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Review #1, by because i writeFall and I will catch you: Muggle Inventions

9th October 2013:
I really like the concept and basic plot line of this story. I would love to see it developed a little more. I really think you could have a great fanfic if you drew out the scenes a little longer and added more detail. The chapters seem short, but I -again- really love the idea behind this.
Maybe when you update the typos, consider expanding a little bit.

Author's Response: Hey thanks for the feedback!

Yeah that sounds like a good idea trying to expand it a little. Its my first fanfic so I am still getting the hang of it. As next week I will have a proper computer again, (not just an iPad :D ) and will be able to edit some and hopefully fix my story :)

I really wanted to write a Draco/Hermione but I didnt want to make anyone the 'bad guy' :)

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Review #2, by because i writeDisappear with Me: Love at First Site

6th August 2013:
I have fallen in love with this story and I wish you had continued it. It is so lovey. I wish you had continued it.

Author's Response: because I write,

Oh, thank you for finding this story and giving it a try.

Well, I must admit, every time I get a review on this story, I think of going back to it. I might someday, but as of now I don't like what I have for the 3rd chapter. And the end is much too fluffy to be believable. :P

Thank you so much for your lovely review. I might begin again... I don't know. Your review certainly is encouragement to do so.

Thank you, sincerely,
Dark Whisper

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Review #3, by because i writeEyes Wide Open: Eyes Wide Open

1st August 2013:
This fits so perfectly with who I feel Draco is, even outside of this pairing. I love this.

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Review #4, by because i writeWho Knew: Chapter 22

31st July 2013:
This is the best Drarry I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. Perfectly wonderful. Truly a fantastic love story.

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Review #5, by because i writeThe Diary: This Woman's Work

31st May 2013:
I think you write wonderfully for English not being your first language (: I do think that the chapters should be a tad longer in the future. However, that's just my opinion!
It was great, though (:

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Review #6, by because i writeOne Plus One Is One: Chapter One And Only

9th May 2013:
First off, I commend you on your Drarry story as they are so rare.
I love your writing style and how the story seemed to be much longer than one chapter, simply because it felt like you could almost read the undercurrents.
I dislike that you never really see into Draco's mind, although it works in this case. Also, I would have liked more events leading up to the bath.

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Review #7, by because i writeIt Was Supposed to Be...: Chapter 2: Insights

3rd May 2013:
I'm intrigued by the story line. However, sometimes you slip and use 'me' instead of her.

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Review #8, by because i writeJealousy: Hangovers suck

3rd May 2013:
This is probably one of the best stories I've read on this website. I love the plot, that you stuck with the characters basic personalities, and how well written it is. I must admit, I read it all at once and at first I was very skeptical that it was written by two people. All in all, I am very excited to read the rest of it!

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