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Review #1, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Marked

6th November 2007:
Wow. I went all the way to Florida, survived a passing tropical storm, come back, and you still haven't updated? *crosses fingers and hopes you haven't died* Because that would cause readers all over the world to die from severe cliffhanger distress. Although I have now mostly forgotten the contents of the last several chapters. I'll have to reread all these sometime. Good luck with the job and the story and everything. *shifty eyes*

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Review #2, by Jade WinterNever Tickle A Sleeping Dragon: Leaving Hogwarts

17th October 2006:
OH MY GOSH! This fic is a definite favorite. I loved it when I first read it, and I love it now. It balances reality (or canon, actually) and utopia creatively, and maintains interest throughout. It's well-written, and very entertaining. The pairings are also amusing, if not outright hilarious in some cases. The sequel one-shot was interesting too, although I liked this better standing along. Anyway, thanks for writing a good (mostly) lighthearted fanfic.

Author's Response: Thanks. It makes me smile when i find that much about readers. happy reading.

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Review #3, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: The Companion of Grief

24th June 2006:
Awesome, as usual. Is Harry going to become a werewolf too though?

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Review #4, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Ghosts of the Past

14th December 2005:
Hey, Firefawn. Jadie here. I was just wondering if you changed your email address or something. And so the plot thickens, eh? How many more chapters is this sequence going to be going on?! Can't wait for the next one.

Author's Response: Hey there Jadie! Let me apologize in advance about that, my e-mail when it switched over was supposed to notify everyone in my rather small address book but for some reason it did not under my old lexiandrogue name, where I had your email. Consequently when I switched from AOL to SBC Yahoo I lost your email address. *grins sheepishly* The new one's though. :) And yup, the plot is really finally picking up. This is going to be an epic as I've mentioned before so I spent most of this story thus far introducing characters like Kally and Remus' past, Emily and having people start to get know Dean. :) This sequence ends with that chapter actually, and the aftermath is in 24, thus why it is so hard to write! I'm having a bit of trouble letting go of what Voldemort was really up to, but thats going to come out within the first sequence of Chapter 24! lol And hrm... The aftermath of this should be maybe 2 chapters I think. A maximum of three, and then a lot of time gets skipped. :)

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Review #5, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Nowhere to Run

11th October 2005:
Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. If Kally's intent is to kill, won't she kill Harry and Dean and Luna and the rest of the survivors? Does she know how to channel the draining thing (or whatever you call it) yet?

Awesome chapter! Please, please, please don't take so long next time. I'm about to die as it is, and I only read it about five minutes ago! Well, I want to know if Ron is still alive, and if Ginny is okay, and who Ludo is, and- No, never mind. I spent fourteen out of fifteen and a half years in Japan, so gaman dekiru sa! (That means I can survive, by the way.)

Thanks for giving me a shout-out. I'll be working on the beta reading as soon as I have time. And Thorn's last chapter will be up soon too.

By the way, how's the ferret story (which I LOVE) coming?

Author's Response: Lol Well lets just say that no one ever mentioned that Ron was dead. ;) And Hey! Ludo is Ludo Bagman from book 4!!! Remember that guy that disappeared after the goblins wanted money from him? ^^ Thats him! And thank you for telling me how to say that in Japanese! :) I love learning different phrases! :) And Thorns last chapter is out!?!??! *gets excited* I am going to actually sit down and review that story in one go, so be warned!* lol And eh...ferret story...*jumps around chasing Dobby for wand* Give that here!

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Review #6, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Le Règne d'Enfer Commence

19th September 2005:
You know that scene where Harry chases Kally to that pond? Is that still going to be in this version? And the play at the restaurant they go to on New Year's? Because those were my favorite scenes.

Did you just look the title of this chapter up, or do you really speak French?


Author's Response: Lol Lets just say that I dabble in French. I am far from fluent but can get by, usually with quite a few smirks from the people I am talking to because my accent is so abhorrent. My niches are in the sciences, sadly not the languages. I find it much easier to read and write a different language than to actually speak it.

And sadly those two scenes will be cut out. Something has been created to replace them, so hopefully they will prove to be decent replacements. I was dabbling with the idea of posting those two scenes as seperate one shots, sort of like 'deleted scenes' from the story. What do you think?

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Review #7, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Le Règne d'Enfer Commence

29th August 2005:

Please tell me you didn't REALLY murder Ron. *whimpers* Please? For the sake of your ferrets, he better be alive.

Anyway ... you aren't going to build on CoS and cause Ginny to be not only be a seer, but connected to Tom as well?

Which gives me the feeling that this is going to be a Harry/Ginny instead of a Harry/OC for a while. *growls rabidly*

Speaking of rabid--WHAT IN MERLIN'S NAME HAVE YOU DONE TO REMUS?!?!?! I hate you. I really do.

But this chapter was really cool, and I was suprised to see it. I've been patiently waiting for something to happen, but I can't resist any longer.

Does Kally still take refuge by that pond in the Forbidden Forest (or is it Dark Forest)? Will Harry still chase her down? I thought that part with Kally saying that Silverthorne would be frantic to find their decapitated heads on the lawn was really funny. So was the *whispers* Polyjuice Potion scene. But I'm getting the feeling that he's not gonna do it this time, since the two of them seem to be on semi-friendly terms ...

*watches family run around with ant houses* Darn those fire ants. The bites itch for ages longer than other kinds of bites. *runs around in circles, screaming* Hey, I wonder if they can get through ferret fur?

Where was I? Oh, yeah. You said you would have to change some things so that they don't correspond with HBP. I haven't read the HBP, and if you and Rowling wrote the same thing, it must be a really great HP fact/idea. Please don't change anything?

Let's see ... I can't remember if there was anything else or not. Oh. This has nothing to do with EotS, but are you going to update the litter box thing soon? I thought that was really funny.

Whateva. See ya online.

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Review #8, by Jade WinterWelcome to My Litter Box: The Orange Abomination

19th August 2005:
WONDERFUL! I really, really don't get why you think you're not funny. You're HILARIOUS!
By the way, when is your Lily Evans thing coming out? Or did you decide to quit that?

Author's Response: Hrm... I'm not too sure on how to answer that one. In real life I've been asked that too and I honestly still dont get how they decided I was the female class clown all 4 years of high school. *ponders this* Well whatever it is I find it VERY difficult to write comedy. And the Lily Evans thing... It's coming along rather poorly. lol I've got about half a chapter and keep getting distracted by ECOTS.

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Review #9, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Kunnskap

10th August 2005:
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! When are you going to update? I've been waiting all morning. Hm. You're in a different time zone though, aren't you. I guess it's not as bad as when I was in Japan. It's already Thursday morning over there, I think. Very early morning. As in about three o'clock. Anyway, great story, can't wait to see where it's going.

Author's Response: Lol Hey Jadie! Sorry about that! I just got back into town VERY late last night for me, and I'm on EST so it's like half a day difference probably. Anyways I was on vacation, (HAH!) and am still recovering from various er...injuries. We won't go into that now shall we? lol

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Review #10, by Jade WinterFatalistic Fate: Fatalistic Fate

22nd July 2005:
Tragic. Definitely a Firefawn story. It was good though, even though I'm still not exactly sure what a Horcrux is. And this may sound stupid, but who is Anakin and what did he do that you were talking about? ~Jadie

Author's Response: Lol Hey there Jade! Okay basically a Horcrux is something from the 6th book, so if you have not yet read the HBP, that should clear up your questions when you do. And it's not stupid, though if you get mugged by someone in a dark mask who duck tapes you to a chair and forces you to watch episodes 1-3 of Star Wars :::::shifty eyes::: it wasn't me I swear. Anakin is a character in those though.

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Review #11, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Brethren

9th July 2005:
Great chapter, as usual. And hardly much of a wait this time. Yay! Does that mean 17 will be up soon because you're now a trusted author? By the way, if you're really getting back at the Cocoapuff person (He/she is a native Quizillian, right?), does that mean the rest of us are forewarned to not read the next few chapters until there's about five? And if you're so fond of your ferrets, they probably would know about the evil cliffhangers, don't you think? Just kidding. Fingers crossed, Jadie. PS: Great, great, GREAT story!

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Review #12, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Suffer the Innocent

3rd July 2005:

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Review #13, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Suffer the Innocent

3rd July 2005:
FINALLY!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great story, and the Harry/Kally thing is really cool. How far does it have to intensify though?!

By the way, (SPOILER)who is Kally supposed to remind Voldemort of again?

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Review #14, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Coiled Springs

29th June 2005:
Please tell me this enternal wait is for more than one chapter. Pretty please?

Author's Response: lol Well sadly lol...*laughs nervously* it is for once chapter. I do however have a good chunk of chapter 16 and 17 written. Not done but those are backed up SOOOOO much so I can't lose them like what happened with 14 and 15.

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Review #15, by Jade WinterA Second Round Of Journalism: Chapter Two

21st June 2005:
Great story! I love all your stories (that I've read), but this one is just great. ~Jade

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Review #16, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Prologue - Lightning Strikes

13th June 2005:
What does "betrayal is the key to resolution" mean? Great story. I love both versions. Are you going to put the entire story back up on Quizilla, or just the last parts?

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Review #17, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Coiled Springs

29th April 2005:
Wow. Just wow.

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Review #18, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Remnants of the Past

19th February 2005:
That was really great. So, exactly who is Riley? Yeah, I know. You'll tell us when it's time, right? Does that go for the ring (or whatever it is) too? ~Jade

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Review #19, by Jade WinterEclipse of the Sky: Encryption

17th February 2005:
When will number twelve be out? You said it would be submitted on Thursay. January ---? Great story. I like this one much better than the Quizilla one. Keep it up. :) ~Jade

Author's Response: Hey Jade I'm so glad your enjoying this one more than the other version of it! lol And I never said 12 would be out in January! ;) Maybe last week I did but then I read what I had wrote and lets just say it was delluded! LOL I apologize about that though, I've had a rather high fever for awhile (wow Im sounding like a parrot repeating myself to everyone asking! LOL) so lacked free time since for a change I was sleeping A LOT! lol Anyways tomorrow night if I'm up to it I'm going to try and finish that last segment up.

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