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Review #1, by thereturnofthekingHouse of a Different Name: Attempted Murder

10th June 2005:
Oh My Goodness, that's easily the best chapter of the story. It's short, but very exciting and heartwrenching and makes me really angry to read Ginny's lines and actions. I hated her all the time and you just helped fuel the anger. HaHaHa.

Author's Response: Well, I guess I should say you're welcome... I didn't know you hated Ginny, JC... Well, I'm happy that you liked it and I hope that it continues to be a good read for you!! ~Rose~

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Review #2, by thereturnofthekingHouse of a Different Name: Sweet Misery

5th June 2005:
Also I forgot to add that I feel Ron and Ginny should die, but that's just because I don't know what comes next and it hurts.

Author's Response: JC you're gonna drive me crazy one day, but I guess it's something that I'll have to deal with!! As for who the redhead was, you'll have to wait to find out!!! The POV thing was simply for a break considering that I'm no longer in my main characters point of view. I promise that Amara will wake up next chapter and the POV thing will stop, so you'll only have to endure it for a little while longer! As for the killing off of characters, I do have my own special chosen few that ARE going to die, just you'll have to wait and se who they're going to be!! ~Rose~

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Review #3, by thereturnofthekingHouse of a Different Name: Sweet Misery

5th June 2005:
I'm not very happy with this one Rose. I think it's well written, but it's something that started last chapter and that is the whole ~*~*??? POV~*~*~ thing. People if they're intelligent should be able to understand who's point of view it is and that's something minor, but it irked me because it lookd a lot like the crappy horribly written "KiMwAlKo" stories of love and passion told through a total of five hunded words. That's all that kept going through my mind as i tried to enjoy this chapter. I noticed it last chapter, but didn't feel like reviewing since I didn't actually finish 13 till today. Try not to do that hun. thanks. Otherwise the stuff inside the chapter, is just purely amazing. I agree with Funky Ducky I love the ending. I want to guess Ginny after reading the ending, but Im not sure.

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Review #4, by thereturnofthekingTo Ride a Golden Broomstick: Sure Thing

23rd May 2005:
Ah, the memories of summer 2004. It was a summer of nothing really but talking on the phone about new stories and new chapters. It was a good summer and now that summer 2005 is coming and we both have stories I can't wait until we get started with this years batch of nightime chapters and fun. I love this chapter it was always one of my favorites. Let's keep 'em rolling just as fast, I never got to read the exciting part.

Author's Response: I agree that this is very nostalgic... Summer 2004 come and passed and now all we have to look forward to is this summer which iin reality should be the most fun yet, especially now that we both have stories on here.... LOVE YA JC!!! ~Rose~

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Review #5, by thereturnofthekingTo Ride a Golden Broomstick: An Series of Interesting Introductions

13th May 2005:'s different beginning compared to the one you wrote last summer, but it works because it gets off to the start that it needs. I love the whole idea of it beginning with the letter this time. I can't wait until you post the later chapters.

Author's Response: Well, when I first wrote it, I had written it in first person POV and after I read over what I had originally written I didn't like it in first POV. I decided to change it and the letter was an easy way to get out a lot about eh characters and their already strong relationship. Also it helped to give the background that I needed. ~Rose~ Still love ya JC!!!

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Review #6, by thereturnofthekingTo Ride a Golden Broomstick: Prologue- Letters

13th May 2005:
I remember reading the first drafts back when we were the main characters as friends.. HAHAHA!!! Those were interesting times. I still feel this is one of your best stories and somehow it alwasy gets me excited, maybe it's the nostalgia, but can't wait until you get the other chapters up. -thereturnoftheking

Author's Response: All I have to say is that you're AWESOME!! There are some days when I wonder if I'd be writing at all if it wasn't for you.. You gave me inspiration and made my stories take flight! Also there woud be no Jonathan Corsair if there wasn't a you to mold him after!! ~Rose~ Love Ya JC!!!

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Review #7, by thereturnofthekingDaddy: The Party

25th March 2005:
This was very well written. I love your style and the events you laid out. I'm very eagerly awaiting the next few chapters. Keep it up.

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Review #8, by thereturnofthekingHouse of a Different Name: Fire and Ice

22nd February 2005:
You have the skill of a true novelist, and the ability to convey emotions beyond years in your words. The paragraph at the end is a very spine tingling and suspensful one. I'm sorry to hear of your Atlantic City trip. Under most circumstances I would say have fun, but I can't when I want more of this story. But I'll say have fun anyway.

Author's Response: Thank you very much returnoftheking. Your review certainly made me smile. Now at leat I know I have one reader. I will be more than happy to comtinue my story if I have a wonderful reader like yourself... thanks... midnight_rose

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