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Review #1, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Shut Up and Sit With Me, Potter

24th November 2014:
Ah! So excited to see the update today. Keep up the good work I'm loving this story!

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Review #2, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Misery Loves Company

27th July 2014:
Hey, great chapter it was so exciting to see a new one pop up on my feed today! It was a great and I can't wait to read the prequel. Are we ever going to find out what James doesn't want Lily to know? The scene between Remus and the girls was cute.

Author's Response: The chapter in which the secret is revealed may or may not already be written ;) I'm not sure whether everyone is going to be satisfied with it but I'm really enjoying creating some banter based off of it!

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Review #3, by HarrysavesmeSeventh Years and Extreme Pranksters: Return of the Extreme Pranksters

1st June 2014:
This was a fun chapter it was a perfect end of school year read!

Author's Response: thank you! a new chapter is in the works but i have two more weeks of school still, so ill try to get it up as soon as i can

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Review #4, by HarrysavesmeSeven: 80 Years

2nd May 2014:
Hey, sorry for the lack of reviews lately. I just read the last couple chapters and they are amazing. The fluff is so much fun! The new name is great a prequel would be cool. It would be nice to see how Lily and the Marauders became friends. Can't wait for the full moon chapter it'll be interesting trusting to see how the first month with everyone knowing will go. Will we ever find out what James did that he doesn't want Lily to know about?

Author's Response: Maybe, soon.

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Review #5, by HarrysavesmeAll the Difference : Chapter Three

28th March 2014:
This story is really cool, so far you've done a great job handling the characters coming back to life. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate the feedback, and I'm glad you like the story!

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Review #6, by HarrysavesmeContradiction: Sight, Sound, Sorrow

26th March 2014:
I don't even know where to start with this chapter it was incredible! The chapter was definitely an emotional roller coaster, but I loved it. I also really loved that we got to see a softer side of Draco, could this be the beginning of his being a better person? The magic you had Ginny perform was fantastic, I guess she finally knows how she feels about Harry. I loved that the Potters were checking up on Ginny too like they just know she's family too. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

Draco has turned into one of my favourite characters in Contradiction, so I'm glad that you enjoyed how I portrayed him.

Your words are eerily predictive of the next chapter... so who knows what could happen!

Next chapter is up soon, please stay tuned and thank you so much for your review!


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Review #7, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Spontaneous Fun

23rd March 2014:
This chapter was excellent! I loved the best friend vibe between Lily and Emma. Will there be any consequences for Snape. Prank Suggestion: maybe the boys could throw an illegal party.

Author's Response: an illegal party is good! ill have to put that one on my list!

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Review #8, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Opening Pranks

14th March 2014:
Great chapter, it made my day when I saw that you updated. It would be great to see Sirius and Beth have a nontraditional sort of relationship. The prank wasn't lame at all it seems like the sort of good natured chaos the Marauders would cause in their seventh year.

Author's Response: if you have any ideas for pranks LET ME KNOW!

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Review #9, by HarrysavesmeContradiction: The beginning of the End

18th February 2014:
This was a great chapter the character development is great it's so familiar, but so different at the same time. Can't wait to see what happens next. Good luck with senior year! Also Thank you for beating the writer's block, this is one of the best AU stories I've ever read and it would have been horrible to see it abandoned.

Author's Response: You have no idea what that means to me, thank you SO much!

I won't abandon it, :-P so you don't have to worry!

Thank you so much for reading Contradiction and for the amazing review!


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Review #10, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Rage and Recalls

1st February 2014:
Excellent point about the slytherins looking for a reason to do Lily in. It's been great to see so much of Lily's relationship with the marauders, will there be more of Alice, Emma, and Beth thrown in there? Can't wait to see what the prank is! This was another great chapter happy writing.

Author's Response: Thank you! And yes, while writing the next few chapters I've been trying to focus on it a bit. I need ideas though! I seriously want to develop Emma in particular. She is prob one of my faves!

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Review #11, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Greasy Interactions

28th January 2014:
This was an awesome chapter! The relationships so far are great. Will Lily get the chance to punch Snape?

Author's Response: I cant tell you everything!

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Review #12, by HarrysavesmeContradiction: Old friends, new news

9th January 2014:
The Secretary and the werewolf are excellent additions to the story. I love how you're developing the dynamics between Harry and the Weasleys. Will the Potter Pack meet the Weasley clan any time soon? Also I loved the tidbits about Voldemort.

Author's Response: Thank you SOO much!

Yes, the the two families will be meeting officially soon, but some other things have to transpire first!

Thank you so much for reading and for the great review!


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Review #13, by HarrysavesmeSeven: The Future

9th January 2014:
I've been away from the site for a while and I'm just now reading the last few chapters you've written. They are wonderful. I love that you've started getting into some of the deeper emotions surrounding Voldemort. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: So glad you like it!!

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Review #14, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Discoveries

30th November 2013:
This story is fantastic so far, and it just keeps getting better! Are you planning on continuing the story for the rest of the school year or even for the next few years of their lives up until the night Lily and James die?

Author's Response: i'm thinking im going to do one book through the school year, take a break, write some one-shots, then write a sequel on their lives after Hogwarts. Not sure yet, but thats how its looking.

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Review #15, by HarrysavesmeSeventh Years and Extreme Pranksters: Fairy Tales and Confessions

29th November 2013:
This chapter was well worth the wait! What will Addie's response be?

Author's Response: youll see (;

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Review #16, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Anger

21st November 2013:
Another great chapter!

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #17, by HarrysavesmeAlways Gold: Arthur

20th November 2013:
This was wonderful in a sad way. You perfectly captured how hard it is to have a family member with Alzheimer's or dementia. I had to try not to cry reading this it was beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. These comments have made me feel so happy. I'm so glad that you liked it. Thank you for reading, and for leaving this review :)

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Review #18, by HarrysavesmeWeight On Her Shoulders: Weight On Her Shoulders

20th November 2013:
This was wonderful. I also hate it when people make Lily out to be awful. You've got a great personality for her.

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Review #19, by HarrysavesmeContradiction: Clearing the air

15th November 2013:
This chapter was well worth the wait! I loved the conversation between Harry and Ron and the one between Harry and Hermione. They were fantastic!

Author's Response: I really happy that you think so!

The trio seems to be laying the foundation to a great friendship, don't you think?

Thank you so much for reading Contradiction and for taking the time to leave a review!


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Review #20, by HarrysavesmeAll the Difference : Chapter One

13th November 2013:
This story is excellent so far. I'm always a little wary of these sort of stories, but so far it seems like your is wonderfully done. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you! :) I know what you mean about warily reading stories with plots like this - I'm trying to overcome that stereotype (hopefully). Thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Girl Talk

9th November 2013:
I loved seeing Lily stand her own against Snape I hate it when people make Lily out as weak. But the humor is great also you've got an excellent balance.

Author's Response: I do too! Lily is tough as could be, why shouldn't she be?

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Review #22, by HarrysavesmeContradiction: Nuptuals

26th October 2013:
Still loving this story. I'd love to see more of Harry and Ron; how do you see their relationship evolving? Is there any chance Draco and Ron will learn to be civil?

Author's Response: I'm really glad to hear that! Every time I update I'm a little scared to hear the responses, so you saying that you like it really lightens my mood!!!

I'm definitely working on their relationship, so you should see some change coming!

Draco was Ron's bully all through their time at Hogwarts - I don't even look at the people who insulted me ten years ago, so I think we'll have to see if Ron will be the bigger man?!

Thank you SO much for your review, please stay tuned!


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Review #23, by HarrysavesmeSeven: Stags and Secrets

26th October 2013:
I really love your portrayal of the relationship between Lily and the Marauders. I love that they are so close, and I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to Lily and James' news!

Author's Response: So glad you are enjoying it! That's how i always pictured it. In the real, AMAZING books, the marauders loved her so much. I 'd like to think they always felt that way about her and were always super big-brothery! Thanks for your review! I wasnt sure if people were enjoying that part of the story! (:

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Review #24, by HarrysavesmeSeventh Years and Extreme Pranksters: Depressed Dom and Breakfast Bafflement

18th October 2013:
Ahh! What's going to happen next? Also you have my sympathies on the school/life chaos.

Author's Response: I won't give anything away, but shizz will be going down. And thanks for understanding, I'm pretty sure that school is just out to kick my butt.

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Review #25, by HarrysavesmeSeventh Years and Extreme Pranksters: A Very Eventful Halloween

12th October 2013:
I'm really liking this story. It's great that you vary the plot some so it's not all one thing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I love hearing what you have to say!

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