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Review #1, by marauderfanCharlotte: Charlotte

25th November 2014:
Here for our review swap :)

Wow, this was really emotional! I felt so bad for like, all of the characters in this. There's really no happy ending for anyone - although Charlotte and Sam are on their way to a happy ending together, it had a huge cost and aww it was just so sad.

I think that speaks a lot for you as a writer though, that you can evoke so many emotions. I mean, I'm happy that Charlotte is leaving her unhappy marriage, I feel bad for Ryan because he really tried so hard, I feel sorry for their kids because they never did anything wrong and their mother just left. And everyone just handled it in such a terrible way (Ryan, Charlotte, and Sam did, I mean) although they had best intentions - but honestly there is no easy answer for anyone in this fic and that's quite realistic as nothing is ever that easy, so well done.

I think your characterisation was wonderful, too. This fic gave the whole spectrum of what had happened in Charlotte's life surrounding her marriage, in all the memories that cropped up during only one actual scene when she's there talking to a sleeping Ryan.

Overall this was really well written and I'm glad I read it! Thanks for the swap! :)

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Review #2, by marauderfanL'optimisme: Words

25th November 2014:
Review swap! So glad to come back and catch up on this excellent story!

Haha, so the main issue I have when I read one of your stories is that I want to quote the ENTIRE thing back to you just because every word is so well placed and so perfect. I simply adore your writing style. Especially that beginning section in here, it's so philosophical! (Maybe that's partly because Dumbledore is the speaker there, but I've noticed in everything I've read by you that you just have a magical way with words no matter who the narrator is.) *bows to your skill*

Ooh, I love that you've focused on the time Albus spent working with Nicolas Flamel on Alchemy! It's well known that he did that, as it was such a huge part of the first book and everything, but I've never actually seen any fic that focuses on this point in both their careers. So it was neat to see. I also love the little details you pointed out, how this was the project he turned to in order to get over Gellert, but it only reminded him of Gellert because of the immortality aspect of the Philosophers Stone and of the Hallows. What a neat (although sad) connection.

I do think it very natural that Albus would try to avoid parties and fake socialising right after Gellert left him heartbroken, and to instead immerse himself in academic pursuits surrounded by other brilliant people. As at this point Albus is still not over Gellert, but fully intends to just move forward, turn his life around, reconcile with his brother, but the more he thinks about what he lost, the more he dedicates himself to his work. I imagine that the pain of the heartbreak was partly responsible for Albus' alchemy work being so productive during that time; I like how you set that up.

I really love the tone of this chapter; it's so gloomy, but bittersweet in parts. Despite the fact that Albus and Gellert are no longer together, Albus clearly still has some regard for him (and continues to, even after all they went through later on, the memory of it kind of lingers). The fact that the whole story is written almost like letters to one another, or at least thinking about one another, implies that those feelings did last in some form.

Another wonderful chapter! Thanks for the swap! :)

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Review #3, by marauderfanSeven: 7:00 AM

25th November 2014:
Hi Carla! Review swap! :D

I had never really thought about it much before but Hermione is quite similar to Lily was, in a lot of ways, as in that she's Muggle born and very intelligent and tends to see the good in people, so I'm beginning to understand the ship a little more. He's full of regrets about much of his life, but being in love again is moving him past that - and she can see past the things he's done and sees the person he is.

I really liked reading this through Snape's eyes, he seems so much less bitter, so much happier than he was in the books and it's nice to see that. :) Your descriptions are really wonderful too, how you focus on really particular things, like the too-bright alarm clock that Snape just sees as one of Hermione's idiosyncrasies. And several times you mentioned Snape's veined hands, or scars, which is a constant reminder of all he's been through - battles, and years, and guilt; I like that you highlighted that - it's a great contrast between the two of them, but not anything that drives them apart.

In your A/N you mentioned that this story won't follow a linear pattern and I think that's cool. I'm curious about their past together, more bits of the story to fill in. The idea of the story itself is really neat too, how you're focusing all these snapshots on the number 7 - I saw it crop up several times in this chapter alone.

Lastly, this is irrelevant to the story but all your banners/CI's are gorgeous! :p

Great chapter and thanks for the swap! :)

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Review #4, by marauderfanThe Ides of March: Nothing thicker than a knife's blade.

24th November 2014:
Kiana! I'm finally here for our review swap - sorry for taking FOREVER. :p

I've had my eye on this fic for ages so I'm really excited to start reading it. Founders slash?! Oh be still my heart. I love it already. Not only are there so few Founders fics on the archive (relatively), but to find a slash one is so incredibly rare because of the societal constraints of the era. I love that you've taken on this challenge.

Your Helena is wonderful - the way she talks and thinks about things is just so Ravenclaw-y. She speaks in riddles and spends considerable time thinking about the mysteries of the universe, what is and what is not truth and good. Her relationship with her mother is interesting too - I can see the seeds of dissatisfaction which will eventually become the rift between her and Rowena leading to Helena running away with the diadem.

I like that she calls Helga 'Aunt' and that she goes to her for advice - I love the idea that the Founders' families were close with each other like an extended family sort of :)

The religious aspect of this makes it quite interesting as well, as it seems to be the one thing really tying Helena down from making her love known. I was glad at the end when she admitted it to Eleanor (and that Eleanor likes her back!) but I have the distinct feeling that there will be many more struggles for them - for Helena personally.

At least, so far, no one else knows, so they are safe in that at least. But I have a feeling that is a temporary thing :-/ And, well I'm getting way ahead of myself, but I have a feeling that Helena and Eleanor's love (once it's discovered) will be a strong motivation in the Bloody Baron's murder of Helena - it'd certainly be much more of a motivation. I know that's far in the future at this point, but I like how the story already adds so much to canon and the stage is set for the things we already know happened.

This is really good so far! Can't wait to read more. :)

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Review #5, by marauderfanthe earth and the sky: the earth and the sky

23rd November 2014:
I saw your status and figured this must be the ambitious, emotional one-shot you had been working on a little while ago that I'd been looking forward to reading!

This was, quite simply, an amazing story. Absolutely beautiful writing, and you covered so many topics in here that were so emotional that resonated with me. I was definitely tearing up towards the end there.

You wrote their relationship with such care, from their recovery from the war all the way until the end - it wasn't glorified in any way, it was just life, with all its ups and downs. Nothing felt too drawn out or skipped over, it was just the bits that really mattered, the most important, emotional moments (which are usually the ones that stick with you, the ones you remember the most). I loved the symbolism of Astoria as the earth and Draco as the sky, it was so fitting, as they belonged together and really helped one another heal from their pasts. I thought it was beautiful the way they made a new life out of something that had been so broken in the past, and I loved the recurring symbolism of the rain as things starting over.

The bit about the London subway - I remember that day so clearly, and I admit I was shocked when I realized what was about to happen in the story. I think it's realistic that he wouldn't have been able to recover his hearing, and this was yet another setback for Draco and Astoria who have already been through so much, but like before they helped each other make it through. I love that you really went into the difficulties of how his deafness impacted their relationship and his life, but even with such an impacting loss as the ability to hear, he (they) were able to move on and to appreciate the good. And when Astoria lost her voice later, even though it was terrible, I appreciated how perfect she and Draco still were for each other as she couldn't speak and he couldn't hear - their individual losses kind of worked together at that point.

Gah, Astoria's disease and the effects it had on the family, particularly Draco - that was the part that got me the most. This particular line: After all, recovery isn't about forgetting. It's about clutching the pain in your chest and letting it shape you, change you, better you. -- That resonated with me so much, having also lost someone to a disease who died far too young, and this was something that took me a long time to learn and really understand. The whole fic deals with the ideas of loss and recovery so well, treats the ideas with such care and you even gave it this slight overtone of beauty, as this is the way life is and it moves on and there are still beautiful things - and that line in particular just summed it up so well for me.

And I loved the ending you chose, with them meeting once again after they died. It was so bittersweet but that's my favourite type of ending, tbh.

In all, this was just an incredible fic, Adi. I think this is one of those types of stories that will stay with me for a while. I'm so glad I read it.


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Review #6, by marauderfanChicks Before Broomsticks: Hot Dance

23rd November 2014:
Wooo new chapter!

I love the way you do these subtle but pointed jabs at the media and other unpleasant things about society, like the bit where the Daily Prophet outs all the queer people on the team. And yes, this story is fiction, but the parts that aren't are SO spot on, and that bit in particular puts me to mind of EVERY tabloid ever that has headlines like "OMG THIS ACTOR/ATHLETE/MUSICIAN IS GAY!" when really, WHY is that headline news? It has nothing to do with how well they play Quidditch (or act, or play guitar or whatever). It's silly, but you see it ALL THE TIME in the media. And so while I feel badly for the characters in here, I applaud you for pointing it out in this fic.

Ooh also I love that you've turned Witch Weekly into a more liberal magazine rather than the gossipy rag I imagined it as during the books (I imagined it before as the wizard version of Cosmo, whereas here it seems to be potentially more of a feminist magazine so I love the spin you put on that.)

Also, good for the Holyhead Harpies being open and welcoming. But the reporter who bothered Hollie seems to come from a past century and needs to keep up with the times - I couldn't believe how rude she (the reporter) was by disrespectfully refusing to use Ellie Cooper's chosen name and instead using her given name. :[

I love the way you've written Molly! She's so spunky, but I can still see elements of Percy in how Molly seems to enjoy her authority. (But it's not in an annoying way like Percy.) Aw, poor Salvador still having a broken hand. And I know the press is extra scary this time for Hollie but I'm still excited for her that she's going to play!

I don't remember if I've said this before but I adore Hollie's friendship with Alec. I think they're such wonderful best friends and the way they encourage each other, as well as tease each other, is just really great. :) Also, I love the amount of diversity in this fic.



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Review #7, by marauderfanHer Choice : A New Beginning

22nd November 2014:
Hi Lindsey! I'm here with your request :)

I like that you really set the scene in the orphanage here, with your descriptions of the sunrise, and the worn duvet on the bed, and the mirror across the room - I can see it all in my mind pretty clearly, so well done on your descriptions of the setting.

Poor Laynie, she really has had such a rough life so far! First her parents dying, and then both sets of grandparents not wanting anything to do with her, it's awful! And I had thought the Dursleys were bad to Harry, but at least they weren't as bad as Laynie's grandmother who actually left her at an orphanage, so sad - how awful would it be to live at an orphanage knowing that she has living family members but that they chose to leave her there instead? Gah, I just feel so bad for her. After you revealed that her maternal grandparents are related to the Black Family though, I can understand that side a bit more, as they do have a tendency to disown people for marrying Mudbloods.

Hmm, the Malfoys wanting to adopt a half-blood relative. That's certainly different. I think your writing of Lucius Malfoy's character was great though, you wrote his snideness perfectly and how he was rude to everyone he considered beneath him, like Mrs Worden.

I don't know if I've seen any other story where the character had a year of magical education and then was removed from the magical world entirely for five years. I hope you have some flashbacks in later chapters maybe about things that Laynie learned during her years in the Muggle orphanage and what she thought about the curriculum vs what she would be learning at Beauxbatons. Does she miss magic at all? Or does she feel most at home with Muggles now? Aside from the fact that I'm not sure what her current feelings about magic are, your initial characterization of Laynie is good! :)

The flow, on the whole, is good and not too choppy or skipping over things. A few phrases were a bit awkward though; maybe these could use some editing:

The woman barely tolerated her own son, who despite her exhaustive begging, still went to a school called Hogwarts. -- As is, this sounds like he presently attends Hogwarts, which I know is not the intended meaning. Maybe just remove the word 'still'.

looked toward them with wide eyes and smirks. -- Maybe this is a picky thing, but I don't know if wide eyes and smirks are something that you can actually do simultaneously. (I just tried it.) A smirk usually denotes smugness or slyness, and wide eyes usually accompany surprise/innocence... and I'm just trying to figure out how the Malfoys/Lestranges are smug and surprised at the same time? The way I see it, smirks are definitely a very Malfoy thing to do. Maybe not the wide eyes.

Ok, well hopefully that helps some! This is an intriguing first chapter, and yes I'd definitely be interested to know what befalls Laynie in the future and how she settles into her new life with the Malfoys, and if she ever manages to stay in touch with her Muggle best friend again.

Great work!

Author's Response: Hey there,

Thanks so much for coming by. I am glad you like it so far. lol, I have to laugh at some of my phrases "wide eyes and smirks" hahahaha! That sounds silly when I am reading it from your standpoint. I'm going to have to change that.
Well... I am so glad you think I am doing well so far with characterization, it makes me happy because I used to struggle with that. I will come back and re-request. You're awesome!

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Review #8, by marauderfanKissing in Private: Part One

22nd November 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your requested review. :)

This is a different side of Teddy than I usually see written in fic - often he's portrayed as having perfect Metamorphmagus abilities and blue hair just because he thinks it's awesome. But I love the way you've really gone deeper into the Metamorphmagus (gah, it takes me like 4 tries to spell that properly) powers and how difficult they are to control and the ways that his peers react to it. Especially as kids often do have a tendency to pick on, or at least point out, things that are different, and for a kid who's shy like Teddy in this story it really impacts him. I felt so badly for him, being embarrassed about his hair growing and his pig snout, especially as he has no one who can explain how those particular powers work. :(

His thoughts about his friendship with Victoire were kind of sad too, but in a kind of funny way. (This makes me sound like a terrible person. Let me try that again.) I think that given how insecure Teddy is, it is quite natural that he'd see Vic as miles out of his league, and that she only hangs round with him because they've known each other since they were toddlers. And how even though Teddy feels sad about this, his internal thoughts about Victoire and later about socializing in general (I'd quote it back to you but it's not 12+, but you know those bits in italics) are pretty funny. So, to answer the question you posed in your request about the humour: the story itself isn't that funny (I felt quite sorry for Teddy getting bullied) but his self-aware asides were quite funny in a way. I mean that although Teddy still is insecure about himself, in the second section of this chapter he has grown up to the point where is more good-humoured about it. One thing I also found really funny was the line about Derek's face being like a shovel, haha.

You'd also mentioned the POV of this story being new to you, but it certainly doesn't show - it flows really naturally and I like the way you've written it. One thing I love about first person is the opportunity to really delve into a person's psyche, and I have a distinct feeling that what he thinks about Victoire is seen through a lens of all the things Teddy feels are inferior about himself - as in, he's not the most reliable narrator when Vic is concerned ;)

There are a couple of places where the tense hops into present, like here When I need to get my schoolwork done -- as well as some lines towards the end of the chapter, and I'm not sure if it's intentional. The rest of the chapter, all the dialogue/action is in past, which would follow that past would make sense here, unless you mean Teddy to be thinking back on it from a later time? (So, this isn't really a criticism, just a thing I wanted to point out in terms of consistency.)

Anyway, I think that covers it! Well written, great chapter!

Author's Response: Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

I am so glad you like the portrayal of Teddy I have here. I have seen a lot of fics where Teddy is sort of this bad-boy type with this devil-may-care attitude. And honestly, I've written a few fics where he has that personality as well. But as I was planning this story, I dug deep into his character and found this really vulnerable, naive boy who can't really fit in and there's no one to help him with his gift. So I'm really glad that you picked up on that! :)

I totally understand what you mean about the story itself not being funny. That's what I was a bit confused about, myself. But you make an excellent point. The story itself is not of the humor genre, and so I don't think it justifies a humor tag. Thanks so much!

Wow, I am so glad you are picking up all this great stuff in my story! I think you are exactly right when you say that Victoire is seen through this lens of Teddy, and he has this bad image of himself so that really plays into everything. Thank you!

Thanks for pointing that out! I'm glad you did. I thought about that line for a while, and I was worried that people would feel like it was hopping around in tense. But really my intention was to establish that Teddy does this frequently. It's his normal routine. You make an excellent point though!

Thank you so much for reading my story! I really appreciate your time. :)

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Review #9, by marauderfanDeath on the First: Chapter Two

22nd November 2014:
Review swap! So excited to read another chapter of this :D

Was definitely not expecting Padma to be murdered as well in this chapter! :O But there's so much new information... some of which I'm sure is red herrings because it doesn't all add up as well as I want it to, haha.

So... Dean, Daphne, and Pansy are the only ones who haven't been mentioned yet as interacting with the narrator. I'm inclined to think Pansy, as she seems more likely to walk around having a chat with Theo, and the bit about not wanting to use 'a woman's weapon' makes me think it probably is a woman. And since she was close to Draco, she might have done stuff with Disillusionment Charms during 6th year to help Draco into the Room of Requirement or something. But... Pansy is probably a Pureblood, and I got the impression that the murderer was not pureblood because they knew a bit about Muggle technology in the previous chapter. Hmmm.

But was Padma poisoned anyway, even after the murderer deciding against poison? What happened to her?! What is the motive of the murderer to kill both of the Patil twins? Sooo much mystery. And I just love how meticulously this entire story is planned out - there is information revealed in each chapter so far, enough to potentially make guesses, but not enough to know anything for sure yet.

The murderer is such an astute person, noting how Theo reacts and making note of it, and keeping so calm and collected while characters like Seamus break down and Theo gets angry he's being kept so long. That is really working well in the murderer's favour. But I wonder if the murderer is almost too calm and that will give them away in the end?

I can't wait to find out! Awesome chapter & thanks for the swap! :D

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Review #10, by marauderfanEffortlessly Dead: In the Nest of Shrikes

22nd November 2014:
Hello! I've had my eye on this fic for a while now and really have no excuse why it took me so long to start reading it, but anyway I did so and I must say I'm really impressed with what I've read so far.

The first chapter was so eerie and I loved the cat and mouse analogy of Menna stalking her victim - just enough to know what's going on, but not overly detailed. I'm really curious though about the whole family, why they continue their old 'business' of assassinations, how do they function as individuals within normal society/what are they like when they're not assassinating people? And who hired Menna to kill that victim? Aah! All of this things I assume I'm going to find out at some point in the story, but already I'm wondering about it.

I also love how you've built the horror of the Shrikes into the story in a realistic way - like of course we haven't heard of them before because of the tendency the wizarding world has to not repeat things they're scared of (i.e. not saying "Voldemort") it just seemed so natural that this family could easily be a part of the wizarding world that just isn't talked about. So really well done creating that whole aspect.

I like the scene in the Auror department as well; even after only two chapters your characterization of everyone is really impressive. One little thing I appreciate is how even though the tone is serious and there's just been a murder, there's still a touch of humour at the owl refusing to let Harry near it :p

Anyway, I am looking forward to reading on. There's a lot of mysterious things happening and honestly I have no idea what to expect - and I like that. Awesome work so far!

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'm glad you're enjoying this story so far!

I'm rather surprised how popular the cat and mouse analogy is; I'm glad I decided to include it after all. I'm also happy to hear you're intrigued by Menna and her family. All of those questions will be answered in the course of the story so I hope you'll stick around to find out the answers. :)

It's also great that you find the Shrikes to be a believable part of the wizarding world; that they've always been there but never talked about.

I'm glad that you like the characterisation. I was (and still am) a bit nervous about how people react to the OCs since there are so many of them, and am I able to stay true to the canon characters. It's great that you liked the scene with the owl since I really enjoyed writing it! It does add a little levity to what is otherwise a serious situation.

Thanks again for reading!

- Emmi

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Review #11, by marauderfanfall.: fall.

22nd November 2014:
Review swap!

Carla, this was beautiful. I absolutely love the way you used the season to really tell the story - the imagery was just wonderful. And it's not just visual details, but the sound of the crunching, the feel of the carpet of leaves. It's the way you've used many different senses to describe the scene, and it's so effective; I can picture it so well. Besides, autumn is my favourite season so I just adore the descriptions of it with its colourful crunchy leaves - im particular the bit about "sunsets and sunsets on branches", such great word choice.

But the story of their love as a whole, it was just so sad, how Teddy broke up with Victoire because he fell in love with Rose, but they couldn't be together because Rose would be hurting her cousin, and just kept on in this terrible situation of being in love but not able to be with the one they loved. :'(

I think the chosen season really went well with the theme of the story too, as autumn is kind of representative of things ending, and so for it to accompany this sad story of Teddy and Rose's love that can never be, I just thought it was done so perfectly! As the seasons change and get colder, so does their love. Ah, symbolism. I love it. :D

And even the title - so many things falling either physically or metaphorically: leaves, hearts, tears - it's so simple and so brilliant. The whole fic is that way, actually: it's a very simple style, pretty sparsely worded, but everything that needs to be said is said, there's nothing superfluous. I think you wrote the drama genre so effectively, and it went so perfectly with the season as well - really impressed by this piece. Well done!!

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Review #12, by marauderfanPast Tense: first.

21st November 2014:
Hello! This is SUCH an intriguing first chapter and I'm so interested to see where you go with it. Ages ago I found a story about a Squib teacher at Hogwarts and then it was abandoned, so I'm really happy to see another Squib story on the archives, because there really aren't many - especially longer stories like this one is intended to be. So ahh! I'm really excited about this.

I love the way you point out the silly outdatedness of the wizarding world, in their names, the fact that they still use parchment (ew, had not thought about it that way before), send messages via the slowest, messiest means imaginable, and that they're really just SO out of touch with the rapidly modernizing outside world. (Though I suspect now that I may be a witch, or at least live under a rock, as I have no idea what a 'vine' is, apart from the climbing plant.) But really all of the contrasts in here between Muggles and wizards were spot on.

I wonder if her subverting the Statute of Secrecy is going to become important later. Interesting thought about Squibs too. They do really have it rough as they're kind of halfway between both worlds (and I do love that you chose the name Persephone for her as it's absolutely perfect for a Squib!)

And lastly, I love that you chose Professor Vector as the new headmistress, and that she is trying to diversify Hogwarts a little, almost-equal opportunity employment for squibs and all that.

If I were Steph though, I don't think I'd take the job! She seems much happier about the Muggle world than the magical one, perhaps because her family reacted so badly to the discovery that she was a Squib and it seems like they see her as an embarrassment. And besides her Muggle life sounds pretty awesome, road trips and museums and watching Blackadder (yess!)

Plus I feel like working in one world and living in another would be so hard, and by taking the job she'd just be emphasizing that even more - like why make it harder than it needs to be?

(I can now more fully appreciate why Argus Filch was so grumpy all the time.)

Anyway. I'll be looking out for updates on this, it's really a brilliant idea and I'm so glad to see a story about Squibs :D

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Review #13, by marauderfanRyan O'Shiel and the Return of the Hallows: Chapter Two: The Sorting Hat's Song

20th November 2014:
Hello again! Here with your requested review :)

From the start I want to point out how impressed I am that you wrote your own Sorting Hat song. Often people find ways to avoid having to write one, so I really like that you made the effort and it does sound like a song the good old hat would sing. :) So yeah, nice job writing that song!

I like that you showed Neville's start as Herbology Professor, as well! It's cool to see him starting out there. I hope you include some Herbology lessons later on in the story because I would love to see how he teaches them! :D

I notice a couple of typos in here, for example in a couple of places the use of "too" rather than "to". e.g. causing a clipboard to magically fly too him.

A couple of other things that seemed odd to me: The sorting hat saying this: You have the brains and potential to be a Ravenclaw, yet the stupidity of a Gryffindor. -- It seemed kind of OOC (...does it count as a character? haha) for the Sorting Hat to say Gryffindors are stupid. I feel like the hat always had respect for each of the houses and generally spoke well of all of them. Also, brains and stupidity kind of cancel each other out anyway. So I guess what I suggest is maybe refine the wording in that sentence.

Also, Ryan mentions that he recognizes Professor McGonagall as the previous Transfiguration Professor - but how would he know that as a first year?

Those details aside, I think the story is progressing nicely and I'm eager to see how these three become friends and settle into their life as newly sorted Gryffindors. Things seem pretty normal for them now, but given their propensity to cause mischief like they did in the first chapter falling in the lake, I have a feeling there are interesting things coming up for them soon! :)

Great work!

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Review #14, by marauderfanDeath on the First: Chapter One

19th November 2014:
This is the most unique beginning to a mystery story I've ever seen. From the fourth paragraph (actually, before I even started reading the story, if I count the summary) I know who did it. It was the narrator. But who IS the narrator?! Ah, it's brilliant!

The narrator is just so casual about the whole thing, no guilt at all, just commenting about it like one would about the weather, which is what makes it so strange to read.

The interview was really interesting too. Clearly this person has read a lot of crime novels, or at least enough to know how these investigations normally go in novels and who gets arrested and who doesn't. And they have very meticulously planned out things to say and how to act. Clearly the murderer is intelligent. And they are (most likely) not the son of a Death Eater. And they seem to know about Muggle technology. Not sure if these are all clues or just red herrings, but this is all the information I have so far and I'm going to keep this all in mind as I read future chapters haha.

It's not Theo, or Michael. I assume it's one of the characters listed in the beginning, and right now I don't have much of a guess. (At first my (incorrect) guess was Hermione, before I figured out it had to be one of those people listed haha.)

So anyway. I think this is such a great idea for a story, and I absolutely love how the mystery is in the identity of the narrator. I'm curious what motives the narrator had for murdering Parvati.

I'm really interested in the story so far and am eager to read on! Thanks for swapping with me! :D

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Review #15, by marauderfanRunning into Weasley: Running into Weasley

19th November 2014:
For our review swap!

This is cute. I think you've captured that nervousness of crushes really well, that awkward phase when you think they have no idea who you are, and you're constantly trying to impress them with your wittiness and your perfect hair. Everything Rosalia does in the beginning just really emphasized that. She seemed so nervous and determined to be at her best whenever he saw her.

I took the short walk to compose myself, stopping several times to peer into windows to check my reflection. Until I realized the people on the other side of the window were giving me strange looks. -- I loved this line as isn't this something we've all done? I know I have. XD

Nothing like colliding with someone to totally catch you off guard though! But she held herself together well. I liked that he was able to get to know the 'real' her a little more and not just the front that she puts up, as she spoke with her natural accent. That's definitely something to make her stand out! And it's when she starts to be herself a little that he really pays attention. I like that. :)

The second time she ran into him was so great as it was all deliberately planned out, she's so sneaky! She should have just asked him directly! But hey, it worked, so no worries :p I wonder if he'd been admiring her from afar just like she had been to him, and they just never said anything until that moment when they ran into one another ;)

I liked your take on adversity - definitely a different type of adversity yet one that everyone goes through at some point. I'm glad that it all worked out in the end for them! :)

Thanks for the swap!

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Review #16, by marauderfanHealing: The Wages of War

19th November 2014:
Welll it's obvious I'm procrastinating from NaNo but hey at least I get to find out what happened to Fred.

Gahh, I've read like 3 paragraphs and I'm already tearing up because you mentioned Remus and Tonks' funerals and that (like Fred's death, and Dobby's death, and the list goes on) still makes me very sad. I was kind of hoping you'd bring them back in this fic too, but I guess I have to be reasonable :p

I love your portrayal of Madame Pomfrey! Just like her canon self - and I am not surprised that she's still looking out for all her students, present and past, during that time. The Healers must have had the busiest, craziest time after the war O_O

HA. I love how even though Fred isn't able to talk (which, I agree with Harry, must be quite the struggle for him) he is able to communicate perfectly clearly. I love that even when he's been through so much and is clearly in a lot of pain, he still has a good attitude about it.

Ugh, of course Harry would try to take responsibility for all the horrible things that happened. Fortunately there are a lot of Weasleys who can knock some sense into him. I love that you pointed out all the damage Harry did to Gringotts and thus his account is frozen - I hadn't even considered that but of course it makes sense haha. I like that you've really considered all the after effects of a huge battle and they're all appearing in this chapter.

Aw, George really does need some sleep. I am so happy that he has Fred back but he can't stay awake for a whole month straight, so yeah. Sleep.

As always your characterisation of the Weasleys is brilliant. I like that in this chapter Charlie was such a caretaker - looking after Harry and Fred and George and making sure they do what they need to begin recovering. Its cool because we don't see much of Charlie in the books, and I like what you've done with him. I can definitely see him being the type who takes care of people, as that's his job (with dragons, not people :p)

Awesome chapter! Thanks for the swap!!

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Review #17, by marauderfanWorship You: Storm

18th November 2014:
THIS IS SO AMAZING. Your words: simply stunning. It flows almost lyrically, and it is particularly astounding as that woman in this story is Sirius' most awful cousin. I had not thought I would find such kind, admiring words about this woman. Your writing flows so naturally, and I almost forgot that you did away with that most common symbol.

I'm musing upon who this narrator is. An instructor at Hogwarts, I think, but I don't know who in particular. Your story of this narrator's almost worship of that bright-burning star is so sad.

Formulating this analysis of your writing, also without using that most common symbol, has shown to this author just what a difficult task you took on and I am blown away by how you did it. Amazing work.

Author's Response: Kristin!

YOU are amazing! I was so happy to see this review so quickly after posting the story, and one so sweet and lovely too - you're awesome!

I'm so glad that this seemed to actually flow properly and that the word choices actually worked - it was SO hard to write a whole story without the letter 'E', I was just searching my document for it the whole time :P (You've done a good job not using the letter in your review, by the way!)

I think it turned out kind of twisted because the narrator was so invested in Bellatrix, who really is just awful, but I wanted to show that love isn't always rational! And I have the narrator in mind as Aurora Sinistra, if you wanted to know - but it can be anyone you like, really!

Thank you so much for this awesome review, you're just amazing! ♥

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Review #18, by marauderfanWhat next?: Chapter Three

18th November 2014:
I'm baaack! :p

Wow, filling out all those potential career surveys brings me back, I remember having to do one of those years ago. It was very unappealing. :p Also I can't blame Rose at all for not taking Hermione up on that offer for a 'top department in the Ministry' - besides the fact she already mentioned of her mother finding her a job, then there's the fact that she'd be working for her Mum. I don't think it would go well :p

Though this is trivial, I love the story of the mythical Benjy Backwittle or Bumby Biglittle or whatever he was called. I don't think he existed either! :D

Ooh, Jem's tattoos move. I hadn't even thought about it but that makes perfect sense for the wizarding world. That would be SO WEIRD.

Anyway, I loved the scene with the four of them joking around and filling out their career surveys. Rose seems like quite the forward thinker, wondering how it's going to be when she's left Hogwarts, when it's still September - she's got a whole year at least!

Ruth is consistently developing into a more complex character. I loved the line about her withdrawing into the safety of her own head after she brought up something and then didn't want to give away her ideas. I am really curious what she was on about though! Animagus transformations maybe? I have no idea.

I also love how you wrote her as so confident when really she had no idea what she was doing. It's interesting as I can see a similarity to Hermione there, or at least understand why Hermione was always so well-read and so smart - as she came from a Muggle family she didn't want to seem stupid in front of her peers and thus read everything ever written about magic so she could put herself on equal footing with people brought up with magic. Anyway I really like this particular aspect of Ruth that points out her solution to coming into school as a Muggle-born.

Malfoy and Jeanie are actually being nice and I just want to shake Rose for thinking there's ulterior motives. She is very suspicious. But at the same time, Scorpius needs to learn how to properly finish a sentence instead of being vague and passive aggressive. Ah, teenage drama. :D

I do like that a future version of Rose interjects to point out that 'this was the point when we crossed to the other side' it's neat, as if a future, much wiser version of her is telling the story :P

Great chapter! Looking forward to reading more of this! :)

Author's Response: You really are back, hello! :)

This review was such a nice surprise! I was feeling uninspired lately and then I read this and had a strong urge to write and I actually wrote an entire chapter! Thank you SO much for your encouragement! :)

Gah, so the surveys really are a worldwide thing, and everyone seems to be equally annoyed by them! The inspiration for this scene actually came from me having to fill out a billion of them a few months ago. :P And yeah, Rose working for Hermione sounds potentially disastrous. :D

Yay, I'm glad you liked Benjy (I don't even know myself if that was the original version)! It was completely ridiculous but I loved writing that bit. And you are correct in your assumption. ;) And the tattoos! I'm so happy it makes sense to you, because it's perfectly reasonable to me! Surely someone would think of this at some point. :D

Aah, I'm just so glad you liked that first scene. Nothing much happens in it but I hoped it would be entertaining and introduce Jem as a character. As for Rose thinking ahead, you make a good point! :D Though they were filling out forms about possible employment and 'after-Hogwarts-plans' so it sort of makes sense her thoughts would drift that way, I guess.

Eep, Ruth! I'm so glad that she's coming off as more complex than she appeared at first! And it's great to hear that you're interested in her! As for what ahe was on about... I can't say anything yet! :P

But I definitely agree with what you said about Hermione! Some of her brilliance might have been caused by her fear of coming off as less intelligent just because she didn't grow up in the same environment. It's funny, because she knew a lot of facts that even pureblood kids had never heard of, which only shows how she was missing that filter for what was important to know and what was just a random factoid. I hadn't even thought of Hermione when I wrote that part about Ruth but now I'm a bit proud of it - it's like a little homage to Hermione (because she's my favourite character from HP).

Yeah, Rose is an idiot here, haha. But I'm glad it showed that Malfoy and Jeanie were nice, even though Rose couldn't see it. As for Malfoy not finishing his sentences, gah, you wouldn't believe how much writing and re-writing it took me to come up with a conversation that sounded like it might happen in real life but in which nothing concrete is said. Because, if Scorpius finished his sentence, the conflict would be resolved and the story would probably end unless I magically came up with a new plot. Oh and there's another reason but more on this in... chapter 9, I think. :D Sometimes I feel like I'm too old to be writing this, haha. But then again, I like my OC's! I actually like them more than the Rose/Scorpius aspect of this ScoRose. Oh boy, I sound like the least dedicated author ever! :D

Thank you for mentioning that line about the older version of Rose interjecting her thoughts! I'm so happy you liked that part!

Aah, Kristin,this was such a nice, thoughtful review! I'm really glad you like this story and are looking forward to the rest. And of course, I honestly appreciate you taking time to review and give your opinions and thoughts on certain aspects of it - they are a joy to read!

Thank you, thank you. :)


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Review #19, by marauderfanLife Drawing: Chapter One

18th November 2014:
For the review exchange! I realise that you've got my three-part story and yours is a one-shot, so I'll make this an extra long review in order to make up for it. :P

To begin with I'm really impressed by your very visual descriptions, I can really feel them. Especially the way you start in with the small, focusing on the four raindrops, and then zoom out to the whole view. This: The window pane was misting, shying away from the winter afternoon like a gentle retreat. The tops of the trees were brown, still made of mushy leaves and mossy branches. -- that's what it looks like out my window at this moment, so that was pretty cool :p I love the way you described the window as shying away from the winter scene by misting over, what a clever way to express that. In that first little bit there, you've done such an incredible job of setting the tone of lingering sadness that pervades throughout the entire piece. Especially as the individual raindrops you focused on near the beginning can also symbolize tears, which reinforces the sad mood of the fic.

Also this: The rain was a sodden sheet in front of me, sweeping down from the north, landing in a flurry on the flimsy shed roof and painting the patio with swimming pools. -- I love it. Being from a rainy place myself, maybe this is why I'm just in love with all your descriptions of rain but this one vivid and so beautiful. And how you're really just talking about the rain but it ends up painting a picture of what the whole back garden looks like, setting the scene really wonderfully.

This whole section has the air of sadness to it, of stagnancy, and I can't put my finger on why. It's very melancholy - maybe just the silence of it all and how there's not much dialogue and how it's pouring rain. At the end of that section I began to wonder where Harry was, and why Teddy appears to be there escaping from something, and I think that's the source of the sad feeling. It's never said outright, but it's there, and that's so, so effective.

I really appreciate your subtlety in this piece. I feel like each phrase is so carefully crafted to evoke a certain feeling, and it's very successful. This part here Tentatively, I opened the sketchbook to the first page, that indescribable smell of ‘new’ washing over me. -- I love the way you've used Teddy's art as a metaphor for starting over. I don't even know what he's starting over from, but just the whole feeling of this section implies that he's turning over a new page in more than one way, recovering from something. As is his Aunt Ginny, hence why he was staying with her.

I love the ending. I still wonder what went wrong for Teddy (and potentially Ginny, because she seemed sad as well), but I like that you didn't say. It leaves it up to interpretation. And how you ended with him standing in the rain again, not really having improved at all, but it's hinted that he's on his way.

I hadn't read anything by you before this and I must say I love your writing style - it's very abstract and artistic and that just works so perfectly for a piece like this. I'm really impressed at all the feeligs and emotions that this fic raises. You did a wonderful job writing this and I'm so glad I go to swap with you!

Also, I think this may be the longest review I've ever written.

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Review #20, by marauderfanAll Grown Up: Looking Down

18th November 2014:
I chose this one because it's narrated from the afterlife and I always think those are really cool stories.

This was sooo cute and it also made me really sad again because that part in Deathly Hallows is so sad when Tonks and Remus died leaving behind a kid who was not even a year old yet, and this made me think about it all over again. :'(

The first few paragraphs about the moment she died were really incredible! I love the way you described how she died (does this make me sound really morbid?) and how it was a series of images that went by so fast in reality but seemed to take hours, and how she thinks she'll live and then doesn't D':

And then the paragraph about how she was watching Teddy grow up, it's kind of like an attack on the feels but I love it, especially as Tonks sees Teddy changing his hair colour, and Andromeda reminiscing. Its all so bittersweet and just SO great.

And then you bring in the part about James interrupting Teddy and Victoire LOL. That scene was so funny in the book and it's especially neat to read it as Tonks' ghost/presence/whatever is there on the bench, glad to see that her son is in love. AWWW ♥

Omg and I LOVED the last line. Even though they're being all sentimental (and they're dead!) Tonks is still cracking jokes about her name like normal and it's SO HER.

Even though you mention it was difficult to write this story, it really paid off as this is a truly wonderful little one-shot. So glad I read it, thanks for the swap!

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Review #21, by marauderfanBroken Wings: Broken Wings

18th November 2014:
Sorry about the delay! Here I am for the swap!

From the beginning, this is really great. I love that young Lucius uses the term 'Mother' and not Mum, as it seems much more traditional and proper, seems appropriate for such an esteemed pureblood family haha.

Your descriptions of the fairy caught in the web are really wonderful! It's so easy to visualize the fairy buzzing around in the web caught like an insect. And even the things you added about the fairies themselves- they're tiny and blue, they can't stand the sunlight - these are such great details. And I love the way you described the sun setting behind the spider web. Gorgeous.

(A very nitpicky detail, which you may feel free to ignore: Black Widow spiders actually do not live in the UK as far as I know (and they tend to live in holes/cluttered places, not in webs out in the open.) But, I think very few people will care about that detail, so maybe it's not worth fixing. Maybe it's obnoxious of me to point out haha. Anyway, in case you're interested :P )

You've written a very convincing seven-year-old, as well. I loved the comment about when he grows up he's going to be tall - it's such a typical thing for little kids to say. Also this:

I told Mother once that if Father believes kindness to be weakness than he must be very strong indeed. -- This is such a classic child statement, like it's meant in a really innocent way, but has such truth to it that he doesn't really understand what he's implying.

I felt so bad for Lucius at the end, getting punished for helping out a fairy! He was such a considerate kid - honestly just helping out a fairy for the sake of being nice, but as it's been drilled into him that kindness is weakness, he had to repress this particular redeeming quality. Makes me wonder how he would have turned out if he were allowed to be 'weak' and help out other people. But it certainly explained how he became the Lucius Malfoy we know from the books.

Well done! Thanks for the swap!

Author's Response: Hey,

Thanks for the review! I totally didn't realize that about Black Widow spiders, I mostly just wanted to use the words =)

This was a lot of fun to write. So much so that I'm thinking of doing other stories from a childhood perspective =) Lucius was fussy about the whole thing, but we got there in the end so it's nice to know people are enjoying this take on him when he was less of a cruel adult.


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Review #22, by marauderfanTwo: A Perfect Blend: Blended Christmas

18th November 2014:
For the swap!

Wow, your descriptions of all the Christmasy things at the Weasleys' are making me wish it was winter already. Actually this whole section reminds me of my own childhood spending the holidays with my crazy family :D I just adore the way you've written the Weasley Christmas - they're a great bunch! I love the line about the misplaced tags and the wooden floors being swallowed up by bright paper. It's so wonderfully visual. And also you're making me very hungry as there's so much in here about food and it sounds amazing.

What a contrast to Scorpius' early memories of Christmas :( In comparison it sounds absolutely joyless, poor Scorpius!

I loved seeing the way things developed for him - firstly from having heaps of presents but no fun, and then later on he has fewer gifts, but the ones he gets matter a whole lot more and so he's much happier.

It was cute that everyone stayed at Hogwarts together that one Christmas, and I just loved when Scorpius came to the Burrow with Rose and got to experience that kind of Christmas celebration, and that everyone liked him. Almost everyone. (Ron will come around eventually!) It was so cute too how Rose offered to give that up in case Scorpius felt uncomfortable with all the craziness, but he says no because he knows how much she loves Christmas with her family. Aww! :D

This is such a lovely, fluffy, feel-good type of story and I really loved the way you used the details and descriptions to highlight the different types of Christmas celebrations in the two families. And I'm so happy about Rose and Scorpius together enjoying Christmas with Rose's wild family and with them being so happy. What a lovely fic.

Thanks for the swap! I really enjoyed reading this story!

Author's Response:

Hi again Kristin! First off, thank you for the swap. -huggles-

Ahahaha, thank you! Christmas at the Weasley might just be one of the things I love MOST to write about. Yes, the wooden floors swallowed up by paper (totally happens to me in RL so I'm not that imaginative. haha). OMG, food, yes. It made me hungry writing that bit. Especially considering that Christmas food is my favorite type of food.

Poor Scorpius. -huggles- I felt really sorry to write him that way but to make there be a contrast, I had to make it as depressing as possible but without making it seem that Draco and Astoria are neglectful - just aloof.

The Hogwarts celebration was the hardest for me, actually. IDK why. But I'm glad you think it was cute. hehe.

YES, ofc Scorpius had to go to the Burrow (he was already Al's best friend. It was only a matter of time. hehehe). And, yes, Ron. He's just the perfect candidate for an overprotective dad. I mean, he was an overprotective brother. What more with his only girl?

Rose and Scorpius are both willing to make sacrifices for each other and that's the strength of their relationship -- they'd do anything to make each other happy. I'm glad that came through.

I'm glad you like the fluff! I might have been a wee fluffed out at the end of it but it was all worth it. Thanks again for the LOVELY REVIEW! :)


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Review #23, by marauderfanLady Slytherin: I: Anatolia

18th November 2014:
Yesyesyes I love Founders fics. And there really aren't that many on the archive so thanks for bringing this to my attention with your review request.

I really liked your opening section there with the description of how the land had changed while Anatolia slept in her portrait; it's very artistic and the details you expressed are just lovely, particularly that paragraph about the sky being a cruel lover to the land - brilliant!

Also, I love what you've done with the dialogue. People will always have differing opinions on Founders-era dialogue, but I agree with what you've done here. A lot of it is kind of archaic sounding (which is good, obviously) but not overly so, and I think any anachronisms make complete sense; there's really no way to actually emulate tenth century dialogue because the English they spoke back then was like this weird Anglo-Saxon/Germanic hybrid thing that had very little resemblance to the English we speak today. Anyway, I think your dialogue and word choice is perfect.

The plot seems good so far, with the characters' behaviour seeming appropriate to the time period. (Also seems like the attitudes of some pureblood families haven't changed much since the Middle Ages. Sigh :P) One thing I love is that you've stuck little things in like Slytherin's locket! Funny how it actually stands for Selwyn and not Slytherin. I wonder if Voldemort would have been disappointed to know that. :p

I see that you've done your research, with the medieval name for Russia!

Some things struck me as a bit odd though. I know you have acknowledged possible anachronisms in your A/N, but the one that jumped out to me is the following:

Twilfitt and Tatting's is mentioned once - this is a shop that exists in London in the 1990s. Although not entirely impossible, I find it unlikely that a) they had clothing shops back then in the same way that we do now, and b) that it would still exist a millennium later. What I think is more likely is that people made their own clothes, or their house-elves made them, or else they got clothes from someone they knew in the village. So that's something you could potentially change, if you wanted to.

I think I've rambled your ear off by now, but anyway this was a really great opening chapter! Nice work :)

Author's Response: Hi! I'm sorry for the slightly late response -- I've had exams all week :)

Thank you for your lovely compliment! And yeah, I totally agree about the Anglo=Saxon/Germanic thing. Instead, people seem to try and compensate by either not using contractions and writing very formally or stumbling through 'thou' and 'thee' (I've seen the latter and I could never write like that). So I see no point in not just doing whatever I want.

A lot of purebloods haven't changed, but I like to think of how horrified Lady Weasley must be knowing about Arthur's love of all things muggle and Ron's marriage to a muggleborn. The 'S' does stand for Selwyn and I don't think I'm really spoiling anything by saying that it's all the same in the end to them anyway. Whether it was Slytherin's or Lady Slytherin' long as it had the Slytherin family name associated with it (and Lady Slytherin would also be Voldemort's foremother), so I can't really see him minding too much.

I imagined Twilfitt and Tattings more like a very exclusive stand (like only for the most wealthy and most pureblooded -- those who could afford to have their clothes made personally for them by another wizard vs an elf or a muggle tailor), which most of the people attending this ball definitely were. Also, Ollivander's has been selling wands since approximately 382 BC according to Harry Potter Wiki, so I can't see why two wizards couldn't have been highly exclusive private tailors and operate their own little stand/shop out of their home or something. I just wanted to underscore the commercial nature in which women prepared -- very strategically (buying from the best, and also buying in green, based on a very shallow idea they had that green would be his favorite color because he chose it as his house color) to show that everything was very much thought out and planned.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing :) I really enjoyed reading your thoughts!

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Review #24, by marauderfanFit: Rendezvous

17th November 2014:
Hi! I'm here with your requested review!

Considering you are not a native English speaker, I'm really impressed with this - your word choice and the feelings you evoke through your writing are really superb. I found while I was reading it that I really wanted them to just be happy together (and that's saying a lot, as I'm a dedicated Ron/Hermione shipper and don't particularly like Snape, so well done on your writing :P )

Your characterization of both of them was spot on! I can definitely see Hermione being frustrated and Severus being cold and aloof, as that's what he's been for most of his life. And in the contrasts you drew between the two of them, you showed a different side of their personalities than is normally focused on. In particular I loved the bit about Severus being 'more' as he had loved someone his whole life without being loved in return. The bit about their hands too was such a great contrast in showing how much of their lives they have lived, but at the end of the day, it's love that matters, not age, right? Just ask Tonks. :p

You asked in particular about your dialogue but I really think you had nothing to worry about in that regard! It was great! There were a few areas that I think maybe you could look over because as they are, they're a bit confusing, like here:

The whisper, light as it was fluttered over Severus much as a butterfly would and as since it did, it held more impact. -- First, I think it would be good to have a comma after 'was'. And then the part "and as since it did, it held more impact" is what confuses me. I don't think you need that phrase in there at all actually; it's beautiful enough if you end with 'as a butterfly would'.

it was loud with the cold and stifling presence of it -- Here, I think the sentence would benefit if you clarify what the second 'it' refers to. I think you mean silence, but 'it' is a vague word and so I'm not entirely sure.

But other than those tiny things, you've done really well. The dialogue is great, and the way you portrayed the two characters is really fantastic. Well done! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :D I do have insecurities regarding my writing so I'm glad you thought this was superb. *sigh of relief* Also, I have a huge smile on my face. Thank you so much! :D
Haha, you don't like Snape? -gasps- I've always been a huge Snape fan, hehe.xD But I am glad that I managed to make you want them to be happy together.

I am also so happy that you think that my characterization of them was spot on! Believe me, I laboured on making sure that they sounded believable so I'm glad that came through! I am also incredibly flattered you like the bit about the hands -- it's one of parts in this fic that I'm receiving great feedback on and I'm uber happy because I love hands! They're sexy and the most fun to write about.
Age is poo. Older men can actually be sexy. I agree with Tonks 110%. ;)

Thank you for putting those in. :O I've been dominated by my lover again (pronouns. *sigh*) so will definitely have to edit. Anyway, this fic is due a cleaning so I'll be sure to include clarifying those sentences.

Thanks for the gorgeous review, Kristin! You really helped.


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Review #25, by marauderfanDobby: The Paid Elf: Dobby: The Paid Elf

17th November 2014:
I know this is an older one but it's not often that I find stories about Dobby! I love minor characters and Dobby is such a fantastic one! And omg I just loved EVERYTHING about this.

His new family would shower him with all the socks his little heart desired. -- Aww! This is the cutest thing. I can totally see Dobby being excited about living with a family of Harry Potters and dreaming about all the wonderful socks he can have and the freedom they represent. :D But aww, spending a year being kicked out of people's doorways makes me feel so sad for him :(

First, you did so well with the house-elf manner of speaking - it's kind of a weird one to write but it came across really well, and I could totally hear Dobby's voice in my head. And you have all his mannerisms down as well, like how he just gets more and more hysterical and starts crying because he's so happy and so honoured that Albus Dumbledore is talking to him like an equal.

Which brings me to my next point which is how well you wrote Dumbledore as well! He's very kind to Dobby, and understands him and offers Dobby work (with even more of a wage than Dobby thinks is right - and yeah I could totally see it happening that way!) I just really loved the whole exchange between the two of them.

Sidenote: I love that Dumbledore hangs out at the Hogs Head with Aberforth. Even though they're not super close, they still make time for one another and I like that.

Awesome story! Thanks for the swap :)

Author's Response: Hiya! :D

Oh, I know! I love Dobby, too! He's just such a sweet and innocent character. Truly a good person to the very core. Aww! Thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you liked it! ♥

Dobby and his socks haha. I can see that being a main goal of his. Living with people who are kind to him and unlimited socks. Mismatched, obviously. ;) I can't imagine the time before he was employed at Hogwarts being very pleasant for the poor thing. Like he said in canon, no one wanted to hire him, because he was asking for payment for his work. Who would want an elf who wants to be paid when they could get one for free? Poor Dobby. :(

It's an extremely weird one to write, you are absolutely correct! I'm honestly really relieved to hear that, because I was afraid it might not have been quite right. So hearing that you were actually able to read this with Dobby's voice in your head is an awesome compliment! That truly made me smile! He's so neurotic sometimes, isn't he? Another reason I just adore him.

Dumbledore and Dobby are two very difficult characters to write. I thought I would give myself a bit of a challenge with this one. So hearing that Dumbledore was written well, also, makes it very rewarding. Thank you so much for that. It truly made my day! :D

Aww I'm glad you liked that! I think that even though they weren't that close, Dumbledore would like to check up on his younger brother now and then. See how he's doing. They are brothers, after all, I'm sure he'd still worry for him. He's the only family Dumbledore has left.

Thank you so much for the swap and this review! This was so unbelievably kind and has me grinning ear to ear! ♥

xoxo Meg

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