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Review #1, by Felpata LupinIcarus: Hindsight

19th October 2017:
Hello, my love! Here I am for your new chapter, and sorry it took me a bit long...

Oh, my Merlin! I love the Potters (and the Weasleys, of course) Did I mention I love the Potters? :D

Poor Lily, how confusing it must all be... but at least she's surrounded by people who love her, it's so nice to see all the family together and hear all the good news! But... Arthur and Molly... so sad... :'(

I also loved seeing Lance again, even if it made me a bit sad that he was a bit wary with Lily (or was it just her impression?) It's so sad, but understandable, too. After all, what she did wasn't exactly correct... but it was nice that they saw a movie together like old times. And I wonder why she had a deja-vu waking up on Lance's couch? :P

So, Louis moved to Germany... wonder if he kept in touch with Alex and Celeste... (You know why I'm wondering this...)

And, oh my god, Percy "entertaining" the reporter! I love it! Ahahah!

I'm sure there's something else I wanted to mention, but I'm almost at work now so I have to leave you. But great job as always and I can't wait for more!

Love you always!

Author's Response: CHIARA HI ♥ ♥

I love the Potters too. I just love writing Harry with the family that's everything he wanted as a kid. If anyone deserves the best family ever, it's him.

I'm glad you liked the whole family all together. And I know, I felt really bad about Arthur and Molly. They are perfect and I wanted them to live forever. But no one does :( (They'd be in their late 80's by this point, and none of my grandparents lived that long.. but also I forgot that wizards live longer than Muggles.)

I think Lance might have been wary at first, just because so much happened that it's hard to pick up their friendship where it left off. Tehehe... maybe some memory retained after all?

Er... Hugo moved to Germany. Louis is still around. Worry not! ;) (I can see how someone can get mixed up though. I can't keep track of all of the cousins either)

Percy saving the day with his cauldron talk was the highlight of writing this chapter. XD

Thank you so much! You are the best and I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the chapter! Love you forever!

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Review #2, by Felpata LupinIcarus: Ghosts

2nd October 2017:
You put that end note just to confuse me more, didn't you? :P
And Lily doesn't remember anything... that's so sad... :( But maybe she'll get her memories back somehow? I hope so, I don't want her to completely love her experience.
And I can't wait to see her meeting Lance! I've missed Lance! Surely, she did cause a lot of trouble using that cube, but she shouldn't be too hard on herself...
I love that Iris has a child now. And Marta is always Marta *rolls eyes*
And I love how Lily was immediately submerged by letters from her family! Ahahah! I love the Potters! (Well, it's understandable that they would react that way after four years, I'm surprised they didn't just Apparate at Iris' immediately)
I'm almost at work now, so I have to leave you. But this was an awesome chapter as always (even if I would have liked some answers instead of more questions... but I will forgive you...)
Love you so much!
Snowball hug,

Author's Response: Yeah, by this point with the past three chapters I've probably confused everyone to the point where no one will read it anymore :P But, I promise that the remaining chapters will start to answer questions rather than raise more. (Finally.)

Yay for Lance! He'll be in the next chapter :) I think Lily is in a difficult place and guilt/blame are kind of flying all over as she learns new things. She's understandably upset and her emotions are everywhere. But things will start to calm down for her and I think she'll be able to see things more objectively given time. :)

yeah, everyone's lives have definitely moved on a lot! More to come with Marta. Her story's not fully told yet ;)

Aw, haha I'm glad you liked that! I think that despite how nosy her family is, they do understand how overwhelming it would be for all of them to Apparate over there, and probably have grasped that being there won't help Lily as she's going through a lot that she has to process without being surrounded by people. So they settled for a million letters and a promise that she'll see them the next day, which I think is fair ;)

Thanks so much! And you even read this on a tiny screen on the train, so kudos to you :P Thanks so much for reading and for another absolutely wonderful review.

Snowball hugs!

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Review #3, by Felpata LupinIcarus: Meanwhile...

1st October 2017:
Yay! New chapter! :D
Oh, my Merlin! This is so crazy! Marta, what have you done this time?
I'm wondering how this all connects to everything else. Also, I'm wondering if Marta has just changed history, somehow causing Voldemort to be born, or maybe she travelled to a different universe, not just a different time? At first, when she met Tom (I guessed it was him almost immediately, I'm quite proud of myself :P) I thought she was going to prevent him from marrying Merone somehow. But then she introduced herself as Cecilia... I don't know... I'm confused...
Anyway, this was such a great chapter, as always! And I need more, like right now! I need to know what happened to Lily and to the crew and how Marta's jump into the past has affected everything else.
Love you!

Author's Response: Ehehehe yeah it a little crazy I guess :P Everyone's favourite agent of chaos had been absent for a little while and it was just about time to mix things up :P
Haha, yes! Gold star for you, I love that you guessed it. I was wondering if it was going to be obvious and at what point people would catch on ;) Ooh, and I love your theories. I can see how you're confused though and I wonder if I should go back and edit this chapter because maybe I got myself in over my head :P but I'll just say this: 'Cecilia' is actually a canon character, so what Marta did was essentially make sure that events from HBP did end up happening.
Um, anyway, the next chapter is about half written and *hopefully* it will be up soon-ish!
Thanks so much for your review! ♥♥

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Review #4, by Felpata LupinIcarus: Tempus Fugit

10th September 2017:

So first... thank you so, so, so much for the dedication! It really means a lot to me and you are the best and most supportive friend (and most talented writer) ever! I love you, darling! *big snowball hug*

Second... wait! What's happening?! Why is everything/everyone disappearing?! What's going on?! What will be of Balthazar?! What will be of the crew?! What will be of Lily?! (I'm confident that Lily will be safe, but I'm scared for everyone else...)

Third. This was so wonderful! Oh, my Merlin, I loved it! Like, every little bit of it! But especially that Lily/Celeste moment. Their kiss was so perfect, and I so, so loved the perpetual sunset. How can you use science to create such a beautiful, romantic image? Have I ever told you that you are a genius? Also, your descriptions are so incredibly beautiful!

This was just great and I know I should say much more than I have, but just... this is one of the best things I've ever read and I'm so happy you've updated this and I can't wait for more and I adore you!


Author's Response: You are so very welcome! Your feedback on this story has meant so much to me. Gah, thank you! You are a very talented writer yourself!!

Secondly, ehehehehe. That's all I will say about it here, but the next chapter is up and may answer some questions... Kinda. :P

Third: Yay! I'm so glad that you liked it! Aw, and I love the way you described that sunset as science creating a beautiful romantic image! I'd not thought of it quite like that and I love that :P Thank you so much!

Aww! I'm so glad you liked this chapter! Thanks for such a wonderful review! ♥♥♥♥

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Review #5, by Felpata LupinIcarus: All Good Things

29th July 2017:
Hello, my beautiful Kristin!

Sorry if I'm a tiny bit late with this... I haven't felt review-y these past few days and then yesterday I left for the holidays... well, I'm here now! ;)

I loved this chapter! Not that this is surprising but I really did!

First of all, I loved that you interspersed this with the logs. I loved the contrast between the technical and impersonal tone of those and what the true life on the ship is. Plus, I love that it sort of links back to the beginning and the way it helped showing the passage of time.

I felt so envious of Lily in the beginning of the chapter... floating in space... how awesome must it be? :D

I felt a bit less envious as she thought about the misterious portal... what she's about to do is absolutely foolish! Who would actually enter a cave inhabited by dangerous alien monsters to jump into a portal that could lead you home as well as in any other possible alternative reality?! It's absolutely, 100% crazy! I don't want to know how this is going to end. (Actually, I do...)

Ah, Lily and Celeste! Yes! Yes! Yes! How do you call them? Lileste? Celestly? Erm, don't mind me... but I loved to see them flirting, as unprofessional as it might be. ;)

Lily's birthday was so adorable! They made such a sweet surprise for her! :) Also, I love the idea of her making a scrapbook for the crew! It's so nice and I so love the familiar atmosphere on the Daedalus (I think I've already commented on that but it's something that I really love so much!)

Oh my god, we are almost there... I'm scared and excited at the same time! I really hope everything will turn out to be alright for Lily! Also I'm so proud of how much she's changed and the fact that she really wants to use her fame to make the world better!

I'm leaving you now! Thank you for another awesome chapter! Let me know when you updated again!

Huge snowball hug rolling your way, darling!


Author's Response: Chiara! Once again you are the best person ever! Thanks so much for reviewing so quickly! ♥

Thank you! I know it was kind of a departure from the way the rest of the story has been structured, but I felt it was the best way to show the passage of time without just skipping huge sections of it. I'm glad you liked the balance between the logs and the narration!

I know, I'm really jealous too :P

Yeah, she's known all along that it's going to be dangerous and that it might not work, but reading the logs all the time that reinforce *how* it might not work is pretty scary. So it's either that or stick around on a version of Earth where she doesn't belong and waits years for them to invent technology or maybe never goes home. But yeah... sounds pretty terrifying what she's headed up against. I think the uncertainty is the worst part!

Haha, I never gave much thought to what their couple name would be. You can call them whatever you like :P

I'm glad you liked her birthday, and her ideas about making a scrapbook! And thanks, I'm so glad the familiar atmosphere comes across - especially after only three chapters of knowing them - that close feeling is one I felt was really important to how the crew works and I'm so glad it came through in the writing. It's modeled on my own experience with my shipmates working on tallships. :)

She really has changed! I'm so proud of her :)

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! Hopefully the next chapter won't take as long - I've reached the point where a lot of the story has been written for years so it's just filling in the gaps now.

Snowball hug and all my love! ♥

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Review #6, by Felpata LupinTraitorous Hearts: The Stolen Truth

23rd July 2017:
Hi, Penny! Here for our swap!
Oh, Merlin, did I miss this story... how am I so behind? Thank you for giving me an excuse to come back here!

As always, your writing is stunning. I love your descriptions, the atmosphere you manage to create and, most importantly, the dynamics between your characters, they way they study each other, the carefulness in every word and gesture, it's so fascinating. I loved that you showed us both point of views here.

I feel sort of bad for Draco, forced into this role, knowing that it's actually just an act and that the esit is already decided independently of how the meeting goes. I loved that you showed him tired and doubtful, even if he managed to hide it. At the same time I find it interesting how he is fascinated despite himself by her and wants to figure out her secrets, just because it has become a personal challenge, or maybe because he wants a justification for what he's doing. Maybe both...

I also loved how you made Astoria lose her cools, if only for a moment, when the subject of her family was brought up. And then, with the switch to her point of view... that was so intense! I could feel the fear and the tension when she thought he would torture her (by the way, I loved that you showed how Draco is repulsed by the idea of torture, even if only so subtly and from a point of view of someone who can't know that. It was so effective). And the Legilimens bit... it must be such a awful sensation, someone violating your mind that way. It can be, indeed, much worse that torture... And that cliffhanger, oh my Merlin!

I'll try not to take so long to get back to you next time, I need to know what happens next! But I have to go now...

Thank you for accepting the swap and bringing me back to this wonderful piece of art! And welcome back to our lovely community, I've really missed you!

Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hey Chiara!

Thank YOU! You offered the review swap. And I was just so excited to take you up on it! It's always fun to swap with you, and I enjoyed reading your writing again! It had been way too long.

I really like your insight on Draco's motivations for pushing this when the outcome is already decided. I agree that he considers it a personal challenge and wants to figure her out, but I'm not sure I remember anyone else suggesting what you did - that he wants to find out her guilt because it would justify his actions this time. That really rings true. Draco's actions and motivations are complicated, and I've never put those words to it before, but I think you are right and that on some level the desire to be right about this, to be condemning someone who actually did what they are accused of, is a factor. If she's guilty, then that's one less sin on his shoulders.

Or is it...?

Writing that moment where Astoria loses it was such a relief for me. A BREAK in the TENSION! And I really wanted to take the opportunity to show that, as good as she is at all the deception and at keeping her emotions close to the vest, she's still 16. She's a young girl, and she's under tremendous strain, but her devotion to her family is absolute. They are her weakness, and she can't quite hide it.

Plus, I liked having this moment of breakthrough. Like they've been dancing around each other for 4 1/2 chapters and the time has finally come when we're getting past the surface.

I'm also really glad that you homed in on that moment where Draco is repulsed by the idea of torture, but Astoria can't tell. I cannot imagine Draco would have the stomach for that kind of cruelty, and I think he'd have had to witness far too much of it already. It was something I really wanted to convey without having it be obvious to Astoria what his reaction meant, so I'm really happy that it came across and that you liked it.

Muahahaha. Yeah, I'll admit, I enjoy a good evil cliffhanger. But I try to write the next chapter fast so that no one suffers too much.

And oh my gosh, Chiara, you are going to make me CRY! You are too sweet. Thank you so much for that absolutely lovely welcome back. It really, really means so much. I've missed you too!


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Review #7, by Felpata LupinBeyond Repair: A Highly Unusual Day

22nd July 2017:
Here I am again! I thought I would profit and just go on reading. :P

I remember reading the first part ages ago, when you were writing it, in one of our Skype writing dates... I so miss them... anyway...

First of all, your description was great, as always. The sultry afternoon, Petunia painting her nails, McGonagall's appearence... also, I love that you sort of created a parallel between the weather and the narration, the growing tension between the two sister and the sense of suspension before the storm explodes.

By the way, the argument was just so sad... especially because they both just said right the things that would hurt the other more without meaning it. That's just how bad arguments go, isn't it? Wrong words and misunderstandings. But it really looks like the beginning of the end and it is so sad to see. I felt so bad for Tuney here...

Another great chapter! I really love this story!

Love you, my dear!


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Review #8, by Felpata LupinBeyond Repair: The Picnic

22nd July 2017:
Hey, Renee, love!

Thought I would profit of your appreciation month to move on a bit with this lovely story you have here! ;)

Oh, poor, little Sev... even if he does have a few little creepy moments... like the desire when he looks at Lily, and the fascination he already has for Dark Magic. It was interesting to see the different reactions Lily and Petunia had at the mention of the Imperius Curse, I love how Lily can immediately see the darkness in it, while Petunia sees only the selfish part. It's so in character for both of them and I love how well defined their personalities already are, even if they are all just children,

But going back to Severus, I really felt for him and for his family situation, it's horrible the abuses he and his mother had to suffer, and it's so heartbreaking that he prefers to be the subject of his father's rage, just because he wouldn't go after his mum then. There is one thing that confused me a little, though... why did he have magical wounds if his father is a Muggle? Not important, but I tthought I'd ask.

I loved how Petunia felt pity for him, too, but fought it off because it was a reality she couldn't and didn't want to understand. Sometimes things are just too painful and it's easier to close your eyes and pretend they don't exist, isn't it? I loved the way you wrote her inner conflict.

And I also loved the way you wrote her jealousy, and the mental mechanism that will lead her to hate her sister and despise magic in the long run. She doesn't think magic is creepy, she loves the idea of it. What she hates is that she can't be part of it. And that's not even that, because what she really hates is that her sister doesn't mind shutting her out from that part of her (obviously, it isn't Lily's fault and Petunia should understand that, but seeing the situation in this light makes you understand her motivations much better and it makes total sense).

To cut it short, this was another awesome chapter, with wonderful character development. I so love how you write everyone. Actually, I so love how you write, dot.

Might be back for more later. See you for now.

Snowball hug,


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Review #9, by Felpata LupinThe Harder They Fall: Deeper Than Oceans

21st June 2017:
B, I love you!!!
And I love this ending!!!
And I love this whole story, and your wonderful writing, and your brilliant mind!!!
And I'm so proud of you for getting to the end of this! I can't believe it's finished, I'm so excited and a tiny bit sad at the same time... (also, how awesome is it that we finished our stories practically at the same time?)

Okay, I'll stop blubbering and try to leave an actual review now... :P

So, first... I love Finn's Mum! I love that in the end all she cares about is her son being safe and happy. Such a stark contrast with Jameson, who primarily cares about the good name of the family. I felt so awful when he rejected Finn...

And speaking of Finn... I couldn't be more proud of him! I loved the scene when he broke the Hallows symbol, it was so brave of him. You can really tell how much he's grown up and changed since the story started.

I hate, hate, HATE Tom! Poor Finn, I felt so bad when Tom finally told him what he'd done to Hero... :(

Oh, and I love that the Cloak was fake! Fleamont is so smart! ;)

You really fooled me... I truly believed Brindley was gone for a moment... how dared you scared me that way? Shake-what???

But then she opened her eyes, and she wasn't ill anymore and that was so amazing and made up for any previous heartbreak. I so loved the concept that the curse nullified itself, such a stroke of genius! (By the way, I don't think I've commented on it before, but your Grindelwald was amazing, too. You just have a talent at writing dark wizard, I guess...)

I'm so glad Brindley decided to forgive him. I mean, I'm not surprised that she did. How could she not when he'd tried so hard to set things right? I loved that she made a blanket fort, like when they first kissed. Such a nice touch!

I so love the idea of Brindley and Fleamont trying to build a relationship. And now I want that Marauder sequel even more. I love the idea that the children of Finn and Brindley grew up with James! :D

Oh, by the way... talking about family and cousins and stuff... what about my little Bash? I like the idea that he made up with Finn and Brindley and they kept in touch... but maybe not? I just hope he won't get involved any more with Tom and the future Death Eaters...

So, to cut it short, I loved this, and I'm so glad you gave us a happy ending (no, it wasn't obvious... I mean, do you remember how you ended Hero???)

I know I tell you all the time, but you are an amazing writer!

Thank you so much for this wonderful story!
Snowball hug!
Your little Chi!

Author's Response: Argh Chiara this has to be the best review you've ever given me, I love you so much! (And yes, I love that we finished at the same time :D) Thank you thank you THANK YOU! And also thank you for being there every step of the way. You're amazing ♥

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Review #10, by Felpata LupinThe Harder They Fall: Hollow

18th June 2017:
Oh, my Shakespeare, B!
I swear I have tears in my eyes right now... Sebastian, what have you done? (And yes, I still love him)

I felt so bad for Finn. When he heard about Alenya... I mean, he sort of asked for it, and I sort of expected it to happen, but it still broke my heart.

And I'm so worried now about Fleamont and about Brindley and... well, I'm so worried about everyone, actually. And I just want to hug Finn and Bash and tell them that it'll all end well. Because it will, right? Or at least, not so bad?

As always, I could probably comment on a thousand other things, but I'm so overwhelmed with emotion right now... I just can't wait for the last chapter, even if I'm scared to find out what will happen.

This was so brilliant and heartbreaking and I love your writing so much!

Snowball hug,

Author's Response: I thought of you when I wrote Sebastian because I knew you wouldn't like it :( I'm sorry! (But I'm glad you still love him :P) Sorry for all the emotion little Chi! *snowball hug* but thank you for reviewing!!! ♥

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Review #11, by Felpata LupinTransition: Transition

18th June 2017:
Hi, Vilja. I'm here with your requested review. Sorry it took so long...

This was interesting, I find Mafalda's origins very intriguing, I really like the idea of the daughter of two Squibs being magical and ending up in Slytherin. I really enjoyed the first scene in the playground, when her father realizes she's a witch. I also really liked the descriptions in that first scene.

I was a little bit confused about dates and ages, but I think I figured it out, maybe? Did Mafalda for some reason start Hogwarts when she was older than eleven? Like, she should've started in Harry's fourth year and started in his sixth instead? Why would that happen? I'm curious. (And if I misunderstood it all, I'm sorry).

Mafalda is kind of annoying, actually, but I love that she actually has some Ravenclaw in her, you can clearly see the traits of both houses. She also seems the kind of person who would let their curiosity get them into trouble... I wonder if that did happen to her...

I read the review Abbi left you, and I have to agree that the story feels a bit incomplete, like we get a lot of information about Mafalda and everything going on around her, but we don't really know what to do with that information... if that makes sense? I think I told you something similar about another of your stories... obviously, this is only my feeling and you are totally free to disagree with me.

One thing I really liked (in this story as well as in other of your works) is your attention to details and making everything fit in canon. It really shows how much effort you put in your plotting and I really admire that.

So sorry again for the long wait, it really was a crazy period for me...

Much love,

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Review #12, by Felpata LupinThe Harder They Fall: Immortal

16th June 2017:
Hi, B, love!
It's 9am and I'm waiting for Anja and Jo to wake up so I thought I would profit and leave you this long-owed review. (And maybe get to the new chapter too, if I have time)

"Never before had he felt as though maybe he wasnít so immortal. That life was not perfect, that his familyís wealth and name couldnít fix everything." The impotence in front of death... this really hits me in the feelings so much... also, I'm a bit disappointed that Finn chose to condemn an innocent girl, but I can see why he did so and I still love him.

"Like our good looks."
"I heard that skips generations."
Ahahah! Did I mention I love Brindley?

The whole scene on the mountain, the dancing and everything that happens next... oh, my Shakespeare! That was just amazing and wonderful and... I so love Finn and Brindley together. And I so love your writing! Also, I loved the bit about the birthmarks, such a nice touch!

I loved the idea of the ring, it was so clever. And I loved that moment with Hero. I just wish she made it in time to tell him what Tom did. But I have a feeling he will figure it out soon anyway...

"The two most important girls in his life. One he had already lost. The other was only a matter of time." Poor Finn... can I just hug him?

My little Bash... I almost forgot you mentioned him... what is he up to? Should I be worried?

Sorry, I'm cutting this short. There's surely something I forgot to say. Just wanted to tell you again how much I loved this chapter! It was really, really brilliant!

Love thee, little B!

Author's Response: Chiaraaa! Thank you so much for coming back and leaving a review, even when I told you not to :P I'm so glad you liked the chapter! Thou always brings a smile to my face :) ♥

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Review #13, by Felpata LupinThe Harder They Fall: No Rest for the Wicked

20th May 2017:
Oh, my Shakespeare, this chapter!

And what a cliffhanger! Is he going to reveal it is Brindley? Is he going to tell the other Hufflepuff girl? Is he going to simply refuse to say anything? I want to know, but at the same time I'm scared of the answer and its consequences.

And by the way, the torturing scene was so powerful. Terrifying and heartbreaking, but so well done. Poor Finn, I just want to cuddle him and keep him safe...

Oh, Ben and Radbourne... I loved the conversation between Ben and Finn and their mutual acceptance. It was a sweet moment, even if there was a bitter taste in it as well, because they are both forced in these situations they can't manage. It is always Tom, indeed.

And the chocolate bit... I wonder if Dumbledore was truly allergic or if he somehow guessed what was going on. After all, Dumbledore always knows everything... he's Dumbledore! I loved the way you wrote him, by the way, and that little argument between him and Tom about love. So very in character for both of them.

Usually he enjoyed his own company - and really, who wouldn't Maybe he's not the old Finn, but some parts of his character will never change! :P Thank you for tearing me a laugh among all the angst!

And of course, Brindley! That moment in the greenhouse was so sweet! So many feel... (also, I loved the creature)

This was such a great chapter and I can't wait for the next!

Love you, little B!


Author's Response: Can't say I'm sorry for the cliffhanger ;) I also want to keep Finn safe :( but I'm the writer so it doesn't work that way :P

Thanks for reviewing little Chi! I love you!

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Review #14, by Felpata LupinRemember: The Battle

12th May 2017:
Hi! Here with your requested review! (Sorry for the long wait...)

Wait... who obliviated who? I hate cliffhangers, why do you all keep doing that?

But I did enjoy this chapter. :) I found your characterization of Audrey very interesting so far. I liked that she was there for Percy and that she helped him seeing past his pride and ambition and going back to his family and the bright side. Also, she is a Clearwater? Interesting :)

Ah, the ending... Fred... :'( There are no right words to say in these situations, I'm just glad she was there for him in that moment. Poor Percy... :(

I think you did a nice job with this chapter. The pace was good, the dialogue felt natural and there was just the right balance between dialogue and description. I did find this a bit too short and the end a bit too rushed... but you left me wonder, which is always a good thing ;)

Nice work so far!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hello! :)

Hehe...because it's the only way I can end things decently? ;)

I'm glad you liked her characterisation! The Clearwater thing was a spontaneous idea which popped into my mind because I couldn't think of any other surnames that weren't rubbish, but it's not canon :)

Originally, this was a one shot, and then I split it partly because it was a bit long and partly because I had too many ideas for chapter names :P I agree that the ending was a bit sudden but...yeah. I guess that's what surprises are for lol.

Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #15, by Felpata LupinFrom the Ashes: Good Mourning

12th May 2017:
Hi, Jenn!
Here with your review! Sorry it took forever...
This surely was interesting, your stories are always very peculiar and with many unexpected twists and characters' interactions.

I like the first introduction of Lyall and Andromeda and how they clashed a little at first. I loved your characterization of Lyall as a quiet and old-fashioned man, it made total sense to me.

I really liked Hope's backstory, too. Well, I say liked, when it was actually quite painful. Cancer is a bit of a touchy subject to me... But I loved that she was an art teacher and the part about Jakub and Chiara (btw, I might've got a bit too excited when I saw you had an Italian character named Chiara in here... :P)

I liked that you included Newt and Tina as well. Poor Tina, Newt must not be simple to live with... but he's so adorable at the same time. :) That must've been quite an experience for Andromeda, eheheh!

I was a bit surprised by their intimate moment, it did came quite suddenly. But I guess it was nice that they could find solace in each other in a way... later, when she burst in tears and he said that it was normal to hate them and took her to the cemetery... oh, the feels... :( But then you made me smile when they shared memories of Dora and Remus as children. I can totally see little Remus going around stealing food and leaving notes asking for more!

I really like that in the end they decided to marry and share Teddy's custody. Also, Teddy seems such an adorable, little kid (well, he's his father's son, I'm not surprised... :P)

I really enjoyed reading this, nice work!
See you,

Author's Response: Glad that you liked it. The intimate part was more of a reaction than a response. I didn't want to elaborate too much on Hope, but I thought it was important see was explained. The cemetery scene - it's something that I drew from personal experience when my grandfather died. I'm glad you liked the memories and reconnection.

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Review #16, by Felpata LupinThe Harder They Fall: The Beginning of the End

7th May 2017:
Shake-what??? Was your goal to break my heart? Because in this case, you managed it!

Poor Finn... :'( I just want to hug him tight and never let go! He shouldn't have to deal with all that, he shouldn't be involved, he's just a kid! It's not fair! *more hugs*

Was it Sebastian who told Dumbledore? I have a feeling it might've been, but I guess I'll find out later... and did Tom give him the Dark Mark? Why? What else is he planning now?

Oh, my Shakespeare! So now Finn has a new, impossible task and Brindley is in even more danger... And she's dying??? What???

ďItís okay, Finn. Iíve come to terms with it.Ē ďI havenít.Ē Oh, Merlin, this killed me. You have no idea how much... :(

It also really killed me the way Jameson talked to him, but I can see where he was coming from... he just don't want to lose Finn as well... still, he was rather cruel...

On one hand, I'm glad Finn is trying to get Tom off track, on the other I find it awful that he would put him after some random, innocent person... I just hope everything will turn out to be okay in the end...

Sorry for another disconnected review, but I really loved this chapter, despite it being heartbreaking! And now I can't wait for the new one!

Lots of love, my little B!

Author's Response: Shake-what, Chi?! No, that wasn't my goal and I'm sorry! ♥

It was an early version of the Dark Mark. As to what he's planning... well, you'll find out! ;)

I'm sorry if this was a bit emotional, but thank you for reading, Chi! ♥

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Review #17, by Felpata LupinIcarus: Show and Tell

4th May 2017:
I'm here! Finally! I can't believe it took me two months... :( But better late than never, right?

I'm so impressed by the amount of thought and work and research you've put in here, you seriously even thought about their space itinerary??? You are brilliant!

I love the crew, it really feels like a bit family. I love the concept that, if Daedalus was a person it would be a Hufflepuff, it's so true! ;)

Did I already say that I love Alex? I'm quite sure I did, once or twice... :P (not his music, though... I'm sorry about that but I'm quite grateful I don't have to attend to any concert by them... :P)

And Celeste! I have so much admiration for Celeste. She's had to fight against every kind of discrimination in her life but never gave up and just conquered everything that was important for her in life. Ah, if only I had a quarter of her strenght and commitment...

I can see how Lily would feel inadequate compared to her. But I also think she's too hard on herself. Living with fame you never asked for can't be easy either, and it really must make you wonder if anything you achieve is really deserved or not. I'm sure her life will get another interesting turn once she's back. This experience will surely teaching her a lot!

Will she meet Celeste once she's back? I hope so, after all they have Louis as a connection ;) Ahahah! I bet Marta would be qulte umpredictable on... anything! :P

I also loved the interpretation of magic you gave here! Basically, we are all daltonic... ahahah! I wish I wasn't, though. Chores would be so much easier!

If you couldn't tell, I loved this chapter! Just like all the other chapters! And I can't wait for more! (Maybe I won't take that long to catch up next time!

Love you!

Author's Response: CHIARA ♥ ♥ ♥ HI ♥ ♥ Your reviews are always a treat, no matter when they show up! :)

Thank you! Yes, I've planned their whole itinerary. Omg, the amount of unnecessary background for this story - I even have a picture where I've drawn the blueprints of the ship haha! And I've planned out every character's background to an extent where most of it probably won't even appear in the story :P It's a bit excessive!

Aw, yay, thanks, I'm so glad you like the crew and I'm especially glad that it feels like family to read about them, that's exactly what I was going for.

I'm also thrilled that you like Alex (even if you don't like their music :P) and Celeste! Celeste is definitely very driven and motivated - she puts my lazy writing to shame :P She'd have written this story in only a few months :P

I really like what you said about Lily, and about what you deserve vs what you achieve. Definitely a lot to think about! And yes, she's learnt a lot so far through all she's been through in the past couple of months.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the interpretation of magic. I admit that because I'm a biologist, the mechanism of inheritance of magic is something I've always been curious about, and this was the best explanation I could come up with! :P

So glad you enjoyed this chapter. As always, thank you SO much for reading and for leaving this wonderful review. You're the best! *SNOWBALL HUG* All my love! ♥

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Review #18, by Felpata LupinBurning Secrets: Burning Secrets

30th April 2017:
Hey, Vilja! Here with your requested review! :)

Well, one thing is for sure, you have a way to surprise the readers, your stories are always so different from anything else I see around.

I had heard about the theory of Draco as a werewolf, and I honestly love it! I think it makes a lot of sense and gives to Draco's character even more depth. The scene of the bite was done so well by you. It wasn't excessively detailed, but it still gave me the chills. Well done.

I'd never heard about the theory of Madam Pince being Eileen, instead. That took me by complete surprise... at first I thought that they had a secret relationship (meaning love relationship) even if it felt so weird, then when she called him "son" I was like... wait, what? I found it so interesting.

I loved how each section brought out Severus' secret anguish, and how each one was concluded with a reference to the burning of his Mark, it was quite powerful. I felt so sad about the last section and the fact that he'd lost his mother's affection. I wish he'd tell her the truth, but obviously I can understand why he wouldn't.

I honestly really enjoyed reading this, I think you did a great job. I don't really have CCs for you, I really liked the theme, pacing and structure.

Thanks for requesting.
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi Chiara, Thank you for such a nice review. I'm glad surprise was the first thing you mentioned, I like to outstand on that front ;-) I really don't know how to reply, so I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this and leave a review.

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Review #19, by Felpata LupinEnchanted: 20 Questions

24th April 2017:
Hi! Back again for CTF!
Okay, so I skipped the first chapter (#strategy) and I might've lost a bit of context, but... things developed quickly, didn't they?

Well, Scorpius seemed pretty lovesick, actually. I'm not sure what Rose thinks. And she has a boyfriend? Not nice, Rosie...

I liked the 20 questions thing, and I found sort of cute when Scorpius asked for a kiss... Also, a baby sister... Nice :)

I enjoyed seeing Hermione and Ron in the angry parents' role. Well, Hermione was angry, Ron was just... Ron. Seeing him stuffing his mouth with food, while commenting "What your mother said" really made me chuckle. :P

I must admit, the structure felt a bit weird for me, and I found a bit distracting that you put author notes in the middle of the narration. But feel free to ignore me, I'm just being a perfectionist, I guess... :P

All in all, this was a fun read. I think Rose and Scorpius make a nice couple. I'm not sure I 100% approve her rebellious behaviour, but she's an adolescent, so I can't blame her, can I? (Scorpius is my favourite, in case you were wondering).

I wonder how their relationship will develop from here, I guess we'll see more romantic interactions soon.

Have to go, but you'll see me back on other chapters. ;)


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Review #20, by Felpata LupinUntitled: Untitled

24th April 2017:
Hello. Here reviewing for CTF.

Well, this was sad. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I didn't imagine something like this. Combined marriages are really horrible, I can't even imagine being forced to marry someone you've never even talked to, I can't imagine parents putting their children through this. But this is the Pureblood society we are talking about, so I can't really be surprised by anything (even if the scene you showed us, without names and any actual sign of magic, could really apply to anyone).

It's sort of a little consolation that he was in the exact same conditions as her. Maybe that common understanding will make them grow affectionate, maybe they'll become good friends, maybe they'll even learn to love each other (I'm a hopeless romantic, so I like to think/hope so. After all, their brief interaction in the end was sort of sweet)

I really enjoyed reading this, I loved your writing style and your description. The pacing was really great too and I loved Astoria's train of thought throughout.

I think I caught a typo: "lead me threw the throng of family and friends" Guess you meant "through".

Nice job. :)
Much love,

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Review #21, by Felpata LupinNot My Own: The Switch

24th April 2017:
Hey, Marshall! Here for CTF!

I've been curious about this story for a while, but never really got the chance to read. I guess this is the perfect occasion! ;)

I love Remus so much, so I can't resist a story that focuses on him. Even if it'll probably focus on James, actually? How did you even get the idea?

Poor Remus, he's gone through so much in his life... the transformations, the constant pain and fight against the beast in himself, the mistrust of all the people around him, even the closest friends... it's so heartbreaking... :(

Your idea is so original, having Remus take James' place and viceversa. I'm wondering, though, will the switch between Sirius and Peter as Secret Keepers still happen? Will it be Remus' idea and he never told James? I guess so, but it sounds so strange... but I guess I'll find out more in later chapters.

The part the I found the most effective was when the switch actually happened and Remus felt free for the first time while James actually experienced lycanthropy. It really showed the extent of the affliction and was just so powerful writing. I felt so bad for both of them, and I feel so bad thinking that James will be trapped in it for the rest of his life.

This was a great start to your story, and I really hope that I'll be able to come back soon.

See you for now.
Much love,

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Review #22, by Felpata LupinStorge: Storge

24th April 2017:
Hello, here for CTF!
Oh, this was really beautiful. Sad, heartbreaking, but beautiful. Your writing was so powerful and so poetic, I really loved it.

I loved the comparison with the goats, silent, quiet, observant. I loved that you used that to show the deep bond between Ariana and Aberforth as well. I loved the theme of the eyes as well, the contrast between Albus' wild fire and Aberforth's kindness. All your descriptions are so vivid and evocative and just wonderfully done.

The bit about Kendra... that's so sad, too... there's something endearing about her thoughts of her mother in hiding, I'm not sure if it's actual naivety or not, but I still find it sweet. *hugs for Ariana*

Grindelwald's presence really is like a plague in their family and I think it is so interesting that Ariana could see him for what he was. I like that she is so wise in her own way.

The fear of magic is another theme that come across very strong in this story. Especially in the last section, during the fight. I could see how she felt that magic was a illness that was devouring them all, it was actually happening in that moment, I believe.

This was such good writing and such a lovely story, and I know I didn't make it justice with my review but I really think it was so incredibly good!

I'll leave now, but thank you for the wonderful read.
Lots of love,

Author's Response: Hi Chiara!

Thank you so much for all your kind words, I'm blushing!! Writing about Grindewald was really quite a challenge for me. Because I wanted dumbledore/gellert to work so much but I knew deep down that even if she was wrong, Ariana would never trust him.

Some people confuse Ariana being ill with Ariana being stupid, and she definitely wasn't that. I think she just had a different thought process to other people, magic brought her pain as a child - therefore in her eyes it's obvious that she should repress it. I think she herself feels a lot of guilt deep down, but there is a little bit of that child like naivety still there in her.

Again, thank you so much - your review really made me smile!


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Review #23, by Felpata LupinHer Whisper is the Lucifer: Prologue

24th April 2017:
Hi! Here for CTF!

Okay, you sparked my curiousity... which vow are we talking about? What happened "that" night? What was Pansy doing in a house on fire with Luna Lovegood? I seem to be reading only stories that makes me wonder about so many things today...

Their children want to know the truth. What about? At first, I thought Sephora wanted to know who her father was (I want to know, too. I assumed for a moment that Draco was her father, also because you mentioned Draco/Pansy being a pairing in the story, but I'm not sure anymore). They want to protect their children, but hiding things is hardly ever the solution, so I guess Draco is right? Why does he need to see Harry, again? (Sorry if I keep asking questions, I'm just so clueless...)

I like that Draco is Head of the Department of Misteries, that's always been the most fascinating Department in the Ministry, if I had to choose a wizarding carrier I would totally want to be an Unspeakable.

I don't know in which kind of relationship Draco and Pansy are, but the surely seem to be quite intimate. I love that Draco could recognize her without even turning to see who it was.

I loved your description (especially the flash back, that was really powerful) and I loved the characters so far. And I'm so curious about the plot so, if you ever update let me know and I'll be happy to read on. ;)

Goodbye for now.
Much love,

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Review #24, by Felpata Lupininfinite (we swear): post life

24th April 2017:
Hi, here for CTF!

I so loved this! I love the Marauders and the way you captured all four of them and their friendship in this was so wonderful! I love the idea behind this, of their friendship lasting even after death and following James' perspective from the afterlife of all those events we know so well. Also, your writing throughout was beautiful.

The first section was so sad, the moment of his death and everything he was leaving behind. And the contrast with the memory of the school days and their promise of being friends forever. That was so touching.

Sirius going after Peter, and James realizing the betrayal, was so heartbreaking too. I loved how it felt so wrong, I loved all the emotion you managed to put in each section, even if they were so short. It's really brilliant.

Remus... Remus is my absolute favourite and seeing him so broken always kills me. I loved how James tried to shake him out of it, even if he really couldn't do anything. "It was strange how Remus could ever look into the mirror and see a monster when James could only see a crumbling man. He wondered which was worse." Perfection.

I loved (I keep saying love, even if it's all actually so hurtful, but you know what I mean) the powerlessness James felt all along. He wants to be there for those who he loves but he just can't interfere. I wonder if people actually look down on us in the afterlife? Anyway...

The sections of the other Marauders' deaths were so good, so bittersweet. I think I especially loved Peter's one, and the fact that James had finally forgiven him in the end.

Aww, the ending... I love that we are sort of back to the beginning... so bittersweet... so beautiful...

This was such a great story, I really loved it!
Much love,

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Review #25, by Felpata LupinThat Morning: That Morning

24th April 2017:
Hello! Here to free Sam! #CTF

Oh, this was so sad... :( It's always sad to think about James and Lily's death, but somehow seeing it through the perspective of neighbours who didn't necessarily know them well, just that they were young and nice people who should've had a long and happy life ahead... well, it's heartbreaking.

It was sort of strange, seeing the Potters as just "common people" and Harry as a nameless baby. Of course, it makes total sense that it would be like that when the news first started to spread and nobody knew for sure what had happened. I also loved the contrast between the joy for Voldemort's disappearence away from Godric's Hollow and the sadness in the village for the Potters' tragic death. I've always found so hard to think that the freedom from Voldemort's terror had to come with such a price...

It was really interesting reading this, I loved Doris' perspective. It was really refreshing and thought-provoking and I loved reading it so much. I also found very sweet the friendship between Doris and Matilda, it gave a sweet addiction to the story.

Really lovely job, thanks for sharing this!
Much love,

Author's Response: Hi, Chiara.

Thank you so much for this lovely review for my little slice-of-life missing moment.

Godric's Hollow was just a tiny outpost of the wizarding community in the West Country, far away from the centers of wizarding power, a town where everybody knew everybody, at least a little, and two tragic deaths in a house explosion would be the big news, not only of the day, but probably of the year. So it must have been that everyone came out to see it.

And they probably realized, standing there in the cold early morning, that they had not really known the inhabitants of the house very well, although they could not really put their finger on why that was the case, but they regretted it anyway. Small towns are supposed to be like family.

I have always been struck by the fact that the wizards in the metropolitan areas were overjoyed and celebrating when Voldemort was defeated, without apparently thinking about the Potters. As you say, to most people they were just "common people".

Glad that Sam was freed!


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