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Review #1, by dracofan22Lure of the Dark Side: Incurromens

15th January 2006:
Yay! I'm the first reviewer! Well, unless someone else was a faster reader than me and beat me too it, but either way, this is a great beginning and I cant wait to read more! If I weren't such a slow updater myself I would bug you to update faster (even though you just put this up) but I understand how it is. Anyways, I'm adding this to my favorites and I will keep an eye out for more chapters. You have lots of talent for writing, and you really draw your readers in. I hope you will continue writing since it seems like you have such a natural ability. S'later! -Kat (dracofan22)

Author's Response: Thankyou - I only just realised who you are - your dracofan22! I love your stories! He he - the irony! Thanks anyway!

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Review #2, by dracofan22Stranded: Of Derision and Diversions

4th January 2006:
Oh yay!! You updated!! I love this story, I really really love this story. I compare it to my own and think of how foolish mine is, thats how much I love it. By the way, I just put up that story you made me the WONDERFUL banner for, and I just thought I'd thank you one more time. THANK YOU! And your story is totally rockin my socks off :D

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Review #3, by dracofan22Where Did I Go Right?: Where Did I Go Right?

18th November 2005:
AWW! That was so sweet I think I just melted in my desk chair... I wish there was more to it, darn me and my addiction to DM/HG romances... That was beautifully written, you have a lot of talent. I can't wait to read more from you. Keep up the fabulous writting!! - dracofan22 (aka Kat)

Author's Response: Thanks Kat.

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Review #4, by dracofan22Death To James Potter: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

2nd November 2005:
NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! You can't leave us with that big cliffhanger!! It's inhumaine!! I am so hooked on this story, you have no idea. I should probably be spending my time doing my homework or working overtime at my job for extra cash, or even writing my OWN story, but no. Instead I'm habitually checking to see if you have updated since I checked 2 minutes ago. PLEASE update as soon as you can, this cliffy is killing me!! - dracofan22

Author's Response: Lol, thank you! I know how you feel...But I haven't been reading as many lately becuase..I dont know why...

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Review #5, by dracofan22No Longer Helpless: Chapter Sixteen

4th September 2005:
oh... my... god... I have gone past the point of being hooked on this story. Wowy wow wow you are one AMAZING writer. I'm jealous, lol. I read it because the way you write reminded me of my own style in a sense, but a few chapters later I realized you are far more advanced than I am, but that's ok, because nevertheless I have a new favorite story! It's going straight to my favortes list! Please update soon, although I do understand that its hard to fit in time for fanfic writing when school is in session. (I just started school a couple weeks ago and my readers are about to kill me for not updating) I can't wait for more! Yikes this has been a long review hasn't it? Ok I'll stop now... -Kat

Author's Response: Haha, thanks Kat. I'm glad its not just me feeling at a loss for time to write. I am always thrilled that this story has made a favorits list, since I'm very proud of it. You started school two weeks ago? Geez, I'm sorry... unless you like school, that sucks. I thought I started early with college, but my week early is a week late compared to you. ^_^

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Review #6, by dracofan22Divine Humiliation: Divine Humiliation - Chapter Fifteen

1st September 2005:
Nooooo! I can't believe it's actually over! *cries* But was that a sequel you hinted at? *nudge* *nudge* I hope to read more, your writing is absolutely amazing, don't ever stop. -Kat

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Review #7, by dracofan22Intoxicating Obsession: Preparing for the N.E.W.T.S

3rd May 2005:
yay another chapter! but it was so sad :( I hope it gets better for Draco and Hermione really soon.

Author's Response: Hey dracofan22!! yeah poor hermione and don't worry! the next chapter is in limbo so stay tuned!! keep r/r!! thanks for all of your reviews it means so much to me!! :)

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Review #8, by dracofan22The Inevitable: Fallen

6th April 2005:
wow! I love, love, LOVE your story! It totally rocks my socks, I cant wait for the next chapter. *adds to favorites*

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