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Review #1, by nick9nTill Kingdom Come : This Is Only The Beginning

6th January 2014:
First of all, I want to thank you for this because I had pretty much given up on finding anymore rosius stories that were half decent and I started reading temptation and I was completely hooked. For the most part it was pretty sarcastic and extremely hilarious but then that contrast with all the drama completely blew me away.

I'm not ashamed to say that I cried a few times while reading this as I'm stressed all the time and was having sleep anxiety problems and I was starting to think I had depression and the emotional release this story gave me when you made me care about these characters and I could feel how they felt has really helped me. I did cry when Molly died not so much because of her dieing as she hadnt been mentioned that much in the story but because of the way you portrayed the characters reacting to it. I lost my great gran and grandad two years ago and I refused to let myself get emotional about it but now I think Im totally at peace with it and I have you to thank.

Thank you for writing this INCREDIBLE story and I hope you continue writing if not on here then just in general because you are a really unique and amazing writer and I think other people out there deserve to have your skill shared with them and I think you deserve to be recognised for the amazing writer that you are.

Yours sincerely,


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Review #2, by nick9nFighting Temptation: Situations and Punishment

16th February 2013:
OH MY GOD!!! I THOUGHT YOU HAD A BETA BUT I HAVE SEEN SO MANY SPELLING AND GRAMMAR MISTAKES IN THIS THAT I THINK I MIGHT START SLITTING MY WRISTS (wrists is the plural of wrist not wrist) AGAIN!!! Joking but seriously get a better beta. Good story though, a bit choppy at times but still better than anything I could write.

Author's Response: Yeah my grammar sucks big time. I did have a beta for a while. I'm not entierly sure that the grammar gets much better, I do try to catch it more now, because this chapter was written nearly three years ago so... As for the choppy that does improve, like I said three years ago, my writting (in my personal opnion) has improved sense then and I continue to look out for a choppy structure. I'm glad that you like the story, but I am sorry that the grammar isn't better. But thank you for the review.

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Review #3, by nick9nDaddy Dearest: Welcome Home Rosie

15th February 2013:
I'm sorry but I'm stopping reading this story now as you are an american writing from the point of view of an english person. I can tell by the use of the word 'mom' when any english person would say 'mum'. I know you can't help it but for me it just takes something away from the story.

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