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Review #1, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: Everything is Different

13th August 2011:
Its Saturday of the second week in August :( Still waiting tho :)

Author's Response: Hey there dieingsoftly! I am definitely working on it but have had a plethora of things going on. Had my wedding anniversary and got a couple weekends off with the husband for once so I spent it with him rather than writing. :) The chapter will be up soonish but I've got to get a few days to work on it. lol

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Review #2, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: The Rat Hunt

9th July 2011:
1. Have you noticed that all three kiss scenes have been from Harry's POV?? I personally think next time should be from Kallys

Author's Response: Yes! I actually did notice that while writing this scene! And don't worry the next will definitely be from her point of view. *cackles madly* These other scenes just kind of happened without me really planning them out mid-write and I just happened to be in Harry's POV at the time. :) Next scene definit4ely is Kally's though!

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Review #3, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: It is Burnt

8th July 2011:
So Dumbledore died protecting everyone from a firetruck that Voldermort blew up because Harry saved Dumbledore from being killed physcially by Voldermort . . . . . . . . . . . it makes sense but at the same time, I'm very confused.

Author's Response: Hey again dieingsoftly! :) And no Dumbledore is not dead, just a cliffhanger meant to leave people going is he dead, is he not dead - that kind of thing. He is severely injured though.

I kind of did that because in a real war, while surviving has a lot to do with your level of skill and training, sometimes surviving just comes down to sheer dumb luck - even in the books Harry admits how he's had a lot of luck in surviving things before. In this case, a lot was going on at the same time, and Dumbledore just had some bad luck. He had a choice - protect just himself with a shield charm or protect everyone else, and leave himself vulnerable while doing so. Well, I figured it would be IC for Dumbledore to protect everyone else, so he used a lot of his magic to turn the fire truck into a stuffed toy that couldn't hurt anyone. However, before he turned it into a firetruck, as with most explosions, things had already been blown off the fire truck. Not sure if you've ever seen something large explode or not - I hope you haven't truly! - but the central piece, well say a car for example, will get thrown, bounce, etc. but pieces of it get blown off as well. In this case the fire truck was blown up, the main portion of it launched into the air at a bunch of Order members, with other smaller pieces that were already torn off flying all over the place. Dumbledore obviously couldn't turn all the smaller pieces into stuffed toys, but he took out the biggest and most dangerous piece and got hurt himself in the process by a smaller piece.

For Harry's part, him saving Dumbledore and fighting Voldemort, and Dumbledore getting hurt are totally disconnected. In a war I figure people coudl try to save each other (and succeed) 1001 times, but there will always be that next time that could hurt the person.

Hopefully that helps? If not just let me know what you are confused about and hopefully I can help clear that up. :)

Thank you so much btw for letting me know that that part was confusing! That kind of stuff helps me tremendously in going back and editing! :) And as always it is great to hear from you!!!

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Review #4, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: The Calm Before the Storm

8th July 2011:
1. Holy shit, you're back. I honest to God thought you were dead. I mean I read your stories when they were still on Quizilla. And then, nothing. Almost four years. Im not mad, Im reaalllyyy super excited to read these new chapters.
2. I loveeddd the chapter. It was repetitive but I can understand why. Im so excited that you're going to finish the story, though when you do, I'll probably wish you would write another one :P

Keep writing!


Author's Response: A QUIZILLA PERSON! DUDE! It's great to hear from you and I hope that life has treated you well these past few years! I certainly am really grateful for the review as well so thank you for dropping me a line!!!

Now...*falls over laughing* I was actually VERY ill for awhile there, but I'm much better and have been for some time. :) I have to admit I really HAD lost my muse for writing for a long time afterwards (and there was no excuse for that) but I was good then and got into RP a lot in between. Either way, the muse is back (shame and guilt that I hadn't finished this realy got to me one day when I found a copy of this story and realized I'd never finished it) so I'm finishing it this time.

And I'm so glad that you liked this chapter! Seriously you have no idea how like...freakishly worried I am about these new chapters. I keep thinking they suck and rereading them to try to fix things! And yeah its very repetitive but I plan on (eventually in a few months) changing that and taking out some of the repetitiveness (I figured I'd leave that up for the old readers' sake in case anyone was still reading this, that way they didn't have to read the whole story again). And *grins guiltily* I have a sequel in mind to this already *grins more evilly* So there may be another one to come after this. :)

Thank you so much Maggie!!!

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Review #5, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: Marked

18th July 2007:
Ok 2 questions!

1.) Is Sean pronouced Sean that rymes with Dean or Shawn? Im confused on that

2.)This is going to be a long story isnt it? Not that I mind in the least, I was just thinking about where you were on chapter 32 when you were on Quizllia.

But I still love the story!

Author's Response: Hey dieingsoftly! Sean is pronounced like Shawn, it is the same name, just with a different spelling. And yup, the story is going to be decently long. Though I am breaking it up into at least 2, and possibly 3 segments. The later parts should be easier and easier to write though since those are more action-centric. Anyways, have a good one!

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Review #6, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: Trust Me

15th June 2007:
Wha?? I don't get it. . .

Author's Response: Hey there dieingsoftly! Which part did I lose you on? Theres a lot in this chapter so I'd go over the review response word limit trying to explain all of it. lol (And trust me, there is a word limit for this. I've hit it many, many times. *laughs* I've not taken to copying and pasting my responses before I attempt to submit now!) Anyways, a quick summation is that Kally is going to be okay, but has to sleep things off for awhile. Harry is pretty ticked off about Angelina having betrayed everyone by becoming a Death Eater, BUT he now at least knows that she really did have some honestly good reasons for injecting Kally with the unicorn blood. Viktor Krum is a Death Eater, but claiming to have joined so he could sabotage their efforts, and Hermione doesn't believe him. However, the Death Eaters also were able to use Legilimency on Hermione earlier, when she was first captured, to find out the general area of London in which Sirius' house is located. Thus, she just figured out what the Death Eater's master plan is in terms of 'flusing out the Order.' Since the Fidelius charm protects anyone from finding Grimmauld manor, they can't get into it to hurt the inhabitants. BUT the Death Eaters can try hurting the Muggles that live nearby to try and force the Order members (due to their consciences) out of hiding to try and help save the Muggles. Anyways, hopefully that covers it. Oh and Dean, he is probably just as confused as you are. That poor boy has no idea what's coming to him.

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Review #7, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: To Hell with Decorum

30th May 2007:

Author's Response: hehehe Yup. ^^

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Review #8, by dieingsoftlyRevenge is Sweet. Pie is Sweeter: Prologue

26th July 2006:

Author's Response: =)

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Review #9, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: The Companion of Grief

18th June 2006:
Why did you have to kill Seamus??!! T-T

Author's Response: Ah I did feel a tad bit bad about that (just a tad) but in war there are always casualties. And besides, technically Ginny killed him. ;) Or rather, the person imperiousing her. ^^

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Review #10, by dieingsoftlyBlack Rose: Chapter four

22nd January 2006:

Author's Response: :0)

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Review #11, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: Amongst Us ~ Part 2

12th November 2005:

Author's Response: ^^

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Review #12, by dieingsoftlyFatalistic Fate: Fatalistic Fate

22nd July 2005:
HOLY CRAP!!! 0.0

Author's Response: *smiles evilly*

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Review #13, by dieingsoftlyNever trust a slytherin: Potter vs. Malfoy

1st June 2005:

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Review #14, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: Coiled Springs

1st May 2005:

Author's Response: :)

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Review #15, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: Sins of the Past

10th April 2005:
you know what.... i really missed the quizzes you did on quizzila. what exatly did happen to all the quizzes?

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Review #16, by dieingsoftlyEclipse of the Sky: Sins of the Past

1st March 2005:
damn im crying

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Review #17, by dieingsoftlyLiving Irony: Living Irony

19th February 2005:

Author's Response: lol Well that about summed up my husbands reaction to this story as well! ;) Lol

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