for checking in and for the congrats. I still feel tickled pink about KYD's Dobby. Hurray!

It's so nice to finally WRITE Ted and Andromeda like a normal couple. Well. Relatively normal. That payoff was a long time in coming, as you are well aware. :)

What kind of blew my mind as I was doing my "historical research," as I like to call it, is just how young Andromeda and Ted must've been when they had Dora. They were just wee little fledgling adults! Which is terrifying for them, but just gives more drama fodder to us. Yum.

Haha, poor Andromeda. No Mrs. Tonks here. She refuses to be known solely as a wife, and she also thinks the title makes her sound 50 years older. Andromeda and her pride. . . definitely a trait a certain someone inherited, m'thinks. :)

Clearly I'm making up all these bizarre inner-workings of metamorphmagus, but I hope at the end of the day everything is consistent! It's something I've been curious about ever since Tonks' (that IS confusing, heh) introduction in the books. It seems like this cool, superficial trait, but I like to think its ramifications and variations get crazy complimented.

Hehe. I'm so glad you love Nelson & Lilith. They are darlings of mine (that I REFUSE to kill), and I always have such fun writing them. Thank you so much for taking the time to read & review! You rock. More from me soon, I hope!

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Review #24, by marauderfanGoodbye: Chapter 1

1st January 2016:
I adore Dobby and there aren't enough stories about him so I was glad to find this one! He is such a great character.

Aw! This was so bittersweet (which is my favourite type of fic) - such a tender and sweet moment between Dobby and his mum as Dobby is about to leave the household where he grew up and go start working for the Malfoys, where I know as the reader that he will be miserable :( It makes me wonder if he ever saw his mum again! And also because house elves really have no control over where they go or what happens in their lives and it's not fair. But it makes me extra glad that Hermione started S.P.E.W. to fix problems like this. ;)

And I love that you gave a backstory to that sad, grimy pillowcase Dobby always wore. That's adorable.

My only advice would be to maybe look at the dialogue again - in the books, house elves often speak about themselves in third person, whereas in this fic they talked about themselves as 'I' rather than 'Dobby' for example.

But that's really a minor thing - overall this was really well done and I think you portrayed the emotions of the house elves really well and their overall helplessness in having their own authority - it's sad but I think makes a lot of sense to the rights house elves had at the time. I love that you explored a family dynamic between house elves as that's not something we ever got to see in the books. Brilliant story! :)

Author's Response: I think it is biologically impossible to not love Dobby. :p Anyway, if you would like to read some more stuff about Dobby, FrankieO5 hosted a challenge where the only rule was the write about Dobby, and there are some really great entries in that. :)

Anyway, I love bittersweet fics too, and I'm so glad you liked this! In my mind, he never got to see her again, which just made this even more heartbreaking to write.

You make a really great point about the dialogue and as soon as the queue reopens I will definitely go fix that. Thanks for the CC!

Again, thank you so much for dropping by and for all your kind words, it really made my day. :)


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Review #25, by marauderfanNine Nights of Dancing: Navratri

1st January 2016:
I love that you chose to write about Parvati taking part in a traditional celebration, and especially the mention that sometimes it's difficult for students at Hogwarts to reconnect with their cultures if they've spent so long in Wizarding Britain - I like that you mentioned there are two different sides of her life and it's been hard to keep them in balance so it's a bit weird for her to be able to go to this festival again.

and I loved the description of the festival! You described it really well and I could just feel the energy of it while reading and picture it in my mind, it sounds so cool.

And last but not least, I think the mention of Padma not showing up because of her depression after the war, and the later description of Parvati's panic attack, made this even more realistic. I think that a war in which teenagers saw such horrible things happen to their classmates and were tortured in class, would have huge after effects, and I could so easily see it being the case that they would need a long time to recover. I was proud of Parvati though at the end, how after all of her anxiety and PTSD and reliving the worst moments of the war and seeing her friends die, she has a moment to recover and still gets back up on her feet and goes to enjoy the festival and not let her past hold her back.

This was really well written and I loved the setting, as well as the realistic portrayals of what these characters might be suffering after the war, great work!

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