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Review #1, by ScornkittyFred and George: Tales Before Hogwarts: Chaos Aboard the Hogwarts Express

4th November 2005:
Horrible little monsters aren't they? If I was Mrs. Weasley I'd murder them. ::3nod:: Great chapter.

Author's Response: Hehe. Yeah, they are. But they're so funny. Thanks for reviewing!!!

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Review #2, by ScornkittyWelcome to My Litter Box: Vindictive Elves and Stolen Wands

4th November 2005:
Oh dear, one can almost feel sorry for poor Draco, even if he is a major git. Lovely chapter as per usual. ^.^ Love your writing.

Author's Response: HEHE Oh no worries, you have yet to begin to feel sorry for him. :)

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Review #3, by ScornkittyBellatrix Burning: One-Shot

27th August 2005:
I enjoyed this very much, Bellatrix was well portrayed, but also, it was touching. It's the kind of story that gives you the dull ache in your chest, makes your eyes well up slightly, and forces the slightest smile onto your lips. It's beautifully bitter and gives a great sense of closure to the enigma that is Bellatrix.

Author's Response: Thank you for an amazing review, it was incredible flattering. I'm glad the story moved you, and that it inspired the emotions I was attempting to convey. Thank you so much for taking the time to review.

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Review #4, by ScornkittyCome What May: The Ring

6th June 2005:
Hmm wouldn't it just be great if Hermione decides that she does indeed want to go back? And that's not a hint. Nope. Not at all. Definitely not a hint.

Author's Response: lol your not-a-hint is not noted ; )

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Review #5, by ScornkittyAuror In Training; Seventh Year: You've Been Kidnapped!

31st March 2005:
Very nice. Dirtbiker, eh? Interesting. She's just full of suprises innit she?

Author's Response: Thanks. And yes, yes she is. I mean, why not? I personally love it....

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Review #6, by ScornkittyAuror In Training; Seventh Year: Dreams of the Prophet

31st March 2005:
Great! A nice start to the sequel! Let's toast. To a sequel as great the first! It's well written and as good as usual. If you ever get the time will you check out the first chapter of my story? It's in limbo right now. If you can't then oh well. I just want some opinion on it. I'm trying to improve my skills as a writer. ~Cheers~

Author's Response: *toasts* lol... Sure, but I can't make any promises... people keep yelling at me every time I get on... and now my friend is f*cking round with my things as she thinks I will not notice... *angry look* People have NO understanding for writers these days!

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Review #7, by ScornkittyHer Last Words: Hail to the Queen

31st March 2005:
She's ready! Unless after she leaves she decides to come back, then she should wait. But if she's never coming back then she's ready.

Author's Response: point taken...thanks!

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Review #8, by ScornkittyAuror in Training: Sixth Year: The Most Venerable Angel

29th March 2005:
I like the story very much. It's very imaginative and also it's loooong. You didn't rush things like alot of people do. You know how people will have 'I love you, I hate you, I forgive you' All happening in right after each other so close that it's ridiculous. In your story there wasn't really that kind of rush where stuff happens to quickly. I really appreciate that. You took the time to write it all out instead of rushing and gave us a nice long story to read. And theres going to be a sequel. I probably wouldn't have the patience for that. Long stories are not my forte. Yes, but anyways I think it's very excellent.

Author's Response: Thank you!! I like to write, a LOT.... I hate stories that rush, personally. One more chapter to be posted, then "Auror In Training; Seventh Year"!!!

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Review #9, by ScornkittyDear Sirius...Love Hermione: Dear Sirius

25th March 2005:
It's rather nice, I like it. The only thing is that Sirius is twice Hermione's age in this. In fact I thnk he's more than twice her age. Not sure. Anyways I love anything to do with Sirius or Remus even though just thinking of them makes me cry, every single time. They have the saddest stories and deserve happiness but noooo Sirius has to die and Remus has to be alone, yet again! And I'm ranting. It's a habit, I always rant. Sorry. And I love one-shots and chapter ones so whatever floats your boat. Must go cry some more. Just even thinking about the marauders...

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Review #10, by ScornkittyThe Order of the Phoenix, Round Two: When Lightning Strikes

12th March 2005:
I like it. You should update, I want to know what's she's gonna do. Like will she tell Harry 'bout the prophecy, ect. ect.

Author's Response: Don't worry, I will update. But you're just going to deal, I'm not letting out anything. But I might (and only might) get her to talk to Dumbledore about how unfair it is that he keeps secrets from Harry.

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Review #11, by ScornkittyAnnoying: Annoying

3rd March 2005:
Lmao! Oh goodness, I hate fics like that to, but the way you wrote it is so funny. But it bugs me so bad where everything just happens, theres no subtlety or gradualness. Its makes me want to burn something, but then again I always feel like burning something. ~Cheers~

Author's Response: lol. Thanks. Um... I hope my story didn't make you feel like burning anything... *Looks around suspiciously*

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Review #12, by ScornkittyLiving Irony: Living Irony

15th February 2005:
Its kinda scary, I feel sorry for Ginny and she's wants He-Who-Has-Delusions-Of-Grandeur. Your a really great writer, I could never pulls that off. Makin' ole Voldie seem almost human instead of the insufferable toad that he is. Yuor story, its almost plausible. I could almost belive it, 'cept I know Lrd Of Over Inflated Egos doesn't love. He doesn't believe in it or think its worth his time. I'd almost believe it.

Author's Response: LOL Hey now, who said he really loved Ginny and wasn't using her? *grins evilly*

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