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Review #1, by lindslo2012Burning Inside: The Perfect Servant

18th November 2015:
Wow Dan,
This was truly an amazing read. I have not read one of your amazing stories in quite awhile! This one is one of my favorites!
As usual, your descriptions and scenes in the story is my favorite part about it. You have always been amazing at the sheer details of your plot and the scene in front of you. I feel like I am standing there watching this whole scene come about.
Also, your story gave me a glimpse into Bellatrix's life I never knew before now. I never heard her father's name and I never sat here and imagined what her life probably was like growing up or what kind of family she and her two sisters had. No wonder she is as unfriendly as she is. Like Draco, her family kind of molded her that way. Another scene I loved was when you described how she felt while torchering those people. That is a side of her I knew probably existed but never got to see inside of her mind like I did with your story. As always, splendid job! I love your work!

Author's Response: Hi, Lindsey! Long time, no see.

Aww, thank you for all of the kind words. Bellatrix was a big, crazy joy to write, even though the subject matter is not exactly what you'd call fun. I really enjoyed exploring some of the things that were broken inside that screwed up head of hers. There's a saying that bad people come from bad places. This was my idea as to what sort of bad place Bellatrix might have come from.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by lindslo2012Schrodinger's Cat: Anhedonia

12th October 2015:
Hello there,

I know it's been so, so long since we last spoke! And I see this piece has won the Dobby Awards and I think that it is well deserved!!!
My favorite thing about this story is that it isn't all about a fluffy Ginny and Harry love story. It shows what can happen to a marriage and reality and it makes Ginny and Harry seem more real than fairy-tellish.
This happens in marriage everyday.
Oh my goodness this was so sad but so intriguing. Another favorite part of this story is how you were doing flashbacks of their love and things they tried to make it work.
Can I just say this is one of the best pieces I have ever read? Good job!


Author's Response: Howdy Lindsey! It HAS been awhile (and I bet you didn't expect it to be so long for me to respond either... :( ). I hope you're well!

I really appreciate your thoughtful feedback and it means a lot because realism was very central to what I wanted to get across to the end of the story. Truth be told, I'll probably never sink this ship again (it is, after all, my OTP), but you're right that life isn't all fluff and even endings aren't always dramatic.

Thanks so much for your kind words!

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Review #3, by lindslo2012Love is for Fools: Not a Fool

30th January 2015:
Hello Dee, :)
That is your name right?
You have produced yet another amazing story in just 500 words! I would have never put Sirius and Remus together, just because of how different they seem to be. But with the great detail and ideas you have put in this story I can see them together very well! It's sad that Sirius died.. and I love your last line about how Sirius hopes that heaven is like Zonkos. :) You have done an amazing job with this short story. Way to go!
-Lindsey :) ;)

Author's Response: Hi Lindsey, yes it is!

Sirius and Remus aren't a pairing I've ever had strong feelings for or against but I thoroughly enjoyed writing this. Thank you so much for the lovely review, I'm really glad you liked it! ♥

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Review #4, by lindslo2012Legacy: Legacy

28th January 2015:
Hello there,
I am here for review tag.
I think this is the very first time that I have ever read a founder's era. Usually I am not looking forward to reading them because I am not into the older Hogwarts stuff, usually just the stuff that includes Harry and his friends.
Anyways, I think you have converted me to liking founders era fics now ;)
My eyes were glued to this computer as I read your story- you had so much amazing detail and I have nothing to critique about.
I love how you gave Helga a husband, a very sweet, caring husband. I am always a sucker for love stories as well.. and this is the kind of relationship I think anyone would ever want, 50+ years of marriage, a person to support you until you take your very last breath.. he seemed like a great man. I love how it looks that you did your research, you seemed to know so much about the founders and I felt like I was reading a real side story from JK herself ;)
I also was touched by the way she died... with the people she loves around her, a warm fire. Telling her husband to hold her. I think I want to die that way myself. I am glad she has Aeres to take that weight off of her shoulders, now Helga can finally die in peace. You have written an amazing story and I am glad I was able to come by and review it. :)


Author's Response: Hi! I'm really glad I was able to introduce you to Founders era stories, and even happier that you liked this one!

I always imagine Helga to have a husband, although I haven't seen any other stories that include one. She's the sort of person who I can imagine being a natural mother, with the way she accepts everybody and is so caring, and we do know from canon that she must have children as Hepzibah Smith is a descendant. But I loved writing Owain and Helga's relationship because they were so sweet together!

I tried my best to make this as close to the time as possible, although of course it's so long ago that it's very difficult - I'm glad you found it so believable, though!

I really wanted Helga to die naturally, but at peace and with those she loved around her. She was clinging onto life until she could be sure of the continuation of her legacy, so Aeres was a blessing for her - in a way, making that decision released her.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this, and thank you so much for a great review!

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Review #5, by lindslo2012The Worst: It Is Time

28th January 2015:
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE YOUR STORY?
I am in love with it.
So, first of all.. Teddy's rejected proposal.. well, honestly I am kind of on either of their sides. And you did SO well with every aspect of detail on their conversation about it that I feel like I am standing right there with them as a friend witnessing all this go on. I am so impressed at how well you write and I can't wait to continue reading! Back to what I was saying.. I can understand why Teddy is so hurt, he's kind of lost and doesn't understand what he is supposed to do right now. And I can understand his feeling like she is distant from him since this is such a huge change in her life. I can understand how terribly pained he feels that he was wrong in thinking that this proposal will make everything a little bit better for them. Now on the other hand, Dom knows exactly what is right and what is not right for her.. or at least she has some idea what she wants now that she's started to settle with what she is. I think she does need a little more time before deciding to marry Teddy, she's not really at a place in her situation where something as big as this would be a good thing to her mentally and emotionally. As she cried out to him I could FEEL the love she had for him, but it's just not the right time... oh I do hope Teddy will forgive her for breaking his heart a little bit. But I guess time shall tell. I am so happy that I have been with you throughout your whole book so far, it has been amazing. Please come and re-request!


Author's Response: Hey! Thank you so, so much for your kind words! I'm glad you're enjoying my story so much! I will definitely re-request for the next chapter too.
I am glad you could understand both Dom and Teddy's sides. That was my aim =)
Thank you!

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Review #6, by lindslo2012Victoire: The Guard

23rd January 2015:
Hey Emma,
Sorry it had taken so long for me to come and review, :) I have been busy..
This first chapter was worth the wait though, it was amazing! I was completely taken aback of how amazing it was as though I was reading a chapter out of JK's books! You had AWESOME description, something I envy because I need more of in my stories. I loved your article on Greyback, it definitely shows you have done your research on him and that you put a lot of effort into this chapter. I love how Victoire is already so close to Teddy, and how she thinks of Dominique but doesn't want her eleven-year-old sister to stress about something like that.. it shows she's a great sister. Well, this is definitely going on my reading list and I hope you come back to re-request for another chapter. This was one of the best stories I have read in a long time. I can't wait to read more. Good job!
Btw, my baby sister's name is Emma :D
Until next time,

Author's Response: Hi Lindsey, thank you so so much for such a wonderful review!

It's so so flattering to have you mention the description. The feedback I've mainly received for 'Complicated', my other novel, is that the dialogue is much stronger than the description, so I wanted to try a different writing style.

And I'm so glad you like Victoire! I'm loving writing her so far, and some of the other characters to appear in this novel are my favourites.

Chapter Two is up and I'm hoping to update at least once a fortnight so should have Chapter Three up soonish.

Thank you!

Emma xx

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Review #7, by lindslo2012Olive: Olive Hornby

5th December 2014:
Hey there! You have done an amazing job with this story. Such a good one shot, it told the story like it was twenty chapters long! :) I can def imagine all of this happening to Moaning Myrtle, & I can for sure see her haunting the person who taunted her. I have to say, good for Moaning Myrtle, because Olive should have thought about what she was doing before she did it. No one should be bullied. Poor Myrtle. Even though she is very annoying, you can't help but feel bad for her. You have done a marvelous job and I see no problems with this story at all, you wrote well with description, characterization, & ect great job!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you thought that everyone was in character and that all of the events seemed logical! I've had a soft spot for Myrtle for a while now, so I totally agree.

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Review #8, by lindslo2012The Worst: At The Burrow

2nd December 2014:
Wow it has been awhile since I have read this, but I remembered it right when I started to read this, it's such a good story! ;D
I would feel quite isolated if I were Dom, especially if I saw my boyfriend and sister conversing and then stop talking when I walked up. I was totally surprised at the end when he proposed- and surprised at her reaction, but then again I wasn't. It is a rather hard time for getting engaged with everything going on in her life, I can understand why she is refusing it. I am nervous for what happens next... he won't leave her will he? Eeeek I hope not... I can't believe this just happened. I cant wait to read the rest! As usual, awesome job! Come back and re-request!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I am pleased you can understand Dom and the situation, and liking the story so far. Thanks =)

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Review #9, by lindslo2012Ryan O'Shiel and the Return of the Hallows: Chapter One: All Aboard the Hogwarts Express

2nd December 2014:
Hello there,
I was interested with your story from the start. I am really starting to like next generation stories and this story is one of the best ones I think, :) and it is only the first chapter! Rowdy boys always equal trouble, and I am eager to know how the rest of the story is going to go. :) no mistakes from what I can see.. and this Ryan boy seems like he is going to be pretty cool to get to know. Come back to re-request! :D

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for reviewing. Rowdy boys do like to make trouble and I have plans to make these three boys do an assortment of things. But that is to wait >:). Thanks again for reviewing and leaving the nice comments :)

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Review #10, by lindslo2012The Memory Book: Reunions

22nd November 2014:
Hey Grace! Long time no talk. I saw this and thought I'd stop by. What an awesome story so far! I read all four chapters. It's going to be a good one. :)

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Review #11, by lindslo2012Monster: Monster

13th November 2014:
Oh my goodness. This was intense.

First of all I loved the position you put the narrator, that made the story take a different turn. I absolutely thought this was an amazing story. You started when she was little then went a little to when she was older, then older.
You have always written so well, but this is def one of your best! :) I actually have been wanting to read it for awhile but haven't found the time to. I'm glad you found your way to my review thread!
I honestly have no cc at all, all your sentences were smooth, correct, and had great detail. Your characterization was awesome too with Rose, and of Hermione. Of course it made me a little sad to see Hermione killed, but it was just a great story. :) Amazing job!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for reading and reviewing.
I am glad you liked the position of the narrator, and liked the story. I am so happy that you think this is one of my best works.
Thank you for all the lovely comments!

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Review #12, by lindslo2012Devlin Potter: Riddle and Rescue: The Man at the Table

10th November 2014:
Here for the review swap, and wow, what a good chapter.
I think it was very intense from the starts because now we are actually inside Devlin's head and seeing what he has been thinking. I am jealous of your talent to write great detail and surroundings because I am kind of bad at that I have noticed :)
I can see that Devlin is not in his best place right now. I mean who would be if they had been a puppet of Voldemort's for quite awhile. It's a surprise he is doing as well as he is! I can see that he remembers some kind of attachment to little Emma, but he is afraid to acknowledge it.
It's sad, the things that Voldy ingrained into his head for him to hear. I just hope that he will recover eventually, but I have a feeling there is quite a long road ahead of him.
I loved this chapter, I am glad we finally got to see inside his head.

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Review #13, by lindslo2012Butterfly Effect: Chapter 1

5th November 2014:
Hello again,
Here again for another requested review!
EEK, I am glad you re-requested! :D This is already getting good.
I liked the first part, how the boy was kind of rude to her and then her dad came up behind her just as any dad should do and make sure that his little girl is okay. I also really enjoyed the fact that she got to share a compartment with Lily and her friend, who both seem like really nice girls! I like the different personalities. You did really good with writing each person with great detail of their personalities and who they are. I really really liked the part where they got Harry on a chocolate frog. "yeah it's cool if it isn't your dad". Hahaha, I can imagine how annoying it would be to hear about your dad all the time. I thought it was cool and unique how you had her go on the boat with the first years and get sorted, that was a good idea, I have been wondering how they would do that myself because I am writing a story about a transfer. Well, as usual, great job! Come back for another request!


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Review #14, by lindslo2012The Thing With Feathers: It sings the tune without the words

5th November 2014:
Hi there,

Here for your requested review.
I was moved by this piece. It was very well written and your details were just awesome! :)
I liked that you didn't mention that the narrator was talking to Voldemort until the end, because it left me to wonder and then when I got further on into the story, I could tell that it was the Dark Lord the narrator was speaking to. We have something in common, Nadia was the first person I knew on this site too! She's pretty cool I must say! :D Anyway, this was just amazing and so unique. I loved every bit of it!


Author's Response: Hello Lindsey!

Thanks so much for this review! I'm very happy that you enjoyed the details and the suspense. I'm sort of new to writing in this style and your words of encouragement mean a lot!

Nadia is brilliant, right? She's was like one of the people who really motivated me to get writing. I think that it's awesome to be a part of a community like HPFF where everyone is so kind and helpful!

Thanks again for this lovely review!

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Review #15, by lindslo2012Actions Speak Louder than Words: Breakout: Rose POV

28th October 2014:
Hey Beth,

I am back for more!!! :)

So, I am glad that Rose is 'back'. It is so cool how the two of them were just really good friends and then suddenly they realized, holy crap, they really like and might even love each other.
Sometimes I forget about what happened to Scorpius, of course he isn't very happy, his parents died!

The two of them are so perfect for each other. I like also how you don't always make it all about them though, too. Like how you mention Albus and his girlfriend, and then James and his, and also how you mention what else is going on with the family and not always just talking about the two of them. If I'm writing a love story I am pretty bad at just talking about the two people it revolves around. But I am trying to get better at talking about others.

Well dang, the death eaters are back... and they are after... Rose?
I didn't see this coming! What a twist! They were all just having a good time and all of a sudden they barge in. Well darn, I bet Rose feels this is why she doesn't go out, lol.

Great job!

Author's Response: Hi there Lindsey!

Gah - thanks so much for this review! I completely agree about Rose and Scorpius. They didn't totally see what everyone else did - that they are made for each other. Geez, it took them long enough to figure it out - haha!

I have all of the relationships worked out in my head. Not just the romantic ones, but the friend and family ones as well. I'm glad to see that it all plays out because sometimes I'm not sure if I'm getting the right balance in my words as it is in my head.

Yeah - bad news is coming. Rose appears to be a target. I can't wait to hear what you think about the next few chapters!

Thanks again!

♥ Beth

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Review #16, by lindslo2012Through the Black: Trying to Get Ahead

21st October 2014:
Hey there,
Here for your review! :)
This is going to be quite an awesome story I think. I am liking the main girl, she seems pretty cool.
I always like reading marauder's era stories because all of them are so different and fun.
I am also curious as to why Lily doesn't like Julianne.. what is going on here with them hm? :/ :) :)
So far I think you are doing an awesome job on characterization of all the characters of the story. Everyone you mentioned from the marauder's era sounds like JK described them and I can feel like I am right on the scene with your good details! I enjoyed this alot and I hope you come back for another review!!!


Author's Response: Thank you so much! And all will be explained with Julianne and Lily in chapter three (not that it's very exciting haha). Thank you again for taking the time to review, this really made my day! I'll be sure to stop in again!

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Review #17, by lindslo2012Butterfly Effect: Prologue

21st October 2014:
Hey there! :)
So this is a very intense prologue you have going on here. I feel so bad for her, and it sucks how things can happen in just the blink of an eye- unfortunately things like this happen to people every day.
You did very well with the characterization of this girl, she seems like a wonderful girl who's world is unfortunately all of the sudden falling apart :(
I enjoyed the way you put the detail in very much, I think my favorite line was about the sheets..

"I watched Mum sleep peacefully; drops of red blossomed around her, breaking the monotone of the clean white sheets."
^ that made me feel like I was in the room with them watching all of this happen. I hate that this has to happen to this poor girl... and I hope things eventually get better for her. I hope you come back and rerequest because I think this story is going to be great!


Author's Response: Hey Lindsey!

I'm glad you liked this. I really wanted to keep the prologue fast paced to draw the readers in and give a small glimpse into Jenna's background. The following chapters will be a bit more slow but have a lot of drama involved as well. Since it's my first Next Gen and I'm really not confident writing teenage drama (shocker) I'd love any kind of feedback I get.

I actually rephrased that sentence quite a few times until I ended up with this. :D it's great that it caught your attention!

I'm definitely re-requesting. I'm happy you liked this and I'm so nervous and interested to know what you think of the following chapters. Thanks for the review!

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Review #18, by lindslo2012Efflorescence : Beginnings

21st October 2014:
Hey there :)
Here for your requested review!
I can tell that this story is going to be interesting and fun. I love stories like that. I can't wait to get more into the story.
I think my favorite part about this is how you added little details about their's and their parent's life. It was cool to know her mum was from France and that her father was a muggle but had a muggleborn sister, :) it was also cool how you put a different definition on the word NEWTS, I bet that is how all the students feel about them. :) :) I am kind of glad that my whole future life isn't based on one test.
This is going to be a good story and I hope you come back to re-request soon!


Author's Response: Hi, thanks for your review :)

That's great that you liked the story and you can't wait to read more!

I'm glad you enjoyed the small details about Ellie's life.

Thank you!


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Review #19, by lindslo2012Two Words: Cold

15th October 2014:

This was just an amazing piece. So much story in just five hundred words... I could never have done that.
So, Scorpius killed his own father. Well, I guess I don't particularly blame him especially after reading that Draco was trying to kill Rose, if I understood that right when he said "blood traitor of a wife?" that was Draco?
I also enjoyed all the detail you put in this as well, everything was very vivid, as if I was there.
I got chills when reading that the woman was pregnant, how very horrible that this was happening to her.
The only paragraph that confused me was the third paragraph. Who was the one who received the letter?
And Rose, good ol' Rose, like a previous reviewer said, she reminds me of Hermione when she tells her house-elf to hide, how awesome. I can tell just from the paragraph that she is smart and probably knows just about as much as her mother too.
This was an awesome story, thank you for coming to request for my review and I hope you request for more in the future! :)


Author's Response: Hi Lindsey,

First of all, I apologize for the late response. Life has been a bit hectic lately!

Yes, Scorpius killed his own father and that was Draco that killed Rose. Thank you for the compliment about the details! I was hoping I could give a good sense of atmosphere in this story, even with the length.

In the third paragraph, it was Scorpius who received the letter. And it was sent by the house elf that Rose told to hide. That way, the purpose of the elf is two-fold. To draw that comparison to Hermione and to be an eye witness to the murder, informing Scorpius of what happened and causing him to go after Draco.

I'm glad you liked the story! Thank you so much for the review :)

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Review #20, by lindslo2012Plum Velvet: Blue Leather

15th October 2014:
Hey there,
here from the review tag! :)
So I had started to read this and then started reading it again. This story was so INTENSE. LIKE WOW!
This guy is obsessed with Hyperion, and he wants him very badly.
I was completely thrown back by how much amazing description and mythology mentions you did in this one chapter. Wow.
A person's basic whole life story in 4000+ words. Amazing! :) To be honest with you I do not have any cc, this was just inspiring and amazing. You are a very talented writer and I wish I had that much imagery in my brain to be able to write like that.
I honestly had no idea at first that Albus was a vampire. I was being oblivious to all the clues in there, but once I looked back I saw all of them and how cool is that? His obsession, his clothes, the marks, he loves the man and he wants him for himself.
I am little confused by the end, he just turned Hyperion into a vampire right? Did I read that right? Or did he kill him?
Either way, huge applause to you for this amazing piece. I loved it.

Author's Response: Hi there - thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Thank you so much! Yeah, it's a very obsessive thing, not wholly true, in a way, and it's a bit twisted. But fun to write :P

Haha, yeah, sorry about all the mythology :P I just couldn't resist - and it felt right with the characters, especially Albus' personality. I'm so glad you liked the description - I loved writing it; it's all the kind of things I love to write about :)

Thank you so so much! It's not quite a whole life story, but it's a whole love, I think - the length of a relationship, in a way (though since you've read the end, you know this isn't quite true :P).

Haha, yeah, I tried not to make it obvious - I loved the idea of twisting the sense around, making it seem like Hyperion was the vampire, rather than Albus. But yes, there are some clues about Albus in there, rather than Hyperion, if you look for them ;)

Yeah, he just turned him into a vampire - a rather literal interpretation of 'forever', haha.

Thank you so much for the wonderful review, and the lovely compliments! It was so great to get! :)

Aph xx

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Review #21, by lindslo2012Actions Speak Louder than Words: Breakdown: Rose POV

15th October 2014:
This was such an amazing and intense chapter, Beth! I loved how you first started with her therapy session. Everything she says is so... well, real to what relationships are like in the beginning stage! I really liked her therapist. She seemed very understanding and knowing, unlike someone would be who thought this young girl talking about sex was absurd. But that's a real thing girls worry about. Am I good enough? Does he not really want me? I have been with my husband since we were fourteen (we are still young but have been together quite awhile now) but I know girls go through this time. And I did too. Lol. The way you called the trauma stuff was awesome. I myself am in the healthcare field as an aid and I was reading all that very carefully. You wrote exactly how I would expect a hospital like St. Mungo's would act in a situation such as this. Good job girl! And go Rose, she's the bomb... she learned how to find out if the patient's insides were splinched and she solved it. And... she made love to Scorpius! Beth, you wrote this whole chapter well, and I can't wait to read more! Come back and re-request because I bet it only gets better from here!!!


Author's Response: Hi Lindsey.

Wow - this review was so awesome - thank so much. I have also been with my husband for a really long time, so I'm glad that it came off alright as being realistic.

And I'm really, really glad that the trauma scene worked. I take that as a huge compliment, coming from someone who works in the field. Whew, that is a huge weight off my chest.

I'm just so excited that you like this story so much! I'm going to re-request right now!

Thanks Lindsey - ♥


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Review #22, by lindslo2012The Internal Monologue of Annett Sinclaire Kluge: Spontaneous Combustion of Dairy Products: A Prologue

9th October 2014:
Hello there :)
I am here from the review tag.
I think that you have an awesome and unique story going here.
I think that she is going to be an awesome witch, probably as smart as Hermione Granger since she was raised with scientists.
I think it is really good how you described everything, like how she was in a new house with a forest behind it, how she was moved to England. I felt as though I was looking in on the scene. I actually never thought about how crazy it would be if you were raised with muggles and all of a sudden received this weird letter. I would probably not believe it until someone showed up on my doorstep either! Especially if you never really realized that things you were doing that were 'magic' was abnormal.
I thought it was so cool how Teddy was the person to come to her door. I love reading about Teddy through everyone's eyes- because he is so different in every story :) She is in good hands with him though because he will make sure she is taken care of. I can't wait to read more of your story so plz come by and ask for another review on my review thread!!!


Author's Response: Dear Lindsey,

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

I am delighted to hear that you liked it. :D

You raise a fine point with "I never actually thought about how crazy it would be if. . ." That part of your sentence was essentially how this story came into being.

He really is, isn't he. He's always nice to read. Especially in Joseph the crestwood's 'Morbid.' I'd have to say that it's one of the more fascinating of interpretations of Teddy I have ever read. If you have not yet, I really encourage you to check it out.

And I can wait to hear more of what you think of this story. I will definitely stop by your review thread.

Thank you, again!!


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Review #23, by lindslo2012Reincarnation: Back

9th October 2014:
Hey there!
What a great first chapter, this looks like that it is going to be an awesome story.
It is definently different than what I am used to but it is going to be awesome.
I especially loved the end where she was remembering all her family members. That makes me wonder what exactly is going to happen for now on. Is she Rose or someone else? Is she going to remember her family when she sees them? Or is she a whole different person? I can't wait to read on and I hope you come to re-request!

Author's Response: Lindsey! I am so glad you think so!
I'm so glad I got you thinking! Thank you! She's a mixture of both personalities, I guess. Of course she'll remember! :D

I'll be back soon! Thanks for that lovely review!

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Review #24, by lindslo2012Tales of the Death Hunters: Shades of Anger: Outrage

9th October 2014:
Hi there!
I am also not sure what happened to your request, though I don't remember seeing it. And so here I am! :)
You have once again conducted an amazing chapter, from the very beginning of it my eyes were glued, wondering what was going to happen. Obviously something really bad is taking place, someone who thinks he is probably the next Voldemort. I hate that this is happening, because of course no one ever wanted any more evil after Voldemort had died.
As always, your description is amazing, I fell as though I am in the scene with them and that I am standing in the room. I really feel bad for the muggle woman, and it looks as though this man used her to basically be a house-elf. It was interesting how the Healer insulted the Aurors, I thought everyone loved Aurors but now I can understand why some would not. Maybe Aurors think they are the most important in the Ministry and maybe even the wizarding world.
I thought using Justin as the narrator was a very good choice, I enjoyed seeing inside his head and feeling what he felt. I can see why he is angry, but of course Harry always means well.

Thanks for letting me read another great chapter! I admire your great writing :) Please come back and re-request!


Author's Response: Hi, Lindsey! No big deal on the other request. Things get lost in the shuffle sometimes.

I don't think Jugson plans on being the next Voldemort, he just hasn't accepted that the Dark Lord is truly gone. He certainly hasn't given up his old ways.

I'm glad the descriptions worked well for you. Jugson abused Teresa just as he mistreated his house elf. The old nurse has encountered too many Aurors cut out of the mold of Dawlish and Cornfoot. Self-important wizards who put their careers above the good of the people they're supposed to protect.

Ron was originally penciled in as the narrative voice of this chapter, but then I used him for chapter 2. I ended up really liking Justin, so I'm glad you agreed.

I'm really pleased that you liked it. I will definitely be back! Thanks!

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Review #25, by lindslo2012Actions Speak Louder than Words: Breakthrough: Scorpius POV

7th October 2014:
Hey there Beth,
I am SO sorry for the wait! I haven't had internet, moved, and ect but here I am! And I see you have lots more chapters for me to review, woohoo! :)

So I am really starting to see Scorp's love for Rose. He is calm, collected, but extremely protective over her. This was a horrible thing that happened to her and he only wants to be there for her.
I hope that this chapter means that they are starting to really lead toward the investigation now. Maybe they will finally figure it all out so it won't happen again. And if it does I bet Scorp will be there to protect her. I love your next gen story Beth! I can't wait to read more!!!


Author's Response: Lindsey!

I missed you! I hope all is well. No worries about the review - I can wait forever for one of your awesome reviews ♥

Yeah, the investigation is starting to pick up. And I was so excited to see that you can feel how Scorpius loves Rose. He doesn't always maintain his cool, but he is good at rallying a group to focus on a task. He wants to get to the bottom of this and sometimes Al's temper gets the best of him.

I'm off to re-request again. Thanks so much Lindsey!


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