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Review #1, by SpazelamHer Sweet Curse: The Letter

24th June 2007:
haha you are probably going to think that i'm crazy..but i'm related to Jane Ausitn..haha, you should seem our family tree..crazy!! haha when my boyfriend and i were keeping our relationship a secret from our friends, it kinda got out the same way.we were walked in on not only by my best friend but my cousins and other is so much fun isn't it..haha

Author's Response: LOL.. yeah, I imagine. I love jane austin, thought its harder to read the books, then watch the movies lol. Thanks for the great review! *HUGS*

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Review #2, by SpazelamHer Sweet Curse: Questions

24th June 2007:
haha i LOVE the relationship between hermione and please update soon!! before i go KIWI! GAHH!!! woo!

Author's Response: LOL... I plan on it. I'm writing chapter 13 now... So it should'nt be too long! *HUGS*

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Review #3, by SpazelamHer Sweet Curse: Severusís Plan/Planís

24th June 2007: set like the Holocaust...scary. woah. *shutters*

Author's Response: Well, that is sorta the idea... Hence the Huge problem I'm haveing with the MNFF dictator KAREN... she sucks lol... Thanks for the great reveiw! *HUGS*

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Review #4, by SpazelamHer Sweet Curse: The Moon Room

24th June 2007:
hahaha u are a silly silly person...lmao, ha you sound alot like me!! this is the first hermione/remus story that i have red...and i will say i am really loving it!! *hugs!!*

Author's Response: LOL, well thank you so much. I'm glad your enjoying it! *HUGS*

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Review #5, by SpazelamHarry and Ginny (luv story): Harry and Ginny (luv story)

24th June 2007:
"But wait till the next round." George said.

"Cant wait," Hermione said. "by the way XYZ." She said.

Fred's face went red.

"Round two to me." Hermione said.

"XYZ"...? i don't get, but i LOVE the story!!

Author's Response: xyz=x-amine your zipper

Thanks! Glad you liked it.


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Review #6, by SpazelamThe Final Adventure: Chapter 14 Awakening

22nd June 2007:
gahh! i LOVE this story!you deff need to make a sequel or something! i',m going to go crazy!! lol. i love the bit with was a we bit out of it with her..i like it..she almost reminds me of Tonks...haha. But i don't get it..why did Harry die also...?

Author's Response: There probably be a little something mor to this story but I am working on another story right now.Fall From Grace is doing very well and I must get it finished first. Harry didnt die. When Ginny told him that she was going to have a baby, He came back from the brink of death.

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Review #7, by SpazelamThe Time of Our Lives: The Time of Our Lives

21st June 2007:
wow...i'm crying.i'm really crying...and i never!! you deff need to write more. like a part two..or something.. 10/10

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Review #8, by SpazelamDaddy Returned: Need Or Want

19th June 2007:
gahh!!! i just read this whole thing in one day!! of course i took time to sleep and eat...haha i started at around.11:30 pm..stopped a 4am...and started again at noon??? wow. haha i love it! please update soon!!! Baby Sirius sound like my's funny, my brother and his wife named him after Sirius my brother is a Sirius look alike so it fits. it's funny, when i watch him with my fiance people always think he's ours...

Author's Response: A day?

Whoa! Go... sleep?! Lol.

Thanks so much!!



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Review #9, by SpazelamThe Final Battle: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin

15th June 2007:
gahh!! man you need to update soon or i will go crazy! WOO!! i LOVE this story. this is deff my #1 favorite!

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Review #10, by SpazelamIn My Secret Life: Songbird

28th May 2007:
gahh!! i juse read it all in one arse is i love it and how everyone had begun with a song, great idea and plot i love it. but i would love like a chapter that sums it all up like what happened after Christmas. so going on my favorites!!

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Review #11, by SpazelamA Future Unknown: Houses and Offices

28th May 2007:
Gahh!!! i love it!!! i love the cologne idea, brilliant!! lol Brilliant! *someone throw me a pint o' Guinness...Brilliant!! lol, please update soon!! i am so digging this story!!

Author's Response: Thanks for your support I got on a roll last night and the new chapter should be validated late today, early tomorrow

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Review #12, by SpazelamRain: Rain

26th May 2007:
haha this is so cute!! i love it!

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Review #13, by SpazelamBig Girls Don't Cry: Why They Were There

25th May 2007:
GAHH!!! you can't just stop like that!!! i hate cliffies!! poo... i really like it though and i can't wait till u update. :-)

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Review #14, by SpazelamThe Secret Life of the Veronicas: Funeral of Silence

21st May 2007:
GAHH!!! i'm going to review!!! haha. i love it so far!! so u better update...and fast!! gahh!! lol. i love the idea of them being apart of the magic world. lmao.

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Review #15, by Spazelam:

19th May 2007:
gahh!!! great story!! hey who makes your beautiful banners!! i have one in valadation and i want a banner for it. how do you get yours?!?!?!?!

Author's Response: thanks so much, and for the banner:

you can go to and sign up then get one BUT it must be valadated already...the banner 4 THIS story was made by Alora from TDA...hope this helps! :D

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Review #16, by SpazelamThere Goes My Life: There Goes My Life

19th May 2007:
awww u should make this into a series of fics. that would be badass!! lol

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Review #17, by SpazelamKitten Help: Kitten Help is not needed... or is it?

13th May 2007:
haha a sequel would be badass!

Author's Response: lol

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Review #18, by SpazelamHis Emerald Eyes: One Night Can Change Everything

13th May 2007:
haha she boot jacked ron!! i love it!!! i'm don't like the ron/hermione ship...i hope it sinks like the Titanic.anyway!! i loved how after hermione ran from the alter harry was just getting there. i LOVED THAT!!!

Author's Response: thanx ;)

i hate the ron/hermione ship too. but, sadly, i used to ship them...but that ship has sailed, thank merlin :)

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Review #19, by SpazelamWhat Goes Around Comes Around: Karma

3rd May 2007:
o0o0o0o0o0o...damn whore!! haha jkjk. i loved it!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing and I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #20, by SpazelamA Daddy's Poem: One Shot

2nd May 2007:
haha, i'm crying! haha really touching!!! i loved it!

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Review #21, by SpazelamMy Little Girl: My Little Girl

2nd May 2007:
aw!!! i love it!!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #22, by SpazelamJust another love story...: Epilogue: The Prophecy

29th April 2007:
phew!! wow it's over...i don't want it to be over!! haha so what happens next?? kids...what!?!?! i'm on the edge of my seat! WOOP!!! this is deff my #1 favorite story! 10/10!!

Author's Response: lol. I guess that's for someone else to pick-up if they want? lol. thanks for the review Spazelam:)

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Review #23, by SpazelamJust Like Heaven: come to the terms with the fact

29th April 2007:
wow...good but i got a bit lost and confused in some parts.really good though!

Author's Response: lol well I dont think I was graphic enough heh.. but glad you think its good :)

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Review #24, by SpazelamHermione's Problem: Tryouts

27th April 2007:
lmao.the word POOF! makes me laugh...hahahaha i love it! harry/hermione all the way...screw

Author's Response: mwah ha ha..another one to the dark side..

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Review #25, by SpazelamJust another love story...: Changes

22nd April 2007:
ughh...i really hope he doesn't break her heart...they should just make it look like they broke up for his father...i'll be pissed if they do really break up though.lmao

Author's Response: Sigh, aren't guys like that, breaking our poor hearts. lol. Anyways, back on topic, thanks fot this review Spazelam.

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