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Review #1, by laughingfornowDementia: Dementia

12th July 2014:
I'm just so...
It's just that...
I just can't.
Oh god.
I can see why it won Best Plot Twist.
The story was absolutely fantastic. It was just perfection.
Thank you for the privilege of reading this.

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Review #2, by laughingfornow12 Fail Safe Ways to Charm Witches: The Revised Edition: How To Charm a Witch

9th June 2013:
Part two? Yes.
The chapter image is gorgeous, by the way.
Hopes and dreams for part two. . . .it to be posted soon.
Will it be posted in the same story part or onto a different one?
OO! Al and Taylor should get some balls and tell each other that they love each other.
IT"S NOT FAIR. . .THE PERFECT LOVE STORY WAS RUINED BY TAILS"S FATHER. . . . so . . . .it gots to happen in part two.
Damn, her father.
You should post part two in this story. . . . . :)

Author's Response: Haha thanks for such an awesome review!! Part two is coming soon, and I have a lot of plans for it!

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Review #3, by laughingfornowAnd All That Jazz: Surprises, Sunrises, And All That Jazz

20th April 2013:
I. Have. Read. This. Story. For. Eight. Hours. Straight.
Its a truly fantastic story.
Practically, my eyes are burning because I spent the night reading a REALLY LONG story. Though if anything, you should make it longer.
I hope your life is going well and that you can update the next chapter soon.
Emily (laughingfornow)

Author's Response: Wow. Why. Would. You. Do. That. To. Yourself.
Awww thank you :)
If your eyeballs shrivel up and fall out of your skull, I claim no guilt. Rest your eyeballs, dear reader.
My life is pretty busy right now, but I'm hoping to have the next chapter up within about a week :)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by laughingfornowAn Unnecessary Burden: Chapter 1

10th March 2013:
Oh dear.
This will be fun.
I like this story.
Will you be uploading soon?

Author's Response: Haha glad you like it! Yes, I will. I'm currently planning out the second chapter so it should be up soon!

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Review #5, by laughingfornowTwelve Across, Four Down: Prologue

10th March 2013:
This girl slept with her best friend.
This girl slept with Harry Potter's son and something-ganger.
This is going to be fun.

Author's Response: It should definitely be a lot of fun! Thanks for your review!

Jasmine :)

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Review #6, by laughingfornowWillows and Wood.: Talk that talk

10th March 2013:
Grace. Sequal? HELLS YES!
I like Katie, named my cat after her, kinda sad that she damaged her spine but she's pretty IC, so that's always good. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: I will update soon, I promise!

Thank you for the review :)

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Review #7, by laughingfornowMissing: Me

10th March 2013:
Seriously though, it's really suspenseful and I am dying to know if Albus is evil or something.
Doesn't seem so though.
I simply love Albus/Tori and Jarlie. Such a cute shipper name too.
I thinking it for Albus and Tori. Altoria? Torus? That one sounds silly. It's hard to make their shipper name. Any ideas?

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll update as soon as possible! And I'm really glad you like Tori/Albus and Jarlie! How about Altori? Talbus? (I'm not very good with shipper names!)

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Review #8, by laughingfornowMissing: Tori

9th March 2013:
Albus/Tori because he makes her more real.
James/Charlie because they are just super awesome.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks so much for the short and sweet review!

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Review #9, by laughingfornowOf Quills and Serpents: Pink Goop + Hair = Miracle

2nd February 2013:
Hi! I also reviewed a lot of the chapters on the story on Fanfiction(dot)net but I kinda wonder why you have only three chapters here when they are twenty one on the other one.
I don't mind much, seeing as I can't suscribe to this one but just a wonder thing.
I hope you update on both stories (more the other one but whatever) soon.
Laughingfornow (or Dawn Elliot. Both are me)

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